The Royal Academy of Bards

is proud to present

The Bard Challenge #28: You Have Been Chopped






Christmas on the Fourth of July By The Bard of New Mexico Round Winner!

Now or Never By Catrina Wolfe

Out of the Closet By Geonn Cannon


Fae Rye By Geonn Cannon Round Winner!

Healing Hearts By The Bard of New Mexico

Unexpected Places By Catrina Wolfe


Carpe Diem By The Bard of New Mexico

Planning to Plan By Geonn Cannon

The Breaking Point By Catrina Wolfe Round Winner!

Each writer won a different round!
Chopped OVERALL Champion is Geonn Cannon!



Welcome Chefs…I mean Bards:

The premise is simple:

There are three rounds of competition. Therefore y ou must write three stories.

OH stop whining. <.g.>

I'm not asking you to write three novels. Two of the three are short stories.


For Round 1 (Appetizer), you will write a story using NO MORE than 500 words.

For Round 2 (EntrÈe), you will write a story using NO LESS than 5000 words.

For Round 3 (Dessert), you will write a story using NO MORE than 2000 words.


Each round includes a list of mandatory ingredients…ummm…items

that must be used in some way in your stories. The Appetizer Round has three items, the EntrÈe Round has five items and the Dessert Round has four items.


Failure to use all the provided mandatory components for a particular round and



Okay, not really. Unlike the show, you are not eliminated from competition. However, that round's point total will be set to zero, regardless of the amount of votes you received. This will not affect the other round's individual totals but will, obviously, affect the overall score.

Each round will be posted a week apart. Readers will vote (one vote equals one point) for the stories in each round separately. There will be a WINNER for each of the three rounds and one overall WINNER. Technically, you could win four times or, theoretically, it would be possible for you to not win a single individual round outright but still win overall.

Cool, huh?

There will be a list of bonus items available (our pantry, if you will). These items can be used in any story. An extra point will be awarded for each one used. Use them, don't use them…totally up to you. You cannot, however, use the same item in more than one of your stories. There are eighteen total available pantry items for you to use and, therefore, eighteen possible bonus points.

Here is the catch : One story must be canon fandom (any fandom of your choosing), one story must be an uber but not of the same fandom you chose for your canon fandom and one must be original characters. You decide which one for which round. You must write three totally separate stories. All stories should ‘stand alone.' That is to say, they are complete as they are written. Holiday stories are not required.


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