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Sex -yes, mentioned - but not done. Toys get a mention, too. It is two women - and one of them is under age, so if you know you shouldn't - don't.

Oh - for non-UK readers. The age of consent for sex in Britain is 16. You can't drink or vote until 18 but at 16 you can shag anything that moves!

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The Day After

By Insane Englishwoman

Part Five

Sam caught the cushion and tucked it behind her head, grinning. "Thanks!"

The older woman shook her head, smiling, as she returned to her task. Something fell from the fresh bundle of clothing she'd selected as next to be sorted. It hit the floor with a slight thud.

Sam stood up sharply.

"Hello-hello? What's this then?"

She strode over to stand beside Sally. Who had stooped swiftly to pick up the dropped item. But not quite swiftly enough. She was still rising as Sam's hand covered hers, the object in question now gripped tightly by both of them. To Sam's total amazement Sally's face turned scarlet.

Sam let go and stepped back.

"Well, whatever that is must be pretty spectacular if it can 'make the galled jade wince'. Sam smiled.

"Shakespeare" said Sally; not meeting Sam's eyes. "You like Shakespeare?"

"Hamlet. I love Shakespeare, but don't think you're changing the subject." Sam reached a hand out, cupping Sally's chin and turning her head. Until Sally was forced to look at her. The woman's colour was returning to normal now. "I didn't wince, I blushed!"

Smiling again Sam cocked her head sideways and quizzed, "Wince, blush, same difference. Well?"

"Well, what?"

"Exactly. What! What is it that, when dropped, can make a woman who can calmly discuss her career as a prostitute without any sign of discomfort or embarrassment suddenly turn the colour of a bottle of claret?"

By way of an answer Sally extended her arm towards Sam, opening her hand as she did so.

"Ah." Sam picked up the dildo and examined it. "Heard about these. Never seen one before, though. Why... I mean what would...." It was Sam's turn to colour up. Though she didn't do it quite as spectacularly as Sally had. Taking a deep breath she tried again.

"This is for personal use not professional?"

"Yes." Sally waited to see where Sam was going with the question.

"Why, if you have to..... I mean if your job involves working with the real sort all day... well not ALL day but you know what I mean........why would you want a fake one as well?" There was genuine puzzlement showing in the girl's voice.

"We'd better sit down again. I sense a long explanation coming here. But first... Sam, do you ever ask nice simple, easy questions?"

The girl grinned again. "Easy questions get easy answers; you learn nothing from easy answers. If you want to learn the questions have to be difficult and the answers complex. I want to learn."

"Are you sure you're not really 45 with an incredible, undetectable, plastic surgery history? You're young; you aren't supposed to be that wise."

"God, I'm not wise - just too damned nosey for my own good. Maybe I'm just really, really intelligent?" Sam puffed out her chest, blew on her nails and polished them on her shirt. All the while attempting to look angelic. She failed miserably.

The woman chucked. "You know something Sam. I've laughed more in the past few days you've been here than in the entire two years prior to your arrival!"

Sam swept her arm around and down into an extravagant bow.

"I live to serve."

"Come on you. Sit at the table. I need another cup of tea and then we'll talk."

A few minutes later they were sitting sipping their tea. Sam reached over and plonked the dildo into the centre of the table and growled in her best Humphrey Bogart accent, "start talking, babe".

"Oh boy! Where to start? Men are my job. That's all. As I said before I feel nothing when they are doing whatever they do. But when I touch myself.."

Sally paused and looked at the girl, checking to see if Sam knew what she meant. Sam was nodding. 'Silly', Sally thought to herself, 'Sam might be young but she's had two girlfriends and she doesn't seem to have hang-ups about sex at all. Of course she knows!'

"Well, I like to have something inside me sometimes. And believe me I feel that!"

Sam gave a throaty chuckle.

"Sam, did anybody ever tell you, you have a filthy laugh."

"All the time! So that's all you use it for?"

"No. I have a harness for it, too. When I have a girlfriend I sometimes like to be.... erm.... to have her do me with this instead of her hands." Sally stood up and went to the wardrobe, returning with the leather harness. She put the dildo in it and held the ensemble against her hips.

Sam studied it for a moment before breaking out her crooked grin again.

Sally felt her stomach lurch and was faintly horrified to realise that she as attracted to this young butch. And she had a terrible feeling that Sam was far too young. She forced her attention back to the words Sam was speaking.

"I'm surprised that you can actually shag when one of you puts that on. I would have thought you'd fall out of bed laughing!"

Sally giggled.

"I see your point. And yes, it does look funny at first. But once you're into it, well....... no man could ever make me feel the way a talented woman using that can"

Sally hesitated, placing the toy back onto the table before continuing. "Not everyone likes them. There's a movement starting that says we shouldn't. But I do. And I think that every butch who wants to please their partner should at least know how one works. Even if she never uses it."

Sam picked the toy up and turned it over in her hand. Staring at it without speaking for four or five minutes. Without looking up she said softly, "show me."

"Sam. No. I can't do that. You're young. I'm a working girl. It's not right."

Sam interrupted her. Raising her head and looking Sally straight in the eye. Her gaze intense.

"I'm old enough to have slept with two women. Old enough to know what I like and what I want. Old enough to really enjoy what I do. Old enough to want to learn to do it better."

She held the toy out to Sally. Louder but more determined she repeated her request.

"Show me"

There was a very long silence.

The woman realised that wanted to do this; but at the same time was very aware that, probably, she shouldn't.

Sam simply stated once more, "Show me".

Sally stared into Sam's eyes.


That single word did it.

"Oh, why the hell not. Alright."

Sam grinned, by far the broadest that the woman had seen yet.

"Come on then. I'll teach you. Into the bedroom with you then and I'll show you how to put it on. But Sam..."

The girl stopped her dash for the bedroom and turned back. A question in her raised eyebrow.

"It goes both ways. "

Puzzled Sam gazed at her. The realisation set in.


Sam looked uncomfortable and there was a very, very long silence. Sally finally grasped the problem. She walked to where Sam was and forced the girl's head up.

"Butch pride, Sam? I'm not asking you to turn for me. I'm not threatening your status. I'm not even suggesting you should ever do it again. But you did say you wanted to learn."

Sam swallowed nervously.

"Yeah. You're right. If I'm gonna learn how to use it properly I need to know how it feels, right?"

Sally nodded.

"Ok. Deal. Now c'mon. I got some studying to do, Teach!"

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