The Dyke and the Debutante

by Alex Tryst

Disclaimer: First and foremost I must give credit where it is due. The character Elle Woods is not of my creation, and I in fact "borrowed" her from MGM and "Legally Blonde." Infringement is not intended, and by no means am I suggesting anything about the character or Reese Witherspoon who plays said character (even though I do find her absolutely delectable as my wife and friends can attest). I merely was watching the movie one day and thought it would be fun to write about that character. As you will see, my Elle Woods is drastically different and let's face it, a heck of a lot more fun. I should also mention here that there are some serious moments to the book, nothing too major, but worth noting, including gay bashing and abortion, so please keep this in mind. This is a rather tame piece about women finding themselves and love, and of course it wouldn't be one of my books without some lovely sex scenes. As always comments are welcome at Look forward to hearing from you.

Dedication: As always, to my wife, you are my fondest wish. And to the woman who calls me her Cariad (you know who you are), what can I say? In the short time I've known you, you have completely changed my life for the better. You have breathed life back into this soul and brought new meaning to my life. For that I thank you (and I'm sure my wife would as well if she knew you were the cause of such a change), because not only have you blessed me with your presence, you have brought me even closer to my beloved. Merci, mon amie.

Now on with the show...................................................................................................................

Part 1

Addison stood on the porch of the old Victorian sipping a beer and watching the hustle and bustle of students moving in on the sorority strip for the beginning of a new school year. This was her senior year, and she was the new president of her house, Lambda Kappa Phi, which consisted of female athletes, all of which were lesbians. Across the way was her favorite of sororities, the Delta Nu house. The fit brunette smiled to herself as she watched the predominantly blonde tenants moving in their belongings. Addison had spent many nights during the previous year spying on the gorgeous women across the way whenever she was bored, having a perfect view into several of their rooms from her own on the third floor. Suddenly a hand on her shoulder broke her musings.

"Enjoying the view?" her best friend Kit inquired reaching for the beer.

"Oh yeah."

"You're not looking for Elle, are you?" the shorter but toned girl inquired. Elle was a blonde that lived in the Delta Nu house that Addison had admitted being attracted to one drunken night the past semester.

"Elle Woods? I'm so over that." Addison stated. "She's hot, but come on. She's a Delta Nu. We all know Delta Nus don't have two brain cells." she quipped, even though she knew for a fact that Elle was intelligent.

"Too bad because there she is." Kit mentioned. Quickly Addison's head snapped in the direction of the house across the way, but Elle wasn't there. Her friend laughed. "Yeah, you're over her all right. Give it up, Addy. No Delta Nu has ever even stepped foot in this house, and we've never been in theirs. We just don't mix."

"Well, we're going to mix this year. If it's the only thing I do as President of this house, I'm going to get the Delta Nus to come over here."

"Well, good luck with that, and don't strain your eyes drooling over your dream girl." Kit answered turning to go in.

Addison looked back across the street. Elle had just pulled up in her gray Mercedes convertible with a moving van on her tail. As she slid out of the car, Addison intently watched the blonde stretch her tiny form, the way her breasts strained against her pale pink tank top as she arched her back. Her infamous boyfriend Craig was with her, already bossing the moving men around as they all wandered up into the house. Sighing the brunette went back into her own house to start unpacking for her last year of school

That evening as Addison finished her room, she looked across the street to see which rooms she could see into, and to her surprise she saw Elle sitting alone in the room directly across from her own. The little blonde was sitting at a dressing table brushing her long hair. It was obvious to Addison that the woman was preparing to go out by the way she was primping and applying makeup. The jock sighed in longing at the sight. As much as she tried to deny her interest, the petite woman was her fantasy.

From the moment she had first seen her freshman year, Addison was smitten. Elle lived next door to her in the dorms, and they were good friends, but when rumors began about Addison's sexuality second semester of their first year, the blonde suddenly stopped speaking to her, crushing the brunette more than she cared to admit. The most she ever got from the sorority girl was a wave or smile, but they had never spoken since. However she was determined to make this year different. After all she and Elle were older now, and Addison hoped whatever anxiety the little woman had toward her had dissipated over the years.

Seeing Elle move to her door and Craig entering, Addison turned away. Craig had caused Addison and her friends trouble over the course of their years at school. He always seemed to be the instigator of homophobic actions against some of the gay and lesbian students, and he and Addison had exchanged unpleasant words on several occasions, since the woman was also the president of the gay and lesbian group on campus. Addison hated the fact that Elle was not only straight, she was dating the most disgusting neanderthal in the whole school.

The following day there was a meeting with the dean for all presidents of the sororities and fraternities, so Addison attended. Since she was the last to arrive, she noticed that the only seat left was next to Elle. Taking a seat she looked at the blonde giving a genuine smile. Shyly the little woman returned it, but neither said anything as the meeting began. For the most part it was a lecture, but Addison entertained herself by casting subtle glances at the woman next to her, surprised when she saw the blue eyes on her as well. It seemed like forever before they were allowed to go, but as the students stood to leave, the dean stated, "Elle, Addison, I'd like it if you two stayed behind for a minute."

They looked at each other in confusion but stayed where they were. When the three of them were alone, the dean walked over to them. "I just wanted to address you two since we had so many problems with your houses last year. I want you to know we aren't going to be as lax as we were. We don't want to see the cops showing up at your places this year."

"Sir, the cops were only at Addison's house, because it was vandalized three times. They haven't done anything wrong." Elle stated, shocking the brunette.

"I wouldn't be talking if I were you, Miss Woods. Your sorority broke the sound ordinance on more than one occasion." he gruffly said.

It was true. Under the old president, the Delta Nu house had wild parties that had to be broken up, and even as much as Addison had hated the noise at the time, she suddenly felt the need to defend the woman next to her. "Everyone has parties, most of which are even worse the Delta Nu's. The frat parties are never broken up. I think you're discriminating against them because of their gender, and that's not fair." the strong brunette stated confidently.

The dean glared at both of them. "Miss Miller, you might be one of the most talented athletes on the softball team, but I'm not above finding a way to dismantle your house if you get on my bad side, and, Miss Woods, you might be one of the wealthiest students here, but I will make your last year here difficult for the Delta Nu house if you don't keep the noise down. Are we all clear on that?" Both women gave defeated nods. "Good. Now you can go."

As they walked out of the dean's office, Addison mumbled under her breath, "Asshole."

"Yeah, he's such a jerk. That wasn't fair what he said about you all. Those problems last year weren't your fault."

"I'm glad someone believes that. There are a lot of people here that would disagree with you."

"I wish they had caught whoever did that to your house. It just wasn't right." the blonde said.

Together they began to walk in the direction of their street. "Listen, Elle. Our houses haven't ever really gotten along well, but I was hoping that maybe you and I could build a bridge there. What do you think? Maybe we could do a service project together or something, just our two houses."

The blonde shifted nervously. She knew if she brought the suggestion to her house mates, there would be strong dissension, but she didn't know how to let the taller woman down without offending her. "I'm not so sure that's a good idea, Addison."

"Why not? We're just two sororities doing charity work together. How could there be a problem?"

"You can't honestly tell me that's all it will be." Elle replied before she could stop herself.

"What does that mean?" the brunette inquired gruffly, sensing that Elle was declining on the basis of the sexual orientation of her house.

"Nothing. I didn't mean anything by that."

"Yes, you did, Elle. Now tell me exactly what you think my intent is." Addison demanded.

The small woman shifted back and forth on her feet as the dark-haired woman glared at her. "Addison, my girls don't exactly like your house being across from ours. The general opinion is that the women in your house are not the kind of people they want to associate with."

"I see. Your girls are too close-minded to see that we're just like you all."

"Just like us? That's laughable, Addison. My girls spend all their free time primping and trying to look their best for their boyfriends. I could hardly say you all do that over at your place."

"My girls spend their free time primping and trying to look good for their girlfriends, so they can score. So what? I'm not talking about a mixer here. I'm talking about our houses working together at a homeless shelter or the Salvation Army or something. Is your house really so conservative that they wouldn't be seen with a dyke for any reason? Elle, we aren't the most popular people on campus. I know that, but we could really use an ally like the Delta Nus. You heard the dean. He would love to be rid of us if he could find a way."

Elle shook her head. "Addison, I just don't know. Most of my girls are uncomfortable with the idea that you're even across the street. I don't see us working together going over well at all."

"Then what about just you?" The softball player asked. She saw Elle rocking back and forth on her feet in discomfort. When an answer didn't come straight away, Addison mumbled, "I understand now, Elle. It's not just the house that has a problem with us. It's the president herself."

Instantly blue eyes flew open wide at the observation. "No, that's not it at all!" she defended. "I don't feel like that, Addison!"

"Oh really? Then why did you suddenly stop being my friend freshman year when you found out I was gay?"

"Please don't ask me that. I'm embarrassed by my actions back then."

"It's a perfectly legitimate question, Elle. We were so close, and then you just stopped talking to me."

"I was scared. Okay? I was being foolish, and by the time I realized that, it was too late. You made it clear you wanted nothing to do with me. You never said a word to me either after that year, not that I blame you."

"Why were you scared?"

"I thought maybe I'd become guilty by association. I know it's stupid, but at the time I really cared about what other people thought." she tried to explain.

Sensing there was more, Addison probed, "And?"

Elle broke their gaze uncomfortably. "And some of my other friends managed to convince me that you were interested in more than my friendship." she whispered so softly that Addison almost didn't hear her.

"You mean like Craig and some other Delta Nus?" the brunette questioned.

Elle nodded in response. "They were going to keep me out of the sorority if I kept being friends with you, and Craig hated you."

"News flash. He still does, Elle, or maybe you haven't heard."

Elle managed to make eye contact again even though her eyes were beginning to fill with unshed tears. "I'm so ashamed of the way I acted back then, Addison. It wasn't right, and I regret it. You were so nice to me when we met. I remember you even let me use some of your toothpaste the first night, because I had forgotten mine. We became so close so quickly, and I enjoyed your company over most of the girls in the hall. I mean you were so smart, and you always had something positive to say. I think I knew even then though that you weren't straight. I mean I am from California after all, but when it came out the way it did, I felt betrayed. You didn't trust me enough to tell me yourself, and I was hurt by that."

"I was scared too, Elle. I didn't think you would understand. Getting caught making out with a girl in the bathroom wasn't the coming out scene I really wanted. I wanted to tell you so many times before then, but I was always scared you might think I was hitting on you. I guess in the end both of our worst horrors came true. We hurt each other for no other reason except our own cowardice, but we can change that now, can't we?"

"I'd like to." the blonde replied.

"So would I. So what do you say? Friends?" Addison proposed.


"Now what about this service project idea? If you do it, your girls will follow. Don't you know that by now? They worship you, Elle."

The small woman laughed at the idea of her followers even though she knew it was true as well. "Have you done any research on this yet? I mean do you have enough stuff to make a presentation?"

"Yeah, I guess. Why?"

"Come by our house tonight at eight. I'm having a house meeting then. I'll let you talk to them about it."

Flashing a bright grin, Addison said, "Thanks, Elle. I really appreciate this."

She shrugged. "I can't guarantee that they'll go for it, but you can at least present it to them, and I'll support you."

Addison nodded in understanding. "Well, I better get going. I've got some work to do before then."

"All right. See you then." the blonde stated as they paused in front of the Delta Nu house. Just as the tall woman turned to go, Elle grabbed her by the arm and ducked in for a quick hug that caught Addison by complete surprise, but she still brought her arms around the blonde. "I've missed you, Addison." the little woman whispered before pulling away and racing inside before the athlete could even reply.

Dazed at the turn in events, Addison crossed the street to her own house where Kit was sitting on the front porch reading. "Did I just see you hugging Elle Woods?" she asked in amazement. Addison gave an absent nod. "Man, you sure do work fast." she teased.

Finally breaking out of her trance, the brunette looked down at her friend. "I need your help with something, Kit."

"What's that?"

"I need some presentation materials. I'm giving a speech at Delta Nu tonight."

"What? About what? Beauty tips?" she joked.

Addison scowled at her. "Hey. I said I'd get us some interaction with them, and that's what I'm trying to do. Now are you going to help me or not?"

"Sure. I'll help. What do you need?" the shorter girl inquired as they went inside.

As Elle waltzed into her sorority house, she was halted at the front door by her best friend, Kiki. "Did I just see Addison 'the roaring dyke' Miller hugging you?" she asked irritably.

"So? We're friends." Elle explained.

"Since when?" Kiki snarled.

"What's it matter? And by the way, I would appreciate it if you wouldn't use that word in front of me. It's offensive. Now she's coming over for our house meeting tonight, and I would like it if you were hospitable to her. The younger girls look up to us, so we should set a good example."

"A good example? Elle, have you lost your mind? You can't have her in here. We don't allow trash in our house, and she's the queen of it."

"She is no such thing! She's a smart, nice woman, and she's my friend! If you can't be nice while she's here, I'll dismiss you from the meeting! Do you hear me?"

"You wouldn't dare! I'm the Vice President of this sorority!"

"I can, and I will!" Elle yelled before storming up the stairs.

That evening a few minutes before eight Addison and Kit made their way over to the Delta Nu house. Addison rang the bell, and then they patiently waited for someone to answer. Elle came to the door a moment later. "Hi. I hope you don't mind that I brought my Vice President. This is Kit Johnson. Kit, Elle Woods."

"Hi." Elle greeted extending her hand. Kit shook it politely responding in similar greeting. "You two are right on time. I was just about to start. Come on in. I was thinking that I might address some house issues first, and then let you talk. After that I'm sure there will have to be a discussion before we can come to a decision."

"Sure. We understand. I'll just do my thing, and then we'll leave you ladies to your talk."

Nodding in agreement Elle led the way through the house to the dining area where all the girls were congregated. All eyes went to them as they entered. Elle gestured to two empty seats off to the side before going to the head of the table. "Now that our guest speakers are here tonight we can begin. First of all we need to discuss some house rules." she stated before immediately starting in on the matters at hand.

Addison and Kit just sat in the back and watched the blonde in action. It was clear that Elle could command her audience and that the younger girls eagerly agreed with whatever she said. "This might be even easier than we thought." Kit whispered so only Addison could hear. Addison nodded in response as she kept her eyes on Elle. The blonde was striking that night in her signature color, a long sleeved pink blouse and khaki linen pants. Every few minutes their eyes would meet and Addison found herself smiling every time those blue eyes found her. She was so involved in admiring Elle that she almost missed her cue that it was her turn to speak and would have if Kit hadn't been there to jab her in the arm with her elbow to wake her from her fog.

Standing and coming to where Elle was, Addison began her prepared speech about the service project they had in mind. As she was talking, her eyes moved around the table. The seniors in attendance were clearly disinterested, finding their nails or clothes more interesting, but she noted that the majority of the younger girls were actually listening giving her more confidence. When she finished with her talk, she looked at Elle.

The blonde came up to her, putting one hand on her back and the other on her arm as she addressed the group. "We really appreciate you and Kit coming here tonight, Addison, and inviting us to be a part of your annual service project. I think what your house is doing is a wonderful humanitarian thing. However we now need to decide as a group if we're going to follow in your admirable footsteps or not." she stated with a long look around at her fellow sisters.

Addison held back the laughter she felt bubbling inside her at the display. It was evident that Elle was going to do all she could to persuade her group to join the project just by the guilt she was giving them. "Thank you for having us, Elle. We would love to have your house involved and look forward to hearing an answer soon. We'll see ourselves out now."

As soon as the two athletes had left the room, Kiki sneered at Elle. "That was low, Elle! There is no way I'm doing anything with those dykes!"

"Any other opinions?" Elle inquired. The room was silent. "Well, let me put it to you girls this way. Regardless of what this house decides, I'm going to join them in their project. We're known by the whole school as dumb blondes who don't do anything except stay in our house preening. We're snotty, selfish princesses who are never taken seriously, and frankly I'm tired of that reputation. We're all intelligent women, and we deserve to be respected. These women across the street are extending us an invitation to participate in something that will make a difference. They care about their community, and I think it's about time we did too. Quite honestly their sexual orientation doesn't matter to me. I'm not asking you to date them. I'm not even asking you to be social with them outside this project if you don't want to. I'm just suggesting that we become more involved in our local community and gain a reputation for being charitable, not selfish, and these women have given us an opportunity to do that. I can't make any of you do this, but you should know that if we have a majority vote to participate and you don't, you could be subject to eviction from your room here at the house. We have a lot of sisters that would like to live in the sorority house, but all of you were chosen by lottery and with an understanding that you would abide by house regulations. Now if no one else has anything to add, we're going to take a vote. Would anyone else like to say something?" Still there were no comments. "Well, given the sensitive nature of this subject, I've decided that we're going to vote by ballots tonight instead of verbally as we usually do, because I want honesty from everyone." She passed out ballots to everyone before asking that all of the girls make their choice. When everyone was finished, the votes were collected in a box. "Now that all of us have voted, Kiki and I are going to count these in front of everyone just so there is no accusation of tampering towards either of us."

Elle began to count each ballot in what was a close competition. Thankfully there was an odd number of girls, so their wouldn't be a tie, because she didn't think she would be able to make the right decision had it come down to a tie breaker. Coming to the last vote, she noted the tie. She glanced at Kiki who was practically ready to rip the last ballot from her hand to see the outcome. Flipping open the paper, she felt her heart drop slightly. "One against." she announced in apparent disappointment. "Well, the majority has spoken. Our house will be officially declining their offer. However since this vote was so close, I'd like to say that any of you that want to still participate, you can come see me in private, and I will give you the details. Meeting adjourned."

Without any further comment she left the room. She was disheartened with the outcome of the voting, but she knew she did what she could to sway her sisters. Deciding there was no use prolonging her answer to Addison, she headed across the street and rang the bell. One of the younger women of the house answered and told her where she could find the softball player.

The brunette was just lounging on her bed reading her latest issue of Playboy when she heard the knock on her door. Irritated at being interrupted during what all her house mates knew as her private time, she yelled out to her visitor, "Unless you're a Delta Nu in a string bikini, go away! I'm busy!" The knocking continued. Addison growled as she got off her bed. "This better be good! I'm in the middle of something!" she warned tossing her magazine down in agitation and marching to the door as she zipped her shorts. Yanking it open her mouth fell seeing Elle standing there nervously. "Elle, hi."

"Sorry I interrupted. I didn't know there was a dress code for visiting you. I'll remember my bikini next time." the blonde teased.

"Oh, I didn't mean that." she stammered in embarrassment. "I just thought it was one of them bothering me when my sign was up." she said pointing to the "Do Not Disturb" sign on her door. "Come in. What are you doing here?" The blonde entered the room, looking around at the decor. Addison's walls were adorned with lesbian icons such as Melissa Etheridge and the Indigo Girls as well a few random pictures of skimpily clad super models. Her book shelf contained a plethora of framed photographs, and looking closer she noted one was of the two of them from freshman year. As her eyes continued scanning the room, they fell onto the rumpled bed and the magazine. Suddenly she wondered what she might have interrupted and pretended not to notice as Addison quickly stashed it under her pillow. "So, take a seat. Have you come to a decision already?"

Elle took a tentative seat in the desk chair. "Yeah. It was a close vote, Addison, much closer than I even thought it might be, but the house decided not to work with you. I'm sorry."

The brunette shrugged. "It's okay. I had hoped for a different outcome, but I didn't really expect it. Just out of curiosity, how close was it?"

"One vote."

"Really?" Addison inquired in renewed interest. "Well, maybe all isn't lost. Do you think that large minority might still be interested?"

"I'm interested. I want to work with you all, and I told the group that if anyone else was, I would be happy to give them the details. You might have some takers. You have one at least."

Giving the blonde a smile, the athlete said, "Thanks, Elle."

"Tell me the truth now that this has been decided, Addison. Your house was interested in more than just working together on this project, weren't you?"

"I think you already know the answer to that, Elle."

"Why my girls? You have to know that they are all straight."

"Why not your girls? As a whole you are by far the most attractive sorority on the whole strip. It's true there might be some sexual interest from some of my girls toward some of yours, but so what? We're just like any frat house. They all want to be in bed with the Delta Nu girls too. We're just more polite and respectful than them. My girls wouldn't try to do some of the things the guys around here do. You wouldn't be subjected to the trashy lines and innuendo, and you wouldn't have to worry about any unwanted sexual advances. I wouldn't allow any of that to take place. My girls might be lesbians, but they know how to treat women with respect."

"I'm sure that's true, but it's the fact that you are too much like the frat houses that makes my girls nervous." There was a pause in conversation before Elle mentioned, "I guess I should go. I didn't mean to interrupt your private time."

"Don't be silly. The house was just about to watch the Real World."

"I love the Real World." the blonde stated.

"Then stay and watch it with us." the brunette proposed.

Without a hesitation Elle replied, "Okay."

"Great. We better get down to the social room before all the best seats are gone. There is always a fight about it." Walking down stairs to the living area, the large group of rowdy jocks were already crowded around the television. All the seats were taken as well as most of the floor, but Addison pointed out a tiny spot in front of the coffee table. Guiding them through the sea of legs, Addison suggested, "Why don't you sit behind me, so you have something to lean your back against?"

"I won't be able to see the tv with you in front of me, Addy. You sit there, and I'll sit in front of you." the blonde responded, using the nickname she had originally bestowed on Addison when they were freshman without even realizing it. "Besides I can lean against you if I get tired."

Addison smiled. "All right. Do you want something to drink before we sit? A beer or something?"

"I don't drink beer, but thanks anyway." she answered as they both sat.

Addison sat cross-legged in order to try to give the blonde as much room as possible, and the room became silent as the show began. However that night the brunette was too distracted to watch. Her focus was on the little blonde in front of her. The day had taken a surprising turn, and now that Elle had suddenly reentered her life, it seemed like old times. The blonde was clearly comfortable with her, making her wonder if their relationship could've been rekindled long before if she had just tried. Half way through the show, Addison felt a need to stretch her long legs, so she casually extended them out all the way on either side of the blonde, leaving the petite woman between them. Addison hoped the maneuver wouldn't be misconstrued and realized it hadn't when Elle moved back slightly and leaned her frame against the jock's. Shocked at the move of her friend, the brunette was unsure what to do and cast glances around at her housemates who seemed suddenly interested in the development as well, even though Elle remained oblivious to the eyes on her, being so engrossed in the screen. Meeting Kit's eyes, she saw her best friends raise her brows up and down and crack a grin, almost making Addison laugh at the suddenly amusing situation.

From almost the moment Addison had known Elle, all she wanted was to be able to be this close to her. When they were freshman, there had been several occasions in which they had been physically close, staying up all night in one of their single beds with each other giggling over something that only the two of them found amusing. They'd had an intimate but nonsexual relationship back then, cuddling and holding hands at times much to the confusion of their friends. As Addison reminisced about the past, she began to realize that from the outside it may have looked like they were a couple when they were freshman, making it all that much more difficult for Elle when Addison was outed second semester. The brunette figured the blonde had probably been scared of what people would say about her, which is why she had distanced herself, or maybe she suspected that Addison had always wanted more, and when her sorority sisters encouraged that thinking, she felt she had no other choice except to end the friendship. However now her Elle was back, and Addison was determined to make the most of her second chance, by forcing her sexual thoughts of the beautiful woman aside to focus on their friendship.

Elle didn't end up leaving after the tv had been turned off. Instead she and Addison sat out on the porch catching up with each other. As they sat on the swing, naturally their arms found their way around each other as Elle's head rested on Addison's strong shoulder. "You know, Addy, I've often thought about moments like this over the past few years. We used to be able to talk for hours."

"I know. I was just thinking about that tonight. I've missed your company, Elle."

"And I missed yours. I'm sorry I abandoned you. That was awful of me to leave you alone when you needed a friend the most."

"We were only nineteen. We all make mistakes. I'm sorry you had to find out about me the way you did. I should've trusted you."

"Well, I hope we take this year to make up for all that lost time. This is our last year before heading out into the real world."

"I know. Have you decided what you want to do yet?" Addison inquired.

"Well, I'm hoping that Craig will propose soon. We've been together for three years now."

"You really want to marry Craig? Why?"

"Because I'm in love with him, and I can't wait to be the future Mrs. Craig Wyndham III. He's going to be a senator you know."

"But what about you? What about your dreams and goals? Don't you want a career and life separate from his?"

"Like what, Addy? This is the life I am supposed to lead."

"You're so smart, Elle, much more intelligent than he is. Wouldn't you like to be the senator or CEO instead of the wife of one? You have the ability to do that if you want."

"Yeah, right. No one takes me seriously, Addison. All they see is a dumb blonde from California. My parents don't even expect anything out of me. No one believes in me."

"I believe in you, Elle. I know you. It's true that you're beautiful, but you also have brains. You command attention wherever you go. Why not use that to your advantage to make a difference?"

Changing the subject off herself, Elle inquired, "What are your plans after graduation?"

"I'm going to go to law school. I'm already being recruited by schools actually."

"Like which ones?"

"Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and several others. They all want me, because I'm a brilliant fag." she grumbled.

"You sound unhappy about that. If Harvard or Yale recruited me for anything, I'd be thrilled."

"Well, I know I should be excited, but the main reason they want me is because I'm gay, and they want me to be their poster child for diversity. That's almost as insulting as being discriminated against for being a lesbian. I don't want people to know me just as that. You know? I just want to be known as Addison Miller, not Addison 'Dyke' Miller. Maybe that's hard for you to understand."

"Not at all actually. I want people to see passed my blonde hair and body, and take me for who I am, not what I look like."

"I'll tell you, Elle. I think you would make an excellent attorney or politician. I saw the way you tried to persuade those girls tonight, and you almost succeeded. People listen to you more than you think. You have influence, and if used correctly, your looks can work for you, not against you. And what if you don't marry Craig? Then what?"

"Oh, I'm going to marry Craig, no doubt about that. He's the perfect guy for me."

"Well, I hope you realize that he isn't going to like that fact that you and I have become friends again. He and I have had strong words with each other through the years. In fact it wouldn't surprise me if he demanded you stop seeing me."

"He wouldn't do that, and I don't think he hates you as much as you think he does." the blonde stated.

Addison wanted to tell Elle exactly how much she knew Craig hated her and all the other gays and lesbians on campus. She had suspected that he was behind the vandalism at her house the previous year by the anti-gay remarks he had made toward her on many various occasions, but she wasn't sure Elle would believe her, so she kept the information to herself. "Well, I hope he treats you well. You deserve only the best."

"Thanks, Addy." the blonde answered squeezing the body in her arms tightly. "You deserve someone too. Are you even seeing anyone now?"

"No. I've been so busy with school, softball, and various other activities that I just don't have the time. I know there are women out there that would like it if I paid them some attention, but I just don't think it would be fair to any of them to try to get involved when my heart lies elsewhere."

"Well, that's their loss I guess. I'll tell you. Of all the lesbians on campus, you really are the queen of them. I've overheard the rumors and conversations from lots of girls. General consensus is that you and Kit at the hottest items in this house. It's too bad you won't share the love with them." she joked.

"Are any of those girls Delta Nus? Because I think I could make an exception if they were." Addison jested.

"No offense, Addy, but if you were to ever get into the bed of one of the Delta Nus, I'd be floored. I just don't see that happening."

"I don't know, Elle. I think if I really tried I could charm one of them out of their little faux fur panties you designed for your house's charity fund raiser last year."

"Oh you think that, do you?" the blonde asked with a smile.

"And I know exactly who would be my target too."

Immensely curious Elle asked in excitement, "Who?"

"Um, she's a junior and one of the few non-blondes in your house."

"You mean Stacy? Why would you ever think that you could get her in bed?" she challenged.

"Easy. She took a feminism class with Kit and me last year, and she's very interested in the equality of women, including lesbians. She even debated with another student on the point during lecture one time. I'm not saying she's a closeted dyke or anything, but she's liberal. A few shots of tequila on the right night, and I could have that girl's legs open. She'd probably regret it the next day and say I took advantage of her, but I could get in her bed and rock her world at least for one night."

"I bet you rocked all the beds you've been in." the blonde quipped.

"You have no idea." Addison growled sexily. "But I would never ever even try to seduce that girl." she stated seriously.

"Why not?"

"Because a roll in the hay with her wouldn't be worth losing Kit."

"Kit? You mean you two are..."

"No, we're not shacking up. She's my best friend, and whether she admits it or not, she has a thing for Stacy. She'd deny that until her last breath though, because Stacy is so unlike all the other women Kit has ever been with."

"What about you? What kind of girl do you like?"

Smirking Addison stated, "A horny, drunk Delta Nu."

Elle hit her in the arm. "You're so bad. What was all that talk about respect? You are even worse than the frat guys."

"I'm kidding. I don't have a type really. I like intelligent women, ones who are confident. The physical isn't as important. I've been with too many different ones to say I have a certain type."

"How many girls have you been with?" the blonde inquired inquisitively.

"You mean had sex with or messed around with?"


"You want actual numbers?"

"Ballpark is fine."

Addison thought for a moment. "Well, I think I've had sex with about thirty women."

"Thirty?" Elle questioned loudly. "Since you've been in college?"

"No. I started having sex when I was fifteen, Elle. I'd already been around the block many times before coming to school."

"What about the women you've messed around with?"

"I don't know if I can even put a number on that. I mean if you're going to include women that I just happen to meet and make out with at a club or something then it's beyond anything I can count."

"You've actually done that? You've made out with someone you just met?" Addison nodded. "Addy, you've got to be more careful. You could catch stuff you know."

"I know, and I am careful, Elle. I use protection and I get tested often, which is more than most lesbians can say. I've never had unprotected sex in my life. What about you? How many guys have you been with?"

"None." the blonde answered quietly.

"None? Not even Craig? You've been together for three years."

"So? I'm not ready, and he just has to accept that." she stated confidently.

"Wow. I'm truly impressed. Good for you, Elle. You stand your ground. Don't let him talk you into something you don't want yet. Out of curiosity though, why don't you think you're ready?"

Elle shrugged. "I don't know. Right now I'm perfectly content with where we are. I don't feel the need to go further yet. Being held is enough for me. So far he's been very good about respecting my boundaries."

"Good. I hope it stays that way."

Elle looked down at her watch, noting that it was after midnight. "Well, it's getting late. I should probably go. Registration is bright and early tomorrow."

"And you need your beauty rest." Addison lightly teased.

"Yeah. I'll see you later though." Elle said moving to stand. Addison did the same. "Well, I'm glad this day turned out the way it did, Addy."

"Me too, Elle. I'm glad to have you back."

"And I'm glad to be back." she confessed looking up into the tall woman's dark eyes. She loved Addison's eyes, because she could always see every emotion that played through them, and at the moment they were glowing in happiness. She gave a bright smile. "See you tomorrow at registration."

Addison nodded as that grin melted her heart. She knew things were going to be interesting between them if she couldn't control her sexual feelings for the little woman. "Good night." The softball player stood on her porch watching the blonde to make sure she returned safely to her own house before going inside.

Locking the door behind her, she heard her best friend's voice state, "Well, well, well, President Miller makes history. Not only did we go into the Delta Nu house, you had a date with one."

"It's not like that, Kit. Elle and I are friends."

"Since when? I didn't know you even knew her, but apparently you do and well I might add."

"It's a long story, but to be brief we were best friends freshman year until I was outed. She took off and didn't speak to me again, and I never tried to establish contact either, but after all this time, we've decided to give it another go. It feels like old times."

"Old times? You mean you've been that close to her before? Damn, Addison. Why didn't you say anything? I thought you were just pining away for her. I had no idea you two had a history."

"Our only history is friendship, Kit, close friendship."

"Uh huh. That girl was all up on you. She wants your ass."

"No, she doesn't. We can cuddle together without it meaning more."

"Sure you can." sarcastically Kit said. "I bet the whole time you were thinking about how nice her breasts felt up against yours, weren't you?"

Addison knew that thought had crossed her mind, but she refused to ruin what could be a wonderful friendship again. Shaking her head at her friend, she stated, "Elle and I are just going to be friends, and I'm okay with that. I don't want to complicate what we've started by bringing my sexual feelings for her into it. I'd rather her be my friend than my fantasy."

The following morning Addison, Kit, and most of the upperclassmen from her house were up and out the door early. Walking in a pack, they headed off in the direction of the gymnasium for registration. Addison and Kit were busy talking about their hopeful schedules when a friendly honk of a horn interrupted them. They looked up just in time to see Elle smiling at them as she passed them in her convertible with several other Delta Nus.

"Addy's going to get some Delta Nu booty." Kit teased hitting her best friend in the back.

All the girls laughed at the joke, making the tall president blush slightly. "That's enough now. I'm not sleeping with Elle. She's a friend to our house, and I intend to keep it that way."

"I bet you succumb to your primal needs. There is no way you can go without laying a hand on that prize."

"I don't care how hot she is. She's not a prize or a trophy. She's a person." Addison rebuffed. "I don't want to hear any of you talking about her like she's less than that."

"Touchy, touchy." Kit mumbled under her breath as Addison sped up her pace to break away from the group. However Kit came after her. "Okay, Addy, we're sorry. We won't tease you any more. You're right. Elle is a person, a sexy petite hot-bodied one, but she's not a prize. If you want to deny your feelings for her, then that's your choice. I just think that you could have all that you wanted from her given some time. I foresee unbelievable pleasure ahead for you if you just allow yourself to take that girl under your wing."

"Okay. I'll take Elle under my wing if you take Stacy under yours." the brunette challenged. Kit fell silent. "That's what I thought. Now butt out of my business, and I'll stay out of yours." she stated with a smile.

Upon arriving at registration, all of them filed in line with the rest of their classmates, but once inside, there was pure chaos. Once Addison had managed to secure the schedule she wanted, she looked around for her friends. To her surprise she saw Kit talking with Elle and Stacy. Making her way over, she was greeted by a huge smile from the tiny blonde.

"Hi, Addy." Elle greeted.

"Hey, Elle, Stacy. What's going on?"

"Oh, Stacy told me this morning that she's interested in the service project too, and since you looked busy, I just thought Kit might be able to give her all the details." Elle informed her.

Seeing the mischief in those blue eyes, Addison knew Elle was trying to do much more. "Well, that's nice of you girls to want to participate. We could actually use a little help with fundraising ideas. We jocks aren't normally that creative. Maybe the two of you could help us over a cup of coffee or something?" Addison suggested.

"Yeah. Sure." Stacy said for the both of them.

"Great. If you're finished we could go now." Kit said.

Before anyone could second the idea, Craig's voice could be heard across the gym. "Elle!" he screamed out running over to them. "If it isn't the king of the dyke squad." he sneered at Addison. "Elle, what are you doing?"

Elle was shocked into immobility at what her boyfriend had said. She had never heard him use such language before. "Um, I was just talking." she stated.

"Not with these so called women you aren't."

"Back off, Craig. You're being an asshole." Stacy said.

"And you better stay out of something that isn't your business, Stacy!" he countered. "Come here!" he demanded taking Elle by the arm and dragging her away.

Addison's anger rose seeing the way Craig was manhandling the little woman, but Elle was obviously used to taking the treatment by the way she submissively went along. Her thoughts of rearranging the guy's face were broken by Stacy's comment. "He can be such a jerk. I don't understand why Elle puts up with it. Don't let him bother you."

The softball player turned to the small redhead. "Yeah, he's a real ass. Anyway, about that coffee?"

"That'd be fine. I helped Elle last year with our fundraiser. It shouldn't be a problem. Do you want to wait for her while Kit and I go ahead?"

Addison and Kit exchanged glances. "Sure. That sounds like a good idea. We'll meet you two in a bit."

"All right. We'll meet you at the usual Starbucks." Kit informed Addison before she and Stacy turned to go. As they walked away, Kit glanced over her shoulder and gave Addison an ecstatic smile.

A few minutes later Elle came back to her. "Where did Stacy and Kit go?"

"Off on the pseudo date that you perfectly orchestrated." Addison replied with a smile.

Elle grinned. "Good. I was hoping as much."

"You didn't have to do that, Elle."

"Well, this morning while discussing outfit choices for the day, she mentioned to me that she wanted to work with you all. She happened to talk about Kit, saying her name more than once, so I thought maybe you were right. Maybe she is a little more liberal than the rest of her sisters. If Kit was a guy, I would think Stacy had a crush, so I figured I'd try to at least make the introduction. You were definitely right about Kit, though. She practically beamed when I brought Stacy to her."

"Well, that was nice of you. Everything all right with Craig?"

The blonde shrugged. "Fine." she lied. "He's just in a mood. He can be so possessive sometimes. Are you ready to go now?"

"I guess, but I was hoping that we could give Kit and Stacy a little alone time by not arriving so soon." Addison said.

Elle smiled. "No problem. We'll take my car back to the house and then walk. That should take a little bit."

"Sounds good. Let's go."

Forty five minutes later the twosome arrived at the local Starbucks to see Stacy and Kit sitting outside under an umbrella laughing. They made a slow approach taking in the scene before them. The two seemed to be getting along extremely well without their help, and both of them took note of how Stacy kept touching Kit on the arm as they exchanged banter. Elle and Addison went to the table.

"So, what did we miss?" Elle inquired. "Did you come up with anything yet?"

"Oh, actually we hadn't really started." Stacy said.

"That's all right. Elle and I are just going to get something to drink, and then the four of us will talk about it. Come on, Elle." Going into the café, Addison inquired, "Was it just me, or did it look like they were flirting with each other when we arrived?"

Elle nodded in agreement. "It certainly did. Things could get interesting. I never knew Stacy was like this. Both of them are just glowing. The four of us should try to go out together. Maybe we can help them find their way."

Addison gave a nod. "Maybe but we shouldn't push either of them. Stacy might not be ready for someone like Kit, and I wouldn't want Kit to get hurt. Under that tough exterior, she's really sensitive. Let things come as they will, Elle. If it's meant to be, it will happen."

Returning to the table with coffee, Elle asked, "So what kind of thing do you all normally do for fundraising?"

Addison shrugged. "Nothing special. We usually do raffles and stuff. We've never been very good at coming up with ideas. Anything you two could suggest would be great."

Stacy smiled at Kit before turning her eyes to Addison. "Well, there was an idea I had, but I wanted you to be here. What if you all had some sort of auction?"

"Auction? What kind of auction?" Addison inquired. "We don't really have anything to auction off."

"Yes, you do, yourselves." the redhead stated.

"Yeah, I can see that now. Our house on auction. Who would go for that? We aren't the most popular people on campus. Who'd want to buy us?" Kit asked sarcastically.

"Well, I wasn't thinking for school. What if it was for the locals? I mean isn't there a women's bookstore in town? I'm sure there are plenty of women there that would buy one of you."

Addison laughed. "Are you suggesting I whore off my sisters for charity?"

"Well, no. I wasn't talking about sex or anything. I mean it could be like a day's worth of errand running or something. It doesn't have to be about sex."

"I don't know." Kit mentioned. "That could be dangerous. We'd have to set some clear guidelines."

"But I like the women's bookstore idea." Elle said. "I think Stacy is right. You'd probably get a better response there. A slave auction could be fun if you're girls are into it. Of course if you wanted to do a raffle, raffle off something people really want."

"Like what?" Addison asked.

Elle gave a giddy smile. "Like dates."

"Dates? You mean like we take women out on dates? That could be cool." Kit stated in interest.

"Yeah. It could be like five dollars an entry or something, and all the girls in your house that wanted to participate would pick someone out of the bowl to take out for a night on the town. How many of the local women would love to go out with one of you athletes?" the blonde proposed.

Addison nodded. "Wow. Why didn't we think of that before, Kit? Maybe I can even talk to the owner of the bookstore to hold the raffle there, so we can get a bunch of entries."

"You should talk to them about maybe donating some proceeds from their store too. Say that you'll be bringing in business by holding your activities there. You increase their business, so they should be amiable to donating a portion of their profits. Work it out like that or something." Elle put forth.

Shooting the little woman a sexy grin, Addison replied, "You're brilliant, Elle. That's a great idea. I'll see if I can hold the stuff there. If we did it on a Saturday, we'd probably get a big turn out."

"There is also another idea." the blonde said. "I know this would go over well too. What about a kissing booth? I mean you've already admitted to being pretty loose-lipped, Ms. President. Why not share your talents for charity?"

"Oh yeah. Kissing girls for money. That sounds like a grand idea." Kit joked. "I think the whole house would sign up for those duties."

"See there you go. I think the local women would rather enjoy that."

"A kissing booth?" Addison stated in disbelief.

"Yeah. We could even like have prices. You know so much for certain types of kisses."

"Oh? So we're going to be a menu now?" the brunette questioned.

"It's for charity, Addy. Lighten up. You never know. You might get to kiss some attractive women. We could set it up with like two dollars a kiss for something basic. We're talking a peck on the lips. It doesn't have to be make out city. Of course if the house was comfortable, you could take it as far as you want I suppose. You could charge ten dollars a minute for making out. The possibilities are endless."

"Can you believe these girls?" Addison asked Kit. "They want us to sell ourselves for the women's shelter. I've never seen them do any of the things they've suggested."

Kit gave an audacious grin. "True but I kind of like it. You know our whole house would be into the kissing booth, and the date raffle seems harmless enough."

"I guess, but how do we know this will work? I mean generally speaking we aren't the sexiest sorority on campus."

"Trust me, Addy. You're house is hotter than you give them credit for. I thought all lesbians liked jocks?"

"If I were into women, I'd definitely be interested." Stacy said confidently as her eyes found Kit.

"Well, then. I guess that settles it. We should present these ideas to the house. Maybe if you and Elle did it we'd get better participation. What do you say, Stacy? Will you come over to our next house meeting and say to them what you just said to us?"

"Sure. I guess so."

"Fabulous. You girls have been a tremendous help."

"No problem. Now tell me more about this shelter." Stacy said.

"Oh, it's a shelter for women and children. Our house has been working with them for years." Addison began.

A few days later Elle and Stacy did present the ideas with eager interest from all the athletes. Getting a unanimous decision on all the ideas that the two Delta Nus had proposed, Addison decided she should try to make arrangements with the women's bookstore as soon as possible.


On a Saturday morning a month later the extravaganza was scheduled to occur. The foursome was at the bookstore as it opened that morning to make sure everything was prepared, and when they arrived, there was a crowd of women hovering around.

Elle smiled up at Addison knowingly. "Let's get this thing started." she stated going over to the booth. "Everyone signed up already for their shifts, didn't they?"

"Yeah. I think I'm first." Addison replied.

"Great. Well, you get in the booth then. Kit will take money and time people if necessary, and Stacy will man the date raffle entries."

"And what will you be doing?" Addison inquired.

"Marketing your talents." the blonde teased. "And when the rest of your house gets here, we'll just divide them up into different stations."

"Sounds good, boss." the tall woman replied stepping into the booth that she and Elle had made.

From almost the very beginning of the day, Elle would've called the event a success. The minute she announced that the kissing booth was open for business a long lined formed with women all anxious to get up close and personal with Addison Miller. As she stood in the distance watching the tall brunette attend to every women with the utmost sensuality and appreciation, she began to feel urge to hop into the line with everyone else. The way Addison was, taking a seemingly intense interest in all the girls that came up to her, made Elle want someone like that.

When she had first started dating Craig, he had been respectful and charming, making her fall deeply for the sandy blonde baseball player or at least think she was. However as the years had passed, he had begun to get more possessive and demanding of her, often trying to dictate her life. Over the course of time things with him had gotten more difficult, but Elle had stayed with him, because it was what was expected of her. Her parents adored the young man and often remarked how much they looked forward to him joining their family.

However as she stared at Addison Miller, she realized what she had been missing all along. The woman who had swept her off her feet when she was only eighteen with her gleaming grin and captivating wit still made her feel things that Craig never could. Watching as Addison introduced herself to each woman before folding them into strong arms for a blinding lip lock, she noted that her stomach clenched in a mix of jealousy and desire. From the very first night she and Addison knew each other, she knew she was attracted to the brunette in a way she had never been attracted to any other woman, and when the athlete began to touch her casually, the blonde's body responded. She had grown to crave the softball player's caress, the cuddling in one of their beds at the end of a day, the brushes of their hands whenever they went somewhere. That was why it was so difficult for her when Addison was outed their second semester. All along Elle wanted it to be her that the tall woman desired, and when it became obvious her interest lay elsewhere, it was more than the little woman could bear. She blamed her sudden departure on her sorority sisters and Craig, but she knew that it really was because of a broken heart. Addison had crushed her without even knowing it, and the petite woman hadn't gotten over it, even three years later. The self-assured young debutante was crippled by Addison's lack of interest, and she harbored insecurities about herself, thinking that Addison didn't like her, because the jock thought she was only an airheaded blonde.

Elle stood at the back of the line, monitoring Addison's time. When it was getting close to being over, she swallowed her nerves and stepped into it roping off the section behind her to show that the softball player's time was up. Nervously she dug into her purse for some money, but the closer she came to the woman she wanted, the more the doubts surfaced. Addison hadn't even spotted her yet, being so involved with each girl as she greeted them, giving her time to change her mind. All too soon it was just her, looking up at the tall woman, who was giving her a quizzical expression.

"What's this for?" Addison inquired taking the two dollars from her friend's hands.

"Donation." she feebly stated inwardly kicking herself for being such a coward.

"Don't you want your kiss?"

Elle hesitated in answer as she gazed into the dark eyes. She wanted her kiss more than she had wanted anything, but she was afraid. She knew it wasn't wise to act in such a manner in front of the women around her, especially Stacy. She was a sorority sister after all, and even though she knew the redhead was liberal, she wasn't sure she would even understand.

When the blonde didn't answer, Addison took the initiative between them, stepping in closer to the tiny woman and slipping one arm around her waist. Cupping the fair cheek in her hand, she ducked her head slowly, intending to give her friend a soft peck. However in a last second of shyness, Elle turned her head slightly letting Addison's lips land on her cheek. Addison's heart sunk at the rejection, but she didn't let on as she completed her duty and stepped away as if nothing had transpired.

The rest of the day Elle was strangely quiet, making Addison figure she had made the blonde uncomfortable. Neither one of them conversed with each other a lot though, both being too involved with running the events. When it came time to draw for the dates, each athlete picked a name out of a bowl. Being the president Addison was the last to go. Playing up the crowd with a sexy smile, she stated, "Now let's see who I'm lucky enough to take out for a night." Shoving her hand into the deep sea of entries, she made a drama of mixing them around before pulling one out. "And the date goes to..." she said unfolding it. Looking at the name on the card, her heart stopped momentarily, but she kept the grin on her face. "Miss Elle Woods." Addison announced holding up the entry for everyone to see. Across the room their eyes met and stayed locked as the both of them contemplated the possibilities of a date together. Finally breaking out of the trance though, the tall woman made the declaration that the slave auction was going to begin shortly.

Elle stood where she was overseeing the athletes as they shuffled furniture around for the auction. She was so off in her thoughts that she didn't even notice Stacy come up to her at first until she felt the hand on her arm. "Elle, are you all right?" the redhead asked in concern.

"Yeah, fine. I was just thinking. I think you and I should bid in the auction. It might help to bring in some extra money, because it looks like the group is beginning to wane a little. What do you think? You can spare a couple of hundred, can't you?"

"Sure. No problem. You bid on Addy, and I'll bid on Kit. I think they'll probably bring in the most money anyway, because they're the hottest." she stated nonchalantly as she wandered back in the direction of the table where the drawing was held.

Elle watched her sorority sister walk away. It amazed her how comfortable Stacy was in such commentary, making her feel more confident in the fact that her friend probably had an interest in Kit. However she admired the way the Delta Nu was blasé about the fact. Elle wanted to be as strong as her sister, but she couldn't foresee herself being with any other woman except Addison, and if the jock didn't return that interest, she didn't want to make a fool of herself for bringing it up.

Since most of Addison's house participated in the auction, it lasted almost two hours. However Kit and Addison were the last to be put up on the block. With the help of Stacy, Kit brought in over two thousand for her services, leaving only Addison. The confident engaging woman took the stand and flashed a notoriously alluring smirk as her bidding began. Elle stood in the back of the room, placing a bid here and there as needed to keep things moving, but soon it became clear there was an older woman that Elle guessed to be in her forties making a major play for Addison. With an insatiable need to win her friend's services, Elle kept outbidding her competition, but the other woman would not be dissuaded. Soon an all out battle began as the women bid back and forth for several minutes. The older woman scowled at Elle as the price rose above five hundred, but Elle knew there was no turning back. She knew she would do anything for Addison's time, regardless of the price.

The older woman finally called out a thousand to the mild shock of everyone in the room, but before the gasp could end, Elle had countered with two. "Three thousand." the woman challenged Elle.

The blonde smiled. "Five thousand." she stated confidently staring down her competition.

There was a moment of silence as the older woman looked at her and then Addison in obvious perusal. "Seven thousand." she countered with an irritated glare at the blonde.

However Elle refused to lose. "Ten thousand." she quickly offered, enjoying the crestfallen look on her competitor's face.

Shaking her head the older woman mumbled, "Blondie wants her so bad, let her have her."

Addison cast a small smile in Elle's direction, because with her one bid, they had more than doubled last year's contribution. However as the brunette looked at her friend, she wondered what could possibly going through the blonde's mind for bidding so much.

The following Saturday Elle was up just before six that morning as she eagerly awaited Addison's arrival. They had agreed that the jock would cater to the debutante that entire day before going out on their date that evening. However as six turned into six thirty and there was no sign of the tall woman, the blonde decided she better go across the street to see if Addison was even awake. One of Addison's sisters answered the door for her, and she wandered up to the president's room. She knocked but didn't hear an answer, so she tried the door, surprised that it was actually unlocked.

Stepping into the room, she noticed the tall woman lying face down sprawled out in bed shirtless. Elle went to the bedside. Her stomach was nervously churning at the thought of Addison being naked under the covers. Touching the rock hard shoulder, she whispered, "Addy, wake up." The brunette moaned in her sleep but didn't stir. "Addison, time to get up, sexy woman." she stated pulling the blanket down a little to expose a strong back. Elle let her fingers trail lightly down Addison's spine. The dark eyes popped open suddenly before their was a flurry of movement as Addison turned over and sat up, looking around her room in confusion.

Seeing Elle she mumbled, "What the hell time is it?" The jock held her head in her hands.

"Six thirty. You were supposed to start work at my house half an hour ago." she responded as evenly as possibly even though her friend's breasts were peaking out from under the comforter. "Come on. Get out of bed." she teased trying to pull at the blanket, but Addison clutched it. Going with her physical instincts instead of thinking about her actions, Elle playfully jumped on the taller woman. "Get up, Addy." she whined shaking the woman by the shoulders. "We have to work off that hangover of yours."

Addison tried not to respond to the fact that her dream woman was straddling her in bed as she lay naked, but her body refused to ignore the fact as her hands found the blonde's hips. However before either of them could do anything that might be harmful, a voice from the door stated, "Well, I leave you for five minutes and this is what I come back to." Both of their heads shot toward the door to see the same older woman from the bookstore the previous weekend wearing only one of Addison's shirts. "I knew the two of you wanted to jump each other since the moment I saw you together."

Elle's heart dropped into the pit of her stomach at the sight of another woman, obviously having shared Addison's bed. As much as she wanted to move out of Addison's grasp, her body was frozen. However Addison wasn't as she gently pushed the blonde away. "This isn't what it looks like, Pam."

"Listen, Addison, you're a good lay, but you don't need to explain this to me. I never asked you for monogamy. I'm older than the two of you put together. I can handle being left for a younger woman. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll just get dressed and be on my way."

"Pam, wait, please." Addison pleaded getting out of bed and wrapping herself in her comforter. She followed the older woman out into the hallway, and Addison pulled the door most of the way shut. Elle sat stunned on the bed. She never imagined that Addison would ever entertain the idea of dating or even bedding a woman twice her age. As she contemplated the possibilities of what it could mean, she overheard Addison speaking of her. "Pam, you have to believe me. I'm not interested in Elle that way. I mean look at her and then look at me. Do we even look like we'd make a good couple? She's a rich, daddy's girl debutante from California that parades around in her Prada and Ralph Lauren, and I'm just a brainiac fag from a middle class family. We have nothing to base a relationship on. She isn't even my type. I mean I need more sophisticated women in my life. She hardly even has any dating experience, and I like women who know how to have a good time in bed. She lives in a dream world where she thinks nothing is wrong while her fucking prince charming gay bashes my friends. I need a woman who stands up for herself and knows what she wants. Elle will always cater to those around her out of some sort of insecurity she has about being liked. She's not my kind of girl." The athlete's words felt like a shot to her heart. Elle desperately wanted the tall woman to want her, and it was clear that she didn't. Not only that Elle knew that Addison never would even consider her based on her naivety in the ways of physical love. Her eyes began to swell with tears, but she refused to let Addison see her crying. Instead she channeled her sadness into anger, glaring at the brunette when she came back into the room.

"Thanks a lot, Elle." Addison grumbled. "The one woman I've started to like finds us in bed together. If I'm lucky Pam might give me another chance, but she didn't exactly believe that we were only friends."

Disregarding the comment Elle growled, "I don't care about that, Addison. All that matters to me is that I spent ten thousand dollars for your charity to have you at my house at six this morning, and here it is almost seven. Get your hung over ass dressed and over there in five minutes. You're staying late to make up for this." With that Elle shoved a long list at the tall woman. "Here's what you're supposed to do. Now get on it." the blonde demanded before storming out of the room.

Addison watched the blonde fury disappear, wondering what had happened in the few minutes from when Elle had come in until now to change the little woman's attitude. One moment they were playing in bed and the next she was being bossed around like some hired hand. Addison's head pounded from the excessive alcohol the previous night, but she knew she had to get over to the Delta Nu house as soon as possible. She was setting a poor example by not keeping her end of the agreement, so she resolved to just start on the list as soon as she could and not quarrel with the blonde about it.

The first part of the day Addison didn't talk to another person as she worked in the yard. Elle wanted her to cut the grass and pull all the weeds before cleaning the pool. Addison watched all the Delta Nus, including Elle, come and go that morning without so much as even a glance in her direction. Around early afternoon Elle returned to the house with Craig in tow.

"Well, if it isn't the president of the dyke squad." he sneered at her. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Ask your girlfriend. After all she's the one that paid for my services, all my services." she sexually eluded. "Maybe you couldn't cut it, and she needed a real expert to show her the way. I can't wait to get between her thighs and show her what she's been missing." she taunted casting a glare at the blonde whose blue eyes had opened wider at the crass comment.

Craig grabbed her by the t-shirt. "You lay a hand on her, and I'll fucking kill you, Addison Miller!"

"Oh, I'm really scared Craig." she mocked. "Come on, asshole. I'm so tired of you and your attitude. I would love to put you out for the baseball season. Come on. You think you're man enough to take on the king of the dyke squad." she stated using his words. "Come on, Craig. I dare you. Just try to hit me. You've gay bashed everyone else. Why not me too? You scared that a woman like me can beat you?"

"Addison, stop being such a prick." Elle stated breaking the two of them a part.

The athlete glowered at the little woman. "Fuck you, Elle. You climb into my bed this morning and ruin my chances of being with Pam, and you don't even give a damn. You can have your money back for tonight. I'm not taking you out, and I'm not sleeping with you. I don't care how much you pay me." Before she could say any more Craig slammed his fist into her mouth sending her several steps.

"Craig!" Elle screamed.

Addison put the back of her hand up to her mouth to stop the instant flow of blood. "Fuck you both! You deserve each other! I'm leaving! Under the guidelines of this arrangement, I am not being paid to take abuse, and your boyfriend has clearly crossed that line! Your usual gardener can take care of the rest!" she yelled storming off across the street toward her own house.

Elle watched her go with a mix of anger and confusion. Addison had never spoken in such a way in reference to her, so she couldn't understand what had possessed the brunette to say what she had. However a strong grip on her arm brought her back into the moment. "What the hell was she talking about, Elle? You have some explaining to do!" gruffly Craig stated.

"Addison was just being mean. I bought her at a charity auction to do some work around the house. It's nothing."

"And what about this of you going out with her tonight?"

"I won a free night out from their sorority for donating to their charity. It's no big deal, Craig."

He glared at her. "You were in bed with her this morning?"

"I just went over to wake her up, because she was running late. Nothing happened."

"I don't want you anywhere near Addison Miller any more, Elle! She's going to hurt you if you keep associating with scum like that! I forbid you to even talk to her any more!"

The tiny woman scowled up at her boyfriend. "I'll do what I like, Craig! You can't tell me what to do with my life! If I want to be friends with Addison Miller, I will!"

"She doesn't want to be your friend, Elle! She just wants to fuck you! Wasn't that clear enough for you? You need to make a decision about what is more important to you! Me or that fucking dyke!" he insisted before turning to go.

"Craig, don't be this way. I love you, honey. Of course I want to be with you."

"Then tell her off, Elle. She needs to know that you want nothing to do with her." he stated making his way down the sidewalk towards his car.

Elle watched as her boyfriend's car screeched away from the curb in anger. All in all the day had gone from bad to worse in only a matter of hours, and the blonde didn't know what she was going to do. Craig had made it clear she had to choose between them, but being so angry she had half a mind to tell them both to take a hike. She was angry with Craig for his treatment of Addison, being ruder and more insulting than she had ever known. Addison had been right all along when she stated that Craig didn't particularly like her or the fellow gay and lesbian students on campus, but Elle refused to believe that until now. It was clear he was homophobic and had an intense dislike for the tall athlete, but what upset Elle even more was Addison's behavior.

The brunette had never acted so inappropriately around her before. She had never made degrading or sexual remarks in front of her and especially not about her, and her attitude toward Craig was just as terrible with the way she taunted him deliberately. Her heart sank at the idea of Addison truly being upset with her over that morning, but in turn she was furious with the brunette out of envy. It was tearing her up inside that Addison didn't want her as much as she desired the tall woman, and with that in mind she knew the decision she had to make.

Addison replayed the incident repeatedly in her mind the rest of the afternoon. She knew her overwhelming longing for the blonde had made her say all those things she didn't mean. She was jealous and couldn't control herself though with Craig being so terrible to her. She wanted the baseball player to feel threatened by her presence, but she never intended to be so insulting to the woman she wanted. She was upset with Elle about that morning, because she had tried to go out and find herself a girlfriend in which to take her mind off the petite woman, and she and Pam had hit it off after the auction. Addison did like the older woman's company and bed tremendously and thought she could have at least a casual monogamous relationship with the older woman in an effort to relieve herself of her desires, but after Elle had made a surprise visit that morning, Pam felt it was best Addison pursue her true wish instead of settling for something else. Even as much as Addison had denied her interest to the older woman, Pam apparently didn't believe her adamant avowal that she had no attraction for the blonde.

The softball player's thoughts turned to Elle. Addison knew she had been a complete jerk to the debutante, and she felt awful about her conduct. Deciding to try and make amends, she figured she needed to pour on the charm thickly or else Elle would never speak to her again. Concluding that it would take extraordinary effort to get the petite woman to talk to her, Addison figured it would be best to go to her bearing gifts.

That evening Elle was just sitting in her room wondering how she was going to break her ties with the best friend she had ever had. She didn't want to live without the brunette's friendship, but it was clear their rekindled relationship wasn't working. Looking out her window, she gazed across at Addison's house, seeing the tall woman sitting on the front porch with Kit and several other girls drinking beer. The athlete seemed to be herself, making Elle wonder if the argument had even phased her. Just then a florist delivery van pulled up in front of the Delta Nu house. Mildly curious as to which of her sisters was lucky enough to receive flowers, Elle wondered if Craig would ever apologize for his behavior that day. A moment after the van pulled away, there was a knock on her door before Kiki entered with the floral arrangement.

"Who did you get flowers from?" Elle inquired sadly.

"These aren't for me. They're for you." her friend stated putting them down on the desk. Elle looked at the large vase full of various flowers as Kiki brought her the card. "What has Craig done to send you such a large arrangement?" Kiki asked. Elle didn't respond. "Hey, what's wrong, Elle?"

The blonde shrugged her shoulders. "I just want to be alone right now, Kiki. It's not personal."

"Big fight with Craig?"

"Yeah, something like that." she replied.

"All right. I'll leave you alone, but if you want to talk, I'm here."

Elle gave her a small smile. "Thanks, Kiki."

When she was alone again, she glanced back outside. Addison was gone. She looked down at the envelope in her hand, wondering if Craig had actually decided to send her flowers for once, but when she pulled out the card, her heart stopped momentarily. The flowers were not from Craig but Addison apologizing for her horrific behavior that day. The simple card brought tears to the blonde's eyes, but she didn't have time to cry as another knock interrupted her. She went to the door and opened it curiously.

Addison was standing there looking as pathetic as possible with a small teddy bear in one hand and a box of chocolates in the other. "Elle, I'm so sorry for today. I acted like a complete asshole. I feel terrible for what I said. Please forgive me and give me another chance." she requested humbly.

Elle's heart made her decision for her as she grabbed the tall woman around the neck for a tight hug. "Oh, Addy." she stated.

Addison wrapped her strong arms around the little woman and moved them into Elle's room, so she could close the door. Managing to discard the gifts in her hand on the desk, she cupped Elle's fair cheek with one hand and lifted her head, so they gazes could met. "Elle, I'm sorry I was such a jerk. Craig brings out the worst in me, but that's no excuse for all the detestable things I said. Please find it in your heart to forgive me."

Elle nodded. "Yes, of course I forgive you, Addy. I'm sorry Craig was so mean to you. I didn't really believe you when he said he hated you until now. I'm sorry you had to be subjected to him."

Addison gave a nod. "I'll finish the work I agreed to do tomorrow. May I still take you out tonight?"

"I'd love to, but I can't. Actually I realized I'm supposed to be at this mixer with Craig's fraternity tonight. I was going to tell you this morning, but there was never a chance."

"Okay. I understand." the brunette responded. "What about tomorrow?"

"Sure. That sounds good."

"All right. I'll come by around ten in the morning to finish those last few hours of work I was supposed to do, and then we'll go out that evening. Have fun tonight."

When the athlete left, Elle picked up the small teddy bear and cradled it into her arms as she wondered how she would explain to Craig that there was no way she could give up her friendship with Addison. She hoped that what he had said that day was only said in anger and that he didn't really mean she had to choose between them, because she wasn't sure who would win. As much as her heart was with Addison, her obligations were with him, and she knew it would be difficult to pick Addison, especially when the brunette had no sexual interest in her. She figured she would be better off with Craig than with no one.

Continued in Part 2.

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