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Justice Deferred (22/?)

by: Alex


Cam was sitting back watching her friends having a good time, but not actually paying much attention. Her mind was too distracted trying to unravel the things her adopted father had just told her. A slight smile was on her lips as she thought of the possible meaning of what Cutter had said, and that there really might be a chance for a life with the young and beautiful golden-haired woman she loved more than life itself.

She knew that they would be facing a lot of obstacles on the road toward a loving and lasting relationship, but she felt that with the loving support system she already had they had a better than average chance at life long happiness together. These thoughts and thoughts of a life with Cheryl were running slowly through her mind when she felt a light tap on her shoulder. Knowing there was only two people in the world that would ever consider interrupting her when she was thinking by touching her. She turned and looked at Cutter, to see what he wanted.

"The guys and I are gonna try to make a little music WC." he explained pointing to the guitar in his left hand. "Is there anything special you want to hear, little girl?"

Cam looked up and smiled at him gratefully, a tear escaped her eye. With a disgusted snort, she reached up and quickly wiped it off with the back of her hand, she was really getting tired of being so emotional lately. It seemed like every time anybody spoke to her today she was breaking out the water works.

"Did Uncle Cobra bring his sax?" she asked sounding suddenly like the sad teenager that used listen to these men play in bars all over Missouri.

"You know he did WC," the big man answered smiling down indulgently at his daughter, knowing he and his friends would do whatever they had too just to see her smiling again. "And before you ask, yes Mountain brought his ax too. Electric Dave and Snowshoe are here too, it's the whole band and we wanted to play for you one more time, little one."

Despite herself Cam let her tears flow, the combination of her Dad calling her by the endearment he'd used when she was much younger, and the idea that the band had put aside their differences just to play for her, was more than she could handle dry eyed. She hadn't heard the original band play together in years, even before she'd been sent to prison. She knew that Cutter and Mountain spent a lot of weekends sitting in with other bands, even Cobra would break out his saxophone and go with them on occasion, but the original band had split up when Cam was in grad school. The only answer she ever got as to why, was Cutter and Mountain both said that the band just wasn't fun any more and the music shouldn't ever be a job, it was something they did for themselves.

"How about some Lady Day?" she asked knowing full well that she was requesting for two of Cutter's songs. "You still got the licks for that, I bet."

"I hope so WC, but remember it has been a while. K?" Cutter answered her challenge with a sparkle in his hazel eyes "But I think us old men can maybe crank out a little of sweet Billie, and throw in some BB for ya' too. What do ya' say?"

Cam was speechless as she smiled up at him and nodded, then watched in wonder as the men got up on the stage and quickly set up the rest of their equipment. They had brought up the bulk of their equipment the night before, even Snowshoe had brought up his special double drum kit. Her Uncle Mountain stepped up to the mike and with a nod from Cutter, he began the long instrumental intro to their own arrangement of "Stormy Monday". The guitar looked so tiny in the huge man's hands but it spoke with a voice so sweet it could make people cry to hear it. Cam had seen hardcore club members, that hated each other enough to kill, stand side by side to hear these men play. Mountain's gravelly voice came in over the sweet melody of the two guitars, growling out the lyrics to the slow sultry rhythm of old blues standard.

Although she had played with them every once in a while over the years, Cam had very often played bass guitar and keyboards, plus Cam was an amazing singer, and was a popular addition to the old band, nobody asked her to play tonight. Simply because this was her night, and the men playing meant the music to be for her, so it was best to just let her sit back undisturbed, and enjoy her family honoring her through their music, but it was made perfectly clear that if Cam wanted to participate, they would be more than happy to have her join them, there was always room for her up there. It just wasn't what tonight was all about.

Their music was one of the few ways these tough life-hardened men were able to express their emotions so freely. Like now even though the lyrics of the song were still sad and bluesy, everyone listening, could hear, the unbridled joy, and love they were feeling, because they had their little girl back with them where she belonged. It wasn't all that unusual to look out over one of their audiences and see many of them crying at the beauty and emotion in their music and this time was no exception, in fact everyone was being effected by the magic in their music.

Several women came over and asked Cam to dance but she had politely but firmly turned them down. All she wanted to do was sit there and enjoy the sweet alluring spell of love and joy coming from the music. There was only one woman she wanted to dance to the men's music and she just wasn't there. The final bars of Cobra's sax solo in "Stormy Monday" were floating through the air as Cutter stepped up to his mike and looking over at his daughter, intense hazel locked gazes with light blue, and with a small loving smile on his lips and a tear of joy in his eye the big quiet biker said:

"This one's for you, little one."

Then at his lead the band slipped smoothly into the old Billie Holiday song, "God Bless the Child". It was the first song Cutter had ever sung for Cam right after she'd moved to the farm with him, and ever since no matter what band he was sitting in with, if it was a special occasion for Cam the normally gruff and stoic biker would make sure to sing this song for her. It had become a tradition for the family. Cam felt the prickling on the back of her neck, like all the hair on the back of her neck was standing on end. At first she thought it was the feeling she got sometimes when she knew Cutter was about to sing this special song for her. The man had an amazingly versatile voice and could cover both baritone and/or tenor parts when necessary and he was able to cover this particular song in a way that most were sure would make Lady Day herself cry with approval. Then it came to her that the tingling feeling wasn't going away, it bugged her and she began going over it in her mind trying to recall when was the last time she felt this way. It was something that would drive Cam crazy until she figured it out. Then she remembered the last time she'd felt this sensation and she was instantly alert. The only time she could think of was the first time Cheryl had come to her cell.

The tall dark woman stiffened and looked over the crowd and toward the door, secretly hoping to see her sweetest dream walking through the door. There was no one coming through the door, giving her a deep feeling of disappointment, and trying not to let show, she was ready to charge it off to her nerves fraying because of the stress of the day and forget it, but was halted when something amazing happened.

"Would you do me the honor of dancing with me pretty lady?" a soft familiar voice whispered into her ear.

Feeling the hot breath wash over her sensitive ear Cam's entire body shivered, as an electric jolt of raw sexual energy ripped through her becoming a burning urge in her lower extremities. Only one person could do that to her.

"Cheryl?" she whispered like the single word was a prayer and was afraid she was dreaming. "Is it really you baby?"

"It's m-me sweetheart," the blonde said softly as a small sob caused her to stammer. "Look at me, baby, I promise I'm real."

Neither woman realized that the music had stopped and that all eyes were on them. Cam looked up at Cutter, trusting him for the confirmation of something this important. She needed to know it really was the woman she loved more than life that was standing behind her. The big man was looking down at his daughter when their eyes met; once again she was looking like a terrified little girl. He could see her entire body was trembling and her face was a picture of confusion, showing clearly her emotions.

She couldn't hide that her uncontrollable emotions were running rampant, raging through her mind was everything from total elation to abject terror. Sensing what his daughter needed, Cutter knew without introduction who the beautiful little blonde was, so he smiled lovingly at Cam and nodded letting his little girl know that against all odds her dearest wish had come true. As she turned Cam closed her eyes, afraid that if she actually looked, it wouldn't be her sweet blonde angel, or that the green-eyed beauty would simply disappear as she had in so many prison nightmares.

"Come on sweetheart," she heard Cheryl's soft melodic voice, sounding like a thousand singing heavenly angels asking her to, "Open up your pretty eyes my love and let me see those sweet baby blues. It's been so so long since I was lost in those deep loving blue pools."

Surrendering to the power of the voice Cam opened her eyes and saw the most gorgeous sight she'd ever seen. Starting at the softly shining golden blonde hair Cam's eyes slowly roamed down the young woman's incredible body, re-acquainting themselves with every curve and swell, of the breath taking sight before her. Sweeping her eyes down past Cheryl's generous firm breasts, then over her hard flat abdomen and small waist, taking in the gentle curve of the petite woman's hips encased in the tight stone-washed jean shorts. Her eyes traveled down Cheryl's strong, shapely and muscular legs, then back up to have her vision be captured by bright compelling emerald green orbs that shone with unshed tears.

"Oh Goddess, it really is you my little one." Cam whispered in quiet gratitude, "You didn't forget me, and move on."

The grateful tone of those words brought home to Cheryl what was causing the frightened look in her beloved Camilla's eyes. It sent a shaft of anguish through heart that her beloved Camilla had suffered through the last three years alone. Cheryl looked deeply into those beautiful ice blue eyes, and immediately saw the pain and heartache, alongside the hope and love, that her lover had been suffering through since they'd been parted by circumstances. Cheryl didn't know how to prove her love to the older woman, but she was determined to try to make Cam see the strength of her love for the tall enigmatic woman she loved to the exclusion of all else.

"Oh Camilla," Cheryl sighed, her joy of finally finding her beloved biker stealing her breath, for a moment.

Using Cam's entire first name was something Cheryl began while they were in prison. She wanted to give Cam the feeling that she was different from all those other women that wanted nothing more from the tall beauty than to use her body. Cam wanted so much more from the woman she loved, and since all those shallow women called her Cam or Camy, Cheryl had decided that when they were alone or being serious she was going to use Cam's whole first name. Cam had always loved the way her given name sounded when Cheryl said it; it always sent a thrill through her every time Cheryl's warm soft voice said her name. She had never felt that way when anyone else said any of her names before, but whatever name the little blonde called her sounded special to Cam. This was exactly the kind of situation Cheryl had in mind when she began use a different name from everybody else, it was meant to tell Cam that to Cheryl cared about her more than anyone else she knew.

Seeing that her lover understood how serious this was to her and that Cam was paying close attention to what the small blonde lawyer was saying.

"How could I forget my heart, and soul, or the very air I breathe? How could you think I could ever forget the most important thing in my life and my only reason for living?"

Hearing Cheryl's declaration of true unconditional love, Cam slowly rose to her feet, her eyes never breaking contact with the shining emerald orbs that held her captive. They stood there just looking deeply into each other's eyes for several heartbeats, looking for any sign of treachery or betrayal. The air around them nearly crackled from the intense energy between them, each woman frozen in place by the overwhelming joy of the other's presence.

Tears fell unnoticed in steady streams from their eyes, while the entire room full of people held their breath waiting for the women's next move. Sensing only sincerity and love from the green-eyed woman, Cheryl could see the questions in Cam's eyes and tried to answer them with a question of her own.

"Do you still want me Camilla?" the terrified little blonde whispered just loud enough for Cam to barely hear. "Do you want us be together forever?"

Cam remained still for a long moment, afraid that her legs would betray her and let her fall to the floor. Her body trembled, visibly aching for the contact it so desperately needed from the one person in the universe that could satisfy its needs. Her arms longed to hold that perfectly shaped, compact and muscular body that fit against hers so perfectly as if the blonde had been created just for Cam.

"We have already been together forever in our hearts my love," Cam said, finally her voice surprisingly clear and strong, "and my need for you will live on throughout eternity. I love you little one, with all that I am, and I will never leave you, not ever. I swear that as long as you will have me at your side, I would be honored to be there."

Cam's words echoed through Cheryl, her heart swelled, pounding so hard the lawyer thought it was going to burst out of her chest. Her vision was blurred by her tears of joy, but she was fully aware of where her lover was and knew exactly where she needed to be at that moment. Faster then anyone could see the green eyed golden-haired woman launched herself into her lover's arms. Cam caught her easily, and as Cheryl wrapped her arms around Cam's powerful neck, and her legs were locked around the tall black haired woman's narrow waist. Cam had seen this coming and had planted her feet firmly in anticipation of a full body hit of a hundred and twenty pounds of well muscled and happy blonde, so it didn't even move the powerful woman, who wrapped her long strong arms around her lover enfolding her lovingly and holding her tight against her reveling in the nearness of the woman she'd dreamed of holding like this every day and night for three years.

Cam's lips brushed against Cheryl's soft full lips once, then again a little harder, then her tongue tentatively traced the outline of those full sweet lips she longed to devour. With a gasp of anticipation Cheryl's lips parted in an invitation to enter anxious for more contact with her tall dark lover. It was an invitation that Cam RSVP-ed gladly, as her tongue delved into her blonde lover's sweet mouth wriggling and exploring the wonderful space now opened to it, wanting to leave no surface untouched. The golden haired beauty's tongue joined with her lover's swirling around each other in the timeless dance sending bolts of liquid fire coursing through their bodies that further fuelled the raging infernos blazing in their bellies. Their kiss deepened further becoming more fierce, more demanding. Cheryl moaned in ecstasy from the contact, her need heightened by the low sultry growl from deep in Cam's chest. Both women could feel their lungs burning with their bodies need for oxygen, but they refused to break the kiss, neither one willing to relinquish the contact they had both longed for for so long.

Finally when Cam began seeing the bright flashes of light in her eyes that signaled the onset of oxygen deprivation, the tall blue eyed woman reluctantly pulled away from the delectable treat she had been feasting on to allow them both to replenish their bodies supply of the vital gas. Undaunted Cheryl immediately began planting light kisses down Cam's strong jaw line to her neck, where the small blonde began using her lips tongue and small white teeth to taste the exposed flesh of her lover's neck.

"Hang on baby" Cam warned her lover "I got to sit down before we both fall down."

"Sure...honey..." Cheryl agreed between kisses "Oh...my...Gods...Camilla...you...taste even...better...than I...remember!"

Cam chuckled as she carefully sat back into the padded desk chair that TAG had brought out for the biker remembering that sometimes Cam's back bothered her as the result of a wreck she'd had as a teen. The considerate old friend didn't want Cam to have to leave her own party early, because of the old injury hurting her. Now it was a double blessing because the sturdy well built chair had no problem holding up under the weight of the two women.

Once they were seated comfortably Cheryl got back to her preoccupation with being sure she had licked, nipped and tasted every little bit of exposed skin on Cam's neck. Cam herself was gently rubbing her hands slowly up and down feeling the soft satiny skin of her lover's short but very shapely and marvelously muscled legs. Silently thanking the Goddess for inspiring her golden haired lover to wear such short shorts. Giving Cam much more of her marvelous leg to explore, and touch. Both women blushed bright red as the entire bar broke out with loud raucous cheers and whistles, as Cam's friends expressed their approval and joy that their friend had finally found someone that apparently loved Cam as much as Cam loved her. A lot of them were getting tired of the shallow women that had used the tall beautiful woman for her looks and would never take the chance of showing their feelings for Cam so publicly the way the little blonde had and still was.

Cam looked over Cheryl's shoulder at the three men standing on the stage watching her and her lover getting re-acquainted. All three of the men had these big goofy grins on their faces. She probably would have said something about how silly they looked but just as she was about to speak she realized that she had a fairly goofy grin on her face as well. With a wink, Cutter turned to the others and counted down to begin the song that had been halted by the blonde's welcomed arrival. Cheryl was fully attached to the front of her tall lover and was happily indulging in one of her favorite pastimes, satisfying her long denied urge to taste and feel Cam's incredibly gorgeous body.

She eagerly let her lips tongue and teeth roam freely over the blue eyed woman's neck and shoulders, pausing every so often to nibble and/or lick lavishly a delectable ear or to suck at skin covering the pulse point where Cam's long beautiful neck and broad muscular shoulders joined, reveling in the way her actions was making the biker's pulse go crazy, and also marking the exceptionally beautiful and alluring woman clearly and unmistakably as hers.

Cam was soon lost in the feel of having her lover back, enjoying the tentative touches as their bodies became aware of the long denied pleasures of each others. Neither woman was aware of anything that was happening around them. Eventually the newly reunited couple reached a point where even the wisest of the group was beginning to get uncomfortable for them. Even Cutter was becoming distracted by his daughter and her lover.

Knowing they had a lot of time to make up for, and observing that both women were totally oblivious to their surroundings, Cutter knew that any other time both of the women would be embarrassed and humiliated by the spectacle they were putting on, he decided that it was time for an intervention, a gentle and tender intervention so he wouldn't spoil or detract from their passions. Signaling TAG, the big, tough, yet when it came to his daughter, very soft hearted biker, his long time close friend, bring him the key to the best room in the motel. He then called Mountain and Cobra over and the three huddled together so Cutter could fill them on his plan.

They split up all of them with those big goofy, yet somewhat mischievous smiles on their faces. Now their only concern was if their WC would cooperate before she simply reacted and murdered all three of them. Either way Cutter was sure that given a few days to calm down Cam would thank them for stopping her and Cheryl from doing something that would have totally embarrassed them both in front of all Cam's friends. There was no way that Cam would have allowed it if she was in her right mind, but right now, Cutter thought smiling even more happy for his beloved daughter, Cam and Cheryl were both way too deeply and totally immersed in the full out and wonderful insanity of rekindled true love, and he knew no one that was human was strong enough to control that, and no one knew just how human Cam was as well as Cutter.

<>Well Goddess thank you<> The big older, sentimental hardcore biker and one time assassin prayed silently <>thank you for answering the prayers of an undeserving soul like me and giving my little girl the chance to know true love. <>

<>And please forgive this idiot for not trusting in your ways. I will never make that mistake again. <> He added as an after thought <>Now if you can please stop her from killing me for what we are about to do, I'd really appreciate it<>


END 22



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