Shannon wasn't surprised when she woke the psychic was already up and waiting for her, she was even less surprised when Bud was included in the journey to the mainland. Making sure her back up team was ready, at the stroke of five all of them were boarding the ferry. She kept Jenny in her sights the whole time of the trip, keeping enough space between them so not to crowd her. She took the time to study the woman surrounded with other people. She started to pick up on subtle signs of the guarded woman's emotions. Her first discovery was Jenny used her mirror sunglasses like a weapon to anyone who was looking at her. Keeping her face stonic to all that were curious. The more Shannon watched the more she realized no matter how much the psychic appeared cold and aloof, the truth was she was terrified of being in the world again.

When the ferry docked two cars were waiting, with a final brief conversation with her team she opened the door and got in.

“ You doing ok?” Shannon clicked the seatbelt into place, starting the engine but instead of moving off she waited.

“ Not really…” Jenny turned her head from the window and gave a very unconvincing smile. “ But I'll live.”

Shannon answered the brief smile, her eyes going to the back seat and bud's head sticking out the window and his tongue licking at the wind. “ I think he's enjoying it.”

Jenny looked back, this time a genuine smile coming. “ He doesn't get to go in cars much.”

Shannon frowned as she pushed the car into gear and moved off. “ He isn't going to hurl is he?”

Jenny snorted. “ God I hope not… I'm right in front of him. Bud get down.”

With an indignant exhale the dog took his place on the back seat, finding a seatbelt a lot more interesting.

Shannon glanced into the rear view making sure the back up car was in her sights. “ So? Where to first?” she didn't need to look at her passenger to know she had just tensed.

“ The first victim… Dawn Webster.” The psychics voice was so low the engine changing gear virtually covered it as Shannon simply nodded, clicking the indicator to head in the direction. While Jenny's gaze didn't flinch from her gaze at nothing.

The journey took roughly about an hour, the whole time nothing was said inside the car. Shannon was using the time to make sure no one was following other than her back up team, occasionally she glanced over at her silent passenger. Shannon wanted to start some sort of conversation, but something always stopped her.

While Jenny mind was being kept occupied, she was going over the whole case. All the clues, all the evidence, once again the feeling she was missing something niggled into subconscious. After a while she pushed it away, instead now breaking down what she did know. No matter what way she did look at it, it all came to the same answer. She was missing something.

Feeling the car slow pulled her back to where she was.

The area looked like it had come out of Eden itself, no clue or mark gave away the fact just a week ago the first body had been found by the bridge of the lake at the center of the large park area. The summer's day was still in full bloom even though it was now after eight o'clock. The hour meant that the area was now void of younger children, now was a time for the adolescence to use it for biking and roller skates. A time for lovers, poets and artists.

As they left the car, Jenny clicked the lead onto buds collar, he looked up with an indignant look.

“ No way buddy boy, not a chance in hell I'm letting you loose in here.” Buds answer was to give his best puppy dog look then turn his attention to the trees.

Shannon closed the door, her eyes going to the parked car opposite, nodding as Jane made eye contact. Pocketing the keys she moved around to Jenny's side of the car.” Doesn't he mix well with other dogs?”

Jenny smiled. “ yes he does, so much so he forgets who he's with and gets himself lost.”

Shannon returned the smile then inhaled, for a moment she debated calling the whole thing off, but instead she steeled herself.” So? You want to go straight to the area?”

All emotion drained from the psychics face, almost a stone gaze rose to face the detectives. “ Yes.”

She quickly whirled and with a tug on the lead, started striding towards the lake. Caught off guard, Shannon had to jog to keep up, glancing back to see Jane caught off guard too and run to catch them.

Jenny didn't need a map to tell her where she was going, she could pick up the subtle essence of death caressing the air, and she simple followed the string that tugged and showed her the way. Even Bud seemed to be slowing in his pulling as his own senses recognized it. Sending a soothing sound to her dog, she turned off the main path to the lake, instead heading further into the grouping of trees.

Shannon now kept slightly back, her original strides slowing to give the woman up ahead enough space, her blue eyes scanned the area. Her own senses on high alert, a sound to her left caused her head to snap around, her hand dipping in to rest under her jacket to the gun on her hip, narrowing her eyes she concentrated, only satisfied when a bird broke from the over head trees. Her attention went back to in front of her, just in time to reach up and move a branch that would have smacked her in the face, ducking under it to clear the overhang, she looked up and stilled.

Jenny was stood frozen, her hands out in front of her palms up to the slight breeze that suddenly seemed to dip in temperature. Her head tilted to one side, her face pale. Shannon 's eyes dipped to the dog, which was backing away, his hackles rising. He came to a stop by the detective's feet looking up and giving a low whine. Shannon dropped her hand to his head offering a smile of assurance, although inside she was feeling anything but assured right then. She knew this place, she had been called out when the body was found. Jenny was standing exactly where the victim had lay, the bridge to the left of them the silent witness. She felt tingles on her skin again, looking down she wasn't surprised to see all the hairs were standing up. A sound behind her made her turn, breaking the spell for a moment, seeing Jane approach the detective shook her head signaling for her to fall back to the path, Jane nodded and retreated. Shannon waited not sure if she should move forward her eyes returned to the psychic.

Jenny closed her mind, closed her senses, pushing away the confusion coming from detective and the growing fear of the dog. She centered her inner self, opening the locked part of her mind, she inhaled sharply, second by second she moved time, and through her inner eye she watched the past.

Shannon felt it again, the tingling, like electricity sparking in the air, bud's whimper pulled her attention again and she return to the downward strokes on his fur. Finding that as much as it seemed to calm him, it calmed her. All the time her eyes went back to the psychic. Blinking for a moment She thought she saw something, almost an aura of light, of power, but just as quickly as the eyelid crossed the detectives eye the image was gone.

Jenny started walking, the move surprising the detective as she noticed through the edge of the sunglasses that the woman's eyes were still closed.

Bud whimpered looking up at her then towards his mistress, his eyes unsure.

“ Shh. It's ok you stay her, I'll keep an eye on her ok… but no wandering off.”

He looked again to his mistress then lay down. Looking up with an “ arroff .”

Shannon smiled “ Good boy.” With that said she started to follow in her ward's footsteps.

Jenny moved through the trees, ducking and stepping over things without pausing her stride.

Shannon followed close behind having a harder time navigating the branches and foliage, amazed that Jenny was doing this all with her eyes closed. Shannon stumbled through the branches, almost tripping as she cleared it. She reached out grabbing the trunk of the tree. “ Son of bitch.”

“ He came in here.”

Shannon spun, her hand reaching for her gun, the psychics voice totally catching her by surprise so close to her ear. The surprise vanished and turned to confusion as she found the woman standing on the far side of the clearing. “ What?” she swallowed trying to control her heart rate, finally she got it enough under control to step forward. “ He?”

Jenny looked up, her arms already coming up to wrap around herself. “ Yes He…He brought her this way, using the river.”

Her head tilted, nodding slightly. Shannon followed her gaze, seeing the rivers surface glistening through the trees.

“ He had a boat, a small one probably rented, I'm not sure. But I do know he went the way we just came, he carried her, almost like he cared. “ She paused. “ She was wrapped in plastic, under that she had the shroud. He placed her down, it was just before dawn, he likes that time, and it leaves him in shadows. He unwrapped the plastic, taking the same care as when he carried her… all the violence and death was done long before he came to this place. This wasn't part of that, this was…” She frowned. “ This was his way of honoring her.”

The emotion vanished from her voice, returning to the unemotional one she had begun with. “ He removed the plastic carefully, he is always aware of leaving any trace, he takes the plastic with him each time. This is the first body you found, but it isn't the first time he has used the covering. There is already a taint of death on it.”

For a moment Jenny got caught up in the scene, watching in the third person as the killer pulled the body from the boat. Cradling it in his arms as he walked towards her, she closed her eyes as the past ghost moved through her body continuing into the tree line. She shuddered as she tapped into his emotions.

Shannon wasn't sure what to believe. But what the woman said made some sort of sense, they had blanketed the area with CSI, even the FBI had searched the area for evidence. But as it was the first case the search had been through but different to the rest. All Shannon did know the psychic believed what she was saying, she stood watching the psychics head turn and moved slowly as if watching an unseen figure. She even turned her own gaze to the empty space.

Jenny's voice began once again pulling the detectives focus back.

“ He doesn't feel remorse for the killing, but he feels its his responsibility for the body, he wants to make sure she isn't out here alone to long, he doesn't want any animal to desecrate her. He… he sees the body as a beautiful thing… a temple, but he doesn't see her as that. To him, the person she was doesn't exist anymore.”

Shannon was spellbound by Jenny's voice, all her usual attention to detail and sense of danger around her had vanished, all that mattered to her right then and there was Jenny. She was pulled to it.

The psychic moved forward stepping closer to the detective. Sudden emotion coming into her voice. “ This gives him such a feeling of power Shannon , a euphoria bigger than any drug.”

Shannon blinked realizing Jenny was now standing right in front of her. Wondering why she hadn't seen her move.

“ He likes it Shannon , and the more he does it the more he needs. Each time he kills the potency looses its kick to his system. He's becoming addicted to the feeling, its overriding the sane part of his mind that wants to lay tests and clues.”

Shannon scoffed finally finding her voice again and breaking the pull she felt. “ Sane?”

“ Not sane in the way you place it, he would be classed as insane in our society's system.”

Shannon needed to move away, the feelings inside her confusing her more than ever. She walked towards the tree line stepping through onto the bank of the river, glancing up and down. “ You say he came this way, can you follow him.” She heard the twig snap next to her knowing Jenny was now standing just behind her.

“ No, water is a hard path to follow.”

Shannon turned her head. “ Why?”

“ It's a living entity of its own.”

Jenny had to smile at the frown that covered the detective face. “ I don't mean a breathing one like us, its an eternal one, its filled with so many different types of life as you would understand, but the water itself is life. It holds its own energy.”

Shannon 's frown intensified, she looked back at the water. “ and that makes it hard to follow a… a.” she scratched the back of her neck, having no idea what she was saying, or even meaning.

“ It makes it impossible to tap into for me, the only way I can is if there is a life essence involved.”

Shannon saw the shadow of sadness fall across the woman's face, she wondered if she was remembering the case with the boy. She wanted to ask, but knew now wasn't the time. She looked around. “ You keep mentioning an essence, what the hell is that?”

Jenny smiled, turning her head briefly and watching the tree line. Shannon couldn't help but to follow with her eyes. They both watched as bud broke into the clearing his tail wagging and heading for them. Jenny dipped catching his front paws as he jumped up at her. “ Yes yes I know... It's fine. I'm fine.” She ruffled his fur, pushing him down, laughing at his antics to get up.

Shannon couldn't help smiling.

Jenny laughed again as bud managed to get in a lick to her face, she knelt down running her hands over her fur, taking in the love he offered, she glanced up, her smile freezing in place as she met the gaze of the detectives. They stayed like that just looking.

Brown canine eyes glanced to each of them in turn, his lip curled up into an almost smile.

Shannon broke the gaze first her attention going back to the river. She wasn't sure why but the breeze around her was warm on her skin, even though the trees surrounding her cut all direct light form the sun. “ The essence, what is that?”

Jenny cleared her throat, well aware of what she was feeling. Lust, passion, want, need. Things that she hadn't allowed herself to feel for a long time. Buds paw to her chin broke her into her turmoil. She looked down at him, smiling at the look he was giving her. “ The essence is what I call it, some cultures do too, depending on what you read.” She rose picking up a stick and throwing it, watching bud take off after it. She turned her attention back to the detective. “ It's the power within us, its in every living breathing thing, its threads of life, pain, love, anger, shame, to name but a few of the emotions. The stronger the emotion the stronger the essence. Its light, it's a streaming energy that leaves a residue, a key if you like for me to follow, or others who know how to look for it and find it. “

Shannon looked across the river seeing the path of the far side. “ Can you smell it?”

Jenny half laughed then bit back the rest as blue eyes snapped around to her. “ Sorry I'm not laughing at you… “

Blues eyes looked doubtfully back.

“ I'm not… its just.. Well my nose can't smell it but I suppose yea a part of me knows the scent in a way. Mostly I can feel it, not by touching it as you would but… well all over me, through me. The part I can see, I suppose you would recognize if I called it an aura.”

Shannon nodded. “ Yea I've heard of that, that we all have one.”

“ The ancient Aztecs believe that your aura was your spirit warrior the protection around you, that when you died in battle the spirit would remain within the tribe and during battles or times of war, the high priestess could call upon the spirit warriors to help protect their people. They were known as the Shadow Warriors, but they weren't a solid form, more of an energy. There are so many descriptions and legends Shannon , its kinda hard to explain just one.”

Jenny paused watching the detective's face, relieved to find genuine curiosity rather than disbelief. “ Myths, histories and fables, each mention the essence of life, even Christianity does so and calls it the soul. Different interpretations, different words, different translations.”

Shannon turned this time. “ You saying there isn't such a thing as a soul?”

Jenny sighed. “ No, I'm not, all I'm saying is as much as you are finding what I'm telling you is hard to understand or even believe, there is too much written through the ages, its just called different names.”

“ But with things like this you can't psychically touch something to feel the connection, I mean like you told me about not to touch you? Or being in crowds?”

“ No, a living thing is different, I feel the emotions a lot stronger, being around a lot of people is like someone dumping a million different things on my skin and body, hence why I have to erect the walls I told you about… The same with someone who touches me when I'm not aware or ready I will pick up on their emotion at the time and sometimes that shows me the link to that emotion.”

For a moment the scene of the shooting and Shannon 's flash of pain entered her head, she shook it clear, turning her attention back to the detective.

“ The dead…” Jenny swallowed. “ The dead or something in the past is different… I have to seek a thread out to follow. Any scene of violence or an unnatural death leaves a different residue, in a way a stronger one. I can seek that out.”

“ So you follow the essence?”

Jenny nodded.

“ But how do you see things, I mean you talk as if you can see the past like watching a movie or something?”

A smile twitched on Jenny's face. “ It is in a way but its more vivid because I feel it, I smell the air, I breath the sweetness, if its raining I feel it on my skin. I suppose the best way to explain it is I tap into the energy the essence and let it take me to the point I want to be in... Then I can… I can well, see through the eyes of the person I'm attached too, but I can also move back and see if from I suppose the camera mans point of view. I pick up on emotions. I can't read thoughts remember, so I have to feel the emotions, pain, anger, need, want, fear…. The list goes on.”

Shannon frown deepened.

“ You don't believe any of this do you?” Jenny felt the frustration inside rise, the one that always did when she had to explain her life, her talent.

The detective found herself wanting to believe, but how could she, how could she wrap her sane trained mine around the fact this woman was standing here trying to convince her that moments ago she had seen the killer from the past. Sighing she shook her head. “ Guess I'm still your doubting Thomas.”

Jenny gave a sad smile. “ I guess so.”

Blue eyes turned back to the water. “ So this essence can't survive in that.”

“ No, it gets mixed and lost.”

“ Kinda like a blood hound loses its scent over water?”

Jenny's eyes snapped up surprised that Shannon had so quickly come up with a simple analogy of what she was trying to explain. “ Yes... Exactly.”

Shannon turned grinning. “ Not bad for a doubting Thomas right?”

Jenny laughed, then her attention went to bud as he stopped sniffing under a log his eyes going to the trees. Before Jenny could call him Shannon 's voice broke over.

“ Don't worry it's just Jane, I'm surprised she stayed away this long, she not known for her patience.”

Jenny looked to the trees again not seeing anyone, but catching the faint knowing feeling inside of someone being there, she eyes moved back to Shannon , a questioning look coming to her face. “How did you know that?”

“ Know what?”

“ That it was Jane?”

Shannon shrugged, “ Just knew. Always do.”

Jane at that moment broke clear of trees, tripping over the same log Shannon had had trouble with, coming to a halt at the bottom of the ditch, looking up she found three pairs of eyes locked on her, she blushed.

Shannon grinned moving away from Jenny. “ Great keeping out of sight technique you got there. Jane.”

Jane gave her a sheepish look. “ Well you've been gone for over an hour.” She rose brushing the brambles from her jeans.

Shannon paused in mid stride. “ An hour.” She quickly looked down at her watch. Then back over to Jenny who was still looking at with the frown. “ What?”

Jenny shook her head. “ Nothing.”

Shannon studied her for moment then when she saw Jenny wasn't going to tell her. She sighed knowing she was missing something. “ Jen are we finished here?”

Jenny looked around sadly. “ Yes, I'd like to go to the next one. Amy Long, wasn't it?”

Shannon nodded, watching as Jenny picked up the lead and re-attached it to bud before heading back towards the car. She became aware of Jane's gaze following the woman as well. She walked up to Jane. “ I don't know if I believe her or not, but I do know she believes it.”

Jane nodded. “ Yea, she still scares the shit out of me though.”

Shannon blinked. “ She does?”

“ Yea, doesn't she you?” Jane looked up at her friend.

Shannon thought realizing at no point had she been afraid. “ no.”

“ How on earth can you not be freaked by the fact she says she sees dead people?”

“ She didn't say she could see ghosts Jane, just the past.”

Jane frowned. “ And the difference is?”

Shannon didn't have an answer. Her eyes were keeping the psychic form in sight, “ come on lets get going and try not to fall over anything.” She stepped back into the foliage.

“ Har, har.” Jane moved to follow then stumbled, “ shit.”

Shannon looked back giving a smirk.

Jane flicked an unidentifiable sticky thing of her hand, panicking when it still clung to it, “ oh shut up.” Finally she rubbed it down her jeans in disgust.

Shannon 's laugh echoed as she jogged to catch up with the psychic.

The car journey to the next victim's site was a duplicate of the first, neither Shannon or Jenny talked. Arriving at the area, Shannon let the psychic lead again, keeping far enough back to keep her in sight.

Jenny moved into the area, heading again without instruction towards the exact place. This one was a rundown area running parallel with the train tracks, the body had been found laid out with the shroud on the upper bank. The passengers on the ten thirty train had seen it, commenting on the fact that the body looked like a renaissance painting. The psychic moved over the fencing stopping at the site, once again her eyes closed and her hands extended.

Shannon paused on the other side of the fence line, her eyes scanning the area. Jane as usual stayed back. Shannon looked down when she felt the dog brush against her leg, seeing the same response in him. Smiling she hunched down, allowing her hand to once again calm him and herself. The detective felt the pull again, she let her eyes go to psychic. Inhaling sharply as she felt the tingling start on her skin.

This time Jenny didn't stay as long she walked back. The train passing above them made them both jump at the sudden assault of noise and vibration. Shannon rose, waiting.

Jenny pushed her hair back from her face stopping in front of the detective.

“ He walked along the tracks. He carried her like the last one, using the same plastic sheeting to wrap her in. he knew the train times, knew he wouldn't be seen. He wanted the passengers to see her like they did. Wanted them to see the beauty of the corpse.” Jenny turned her face up to the tracks, watching the last of the train pass. “ He found it funny.”

Shannon eyes moved from the end of the train to the psychic. “ Funny?”

Jenny nodded. “ Yes. Funny that all those passengers would see his work without paying admission and what he did would stay engraved in their life forever.”

“ Sick fuck.” Shannon swiped out at a branch in distaste.

“ Yes very much so. But in a way he thinks he is just a misunderstood artist. Shannon didn't you ever feel when you looked at the victims and the way they are laid that it's staged.”

Shannon inhaled deeply. “ Yes I did, and so did the profilers.”

“ He sees the beauty in death. He wants everyone to see it. The shroud is just a part of it.”

“ Shroud? I thought that was just a clean way of keeping his DNA off the bodies.”

Jenny shook her head, dipping down to lift a flower, smelling its fragrance for a while. “ Yes and no, but the shroud has another meaning, its an ancient way of preparing the body for passage to the next level. A lot of ancient cultures Egyptian, Christianity, Jewish, roman and Celt…. Shannon he believes in the afterlife, how the body dies isn't important to him, how he kills them isn't either. But the dead, well he feels he has to perform this ritual.”

Shannon looked at the flower in the psychics hand, letting her eyes travel over each finger that held the stem, wonder what they would feel like on her body, caressing her. Realizing what she was doing she coughed and shoved her hands in her pockets changing her gaze to the area. “ Is it satanic?”

Jenny smiled inwardly well aware what had just happened. She wasn't surprised to find her own body responding to what she'd felt. It was getting near impossible to erect a wall to the detective, especially when those sudden certain thoughts assaulted her senses. She turned away addressing Shannon 's question. “ No, if anything its purity.”

“ Purity?”

“ He thinks this is the closest way to god.” Jenny turned her head, watching bud running in the tall grass.

Shannon snorted. “ I thought you told me this wasn't a cult thing.”

The psychics eyes snapped to the detectives, catching the anger. “ It's not. He isn't part of any cult. As I told you before he sees himself above man above god.”

“ Friedrich Nietzsche.”

Curiosity eyes turned to the detective. “ You mean the superman guy.”

Shannon grinned. “ Yea. Nietzsche saw the Superman as the answer to the nihilistic rejection of all religious and moral principles. Simply he believed god was dead, didn't exist. That certain men were gods in their own time.. That these men had a destiny already laid out and it was up to them to full fill it.”

Shannon raked up a memory. “It's that something along the lines of how Julius Caesar felt, Full filling his destiny?”

Jenny looked at her pleasantly surprised. “ Yes, he would be classed as one of Nietzche's supermen, among Socrates, Jesus, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Shakespeare, Goethe, Alexander and Napoleon.”

Shannon pulled a strand of grass, chewing it in the corner of her mouth.

“ Jesus? How can he class the Son of God as a superman?”

Jenny smiled. “ He didn't believe in god remember, to him Jesus was just another man who was born and held the traits of his supermen. Someone who fulfilled his destiny.”

Shannon thought for a moment, then turned her gaze to Jenny. “ What was the philosophy of Nietzsche?”

Jenny shuddered. “ Power. And that's what I feel from him Shannon. Pure absolute power.”

Shannon resisted the urge to touch her. “ I'm guessing he reads Nietzsche.” She added a smile.

Jenny gave a small one back. “ Yes I think he does. How come you know about Caesar?”

Shannon laughed, blushing slightly. “ Late night stakeouts, got to have something to keep me awake, you'd be surprised what I've read.”

Jenny careful erected a wall as she felt the detective open her emotions. “ Can we go to the next one, this area doesn't have a lot left I can tell you.”

Shannon nodded stepping back to let Jenny take the lead. She watched her call over the dog, then before she followed she let her eyes go back to the embankment one last time, sighing sadly as she turned to follow.

Shannon stood back from the area, now getting used the fact that she felt tingles when the psychic was doing her thing. She let her blues eyes go over the area, now in the late evening the mall wasn't as busy as it would have been in the daylight, the couples that passed by were the typical type that frequented the cinema and restaurants in the complex above the mall itself.

Her eyes went to the psychics, watching her move around the fountain where the third body had been found. The first male on the victim list. Keeping half her concentration on the woman and the rest on occasionally glances to the area and the passing people. She saw Jane walking the figure eight of standard surveillance, glad that Jane was keeping her attention to the people and leaving her to make sure the psychic was ok. Bud was as usual by her feet, his tail wagging occasionally when people approached, she noticed that people always let their guard down when they spied the handsome retriever, a few of them coming over to give him a pat on the head.

Shannon straightened as she saw the psychic stiffen, watching as she turned her head towards the far side of the street. She followed her gaze, trying to see what the psychic could see. When the psychic moved off the detective followed. They both came to a stop.

“ Jenny?”

Slowly the psychic turned, her face again like stone, then her head tilted downward, coming to a stop when her eyes rested at her feet.

“ Hey you ok?” for a moment Shannon nearly forgot the no touch rule, that was until she heard the rumble of Bud's throated growl, she stepped back. “ Jen, what is it?”

Jenny pointed to her feet, the detective's eyes followed. Not understanding what she was supposed to be seeing.

“ What?”

Jenny swallowed. “ He brought the body this way, inside the fountain is a room, it's used for the water system, maintenance.”

Shannon 's gaze briefly went back to the fountain. “ Yes we knew that. But there's no way he could have gotten the body into that room without being seen Jenny, there's cameras all around this mall.”

“ There's a man hole cover in the floor, it leads to the under foundation overfull system.”

Shannon nodded, her face showing that she really wasn't understanding where the psychic was going with this.

Jenny let out a breath. “ It's how he got the body there without being seen. He took it through this sewer, underground.”

Her finger pointed to the man hole cover she was standing on, then her finger zigzagged a pattern across the street, stopping and pointing to another man hole cover on the opposite side, which was hidden in an alley.

“ It leads up into the water system room. He removed the grill that's in the back, let the body float out, securing the grill in place. Then simple went back down into the sewer then back over to the exit and walked away.”

“Jen, they checked the grill in there, it didn't have any signs of being opened.”

Jenny's head snapped up. “ That's not my problem, I can't help it if your team didn't find anything, because that's how he did it, and that's why I couldn't find him on any of the surveillance tapes.”

Shannon took a breath, biting back a retort. “ Ok, so he did It that way, what are you picking up? “

Jenny studied the detective, realizing she was being humored but choose to let it pass. “ The same mostly as the rest, his need to take care of the body, he used the same sheeting as the rest, carried the body along the tunnels. He's in good psychical shape he knows how to control his body, make it ignore pain, exhaustion… he likes control, he needs it. “

She moved, walking across the road stopping over the metal disc cover, she knelt down running her hands over the surface. Shannon came to a stop next to her, waiting.

Jenny rose, brushing her knees off. “ Were all the victims manicured?”

Shannon 's eyes didn't hide their surprise. “ Yes they were.”

“ And washed?”

Shannon nodded. “ Yes, we think he used some sort of saline solution to wipe off any trace of DNA or any residue we could have used.”

Jenny shook her head, her head turning to watch the crowd of people moving around the fountain. “ No, well in part yes. “ Her sun glassed eyes came back to rest on the detectives. “ It's part of the ritual, he cleans them, bathes them, and washes them. Hair, nails, skin. He takes care of them so that when they move on their body is as pure as the day they were born.”

“ Is it sexual?”

Jenny shook her head. “ No, not at all. This is almost motherly, “ she frowned. “ No, not motherly, it's... “ She struggled for the word, searching her senses. Then her face came up. “ Oh Shannon , its godly, he thinks he's a god.”

“ Wait you said he thought he was above god?”

“ He is, he does, he thinks he's a higher god, not god as in creation and holy, your right he believes in Nietzsche, he thinks all of this is his destiny… that he has no choice in the matter.”

Shannon frowned, this guy was sounding more and more like a fruit loop, what made it worse was this fruit loop had a brain and Intellect that probably out did half of the police department. Stupid criminals made mistakes through lack of knowledge, or know how. A smart one was harder to catch, but not impossible because they would keep to a trait or within their own knowledge. But one who was above average intelligence became almost the Moriarty of the criminal world, only stoppable when they made a mistake. They were unpredictable, with no motivation, no ties to victims.

“ Shannon ?”

The detective turned her attention back to the psychic. “ What does he want Jenny? I mean really want?”

“ Recognition, that he's better then the rest of us. Immortality in the only way he knows how. A place in history, a mark to say he was here. Just like Caesar and the rest.”

Shannon wiped her hand back through her hair, exhaling, suddenly realizing how tired she was. “ Well he's certainly getting that at the moment.”

Jenny sighed sadly. “ Yeah.”

“ Why the clues, I still don't get those?”

Jenny started walking back to the fountain, the detective easily fell into step beside her.

“ Every great mind has to find their equal, someone that totally understands them. To be in awe of him, and in away worship him… Moriarty had his Holmes, Rommel had Monty, Mordred had Arthur, if you want to come down to the basic, Skywalker had Vadar, it's evil and good Shannon , a balance there has to be one for them. Because above all else they have to be understood and deemed worthy.”

They stopped now as they reached the car, Shannon looked around to make sure Jane had reached hers before opening the central locking on her own and getting in along with Jenny and bud.

Shannon sighed, pausing as she turned the key in the ignition, turning her gaze to Jenny. “ I don't understand most of this, if any.”

Jenny removed her glasses, pinching the bridge of her nose. “ I know.”

“ But you do don't you?” Shannon 's hands tightened on the wheel.

Jenny sat back, sighing heavily. “ Yes. Unfortunately I do.”

“ So is he looking for his Holmes to decipher the clues?” Shannon pushed back the uneasy feeling she was starting to get.

Jenny clicked her seatbelt into place, resisting the urge to go back to the island. “ Yes.”

Shannon 's eyes came around to her. “ You're it aren't you?”

It suddenly became clear to the detective just how much Jenny had put herself on the line again. Understanding Jenny's first refusal, she knew as soon as she got involved in the case that the killer would know, the clues being discovered and answered would tell him someone worthy was now stalking him.

“ Yes, I'm it.” Jenny looked out of the window her voice breaking slightly as she swallowed the fear in her throat.

Shannon felt a sudden rush of protectiveness, she made a silent vow to herself that no matter what happened, and this time the psychic was going to be safe. Her jaw tensed, then without another word Shannon started the car and pulled out, heading to the forth victims site.

By the time they reached the site, night was starting to lay claim to the summer skies, a flowing gray mixed with the blue and yellows of the setting sun streaked across the horizon.

Jenny moved through the red tiled pedestrian area, her eyes going briefly to the library steps. Walking in silence she moved to the area she knew held the faint thread of death. She could feel the detective nearby and the subtle hint of the protective scent that radiated from her. It added warmth inside, which seeped into the coldness that always came when she opened her senses to the taste of death. Taking a breath she steadied her inner calm, opening herself once again.

Shannon stood against a wall her arms crossed, her eyes taking in the area, like she did the first time she had been called out. This time she was more nervous for some reason, whether it was the fact she was here with a psychic, or this time she didn't have bud next to her to keep her calm. Jenny had decided to leave him in the car. A brief smile came to the detectives mouth, imagining what her back seat was gonna look like and how she was going to explain it to the police automobile section. She bristled as she caught the faint tingles on her skin again, her eyes returning to the woman. Watching her for a few minutes before turning her attention back to the area.

Her mind was a mass of question of what she had found out within the last few hours. Part of her was still in awe of the information and how Jenny had found it. But for whatever reason or how it was done, at least now they had some sort of explanation for the body at the fountain. But this area still didn't have any answers, there was no underground system, or any out of sight foundation tunnels to give an explanation to the fact this body was left laid out in plain sight on the library steps. Her eyes went back to the pacing psychic, watching her as she moved back and forwards across the square. Her attention shifted again, her head tilting up to watch a descending couple as came out of the library.

“ Boss.”

The voice in her earpiece made her tense, she looked around until her eyes found Jane on the far side of the square, other then that there was no movement from her body what so ever. “ What's up?”

“ There's a guy, brown hair about five ten, jeans, denim jacket, in his mid thirties. He's to the left of you, standing by the Bike Park . He's been watching our lady friend for the last ten minutes.”

Inside Shannon tensed again, but outside it looked like she casually turned her body slightly, taking in the male form out of the corner of her eyes, she kept her voice low. “ Go around come up behind him, keep watching but don't engage.”

“ Understood.”

Shannon walked with steady strides until she drew level with Jenny, making sure she kept her body between the psychic and the man. “ Hi.”

Jenny paused in her movements, drawing herself away from the threads. The concern from the detective overbearing into her thoughts, she quickly stepped back erecting a wall. “ What's wrong?” her eyes darted around the area.

Shannon forced a smile. “ Nothing, just wanted to come over here.”

“ Ahuh.” Jenny didn't believe it for a minute.

“ Boss, he's moving towards you.”

Shannon 's head snapped around quickly locating the approaching figure. She stepped forward, her hand dipping down to the gun. Jenny saw and felt it, she quickly looked around her eyes stopping on the approaching figure, seeing Shannon tense more and move forward. “ Shannon , it's ok I know him.”

Surprised blue eyes came round to look at her. “ You do?”

Jenny nodded then walked to greet the man, a huge smile coming to her face. Shannon 's eyes opened even wider as the two of them embraced.

“ Um boss, what's going on?”

Jane's voice crackled in her ear again, shaking her head to clear it she relaxed her hand from the gun. “ It seems our psychic knows him. Stand down, go back to surveillance.”

“ Ok, understood.”

Jenny kept the hug going for a while, welcoming the feeling of touching someone. Drawing back she grinned again. “ Hello Marcus.”

“ I thought it was you, I wasn't sure… Jesus why the hell are you doing here.” His voice dipped as his eyes looked past her. “ And who is the imposing beauty who is giving me dagger looks?”

Jenny snorted. “ Come on I'll introduce you.” She took his hand pulling him with her.

Shannon waited, her eyes going to Jenny in question as she and the man stopped in front of her. Well aware that they were holding hands.

“ Marcus Wiley this is detective Shannon Rhimes.”

Marcus blinked looking at Jenny to see if she was kidding. “ No shit?”

Jenny smiled. “ Yea no shit.”

Marcus's grin widened, offering his hand to the detective. “ Well please to meet you, although I do have a clue what you're both doing here.”

Jenny waited, watching Marcus's face as Shannon reached forward to take his hand. Not surprised when Marcus paled slightly and turned surprised eyes back to her. Jenny just smiled back at him.

“ Nice to meet you Mr. Wiley and what makes you think we are here other than to take in the architecture.” Shannon forced a smile, breaking the handshake.

He inhaled for a second, giving a narrowed eyed glare to Jenny. Coughing and composing himself he turned full attention back to Shannon. “ Well let's see the fact that less then two weeks ago a body was found dead right on those very steps, and knowing Jenny and how she works, and let's see you being a detective. I don't need to be a genius.” He smirked folding his arms in front of him.

“ I see.” Shannon looked around briefly then leveled her eyes right on him. “ So what are you doing here?”

Jenny hid her smile. Marcus flinched as he stepped back, looking now between the detective and the psychic in confusion.

Shannon caught it. “ Is something wrong?”

“No, I mean. “ He looked at Jenny for help.

She stepped forward, petting his arm as she intervened.” He's a psychic Shannon like I am.”

The detective hid her surprise. “ And that's a problem why?”

Marcus looked up at the detective. “ You have no idea do you.”

“ Marcus.”

Jenny's stern tone cut off his next question. She shook her head he shrugged. “ I'm here because I wanted to see if I got any hits off the area.”

“ Hits?” Shannon was unsettled first at the whole no touching clause with Jenny going right out of the window with this man, and second she didn't like the fact she had no clue what they were talking about.

He sighed. “ Psychic hits.”

“ Ah.” Shannon looked at both of them, still not understanding one single thing that was going on.

“ Did you?” Jenny started to relax.

Marcus ran his hand back through his hair. “ Not one, not a single one, I don't get it…” he looked up. “ Have you?”

Jenny went quiet for moment. “ No.”

Shannon turned her eyes from the area to the psychic. “ You didn't?”

“ Not really, I get the thread of where the body was, but this time I don't get any feelings from him, none. “

“ What about the sheet?”

“ Yes that was involved, but… “ She frowned, her head turning as she surveyed the area again. “ It's not here, there's no connection or touch to the steps, but it was on the body at some point. There nothing else, it's like he didn't walk across here, he didn't visit here he didn't touch anything around here, except for the body.”

Marcus nodded. “ Same here.”

“ You sure it's the same killer Jenny.”

The psychic nodded to the detective, “oh yes its him. I can feel the faint trace of power.”

She stepped away from the pair, walking towards the steps, her head tilting upwards, she stopped. “ Shannon this victim had rope marks on his body didn't he.”

Shannon moved forward. “ Yes, torso and upper arms. Why?”

“ Maybe the reason I can't actually feel him around here is because he never was.”

“ Ok, you're now saying he isn't the killer?”

Jenny pointed up to the top of the library. “ No, what I'm saying is he did it from up there.”

Shannon followed her gaze, seeing the scaffolding crisscrossing the upper part of the old library building. “ Jen, I'm sorry but if he'd dropped the body from up there we would know. We checked that area out there's was no sign of him.”

Jenny turned to face her. “ He didn't drop it Shannon, he lowered it.”

With that she started up the steps heading towards the entrance of the library. Leaving Shannon to look back up at the scaffolding and then back down to the steps in wonderment.

“ She's good isn't she, I would never have worked that out in a million years.” Grinning Marcus slapped Shannon on the back and then took the steps two at a time to catch up to his friend.

Narrowing her eyes at him briefly she headed up the steps, speaking into the small Mic as she did. “ Jane, stay on perimeter we're heading into the library.” She was already at the doors when the ‘'okay'' resounded in her ear.


Jenny moved through the library heading towards the back. When security stepped forward to stop them, a quick flash of Shannon's badge continued their journey. Ten floors up Jenny opened the roof door and stepped out. She moved forward, her eyes checking the area, well aware that her two friends had stopped at the door and were watching.

Marcus looked Shannon up and down. “ So tell me how you talked her into helping you?”

Shannon answered but her eyes didn't leave the psychic. “ My captain worked with her before, I just went and asked.”

Marcus eyebrows rose. “ Really,” his eyes went briefly to the psychic before returning back to the detective. “ Just like that?”

Blue eyes briefly went to him. “ Yea just like that.”

“Hmmmmmmm.” He looked at her for a moment longer then looked over to Jenny. “ Somehow that doesn't add up, but she's here so I'll go with it for now.”

They both watched as Jenny moved around. Shannon then turned her attention to Marcus. “ How long have you known her?”

A small smile came to his mouth. “ About twelve years give or take a day or too.”

Shannon just nodded.

Marcus tried to hide the full smile this time. “ Isn't your question really, how do I know her?”

Shannon stiffened. “ You're reading my emotions?”

His head shot to her. “ No, I don't do that. My ability is more objects, but I must admit you do give off one hell of a buzz.”

“ Buzz?” she shifted uncomfortably.

“ Oh yea.” He grinned wildly.

Shannon met his eyes. Then feeling uneasy at the stare he was giving her, she turned away. “ What do you mean objects?”

He shrugged. “ Compared to jen, my abilities are kindergarten. I get a kind of flash imagery, of people, or things that happened, when I touch things.”

Shannon gave him a wry look.

He laughed. “ Ah, I see you're a non believer.”

“ Actually she's my doubting Thomas.”

Shannon turned to the voice, flashing Jenny a tooth filled grin. “ That I am.”

Marcus looked at each of them, then resisted the urge to whistle. “ So any luck?”

Jenny's face sobered. “ He came across from the next building, the scaffolding is on this side gave him easy access, above where the steps are below he set up a harness and lowered the body down just before dawn. It wouldn't have taken him more then five minutes to lower it. Up here he had all the time in the world, there's no surveillance on this side or the other building. Without going over there I don't know how he got to the roof, but I know he didn't come through the library.”

Shannon stepped forward her eyes following the path Jenny had just laid out, walking to the edge of the scaffolding she looked across to the other building, her eyes dipping to the ground far below.

“ He couldn't have jumped this, especially carrying a body, he may think he's a superman, but he isn't.”

Jenny moved to her side. “ I'm guessing if we look on the other roof top there's some sort of plank, one he took from this side when he went back over. If he had left it here it would have made it too easy to figure out.”

Shannon thought for a moment, then pulling her cell free she flipped it open. “ Hi Peter, yea, listen I want a forensic team down at the library and the building next door…” her flashed darkened. “ I know they have been over it , well now I want it done again, this time the roof and scaffolding.” She turned away from the other two walking out of their earshot. “ Shut up… yes she led me to the area… god damn it peter just get it done, if you don't think you can handle it I'll get someone else…. Fine.” She snapped the cell shut, taking a deep breath to calm her anger.

Marcus looked on with interest. “ Is that the peter I think it is?”

Jenny just nodded. Her eyes were locked on Shannon's pacing form.

“ Oh boy, see he hasn't changed then. Doe's um… does she know what happened between you two?”

Jenny's snapped to him, her voice rising. “No, and she isn't going too unless I or peter tell her.”

Marcus held up his hands. “ Whoa… you know I would never do that.”

“ Do what?”

They both turned their heads to Shannon as she stopped in front of them.

“ Eat squid.” Marcus grinned.

Shannon blinked in surprise. “ Squid?”

“ Yea gotta hate something that squirts ink for a living.”

Jenny had to turn her head away covering her mouth with her hand.

Shannon looked at each of them, once again she didn't have a clue what was going on. “ The forensic will be here within the hour.”

“ They won't find anything Shannon.”

Shannon sighed. “ I know, they already went over most of it anyway, those guys don't miss much. But as you said one day we might get lucky.”

They all fell silent, the only sounds the wind whistling around the chimney breasts and through the guttering, mixing in with the rustling of the heavy plastic curtains covering the scaffolding.

“ It's getting late, do you want to go to the next one?”

Jenny shook her head. “ No, I'm too tired to really focus.”

“ you going back to the island?” Marcus looked to each of them for an answer.

Shannon waited for Jenny to answer.

“No.” the psychics voice was low. “ Tomorrow.”

Marcus nodded. “ Well you're both welcome to my place.”

“ No.” Shannon's voice was stern.

Jenny closed her mouth as Shannon answered turning to her with a questioning look on her face.

Shannon's eye were fixed on Marcus. “ No offence but I don't know you and I don't know your apartment either. We already have a hotel set up that's safer. So thank you but I have everything under control.”

“ Shannon I trust him. I'd like to stay there.”

“ Am I in charge of making sure your safe?” blue eyes sparked.

Marcus watched both of them with interest, seeing his friend bristle.

“ I didn't exactly have a choice in that as I remember.”

Marcus eyes went back to the detectives, seeing her stiffen.

“ You can request someone else, but until they take over I'm responsible whether you like it or not, and in my opinion the hotel is safer. I can control the situation there.”

His eyes went back to his friend, seeing her bite back the anger.

“ I'm not a child Shannon, and I'm not a situation either. If I want to stay with Marcus there's not really a lot you can do about now is there.”

His eyes danced to Shannon's again, this time finding it hard to suppress an amused smile.

“ I didn't say you were a child, but sometimes you sure can act like one.” With that Shannon turned and headed back towards the door.

Marcus snorted then covered it as Jenny shot him a look that would have frozen ice.

“ God sometimes I wonder what the fuck I'm doing helping them again Marcus.” She kicked out at the dirt on the roof. Turning she stopped seeing the grin on his face. “ What the hell are you grinning at?”

His grin widened. “ You're attracted to her.”

Her mouth fell open. “ I am not.”

“ Ohhhhhhhhhh yes you are.”

She clammed her mouth shut. “ Marcus, this isn't what this is about.”

He laughed. “ So you're not denying it now then.”

“ Marcus please.” Her body shivered.

His amusement vanished. “ Hey, I'm sorry.” Taking her hand he gave it a squeeze. “ If it helps I like her too.”

Jenny couldn't help it she smiled and then blushed. “ There's a lot to like.”

He laughed. “ Come on, let's go see how big her pout is.”

Jenny chuckled. “ She is just inside the door waiting.”

He looked at her slightly surprised. “ You can sense her that much?”

She nodded. “ And before you ask no she doesn't have any clue she gives off that much emotional vibes.”

“ You know she has some sort of psychic ability don't you.”

“ Well duh Marcus.”

His laugh this time was deep. “ Precognitive?”

“ I think so, she gets feelings… but Marcus she doesn't know and I don't think she every will want too. “

He nodded seriously. “ Yea don't think she would see it as a strength would she.”

“ Hell no.”

His eye darted sideways to her. “ You could have warned me before I touched her.”

This time she grinned, looping her arm through his. “ Now where would have been the fun in that.”

He laughed. Then both of them headed towards the stairs and the waiting glowering detective.



Shannon looked up for the third time too the two sitting and talking on the couch. She was wondering how she had gotten talked into letting Marcus accompany them to the hotel room. Scowling she returned her attention to her gun, cleaning it yet again for no reason other than to stop herself from giving into the pissed off feeling of loosing control of the whole situation. She glanced up as the psychic's laughter interrupted her thoughts. Some of the anger left her as she studied the look on the psychic's face. It was relaxed, totally relaxed and at ease. A flash of memory of the night by the sea entered the detectives' mind. A smile pulled at the corner of her mouth without asking permission. The smile vanished as Marcus's laugh now joined. Scowling again Shannon's eyes dipped to his hands, which had once again touched the psychic without permission. Inhaling deeply she slammed the magazine back into place, sliding the breech back to engage the first bullet in the chamber, then clicked the safety into place and returned the gun to its holster under her arm.

All three looked up as a knock at the door sounded. Then the psychics and Marcus's eyes went to her.

“ It's Jane.” She smiled as she went to the door. Opening it, but her hand stayed on the gun at her hip until she was sure. Stepping back she let her through, then let her eyes track up and down the hallway before returning to the room and closing and locking the door.

“ Any problems?”

Jane looked up from placing the four pizza boxes and six pack of soda on the table. “ Nope… none all clear.”

Shannon nodded going to the window letting her eyes look over the street below. “ ok, take what you want then go back to the room…”

Jane licked her fingers of pizza, pulling open two of the boxes and mixing the slices up. Taking a bite of one she was already moving to the door. “ Got ya.”

Shannon went back to the door letting her out. When she turned back Jenny and Marcus were already back on the couch talking with pizza in their hands.

Grinding her teeth, Shannon lifted a slice and a soda from the table and moved back towards the kitchen. As she passed Bud looked up at her, then his eyes went over to his mistress, with a sigh he returned his chin to his paws.

Marcus eyes were also following the detective, Jenny looking up catching it then turned her head, finding the detective now sitting in a chair by the window her blue eyes fixed out into the night.

“ Doe's she always cut herself off like that?”

Marcus's voice pulled her attention back. “ I don't think I'm the one you should be asking about that.”

He smiled. “ Hmmm maybe not. You still the hermit on the island?” he sat back.

Jenny snorted a laugh. “ Something like that yes.”

Marcus just nodded. “ I'm surprised you're here you know.”

Jenny took a bite of the pizza. “ She asked.”

Marcus's eyes went to the detective briefly before returning to his friend. “ yea, that's what she said.”

“ You didn't believe her right?”

He shrugged. “ Well you're here so…” he grinned letting the word trail off.

Smiling she wiped her hands on the napkin. “ Remember we used to talk about things…”

His brow furrowed. “Things?”

“ Essences that can't be ignored.”

He nodded understanding now what she meant. “ Yes I remember.”

“ She has one.” Jenny's eyes didn't meet his and her voice was low.

“ Ah.” His eyes went to the detective again. “ Is it a past scar, or one that hasn't happened yet?” his gaze dipped to Jenny's as he saw her sniffed.

She sighed. “ I don't know. But it's mixed with this case.”

Marcus inhaled sharply. “ The man that is doing this Jenny will know soon that your involved, you do know that right?”

Green transparent eyes flashed up at him. “ I'm not stupid.”

Marcus cocked his head, ignoring the anger. “ Yet you still choose to leave the island and help her.”

Jenny swallowed calming herself. “ As I said an essence I couldn't ignore.”

He quirked a mirroring smile to hers. “ Can't have helped that she was a hottie too. Is she gay?”

Jenny's mouth fell open, her face flushing. “ I … um… I ... Jesus… Marcus!”

Marcus head went back as he laughed.

Shannon's head jerked around to the sound, wondering what so damn funny this time.



The night began, seeping darkness across the neon land. Shadows playing again in nooks and crannies of the city. The Tooth Fairy had scared most into staying off the streets. But life still had to go on for most. Uneasiness seemed to settle over the coming and goings of the normal vibration of night life. Where locked doors before were forgotten, this time they were in forced. Even the usual street life seemed to group together in hope of safety. Those that didn't have anyone to help scurried in fear in hope of finding a haven.

He watched, he saw and he smiled. To him this was his doing his power. He was in control. The puppets were his to move, he liked that. The puppet master seemed a much better name then the tooth fairy. His eyes dipped to the newspaper again. A finger running almost lovingly over the headline. He smiled. His eyes going to the woman tied behind him. Rising, he paused for a moment, inhaling the musk of fear that filled the air. Turning, he ran his hand over his bare chest, smiling at the wide eyes of the woman as he approached, reaching across for the knife his grin expanded. His power now was absolute and crackling around him.



“ You don't like Marcus much do you?”

Shannon started slightly, the room had been silent since they had gone to bed twenty minutes ago, after finally getting Marcus to leave. She looked up from her laid out position on the couch, across the room to the psychic who was sitting up looking at her from the bed.

“ I don't know him.” She hit the pillow under her head, trying to get comfortable.

“ Ahuh. You don't. I do and you can trust him.”

Shannon starred at the ceiling. “ If you say so.” Biting back what she really wanted to say.

Jenny sighed. “ I do.” She ran her hands down over Buds coat. “ Why don't you like him?”

“ I didn't say I didn't like him, what I said was I didn't know him, and when I don't know someone I don't trust.”

Jenny shifted down to get comfortable, propping her head on her hand to look across at the detective, once again she didn't need to be a psychic to sense the growing annoyance coming across the room at her. “ Would it help you if I told you how I know him?”

This time Shannon eyes left the ceiling, moving onto her side. “ It would answer some question I guess.”

Jenny hid her smile, seeing the curiosity replace the annoyance. “ We went to collage together. He was one of the first I actually told about my talents and it turns out I was the first he told about his.”

Shannon waited, when the woman stayed silent, her eyebrow rose. “ That's it? That's all I get?”

Jenny looked up. “ Isn't that enough?”

Shannon was about to lose it, then she caught a twinkle in the greens eyes watching her. “ You're playing with me.”

Jenny's smiled widened. “ A little.”

The detective shifted, not sure at all if she liked that. “ Why?”

This time Jenny laughed. “ Because you're so easy to tease and besides you looked like you needed a laugh.”

“ Do I look like I'm laughing Jenny.” She folded her arms returning her back flat to the couch and her gaze to lock on the ceiling. Missing the hurt expression flash across green eyes.

“ No, I'm sorry.” She too laid back, her eyes going to the ceiling, the only movement her hand through bud's fur.

Silence followed only the sound of a dog deep in sleep pin pricking into it.

Jenny listened to the uneven breathing from the detective, closing her eyes she made a decision.

“ Marcus and I were lovers.”

Shannon 's eyes popped open, but she said nothing. Even though her brain was already giving her images she really didn't like. She ground her teeth.

“ But we soon realized we were better as friends, I didn't lie, we met in collage and we discovered we both had abilities. He helped a lot, making me understand what I could do wasn't a curse or bad, but more...'' she took a breath. ‘' …Well more a blessing. I'm not talking about god or any outside power bestowing a miracle upon me. It was just turned into what I could do was special. He showed me that Shannon . He let me discover that it was just me… who I am… he stopped me going insane in so many ways, and gave me a friendship that didn't ask for anything.”

Silence took over again. As Shannon was about to speak, the psychics voice started again.

“ We went our separate ways after collage but whenever I was lost I would go to him again… no matter what he was doing he was always there Shannon . When he got lost I was there for him. It's the way we are. We may not see each other for years, but when we do its like time hasn't moved. After….”

The psychics voice broke slightly followed by a long swallow.

“ … After the D.C. case went so wrong he came looking for me, but even he couldn't reach me.'' She swallowed then looked up with a bitter smile on her face. ‘' But he did take me to the island and made sure everything was sorted as I disappeared from the world. He made sure I was safe.'' The smile changed to a calmer one. ‘' I haven't seen him since that night.”

In the darkness Shannon heard the mattress of the bed shift, knowing that Jenny was sitting up again. She tried to understand why Jenny was telling her this now. No answer came, but she felt an over whelming surge of the trust being given.

“ I trust him Shannon because he has never once in the years I've known him let me down or given me reason not too… please trust my judgement on this, because I think we need him.”

Shannon sat up looking over to the shadowed sitting figure. “ Need him?”

“ Yes… I've got so much screwed up shit in my head that I think I'm missing things… I'm finding it hard to control my own fear being out here, off the island.” She inhaled calming her thoughts. “ Marcus doesn't have that hanging over his head. “

Shannon swung her legs over the sofa, now sitting. Running both hands back through her hair. “ I don't understand any of this Jenny. I'm sorry I wish I did.''

Shannon fell silent as her mind tried to work out what now was becoming a truth. Jenny had some sort of power, what it was Shannon still didn't know. But she couldn't deny the fact it existed any longer. Taking a deep breath she locked eyes with the ones watching her.

‘' But…. Marcus does right? He truly understands.”

Jenny inhaled as blue eyes came out of the darkness to focus on her. “ Yes he does.”

Shannon nodded. “ Ok… I'll trust him… and if him coming in on the case gets this sicko off the streets then I'll welcome Marcus with open arms.”

Jenny hitched a breath, suddenly emotion getting too much for her. “ Thank you.”

Shannon shrugged returning to lie down. “ You've already told him you needed him anyway?”

Jenny's voice was a whisper, almost sad. “ I didn't have too he already knew.”

Shannon nodded as she broke eye contact, wondering why hearing that suddenly hurt? And more to the point made her feel jealous.

The silence was between then again.

‘'Goodnight Jenny.''

Jenny's eyes tracked to her in the darkness. ‘' Night Shannon.''



Jane looked sideways at Marcus standing next to her, shifting she let her gaze go back to area around, keeping the two figures and dog up ahead in her vision.

“ I make you nervous?”

Jane resisted the urge to jump, as his voice seemed to be right in her ear. “ Really?”

Marcus kept his grin under control letting his eyes take in the woman. “ Yes. Is it that you don't know me? Or the fact I have spooky powers?”

She turned her head, seeing his hands dance comically around as he said the word “ spooky.” She just stared at him. “ No, I think it's the fact your weird.”

He laughed. “ Well that's true.” He wiggled his eyebrows.

She stared at him then shook her head before looking away. “ God you're weird.” Her eyes went back to the area.

He chuckled. “ So what do you think of Jenny.” He watched her closely, seeing the officer shift.

“ She's ok, the boss likes her.”

Marcus's gaze went to the two looking over the crime scene. “ Yes I know she does… have you known Shannon long?”

Jane shrugged as she put a stick of gum in her mouth, chewing as she spoke. “ About five years, I've worked on cases before with her. She's sharp knows her stuff.”

Marcus's interest peeked, his eyes going to the detective as she stooped to look at something. “ You don't mix with her out side of the job though?”

“ Nah, She isn't one for mixing work with her home life.” She popped a bubble.

“ But you trust her?”

Jane's head turned fast to him. “ With my life.”

Marcus's smiled. “ I think I knew that.”

His smile suddenly threw her for a moment, realizing it was the first genuine one she had seen from him. She shrugged again, returning her mouth to chewing the gum. “ Then why ask.” With that she pushed away from the tree and began to walk the area.

He followed her for a while until he felt Jenny starring at him, turning he smiled at her, which Jenny returned. His face went serious as felt the strong emotion of jealousy. Then he realized it wasn't coming from Jenny, his eyes shifted to see the detective suddenly look away. A wry smile came to his face as he headed towards them, catching the fact as he approached that Jenny was looking now at the detective with a frown.

“ So, any luck?” he looked to both of them.

“ Not really, he brought the victim here. Forensic got it right, he used a car to dump the body in the alley. “ She looked around. “ it's perfect for blind spots.”

Marcus nodded. “ I agree. Any hits?”

Jenny shook her head. “ No, but…” she walked forward a few steps. “ This one made him mad. I'm not sure why…” she directed her question to Shannon. “ Was there anything about the body that didn't make sense?”

“ Not really… No major signs of struggle… I.V. marks like the rest. P3 found in the system…” her brow creased as she tried to remember. “ They did have a problem finding the original injection mark, I mean they found a few.”

Marcus and Jenny looked at each other before looking at Shannon again. It was Marcus who spoke, slightly confused.” You mean he couldn't find a vein? Was she an Addict?”

“ No, a diabetic.”

Jenny inhaled sharply. “ That's it that's what made him mad. He didn't know, not till he took her… she was tainted, she wasn't pure. That's why he dumped her in the shadows. She didn't deserve to be part of his art. It disgusted him.”

“ So he raped her before he found out. Boy that must have pissed him off. “ Shannon let out a dry disgusted laugh, totally missing the psychic pale.

Marcus glared at her. “ Something like that yea.” Placing his hand on Jenny's shoulder he steered her back towards the car.

Shannon stood there unsure what she just missed, then she caught the pained look on the psychics face as she turned away. She was about to say something, when Marcus's eyes locked on her again. She clamped her mouth shut. Jane's voice in her ear piece stopped her saying something she would regret.

“ Boss, are we moving out?”

She started walking towards the car. “ Get back to the car.”

“ Understood.”

By the time she reached the car, Jenny was already strapped in next to her, while Marcus sat in the back stroking Bud across his lap.

“ Where too? That was the last victim… I mean…” she pulled on her sunglasses.

Jenny flashed her a knowing look. “ I know what you mean… Can we go back to the first place, by the lake.”

“ Why? Do you think you missed something?”

“ I don't think so, but I want Marcus to look it over.”

Shannon bit her tongue and inhaled, starting the car. “ Fine.”

Marcus looked up from the back seat not missing the tone. Jenny didn't miss it either she turned her head to him giving him a not so sure smile.

Shannon talked into her mike. “ We're going back to the lake, keep close.”

“ Don't worry boss I got your back.”

For some reason Shannon looked up to her rearview and stared at Marcus who was watching her. The rest of the car journey was in silence.


Shannon couldn't figure out why she was so pissed off, all she knew was that was the way she had woken up. She put it down to the fact every muscle in her body had complained at sleeping on the couch. But as the morning had progressed the muscle ache had left her, but still the anger remained. She knew it was that anger that had come out at the other crime scene and caused her to make the comment about the rape. Just reminding herself of that left a bitter taste in her mouth. When she finally realized it had effected Jenny on the car journey to here by what she said she felt even worse. But still she couldn't shake herself of the bad mood, and she finally figured it was the fact she was now having to trust an outsider on the case. Her eyes focused again as her thoughts brought her to the present. She felt her mood darken again as her eyes went to Marcus. Why the hell did she have a problem with him so much? Besides the fact here they were wasting time going over the first victims area yet again. Crossing her arms she lent back against the tree, her blue boring holes into him.

“ You said you would give him a chance.”

Shannon tensed, exhaling slowly she made her self relax and turn. “ I am.”

“ By being hostile?” Jenny tilted her head, trying to understand what Shannon's problem was. She had watched from the other side of the woods, as Shannon's face had become grimmer and grimmer the whole time they were there. At first she put it down to the fact Shannon was just being the protective police officer on a case. But the more she studied her, the more she realized her problem was directly with Marcus as a person. “ Shannon?”

Shannon exhaled this time through gritted teeth, pushing away from the tree as she began to walk past. “ I said I'd give him a chance Jenny, I didn't say I had to like him while doing it. Give me a break will ya, he's your friend not mine.”

About to reach out Jenny stopped herself looking down at her own hand as if somehow it had become alien. She was going to touch her? The sudden feeling of shock robbed her thoughts of the biting returned remark. Quickly she shoved her hand into the jacket she was wearing.

“ You ok?” Marcus looked first at her then across to the retreating form of the detective as he approached, stopping when he reached his friend.

Jenny gave a small smile seeing the soft hazel eyes fill with concern. “She's driving me nuts, but beside that nothing new. You?”

He gave a frustrated exhale, his eyes now moving around the area. “Nothing. Whoever this is, he sure knows how to avoid touching things. As far as I can tell not one part of his skin came into contact with anything around here.”

Jenny nodded, and then her face lit up a little as an idea sparked. “Marcus what if I could get you authority to touch one of the shrouds?”

His eyes jumped up and within them a light bounced to and fro, like a kiddy being given a present. “No shit?”

Her gaze flicked briefly to Shannon's form then back to him, answering his smile. “Yes no shit.” Her eyes went to the detective again, wondering how she was going to take the idea.

On the walk back to the cars, Jenny instructed Marcus to go ahead, it was then she approached the detective with the idea.


Jenny rubbed her temple, wondering if this was such a good idea after all. Taking a breath she calmed her automatic impulse to shout back, instead she kept her voice calm. “What part of it sounds like a joke Shannon? I want Marcus to be given access to the shrouds.”

Shannon looked sharply over to Marcus who was leaning against the car. “Did he put you up to this?”

Jenny blinked. “What? Shannon? Why would he do that?”

“How the hell do I know… maybe publishing when we catch the killer.”

“Shannon….” Jenny took another long cleansing breath. “This isn't a game ok. It's not about royalties or book deals or even selling a damn story to the paper… For one Marcus isn't like that. “

Shannon scoffed.

“I know you don't believe in the talents either he or I have, but whether you believe them is a mute point.” She squared her shoulders. “I believe I was given full access to whatever I needed on this case with no bullshit…. Do I have to contact Captain Grieves to get this?” as she said it she wished she hadn't as she watched Shannon's face flush scarlet. Her voice dropping to a tone Jenny hadn't heard before.

“That won't be necessary Miss Newton. I'll make arrangements for the evidence to be made available.”

Jenny stepped back as the wave of hurt hit her so hard it cut the air in her lungs. Totally caught off guard she quickly erected a wall to the emotion as they followed its source away as Shannon stomped from her towards the car, leaving her standing alone.

“What the hell just happened?” Her hoarse question wasn't loud enough for any of the others to hear, she looked down as Bud “ raaffft ” at her. Bending down she ruffled his fur, confused green eyes coming up to see Shannon get into the car and slam the door.

Shannon's hands gripped the steering wheel till the point they turned white. Closing her eyes kicked herself, once again she had lost control, what the hell was wrong with her, this wasn't her. Normally everything was controlled she was controlled. Soothing whatever it was she finally opened her eyes, her hands releasing the wheel. Flexing them she sat back. She knew what Jenny had asked for wasn't too much to ask. Running her hands back through her hair she let out a loud breath.

Marcus looked first to the detective in the car, turning when he heard Jenny approach. “Took it well I see.”

Jenny smiled. “Could say that.”

His face grew serious. “Can I ask a question?”

She nodded. “Sure.”

“Is she normal this out of control of her emotions?” His head tilted to indicate the direction of the car.

Jenny shook her head, tucking both hands deep into her pockets. “No.”


She looked up at him. “What?”

He looked at her about to laugh, then his face fell. “Jenny you do know what's happening don't you…. I mean to her?”


He inhaled. “She's feeding off you Jenny.”

Her mouth opened to speak then paused, it snapped shut. Her eyes darting to the car which held the detective. “Oh my god.”

“You really didn't know?”

“No, no of course not… Jesus.” She ran her hand back through her hair, suddenly it all made sense.

“I thought because you knew she had some sort of ability you would have erected a wall to that?” he looked at her genuine surprise showing on his face.

Suddenly she realized what he was really asking. “Marcus…. Shannon and I aren't lovers.”

“Wha… I thought?” he stuttered.

Jenny kept her gaze anywhere but on him. “I know.”

This time he turned his eyes going to the car, and then finally he turned back. “Then how is she able to feed off your raw emotions like that? I've never, I mean…” his voice trailed off in confusion.

Jenny took a breath. “I don't know…it's never happened like this before, I mean with someone I'm not intimate with….” She blushed. Her mind was a turmoil trying to work out how this was possible. Part of her wanted to go right then back to the island to calm.

Marcus watched her, seeing the panic start to rise. “Jenny you have to tell her what's going on. She probably thinks she's going nuts right now.”

She tensed, but didn't speak.

Marcus took a small step forward, his voice gentle now. “Jen, it isn't fair to her.”

“She isn't going to like It.” She swallowed hard, trying to fight back the panic of wanting to run away.

“I know.”

Pushing everything around her away, she focused. Finally she looked directly at him. “Fine I'll do it.”

He smiled slightly. “I could.”

Jenny snorted. “Somehow Marcus I don't think right now that's a good idea.”

He gave a short laugh, scratching his temple, his eyes dancing in amusement. “Probably not, she's armed.”

When she laughed she held the feeling close, then smiling at him. “Thank you.”

His eyebrows rose. “For?”

“Seeing what I couldn't and helping me not run back to my hermits cave.”

He grabbed her pulling her into a hug. “Oh don't thank me, I'm doing it all for my own good, I kinda got tired of daggers sticking out of my back today.”

She hugged him closer letting his scent, his essence seep into the coldness within her. “I know I'm sorry for that.”

Laughing he stepped back. “Don't be… now I know why… go on go tell her. I'll take buddy boy for a walk.”

Jenny swallowed while she nodded then headed to the car, stopping briefly to look back at him. Erecting a full wall this time she pulled open the door quickly moving inside to sit.

Shannon looked up surprised.

“Hi.” Jenny smiled.

“I'm sorry…. I don't know what's up with me today Jenny… you were right, it isn't a problem for him to see the shrouds… I mean...” Shannon sat back, her eyes going anywhere but at the psychic. “I don't know what's up with me today.”

Jenny bit her lip. “I think I do.”

Blue eyes locked on her. “You do?”

Jenny nodded, about to speak she suddenly released she didn't know how to explain it. “This is kinda hard to explain.”

Shannon frowned. “It is?”

“It's me Shannon.”

“You?” the detectives frown deepened.

“Yes…. When I'm using my talent I erect walls…. I have to concentrate on what I'm doing. My focus is outside of me...”

The frown was now replaced by a complete look of not understanding one word.

“I push my emotions away Shannon.”

Shannon just blankly looked at her.

“Shit, I'm not explaining it right… Shannon everything you felt today was because of me, anything you had an emotion on today was intensified by my emotions, and they fed on it. “

Shannon blinked. Suddenly getting an uneasy feeling in her stomach. “ Fed on it?”

Jenny caught the tension that suddenly raked through the detective's body. “Inside I'm so angry Shannon…. At him, at this whole situation.'' She inhaled. ‘'At the loss of life, but most of all at my world being invaded.”

For a moment true anger rose in the psychic's voice. Then with a deep inhale her voice returned to normal. “I can't have that emotion right now, it taints everything, rules every single thing I have inside me. It destroys my control. So I push it away, erect those walls I told you about.” She sighed heavily before meeting the detective's confused eyes. “My emotions fueled yours, it, well it made whatever you're feeling, gets amplified.”

“How is that possible?”

Jenny prepared herself for what she knew was coming. “Because you are open to it…. More so than others.”

Shannon moved back in the seat, her blue widening. “What? How?”

Jenny sighed. “Does it matter how… they just are, you just are. It's like the feeling you get when you know someone is close… or those feeling you get that tells you something isn't right. “

“I'm not like you or him?” Shannon scoffed.

Jenny let the comment pass. “I know I didn't say you were… what I'm saying is that you're more open to it.” Jenny decided now wasn't a good time to mention it usual only happened to people she was involved with. “I'm sorry if I'd known I would have made sure I protected you… it's kinda my fault.”

Shannon looked out of the windscreen for a long moment, and then looked back over to her. “So all this anger I felt today and bad mood is because of your emotions… does that mean you've been pissed all day.”

If Jenny had been with anyone else she would have laughed out loud. “No, it doesn't work like that. You may feed off my emotions but it's not the emotions I have…. It's your emotions, you may have been slight pissed off as you put it this morning… something small that annoyed you…. But being around my open emotions all day and mixing with them would have intensified yours to what you're feeling now.”

“So I'm not out of control.” Shannon sighed in relief.

“Oh Shannon.” Jenny's voice was full of regret. “I'm sorry.”

Suspicious blue eyes came back around to her. “You can fix this right?”

Jenny nodded. “I'm already fixing it.”

Shannon could feel it too; somehow the anger that had been building all day began to simply disappear. She let out another long sigh feeling her natural calm take its place. “Thank you.”

Jenny looked back at her. “You're thanking me for what? Jesus Shannon I nearly drove you nuts.”

“This is what you meant about getting close to people wasn't it?”

Shannon's question caught her totally by surprise. Finally she pulled herself together enough to answer. “One of them yes.”

Shannon just nodded. “I think I need to apologize to Marcus.”

Jenny smiled. “You don't need too; he was the one that figured it out.”

“He did?”

“Ahuh… he asked me if you were normal this out of control.”


Jenny laughed at the look on Shannon's face. Then her face softened. “I am sorry.”

Shannon shrugged. “How can you be sorry if you didn't know you were doing it?”

“I…. Well I should have realized. It's happened before and I promised you back at the house that this wouldn't happen again.”

Shannon just nodded. “Look…. I can't say I liked it Jenny… I'm not usually that out of control, but… it wasn't like it was your fault and now we know right, it won't happen again.”

They both jumped as bud jumped up at the side window. They looked at each other and laughed. Jenny broke eye contact first and opened the door allowing her dog to jump in. then Marcus's head appeared.

Grinning over to Shannon he spoke. “Still wanna shoot me?”

Jenny laughed, while Shannon just blushed. “Um …. No.”

“Marcus shut up and get in.”

His grin increased, and then he got in. “Well had to make sure. We're cool right?”

Shannon nodded, starting the car. Her face still blushing at the fact Marcus knew what she was thinking all morning. “Yea were cool… just a misunderstanding that's sorted now. No problem.”

She looked over just in time to catch the grateful smile on the psychics face. Returning her gaze to the road she pulled the RV out, it was then it hit her, she'd actually believed what Jenny had just explained, and if she believed that, didn't it mean she had to believe the rest?


The return to the island took the remaining light of the day. This time they returned with one more addition, Marcus. Shannon still viewed him as an outsider, but without the anger clouding her judgment, she found herself easily liking him. The journey back had been a quiet one. Jenny had been elsewhere in her mind going over the essences she had tapped into looking for missed threads or clues. Marcus had sat in the back napping, his hand constantly connecting with Bud.

Shannon was caught up in her own question, she glanced across at the psychic, as her mind filled with the realization she actually believed in her powers, whatever they were. That thought made her uneasy, yet at the same time one that seemed to settle somewhere in her body and warm it. Could it be possible, could a power like that exist? Her attention went back to the sea around as they crossed the last obstacle to reach the island. If ‘the essence' existed did that mean god did? Or ghosts. She scratched her temple, leaning her head back and closing her eyes, feeling her bodies need for sleep. Her thoughts drifted again. She wasn't a god believer; she'd seen too many things to tell her otherwise. She'd been brought up catholic, but she'd lost sight of faith the day she walked in on her first child murder. She shivered slightly as the image of her first case filled her mind. She swallowed heavily.

“Shannon you ok?”

The detective broke from her thoughts as the psychics voice spoke, she blinked her eyes open, turning her head seeing the questioning gaze, and something else there that Shannon couldn't put a finger on. “Yeah.”

Jenny has sensed the distress; it had torn into her void and pulled her out of it. She'd turned her gaze from the window, seeing the tension. “You sure?”

Shannon sat up, shaking herself out of it. “I'm sure, but thanks.”

Jenny blinked, not sure if the detective knew she had just read her emotions, albeit by mistake. “I … I didn't mean to.” She let her voice trail off.

Shannon shrugged. “Doesn't worry about it I'm getting use it. “ As she said it she knew it was true, she was. Part of her was beginning to like that Jenny could read her. She felt Jenny shift forward; she broke the next question by starting the car and turning her attention to the ferry gate as they docked. “Forget it Jens. Let's get you home and safe.”

Jenny stared, then she was aware of amusement, she turned her head giving Marcus a glare. He chuckled, closing his eyes once again.


They entered the house almost like a tired defeated army. Shannon immediately checked out the rooms and contacted the safe house for a report.

Jenny just sank on to the sofa, Marcus by her side. “I feel like shit.” She let out a long deep sigh, feeling the familiar surroundings seep into her tattered nerves and calm them.

Marcus grunted putting his feet up on the coffee table. “Yeah I bet. You ok in her though?” his knuckled breezed across her temples.

She closed her eyes. “Getting there.”

He just nodded. His eyes followed Shannon as she moved through the house checking things. “Doesn't she ever get tired?”

Jenny's eyes opened following the figure in question. “I don't think she knows how to stop.”

“Bet you could teach her.” His answer was an elbow to the ribs. He grinned. “She's jealous of me you know.” He kept the part back of the fact of he wasn't sure Shannon knew she was.

Jenny looked at him sharply. “No she's not, she doesn't know you. She trusts you because I asked her too. Stop looking for things that aren't there.”

He stiffened. “Sorry.”

She relaxed, sighing. “No I'm sorry.” She squeezed his arm. “I'm tired. I'm cranky and I don't like being away from here. I'm going to bed. Whatever question she has can wait till morning.” She rose.

“Um…. Jen?”

She paused looking back.

“Where am I sleeping exactly?” he sheepishly looked over to her bedroom.

“Shit, I hadn't thought of that.” She bit her lip looking to the guestroom then over to the small sofa.

“I could bunk with you?”

Her eyes widened. “I so don't think so.”

He laughed. “Well I can't bunk with her; she'll suffocate me in my sleep.”

“Marcus.” Even though her tone was stern she still couldn't hide the smile.

“So tell me then. Where?”

“Where what?” Shannon frowned, always getting the feeling she was walking in on something with these two.

They both turned to her. She noted Jenny looked suddenly nervous. She repeated her question, placing the packing box full of food she just collected from the car down on the kitchen table. ‘'So, Where what?''

Marcus gave Jenny a brief look, seeing she wasn't going to speak. He grinned over to the Detective. “Where do I get to sleep?”

Shannon stopped in her tracks on the way back to the door, she turned slowly, surprised.

Jenny blushed as she caught the half gaze Shannon made to her bedroom.

She didn't know why, but she blushed. “Um no.” She shot Marcus a look as she heard him snort.

“Oh.” Shannon felt the heat of her own blush and a surprising sense of relief.

Marcus as per usual found himself looking at both of them in turn and trying not to roll his eyes. “ Sooooooo where?” He rose stretching out his back.

“He can stay at the safe house, Jane can take care of him and I know it's a larger house then this.” Shannon looked to Jenny to make sure it was ok.

Jenny nodded almost in relief. “Sounds good. You won't be too far away.” She smiled over to him.

“Oh. Jane I like her.”

Jenny rolled her eyes. ‘'Marcus behave. She's armed.''

He snorted.

Shannon had that off balanced feeling again, she didn't like it one bit. “I'll take him over now. Make sure he knows the rules.”

Marcus frowned. “Rules?” He looked over to Jenny who shrugged. Then he realized the detective had already moved from the house. He quickly reached across drawing Jenny into a hug. “If you need me call ok? I got my cell use her phone.”

Jenny held on to the embrace for a moment longer. “I will. “

Before drawing away Marcus whispered in her ear. “She's glad to have you all to herself again.”

Jenny stepped back looking in squarely in the eyes, her voice sharp. “You read her?”

He flushed. “Kinda hard not to Jen.'' He sighed heavily. ‘'Her damn essence is all over this room. I get a hit just standing on the same floorboards as her.”

Jenny's eyes darkened. “I don't care. Don't do it again.”

He swallowed, realizing he'd stepped way over the line. “I won't again.” With a last hug he moved towards the door, looking out seeing the detective waiting not so patiently by the gate. Well aware she'd put herself in a place where she could see in and where he was at all times. He looked back.


She looked up.

His face was serious, a worried crease on his brow. “Find out if she's seriously interested before you open to her to far okay. I don't think she'd understand how much you'd lose on a one night stand.”

Her mouth opened to protest but he was already gone. She snapped it shut. Closing herself down her moved to the bedroom. Not acknowledging his words, because right now she couldn't handle the outcome.


When Shannon returned she felt disappointed Jenny had already gone to bed. She wasn't really surprised, settling in Marcus had taken longer then she wanted. Mostly because of Marcus's reaction at being told he couldn't just come across to the beach house whenever he liked. She wasn't exactly sure why, but him seemed to rub her completely up the wrong way. She yawned, stretching out her body. She was tired, but she felt too uptight to sleep. Making her mind up her decided tea was the answer. Moving to the kitchen she turned on the kettle. When she heard the click of the bedroom door opening she turned, hiding the smile at the disheveled shape emerging.

“Hi… Sorry, did I wake you?”

Jenny shook her head, yawning. “No, Bud did… I forgot to let him out before I went in.” she moved to the door, allowing the dog access to the beach.

The kettle clicked off. Shannon turned. “Tea?”

“Hmm, sounds good.” Jenny glanced down at her watch, noticing two hours had gone by, looking up in question. “What took you so long?”

Shannon poured the hot water into the pot. “Your friend Marcus doesn't like rules do him?”

Jenny chuckled. “Um no… what did he do?”

Shannon shook her head, turning to grin at Jenny. “I told him he can't just come over here on his own all the time.”

Jenny yawned again sitting back. “I'm guessing you had a good reason for telling him that?”

Shannon's attention went back to the tea making, filling two mugs. “I did yes…. Milk? Sugar?”

“One lump and little milk… which were?”

“The safe house is just that. Having people coming here and then going back there makes an easy target for someone watching us… When I go I make sure I'm not followed.” She stirred the tea.

Jenny tensed, the statement bringing her back to the whole situation. When she finally relaxed and looked up Shannon was standing holding out the mug of tea. Waiting. Jenny smiled taking it. “Thank you and that makes sense.''

Shannon answered the smile, before turning to sit on the sofa, relaxing back into it. She looked away as she caught an outline against the doorway, relaxing when she saw it was the Bud. “He really is a good dog.”

Jenny turned her head smiling as she saw him run past the doorway in pursuit of something scurrying in the dark. “Yes he is, he's saved me from much more then loneliness. I never will be able to thank Marcus enough.”

Shannon quickly switched her gaze to the psychic. “Marcus?”

Jenny turned back smiling. “He brought me Bud. Marcus's brother trains police dogs, bud was one of his. He brought him two years ago.”

Shannon brain added up the dates. Right after D.C. “ah, that explains the need to attack my socks.” She saw the change in the psychic, watching as stern lines vanished and softened as she laughed.

“Ahuh.” Jenny held the mug in both hands enjoying the warmth, and she had to admit the company. She sipped, and then she became aware she was being starred at, she looked up. “Something wrong?”

Shannon blinked, looking away. “What? No… sorry.”

Jenny didn't break her stare. “Out with it some things on your mind?”

Shannon sighed. “Well, it's your eyes, I mean. “ She cursed herself inwardly at being caught.

Jenny waited. “What about them?”

“They change color. I … well I didn't notice before.”

Jenny sat back with a smile, sipping her tea, watching Shannon over the rim. “Too?”

Shannon shifted uncomfortably. “Emerald right now. Earlier they were more transparent jade.” She swallowed a mouthful of tea then wished she hadn't as the heat hit her tongue.

“You don't find them... freaky?”

Shannon's eyes snapped up. Half-coughing as she spoke, her throat letting her know it wasn't happy with the heated tea either. “No, no… not at all.” She swallowed. “I think they're amazing.”

Jenny wasn't prepared for the honesty. She blushed then looked down into her mug. “Um, thank you.”

Shannon hoped the blush she wore could be blamed on the hot tea. She cleared her throat. “You're welcome.”

Jenny glanced over her shoulder as bud came in his eyes downcast. She smiled somewhat grateful he hadn't caught whatever he had been chasing. She rose closing the door. Returning she looked over to the detective, who was looking anywhere but at her? She had to bit her lip to keep from laughing. But as she studied the woman in front of her the laughter faded, she saw the dark rings under her eyes; saw the slouch of her shoulders. “Aren't you tired Shannon?”

Shannon flopped back, suddenly feeling every inch of her body scream in answer. “Exhausted.”

“Why don't you try and get some sleep?” it suddenly made Jenny sad Shannon pushed her body like this and didn't seem to care what it did to her.

“Because I can't sleep.” Reaching forward Shannon placed the mug on the coffee table. “My mind doesn't shut up. Another reason I live alone. Nocturnal habits don't go down well on partners.”

Jenny looked over, curious as to what the word partner truly meant. “No I don't suppose it does. “ She tried to hide a yawn.

“It's easier to stay up late when no one's along to nag.” She picked up her tea again, this time sipping it.

Jenny eyebrow rose. “You got nagged a lot did you?” A teasing tone came into her voice.

Shannon smirked. “I've had my fair share, as I said I'm not easy to live with.”

“Hmmm I think you did it on purpose detective.” Shannon's eyes shot up and for a moment Jenny was convinced she'd stepped over a line. “I'm soaring….”

Shannon's waved hand silenced her. “Forget it, you're right I did. It's easy I suppose to get out of relationships by throwing myself into work.”

Jenny looked down. “I'm still sorry I had no right to say it.”

Shannon eyes softened from the steel they were before. “Forget it. I shouldn't be mad at the truth.…'' She gave a gentle smile. ‘' You're just smarter that's all to figure it out.'' Shannon looked down into her mug. ‘' Go sleep you're more exhausted then I am. I'll take a look around, and then I promise I'll go and get some rest.”

Jenny felt a sense of relief. But she still wanted to kick herself she could feel the air change with Shannon's sadness. “No. It's ok I'm not that sleepy yet. Don't you have questions about today?”

Shannon shook her head, rubbing her eyes briefly. “No, not now. I wouldn't take it in; I'd only have to ask you to repeat it tomorrow.”

“Boy you must be tired.” Jenny forced to keep her words light.

Shannon chuckled. “You have no idea.”

“I think I do. “

Shannon looked over; pulled by the serious hushed tone the psychic had spoken in, the tone spoke of pain, of fear and most of all understanding. Shannon gave a soft smile. “Yea I think you do.”

Jenny just gave a nod.

“But it is late and the shrouds will be here the first ferry over.” Shannon raised picking up both empty mugs.

“You arranged it?”

“You asked for them remember I called the captain before we left, he's only sending two though.”

Jenny nodded; hiding her surprise it had been that easy. “Thank you.”

Shannon turned, leading back against the sink, she shrugged. “No need to thank me I'm here to help.”

Jenny smiled, rising as she did so. “Goodnight Shannon .” She moved to the bedroom calling bud. She paused, turning to Shannon . “Sleep well.”

Shannon nodded. “You too.” She watched until the door closed. Turning back she quickly began rinsing the mugs clean.

Her anger had come quickly when Jenny had hit the nail on the head with her life. She knew her first reaction was because she'd thought the psychic had been reading her again. But as she'd looked up and met the unsure gaze she'd realized it had come from the fact Jenny was beginning to know her. Shannon didn't know which unsettled her more, the psychic's powers and her believing in them, or the fact the woman had gotten that close to knowing her in such a short space of time. She'd had relationships where no one had gotten close enough to understand her all.

As she dried her hands her gaze shifted to the closed bedroom door. Her mind racing with everything that had happened in the last week, including the case. Shaking her head, she checked her gun and headed outside to patrol over the area.


When Shannon came back, her mind was still going over every single detail of the case, knowing sleep wasn't going to come soon, she unpacked her laptop, undressing before getting into bed she laid the laptop on her lap, powering it up. Logging on to the police mainframe she went through the files until she came across the one she wanted and there in the light of the screen she started going through the file labeled. “Jenny Newton ….. D.C.” reading from the beginning had been hard, until she shut out her personal emotion of anger and pain at reading what had happened to the psychic. She switched herself over to cop mode, as she continued.

After twenty minutes she paused in her reading, frowning at something that didn't make sense. She wasn't sure what she was on to but something triggered in her mind. She opened two other files going over the names in them, still unsure she cross referenced another name. Finding nothing she looked up, starring at the wall as if it would give her the answer. Somewhere in her mind a thought or idea, taunted and pulled. A connection was there she was sure of it. A connection to D.C and who?

In disgust she logged off the mainframe, slamming the lid shut throwing the room now into darkness. Placing the laptop on the side table she lay back, pulling the cover up over her chest, resting her arm under her head. She starred at the ceiling. Her mind trying to find the thread of thought she'd found. Her brain was still trying to do that when sleep finally caught up to her and pulled her to its realm.


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