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After reading another story I had posted I wanted to expand on my characters and came up with this story. Megan and Jodie are back but this time the setting is a small town outside of Los Angeles and considered a first time tale. Megan is a mechanic who comes across a stranded woman (Jodie). Megan helps her out but ends up getting more than she bargained for.

Yep :) If the idea of two women in love and expressing there feelings is not your type of reading you shouldn't read this story then.

Disclaimers: not really, these are my characters they really did pop out of my head. Thanks to Barb and Jeanie for their suggestions.

Thanks to the love of my life, Queen Laese (The Amazon Queen) who now sits at my side instead of on the other end of the screen.

Part One


The highway was dimly lit as the car sputtered along. "Shit, shit, goddamn it," the lone driver cursed and complained as the car slowed until it was barely coasting on the gravity of the road that pulled slightly down hill. The car at last rolled onto the dirt and came to a stop.

"Son of a bitch!" the blond woman complained as she sat behind the wheel debating her next move. She turned the key in the ignition only to hear a repeated 'I think I can, I think I can I think I can" … But it didn't.

"OK, OK, O.....K....a....y, I can do this," the woman uttered as she pulled on the latch just below her left knee to release the hood. She got out of the old green Ford and after a long moment release a breath of frustrated air. She put her hand under the hood and searched for the lever that opened it. As she moved her hand around trying to find it, she saw one headlight off in the distance approaching.

A motorcycle approached and slowed. The woman waved her hand which got the motorcyclist to turn toward her. "Please don't be a creep," the woman said under her breath.

The driver on the black and chrome colored Harley kicked the stand out and shut down the engine, then turned the wheel of the bike as far as it would go facing the hood of the green car so the light could illuminate the engine.

The woman standing by the hood moved her eyes down away from the light. She looked at the driver's boots they were black just like the rest of the outfit the motorcyclist wore. Slowly the woman's eyes moved up the length of the person's body walking toward her. Her five foot four inch frame shrunk a bit as the motorcyclist approached. The woman took a step back and looked up to see her own reflection from the front of the helmet the motorcyclist was wearing.

Suddenly the motorcyclist put both hands on the helmet and pulled it off as the head bent forward. The woman watched the helmet come down releasing a bundle of long hair that matched the color of the leather. The motorcyclist brought her head up and let her hair fall behind her.

"Oh, wow, he's a ... woman ..." the driver of the green car said with surprise.

"Yes ... she is," the motorcyclist said with a smile. "And aren't you lucky I am," arching her eyebrows repeatedly.

"I'm sorry, I ... um ... just haven't seen too many women on motorcycles. I'm ... um ... Jodie. Hi"

The smaller woman nervously ranted as she lifted her hand in an apology.

"Hi." The taller woman smiled back thinking, Damn she's lucky I stopped.

Jodie stood with her hands on her waist, looking at the leather clad female.

"What?" the dark haired woman asked with a raised eyebrow.

Even in the dim light Jodie could see that her rescuer was gorgeous. "You didn't tell me your name. I'd like to know the name of the one who rescued me." She spoke with a grin.

"Oh, yeah sorry, I'm Megan Torres." The woman answered all the while her eyes raked in the length of the smaller woman's body without a hint of subtlety.

Jodie was a bit taken back by the roaming blue eyes. She was used to men leering at her like she was a piece of candy, but usually not women. If they did she never caught it.

"Well, let's see what you’ve got," the taller woman said seductively.

"Uh, um ... what?" Jodie looked a bit surprised.

"Under the hood, what's wrong with your car?" Megan grinned knowing exactly what she'd meant but letting the words play in Jodie's mind.

"Oh, yeah the car." Jodie laughed nervously.

Megan stepped up to the car and slid her hand in the space below the hood, she pushed the lever to the side and lifted the hood up.

"Hey, Sweetheart, why don't you turn on the lights for me?" Megan asked then winked at the blonde.

Sweetheart?, tch. Just remember she's helping me, Jodie shook her head at the pet name and walked around Megan to turn on the lights. The lights were dim which gave the indication of a low battery.

Megan let out a breath of air then reached in her back pocket for her cell phone, she dialed a number and waited on the line.

Jodie walked back over and stood by waiting to see what would happen next.

"Hey Babe, I need you to do a pick up for me." Megan spoke softly into the phone.

Jodie listened to Megan on the phone, she wasn't sure if it was a guy or girl she was talking to, but she did know they were on their way to her location.

As soon as Megan got off the phone Jodie looked at her with questioning eyes.

"I'm not sure if it's your battery or not, but I have one of my workers on the way with the tow truck." Megan spoke as she searched the engine for the oil dip-stick. She already had a good idea it was more than a dead battery.

"Worker?" Jodie asked curiously.

"I own a garage not to far from here. If it's not the battery I'll tow it to my shop and take a look at it in the morning. How far do you live from here? If need be I'll give you a ride."

"Shit– I don't live around here, I was on my way to my parent's house – IN NEVADA!"

"Well, what about friends? Other family you could call?" Megan asked all the while Jodie was shaking her head no.

"Hmm, okay, I guess I can take you to Sandra's she owns the motel down the street from me. She'll set you up in a room for the night."

"How much does she charge?" Jodie asked knowing she only had about a hundred dollars left after cleaning out her bank account and paying off her debts before she went home to her parents.

"Hey, Jodie, right?"

"Yeah," Jodie nodded, how could she forget my name I just told her. Jodie thought impatiently

"Don't worry we'll work somethin' out, okay?" Megan smiled wholeheartedly and for some reason she meant it.

Jodie smiled back, her green eyes sparkled in the light from the motorcycle. "Thanks ... Megan, right?"

The two women laughed.

"So where were you coming from?" Megan asked as she leaned on the side of the car.

"Los Angeles, I had a job writing for a publishing company until the owner was arrested for possession of illegal substances. He put up his company for bail collateral and people started deserting him. So I've been out of a job for the last month and couldn't find anything else. I finally decided to go home to my parent's house and a lot of 'I told you so's'." Jodie left out the part about her and her girlfriend breaking up.

"Ouch!" was all that Megan could muster.

"Yeah, I know," Jodie said.

Both women turned their heads toward the oncoming lights of an approaching vehicle, it was the first once since Megan stopped.

The blue dodge pulled over and a corpulent man rolled down the passenger window. "Y'all in need of some help," he spoke with a mouth full of burger that dripped down his hairy face.

"No thanks, Buddy, we're fine." Megan leaned down a bit to look at the large driver.

"Hey, Megan! Long time, no see. I can see that you’re fine." He grinned as his eyes drank in the vision of the blonde woman standing next to her. "Who's your girl friend?"

"None of your goddamn business. Now hit the road, Jack." Megan yelled out.

"Humph!" The hairy man sounded as he accelerated the gas speeding away in a cloud of dust.

"I'm really glad you got here first Megan." Jodie reached over and patted Megan's shoulder.

"Yeah, he's a pig, always stuffin' his face, I went to school with what's his name. The asshole treated one of my friends pretty badly ..." Megan trailed off.

A second set of headlights approached from the other side of the road, the vehicle crossed over and pulled up directly in front of the green car.

Megan smiled glad to see her tow truck. "Hi." Megan walked up to the driver.

"Hi yourself, what's up calling me at this hour? You know I don't usually work this late."

"Yeah, sorry ‘bout that, but I figured she could use our help." Megan directed her eyes to the woman standing by the car in front of the tow truck.

"Oh, yeah I'm sure she sure could use our help. Uh huh. Wow, she's cute." The driver said as she got out of the tow truck.

"Come on, I need your help." Megan said shaking her head at the remark.

Jodie watched the two women walk back to her. Hmmm, I wonder if they're a couple. She thought as she looked over the woman walking with Megan. Jeez, I don't even know if she's gay. But boy is my gaydar up.

The tow truck driver had short blonde hair that fit her face rather nicely. As they approached, Jodie took in her size, she was taller than her but not as tall as Megan.

"Hi," Jodie spoke first.

"Jodie this is Randi." said Megan. "She's gonna take your car back to my place."

"I'm Miranda, Randi, Meg always calls me that - but you can, too, if you'd like." The woman let out a defeated sigh.

"I think Miranda is a pretty name," Jodie said with a smile.

"Thank you." Miranda smiled back then looked at Megan and stuck out her tongue. She's really cute hmm. Miranda eyed Megan.

Megan gave her a look that Miranda knew meant Stay away from her.

Miranda quickly checked the battery and began hitching the vehicle to the tow.

"Come on I'll give you a ride to Sandra's." Megan spoke as she grabbed Jodie by the hand and led her toward her bike.

"Wait I don't have a helmet." Jodie began to protest but was interrupted by Megan as she yelled to Miranda.

"Did you bring it?"

"Yeah, hold on." Miranda walked back to the cab and pulled out a black helmet that she threw toward Megan.

"Here, put this on."

Jodie realized Megan had planned on taking her on the bike before she even knew what was wrong with her car.

"Smooth," she said.

Megan let out a laugh, "My number one rule ... never leave a damsel in distress."

"And I’ll just bet you never do," Jodie said as she followed Megan toward the Harley.

Megan threw her leg over the bike then held her hand out for Jodie to follow. She felt the warmth of Jodie's body on her back, realizing she liked the closeness of this beautiful woman.

Jodie wrapped her arms around the leather and breathed in the scent that mixed with the dark haired woman. She felt a tingle in her stomach which caused her to shiver.

"You cold?" Megan asked realizing that Jodie was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a light T-shirt.

"A little."

"Randi?" Megan called in question.

"What?... I'm trying to hook up the car."

Megan looked at her friend/worker and tilted her head toward the cab of the truck.

"Jeesh." Miranda said as she got up from her position under the hood of the car and went to the cab, this time throwing a black leather jacket at Megan almost hitting her in the face.

"Here, put this on." Megan handed the jacket to the woman behind her.

"Wow." Jodie slipped on the jacket that was almost her size, just a tad to big in the sleeves but she was happy just the same. She'd never worn a biker jacket before and immediately liked the feel of the leather against her skin. She breathed in the scent of the jacket and noticed it had a smell of leather mixed in with perfume.

"Smells nice," she commented to Megan.

"Um, yeah well it belonged to my old ... um ... some girl I was going out with, she forgot to pick it up, I'll get it back to her later." Megan mumbled

"A lady with a past," Jodie remarked.

Yeah you could say that Megan thought as she started up her bike.

Jodie couldn't feel the wind like she'd thought she would because of the protection of the helmet. But she did like the feel of the body she was holding on to and the purr of the engine that vibrated between her legs.

The bike pulled up to the small motel. Megan turned slightly to help Jodie off. "You okay?" she asked as Jodie released her grip from around Megan's waist.

"I'm okay. Just a bit flustered at the speed. You always go that fast?"

"Yeah." Megan laughed as she got off the bike and escorted the smaller woman toward the motel office.

A young man with dark brown hair and matching eyes was sitting at the desk watching TV, he looked up and smiled as he saw Megan walking in with a really cute blonde. His eye brows arched up and down as he spoke. "Need a room?"

"Shut up Steve." Megan hissed between her teeth, catching his little innuendo. "Where's your mom?"

"She went out with K-a-r-l-a." Steve stressed the name which brought an 'OH SHIT' to Megan's mouth.

"Was she asking for me?"

"I think she was over at your place and she finally came over here after about an hour sitting on your steps outside." Steve spoke softly all the while eyeing Jodie.

"Is she coming back?"

"I think so."

"OK," Megan turned to Jodie with a look of worry. "Jodie I need to ask a favor."

Jodie was looking back and forth from the pair as they discussed this Karla person, piecing together her idea of what was going on. "Let me guess, Karla is your old ... um ... some girl you were going out with and now she's looking for you and you need a place to hide." Jodie arched her eyebrows up and down knowing she was right by the look on both Megan and Steve's face.

"Wow you're pretty good at this, but I just want you to pretend you're my new ... um ... girl...a new girl I'm dating. Karla wanted to get serious with me and I had to get her off my back so I told her I found someone else."

Jodie's green eyes widened so much Megan thought her eyeballs would fall out of her head.

"Are you all right with this?"

"Yeah, I guess I'm just surprised that you'd do this to your girlfriend." Jodie said the words bitterly.

"Yeah well she has a bit of a temper, but she's also got her pride so she'll understand if she see you with me."

"No, no, now hold on, I'm grateful that your helping me–really grateful, but I don't think I could deceive someone like that."

Megan breathed out loudly, "your right, I have no right to ask you that, I know I'm a chicken shit, I just need to get out of this mess somehow." Megan spoke both to Jodie and herself. She paced the office briefly while Jodie paid for the room and took the key from the attendant.

"Would you like me to show you to your room?" The young man asked trying to contain his grin.

"Give Me the Key STEVE! I'll take her, what number" Megan sounded irritated not realizing that Jodie was holding the key.

Jodie held it up and let it dangle in front of Megan's face. "You gonna take me?"

Megan stopped all movements and stared at the smaller woman not believing what she was hearing.

Jodie couldn't help the pause, "to my room?"

Megan swallowed realizing Jodie was only teasing her. "I...I said I would." Megan's speech was barely audible. Damn she's sexy.

Megan and Jodie walked up the stairs to the second floor of the motel. Megan unlocked the door and stood aside so Jodie could walk through first. "How gallant of you my dear." Jodie commented which brought a nice little grin to Megan's face.

"So..." Megan paused not wanting to leave this lovely lady so soon, "you gonna be OK by yourself?"

"Well, I'm not really that sleepy yet, I was hoping to get something to eat." Jodie answered wanting Megan to offer her assistance once again.

"Great, I know a little place we can get some burger if that's what you want?"

"Yeah that'd be nice." Jodie smiled.

Megan caught the twinkle in her eyes. Oh yeah. She smiled.

Within a few minutes both women were on the Harley again traveling down the quiet street. Not many people were out do to the late time of night.

Megan steered her bike up to a small cafe that was opened 24 hours. After greeting the cook and waitresses, Megan and Jodie were sat at a booth for some burgers and fries.

"So how long you lived out here? You seem to know everyone." Jodie asked between gulps from her ice tea.

"I grew up here and after high school I went to a trade tech for my mechanics certificate. Then when my father passed away about two years ago, I took over his garage."

"Oh, so you like working with cars."

"Actually I like working with motorcycles, but I work on cars to keep the business going." Megan said before putting more fries in her mouth.

"What about you, what do you write?"

Jodie was chewing a bit of her burger, thinking about the question. "Hmm, this is really good." Her eyes went to the burger. "I write fiction, I've written some mysteries, and some romance, but I'm not published...yet." She looked down at the table and played with the piece of paper from the straw.

"Well, I'm sure you will be soon." Megan reached over and patted Jodie's hand which got a great smile from the green eyed woman. Megan felt a surge of electricity pulse through her body. She knew this feeling all to well.

Blue and green merged in a pool of fantasy for a brief moment before the waitress broke the first of many to come. "Can I getcha anything else?" She spoke as she saw the looks the two had been giving each other since they sat down at her booth.

Megan turned to the waitress and nodded her head, words suddenly failing her.

"Thank you, no we're fine." Jodie spoke up.

The waitress walked over to the counter. "What's up with Megan?" She asked her co-worker standing next to her.

"I don't know, but I heard she broke up with Karla."

"Yeah, I can see why." Both waitresses looked on as the pair continued talking at the table.


Once again Megan unlocked the door to the motel room after taking the key from the smaller woman.

As they entered the room the ring from the telephone caused Jodie to jump back into Megan which allowed for long arms to wrap around the smaller woman.

"I gotcha." Megan spoke as she inhaled the scent of the blond hair that was practically shoved in her nose. Hmm she smells good.

"I'm OK, Megan." Jodie called to the woman holding on to her. This feels too nice. She silently mused.

Megan briefly lost all her senses but was suddenly brought back with a second ring of the telephone. "Oh, yeah, sorry, I thought you were gonna fall." She spoke releasing the her hold.

"Hello?" Jodie answered the phone wondering who in the world would know she's here.

"Yeah hold on. Megan it's for you, it's Sandra?"

Megan looked up at the phone. She was looking at her boots thinking about how attracted she was to the younger woman and what she planned on doing about it.

"Megan." Jodie called again handing the phone to the woman in leather.

"What?" Megan snapped at the person on the other end. "Shit," Megan picked up the phone and walked toward the window with the long cord following behind. She peeked out and saw the figure standing across the street by her garage. "OK, thanks, remember you haven't seen me. Yeah, good, bye." Megan hung up the phone and gave Jodie a pleading look.

"What? What's wrong?" Jodie asked noting the look on Megan's face.

"I have a favor to ask?" Megan tried to look as desperate as she could possibly manage.

"Uh huh, I'm not going to pretend to me your girlfriend Megan." Jodie stated clearly.

"No, it's not that, It just that Karla's over at my place and I was just hoping I could stay with you tonight." Megan softened her tone.

"WHAT? Oh yeah like I'm supposed to believe your telling me the truth. You probably had this all planned out Ms. Smooth." Jodie began to feel her temper rise.

"No, I swear, look out the window you can see my garage, look go on." Megan sounded worried.

Jodie walked over to the window and peeked out. She saw figure that looked like a woman standing at the foot of the stair. "Is that really Karla?"

"Yeah, I thought we settled things this morning but apparently she wants to talk and I really don't feel like talking to her right now."

Jodie suddenly feeling a confidence come over her knowing that the taller woman needed her help. "So are you afraid of her?"

"NO, I'm not afraid of her, I'm afraid of what she wants." Megan snapped a bit before softening her tone.

"Well, what does she want?"

"She wants me to move in with her and stop seeing other women."

"And I take it you don't want that."

"HELL NO, I'm to young to settle down with just one." Megan sat on the bed.

"And have you told her this?" Jodie asked noting Megan getting comfortable.

"Yes, I have and she says I act like a child." Megan patted her hand on the bed for Jodie to join her.

"Tch" Jodie laughed and sat next to the blue eyed beauty.

"All right you can spend the night, but don't think your getting lucky." Jodie spoke very clearly then got up and went into the bathroom.

Megan was left on the bed grinning. I won't think that about you Jodie.

What have I got myself into? Jodie thought to herself as she took the clothes from the bag she took out of her car before it was towed back to the garage.

Jodie came out of the bathroom to a half naked woman lying on the bed. Her eyes bulge out just a bit.

"I didn't have anything to wear and I wasn't planning on wearing my leather." Megan informed casually, not a bit concerned that she was topless.

"OK," Jodie turned and walked back into the bathroom. FUCK she's...just breath...Jodie's heart was pounding a mile a minute. I wonder what she's got on under the sheets? I'm not gonna let her get to me. She's to much, what does she think I'm gonna get all hot and bothered and just jump in the sac with her. Who the hell does she think she is. Oh yeah will see. Jodie's temper was getting the best of her. She stormed out of the bathroom and walked over to the half naked woman.

"OK let's set some ground rules." Jodie started.

Megan sat up against the bed post, her breast evenly tanned with the rest of her body. She nodded her head in agreement as her hand stroked just above her nipple.

I wonder if her tan is even all over. Jodie shook her head realizing her thoughts were drifting from her main point. She was staring at the marvelous set of...

"You were saying?" Megan broke in knowing she was definitely distracting this lovely, lovely woman standing before her. "Ground rules?"

"Hmm ground rules?" Jodie repeated taking a deep swallow. Ground rules, ground rules, shit. "YES GROUND RULES." Jodie suddenly back on track. First, here she threw a large T-shirt at the topless woman. "Put this on, and these should fit." A pair of large boxers.

"I don't sleep with clothing." Megan stated flatly.

"Yeah, well if you want to stay here tonight your gonna have to." Jodie spoke harshly, knowing she wouldn't be able to take a very beautiful, naked woman sleeping next to her.

"OK, your rules." Megan got up and stood next to Jodie.

Jodie's eyes slowly wandered down taking notice of the very evenly dispersed tan. She swallowed a lump in her throat as she felt the heated body standing next to her. Her eyes were even with Megan's erected nipples. If she leaned in just a bit she'd be able to tasted them. Turn around and walk away, Damn it turn around and walk away. It took Jodie's thoughts to eventually initiate movement from her brain to her legs as she slowly turned and walked to the other side of the room, picking up a magazine on the table she began to flip through it.

Megan stood motionless for a moment expecting Jodie to look up, but she never did. "Well that's a first." She commented before grabbing the clothes and walking into the bathroom.

Jodie looked up for the briefest of moments and grinned as she saw Megan's evenly tanned rear. Whew Jodie blew out the breath she was holding. She sure takes care of that body.

"Alright, I know I came on to strong, but damn she's just so sexy. Her eyes oh yeah...they twinkle...I'd like to have a romp with her." Megan spoke to her mirrored image. "I know she likes me I can see it in her eyes. Maybe Karla's right, I need to stop playing with so many woman. Alright I'll be good."

Jodie got into bed and turned out the lamp leaving the room in ample darkness.

Megan walked out of the bathroom and with the light pouring out into the darkened room could see Jodie was in bed. She walked over and got under the covers.

"Jodie?" Megan whispered.

Jodie's back was to Megan, her eyes were open and she was debating whether or not to answer.

"Jodie?" Megan called again, this time giving a little nudge to her shoulder.

"What Megan?" Jodie turned slightly, sounding a bit annoyed.

"I'm sorry I came on so strong, I shouldn't have acted that way."

Jodie turned completely around and noticed Megan was wearing the clothes she gave her. "It's OK, I can tell your a very aggressive person, I'm sure you usually get what you want." Jodie wasn't sure why she did what she did next, maybe just built up frustration but she reached her hand up behind Megan's head and pulled her in for a very long passionate kiss. When she broke away she could just barely make out Megan's face and she could see the dark haired woman's eyes were still closed. This brought a smile to Jodie's face

"Goodnight Megan." She said and turned back to her original position.

Goodnight, goodnight, what, wait, Megan breathed out, her head was spinning. She'd never had someone else be the aggressor. Megan sat with her elbow supporting her on the bed looking down at the golden haired woman.

Jodie never budged.

To Be Continued

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