It's So Much More Than Just Sex.

by Crow and Barbara G. Smith

This is an Uber story, I guess this means they resemble the cast, but have no ties or relations to them.


If the idea of two women in love and having a really great time showing it bothers you, please, please, please stop reading this stuff. If you are under 18 years of age or this type of story is illegal where you live then close your eyes and don't read. Hey...I meant both eyes.

This is the same story just told from Jodie's perspective.

Part two

"Hey Jodie." I heard the voice call from out side my office.

"Hi, come on in Sandy." She works downstairs in loans. I like her, she's always been good about things.

"So, your sweetheart come in yet?" She said as I turned from the window I had been perched on for the last fifteen minutes.

"Yes, she's out there, looks like she'll be working on a Porsche today." My office sat on the fourth floor of the Federal Branch Bank. I transferred from our Washington branch about six months ago.

"You have meetings today?" Sandy asked.

"Just two, I'll be outta hear by ten, then I have a few days off." I really needed a break. Lately I've been feeling really tense. I just can't seem to focus. I've been spending way too much time looking out my window. Oh but she's worth it. I remember the first time I saw her...

Oh great what is that sound. My car is sputtering. What the hell's wrong. Great...hmm...there's a shop right across from my office. Just let me make it there. Good, almost. Yes....Ok.....

"Hi, excuse me. Can you help me?"

"Sure," The mechanic said as he asked me release the latch so he could raise the hood. I turned off the engine and did as he asked.

"I'll have to run it through to find out what the problem is, could take a few hours."

"That's fine, I work across the street. Can you call me when it's done?" I handed him my card.

"Sure, no problem."

I walked back to my office and spent half the day on paper work. The phone rang.

"Hello, Can I speak with Ms. Fisher." This woman has a sexy voice.


"Hi, this is Megan, from the garage, I just called to let you know your car is ready, it really wasn't that big a deal, just replaced the spark plugs."

"OK, I'll be there in a few minutes. Thank you."

I walked back to the garage and wondered what Megan looked like, Her voice sounded really seductive.

"Hi, Ms. Fisher, your car is over there, you can go into the office and pay the cashier." The mechanic that first helped me pointed the way to the office.

Hmm maybe I'll get to meet the woman with the sexy voice, what was her name? This is a small office, I guess they really don't need a lot of room. Just garage space. Oh no...well I guess that's her. Gosh, she's shorter than me.

What is that on her eyebrow? Looks like an earring. Hmm an eye ring.

"Hi, I'm Jodie Fisher, I've come to pay for my car."

"Yea, hold on a sec." Well that doesn't sound like the her. "Hey Megan, can you take care of this, I have to go pick something up. "

Megan, that was her name. Oh my...That's her, I know it's her, wow, she's really tall. Her's beautiful. God does she know how sexy she looks in that jumpsuit. OK, get a grip. "Um, Hi."

"How'z it going? You driving the black beamer?" Oh her voice purred.

Oh my goodness, her eyes are so blue. "Um, yes, that's my much do I owe you?"

"Let's see Jose just changed the spark plugs. Sorry it took so long, but he had to work on a car he'd been working on for two days. I wanted that one done first."

"That's OK, I wasn't in a hurry anyway." God she's something.

"All right then, here's your change. Have a nice day."

"Thank you. bye." She's beautiful, Oh I wish my car would break down again real soon.

Four months later and I still can't get those eyes out of my head. Well, today I'm going to do it. Sandy knows Megan through Carol. Carol is the teller down on the first floor. She dated Megan for a while. I heard Megan once told her once that she'd like to be seduced for a change.

I can do this. I've had plenty of practice at being in charge. Taking care of business. Yes, but what if she turns me down? Oh I don't know if I could take that. NO, I've got to try. I can't just sit her and watch her from my office window day after day. Although that wouldn't be so bad. NO. OK Tony Robbins you got me this far. What's that saying of yours? "Focus on where you want to go, not on what you fear." Let me just get to my car.


Yes, this is the path she walks, I'll just park it here. I don't see anyone looking. OK just let the air out slowly. "hsssssssssss." Good, OK breath. She should be coming in about five minutes. OK sit down, look stranded. Here she comes, she's wearing that blue T-shirt, I love that color on her. God she's got a beautiful body. Don't let her walk by. She's something.

"Hi, I'm in a bit of a jam, can you help me?"

She's smiling. She's looking down my blouse. I'm glad I wore this one.


Oh the way she's looking at me is giving me goose bumps. She's so sexy, I'm think I'm grinning.

"Flat." I pointed to the tire. She's blushing.

"Yea, gotta spare?"

"Let me open the trunk". "I don't know where the jack is." OK, look confused.

"Aren'tcha lucky I happened by." Oh you don't know how lucky. I've been waiting for you for the last four months.

"Don't worry hon, I'll have you back on the road in five-minutes."

No, that's not what I want. "Oh, I'm not in a hurry." Just ask her. Do it.

"Wow you weren't kidding about the five-minutes." It's now or never.

"Are you all right?" she asked me.

"Yea, I was wondering if maybe I could buy you lunch or something. You know for rescuing me." Please say yes. My heart is going to pound out of my chest.

"Sure, I was just heading out to get something anyway."

Yeeeeesssss. OK get a grip, Don't look so happy.

"Come on, we'll drive to the cafe down the street now that my tire is fixed. Thank you so much for helping me. I don't know what I'd have done. You know the place?"

She's just nodding. OK, I know she doesn't talk to much. Whenever she's with customers I see them usually doing all the talking and she just nods her head and gives short answers. Even when she sits outside and has breakfast with the bag lady. She just lets her talk and talk. I think it's so nice of her to bring her food every morning. She takes the time to make sure the bag lady eats at least once a day.

I've got to keep calm, my card...write the address on the back. She'll be back from the washroom in a minute. I can't believe she's having lunch with me. I have to tell her the truth. But not yet. Let me just get through this part. Here she comes.

"So Megan you must really love fixing cars. I'm such a ditz when I comes to anything mechanical." Gosh I hope I'm not boring her. I'm supposed to be seducing her. I need to be more aggressive. Take the lead. I can do that.

"So how long have you been a mechanic?" I could get lost in her eyes. She's just staring. Let me ask her again.

"What, sorry."

"How long have you been a mechanic?" Maybe I can get her to tell me about her job.

"Bout ten years."

OK, she's not going to say anymore. "So that's your shop on the corner of Washington, by the Federal Branch, Megan's? She's not talking. OK just relax, give her time.


That's it, Yep. "You know I work at the bank, bet I could see your shop right outside my window." Oh yea, I can see how wonderful you are to the kids that bring there bikes in. You always take time to help them. And your always smiling at people, Oh yea I can see that from my window too. I don't want to look out my window anymore, I want to know you Megan.

"Well, I have to get back to work, so um...thanks for lunch."

NOO, she can't leave yet. I haven't asked her.....what do I do? Oh dear. "Can I drive you back?"

"Yea, thanks."

Whew, get her in the car. OK, drive for a minute to get calm down. Breath. OK. "Um Megan? Give her the card.

"I'd like to invite you over to my place sometime." She's rubbing the card, did she hear me?


"I'd like to invite you over to my place sometime." Darn, we're here already.

"Soooo, what are we gonna do at your place?"

Oh my gosh, she sounds so sexy, OK take a breath, seduction remember. "Anything you'd like." Yes, that sounded good.

I made her gulp, it's working.


She is just gorgeous, I want to lean over and just kiss her all over. Oh my gosh, I can feel the moisture gathering between my legs. Breath. "So how about this evening?"

She's thinking. I hope she doesn't have plans. Patience, she's going to say yes. I know she is. Isn't she. What if she doesn't want to.

"Tonight huh?"

God I hope I didn't just make an ass out myself.

"M'k, what time."

I knew she would say yes. Oh thank the Gods for that. yes. Seduction remember. Don't look so darn happy. "How about six? My address is on the back of the card."

She looks confused. "When you went to the washroom to wash up, I thought about asking you so I put my address on the back just in case." I hope she doesn't think I'm an idiot.

She nodded yes. "Good-bye." She winked.


Woooooo hooooo, she's coming over....TONIGHT. Oh my goodness I have to get ready.

What am I going to wear. I'm so glad I have the rest of the afternoon off. I'll stop at the market before I go home. I should buy some beer. I know she likes to drink it. I saw her a few times after she closed up shop having a beer inside the garage with some of her friends. Never got out of hand though. She seemed pretty much under control.


I can't believe I'm going to do this. She's coming over soon. OK I tried on the black dress, way to dressy. The red one? Makes me look to pale. The violet one, hmm. Yes, that's the one. Oh, is she going to be surprised.

Everything looks great. What time is it. Yikes, it's already....She's here.

OK just breath. How bad do I want her? OK, then I can do this. Open the door...

"Hi." What's wrong with her, she's not moving?

"Wow you look good enough to eat."

Did she just say that? Think, think, "Maybe for dessert." Hmmm that was good.

" mean did you want to go out or something, your"

I knew this was the right dress to wear. My gosh she's stuttering. I have her. I know what she wants...oh it's the same thing that I want....I've wanted seems like forever....She's not coming in.

"So you gonna come in for just fantasize about it?"

"Lead on."

I'll sit on the couch first and then call her over. "Come sit over here."

"You have a nice place."

Hmm yes but it's so much nicer with you here. God she smells good. "Can I get you a drink?"

"Whatcha got?"

"Would you like a beer?" She's looking at my rear. I hope she doesn't see me blushing.

"You read my mind."

Whew, I could feel her body heat so close to mine. This is it. I've waited so long, I'm not going to turn back now.

"Here you go." Let's see how close I can get to her.

"Are you always so direct?"

Oh she likes it. I can see it in her eyes. "Don't you like aggressive?"

"I've never had anyone be that way with me. Usually I'm more in control."

"Is that so?" Well, not tonight, tonight I'm going to take control. Give me that bottle. Oh this is it. I slid on top of her lap. Her lips I must have them. "OHHHH." They're so soft, God her hands are all over me. Oh my straps. Darn she's quick.

I've waited so long to taste her lips. I pushed my tongue inside...oh she likes that. She's pulling down my zipper. "Ahh." Oh her hands are on my thighs, she feels so good. I can feel her hands on my ass. She's moaning.

"Wwwhat a surprise."

Hmmm she likes that too. Yes, oh yes. "Carry me to bed." I need to feel her. Her breast....the rough.....I'll just give her a little pinch see if that does anything.

"Hey, you don't play fair."

She liked it. "Never." I want to bite her all over.

She rubbed her hand on my clit. Oh it send a surge through me. "Oh you're nasty....Put it back."

"No, not until you kiss this and make it better."

I'll do more than just kiss it to make it better. I need to get her clothes off.

She laid me on the bed and removed the dress. I opened my legs so she could take in all of me. She looked very pleased. I knew what she wanted, but I wanted her more. I made sure I got her attention by licking my lips. Then I pulled her down toward me. I practically ripped off her shirt and bra. I kissed her with the fire that was burning inside of me. I felt her breath inside me.

She was on her back now, and I licked her nipple with my tongue, teasing her a bit. she muttered.


Then I took her nipple inside my mouth. It had hardened. I could feel the ache in my clit. It was throbbing, and I knew her was too...I need to feel her.

To my delight, she offered me her other nipple, I took it and all the while she was letting out the most guttural animalistic sounds that was music to my ears.

I put my hand on her inner thigh but when she tried to move it toward her center, I quickly jerked it away. I'm seducing her. I want her to know that.

"Relax." I whispered. I need to unbutton these damn pants, god why couldn't she have warn something else. Shorts...maybe a dress like me....oh I'm bad....take them off.

"Aaaahhh." She breathed out then got back to her place on the bed. I brought my knee up to her heated need.

"OOOOH, Joooodiiee."

She just called my name and I felt like I would cum right now. I moved my hand down and entwined it in her hair. Yes, this is what I wanted to feel. Oh she's beautiful... I began to message her mound. I need to focus...

"Tell me what you want me to do?" I spoke into her mouth before I let my tongue dance inside. NO, I'm in control...I'll tell her.

"Beg me."

She wants this. I can see her pleading eyes.

"PLEASE." She cried out.

"Please What?" Yes, she's close. I brought her to this.

", Oh Yes, God, Please."

I entered her with two fingers and realized three was better, so smooth, so soft, so hot.

"Need." She let out.

"You want more." I said as I grabbed for her nipple again with my mouth and was not too gentle

"Yes." She swallowed.

"It's time for desert." The need to taste her, to please her with my tongue was now. I kissed and bit my way down.

I felt her wetness with my fingers. "Mmmm, veeery nice and wet." I moaned.

"Mmmph." She sounded.

She jumped when I bit her inner thigh. I guess I have her attention. I found her engorged clit with no problem, she is a squirmer. Time to bring her over. I entered her this time with my tongue.

"Yes." She cried. "OOOOH DON'T STOP. Oh I'm so close."

I could here her moans and wails, I knew she was on the verge. I could feel my heart race. I know that I don't want this to end.

"Oh, yes, yes, yes....aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!"

I held on to her as she came. Oh my fingers feel her pulsating. My heart was aching. God I could do this over and over again.

I moved up to meet her eyes and I knew that was all it took. "I love you...I have since the first time I saw you." I can't believe I just said that to her. Oh I hope I didn't just screw it up. OH God she looks scared.

Just one last kiss. I leaned in and kissed her. She held me tight....

Part Three

Sex is Good...Love is Better

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