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~ Woman of My Dreams ~

BY Debbie Dee


Part 1


Even though it was only early spring in the small town of River Lake, Oregon, the heat inside the garage was almost unbearable. The cooling system needed worked on before too much longer. The garage was Jamie’s lively hood so she spent a lot of time inside it. There was no way she would be able to work on any cars inside when the weather started warming up. Her once white tee-shirt was already damp with sweat, and her short blonde hair was plastered to her head.

As it was she had been working on her 1984 S-15 GMC Jimmy all morning. It was her pride and joy. Her dad had bought it for her a few years ago. And now that she was on the Search and Rescue squad she needed to make sure that the Jimmy was kept in top shape.

Because Jamie had spent most of her life up in the mountains, Tom the head of the squad knew she would be beneficial to the squad.

Jamie just finished taking the carburetor out of the Jimmy and was walking over to a pail of cleaning fluid when she heard a knock at the open garage door. She gently put the carburetor in the pail as she gave a yell to her visitor. " Just hang on a minute. I will be right with you." Looking up to see who knocked on the open door she froze in place as she made contact with the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen.

"Hi, may I come in?" her dark haired visitor asked with a smile

The sound of the deep voice brought Jamie back to the present. "Ah…sure what can I do for you?" Jamie asked as she realized she was still kneeling down with her hands in a pail of cleaning fluid. She stood up quickly grabbing a rag to clean her hands.

"Oh, I don’t need help." The visitor smiled. "I just thought I would come over and say hi. I’m your new neighbor, Casey Marks." Holding out her hand, she walked towards Jamie.

Jamie just stood there for a second. Trying to get her brain to sink in what this beautiful woman with the gorgeous body and longest legs she had ever seen had just said to her. "Wait. Did she just say neighbor?" Jamie blushed when she realized she said it out loud.

Casey laughed. "Yes, I said neighbor. I bought the old place at the end of the loop here."

Jamie looked over Casey’s shoulder towards the open door. "The old Miller place? That place has been empty for years. You’re going to have a lot of fixing up to do on it. It used to be a bar and grill."

"Yes, I know. It’s going to be that again, as soon as I get it remodeled," Casey informed her.

Jamie couldn’t help but just stand there and look at Casey. The sun was shinning through the open door on her black shoulder length hair. She was so beautiful in her tight fitting black jeans, black tennis shoes, and a white open collar pull-over with a cute little picture of Mickey Mouse on the front right pocket.

Casey shuffled from foot to foot starting to feel nervous by the weight of Jamie’s stare. Finally

she held her hand out again. "Maybe we should try this again. Hi, my name is Casey and you are?"

Jamie blinked her eyes as if just waking up. "Oh gods, I am so sorry." Jamie wiped her hand on her faded blue jeans, then held it out. "Hi, I’m Jamie Hutch. It’s nice to meet you and I own this garage. Why don’t we go outside and talk? The cooler broke in the garage this morning and it’s hot and stuffy in here," Jamie said as she started walking towards the door. Not noticing Casey hanging back a little, watching the way Jamie’s hips swayed as she walked.

Casey came up beside Jamie as they stood looking toward the old place. "I also bought the 10 acres next to it. So with you owning the other acres of land around here, you will be my only neighbor." Casey smiled as she looked at her.

"What are you going to do with that much land?" Jamie asked.


"Build my dream home." Casey turned to get a better look at the smaller woman standing beside her. "I’m from the big city, the only time I was in the country was during summer camp, and I love it. It was the best time in my life. My parents more or less talked me into becoming a lawyer and for some reason I listened. But this," Casey waved her hand towards the old place she just bought, "This has always been a dream of mine. To live in a small town and have a place that the town would be able to get together, relax, and enjoy themselves after a hard day. And to build my dream home right beside it." Casey finished saying with a far off look.

"So," Jamie sighed, "What you’re trying to tell me is my peaceful quiet days are at an end and it is going to be very noisy around here with all the building you’re going to be doing, right?" Jamie gave her a big smile.

"Well ah…yeah I guess you could put it that way." Casey looked down at her feet, feeling a blush coming on.

Jamie just laughed at the cute way she looked. "It will be nice to have company around here. It gets pretty lonely at times, with this place being on the edge of town, and the closest neighbor I have is about three blocks away. You picked a good town to settle down in, Casey. I know the town is going to like the idea of the old Miller place opening up again."

"Thank you. And I sure hope you still mean that when all the noise starts. Because it won’t stop till everything is done," Casey told her as she looked into the cutest face with the deepest green eyes she had ever seen. She felt a pull as if she could see her very soul in those eyes. It was as if she was looking into her future. "And, Jamie, I would also love very much to get the chance to know you better."

"I would like that too," Jamie smiled, "and don’t worry, I will be just fine," Jamie said not realizing that those words would come back to slap her in the face before the completion of the house and all the remodeling.



"Ahhh…not again! It’s Sunday for crying out loud!" Jamie yelled as she pulled her pillow up over her head trying to keep the noise out, but it didn’t work. She could feel the hit of the hammer on each nail as it vibrated though her body. "Ahhh…!" she yelled again as she threw her pillow as she sat up and watched it slide down the wall and land next to the big black dog laying on the floor. "Sorry, Kaisha," Jamie said as she got out of bed.

"Come on, girl, get up. If I can’t sleep, you can’t sleep. Let’s take our morning run." Jamie walked over to her dresser and got out a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. She finished tying her shoes when she looked back over to the dog that had not moved an inch. "Ok, lazy bones, I mean it, get up now or no bacon for breakfast."

The dog just lifted its head enough to give her a look then laid back down.

Jamie glared at the dog and started to yell then thought better of it. With a smile she walked out of the bedroom door towards the front of her little house. Then raised her

voice just enough to make sure the dog could hear her.

"Well fine. Stay in bed all day. See if I care. But I guess you don’t want to stop at the donut shop with me?" She finished as she opened the front door and stepped over to the side just in time as a big black streak came zooming by. "Good, I knew you’d see it my way," she laughed as she closed the front door.


"Hey, Jamie, how’s my car coming?" Art, the town clerk, asked as he walked through the open door of the garage. Looking around he stopped when he didn’t see the mechanic. "Jamie? Hey, where the hell are you?"

"Shit, Art, you don’t have to yell. I’m right here!" Jamie yelled back as she came out from under Art’s car. "Tell me, Art, when was the last time you had your oil changed on this old heap?" she asked him as she walked over to her desk in the corner.

Wiping her hands clean she picked up the service bill she had been filling out. "I had to put in a new oil pump and oil pan. You might want to have the radiator looked at next. Just remember, check the oil at least once a month. If you don’t do it, Art, have it done when you get gas," she told him as she finished filling out the bill, and then handed it to him. "Your car will last longer and get better gas mileage, ok?"

"Thanks, Jamie, I will. It sure does look like they are going to town on the new place over there," Art replied as he handed the check he just made out to Jamie.

"Oh yeah, they have been working on the places over there morning, noon and night. Twenty-four-seven. I guess Casey is getting in a hurry to move in," Jamie answered him as they walked back to his car.

"Have you talked to the new owner lately, Jamie?" Art wondered.

"No, I only talked to her the one time. But I have seen her a few times when she has come to check up on things." Jamie took a step back as Art got into the car and started it.

"Well from what I can see it looks like the house is almost done. Maybe we will all get a chance to meet her soon. Well thanks again for fixing my car. See you around, Jamie." Art gave her a wave as he backed out of the garage and took off towards town.

Jamie gave him a wave and turned to go back inside when she started hearing the wolf calls and yelling at her again. It was the same thing everyday that had been going on for weeks now. One of the stupid construction workers had taken it upon himself to see how far he could push her each day.

At first it was little stuff and she tried to just act like it didn’t affect her. But lately it had been getting worse. Jamie did not want to cause trouble so she went and talked to the guy in charge, but he did nothing to stop it. "The boys are just letting of a little steam, they mean no harm," he said, but Jamie was getting very tired of not being able to walk around her place without having some jerk saying shit to her.

"Oh yes, baby, I know you want some of this!" the workman yelled at her as he grabbed himself as the other workers laughed and cheered him on.

Jamie didn’t want to play their games and turned to go back inside. When one of them threw something to get Jaime’s attention and it almost hit Kaisha she had had enough.

"Alright that’s it. You want some, buddy, you’re going to get some," Jamie softly said as she started walking toward the workman with her dog beside her with every step getting angrier and angrier.

"Hey, Joey, here she comes. Maybe you’re finally going to get some, huh?" one of the workmen yelled over to him laughing.

Joey watched Jamie as she walked right towards him not stopping. "Is that right, missy, you want some of what I got?" He smirked at her.

"Oh, you want to give me some of your stuff?" Jamie asked him as she walked right up to him. "Well how about I give you some of this?" she asked just as she kicked him right between the legs.

"OH GOD!" he screamed falling to his knees, "You bitch, I’m going to kill you."

Jamie stood her ground as she noticed the others moving towards her. Kaisha sensing danger for her owner started growling and baring her teeth as she stepped in front of Jamie. "Easy girl," she said to her dog.

"What the hell is going on here?" called a deep voice Jamie had not heard since early spring. Jamie looked over at the tall woman getting out of the car.

"I asked a question and I want an answer now. Mr. Frank aren’t you in charge?" Casey turned to the Foreman "Then start talking."

"I’m sorry, Miss Marks, the boys were just having a little fun, you know blowing off steam," he told her as he shrugged his shoulders. "Joey was just kidding with her and she kicked him in the balls for nothing." He pointed at Jamie.

"Steam, you son of a bitch. You call what he has been saying to me nothing?" Jamie yelled at him. "You’re lucky kicking him in the balls is all I did. And I asked you to stop it."

"Jamie, wait please, let me handle this?" Casey asked her trying to calm her down.

To Jamie this was the final straw to have it look like even Casey was not on her side. "Fine. You handle it. I have had enough. Come on, girl let’s go for a swim." Jamie stormed off towards a path that led to a lake hidden behind a set of trees.


This is where Casey found her about half-hour later. Just sitting by the water, throwing a stick for her dog.

"Nice dog. She’s big. What kind is she?" Casey asked as she sat down by Jamie.

"She’s a Bull mastiff," Jamie answered as she told the dog to go lay down.

"Hey," Casey looked over at her. "You ok?"

"What do you care? You sided with them," Jamie snapped as she broke the stick in half.

"OK, HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!" Casey yelled in her lawyer voice. "First of all, Miss Jamie, I would never take the side of a bunch of guys acting like pigs and I really don’t like anyone, especially you, saying I would. I know you don’t know me that well, but believe me I am not like that."

Casey raised her knees and rested her arm across them. "And second, I fired the guy you so nicely kicked in the balls. You won’t have any more trouble from anyone else. The foreman will see to that or he will no longer have a job."

Jamie sighed and looked at Casey seeing that her words had hurt her. "I’m sorry, Casey. You’re right, you had nothing to do with this. You didn’t even know what was going on. I just thought if I didn’t react to their words, they would stop. I’m sorry I said that to you."

Casey turned to say more to Jamie, but found herself looking deep into Jamie’s eyes instead. She thought that this was the cutest and most loving woman she had ever seen. She wondered to herself what it would be like to kiss such a woman. Before she knew it she was doing just that.

Jamie suddenly found herself laying flat on her back being kissed. Not that Jamie minded because she didn’t. And boy was it a kiss. A very long and very sexy kiss. Casey raised her head to look at Jamie who just smiled, and put her hand behind Casey’s head, bringing her lips back to meet hers.

As the kisses got longer and deeper, Casey brought a hand slowly up Jamie’s side resting it just under her breast. She let her thumb move back and forth softly over the firm tip. Jamie arched her back as a feeling of warmth went though her body. Casey used her other hand to unbutton the top button of Jamie’s shirt. Not getting any protest from the small blonde she unbuttoned the rest, slowly opening the shirt only to discover Jamie was not wearing a bra. The smaller woman’s breasts were round and firm, Casey bent and kissed each one.

Hearing a moan from Jamie made Casey that much more excited. By now Jamie had somehow managed to get Casey’s shirt unbuttoned too and was reaching for the front hooks of her bra. Getting the bra unhooked, she lifted Casey up enough so she was able to take a firm breast in her mouth. They kept touching each other more and more, getting more excited with each caress.

Jamie knew she should put a stop to this. Things were going way too fast and she needed to slow them down. "Casey, please," Jamie said trying to get her attention. "Come on, Casey, we need to slow down."

Casey took a deep breath as she laid her head on Jamie’s shoulder. "Yeah, I know. I don’t have to like it, but I know," she said lifting her head and smiling at Jamie. She bent down and gave Jamie another long kiss then rolled off of her. "You’re right, we need to slow down," she agreed as she buttoned up her shirt then reached over and started helping Jamie button up hers.

They both sat there for a minute looking at one another and then started laughing. "Well, I guess you could say I was starting to get to know you better." Jamie smiled over at Casey.

Casey smiled back and just nodded her head. "Yeah, I guess you could. But all kidding aside, Jamie, I really do like you and want to get to know you better. Would that be ok?"

"I’d really like that, Casey, more than I could say. I think we just shot past the first date worries."

"And what may I ask, my dear Jamie, are first date worries?" Casey asked her with a raised eyebrow.

Jamie just leaned over, gave her a little smirk, and said, "Wondering if you like me enough to let me kiss you."

"Oh you," Casey said as she gave her a little shove.

Jamie stood up and reached down to helped Casey up, when they were standing, she gave her another kiss. "Come on, I think it’s time to go back."

"But I thought you were coming out here for a swim?" Casey asked. "Don’t you still want to?"

"Well, I suppose we could take a swim, but let me tell you right now I don’t have a swim suit on. I swim in the buff," Jamie said wiggling her eyebrows and giving her a wink "Still want to go?"

"You just don’t give up, do you?" Casey laughed. "No, I don’t want to swim now. Remember you’re the one that wanted to slow down."

"Yeah, I know, sorry. I just think it would be better and mean more if we just go a little slower and get to know each other better," Jamie told her as she gave her a hug. "Of course I could change my mind by tomorrow." Jamie smiled.

"Ah, Jamie, would you like to have dinner with me tonight?" Casey asked hoping that Jamie wouldn’t think she was moving too fast.

"Love to," Jamie answered as they turned to walk back the way they had come, only this time they were walking back together holding hands with the dog trotting beside them.


"Ok, girlfriend, you going to give me all the juicy details or what?" Amy asked Casey as she helped put stock under the bar to get ready for the grand opening that night.

Casey finished setting a case of glasses on the bar and looked over at her best friend since pre-school, Amy James. Amy was as tall as Casey and had short red hair where Casey’s was long and black. They both had blue eyes but Casey’s were darker and Amy’s figure really looked nice in her tan Dockers shorts and navy blue pull over no collar shirt.

Amy and Casey’s fathers were also business partners in Casey’s dad’s law firm. Their fathers met each other while in their first year of College at Harvard. Both their fathers hit it off right at the first and became best of friends, deciding to go into business together after graduation.

"Tell you about what?" Casey smiled as she wiped some dust off of her dark blue jeans. And rolled up the sleeves of her gray button up shirt.

"Oh no! Don’t give me that little ‘I don’t know a thing you are talking about look’." Amy pointed her finger at her. "You know very well who I am talking about, you remember, about this high." Amy put her hand up to chest high. "Short blonde hair and the cutest little smile, oh and let’s not forget how red she gets when she blushes." Amy had found that out from the dinner they all shared the night before. Amy tipped her head to the side and gave Casey a wide-eyed look, waiting for her answer.

"Alright all ready, are you sure you never did police work? Jamie and I have been seeing each other every night since I got back here, about three weeks now. Stop." Casey held her hand up. "Before you ask, no we have not yet, yes we almost have, but we are trying to wait till we get to know each other better. Ok, is that it? Can we get back to work now?"

Amy unfolded her arms and walked over to Casey. "She’s the one, isn’t she? The one you told me you dreamed about when we were in our teens? I remember what you told me she looked like and, girl, the minute I met Jamie I knew this was the girl you told me about."

Casey got a shocked look on her face as she thought about Amy’s words. She knew there was something special about her feelings for Jamie, but she did not even make the connection till now. Amy was right, Jamie was the woman she had dreamed about as a teen. She had the dreams every night for almost a year, then they stopped as suddenly as they started. She felt such a profound loss of her dream girl, she had pushed the memories deep into her mind and had not thought of them again, until now.

"My god, Amy, you’re right. She does fit my dream girl. I never even thought of it. This is so strange. What do you think it means?" She looked at Amy.

"To tell you the truth, Case, I have no idea what it all means, but not too many people I know dream for almost a year of a love and then really get to find it. What I mean, my dear, is you finally found your dream girl. Only I would call her your dream woman. You are one lucky lady. So many of us look our whole lives and never even come close. So if you ask me what I think and what I would do?" Amy asked as she took Casey by the shoulder. "I would hold on with both hands and never let go. I see the way you both look at one another, I would love to have that. Hang on and never let go," Amy finished saying as she gave Casey a hug.

"Oh don’t worry, there is no way I am going to let her go." Casey smiled. "Now come on let’s finish getting this place ready for tonight. You are still thinking about staying for awhile and playing bartender?"

"Oh yeah, I am. You’re not going to take that fun away from me. You know how much I love my hobby of mixing up drinks. And who knows? If I like it good enough I might even move down here and forget about being a lawyer and become a full time bartender." Amy gave her a big grin.

"Yeah, your father would love that idea just as much as my father loved mine. I think he thought I would just always be a lawyer like him." Casey shrugged her shoulders not really wanting to think about the disappointment her father had in her. "Could you set those boxes we emptied out the back door?"

Amy, giving her a nod, grabbed the empty boxes and disappeared into the kitchen.

Casey went back to the bar. She had just finished putting the glasses under it, when she heard a scream and loud crash. Moving as fast as she could she rushed into the kitchen and slid to a stop. Lying on the floor under a large shelf was Amy.

"Amy!" Casey screamed as she fell to her knees beside her. Seeing the pool of blood on the floor by Amy’s head, Casey knew Amy was hurt bad. Feeling for a pulse, she sighed with relief when she found one. It was not as strong as she would have liked but at least it was not weak.

Afraid to turn Amy’s hand for fear of a neck injury, she leaned down low to get a better look at her head to see if she could tell where she was bleeding at. Seeing the cut on the side of Amy’s head by her ear she knew she found it.

Standing up, Casey tried to lift the shelf but it was too heavy for her. Trying to think of what to do next, she looked down at Amy and notice how pale she was starting to look. She had to get help. "Hang on, Amy, I’m going after Jamie. I’ll be right back." Tears were running down her cheeks as she stood up and ran out the door.



Jamie had just finished the brake job on the car she had been working on when she heard Casey scream her name. Dropping her tools she ran out to see what was going on. Casey ran into her arms crying.

"Casey, come on calm down, honey, tell me what is going on. You’re scaring me." Jamie held her tight. Casey finally was able to get out what happened. " Call 911!" Jamie yelled as she took off towards Casey’s place.

With the police and fire department paramedics only being a few blocks away they where there within minutes. With help they were able to lift the shelf off of Amy with no problem. The paramedics had her stable and on the way to the hospital in the next town 20 miles away within no time.



"They have been in there forever, Jamie. When are they going to come out and tell us anything?" Casey asked as she paced up and down in the waiting room.

"Casey, honey, come sit down. It has only been a half-hour. They should be out soon," Jamie said just as a doctor came into the room.

"Hi, are you here for Miss James?" The young dark haired doctor asked.

"Yes." Casey rushed over to him. "How is she? Is she going to be ok? What is wrong with her?" Casey got out in one breath.

Jamie went over to her and put her arm around her with a little hug. "Honey, let the doctor talk ok?" She told Casey then looked back to the doctor. "Doctor?"

"Well, it seems like Miss James has a broken arm and at least two fractured ribs and a concussion. She is one very lucky girl if the shelf was as heavy as I heard. She will be with us for a few days and is being moved to a room 213 right now. You can go up and see her in a few minutes."

"Thank god she is ok," Casey said as she leaned against Jamie and held her hand out to the doctor. "Thank you, doctor, I’m really grateful, and yes, before you say anything, I know it is your job. But that woman in there is like a sister to me and thank you just does not seem like enough."

The doctor reached over and took Casey’s hand and gave it a small squeeze. "You’re welcome. I‘m very glad I was able to help." He gave her hand a little shake then turned and walked down the hall.

Amy opened her eyes slowly. She saw her visitors sitting together talking softly at the end of the bed. "Hey you two," she got out through a dry throat "Who hit me?"

"Here have a drink," Casey said as she picked up the glass of water by the bed. After helping Amy take a drink through the straw she put the glass back down and sat down on the edge of the bed. "And no one hit you…yet. A shelf fell on you. How did that happen anyway?" Casey asked.

"Damned if I know," Amy started to say and then remembered what did happen. "Wait, I remember. I was coming back in from taking the boxes out like you asked. I saw my purse up on the top shelf and thought you were playing a joke on me. I looked around and couldn’t find something to stand on, so I thought I would just climb up the shelves. I was on the third shelf when I felt it start to tip. That was the last thing I remember." Amy looked at Casey. "I thought a shelf like that was supposed to be bolted to the wall?"

"Yeah, it is, the police were just here. It seems the bolts that were holding it to the wall were cut," Jamie told her.

"Cut, but why?" Amy looked at her in shock.

Jamie shook her head. "That we don’t know, but I will find out. In the mean time you just get well. Remember you told me you were going to make me the best Sex on the Beach drink that was ever made?" Jamie smiled at her.

"That you can count on." Amy smiled back

Casey leaned down and gave Amy a kiss on the cheek. "Don’t you ever scare me like that again. You hear? Never again."

"Don’t worry, Case. I won’t. It scared me pretty bad too. Sorry I’m going to miss your grand opening tonight. That is if you’re still opening tonight?" Amy questioned.

"No, I will wait till you get out. Can’t do my grand opening of my new business without my best friend. It will wait. Now get some sleep. I will be back tomorrow," Casey told her as she eased herself off the edge of the bed. "Oh, I almost forgot, I called your folks and told them what happened. Your mom will be down tomorrow to see you." Casey laughed at the look on her friend’s face when she told her about her mom.

She knew Amy’s mom would mother Amy till she was ready to scream. Casey took Jamie by the hand and walked out the door giving a little wave to Amy over her shoulder, before Amy could say another word to her. Because she knew the words would not be very nice ones.


Jamie pulled the Jimmy up in front of Casey’s house. "You going to be ok?" she asked looking over at Casey.

"Yes, no," Casey sighed and turned to Jamie. "Could you…maybe…stay the night?" she stammered as she laid her hand on Jamie’s thigh and gave it a squeeze.

Jamie wasn’t too sure what to say, so she followed her heart. She took Casey in her arms and hugged her. "You know I will if you need me."

Casey looked into Jamie’s eyes. "I need you, very much." Jamie helped Casey out of the Jimmy and into to the house. Neither one of them saw the dark figure standing in the shadows by the back of the bar and grill, watching their every move with half crazed eyes.

"Did you want me to get you something or did you just want to go to bed?" Jamie asked Casey as they walked up the stairs to the bedroom.

"The only thing I need is right here, just you holding me. Would that be ok?" she asked as she hugged Jamie. "But wait, what about your place? Do you need to go lock it up? Kaisha, do you need to feed her?" she wondered.

"Honey, shhhh it’s ok." Jamie walked with Casey into her bedroom. "I called dad from the phone in the waiting room. Everything is all taken care of, so come on let’s get you ready for bed."

Casey went over to her dresser and got her nightgown out. She thought about it for a second and then pulled out a long T-shirt she had. Walking back over to Jamie she

handed the T-shirt to her. "I don’t know what you usually wear to bed but I thought for tonight you might like to wear this," Casey told her.

Jamie got a smirk on her face. "I can always just sleep the way I usually do, naked." She wiggled her eyebrows at her.

Casey shook her head as she walked into the bathroom giving a little groan at the picture Jamie just put in her head.


"Casey, you asleep?" Jamie asked her voice sounding loud in the quiet room. They had been in bed for a few hours now but neither one had been able to fall asleep with the excitement of everything that had happened that day. Finally Jamie had decided to ask the question that had been at the back of her mind ever since she met Casey.

Casey sighed and turned over to face Jamie. She had been laying spoon like with her back towards her. But Casey was glad for the interruption; she had been lying there trying to take her mind off the fact she was in bed with a very sexy woman. The same sexy woman she had been dreaming about and very much wanted to make love too. "No, what did you need?"

"Why did you quit being a lawyer, if you were so good at it?" Jamie asked.

"Because that is not what I really wanted. It’s what my father wanted and I just went along with it instead of fighting him on it. Yes, I was good at it. Damn good, but I wasn’t happy, my heart wasn’t in it. So I quit and here I am." She looked at Jamie. "Are you sorry about that?" she wondered.

"Oh no, far from it. I was just wondering why, that’s all." She gave Casey a kiss. "I am one very happy person, that you didn’t like law. Very happy," Jamie said as she kissed Casey again.

"What about you?" Casey asked her in between kisses.

Jamie lifted her head to get a better look at Casey. "What about me?"

"How did you get into your business?"

"Oh well, it was my dad’s place," Jamie told her. "But don’t think he handed it over to me. Nope, not my dad. He told me if I wanted it, I would have to work for it. I grew up watching my dad fix cars and then later having him teach me every thing he knew. I love this place and never wanted to live anywhere else. So I worked hard, saved my money, and bought dad’s business." Jamie smiled as she bent down for another kiss.

Casey reached up and ran her hand through Jamie’s hair, leaving it on the back of her neck so she could deepen the kiss. Jamie began to pull back. "Jamie," She kissed her again. "Jamie, please, make love to me."

"Casey, I thought you wanted us to get to know each other better, before we take that step?"

"I do know you, Jamie. I need you. Please make love to me," Casey pleaded between kisses.

Jamie looked her in the eye. "Are you sure?"


Jamie gave her a hug. "Ok, but remember if you change your mind, tell me and I will stop. It will be hard but I will stop, ok? I don’t want to do anything to hurt or scare you."

"Jamie, I won’t change my mind. Now will you just shut up and kiss me?" Casey asked her.

Jamie kissed the tall brunette again but this time there was no holding back. They both started touching and kissing, each trying to out do the other. Before long there was nothing left between them, as they were touching skin on skin. The moonlight shined through the window on the two lovers, whose only desire was each other. The cool breeze coming threw the open window did nothing to cool the passion inside the room that had reached scolding temperatures.

"Ohhh, Jamie!" Casey screamed out as she reached the top and tumbled over the other side. At the same time Jamie screamed out her own passion.

"Oh god, Casey, that was so incredible." Jamie hugged her as she tried to catch her breath. "Thank you."

Casey did not know she could be so happy. She gave a laugh of pure joy as she hugged Jamie back. "No, Jamie, I should be the one thanking you. You have shown me what true love really is." She ran her hand over Jamie’s jaw and looked deep into her eyes "I love you, Jamie Hutch. Shhh no, don’t say anything. I know we have not known each other very long, but I don’t care, I know I love you. I think I have always loved you."

Tears started to slowly run down Jamie’s cheeks as she listened to the words Casey said to her. She could not say a word, her heart felt so full of happiness. They both smiled as their passion for each other started to burn full force again. Time and time again throughout the night they showed their love for one another.

The dark figure stood in the shadows, listening to their screams of passion coming through the open window out into the night.



A few days later more accidents started happening. A chain that Jamie had hooked to the ceiling to help with heavy lifting came crashing down just missing her. A step going down in to the basement at the bar and grill came loose, almost causing Casey to fall. Coming out in the morning and finding Casey’s car with flat tires. Jamie knew something was going on, but for the life of her she could not figure out why or who would do something like this.

"Ok, Tom, I’ll be right there," Jamie answered the search and rescue leader, then turned to Casey as she hung up the phone. "I’m sorry, honey, we’re going to have to cancel dinner tonight, there’s a child lost on the mountain," she informed Casey as she walked into the bedroom to change clothes. They had been sitting on the sofa at Jamie’s place watching an old movie, talking, and just cuddling.

"Don’t worry, I understand," Casey answered as she followed Jamie into the bedroom. "I think I will call Amy and see how she is doing. Maybe even get the final plans for the grand opening finished," she told Jamie as she sat down on the bed to watch her get dressed.

"Just be careful and take care of yourself. I don’t like what has been happening around here lately. All of these accidents are just a little too convenient and I don’t like it," Jamie said as she put on her long sleeved, heavy wool shirt over her T-shirt, and tucked it into her worn blue jeans. Even though the early June days were starting to get hotter, Jamie knew the nights were still very cool so she dressed prepared for it. As Jamie tied her hiking boots she made a note to herself to call her mom and dad and have them come over and keep an eye on Casey. She knew Casey would not like it, but she didn’t care. To her Casey’s safety was worth the risk of Casey getting mad at her. She would make it up to her later.

Finished getting ready, Jamie grabbed her backpack and made sure everything was in it she needed. Turning to Casey she took her in her arms and gave her a hug. "You take care of yourself. I don’t want anything to happen to you," she said as she kissed her.

Casey hugged her tight as a sudden feeling of dread came over her. "Hey, you ok?" Jamie asked.

Casey gave her another hug and kiss. "Yes, I’m fine. You just be careful and come back to me safe. I love you, Jamie."

Jamie smiled at her. "I love you too and nothing is going to keep us apart. I’ll be back." They gave each other one last kiss, then Jamie picked up her pack and was out the door.

Jamie wiped the sweat off her brow as she sat down on a fallen tree. She grabbed the water bottle and took a drink. "Here you go, girl," she said as she put some water into a little cup she carried with her for the dog. "Damn, Kaisha, I just don’t understand some parents. The kid is only 8 years old and they let him go hiking by himself. To teach him to be responsible, his father said. I would like to teach that son of a bitch to be responsible, the idiot. Now his son Bobby is out here lost and more than likely scared."

Taking her map out she took a look at the places she already searched. The other two members of her team were searching other areas. Jamie had a feeling about this area that is why she picked it. "It would have helped if they knew where their kid started from or where he was hiking too. But no, the dad left it all up to him. Guys like that don’t deserve to be fathers." Looking over at her dark haired dog she thought. "You know, Kaisha, I know I am good at my job, but maybe I’ve been going at this all wrong. When I was 8 years old and hiking up around here, what was I wanting to look at?"

Jamie looked down at the map again. Fishing, what boy doesn’t like to fish? The parents never said a thing about him having a pole, but then again she never had one half the time she went fishing. "Come on, girl, we’re heading for the lake. It’s getting late and it’s going to be cold tonight. Let’s hope we find him before dark." Jamie grabbed up her pack and took off in the direction of the lake.


"I really like having you both here but you didn’t have to come over. I don’t mind being here by myself," Casey told Jamie’s parents Jenny and Dan Hutch.

Looking at Jenny, Casey could see what Jamie would look like in another 20 years. They looked like they could be sisters instead of mother and daughter, the only difference was

Jenny had hazel eyes. And Jamie’s father was still a very nice looking man in his early fifty’s. He looked too young to be retired, but Jamie had told her he had invested right and made some money. He was tall maybe about 6’ 2" with silver hair and deep green eyes.

"Nonsense, we had nothing planned for tonight anyway. We were happy to come over when Jamie called us. She is worried about you with these accidents happening," Jenny told her. "How is you friend Amy Jamie told us about?"

"I talked to her today, she went home with her mother for a few days, but will be back Saturday for the Grand Opening. She is going to be my bartender. At least for awhile."

"What about her arm, dear? Wasn’t that broken? Can she still make drinks with it?" Jenny questioned.

"That’s what I asked her," Casey answered. "She told me she asked the doctor and he said it wouldn’t hurt if she was careful and didn’t get the cast wet."

"Well, honey, if you need extra help just call. I may be older and haven’t done it for awhile but you are looking at what used to be one of the best bartenders around."

"Not used to be, sweetheart, but still one of the best." Dan winked at his wife.

Jenny smiled over at him. "Why thank you, dear."

"What? Jamie never told me that. When were you a bartender?" Casey asked her.

"Oh my, it was before Jamie was born. She probably never said anything because knowing Jamie you never asked. But if you want to know it was right here in this very same bar and grill that I was a bartender and met the man of my dreams. He happened to own the business across the road." Jenny looked over at Casey with a knowing smile.

"Well I just may take you up on that." Casey smiled back. Thinking how it looked like history was maybe repeating it self.

"Well, girls, I don’t know about you, but it looks like this place is as ready as it is ever going to get. So if you would be so inclined, I would be more than happy to buy you both dinner," Dan told them as he took a hold of each of their arms and walked them towards

the door. After making sure everything was locked up, they took off, walking towards town to dinner.

None of them looked back to see the figure step out of the shadows watching them walk down the street. "Just wait, you bitch, you will get yours and I’m the one that’s going to give it to you."

No one else was around to hear the evil laughing in the night as the wind blew the sound away.

Jamie looked out over the lake, but did not see the boy. "Damn, I was sure he would be here. Well, I might as well call Tom and tell him the news. Maybe one of the others found him and I haven’t heard yet," Jamie said trying to give herself hope. The night was starting to get colder. Just as she unhooked her walkie-talkie Kaisha growled. "What is it, girl? Did you hear something?" Jamie started looking around trying to see or hear what her dog was growling about. But could not find anything. "Go, girl, go find." She gave the command.

Kaisha took off back the way they had come then turned left towards the higher parts of the lake, towards the cliffs. They ran for about a quarter of a mile, when Kaisha came to a stop at the edge of the cliff. Jamie got down on her stomach and looked over the edge at what looked like at one time had been a trail, but rain and time had washed it almost away. Lying on his stomach hanging on for all he was worth to a bush was Bobby, the boy Jamie had been looking for. "Bobby, are you alright?" Jamie yelled down to him.

"Help me please, help me!" the boy started yelling when he spotted Jamie. He started to move but the loose rocks and dirt under him started making him slide closer to the edge of the trail that had nothing to stop him from a sheer drop and death.

"Don’t move, do you hear me? I will get you out of there, just don’t move." Jamie sat up and unclipped her walkie-talkie "Tom, do you hear me? Tom, come in. I found him." Within a few seconds she heard an answer to her call.

"Jamie, this is Tom. Where are you?"

"I’m in area A15 on the cliffs by the lake. He is over the side, hanging on. I am going after him. Call and get the others over here in case I need help."

"Will do. They will get there as fast as they can. Be careful. Tom out."

Jamie put the walkie-talkie in the pack then pulled out a rope and climbing harness. Looking around she found a strong tree trunk that was close enough to the edge that she would be able to hook the rope around safely. She put on the climbing harness and made sure it was secured. Then taking the end of the rope that had the clip on it, she clipped it to the harness at the waist. Putting a pair of gloves on she carefully started to lower herself over the edge.

"Stay, Kaisha," she told the dog to make sure she would not try to follow. Slowly she made her way to the child. Slipping every so many feet. Finally she was beside the boy. "Alright now, I want you to put your arms around my neck, hold on tight, and don’t let go." But just as she started to help him come to her, he let go of the bush and jumped at her. Jamie did not expect that so the force of the boy’s weight sent them both over the edge.

They fell till the rope came to the end and stopped suddenly. Swinging from the end of the rope that was clipped to her waist, Jamie hung on to the boy by his hands. The boy started screaming and twisting around. "Shit, damn it! Stop moving or I am going to drop you."

"Now I want you to do what I tell you. Do you understand?" She waited for the boy to nod his head yes. "Ok, I am going to pull you up and you are going to put your arms around my neck and hold on. Can you do that?" Again the boy nodded. "Ok, here we go."

Jamie pulled with all her might to bring the boy up to her enough for him to get his arms around her neck. Once the boy was hanging on tight, Jamie grabbed the rope and got herself turned around enough to start pulling them up the rope.

It was a long hard climb, but Jamie was finally able to get them back to the trail and up to the top of the cliff. By the time she pulled them back over the edge, her arms felt like jelly. She laid there trying to get her breath back to normal. Kaisha came over and gave her face a lick and then laid down beside her. As soon as she felt like she could, she stood and helped the boy up.

"Can you walk?" she asked him. He just nodded yes. "Ok, let’s start walking down the mountain. We should run into the others, hopefully." Jamie picked up her pack, took the boy’s hand, and started walking with Kaisha running up ahead. "Ok, Bobby."

He looked at her. "Yes," Bobby answered nervously.

Jamie smiled at him. "Ok, while we are walking you can tell me, what the hell you thought you were doing on that trail?" she asked him as they started walking after she called Tom and told him where they were headed.

"Thanks for calling me, Tom. Yes, I was starting to get worried, bye." Casey hung up the phone and turned to Jamie’s parents who were straightening up the card game they decided to play until they heard some news. "He said Jamie found the boy, they are both ok, and they are heading home."

"Well, that’s good. I’m so glad she found him. That father should be hung out to dry for letting a boy that age go off by himself," Jenny told them as she shuffled the deck of cards she had in her hands.

"Well, knowing our daughter, I have a feeling he will find out real soon what a mistake he made." Dan gave them all a knowing smile.

They settled back down to finish the game they had started while they waited for Jamie to get home. After a few games they were ready for a break. Jenny and Casey went into the kitchen to fix drinks and a snack. Dan went to see if there was any news about the rescue of the boy on TV.

"Hey, you two, get in here fast! Jamie is on TV!" he yelled at the two women.

Jenny and Casey hurried from the kitchen into the living room to see what was being said about the rescue. They all listened to the news reporter tell about the boy and how he had gone up the mountain by himself. He turned to Jamie and asked about the rescue. She told them where she had found Bobby and how the rescue had all went. Things were going just fine till Bobby’s father opened his mouth and told everyone if his son had been more responsible, he wouldn’t have had to get himself rescued. Then next thing anyone knew Jamie was standing over Bobby’s father, who was out cold on the ground. No one had even seen her move.

"Told you Jamie would show him his mistake," Dan proudly said of his daughter.

All Casey and Jenny could say was, "Oh my."

Dan turned the TV off as he stood up. Just as he was about to ask them if they needed any help with the snacks, he saw a flash of movement out the window. Going over to the window to get a better look, he saw the shed in the back of the bar and grill on fire. "Shit, Jenny, call the fire department fast!" he yelled at them as he ran out the door. Seeing what he was talking about, Jenny grabbed the phone as Casey followed him.

An hour later the fire was out, but the shed was gone. Bits of smoking wood were all that was left of it. Dan, Casey, and Jenny were all covered in smoke, ash, and mud as they tried to put out the fire with the water hose and shovels before the fire trucks got there.

"Miss Marks," the Fire Chief said as he walked up to her. "Sorry we couldn’t save the shed. This was not an accident. Someone had soaked the shed in gas. The only thing we could do was make sure it didn’t spread to your business or home."

Casey was beside herself not knowing why this was happening. "You did a great job, Chief, and I thank you very much for it. I just don’t understand why this is happening. What did we do wrong? Why is someone doing this to us?"

Dan came over and gave her a hug. "You haven’t done a damn thing wrong and we’ll find out who is doing this, I promise."

On a hill behind Casey’s house a dark figure stood there watching the action in the distance. "You got off lucky this time, bitch, but I am not done with you yet. I will make you pay for wrecking my life. Now it’s my turn to wreck yours. Just wait till that girlfriend of yours finds the little surprise I have waiting for her. Oh, she is going to love it." The figure started laughing. "Love it, oh yes, she will. Faster and faster the bitch, she goes where she stops who knows?"

The laugh got louder and louder as the figure kept talking to himself about the fun he was going to have with the girls.

Jamie was tired and just wanted to get home. She could feel a headache coming on. "Damn stupid reports, I could have been home an hour ago if I didn’t have to make out all of those reports."

And then she thought back to Tom yelling at her for hitting Bobby’s father. Luckily Tom made a deal with him. He would not press charges on Jamie for hitting him and Tom would not press charges on him for child endangerment for sending his 8-year-old son into the woods alone. All Jamie could think about was she did not hit him enough.

"I sure will be glad to get home, huh, Kaisha? All I want right now is my girl." She gave the dog sitting beside here a fast look. "Yeah, I know what you want. A nice big juicy bone, right?" Jamie smiled to herself. Thinking of Casey and just wanting to be with her.

Jamie was coming up to a sharp turn so she started slowing the Jimmy down. As she stepped on the brake nothing happened. "What the hell?" She stepped on it again and again, but nothing happened. Instead of slowing down the Jimmy started going faster. She tried shifting gears and even tried to turn the key off. They were coming up to the turn, the Jimmy was going too fast, Jamie knew there was not a thing she could do about it.

"Damn, it why now? Hang on, Kaisha, we’re not going to make it!" she yelled as she threw her arms around her dog. The scream "Casey" could be heard as darkness filled the night.



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