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Chapter Six: Feed

Faith was panicking. She'd just come down with a sudden, raging case of hopefully temporary straight-up externalized internal homophobia. She did not do chicks, especially not that chick. Going into that room would be the complete opposite of distancing herself from them...from Buffy .

“She's got a boyfriend, or have you forgotten him already?” Faith smiled derisively, “Hell, Xander would cream his jeans at the thought of gettin' between her dimpled knees. I bet Red would even part those porcelain virgin thighs if it meant savin' her precious Princess B.”

Mmm ,” Buffy moaned, “ Yes, please ?”

“Oh, God,” Joyce sobbed.

Faith pressed her lips together and gritted her teeth. Joyce was crying again, the tears rolling slow down her cheeks. Faith heard Buffy shift restlessly and she reached behind herself, grabbing hold of the doorknob as a precaution. She could already see the lecture forming on Giles' lips.

“Don't even go there, Rupert, old chap ,” Faith's eyes went cold, “I know my sacred duty, and layin' out flat on my back givin' it up to your precious Buffy ain't even in the bylines.”

“Faith, I never said it was,” Giles said heatedly, “I was simply acknowledging the fact that you are, of the available options, the only one fully capable of surviving the feedings intact.”

“I--I can't listen to this anymore,” Joyce fled down the stairs.

Watcher Mine does have a point,” Buffy drawled, “Right now I could probably ride a human ‘til he breaks, and the guilt wouldn't even hit ‘til after I finally came down for a little while.”

“Shut up,” Faith muttered halfheartedly.

“The rather unnecessary mental imagery aside, i--it is a valid point,” Giles agreed, flustered, “And, too...Angel, Mr. Osbourne, and yourself are most likely the only ones who have the stamina required to satiate her in a safe, contained manner. Angel is not an option, and I believe Mr. Osbourne would be a risky proposition, due to his condition being as contagious as it is.”

“So fuckin' what?” Faith shrugged, “Stake Angel out as a sacrificial lamb and let B stuff herself ‘til she pops her cork. Then she can put the vampire out of his Goddamned misery.”

“Oh, I do like the sound of that,” Buffy moaned throatily, “That way everyone can get a happy this time. Faith won't have to admit she needs me, the rest of you are safe, comfortable little humans, and I finally get some one on one time with Angelus so I can teach him a thing or two.”

Faith felt her insides twist with something dark and she didn't even bother to attempt to refute Buffy's taunting accusation. As terrified as she was of the thought of what it would mean for her if she went back into the bathroom, she hated the thought of anybody else going in. She was trapped, between herself and the open stairwell that would lead her out of there. Feeling the Slayer still stirring restlessly under her skin, Faith wryly admitted that it wasn't even really a question.

“Are you even hearin' yourself anymore, Buffy ?” Faith laughed scornfully as she abruptly swung around to face the door, slapping her hands against the wall on either side, “Even bitten by an Incubus, you still can't let loose long enough to teach me anything, and I'm standin' right here .”

A deep, growling breath, and then, “ Don't push me, Faith .”

“Or what, you'll moan at me some more?” Faith grinned maliciously, “I'm right outside a fuckin' unlocked door, and you're just standin' there tremblin' like a clueless virgin on prom night.”

“Faith, perhaps it isn't wise to antagonize--”

Not even a glance. “Stay out of it, G.”

“Do not ... fuck with me, Faith ,” Breathless, so aggressive it made Faith's teeth hurt.

“Ain't that the point, Twinkie?” Faith drawled.


It had taken everything Buffy had to gather up the shards of her control after Faith had gotten safely out of sight. She'd even managed to follow along with most of what they had said in their discussion, at least enough to understand what was wrong with her. Of course, she hadn't quite been able to restrain her mouth, but it was one or the other, and it was her body that was betraying her at the moment. Buffy was already having difficulties with the fact that she didn't care in the slightest anymore.

Nope, Buffy Anne Summers didn't care at all anymore that she wasn't supposed to be like this ; the Slayer was now in charge. She remembered why she should be horrified by her behavior, but she currently wasn't big with things like human morals and decency. Still, she'd been giving it her all, being a good little Slayer, and letting them feel safe...mostly because it was amusing. Then Faith just had to go and do that stupid thing where her big mouth was open and words were coming out.

It feels like thunder

When we're slowly digging in

It kind of makes me wonder

About the lovers that have been

Buffy twisted the doorknob in a grip so tight the brass was crushed and she pulled the door open, startling Giles. Grabbing hold of the door frame to steady herself, Buffy closed her eyes as she exhaled shakily. Her body was humming with expectation. She met Faith's gaze again, and finally... willingly , Buffy gave into the ache that cut so deep she knew it would never heal.

Lying in my bed with her hands tied up

I knew it all along that it wasn't enough

‘Cause when I got a taste of you

I found something to sink my teeth into

“You ready?” Buffy whispered.

“Let's cut loose,” Faith drawled.

Huh ,” Buffy's eyes cut to Giles briefly, her lips curling back to bare even white teeth in a savage smile that said everything she was feeling, “ Tell me, Watcher Mine , is it possible for me to infect her, too? If I bury my teeth in her throat like I'm itching to, will she ever stop craving me?”

It's an ache that never heals

It's the deepest cut you feel

It's the thing in you that feeds

The animal in me

“You need to clear the fuck out of here, G,” Faith never looked away from Buffy.

Buffy lunged at Faith, tackling her across the hallway. Faith hit the far wall with a grunt and Buffy grabbed her by the hips, drawing her away from the wall to turn her around. She shoved Faith up against the wall again, grabbing her arms and jerking them up overhead. She kicked Faith's legs apart and molded herself against Faith's back, finding the fit to be perfect.

It's the darker side of lust

It's the other side of us

It's the thing in you that feeds

The animal in me

“You going to feed me, F?” Buffy's hips rocked forward, “Can we drown in each other after?”

“How ‘bout I drown you right now?”

I want to be your last breath

Before we suffocate

A kiss you can't forget

Like a wedding on a rainy day

She felt more alive than she did when she came up out of The Master's cave. Her heart was pounding like a freight train in the pit of her chest. She was trembling from the chills that were shooting up and down her spine. She would be completely disgusted with herself if they survived this thing they were standing on the precipice of, but Buffy still didn't care about anything else.

The chills keep shooting down the back of my neck

Like a freight train pounding in the pit of my chest

Cause when I got a taste of you

I found something to sink my teeth into

Buffy brushed the damp, curly brunette hair over Faith's shoulder, exposing the column of her neck to Buffy's hungry gaze. Her eyes traced the tendons that stood out in stark relief, seeing the blood that rushed through the veins under that pale, olive-toned skin. She inhaled the scents of lust and fear, sweat and blood, love and hate, human and Slayer, and pressed her mouth to Faith's pulse. She sucked and licked, making promises with her mouth, teasing and threatening with little nips.

Lips stinging from Faith's heat, Buffy whispered, “This is going to hurt, Faith .”

She wasn't referring to the pain she now had every intention of inflicting. She was talking about what came after for them. Some part of her knew they would survive this, and already she could sense the distant shame that would probably overwhelm her. Buffy felt Faith take a deep breath.

“It already does, B .”

It's a hurt that never heals

It's the deepest cut you feel

It's the thing in you that feeds

The animal in me

To Be Continued in Chapter Seven

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