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"Carpe Diem"

By The Bard of New Mexico

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"Just a minute! I'm coming," Jenny yelled at the front door as she set aside the broom she'd been using to sweep the patio. She grabbed her ever-present sky blue jacket and practically threw it on. She had no idea who could be at the door that bright late Saturday morning, but really didn't want company. She peered through the peephole and was surprised to see Kit, one of her neighbors in the apartment complex whom she'd finally had her first date with on Monday night.

She opened the door. "What's up?"

"Howdy," the olive-skinned Kit said. Jenny noted she wore a dusky rose t-shirt and blue jeans instead of her usual business blouse/blazer/skirt combo. Sadly, the glasses that Jenny found rather sexy weren't anywhere to be seen, but the schoolmarm bun hairdo that wasn't sexy was gone. A simple, beautiful ponytail replaced it. Kit gave Jenny an easy, confident grin, her cocoa-colored eyes shining. Kit's goldendoodle dog strained at his leash and capered around Kit's feet. "Since it's such a fine day, Buster and I were wondering if we could 'borrow' you today." Kit hastily added, "If you don't have any plans." Jenny raised an eyebrow. "Okay, okay. I couldn't wait for a second date."

The corner of Jenny's mouth finally turned up in a barely detectable smile although her slate blue eyes sparkled with humor. "What did you have in mind?" She reached down to pet the golden curls on Buster's head.

"A picnic in a mountain meadow?" Kit asked hopefully.

"Okay. Gimme me a few minutes."

Kit loaded Buster into the back of her Blazer while Jenny went inside. Kit swung herself into the driver's seat and thought about the honey blonde. She smiled when she remembered the complex's Halloween party eight months ago where she first met Jenny, the new tenant. Most of the neighbors dressed up, but there was this one beautiful woman sitting alone on a stool as far from the other people as she could be. Kit decided she must be a waitress at a slightly upscale restaurant judging from the long-sleeved black blouse, black soft knit pants, and black comfortable shoes that Kit knew some waitresses wore. The woman's honey blonde hair was mussed up just a little bit and she looked tired as if she'd had a long day and had just gotten off work. The mild wistfulness on the woman's face tugged at Kit's heart. Kit, dressed as an operatic prince in a white coat with blue trousers, acted like a chivalrous prince. She took a cup of punch and offered it to the wallflower who gave her a shy smile in return. That was the first of several apartment complex parties they attended together. Jenny didn't seem to enjoy the get- togethers much, but she was content to sit quietly with Kit or shoot a game of pool with her. Kit's brow furrowed as she thought back over the past months and realized that she didn't remember seeing Jenny go out for much of anything besides work, grocery shopping, and using the complex's laundry facilities, not that Kit was keeping track of that sort of thing. Still, it made her even more determined to bring Jenny out of her shell a little.


Kit jumped a little at Jenny's voice.

"Didn't mean to startle you. Penny for your thoughts?"

Kit gave Jenny a playful wicked grin that beautifully contrasted her straight white teeth against her olive skin and made Jenny's breath catch. "That's not nearly enough. My thoughts could fund a small third-world country."

*                            *                             *

Kit found a good parking place next to the trail head. She put Buster back on his leash and gave it and the picnic basket to Jenny while she carried the blanket. She unpacked what looked to be a case for a musical instrument and slung it across her back using the shoulder strap. "Come on. It's not too far from here."

They hiked up the trail about half a mile until they reached a fallen log. Kit surreptitiously looked around to see if anyone else could see them, then she sprinted up and around a gently sloping hill. Buster followed, almost dragging Jenny with him. "We're supposed to stay on the trail," Jenny hissed at Kit when she caught up.

"If I always played by the rules, I wouldn't have found my special place up here."

She led Jenny another quarter mile along a slightly worn path though some denser foliage until they broke through to a clearing. Kit selected a spot near the edge of the clearing where they could be partly in the sun and partly in the shade. Kit tied Buster's leash to a sapling not far away where he could join them on the blanket as well as having a little room to roam. She set the case next to her side of the blanket and took the basket from Jenny.

Jenny settled on the blanket and absently scratched Buster behind his ears. "He has a rather teddy-bearish face," Jenny mused.

"Yep! He's a handful, but he's a cutie!"

Buster suddenly jumped up, barked, and ran in one direction until his leash stopped him abruptly. Jenny and Kit laughed at his cartoonish exploits.

"He just saw a bunny," Kit explained then said to the dog, "Oh no you don't, Mister! I'm not spending the rest of this gorgeous day finding you, so sit your tail down and relax."

Kit gave him a dog treat when he settled down. She grinned widely when Jenny stretched out as well and propped herself up on one shoulder.

"What's so funny?"

"You. You remind me of a photo I once saw of a kangaroo who laid down just like that, but he had a look on his face as if he were saying that he is sexy and he knows it. Anyway, are you hungry yet, or would you like to hear a few tunes?"

"A few tunes?"

"Yeah." Kit opened the instrument case and brought out a guitar whose neck looked about the right size for a regular acoustic guitar, but the body, painted in a slightly darker shade of sky blue, reminded Jenny more of a ukulele. It came with an azure strap that was about 1 ½ inches wide. Kit sat cross-legged on the ground and shrugged under the strap. She dug around in the case's pocket to find her pick.

"What in the world is that?"

"It's a travel guitar. It isn't quite as loud as a full-size acoustic, either. It's really great, though, if you're traveling or camping and want something a little more portable. I could easily stuff it in a backpack with the neck sticking out the top."

"I didn't know you played," Jenny said with some surprise.

"It's just one of many things I have a passion for," Kit replied suggestively. When she saw Jenny flinch slightly, she changed tack. "What do you like to do?"

Jenny hesitated. "I don't know.... I usually go to work, shop, do errands, you know, everyday life stuff."

"You must have some hobbies you enjoy or places where you like to go."

Jenny shrugged almost apologetically. "Not really." The wallflower was worse off than Kit had realized.

"Girl, you've gotta do something to get you going! If you don't have anything special you like to do or care about, you have to start doing things and figuring it out. As is, you're existing, not living," Kit added a little sadly. "Carpe diem! or life will pass you by." Seeing that she was making Jenny uncomfortable again, she put a false smile on her face and said, "Okay. Tunes it is! Is there anything you wanna hear?"

"Why don't you choose?"

Kit frowned and thought a minute. She'd love to play a breathtaking slow song for the stunning woman in front of her, but as she gazed into those beautiful slate blue eyes, she knew she had to play some happy songs that were good to jam to. "I've been learning my one and only Beatles song lately. Sing along if you know it." Kit launched into "Let It Be". Kit's passionate performance stirred Jenny and Jenny sang along in no time. After that, Kit played one called "Feelin' Single, Seein' Double" and anything else she could think of that might have a touch of fun devilishness. Finally, Kit sang a song called "All My Tears", a song with kind of a dark, moody tone. She played it with an unusual strum that used the guitar as a percussion instrument and which gave the song extraordinary power and drive. Jenny's mind flashed back to a lightning storm when she was in college. The electricity in the air thrummed through her body just like the intensity of the song.

When Kit finished, Jenny laid the guitar aside and jumped on Kit, crushing their mouths together in a forceful first kiss. "Carpe diem indeed!" Kit whispered. She went for another kiss and in her passionate haze, Jenny didn't notice Kit was taking off her light blue jacket. "Wait!" she yelled when she finally realized what was happening, but it was too late. Kit noticed all the scars and burn marks covering Jenny's arms. She waited for Jenny's explanation. Jenny's head drooped and she started, "I was married once to a very mean man. The least provocation...hell, no provocation at all... and he'd burn me with cigarettes, cut on me, whatever. You know the Achmed the Dead Terrorist character?"

Kit nodded and said like Achmed, "I KEEEL YOOOU!"

Jenny shuddered. "He said that all the time. One day, he nearly did." She cried and Kit drew Jenny into her lap and held her. "God, I'm so fucked up! I can't sleep and can barely function enough to go to work and do what I need to do." She cried harder. Kit rocked her.

Anger, protectiveness, and her chivalric streak woke in Kit. "I seriously can't imagine what you went through. You'll obviously need a good counselor if you don't have one. I know you're strong enough to eventually push through it and start really living again."

Jenny sniffled. "I almost didn't come with you today."

"But you did. That's the first step."

Jenny looked deeply into Kit's dark eyes. "Remind me, show me how to seize the day."

"I will. Slowly. Step by step." Kit's eyes shone with love and with a promise. "I'll be there by your side."

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