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The Winter Queen



"You're kidding!" Kit gasped. She filed the information away for later, plans already forming. "You never went to a high school dance? Not a prom? Not even a ball?"

"No," Angela replied seriously. "You should've seen me back then." She tugged at her shoulder-length, wavy brown hair. "Mousy brown and frizzy hair, mouth full of braces, big glasses and a body thin as a rail, and worst of all, very flat. Oh, I was a mess!"

Kit was having a leisurely lunch with Angela, her new girlfriend of three months, at a small caf not far from Kit's warehouse-like photography studio. They were at a corner table that had a plastic red and white checked table cloth on it and a tiny vase that held two plastic daisies.

"What were you like in high school?" asked Angela.

"Pretty much as you see me now."

"Did you ever go to any dances?"

"Yeah. A few different guys took me, but I was never really interested in most of them. The only one I truly liked ended up being a real stinker."

"Oh, sorry."

"Don't be. I'm happier here with you at this moment than I could've been with him."

Angela melted inside and blushed. She and Kit exchanged a smile.

* * *

One day about a week away from Christmas, Angela got a call at work.

"Hey, babe, I know you've been busy and all, but are you doing anything tonight? I have a special Christmas surprise for you."

Angela sighed, already tired from her long day. "Can it wait till tomorrow?"

"Not really."


"I'll send a limo for you at 7."



A little confused, she said, "See you then."

* * *

The limo pulled up to the front door and Kit, who was already waiting there, held the door open for Angela. "Welcome, milady. I have a special night planned for you." Kit raised and lowered her eyebrows quickly ala Groucho Marx and although Angela was very intrigued about the evening ahead, she had to laugh at Kit. As soon as Angela passed through the door, Kit offered her arm and led her through a small maze of hallways to a dressing room where large arrays of roses, chocolates, and a little champagne awaited her, as well as a terry cloth dressing robe, a beautiful white strapless dress, white slippers, pearl bracelet, simple pearl earrings, and a diamond necklace. A makeup kit and light classical background music completed the relaxed atmosphere. Angela smiled at Kit. "I thought you said to dress casually."

Kit laughed. "Well, casually until you get here. Have at it, my dear, and I'll see you in an hour. Call if you need anything. I'll be just across the hall."

Angela took off her jacket, poured a glass of champagne, and sipped some of it. After she'd shed her clothes and was in the robe, she ate some chocolate and started dressing and putting her makeup on. Time was going by quicker than she wanted it to in the lovely dressing room, but she thought that if the evening started like that, she couldn't wait to see what was next.

When the hour was barely up, Kit knocked on her dressing room door. "Ready," Angela called from inside. When Kit opened the door, Angela saw that she was dressed in a tux. Kit wore makeup and her shoulder-length dark brown hair was held in back with a diamond clasp. "Wow!" Angela breathed.

Kit smiled and eyed Angela in appreciation. "I could most definitely say the same! Let's go."

They backtracked down the hallway to a closed door which Kit opened. There was a camera ready on a stand and in front of it, there was a simple dove-gray set with a large vase of white flowers. Kit led Angela to a spot, posed her, and took her picture. "Just so you have a memento," Kit explained.

She then led Angela to the end of the hallway, turned right, and opened some double doors. They passed under a trellis that had blue, purple, light grey, and white frosty decorations, and fog from a fog machine covered the floor.

"Welcome to Winter Ball!" Kit announced. Her soft gray eyes sparkled with pleasure.

Angela's eyes widened as Kit led them onto a dance floor. Along one end of the room, there was a buffet table with a punch bowl and a selection of some of the finest meats, cheeses, crackers, fruit, and two kinds of wine. "Oh, Kit! It's wonderful!"

"And if you want company…." Kit took a remote control from one of her jacket pockets and hit a button. A scene of high school kids dancing played on a screen. Kit hit another button and soft romantic music played.

After they danced, ate, and danced some more, Kit excused herself and took a walkie talkie from a side table. She spoke into it and seconds later, the limo driver, now in a tux and white gloves, appeared at a side entrance.

"Ladies and gentlemen," he announced, speaking also to the image of the kids on the screen, "we have a new Winter Queen." He paused for effect. "Introducing Her Royal Highness, Angela Stoddard!"

Angela smiled and laughed as he brought forth a shining silver tiara and carefully placed it on her head. At a slight nod from Kit, he left.

Angela wrapped her arms around Kit as Kit whispered, "Merry Christmas, babe."

Angela pulled back and smiled up at the taller Kit, tears brightening her eyes. "Thank you! This has been such a wonderful night that I wish it didn't have to end." She gave Kit a long, tender kiss and whispered against her shoulder, "Kit, may I stay tonight?"

"Yes, my queen."


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