The Royal Academy of Bards

is proud to present

The Bard Challenge #25: The Powers That Be

The Rools

The Punzle

Entry 1: Belief by Spyrel
Entry 2: Welcome To Paradise by Q. Kelly
Entry 3: Night and Day by Geonn
Entry 4: Double Play by Heidi Dum and S.C. Knight
Entry 5: On Raven's Wing by Mickey Minner
Entry 6: Belief by K. Morgan
Entry 7: Honor Among Thieves by Del Robertson *HONORABLE MENTION*
Entry 8: Unbroken by J.A. Murray
Entry 9: Speed of the Beat of My Heart by Catrina Wolfe *WINNER*
Entry 10: Welcome To Paradise by Winnie
Entry 11: On Raven's Wing by The Bard of New Mexico
Entry 12:  Unbroken by J.A. Zollicoffer


The Challenge is to write a story giving at least one of your characters some kind of extraordinary super power(s).

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