The Royal Academy of Bards

is proud to present

The Bard Challenge # 21



The challenge is to write a vacation story.

The catch? None this time. .


Roolz       Punzle


Here are the contestants. Read them and vote only for ONE favourite.

The voting ends on July 30th


Entry # 1 Del Robertson - Are We There Yet   ***WINNER***  
Entry # 2 Geonn Cannon - Crisitunity   Honorable Mentioned  
Entry # 3 meretseger - It Was the Best of Times  
Entry # 4 Cap'n Cat - Happiness is a Warm Gun  
Entry # 5 Akiela Xal - In the Good Old Summer Time  



Want to feed the bards before the voting ends? Send OZ an email ( Put the entry number of the story in the subject line. She'll pass it on.


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