Lifetime Employment

by Crow">


Lots and lots of dirty words, be warned. Okay, Megan has a potty mouth.

To the love of my life, Queen Laese who now sits at my side instead of on the other end of the screen, thank you.


Part two

The early morning light slowly crept through the crack in the drapes, Jodie's eyelids fluttered as a tiny bit of the sun's ray swept across her face. She felt the arm that was settled across her chest. As she moved her eyes to the object it dawned on her what happened the night before. She smiled at the remembrance. Her eyes followed the arm up the shoulder and to the head that was cuddled along side of her right breast.

Megan's face was pushed into the side of Jodie's breast. She liked the position she was in. But then she felt the body next to her moving away. "Hmm where you going?"

"I was hoping we could get up to go look at my car." Jodie replied as she tried to move to get off the bed.

"No, not yet." Megan's voice cracked, "Come here." She reached over and pulled Jodie in for a hug.

Jodie felt a surge of shock waves course through Her. The beat of her heart began to race and the heat between her legs suddenly increased. She was surprised that her body responded so quickly to Megan.

Oh god, what am I doing? Jodie stiffened at the thought of being just another notch on Megan's belt. She remembered the woman's earlier admission about not giving up other women.

Megan was surprised at Jodie's catlike movement as she sprung from the bed and headed toward the bathroom. "Come on Megan you promised, first thing in the morning and it's first thing." Jodie called from behind the door.

This one's gonna be a challenge. Megan thought about the kiss the night before. Her fingers stroked gently at her lips. "Hmm definitely."

Jodie took her time in the shower. She felt her defenses weakening and she did not want to just jump into a wild sexual frenzy with a very attractive woman who was currently at her disposal...Well maybe she did, but she'd do her best to hold out as long as possible.

Megan was dressed once again in her black leathers. Wow! She is sexy. Jodie thought. "Hm," was all she said when she walked out of the bathroom.

"Hey, come on we'll go back to my place so I can shower, then I'll look at your car."

Megan was happy to see the young woman's reaction to her appearance. She knew she looked good. She was used to the response she'd often get from women, both gay and straight.

Within minutes both women were walking toward the garage. Megan looked around for any sign of Karla, she was glad when she didn't see her car parked in front of the garage like it had been the night before.

Jodie couldn't help but reach out and touch Megan's long sable hair, "beautiful," she mouthed the words not knowing Megan heard her.

Megan turned to the smaller woman, she couldn't help the smile, "Yeah, well your not so bad your self."

Megan opened the side door and escorted Jodie in to her office. "You can wait in here, I'll be back in a few. If you want there's a coffee maker over there, go ahead and make some coffee."

Jodie looked into the garage and saw two cars inside. A red corvette and an old beat up ford. The garage looked relatively clean, everything seemed to have a place. Tires were hanging down from the rafters. On the shelves there were cans of oils and bottles of different fluids all arranged quite meticulously. She didn't see any tools which were most likely put away in either of the two red tool boxes that were set by each car. She turned back into the office and was surprised at the difference. Megan had a computer sitting on the desk with little notes taped all over the place, the desk was invisible due to what looked like receipts and bills sprayed across it. Jodie immediately began to pick up the papers on the floor and was surprised to find more receipts.

Her father's voice came to mind. Make sure you keep your receipts in order, you're going to have to be accountable. Jodie began to organize the receipts once she picked them all up.

Megan came down from her apartment above the garage. Her hair was still wet from the shower, and she wore a pair of blue overalls with the zipper pulled just above her breast.

Jodie looked up stunned at her sexy appearance. I wonder if she's has wearing anything underneath. Tch probably not, Jodie breathed in partially annoyed yet still intrigued.

"Hey what are you doing?"

Jodie jumped back to reality. She could feel her heart almost beat out of her chest. "Do you always keep your receipts all over the place?"

"What, no, I just throw them in that box." Megan pointed to a box on the other side of the desk.

Jodie looked at the overflowing box. "Megan you really should keep these things organized. Tax time is coming soon and it's a pain if your not prepared."

Megan smiled "Yeah, well, I'll let my accountant handle that stuff." Yeah right like I really have an accountant, now. Megan usually waited until that last minute to do her taxes and she would end up sitting all night with Karla as they figured out the numbers. Great who's gonna help me out now? she thought.

"Well, it's not that difficult to just file these away, I'll do it while you check out my car OK?"

Megan looked surprised, she wasn't gonna refuse a gorgeous woman who wanted to help clean her desk. "Sure, sounds great to me."

Megan removed the red corvette and brought in Jodie's green car. This shouldn't take to long, I hope, she thought.

Jodie was separating receipts and bills, and the ones that were overdue she tacked to the cork board when she was greeted by Miranda, the woman who towed her car the night before.

"Morning." Miranda spoke up first.

"Hi, how are you?" Jodie greeted her with a smile.

"Can I get you some coffee?" Jodie offered as she immediately got up and headed toward the pot.

Miranda's eyes slightly widened at the offer. "Wow, sure." She liked how comfortable Jodie felt in the office. She somehow brightened it up.

Megan was looking under the hood when she heard laughter coming from her office.

She got up and walked over.

"Hey what the hell you doing here so early." She looked at Miranda in surprise. The woman never came to work before nine and it was only seven-thirty.

Both women looked up at Megan. Miranda was leaning on the desk a bit to close to Jodie.

"Hey boss, figured I'd help you check out Jodie's car."

"Oh you did huh?" Megan sounded a bit too sarcastic.

Miranda caught the meaning. "Yeah, I did." She replied giving Megan a heated look.

"Let's go check it out." She turned and smiled at Jodie, then patted her shoulder and walked out leaving Megan standing there.

"You want some more coffee?" Jodie offered. What's up with those two?

"No, but thanks. You OK in here, you know you really don't have to do this." Megan's voice softened tremendously.

Jodie got up and stretched a bit giving Megan an eye full of her toned abdomen. Megan let her eyes linger a bit to long. Jodie snapped her fingers "Hey Megan, it's no problem. My father's an accountant and I'm use to keeping everything in order."

"Are you good with numbers?" Megan asked trying to recover from the effects of her overactive libido.

"Yeah, my dad wanted me to major in accounting, he said I had a good head for numbers, but I liked writing better so I went with English."

"I'm an on hands kinda person, you know always working on something mechanical." Megan spoke as she looked at her hands.

"That's pretty good, I can't do much when it comes to fixing things." Jodie offered.

"So how's the car look?"

Phff, Megan let out a breath, "I can't believe you actually made it this far. It's really a mess, looks like your gonna need a new engine..."

"WHAT?" Jodie interrupted.

"Your wiring is really messed up too. But I'll have to have the electrician take care of that." Megan continued.

Jodie fell back into the chair. "Great, it's gonna cost a lot huh?"

"I don't know yet, I'm not done checking, but it's gonna be a couple of hundred right off the bat." Megan could see Jodie wince. "Maybe we could work something out, you know, I'll set you up with payments or something." Megan couldn't believe she was doing this, she'd never went out of her way to arrange payments. Usually she let them talk her into it. And did she ever have a lot of people on payment plans.

Jodie smiled a bit at the idea that Megan would offer, but she knew she couldn't go home to her parents in the financial shape she was already in. When she first moved to LA., her dad made a planner for her. He'd at least figured she's be able to support herself financially, but being out of a job for the last month took its toll on her bank account. "Hey, maybe I can work it off, I mean it's obvious you don't have anyone doing your…" Jodie looked around the office and grabbed the pile of over due bills she'd separated, "… books."

Funny how things work out. Just a few weeks ago Jennifer was working in the office, she usually set up appointments and talked on the phone a lot ... but had nothing else to offer except a jealous boyfriend who'd often come around to yell at his woman. Megan walked into her office to find the psycho with his hands wrapped around Jennifer's neck. Of all the crazy things that happen in this world, Megan grabbed him and threw him to the ground and got in one good kick before Jennifer screamed for her to stop. She was at his side so fast, Megan wanted to kick her too. That was the final straw. Megan told Jennifer to get her stuff and find employment elsewhere.

"How bout it, Megan, can we work out a deal?"

"You know what, I think that's be a great idea, I just happen to need some extra help right now." Megan was glad Jodie offered, she was getting tired of payment plans. "Do you have any excess baggage?"

"What do you mean? Jodie asked curiously.

"You know, kids, girlfriends...boyfriends, ... that kinda stuff." Megan explained.

"No kids, no boyfriends, god no. Girlfriends...I just got out of a relationship with someone. She wanted our relationship to know a secret."

"Ooooh, I'm sorry about that." Megan tried so hard to sound sincere. She brought her hand up to her ear and gave it a hard pinch to cover the grin she felt coming on.

Megan held out her hand, "OK."

They sat in the office and worked out some plans. Megan didn't feel it was right for Jodie to work completely for free so they came to an agreement.

"Sounds good, I'll work something out with Sandra." Megan was talking when Miranda walked into the office.

"Looks pretty bad under the hood there Jodie." Miranda interrupted.

"I know, Megan already told me. I'm gonna stick around for a while until I can pay it off."

Miranda had a big smile, "You have a place to stay?"

"Megan was going to talk to Sandra about a room." Jodie said as she smiled back at Miranda.

"Well, you know I have pretty big house with lots of rooms your more than welcome to stay with me."

Jodie looked at Megan than back at Miranda. "I don't know, I mean I don't want to impose or anything."

"No, you won't ... trust me. My mom moved up north last year and left me the house. It'd be nice to have someone there."

Jodie looked at Megan searching for an answer. "She does have the room." Megan spoke honestly but really would have rather had her stay at Sandra's.

"It's settled then." Miranda answered breaking between Jodie and Megan's locked eyes. "Right?"

Jodie turned her eyes from Megan to Miranda, "Yeah, thanks."

Megan turned and walked out of the office. She immediately went back under the hood of Jodie's car. What's the big deal...I'm mean if she wants to stay with Randi why should I care? Maybe 'cause she's so damn cute.

Megan's mind wandered back to the night before, she could almost feel Jodie's hand again cupping the back of her neck. Her eyes closed as she felt herself being guided toward those sensual lips...


"Fuck, What!" she answered when she'd heard Karla, but she didn't lift her head up from under the hood.

Karla let out a long sigh, "Where have you been? I was here last night, I got tired of waiting."

If Karla would have looked under the hood she would have seen a smirk on Megan's face. Megan stretched up from her hunched position and grabbed a rag to wipe her greasy hands. "I was busy."

Karla was draped in a blue satin dress that was just snug enough to be tight, but didn't bulge her figure. Her shoes matched the dress perfectly and she wore a strand of pearls to accessorize. Her ebony hair lay casually around her shoulders.

"You look nice." Megan spoke softly. She was used to seeing Karla dressed in this fashion.

"Well, I'm glad to see your being more civil today." Karla suggested, remembering the tantrum Megan threw the day before. Karla always loved the expressions Megan made when she was angry. And the language...that was a beauty in itself. Karla was amazed that such an intriguing creature could know so many foul words. She wanted so much to tame this leonine woman

"I'm fine. I hired someone this morning." Megan let out hoping this would be enough to satisfy the closest thing she had ever had to a relationship.

"Really!" Karla was truly surprised. She stepped closer to the mechanic and ran her fingers along the overalls Megan wore when she worked.

Jodie decided to take a break from cleaning the office. She walked outside to the garage and saw Megan talking to a very attractive Asian woman. They look pretty chummy. She thought as she stopped and stared.

Megan saw Jodie and for some reason immediately stepped back from Karla. This action didn't go unnoticed by her companion.

Karla turned her head and took note of the little blonde standing by the office door.

"Hey Jodie, come here." Megan called, then smiled, happy for the interruption.

Jodie walked over to the pair. "Hi, how's it going."

"Good, this is my ... um ... f-r-i-e-n-d Karla." Megan stressed the word friend knowing that would piss Karla off.

Jodie grimaced slightly realizing this was Karla. "Hi, ... um ... , nice to meet you." She held out her hand.

Karla gracefully accepted. "Nice to meet you Jodie."

"Jodie's gonna be working for me. She's gonna straighten out that mess in there." Megan pointed to the office using her chin.

"I thought you hired a mechanic Megan?" Karla asked.

"I'm not going to hire a mechanic, we already talked about that." Megan raised her voice a bit but toned down when she looked at Jodie.

"Fine. Do whatever pleases you then." Karla turned and looked Jodie over with impassive eyes. "Well, she needed to get rid of that fool, I hope you're more capable than Jennifer was."

"Yeah, nice to meet you to." Jodie spoke then turned and walked back toward the office. "What's her problem?"

Miranda followed Jodie into the office after witnessing the little introduction.

"So that's Karla huh?" Jodie said to herself as well as Miranda.

"Yeah, the one and only. I don't know why she puts up with her." Miranda spoke bitterly.

"What's their story?" Jodie needed to know.

"Karla wants Meg to hire a mechanic to take over for her. That way she doesn't have to work and get all greasy and stuff." Miranda spoke as she refilled Jodie's cup with coffee. "What a waste." Miranda let out a breath of air.

"Why does Megan continue to see her if she really doesn't want to?" Jodie asked trying to understand their relationship.

"When Megan's father died Karla was there for support. Megan took it really hard and Karla came and took care of her for a while. I don't know maybe Megan feels obligated or something."

"So then Megan's not really in a serious relationship with anyone?" Jodie asked trying not to sound to eager.

God I hope she's not interested in Megan, thought Miranda. "No, she's not that type. She likes to play around a lot. I wouldn't get involved with Megan, you'll end up with a broken heart I guarantee it." Miranda added hoping Jodie would adhere to the warning.

"You and Megan ever...." Jodie raised her eyebrows.

"Hell no!" Miranda sounded disgusted. "Megan and I have a love-hate relationship. We love to hate each other. But she also knows I'm the best damn mechanic around. We do work well together."

The pair in the office were suddenly distracted by a yelling Megan. "I SAID NO, DAMN IT. CAN YOU GET THAT THROUGH YOUR THICK, FUCKIN' SKULL!"

Karla stood in place while Megan yelled. She was very calm as if Megan were merely talking to her. "Well, think about Megan, I'm sure you'll come to your senses." Karla spoke firmly but quietly. Both Jodie and Miranda had to strain to hear her comment.


Karla moved closer to Megan and wrapped her arms around the slightly taller woman. Megan was so frustrated she let her hands fall to her side. Shit this woman never gets mad.

"I just want what's best for you Megan. You know that." Karla spoke softly into Megan's ears.

Jodie and Miranda stepped out of the office, they couldn't hear what Karla was whispering.

Megan looked over and saw the pair watching. "I know you do Karla, and I know this," Megan raised her arms to the garage, "is what's best for me. I like working on cars and I'm not going to stop just to go romping around with you."

Karla took a step back, she was surprised at Megan's calmness. "Maybe we need a break for a while?" She spoke the words but regretted them soon after.

"I think that's a good idea." Megan stepped back and turned to the car.

Karla stiffened, then straitened her back and turned to walk away. Megan watched hesitantly knowing Karla had one hell of a temper when pushed to her limits and had absolutely no idea what the woman would do.

Miranda stood up a bit taller as Karla walked pasted the office. "Bye Karla." She spoke hesitantly, knowing the woman was inflamed.

Karla stopped briefly to recompose herself, "Goodbye Miranda. Look after her for me will you please?"

Miranda's shoulders slumped a bit. "Yeah," she said with a sigh.

"It was nice to meet you Jodie, I do hope you can help her out too."

Jodie nodded her head and smiled. She turned to Miranda who was staring at the door Karla just exited from. The look on her face told volumes.

Miranda looked at Jodie and shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know why she takes it."

I don't believe it, Miranda has a thing for Karla, she was talking about Megan, why does Karla put up with...her. Jodie put her arm around Miranda, "You want some more coffee?" She asked pulling Miranda toward her. There eyes met briefly in understanding.

"Sure." Miranda let out.

Megan was in a position to see the pair. Damn Miranda needs to get a life. She thought as she shook her head at the display. "I'm hungry ..."

"So how long have you felt this way about Karla? Jodie asked.

Miranda looked up knowing she couldn't hide her feelings. "Every since she brought her car in for a tune up. "I remember," Miranda's eyes lit up, "she walked in and asked me if she could see the mechanic. When I told her I was the mechanic, she looked so impressed, she made me feel really good. You know, kinda proud." Miranda smiled which brought a smile to Jodie's face. "We talked a while after I finished her car," A sudden darkness drifted into Miranda's expression, "then Megan walked in. She's like a cat in heat, she looked at Karla and well, you know how charming Megan can be." Miranda turned away from Jodie and looked out the office window, she saw Megan watching them. I'd like to see her get her heart broken for once. She thought to herself.

Jodie walked up behind the sulking woman. She placed her hands on Miranda's shoulders. This action did not go unnoticed by Megan. The tiniest hint of a wicked grin lay in the corner of Miranda's mouth. It would be too nice.

Wait a minute, what's going on with those two? Megan got up and walked to the office. She'd already made her claim and wasn't gonna let her worker even think of trying to move in on Jodie.

"What's going on?" Megan said loudly, startling Jodie, but Miranda had seen her coming.

Jodie looked at Megan then at Miranda who slightly shook her head no. Jodie understood, Megan didn't need to know.

"Oh...nothing we were just talking. So what's going on?" Jodie sounded a bit flustered.

Megan caught the nervousness. You tell me, she thought. "I was gonna get some breakfast, you want to go with me?"

Jodie's eyes widened a bit, she knew Megan had something else on her mind, but decided she didn't want to know right now. Her stomach needed food. "Sure, I'm starved." Jodie turned to Miranda and asked her if she'd join them.

"No, I've gotta fix that corvette." She lied already having completed the job the previous night.

Megan grinned. She had no intention of inviting Miranda anyway.


"So you really want to stay and work for me?" Megan asked before shoveling a fork full of food into her mouth.

"I think I can help with the paper work Megan, besides, I'm not really in that big a hurry to go home to my parents," Jodie replied then proceeded to scarf down some pancakes.

Breakfast was good as the two finished up and walked back to the garage. Jodie liked the town, it was the same as a hundred other towns she'd past through. But this one she decided would be her home at least for a little while.

The rest of the day was uneventful. Megan worked on a couple of cars that came in to be repaired and Jodie sat in the office looking over the mass of papers Megan had somehow collected and never bothered to go through.

Miranda left for a bit to get some things for her house. She told Megan she had some stuff to take care of.

Little by little the office was starting to look like an office not a recycling bin for paper. Jodie was startled as the phone rang. It had been quiet all day. "Hello?"

"Hi, Jodie, it's Miranda, I'll be back in about twenty minutes, I was hoping I could show you the house and maybe make some dinner for us?"

"Wow, that sounds great. So you can cook too?" Jodie teased.

"As a matter of fact I can, can you?" Miranda teased back.

"Oh yeah, it's one of the things I do best." Jodie replied confidently.

"Well, I guess we won't starve then huh?"

Jodie laughed. "What about Megan?" she asked suddenly worrying the woman wouldn't have anything to eat.

"No, she can't cook to save her life." Miranda teased knowing what Jodie was asking. "Sure if you want to invite her over, that's fine. But she won't come."

"I'll ask her just the same." Jodie said before hanging up the phone.

Megan walked into the office and let out a whistle as she looked around. "Are you sure this is my office."

Jodie stood with her hands on her hips and eyed the taller woman. "Don't you ever read any of these papers?"

"I skim through some." Megan said like a child on the verge of discipline. "Hey why don't we go to dinner, I know a place you might like?" Megan said trying to sway the conversation.

"Actually I was going to cook with Miranda, you want to come go over her house?"

Megan didn't expect that. Well, she's going to be staying with her, I guess they already made plans. "Um, no, go ahead, we can do it another time." Megan said as her expression became unreadable.

"Oh come on you don't have other plans do you?" Jodie asked already knowing Megan was free because she just asked her to dinner.

Megan picked up a book that was seated on the shelf above her desk. She flipped through the pages until she came to one and held it open. Then she picked up the phone and dialed. "Hey baby, whatcha doing tonight?" Megan looked at Jodie who was standing with her mouth slightly open. "Sounds good, I'm gonna shower first then I'll be there." She hung up the phone. "I do have plans for tonight." She grinned.

Jodie couldn't hide the sting that slapped at her. Why am I so mad? I mean look at this woman, she's obviously made it clear she's a player. "Have a good time." Jodie sounded sincere.

Megan turned and walked out of the office. That was a stupid thing to do, she was just trying to be nice, Megan chastised herself. She wanted to go back in and accept the invitation, but she already called Cindy.

Miranda parked her truck in the garage. She cleaned up her work area and called for Jodie.

Megan walked out from the back and watched as Jodie unloaded her car and put her stuff in Miranda's truck. "You need any help?" she offered.

"Sure, just a few more bags in the back." She smiled.

Jodie's smile was contagious because she soon had Megan smiling as well. Soon everything was loaded up. "OK, I'll see you tomorrow." Megan said feeling a little bit empty. She'd gotten used to having the smaller woman around for the day and wanted to see more of her. Yeah I'd love to see more of her, hmm. Megan couldn't help herself, her eyes wandered over Jodie's backside as she watched Jodie pick up a paper that was on the floor.

"Busted!" Jodie said grinning as she turned her head to see Megan's eyes on her rear.

"Sorry." Megan for the first time in a long while felt a tinge of red cover her face.

She's so cute, she's blushing. Jodie thought. She couldn't believe this wild cat had it in her to be shy.

Miranda walked back to the truck. "All ready?"


Both women got in the truck and waved good-bye. Megan felt very alone, and she wasn't even looking forward to Cindy.

To Be Continued

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