Jane jumped in surprise, as the front door was wrenched open.

‘'Where the hell have you been?''

‘'Good to see you too boss.'' She moved past into the hall. Letting Marcus go ahead of her. Looking at Shannon for the first time and seeing the etched lines of worry. ‘'I'll explain in a minute.'' Her eyes darted to Jenny coming out of the living room and back to Shannon's in warning.

Shannon nodded. ‘'Well their back safe and sound. Marcus you look beat why don't you go get some sleep.''

He nodded solemnly, he already knew what Jane was going to tell Shannon. ‘‘Yea. Come on jen. You look as bushed as I feel.''

Jenny let him put his arm over her shoulder and guide them to the stairs. ‘‘We were worried.''

He hugged her closer, mounting the stairs. ‘‘Awwwww even Shannon? That's so cute.'' He looked over his shoulder to the detective with an amused grin.

Shannon didn't notice she was too busy wondering why Jane looked so nervous. She followed Jane into the living room. ‘'Well?''

Jane sat, exhaling. ‘'The F.B.I. have put an internal warrant out for Jenny.''

‘'What?!'' Shannon caught her raised voice, looking to the hallway, she moved to the door closing it. ‘'Why?''

‘'They think she's holding things back from them, and I'm pretty damn sure they think she has something to do with this….'' Jane's own anger was only just under control.

‘'The stupid shits.'' Shannon paced then remembered the floor boards and stopped. ‘'Are they nuts?'' she saw Jane look away. ‘'What?''

Jane shifted. ‘'That's not the worst of it.'' She reached over snagging her bag, pulling it open she took out the newspaper, nervously shifting in her hands before holding it out to Shannon.

Shannon's eyes widened, seeing the half folded picture, she snatched it, opening it up fully to the front page, reading the headline above Jenny's picture.

Psychic enters hunt for the ‘Tooth Fairy.'

Exclusive story.

Psychic Jennifer Newton has helped the F.B.I. and many law-in-forcemeat divisions in the course of ten years, with outstanding results.

Coming out of her seclusion on Dunham Island, she joined local task forces to help catch the ‘Tooth fairy' She has already been able to solve previously unsolvable clues, which have given new leads. A reliable source within the department has informed us.

Shannon threw the newspaper down, feeling her blood boil. ‘‘How the fuck did they get this?''

Jane almost took a step back at the anger directed. ‘'I'm guessing the F.B.I. leaked it boss. To get her on the radar.''

For a moment a red rage filtered into her mind as peter came to mind. Would he do this? Do this to get back at her? Do this again? She shook it clear. ‘'Damn it. Is it national?''

Jane slowly nodded.


Jane swallowed and nodded again. ‘‘It's all over the news boss, we even caught it on the local network radio.''

‘'Fuck.'' Shannon drew her hand back through her hair in annoyance, this changed everything. She turned to Jane, seeing her start at the sudden movement. ‘' Why didn't they hold you?''

‘'I didn't go in, Grieves had one our guys waiting outside the precinct, the F.B.I. are all over the place. He told us to get the hell out and stay out of contact until the Captain could figure something out. I show up again, they got orders to hold me for questioning….'' She swallowed. ‘‘They got a warrant for you too Shannon. Withholding information and removing Jenny from custody. They're pretty pissed about that…. We took the long way back in case we were followed, we weren't.''

‘'This is so fucking screwed up. We're trying to catch this guy for Christ's sake not aid him. Jenny's got nothing to do with this. Nothing!''

‘'I know…. What are we going to do?''

Shannon didn't have an answer, her brain was trying to think of one, but nothing came up. Her eyes dipped to the newspaper on the floor. They'd even revealed where Jenny lived. Jenny's safe place was gone. The fight left her, slight desperation set in at the reality of what those words on the front page would mean to Jenny. ‘‘They don't know what they've done.'' She lifted the paper, looking across to Jane. ‘‘They've just told the basterd where to find her. They're using her as bait.''

Jane nodded sadly.

Shannon sat down, breathing heavily, everything was coming apart. The one advantage they had, had just been taking away from them.

‘‘Maybe… maybe we should go in boss.'' Her voice was tentative as she continued. ‘‘Sort this mess out. Tell them what we've been doing, why we left the island like we did. Clear Jenny of any suspicion.''

Shannon's fist clenched, crumpling the newspaper in them. ‘‘Maybe….''

‘‘They'll take her into protective custody, at least he won't get anywhere near her.''

Shannon's eyes sparked again. ‘‘How long you think that's going to last? Two weeks? A month? We know how they work Jane, they give it as long as they think she's useful.''

Jane dropped her eyes. ‘'This is all so screwed Shannon. It shouldn't be like this.''

Shannon scoffed bitterly. ‘'No shit…. He'll wait. Just stop what he's doing and wait. He'll do the same for Jenny.'' She closed her eyes.

Jane cursed, she hated seeing Shannon this way, seeing what the world was really like. ‘'Boss. I just want you to know what ever is decided I got your back.''

Shannon slowly opened her eyes, looking across. ‘'I should order your ass to turn yourself in. Tell them I ordered you, at least save your career.''

Jane shrugged. ‘'Wouldn't listen.''

Shannon held her gaze, seeing she meant it. ‘‘You're a good friend and one of the best detectives I've worked with and I'm never going to get anyone better then you watching my sorry ass. I should have told you that before.''

Jane blushed uncomfortably at the praise. ‘'Likewise boss…. So, I guess that means were not turning ourselves in?''

‘'I can't make that decision.'' Shannon rose, holding the newspaper tighter. ‘'I have to show this to Jenny. Whatever she wants to do, we do. Okay?''

‘'I wouldn't blame her if she wanted to just disappear. But yeah I agree with whatever she chooses.'' She pulled off her jacket, now feeling the fatigue of the day. ‘'We really have screwed up her safe world haven't we?''

Shannon flinched as she walked past to the door, she paused on opening it, her voice low. ‘‘Yea I have.'' She opened the door and left, closing it behind her.

Jane inhaled, hearing the ‘I'. Shaking her head at once again the boss was taking everything on her shoulders, she sank into the chair exhausted.

Jenny blinked in the darkness, sitting up as she heard the tap on the door, knowing it was what had pulled her from the light sleep she'd just fallen into.

She glanced at the clock, only fifteen minutes had gone by since she'd gone to bed again. ‘'Yeah?''

‘‘It's Shannon. Can I come in? I need to talk to you?''

Jenny sat right up, pulling the blanket further up, reaching across to click on the sidelight, wincing as the brightness lit the room. ‘'Sure. Come in.'' Jenny was momentarily shocked by what she saw in the detective as she entered, something was wrong. She sat up more. ‘'Shannon?''

Shannon took a breath. ‘‘Well I know why they were late.'' Her attempt at humor didn't work. She held out the paper. ‘'I'm sorry.''

Jenny frowned, looking at it then back to Shannon, still shaken by the change, she took the paper, gasping as she caught her picture on the front.

‘‘Oh no.'' she read it, then sat back, feeling the ripples of fear escape from their newly formed walls she'd managed to put them behind. Her mouth was dry. ‘‘Ho…. How?''

‘'F.B.I. At a guess.''

‘'Why?'' She couldn't take her eyes off the picture of herself, it was one she recognized that was used in D.C. Her worse nightmare was once again replaying. Her hands were trembling, she gripped the edges of the paper harder. ‘'Why do this?''

‘‘They want you back. Putting where you live, who you are, what you look like means he knows. They're hoping fear of him will send you running back to them…. Plus….'' Shannon's voice broke.

It made Jenny look up. ‘‘Plus?''

‘‘They're hoping it will draw him out. They're using you as bait.''

Jenny swallowed hard. ‘'Jesus.''

Shannon sagged, hearing the fear, hearing the panic. She felt useless. This was because of her. Bringing Jenny into this meant Jenny had lost everything. Her safe place, her identify, and now possibly her life. ‘'I'm sorry.''

Jenny's fear stuttered, she looked up into the anguished gaze, seeing beyond it. Seeing exactly what was going on. ‘‘This isn't your fault.''

Shannon looked away, her bitterness coming out. ‘'isn't it. I'm the one that came to you. Begged you to help. Pushed you. I promised you I'd keep you out of the press. I promised you the F.B.I. wouldn't get their hooks into you again.'' Her eyes came back around. ‘'I promised you you'd be safe.''

Jenny wanted to argue, but she had very little to argue with. ‘‘This wasn't your doing Shannon. The F.B.I. did this…. Not you. You can't promise what they will do. You don't have any control of them.''

Shannon scoffed, her self-loathing unable to listen. ‘'Are you feeling safe right now?''

Jenny didn't have to think about it. ‘‘Yes.''

Shannon stilled, her eyes dropping. ‘‘How can you say that?''

‘‘Because it's true. I feel safe with you.'' She watched as Shannon's jaw worked, just seeing the tension there made her own jaw hurt, then Shannon sagged, her shoulders dropped. ‘'Shannon?''


‘‘Please don't do this to yourself.''

Shannon sagged this time to the point she had to sit down on the bed. ‘'I feel like I messed everything up.''

‘‘You didn't. They did.'' Suddenly Jenny felt angry as she looked back down rereading the article. ‘' They are so stupid, they've just given him all the damn power he was looking for.''

Shannon's eyes shifted to Jenny. ‘‘How you work that out?''

She rustled the paper, turning the front page to Shannon. ‘‘They just told him they don't have a clue who he is, or where he is. They're using a psychic to find him for fuck sake. He isn't stupid enough to take the bait to find me, he'll know they would be watching. They've also just told him, that if he stops and goes away, they haven't got a chance in hell of ever catching him. Everything now is on his terms.''

Shannon's eyes dipped to the page, now seeing what Jenny saw. ‘‘He's going to go to ground.''

Jenny sadly nodded. ‘‘Until he feels safe again to finish his work.'' She left out the part of ‘and come after me.' She was a threat. Whether he believed in psychics or not, he wouldn't be able to resist the temptation to make sure she didn't know anything.

Shannon was caught again in what to do. She looked straight at Jenny. ‘‘If you want to go in, I'll take you and if you want to disappear, I'll help with that too.''

Jenny sucked in a breath. She wanted to go home, but that wasn't safe anymore. She wanted this to stop to go away, but it wouldn't, it couldn't. Her mind was teetering on the edge, she could feel it. It wanted to shut down, go into the dark place, to hide. Her eyes finally met Shannon's concerned gaze, knowing none of those were an option anymore. ‘‘They want you too, don't they? For helping me, for disobeying orders.''

Shannon didn't bother lying. ‘‘Yes. But I'll handle it. That isn't important. I want you safe and I want you to do what you need to do.''

Jenny looked down, staring at the picture of herself. She expanded her lungs with a huge breath. ‘'I need to catch him. That's the only way to make this right.''


‘'I know okay I know.'' Her eyes came up, fierce now with the knowledge of what she wanted. It had been a long time since she'd felt that certain about anything. ‘'We catch him.''

‘'How? He knows what you look like, we can't use the survey as a cover anymore.''

Jenny thought. ‘‘Then we don't use it. We use me.''

Shannon's eyes shot to her. ‘'I'm not using you as bait.''

Jenny smiled at the protectiveness there. ‘'I wasn't suggesting that. I meant we use my gift full force, no hiding. We use the plan we had, we go to addresses.''

‘‘And if he sees you?''

Jenny used all her bravado to shrug. ‘‘Then he sees me….'' Her eyes steeled. ‘‘…. But not before I see him. They've given me a slight advantage doing this article…. He now knows who I am. Before he didn't. He's not going to be able to hide the fact he recognizes me. Or the fact I'm a threat to him. I will sense that Shannon, because now, he's a threat to me! One of the things my gift has always given me, is a sense of personal danger. I go within a hundred feet of him and he sees me, that's going to go off like an alarm bells in my head.''

Shannon didn't look convinced. ‘'I don't like it.''

Jenny exhaled in frustration. ‘‘Then give me a better plan?''

‘'I can't…. But doesn't mean to say I have to like yours.'' Shannon eyes came up. ‘'Tell me you're really okay with this?''

Jenny sagged back, throwing the paper across the room. ‘'I can't, because I'm not. I'm barely holding it together. But, going in isn't the answer. The F.B.I. are going to question me and question me, use me as bait. Then discover he isn't going to go for it. You and I both know I don't get protective custody forever. I get it as long as they see him as a threat….'' She paused. ‘‘Maybe it will last for a few months. He'd have stopped killing. Eventually they'll make a decision protective custody isn't needed, they'll leave me alone, tell me to keep in touch.'' Her eyes fell on Shannon, seeing she knew that. ‘‘As for you and Jane, you'll get your career ruined, because you went up against the F.B.I. you'll get demoted or worse. Don't ask me to sit by in my safe protective custody and live with knowing I ruined both your lives because you trusted in me, because I can't do that. '' She sat forward.

‘'So, the only option open to either of us, for things to work out the way we both can live with, is to go an catch him. I'm the only way we can do that now.''

Shannon rubbed her face, more tired then she'd ever felt in her entire life.

She gave a very small nod. ‘'Alright.''

Jenny felt her insides twist.

Shannon felt it, she looked across. ‘'What?''

Jenny gave a curt laugh. ‘'I was hoping you'd have a better plan.''

It made Shannon grin, why she didn't have a clue. ‘'I could steal you away to a desert island?''

Jenny sank down into the pillow, staring at Shannon. ‘'I think I've done my time of secluded islands. But thanks for the thought.'' She felt so drained, she saw the same mirrored in Shannon. ‘'Come here.'' She shifted over, patting the side of the bed next to her.

Shannon froze, looking at it, then Jenny.

Jenny almost laughed at the rabbit caught in headlight look. ‘'I'm not going to ravish you for many reasons, one of them being I'm exhausted, so god only knows how you feel. So, come here.''

Shannon shifted up, letting Jenny push her down onto her side to lie. She shuffled to get comfortable, feeling her body relax as it finally got to lay down. She punched the pillow to get comfortable, feeling Jenny shift away, then the light went off. She felt Jenny move back down under the blanket. Feeling her back touch hers. Her brow frowned, what does this mean? Should I be here? What if it's too much for her? She shifted, trying to move away so not to crowd the psychic. She took along breath. Her eyes blinking in the darkness. She frowned again.

‘'Stop thinking so much and go to sleep.''

Shannon started. ‘‘How you know I was thinking?''

‘‘You grind your teeth, now shut up, stop freaking out that's my department and go to sleep.''

Shannon grinned. ‘‘That an order.''


Shannon closed her eyes.

Jenny let out her held breath, it was weird hearing someone else breathe that wasn't bud. Her body was trying to get her to move away, but she couldn't. She needed to feel the warmth. Shannon's reaction had tempered her own fear of almost jumping out of her skin as she felt Shannon shift to get comfortable. But, it couldn't win out of the need for the warmth. She listened as Shannon's teeth grinding ebbed away, and her breathing to even out. She glanced over her shoulder, slight rising to see Shannon's face. She smiled, seeing the tension had gone now she was a sleep. She turned back, snuggling into her pillow. Letting out a long sigh. She'd missed this, missed human contact. She blinked, realizing she felt no fear now, there wasn't anything of D.C. remotely in her mind, in fact she tried to call it up but there was nothing there, only the memory. She felt as Shannon turned over, she did however nearly jump out of her skin as an arm came over her waist and felt Shannon snuggle up to the back of her. She swallowed hard, not because of fear, but because her body woke up to the need of touch. She punched the pillow, groaning. ‘'Great, now you pick the time to want her.''

She punched the pillow again, closing her eyes well aware she held a stupid smile on her face.


Marcus looked up, nearly choking on his egg muffin. ‘'What did you just say?'' he coughed again to clear his throat, staring at Shannon.

‘'You heard me. Our plans haven't changed. We go to the addresses as preplanned.''

He wiped his mouth, his eyes going to Jenny. ‘'And your okay with this? After she's told you exactly what the F.B.I. have done to you.''

Jenny sipped her coffee, it was strange she felt more refreshed then she'd ever done. Waking up, Shannon had been gone, but she could still feel the warmth of where she'd been and also her scent. She blushed, making herself look at Marcus who was still waiting for an answer. ‘'I can't see any other way, so yes I'm okay with it. Actually it was my idea.''

‘'Then she's rubbing off on you to much.'' He rose throwing his napkin down. ‘'I don't like it. You're too exposed.''

‘'You're there, Jane's there, so is Shannon. How exactly am I exposed?''

‘‘You know damn well what I mean. We should turn ourselves in. Let the F.B.I. put their necks on the line.''

‘‘You know exactly what will happen. He'll go to ground and only come out when he knows it's safe. You expect me to be kept in a protective jail cell till then? I can take care of myself. I wish you'd trust in me Marcus.''

Jane shifted nervously, seeing the building anger in both of them, her eyes went to Shannon, who was watching them both very tight lipped.

Marcus turned his angry gaze to Shannon. ‘'This is all your doing. What couldn't you just leave her the fuck alone!''

‘'Marcus.'' Jenny's voice was a warning one.

He stared at her, then let out a long sigh, which dissolved his angry. ‘'Fine. We'll do it her way.''

‘'I told you it was mine. She doesn't like it anymore then you do. You wanted me off the damn island and in the world again, well guess what, here I am. Stop blaming Shannon for this, all she's done is show me I'm needed again and I can trust in myself. Do you want me back how I was?''

His eyes shifted to Shannon, seeing the ice steeled look, but he also saw past it. He looked back at Jenny, knowing the double meaning in her words.

‘‘You know I don't.''

‘'Then trust me. This is the right thing to do.''

He slowly nodded, retaking his seat, just staring at his hands.

Jenny's own anger ebbed. ‘'I know you care and I know why you're so mad and thank you. But you've got to start believing in me Marcus. I'm not broken anymore. So stop treating me as if I am.''

His lips twitched.

Shannon hand unclenched under the table. The show of anger from Marcus had unsettled her, she didn't blame him, it was exactly the same things she wanted to yell at Jenny. She felt Jenny watching her, with understanding in her eyes. She managed a small smile, which was answered. She took the last drink of her coffee, not really tasting it. ‘'Right. Let's go and catch this basterd and get all our lives back to normal.'' She rose, waiting.

Slowly they all rose.

Jane smiled at Jenny. ‘'You ready for your dress up?''

Jenny made a face. ‘'no.'' She followed Jane from the room.

Shannon's eyes went to Marcus, seeing his anger still there. She turned from him going to the hold all. Pulling out what she wanted, moving to him.

He stared at her, then his eyes fell to his hands, his eyes widened, seeing the gun in the holster.

‘'Can you use one of these enough that you don't shoot your own foot off?''

Marcus swallowed. ‘'I've shot at the practice range. My brother in law is a cop. But you knew that.'' His eyes rose to hers. ‘‘How much trouble can you get into for giving me this?''

She shrugged. ‘'Depends if you shoot the wrong person.''

He was caught in whether she was serious or not. He took the gun, pulling it from the holster, pulling the clip free, checking it, he shoved it back in with a resounding click! He pushed the safety back, shoving it back in the holster. Well aware his hands were sweating. Could he shoot someone? The answer came quickly. Yes, to protect Jenny, yes he could. He reached back, clipping it to his belt, pulling his T-shirt over the top of it. His eyes back on Shannon. ‘'Then I'll make sure I shoot the right one.''

She managed a smile, wondering if he meant her. She watched him leave the kitchen. Pushing the sudden doubt away at what she'd just done. It broke so many rules, ones she'd never crossed before. She knew why. Rules didn't matter when it came to protecting Jenny. She knew it would give her a headache later, trying to figure out why. But right now she didn't care as long as Jenny was kept safe, even if it did mean she was depending on Marcus to not shoot her in the ass. Hearing the front door open, she dipped grabbing the hold all, heading out after her strange new team.


They visited eight houses with the same result as the first five. They didn't bother with using the cover of the survey, now they needed not be noticed, especially with Jenny's face spread over the news. They'd used various reasons for approaching the house. Lost their way, lost pet. The bluff was working so far and only one person had looked at Jenny as if they recognized her from somewhere. After that, Jenny kept back into the background more, keeping at a distance where she could be seen but not identified.

The park they'd stopped for a break was mostly clear of people, it was a mid week, teenagers were in class and parents were either at work or at home. The main occupants were younger children in playgroups or older residents.

Jenny sighed, closing her eyes as she lent her neck back to feel the warmth of sun on her face. Her mind was full of clutter, opening up all the time was letting so much in. mostly the worry and fear of the people around her. Opening her eyes she looked left watching Shannon talking to Jane. Her gaze shifted to Marcus who was stood by the lake, throwing stones across it. She could feel his frustration from here.

‘'Jane thinks we need to move to the clinics. Cover more ground.''

Jenny lifted her hand to shade against the blast of sun, which reached her even through her sunglasses as she looked up into Shannon's silhouetted figure. ‘'What you think?''

Shannon noticed Jenny's problem, she sat down next to her. Pulling her knees up to rest her chin on. ‘'I think she's right…. For now anyway. It changes everything about him being on guard. I don't think even at home he's going to drop it now.'' She pulled up a handful of grass, throwing it aside.

Jenny sighed. ‘‘You're right.''

Shannon's eyes shifted to Marcus. ‘‘Is he still pissed at me for getting you into this? He's been pretty quiet.''

‘'I think he's mad at lot of things right now…. It isn't just you.''


Jane came over, looking at both of them. ‘‘If we're going to do the clinics we need to leave now boss. Two of them shut at three thirty.''

Shannon nodded. ‘'Which ones the closest?''

‘'McNab Clinic. It's about fifteen minutes from here.''

Shannon rose, brushing her hands off, turning to offer a hand to Jenny, who took it with a grin, before Shannon had time to realize what she'd done, Jenny squeezed her hand and turned heading back towards the car. She'd think about it later, right now she had things to do. ‘'I need to make a call.'' She flipped open her cell, moving away so she wouldn't be heard.

Jane turned away. ‘'Marcus!'' she watched him stiffen, then throw another stone. Jane sighed, yelling again. ‘'Marcus!''

He finally turned, raising a hand in acknowledgement.

Jane frowned. ‘'What's up with him?''

Shannon clicked the cell closed, lifting the rucksack, briefly looking to Marcus. ‘‘He's pissed at me.''

‘'For what? Trying to catch the bad guy.''

Shannon's eyes followed Jenny as she headed back towards the car. ‘‘No. for getting Jenny out of her darkness. When he couldn't.''

Jane sighed, shaking her head. ‘'I thought he would have been glad of that.''

Shannon fell into pace with Jane as they headed for the car. ‘‘He is. But he's jealous that I could do what he couldn't. He'll deal with it. Just give him some space.''

Jane rolled her eyes. ‘‘You're getting soft boss. Normally you would have shot him for being such a pain in the ass. He needs to grow up.''

Shannon laughed, pulling open the driver's door. Her eyes shifting to Marcus as he came closer.

He straightened under the gaze, calling bud to him. Before giving her a look that told her exactly what he thought of her.

Shannon sighed heavily. ‘‘Okay let's go.''


Shannon pulled the car over, looking over the area in front. One large building with parking lot spread out across the entrance area.

Jane sat forward, doing the same. ‘‘How we going in boss?''

‘‘How many doctors they have here?''

Jane shifted back pulling the file free, reading. ‘'Eight. All in today. Six women two men.''

‘'What time this place close?''


Shannon chewed her lip.

‘‘We could just wait here and watch them come out.''

Jane glared at Marcus.


‘‘We're on a time line. If we're just going to sit around on stakeout we may as well let the feds do it.''

‘‘Yea well…. What's your plan? Shove Jenny in the door and see if she freaks and let wonder women here lose another girlfriend.''

Jenny jerked at hearing the words; she turned her head slowly, meeting Marcus suddenly sorrowful eyes.

‘'I'm sorry Jen I…. I didn't mean that…. I….'' He swallowed hard. His eyes shifting to Shannon's ice still form.

Jane had had enough, she snorted in disgust. ‘'You're such an asshole.'' She pushed open the door, slamming it shut as she exited.

Jenny wasn't sure what hurt more the fact he actually thought she would freak or he'd just thrown Shannon's worst pain in her face. As she looked at him she knew which it was, anger welled up, she knew he saw it as he shifted back.

His eyes finally dropped unable to keep up the stare. ‘'I'll be outside.'' He pushed open the door, pausing. ‘'Sorry.'' He got out, closing the door.

Jenny finally turned to face front, exhaling, she looked sideways suddenly seeing how still Shannon was, her eyes dipped to the white knuckles holding the wheel in a death grip, she shifted forward, laying her hand over it. ‘‘Hey.''

Shannon blinked.

‘'Shannon you can let go now.'' She felt the fingers under her palm flex. ‘‘He didn't mean it.''

Shannon exhaled. ‘‘Then he shouldn't have said it.''

‘‘He's…. He's jealous.''

Blue eyes shot around. ‘'And that makes it okay?''

‘‘No of course not. What I'm trying to say is this is new for him. He…. Damn it.'' She pushed out at the anger, she didn't need this now. Slowly she took a cleansing breath. ‘'I'm not making excuses for him.''

‘‘Sounds like you are.''

Jenny eyes slipped closed. Shannon's voice sounded so much like a child's.

‘‘Well I'm not…. This isn't who he is and I know him well enough to know that right now he feels like shit.''

‘‘Yea, well he can join the club.''

Before Jenny had time to say anything, Shannon was gone from the car.

‘‘Fuck!'' Jenny smashed her hand into the dash board. Welcoming the sting of pain. ‘‘Just great. Marcus your timing sucks.'' Her eyes jumped widening as she saw Shannon head straight for the clinic. She opened the door, finding Jane by her side. ‘'What's she doing?''

Jane face shone her concern. ‘'I have no clue she told me to stay with you and wait.''

Marcus moved closer, faltering as Jane leveled her gaze on him. ‘'What's she doing?'' his eyes went to Shannon retreating figure into the clinic.

Jane shook her head. ‘'I don't know. She said for you two to be ready.''

His eyebrows rose. ‘'For what?''

Jenny moved to follow only to have Jane grabbing her arm.

‘‘We wait.''

Jenny looked down at it then back up. ‘‘Because she says so?''

Jane let go of her arm. ‘‘Yes. Trust her.''

All three jumped when the sound of a fire alarm echoed around them. Almost immediately people starting filtering out of the clinic, gathering in their designated fire position in the car park.

Jane smirked. ‘'Well guess that solves that problem.'' She looked to Jenny and Marcus. ‘'This is where you work your voodoo.''

Marcus couldn't help it, he grinned.

Jenny however was not finding it amusing. Her eyes searched through the gathering people.

Jane saw it. ‘‘Jen. She'll be fine. You need to do your thing. So this isn't wasted.''

Marcus nodded, moving away from them towards the people, letting his senses open.

Jenny took a breath, pushing away her worry. Closing her eyes at the assault of so many people filtered into her inner vision. Pushing past their concern and fear of fire, searching through them for any thread she recognized. She felt warmth near her back and knew Shannon was there. It made her focus more.

Jane watched in fascination, seeing the different emotions flick across Jenny's face. She could have sworn the smile that briefly appeared was because somehow Jenny had sensed Shannon's return. She twisted her head, hearing the distant sound of sirens. ‘'Boss?''

‘'I hear them, get in the car.''

Jane obeyed.

Shannon took a step closer to Jenny. ‘'We need to go.'' She kept her voice low, not wanting to spook her.

Jenny brought herself back, feeling exhausted at being in so many people's inner thoughts. Slowly her eyes opened, seeing Shannon's concerned gaze.


Jenny shook her head sadly. ‘‘He's not here.''

Marcus came over, rubbing his palm on his jeans. ‘‘Nothing here either. Sorry.'' He met Shannon's eyes.

She knew he was sorry for not just that. She nodded. ‘‘Okay. We need to go.''

They all heard the siren getting nearer. All three got into the car. Shannon pulled away as the fire engine came around the corner, screaming past them towards the clinic.

Marcus shot forward. ‘'Stop!''

Shannon slammed on the brakes, twisting to glare at him.

Marcus eyes were closed his hand up. Suddenly he pushed open the door, stepping to the sidewalk. His head shot around. ‘'Jen? You feel that?''

Jen quickly opened her senses, her brow creasing as she searched. There, distant, nothing, then something, something there. She psychically jerked, as she hit the thread of Poppies. Her inner mind grabbed on to it, pulling it forward so she could see. Her face contorted, it felt like the thread was resisting. Her sane mind told her that was impossible. She concentrated harder, pushing all other distractions away, locking on to it.

Marcus was circling, trying to catch it, his brow prickling in sweat. It was there, cold, blue.

Jane was sat opened mouthed, trying not to laugh at the ridiculous spectacle in front of her of Marcus dancing in circles. She looked down as she felt bud rest his chin on her knees. Seeing his fur ripple. ‘'Easy boy.'' She stroked him, wondering if it was to calm him or herself. Her eyes went back to Marcus.

Shannon felt her skin crawl. She kept silent, watching Jenny in fascination, almost as if she was glowing.

Marcus knew he was losing it, he knelt touching the ground. ‘'Come on damn it.''

Bud whimpered again, his eyes on Jenny.

Jenny's breathing was shallow. It was resisting, she tightened her focus, grabbing at the thread with imaginary hands, pulling it closer to her. It hissed, twisting, turning on her, and as it turned it became the Snake bearer, twisting snakes aiming at her with fangs. She tried to back away in her mind. They struck out again. Unaware her arms came up and she screamed.

Shannon jumped so hard she banged her head on the interior roof.

Jane instinct was to go for her gun.

Shannon instinct was to grab Jenny. ‘'JENNY.''

Jenny felt the warmth engulf her, shattering the attack. She froze, the snakes froze, everything inside her senses froze. Jenny pushed past the fear, watching the snake bearer begin to fade to be replaced with blue, cold and then disappears into the mists of the essence to nothing.

Shannon felt the tremble go through Jenny, she gathered her closer. ‘‘You're freaking me out here you know how much I hate that.''

Jenny pulled her battered senses back, letting Shannon's voice guide her, hearing the panic from the detective made her hurry. She gripped Shannon's arm. ‘'I'm…. I'm okay.''

Jane exhaled her voice shaking. ‘‘Well I'm not. I think I pissed myself. What the fuck just happened?''

Jenny gave a small laugh hearing Jane's humor steadied more of her shattered nerves. ‘'Where's Marcus?''

Jane's eyes shot outside, widening as she saw Marcus lying flat out on the ground. ‘‘Holy crap.'' She bolted out of the car, kneeling checking his pulse. His face was ashen.

Jenny turned her head, moving to get out.

Shannon tightened her hold. ‘‘No. Jane will deal with it. Just rest a sec….'' Her attention went to Jane. ‘‘How is he?''

‘‘Out cold, but his pulse is okay.'' Jane rose about to go for one of the bottles of water, she stopped as bud came over and began to lick Marcus's face, whining.

‘‘Ugh. Stop kissing dog breath.''

Jane let out a sigh of relief. ‘‘He's fine boss.''

Bud snorted in disgust, continuing to wash his face.

Marcus sat up. ‘'What the hell happened?'' he ran a hand over his face, feeling the worst headache in his life.

Jenny lent into Shannon, letting out her on relief breath. ‘‘It was him.''

Shannon's eyes shot down to her, then around the area. ‘'What? He's here?''

‘‘No.'' she fell silent, trying to work out exactly what had happened.

Shannon felt the withdrawal, she held on to Jenny tighter. ‘'You two get back in the damn car.''

Marcus started to rise, surprised when Jane offered him a hand, he took it pulling himself up. ‘‘Thanks.''

‘‘No worries. Glad you're okay.''

Before he could answer she turned and got back in the car.

He got in grateful for bud's attention, he reached down taking a bottle of water, well aware his hand was shaking as he opened it.

Jane looked at Jenny then at Marcus. ‘'Can either of you explain to me exactly what happened in terms I can understand?''

Marcus lent his head back, still trying to ease the headache. ‘'I felt it. The poppies. Then I lost it, then I guess I lost me.'' He snorted, drinking down half the bottled water in his hand.

Jenny smiled, she could feel Shannon running her fingers through her hair, knowing Shannon didn't know she was doing it. She gave herself over to the guilty pleasure of a moment, then begruduenly she pushed away.

Shannon sighed, moving back to her own seat. ‘'You said it was him?''

Marcus sharply looked over to Jenny. ‘'You saw him?''

‘‘Not exactly. I felt the poppies like you did. I focused on it, pulled it closer.'' She swallowed hard. ‘‘The damn thread turned into the snake bearer exactly like in the image. Snakes….'' She shivered. ‘‘They…. They attacked me.''

Jane shivered too, she hated snakes. ‘‘Is that normal?''

Jenny turned to her and burst out laughing. ‘‘No.''

Jane frowned. ‘‘Hey.''

Jenny bit her lip. ‘‘I'm sorry. No. It isn't normal for a thread I'm following to suddenly turn into snakes. In fact I've never heard of it happening ever to a psychic of any kind.''

Marcus swore under his breath.

Shannon looked at him. ‘'What?''

He shook his head.

‘'What?'' Shannon repeated.

‘‘He laid a trap. Used the poppies. I only just caught it, it was different, I couldn't figure it out. They weren't around me, they were inside me. He was hunting. He used me….'' He swallowed, his eyes going to Jenny.

Jenny breath caught realizing what he was getting at. ‘'God.''

Shannon looked to them trying to understand. ‘‘Hunting for what?''

‘‘For Jenny…. He knows he has some sort of sense, he was testing to see how strong it was, and he used it to see if Jenny did. If she really is a psychic…. If….'' He swallowed hard. ‘'…. If she real is a threat.''

All eyes went to Jenny. She sagged back into the seat. ‘'Well he got his answer…. I am.'' She felt her skin prickle in cold sweat.

Jane wasn't sure when she started believing but right now she did. ‘'how close does he have to be to do this?''

Marcus blinked at her, surprised at the question form a disbeliever. ‘'I don't know…. He looked over at the front seat. ‘' Jen?''

Jenny shook her head. ‘'I don't know either. I've never heard of this before. Not on this scale at least. He has to know how to focus it. Focus so hard he can search out, search you out. He saw you at the park, so he assumed you were a link to me.'' She shook her head almost in disbelief at the focus that would take. ‘‘He'd have to focus everything. I know I couldn't do this.''

Shannon was thinking, trying to come up with some protection for this, but how the hell was she supposed to protect against an attack of Jenny's mind. ‘‘He knows focus…. He does it all the time when he kidnaps, when he kills, it isn't much of leap for him to use it this way is it?''

Jenny realized she was right. ‘'No…. Jesus. Thank god he didn't know he had this before.''

Shannon looked at her.

‘‘Shannon, image someone who can go into your mind and show you your worst fears.''

Jane spat. ‘‘Who says he didn't do it before? They're no marks on the bodies remember, maybe he tortured their minds, drove them nuts. That's how he got his power high jollies.''

Jenny smiled at the fact Jane spoke her thoughts, spoke what she saw and once again hit the nail on the head.

Jane looked up to see everyone staring at her. ‘'What?'' All three smiled. She scratched the back of her neck. ‘'I did it again didn't I. Solved something.''

Shannon nodded, she sat back, facing front, running her hand through her hair, wincing as she hit the bruise there. ‘'So what now? Do we still look for him the normal way?''

‘‘Yes.'' Jenny felt raw.

Shannon started the car. ‘'We'll do it tomorrow. Let's get back to Marcus's place and regroup.'' She felt her inside settle at the thought of going somewhere safe.

Jenny's voice was small. ‘‘No.'' she knew everyone was looking at her again. She took a deep breath. ‘‘We don't have time to keep stopping. For one I'd image that's what this little exercise of his wants. I'm not running away again. He can't get in now. I won't fall for the same trick twice.''

Marcus bit back his anger and wanting to get her the hell away from here. ‘'She's right. We need to keep going.''

Jenny turned giving him a smile of thanks.

Shannon gritted her teeth and her own impulse to run for the hills. ‘‘Right. Jane where's next.''

Jane was caught flat footed, she looked around for the file, only to have Marcus wave it in front of her. She took it. ‘‘Fine. You all realize you're as nuts as each other don't you.''

Marcus snorted. ‘‘Welcome to bedlam, I hope you brought your jammies.''

She rolled her eyes, chuckling. ‘‘Don't wear um.''

Marcus grinned. ‘'Oooooooooooh.''

She ignored him, but couldn't help the grin on her face. ‘'Lexus clinic. Five miles south, keep on this road then take a left boss.''

Jenny laughed at them, she knew it was insane after what she'd just gone through but she couldn't help it. All of them were shook up, humor was a defense. She could even hear it in Jane's voice. She looked across at Shannon seeing the same amusement on her lips.

Shannon turned her head, sensing the gaze. They're eyes held, then she broke it turning her attention to the road. They'd all go nuts together.


Shannon closed the car door, waiting for the others. Jane drew next to her.

‘'You going to do the fire alarm again?''

‘‘No. I don't want to start a trend that attracts attention.'' She looked past Jane to Jenny and Marcus who were hugging.

‘'what made you do that anyway?''

‘'I was angry. Didn't think about it, just walked in and it came to me.''

‘‘Ahuh. Well it was better than shooting Marcus anyway. That close in a car gets messy.''

Shannon smiled. ‘'I thought so too.''

Jane snorted, her eyes going to Marcus. ‘'I can't figure him out. One minute he's an asshole of the biggest degree and the next his almost charming.''

Shannon shifted her gaze to study Jane, almost smiling at what she saw, Jane was attracted to him. She had to look down. ‘‘Yea.'' She coughed turning her attention to Jenny. ‘'You ready.''

Jenny pulled bud as she walked up to Shannon. ‘‘Ready for what?''

Shannon grinned, turning motion for Jenny to go first. ‘‘A tour.''

Jane chuckled, she knew Shannon had been up to something. ‘‘Might have known.''

Marcus ran to catch up. ‘‘Did I just hear her say tour?''

Jane fell into step behind Jenny and Shannon. ‘'Lexus is a research clinic. They give tours everyday at four.'' She looked down at her watch. Shaking her head. ‘‘We have five minutes before it starts.''

They entered the main entrance, all waiting as the inner glass doors opened. Jenny was keeping very close to Shannon, not really knowing what to expect.

Shannon took notice of the main two exits. Each guarded by a security. Her eyes rose to the cameras placed above the main desk. She moved walking the other side of Jenny, keeping her from the camera focus. She caught the movement of the other inner door opening, watching a women in her early twenties in a black dress suit approach them.

The woman smiled. ‘'Miss Matthews?''

Shannon nodded, extending her hand. ‘‘Yes. You must be Mrs. Curtis. I hope my office let you know I was going to be a little late?''

Marcus eyebrows shot up, he looked to Jane who had the same expression on her face.

Mrs. Curtis laughed, shaking the hand. ‘‘You're not late actually your right on time.'' Her gaze went over the others. ‘'I thought there was supposed to be more in your party?''

Shannon smiled again. ‘‘There were, but they have had to go on to two other clinics. I hope its okay, I mean the paperwork that was sent to you was for a team of eight?''

‘‘Not a problem. If you can just give me the names of who are in your team, I'll make the adjustment.''

Shannon knew everyone was looking at her. She pulled a typed list from her inside jacket pocket, handing it over.

Curtis smiled taking it. ‘'Just one moment.'' She headed to the security desk.

Jenny was finding herself impressed yet again, she moved closer to Shannon, keeping her voice low. ‘'When did you arrange this Miss Matthews.''

Shannon hid her smile. ‘' Last night. I called in a favor. I knew this was on our list. I called earlier to confirm today, when I knew we were coming here.'' She watched as Curtis lifted the phone.

‘‘And you didn't tell us why?''

Shannon sighed, hearing the slight accusation. ‘‘Because I'd hoped we would have found him before we came here. This facility is research only. It's scientists, there's no M.D.s on site.''

‘‘Then why are we here?'' Jenny irritation and not being told what was tempered a little.

They both fell silent, as Curtis came back.

‘‘All sorted. If each of you could wear these.'' She gave four Visitors ID's to Shannon.

Shannon pasted them out. ‘'Thank you.''

‘'Right, let's begin shall we.'' Curtis turned going to the door, looking to security, a buzzer sounded and she pulled it open, glancing back. ‘‘This is the main part of the Clinic.''

Shannon moved through, waiting for the others, as Mrs. Curtis moved away she lowered her mouth to Jenny's ear whispering, answering her earlier question. ‘‘Because I had a hunch.''

Jenny almost tripped over her feet.

Mrs. Curtis was beside her immediately. ‘‘Are you okay. I'm so sorry that was my fault. Miss Matthews told me you have problems with your sight. Otherwise we wouldn't have let your dog in I'm afraid. We'll be entering a sterile area during the tour.''

Jenny resettled her breath. Shannon's voice so close had thrown her for a loop. ‘‘No no. I'm fine thank you.'' She pulled bud closer to her, giving him the hand signal to move forward at her side. He fell into step.

When Mrs. Curtis had moved away, Jenny grabbed Shannon's arm tugging it. ‘'Behave yourself.''

Jane rolled her eyes.

Marcus found himself smiling.

Mrs. Curtis stopped, smiling, as she faced them. ‘'Right through these doors is the main research area. As you are all aware Lexus is an independent drug division of the United States government. Our job is to test and retest imported drugs from other countries of the world.''

They all nodded as if they understood.

Curtis continued. ‘'As we're all sadly aware unlicensed drugs are entering the market from orders placed on the Internet. Customs and excise are finding it highly difficult to stop unregistered companies from selling online and posting to resident address within the United States. Our job here is to randomly test packages, which have been sent, and check if the contents are firstly licensed and secondly if the drug is what it says it is. Of course you know all this….'' She laughed nervously. ‘'…. Your department of F.B.I. especially.''

Marcus's eyebrows nearly hit the glass roofing. Jane nearly bit through her gum. Jenny had to slam her hand over her mouth to keep from laughing. The only one who made a sound was bud, who sneezed.

All eyes turned to Shannon. She ignored them. ‘'No that's fine Mrs. Curtis. I'm finding this highly informative. Please act like this is just a tour. I told you this was just an unofficial visit to update my new team.''

Mrs. Curtis beamed. ‘‘Wonderful, come this way.''

Shannon followed her, well aware of the stares behind her.

Marcus tilted his head, then bent slight, looking at Shannon butt.

Jane looked at him, talking from the corner of her mouth. ‘'What are you doing?''

He straightened up. ‘‘Checking where she keeps her balls.''

Jane did a double take, then burst out laughing. Shutting up as blue eyes locked on her.

They moved through the facility. Moving from room to room. Listening to Mrs. Curtis explanation of everything. Jenny now was focused on extending her sense. She kept a close check on her senses, making sure he couldn't get in, unless she allowed it.

Marcus now was behaving, the serious situation, making him focus. He didn't like this place it was too clean, he was barely getting a sense of anything. He became aware of Jane beside him, guarding him, it made him smile.

Shannon was running interference with Mrs. Curtis, making sure her attention was on her, so the others could do their thing. She was chit chatting with her, when a door to the west caught her eye. ‘'What's through there?''

Curtis stopped momentarily surprised. ‘‘Oh. That's the research division. I'm afraid the normal tour doesn't allow us to go there?''

Shannon stopped walking, aware that the others we're looking to the door as well. ‘'Research?''

‘'yes. We also have division here they does testing for new products on the market and of course any drugs which are seized in raids have to be identified.'' Mrs. Curtis frowned. ‘'You know we do.''

Shannon realized her error. She laughed easily. ‘' I know you do. I just didn't know it was done there.''

Mrs. Curtis relaxed. ‘‘Well. I'm afraid if you wish access. I'm going to have to make this an official visit and ask for your supervisor to send me the paperwork.''

Shannon smiled. ‘'I might just do that for next time if I may. Today we have two others to see.''

Mrs. Curtis smiled back. ‘' Of course.''

Jenny was staring at the room, she took a small step towards it. ‘'Mrs. Curtis. Can I ask what types of drugs are usual in there?''

Mrs. Curtis came over. ‘‘It depends, sometimes a raid will being us type one class drugs, while other times it can be no more than cannabis. At the moment we have three or four different new drugs under testing.''

Jenny opened her sense a little more, there was something there…. Faint. But emanating from the room beyond the door.

Shannon felt the hairs go up, knowing what Jenny was doing. She saw Curtis studying Jenny curiously. Shannon stepped between them, bringing Curtis attention back to her. ‘‘You said research. What kind?''

Mrs. Curtis thought for moment, wondering if talking about it was breaking any rules, then she shrugged her smile returning. ‘‘Mostly we check interaction with other drugs. Side effects.''

Jenny took a slow breath, opening further. She felt it, cold, ice, blue. Clinical. She spoke out loud. ‘‘Poppies.''

Mrs. Curtis looked around to her in surprise. ‘‘Yes. We deal with opiates.''

Marcus eyes sprung wide. That's why he didn't like this place, it reminded him of the feeling he got when he felt the poppies. Clinical a clinical environment. Surrounding the killer all the time, not something he saw, not something he looked at, but something he dealt with everyday.

Which seeped into his skin, which he carried without knowing? ‘‘That's it.''

Mrs. Curtis looked at him in alarm. ‘‘Excuse me.''

Shannon took a step next to Jenny.

Jenny's eyes opened. ‘‘He's here.''

Shannon felt her stomach drop. She turned to Mrs. Curtis, well aware of the confused look on the woman's face. ‘'Do you employ M.D.s here?''

Curtis blinked in surprise. ‘'I'm sorry.''

Shannon kept her panic under control. ‘‘You said you checked for side effects, is that monitored by an M.D.? Do you hire them in?''

‘‘Well no. We don't bring in M.D.s, most of our scientists have a medical degree.''

Shannon swallowed hard, seeing Jenny pale. ‘'What?''

Jenny stepped back, pulling bud with her. ‘'He knows I'm here.'' She'd only just managed to shut down her sense as she felt the snakes again.

Shannon looked around. ‘'Damn it.''

Mrs. Curtis smile fell. ‘‘What's going on?''

Shannon eyes scanned the expanse of hall around them.

Everyone turned as the door to the west opened.

A tall man handsome blonde man came out, stopping to stare at them. His eyes as blue as Shannon's, his face broke into a grin as his eyes leveled on Jenny.

Bud started to growl.

The growl pulled Shannon from her shock of knowing this was him. She didn't know how she knew she just knew, her gut told her. In one swift movement, she pulled Jenny behind her, pulling her gun free, well aware of the scream of alarm from Mrs. Curtis, who took off down the hallway. She knew Jane had pushed Marcus out the way.

Shannon leveled her gun at him. ‘'POLICE. DON'T MOVE.'' She saw Jane take up the same stance next to her.

He raised his arms, still grinning. His eyes locked on Jenny. He seemed oblivious of anyone else.

‘'TURN AROUND FACE THE DOOR. HANDS BEHIND YOUR HEAD.'' Shannon took a step closer.

He instead took a step closer to her.


His grin widened. He ignored Shannon speaking to Jenny. ‘‘Hello. I've dreamt of you.''

Jenny swallowed hard. Just managing to keep bud from leaping forward, all his hackles were up.

Shannon stepped into his line of sight, seeing him frown, trying to see around her. ‘'LISTEN TO ME. YOUR UNDER ARREST TURN AROUND AND FACE THE GOD DAMN DOOR.''

His eyes darkened, looking right at her. She swallowed hard as she felt her skin crawl.

‘'I'm talking to Miss Newton.''

‘‘The hell you are.'' Shannon took another step towards him, then her hairs all stood on end.


Shannon cursed, taking a glance over her shoulder to find four armed security officers with their guns leveled at her and Jane. Her eyes went back to the man at by the door, seeing him grin, amusement dancing in his eyes. He chuckled.

Jane was looking at Shannon now unsure of what the hell to do. ‘'boss?''

Shannon gritted her teeth, this was turning into a god damn farce. She looked over her shoulder again. Making eye contact with the security officer who spoke. ‘'I'm Detective Rhymes' keys Pd. I'm here on official business. That man is the tooth fairy. I'm here to arrest him.''

The security mans eyes widened going to the man he recognized by the door. ‘'Dr Steward? You got to be kidding me.''

Mrs. Curtis squeaked from the end of the hall, yelling. ‘'She's lying she told me she was from the F.B.I. her name is Matthews.''

Shannon cursed, seeing the security guard level his gun again. ‘'Wait! I've got my badge in my back pocket.''

Jenny was oblivious to it all, her eyes were fixed on him, he was taking this all in great amusement, as if sensing her gaze he looked at her again, his grin widening. She shivered, her skin was crawling, she could hear him whispering to get into her mind. Bud lurched forward, which startled him enough for to give Jenny time to slam the wall shut on him. She felt sick.

Bud growled again, he really didn't like this man, he pulled harder, almost over balancing Jenny. She yanked him back. ‘'Bud!''

Everyone's attention went to bud, including guns.

Shannon yelled seeing all the security men level their weapons on him. ‘‘Hey!''

Their weapons came around to her again. Shit. ‘'okay. We have to calm down here. Get my badge, make the damn call. Before something stupid happens.''

The security guard looked uncertain, he'd been trained in terrorist attacks. ‘‘Lower your gun first, then we'll check.''

Shannon swore, she didn't blame the security they were doing what they were trained to do. ‘'Take him into custody first. Then I'll lower my gun.''

The security guard eyes narrowed. ‘'I don't take orders. Lower yours. I'm not asking again.'' His shoulders tensed.

Shannon looked back at Dr Steward seeing the very amused look on his face.

Turning her head to see the fear in Jenny's eyes, then to Jane who was looking much the same, to Marcus who was knelt behind the white sofa.

‘'Shannon?'' Jenny's voice was a plea, she knew how quickly this could all turn bad.

‘‘Excuse me?''

Shannon's eyes shot to Steward. ‘'Shut up.''

He smiled. ‘'Jeff. Maybe it would be easier, if you just arrested me. This woman seems to think I'm a threat. I don't want anyone getting hurt over a misunderstanding.''

His voice was so sincere Shannon felt sick, realizing why and how easily those victims had fallen for it, why they trusted him.

The security guard, moved around Shannon keeping his weapon level on her. ‘'That won't be necessary Dr Steward. We got everything under control. You just stay back there.''

Steward stepped back smiling. ‘'Whatever you say Jeff.''

Shannon finger was itching, it would so easy to wipe the smile off his face. So easy to kill him, stop the killings, stop the threat to Jenny. Her body tensed.


Shannon froze, just like she did that day in the house when she was going to throw the F.B.I. asshole out of the house. Even then Jenny had read her mind. Her eyes came around to terrified ones.

‘‘Please don't.'' Jenny's hand gripped harder to bud's lead.

The security guard had also tensed. ‘‘Look lady. I don't know what you think you're here for. But if you don't drop your fucking weapon right now I'm going to make you. One way or the other.''

Shannon inhaled, closing her eyes, then she slowly let her body relax, nodding to Jane. ‘'Stand down.'' She relaxed her finger on the trigger, letting the gun slip forward so she only held it at the butt.

The security guard stepped forward immediately, grabbing it, shoving Shannon to her knees.

Jenny winced seeing Shannon's man handled. ‘‘Hey''

Shannon looked at her. ‘'Stop. Its okay.''

Jenny clenched her teeth, looking across to see Jane being giving the same treatment. ‘'What she says is true, she's a cop.''

They ignored Jenny, pulling Shannon's hands behind her back, slipping on the plastic tag cuffs.

Shannon gritted her teeth, to the pinch of pain, looking up at the security officer. ‘'Now get my damn fucking badge and make the damn fucking call!''

He blanched. Nodding to one of his men, who stooped pulling the badge from Shannon's back pocket, handing it over.

The security man looked at it, frowning. It looked real, but so did half of 911's credentials.

Shannon read his thoughts. ‘'If I was a terrorist would I be after him? Make the call.'' She saw Dr Steward cross his arms and smirk. She quickly read the security man's nametag. ‘'Barrow.''

He looked down at her.

‘'Stop turning your back on that man. He is the tooth fairy so arrest him. I've done what you've asked.''

He looked over his shoulder at Dr Steward. ‘'I've known him for twelve years, you've so got the wrong man.''

Shannon gritted her teeth. ‘'I don't give a shit if you shared a playpen with him. Do your job.''

He tensed, looking down at her again. ‘'You've got some nerve coming in here armed and giving me orders.''

Jenny looked across to Marcus, seeing him rise, his eyes were fixed on Steward, Jenny turned, surprised to find him moving closer. ‘'Shannon.'' She stepped back, almost smacking into a security guard, who looked at her in surprise, wondering if he should be holding her.

Shannon heard the scared plea. She jerked her head around Barrow. Seeing what had caused Jenny to back off. ‘'STOP RIGHT THERE.''

Barrow jumped, swirling around, walking towards him. ‘'Dr Steward. I think you need to stay back.''

Steward stopped. ‘‘Oh I'm sorry.'' He took a step back. ‘‘It's just I thought for a moment I recognized her.''

Barrow looked back. ‘'The one claiming she's a cop?''

‘‘Hmmm. Yes. I think so.''


Steward smiled. ‘‘Well I don't want to piss her off.'' He took a further step backwards.

Shannon tensed, seeing the security guard walk closer, she shot a look to the other three who were covering Jane and her. Shit. ‘'Don't trust him.'' She pulled at her plastic cuffs.

Jenny was edging closer to Shannon, only to be stopped by a security guard. ‘'I think you need to sit over there ma'am.'' He motioned to the couch near Marcus. Jenny nodded, making her way there, pulling a reluctant bud, past Shannon.

Shannon felt it the prickling in her gut. Watching as Jenny past her towards Marcus. Bud looking at her in worry. She whispered to bud. ‘'Guard her now!''

His body stilled, his eyes coming up, she swore she saw understanding there.

Barrow looked back at them. ‘'She a patient or something.''

Steward grinned, dipping his head, lowering his voice, making barrow do the same leaning into him.

Shannon saw it. ‘'NOOOOOO.''

Barrow looked up surprised.

It was all the distraction Steward needed, he reached across grabbing Shannon's gun out of Barrows hand, firing one shot straight into Barrow's left eye, before he had time even to react, skull and brain exploded outward as he flew back. Steward turned leveling the gun, firing three shots in rapid success, each one hitting their target dead on. The three security men fell.

Marcus jumped, throwing himself flat.

Bud turned, jumping up at Jenny, sending her sprawling backwards, Marcus saw it he scrambled quickly grabbing Jenny, pulling her behind the end of the couch, shoving bud between them, covering them both.

Jane dived sideways.

Shannon rolled.

Steward kept walking forward, firing another shot at a distant running Mrs. Curtis, who with a cry crumpled to the ground.

The room echoed the sounds, then gently they recoiled away, leaving silence and the scent of gunpowder and blood.

Shannon had pushed herself straight ready to run at him, only to find the gun end under her chin and pushing her head back.

Jenny saw it, she pushed at Marcus. ‘‘No!''

Steward's eyes went to her, his grin returned.

Jane was ready to spring.

His eyes shifted to her. ‘'I wouldn't advise it.'' His voice was cold.

Jane slowly lowered herself back down.

His attention went back to Shannon. ‘'You are an annoyance.''

Shannon swallowed, feeling the cold of steel digging in her throat. ‘‘So I've been told. But I am a cop and it won't be long before there is a lot more annoyances around you.''

His mouth twitched. ‘'Are you trying to play for time?'' he studied her. ‘'I think you are. If you're worried about the gunshots don't be. This place is sound proofed. If you're worried about interruptions don't be. We had a four-man security team. You were nice enough to being those. As for staff? I'm the only one that uses this wing on a Wednesday. As for your back up…. I heard you went rogue.'' His smile extended.

Shannon swallowed. Shit. He suddenly knew a whole lot about her. ‘'You can't get away with this now.''

He laughed, standing straight pulling the gun away. ‘'I just did.''

Shannon watched him. Did he really think that? With a jolt she realized he did.

‘'you can't expect to walk away from here. They'll figure it out.''

He crossed his arms, his eyes going to Jenny again. ‘'hmmm. The brains of the outfit.''

Jenny swallowed, holding tightly to bud who was about ready to gnaw through his lead.

‘'Bud! Down.''

Jenny was surprised the command had come from Shannon, she looked down at him as he lay down. His eyes locked on steward.

Shannon let out a sigh of relief that he'd obeyed, she knew steward would have just shot him if he was a threat, she needed him alive.

Steward smirked at the dog, making sure he didn't get to close. He gave Marcus a look, then pointed for him to sit by Shannon. Marcus rose, almost tempted to fight, then he caught Shannon's shaking head, with a grunt he went and sat next to her.

‘'You don't mind if I tell you to put the dog over there too do you.''

Jenny stilled.

He smiled again. ‘'I'd hate to have to shoot him.''

Jenny looked up at him, she shivered under his glare. She rose, pulling bud with her, handing him to Marcus.

Bud didn't want too. He needed to be with Jenny.

Shannon pushed at him. ‘'sit. Stay.'' She muttered the rest. ‘'for now.''

He lay down.

Shannon wished she could get her hands free, she hated the fact he was so close to Jenny.

Jenny returned to the couch, sitting, folding her arms. Concentrating all her will power to keep him out of her head, she could feel him trying to get in.

‘‘You intrigue me…. Little one.''

She looked at him, keeping her fear out of her eyes.

‘‘You solved them didn't you? All my little clues.''



‘'I like puzzles.''

He grinned. ‘‘So do I. doesn't explain how you solved them?''

She relaxed slightly, knowing his psyche helped. ‘‘You left them to be solved.''

He blinked, moving to take a seat next to her, looking her up and down.

‘'You are not what I expected.'' He sounded confused.

Jenny shifted a little away. ‘‘Did you have a picture of your nemesis.''

He sat back, crossing his legs. ‘‘A hawk.''

She almost did a double take. ‘'Excuse me?''

He laughed. ‘'I saw you as a hawk. In my dreams. But I got your eyes right. Those are the same. Hunters eyes.''

Marcus shifted a little closer to Shannon, keeping his gaze firmly fixed on Jenny and Steward.

Shannon looked down feeling the nudge to her leg, her eyes checked they weren't being watching, dipping to Marcus's hand which had slightly lifted his t shirt exposing the gun on his hip. She looked Marcus right in the eye as he turned to look at her, she shook her head.

He tensed, then relaxed, knowing she meant not yet.

Steward attention came around to them. ‘'Don't get to cozy. You.'' He leveled the gun on Marcus. ‘'….Over there.''

Marcus rose, pulling bud with him, moving to the spot ordered. Sitting again his back to the wall. He swallowed hard as he found himself right next to one of the dead security men, he turned away as he saw what was left of the man's face.

Steward relaxed back again, smiling to Jenny. ‘'You have upset my plans you know.''

‘‘Yes I can imagine I have.''

His smile eased. ‘‘You're not afraid of me. Why? Everyone else is.'' He waved the gun at the others.

Hearing that gave Jenny a small sense of triumph, he couldn't read her. It steeled her resolve. ‘'I understand you.''

His eyes narrowed. ‘'You think so do you.''

She quickly corrected. ‘'I mean, I understand the part of you, you wanted me too. Like the puzzles.''

His eyes lost their coldness. ‘‘You still haven't told me how you solved them, when most of the F.B.I. didn't have a clue.''

Shannon frowned, so did Jane.

Jenny took a breath, gathering her thoughts, she needed to keep him talking, when he was they were alive. ‘'Actually they beat me…. But my first clue to breaking them was the nickel.''

He grinned. ‘' E Pluribus Unum.''

She managed to smile. ‘'Out of many one. Yes.''

‘'I'm glad you didn't fall for that stupid tooth fairy tag.''

She almost jerked as his anger cascaded around her. ‘'No. I ruled that out very quickly.''

‘‘Hmmm.'' His gaze shifted to the three watching them. ‘'This must be all very boring for you Detective?''

Shannon resisted the urge to tell him to go to hell. Instead she kept silent.

He laughed. ‘'I'm impressed, I'd heard your temper usual got the better of you.''

Jane looked sideways at Shannon, seeing she was wondering the same thing. Where this guy got so much information.

Jenny cleared her throat, needing to get his attention back to her. ‘'Can I ask a question?''

His eyes came around to her, he nodded.

‘'Why the ecliptic?''

He looked like he wasn't going to answer, then he relaxed, shrugging. ‘'Why not.''

Jenny studied him, trying to see if he was joking. ‘'I'm afraid I'm going to have to call you a liar on that answer.''

Shannon stiffened.

He didn't his head went back and he roared with laughter. Making everyone jump as the sound echoed around the hallway, making it sound macabre.

Jane took the distraction to look around, glancing over her shoulder she spotted the security guide who had cuffed her, her eyes raked over his body, spotting the pen knife hanging from his key chain on his black belt. Her eyes went back to the killer, seeing his gaze was firmly locked on Jenny. She slowly eased herself back to sit on her butt, freeing her legs from under her.


She froze, looking right at him. ‘'I've got cramp.''

‘‘Like I care. You move again, you won't have to worry about it.''

Making one last move she shifted back, more then was necessary, only stopping when she felt the edge of the body, she stilled, sitting now fully on her behind. ‘'I won't move again.''

His jaw twitched his eyes angry that she'd moved again.

Jenny saw it. She knew she had to do something. She shifted forward into his line of sight. ‘'Dr Steward. Why the number thirteen?''

He blinked, his eyes boring into Jane, then as if not giving her another thought he sat back, turning to Jenny. ‘'Why do you think?''


He smiled in surprise. ‘'Well that would be refreshing. Go ahead.''

‘'Simply, you like the number, it's always meant something to you.''

His smile twitched, turning into a grin. ‘'Ahuh. Always have. Lucky thirteen.''

Jenny internally exhaled, she'd guessed.

Jane kept her gaze ahead, while her hands were reaching back, searching with fingertips. She swallowed hard as she felt the warm sticky substance she knew to be blood, but it helped her know where her hand was, she was too high. She moved them down, feeling along, hitting the belt buckle, knowing to go left, her fingers fell on the key chain. She could feel the tingling in her fingers, knowing the blood supply was getting cut off, it made it harder to grab at the chain as her fingers began to go numb. Her fingers met what she wanted, her thumb and finger held the pen knife steady, while using her middle finger nail to probe at the edge until she felt the indent, she pushed at it. Cursing under her breath as her nail slide across. She stretched her fingers out, trying again, catching the indent this time until slowly it started to pull the blade free. She stilled as his eyes came around to her.

Shannon wasn't sure what Jane was doing but she could tell by Jane's eyes it was something that could get her killed. ‘'You know something Dr Steward, I have a question.''

Jane exhaled as his focus shifted to Shannon, she went back to her task, opening the pen blade fully.

‘'Do you think I care if you have a question or not. The only reason I haven't blown your head off is it would upset Miss Newton.''

Shannon didn't flinch as the gun was aimed at her again. ‘'I do know that.''

Jane eased a little back, making it look like she was relaxing, but her hands now were moving, bringing the blades edge against the plastic cuff. She began moving the penknife against it in slow movements. Hoping to god it was sharp.

He lowered the gun, curious. ‘'What's the question? You get one, so make it good.''

‘‘We're you a doctor first, or did you go into it because of Ophiuchus and the connection with Ascelpisis?''

His eyebrow rose. ‘'My…. My you're not just a pretty face.''

She wondered if he would answer her, she was well aware he was thinking over whether to just kill her.

He lowered the gun. ‘'I am who I am.''

Shannon resisted the urge to roll her eyes. ‘'So, you don't know which came first.''

His eyes hardened. ‘'Be careful Detective.''

Jenny clenched both hands, grabbing her jeans. Sending Shannon a warning look to not push him too far.

Shannon shrugged at him. ‘'You're going to kill us all anyway. I haven't really got a lot to lose by asking things. I guess I'm just a curious soul.''

The smile that came to his face made her insides cringe.

‘‘Oh, you think you haven't got anything to lose except your life?''

Jane almost stopped working on the plastic cuff, his voice had changed totally.

Jenny shot her eyes to him.

Shannon couldn't help herself she flinched back as he moved over her.

‘'Your one of those stupid self sacrificing cops aren't you.''

He grabbed her hair, jerking her head back to look up at him.

Bud rose, a deep growl rumbling through him.

He kicked backwards, his foot connecting hard into bud's chest, he yelped, leaping up, snapping at the already retreating leg. Marcus had to use all this strength to stop him getting away from him.

Steward turned his head staring right at Marcus. ‘‘Keep him under control or I'll kill you both now.''

Jenny gritted her teeth, terrified of what he was going to do to Shannon, but she quickly saw bud was more at risk. ‘'Bud. Down!''

Bud stopped struggling, whining in-between his growl, limping as he moved back to lie down.

Steward eyes came back around to Shannon. ‘‘Maybe I should just kill you all now. Except for Miss Newton of course. Her, I can find more interesting things to do with.'' His eyes went to Jenny, raking over her whole form.

Shannon struggled, well aware what a look like that meant.

His eyes came back to her, a sneer forming. ‘'Still think all you got to lose is your life?'' he twisted her hair, seeing tears forming in her eyes, but impressed she still made no sound. He jerked her head back more, increasing the pressure on the angle of her neck, as she didn't answer. ‘'Well?''


He released her hair, rising, patting her cheek, laughing as she tore her face away and gave him a look that could have killed. ‘'Smart girl.''

Jenny let out her held breath. She sat straight as his eyes locked on her again. She couldn't help sitting back as he approached.

‘'What do you think? Should I kill them? Get it over with?''

She stared at him, he was seriously asking her. She wet her dry lips. ‘'No.''

He frowned. ‘'Give me one reason other than you wouldn't like it?''

Jane started working in earnest on the plastic tag against the blade, tensing as she felt it slip and slice into her wrists.

‘'They could be useful.'' Jenny's mind was trying to think of something that would mean anything to him, knowing deep down nothing would, he would do it on a whim.

He shook his head disappointed. ‘'Useful for what? Hostages?'' He sighed, moving back towards Shannon. ‘'No one's coming. I know the protocol for this facility if it becomes under attack. Lock down, contain the situation, then notify the F.B.I. and I'm afraid that was Jeff's job.'' His eyes went to the body by the door. ‘‘He never did follow protocol.'' He turned looking right at Jenny. ‘'The only guards left in this place are the two on the main exit. Jeff seems to have brought both of the guards who kept watch on the surveillance room. So,'' He looked at all of them. ‘'No one's coming. Sorry.''

Shannon wanted to kick Jeff even if he was dead. Idiot.

He neared Jenny again. ‘'So I ask again. Give me a reason not to kill them?''

Jenny felt like crying. ‘'I can't. Whatever I say you'll do what you want anyway.''

He grinned, his hand coming up to touch her cheek, aware of the flinch she gave. ‘'So beautiful. I'm going to enjoy you very much.''

‘‘Leave her alone.'' Shannon's temper was snapping. She rose up onto her knees. Sending Marcus a look, then the same look to Bud.

They both knew what it meant.

Jane shifted her gaze to her, seeing the tell tale signs of Shannon about to do something really stupid. She worked harder on the plastic tie, feeling it give.

‘'Shannon don't.'' Jenny felt herself shake, her skin was crawling where his fingertips rested. ‘'Please don't.''

‘'I'd listen to her Shannon. She really is all that's standing between you and a bullet to the head.''

‘'What's the point. As you said you're going to do it anyway. I'm not playing your game anymore.'' She shifted, pushing up from her knees, swaying as her balance offset, now she was standing.

Jenny wanted to scream at her.

Marcus, slowly eased his hand around the back of him, pulling the gun free, with his other hand he unclipped bud's lead. Seeing his eyes come to him. Marcus mouthed. ‘'Wait.''

Bud licked his chops, settling back down, his eyes going back to the man.

Marcus relaxed, seeing bud understood, he always knew he was a smart dog. He brought the gun down to the floor behind him, pushing the safety off. His eyes glued now to Shannon and her distraction.

Steward nostrils flared, he dropped his hand from Jenny, turning. ‘'Sit the fuck down.''

‘'Why, so I can be on my knees when you blow me away. I don't think so. If I'm going I'm going standing.''

His whole body shook, with two strides he was up in her face. She didn't have time to dodge the smack of the gun against the side of her face.

Jenny jerked, ready to rise. She stilled as she watched, Shannon stand straight again, spitting red from her mouth and smirk.

Bud flinched, growling, but he waited, waited for Shannon's command.

Marcus almost pulled the trigger shooting himself in the ass. He swallowed hard, waiting, trusting in Shannon.

Jane used the sound of metal meeting flesh to tense her wrists and snap the plastic holding them, she kept still, knowing she couldn't get to him yet.

Steward glared at her, his words forcing out through his clenched teeth. ‘'Sit! Down!''

Shannon relaxed her shoulders, putting her centre of balance onto the balls of her feet, judging the distance between them. She pushed her head forward, right into his. ‘'No.''

His eye twitched, he smirked stepping back, turning the gun on Jenny.

Shannon almost smiled, she saw that coming a mile away, she expected it, in fact she needed it. She hoped Jenny would understand what she had to do.

‘'Sit down Detective. I won't ask again.''

Jenny gulped, shifting her eyes from the barrel aimed at her eye, past it to Shannon. Seeing what was coming by the look in blue eyes that suddenly locked on her. Oh no . please no .

Shannon smiled, for a moment she saw his confused look. Then she launched herself forward, using the strength in her legs to aim at him.


Bud rose, a streaming movement of sleek muscle, a blur of leaping, flying mass, millions of years of evolutionary D.N.A readying his body for this moment. He was wolf, he was dog. He was protector.

Steward fired at the biggest threat, Shannon.

Shannon felt the bullet slam into her chest, stopping her memento forward, she jerked sideways, letting out a cry of pain as breath was robbed from her. She slammed into the floor.

Jenny rose, yelling, running towards the fallen figure. ‘Nooooooooo.''

Jane flipped back, lashing her leg out, slamming her boot hard into Stewards exposed knee. Throwing herself backwards as the gun came around to her.

Steward didn't have time to fire, he found his arm locked in razor teeth, tearing flesh as they dug deep. He screamed, slamming his free hand into the dog who wouldn't let go. He kicked, backing away, using his full force he slammed bud into the wall.

Jenny ducked past them, her focus on Shannon's still form. She skidded on the carpet, falling to her knees, scared to turn Shannon over. ‘'Oh god. Oh god.''

Steward screamed, trying to twist away, lifting bud off the ground. Bud grunted, but he didn't let go, he tore deeper, hating the taste of blood. He yelped as a kick caught him.

Jane scrambled backwards, searching for the security guards gun, finding it she turned, only to jerk as a shot rang out.

‘'Bud OFF!''

Bud let go obeying Marcus's command, scampering away, breathing hard, he hurt. He growled, his eyes locked on the man. He spat the blood and flesh from his mouth.

Steward looked down at his chest, his fingers coming up to feel around the wound. He slammed back as another bullet hit him, he looked across.

Marcus stepped closer, firing again. ‘'Die you son of bitch.''

Steward gave a weak grin as the last bullet hit the wall next to him. He coughed, then his eyes slipped closed as he slid down the wall into a heap.

Marcus moved closer about to fire again.

Jane moved quickly, placing her hand on Marcus's gun, pushing it down. She turned to Steward, kicking him in the leg as she approached her gun level at his head. She kicked his gun away, reaching down she felt the pulse at his neck. Exhaling in relief, she straightened. ‘'He's dead.''

Marcus let the gun fall from his hand, wiping at his face, almost missing because his hand was shaking so much. ‘'Thank fuck for that!''

Jane's eyes went past him. ‘‘Oh no.''

Marcus turned, swallowing so hard he was sure the room echoed it.

Jenny had pulled Shannon over, somehow managing to pull her onto her lap. Smoothing down a loose hair that had fallen across the ashen cold face. She didn't even know she was rocking. ‘'Shhh. It'll be okay. You'll see.''

Marcus wasn't sure what hit him more, Jenny's anguish or Shannon's blood which was spreading out around them both like scarlet blanket. To his artist eye, the whole scene was almost beautiful.

Jane pulled herself out of the shock, running over, kneeling, checking for a pulse. She exhaled with a cry. ‘'She's alive.''

Jenny didn't respond.

Jane touched her, grimacing at how cold the psychic was. ‘'Jenny. She's alive.'' She grabbed Jenny's hand placing it over the wound on Shannon's chest. ‘'press here. Hard!''

Jenny's eyes finally focused on her. ‘'Alive.'' Her voice was nothing but a croak.

‘‘Yes. Press!'' Jane rose, running down the hallway, needing a phone.

Bud limped over, placing his body along Shannon's licking at Jenny's hand.

Jenny let out a gasp, the tears finally breaking free full force. Smiling at bud. ‘'She'd be so proud of you.''

He licked her hand again. Moving closer over Shannon, not liking the coldness that spread over her. He whimpered.

Marcus came down behind Jenny. Stretching his legs either side of her, wrapping his body around her back, locking his arms around her waist. ‘'You hold on to her Jen and I'll keep a hold of you till she gets back.''

Jenny cried more, leaning forward, to rest her forehead against Shannon's, barely feeling her breath. Hearing how hard it was for her to breathe nearly made her throw up. ‘'Shannon. Don't go. I need you.''

Marcus tightened his grip, wishing Jane would hurry up.

Jenny calmed her thoughts seeking, searching. Trying to find Shannon's warmth, but there wasn't any, all there was, was cold. She cried harder, her emotions shattering her hold. She opened her eyes, grabbing Shannon to her harder, pushing down on the wound, knowing it was Shannon's life's blood that covered her. ‘'Please you promised.''

Marcus was crying too. He looked up as Jane came barreling back, one of the security guards hot on her heels, with another man in a white coat carrying a case. Jane stopped, kneeling, checking Shannon's pulse, sighing in relief. She'd thought she was too late, by the looks on Jenny's and Marcus face. ‘‘Paramedics are on their way.'' She moved back letting the white coated man kneel. ‘'This is Dr Shaw. He is a scientist here, he's also an M.D.''

He gave them a weak smile. ‘‘Been a while but I remember my training.'' He checked Shannon's pulse, then looked at the wound, his face paled. He swallowed, looking up, adding another weak smile. ‘' Miss. I need you to keep that pressure up. Okay?''

Jenny just nodded, she couldn't let go, she was scared too.

Jane stepped back, watching, feeling totally useless. She knew she was crying but she didn't care. She stiffened as Shannon's body convulsed.

‘'Shit. She's going into arrest. Get her flat. Hurry!''

All Jenny could remember were those words as hands tore Shannon from her arms. Marcus grabbed her harder as she tried to fight, tried to get to Shannon again.


Jenny felt the jolt to her soul. ‘'No. please no.''

“Again. Clearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.''

Jenny jolted again.

“I'm losing her. Where the hell are the medics?'' He looked over to the defibrillator, hearing the beeping of the charge. He placed the paddles again. ‘'Clear.''

Jenny gasped as she jolted this time, feeling the electricity pass between their connection, stinging bees of pain laced her for a moment.

Then all was still.

The Dr Shaw looked over to her sadly. “I'm sorry.''

She saw the truth in his eyes. “No. Oh no.” Finally Jenny's mind broke as she felt Shannon's life essence slip away, leaving nothing but cold and emptiness.

Jenny screamed, and her mind took her somewhere safe, back into the darkness.


The End.


Yes there is a sequel. No I don't know when. So, hope you enjoyed this monster. Drop me a line I love to hear from you, good or bad.

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