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Part 9

By Lena

Sandra gently placed her lover on their bed, two little hair balls dancing in delight at the return of their favorite human. The raven haired beauty lay on her back, pulling Josie down into the curve of her shoulder. Long arms embraced the frail body close to her breast as Josie wrapped her shorter arms around her lover's waist and held on tightly. Both women sighed, content just to hold and be held, to breathe in the scent of the other. Tears trailed down from blue and green, the relief of being able to lay together again releasing nearly two weeks of tremendous stress and pain.

"God, you feel good to me, Sandy. I've missed holding you so much. You are my eyes. You know that, don't you?" Josie turned her head to rest her chin upon her lover's chest.

"I know. I love you like the stars in the skies, boss. I was so afraid we'd never have another moment like this one." Sandra lost her composure. "I was so scared. I can't fathom my life without you." Sandra let her tears go unchecked as her lover held her tight with her head upon the younger woman's soft breasts. Sandra's long fingers massaged Josie's scalp as she kissed the golden curls over and over, again.

"Josie, I know this is probably not the time to do this, but I don't want to wait. Every moment we have together is too precious to me. I refuse to waist a minute of it." Sandra reached into her pocket and pulled out a small red velvet box. "I have committed my life to you, heart and soul. I want the world to know how honored I am to be your partner, your lover. Please....., Josie, will you marry me?" Sandra said in a rush of breath before she chickened out.

Josie pushed up onto her elbow and looked into the eyes she loved so, then at the ring sitting in its velvet bed. She was awed at its beauty. It was a one third carat diamond surrounded by small glittering garnets, set in gold. "Ohhhh, Sandy, it's so beautiful. I've never seen a ring like it before."

Sandra took the ring out of its box and slipped it onto the ring finger of her lover's left hand. "I had it made for you while you were in the hospital. It represents your heart wrapped around my soul..... Marry me Josie. I know we can't do it legally here. At least not yet. But, we can do it before God and those who matter." Sandra looked longingly into sea green eyes, shining with emotion. She brought the small hand to her lips and tenderly kissed it. "I'll love you. Forever and always. I promise."

Josie engulfed the insecure woman into an excited hug, knocking her back on the pillow. "Oh, Sandy, my sweet, sweet Sandy. You've made me so happy. I just don't know what to say." Tears shown in her eyes as she gazed, lovingly, from her lover to the ring on her finger.

"Say yes, boss. Please....., say yes." Sandra pleaded, gently, her heart on her sleeve.

"Yes!" Josie exclaimed as she leaned down to deeply kiss the woman she loved. Sandra felt her whole body soar at Josie's touch and pulled her weight down upon herself. She delicately stroked her lover's face, then ran her strong, gentle hands down the smaller woman's back and froze!

"What's wrong, love? Why'd you stop? It felt sooooo good." Josie purred.

"You're nothing but skin and bone. I can feel your ribs standing out. I need to get you bulked up, boss. I'm afraid I might break you." Sandra exclaimed in concern.

Josie chuckled at her lover's remark, and sighed. "Yeah, that not eating stuff is for the birds. But, I'm sure, with your cooking, I'll be back to my 'soft round curves' in no time. What do you think?" Josie whispered as she leaned down to kiss Sandra's throat, causing a groan of arousal.

"I think you are incorrigible and need to rest and eat some real food." Sandra flipped her smaller lover onto her back and kissed the tip of her nose. "I'm going to see what mom has cooking while you take a nap. I'll wake you when it's time to eat." The women kissed each other tenderly.

"Ok. You win this round. See you in a little bit. I love you, Sandra Camille Broussard Abbott." Josie smiled, her heart full.

"I love you, too, boss. Can I tell mom that she has a wedding to obsess over?" Sandra smiled warmly.

"Sure. She should really be able to get her teeth into that one. Oh boy!" Josie rolled her eyes and yawned.


Sandra's mouth watered at the delicious aromas wafting from the kitchen. "What ya cooking?" She asked as she lifted the top off the Gumbo pot.

"Vegetable soup. I thought this was something very healthful that our patient could keep down. Her body needs to learn to eat normally again. It should only take a day or two. But we have to start her off slowly. No meat, or heavy fats. She should tolerate soup and a little whole grain bread." Andre' said.

"That sounds good." Sandra fixed herself a café' au lait and a cup for her mother then leaned against the kitchen counter staring into space, trying to decide how to break the exciting news.

"You are staring, Sandra. Pour quoi?" Andre' asked looking into eyes so like her own.

"Mom, do you think we could go sit on the porch. I want to talk to you about something." Sandra grabbed the two cups of coffee and led her mother out the back door.

Mother and Daughter made themselves comfortable, sipping the aromatic coffee and admiring the vast garden.

Andre' Broussard was never known for her patience, but was trying to sit quietly until her daughter was ready to begin.

"Sandra, qu est-ce qui ne va pas, ma cher?" Andre' couldn't wait any longer.

Sandra looked up in surprise. "Oh, no, nothing is wrong. In fact, everything is wonderful. I'm so happy with Josie sometimes I'm afraid I'll wake up to find it was all a beautiful dream." She gushed.

"Quelle histoire! Now I know why I named you "Camille". So, why are we out here, huh, pour quoi?" The older woman took another sip of her coffee as she searched deeply into her daughter's eyes for the answer.

"Momma, you like Josie, don't you?" Sandra began, tentatively.

"Mais, oui. She is an exceptional woman. And I am certain of her love for my beautiful little girl." Andre' smiled.

"I'm not a little girl anymore, momma. I haven't been for a very long time." Sandra complained.

"You will always be my little girl. Even when you are sixty years old."

Sandra sighed and smiled at her mother. "Mom, I love Josie with all my heart and she loves me back. I can't imagine life without her."

"Ma petite fille, you know the chances of Josie living a long life are not good. I hate to see you suffer. But, I also hate you to miss the joy your love will bring the two of you for whatever time the good Lord in his mercy gives you." Andre' reached out and set a comforting hand upon her child's own.

"I'm glad you feel that way, because I've asked Josie to marry me." It was Sandra's turn to search her mother's eyes for some negative reaction to her words. Seeing none, she continued. "I know lesbian marriages are not legally recognized here, but we want to commit to each other in the eyes of God and our loved ones. We haven't set a date or made any plans yet. We thought you might want to help us with that. That is .....if you will give us your blessing?" Sandra looked hopefully at her mother's somewhat puzzled expression.

"Sandra, you would certainly have my blessing but, mon Dieu, where will you find a Priest to perform the ceremony. It is a sin against the Church to perform homosexual weddings." Andre' stated, deeply concerned.

"I don't know. Like I said, we haven't had the chance to talk about it yet." Sandra frowned at this information.

"You were raised to be a good Catholic. I want you to be married in the Church." Andy was adamant.

"I'd like nothing more. You know that. But I don't see how we can."

"You leave that to me. Father Pierre married your father and I and Baptized you and your brother, as well as your Antoine. If anyone will help us, he will. Let me speak to him. You tell your Josie, there will be a wedding. I promise you." Andre' Broussard set her shoulders in a familiar stubborn manner. Sandra knew that if anyone could do it, her mom could.

"Thanks Mom. I'll let Josie know that we have you in our corner." Sandra got up to give her mom a big hug and kissed her cheek. "Let me go check on my girl."


Josie was sleeping soundly when Sandra entered the room. The tall beauty sat in the overstuffed chair and put her feet up on the side of the bed, content just to watch her lover sleep, a little dog on either side of her, like furry book ends. Sandra yawned and realized she was pretty sleepy herself. She slipped off her jeans and slid in next to her friend, trying hard not to awaken her. She fell into a peaceful slumber, her heart filled with hope for their future.

It was an hour and a half later when Andy knocked gently upon the bedroom door. She called out, in case they were not dressed, to wake them for supper.

Sandra woke up first. "Ok....., I'm up..... We'll be out in ten minutes..... Thanks mom." She stretched, then rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Turning on her side to face her lover, she gently prodded her awake with featherlike kisses down the side of her face, then her neck, then, through her t-shirt, to her left nipple.

"Mmmmm. That feels soooo good." Josie purred. "Don't stop."

"Sorry, boss. Mom has dinner ready for us. And, Lord knows, you need to eat. Besides, it's time for your meds. I have to get those together so you can take them with your food." Sandra walked to Josie's side of the bed. "Don't try to get up too fast. I don't think your equilibrium will be so good yet."

Josie sat up slowly, very aware of her weakness, then dropped her legs off the side of the bed, sitting still until she felt the waves of dizziness cease. "Yep, I'd say you're right. Would you help me get into my pants."

Sandra gave the little woman a lascivious grin. "I love getting into your pants." She said, wiggling her eyebrows.

"God, I wish I had the energy to wipe that grin off of your face with my bush!" Josie heaved a sigh of frustration.

"JOSIE! Behave yourself, woman. Momma'll be washing your mouth out with soap if you keep that up. I've never heard you speak that rough before." Sandra looked at her lover with an amazed and puzzled expression.

"I'm sorry, sweetheart. That did sound awfully crude. I'm just so frustrated. I'm week as a newborn and as horny as a sailor on Saturday night furlough." Josie pursed her lips and blew out a lung full of air in frustration. "Would you, please, help me into my pants?"

Sandra thought better of teasing her frustrated lover any further as she helped her get dressed and walk to the kitchen table.

"Ahhh, there you are. I was beginning to think I'd be eating alone. How are you feeling, little one?" Andy asked cheerfully as she pulled a chair out for her.

Sandra assisted her partner to lower herself into the proffered chair. "I'm feeling better. Weak and frustrated, but better." Josie smirked and looked at her soup like it would bite her.

"Don't turn your nose up at my soup, young lady. Just eat it slowly. It should go down easily. I held back on the cayenne and salt. I have some whole wheat buns in the oven that should be ready to come out."

"I'll get them. You sit down and relax, mom. You've been working all day while we napped. Can I get you anything to drink?" Sandra asked as she pulled the buns from the oven.

"I'll just have water, thank you." Andy said.

"I'll have a Barq's, please." Josie answered.

"Nope, sorry Charlie, water for you. The carbonation could cause you to cough. Maybe tomorrow you can have some, after I look at your throat." Sandra wasn't taking any chances.

"Ok. If you say so." Josie sighed, yet again.

Dinner was a quiet affair, as everyone was tired, especially Josie, who found eating took a tremendous toll on her reserves. She'd eaten about a half a bowl of soup and two bites of bread when she had to ask to be brought back to her room.

"Sandy, I have to use the bathroom, can you help me to the toilet, please?" Josie was embarrassed when her lover didn't want to leave her on the toilet unattended and irritated when Sandra sat on the side of their large tub and refused to leave.

"I'm not a child! I don't need you here." The words were out of her mouth before she could censor them. "Oh, God! I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that." Josie paused at the pained look in gentle blue eyes. "I'll call you when I'm done. I promise, I won't try to get up on my own. You can sit right outside the door and leave it open a crack. Ok!?!" Josie said, in apologetic tones.

Sandra thought about all the indignities her friend had to suffer while in hospital and decided her request was a reasonable one. "Ok. I'll be right outside the door."

Josie smiled at her victory and sucked in a breath as her tender tissues burned as she urinated. Keeping the catheter in for so many days had made her raw. "Shit, that burns."

"You Ok?" Sandy had heard and became alarmed.

"Yeah, It just burns a little when I urinate. That catheter is a bitch."

"I'm sorry, babe. It will be better tomorrow. Are you done? Can I come in now?"

"Sure, I'm done."

Sandra came in and helped her friend stand and straighten her clothes.

"Sandy, do you think you could help me bathe in the tub tomorrow? I'd love a good long, hot, soak." Josie looked up at her lover with her best puppy dog face.

"If you are strong enough and eat all of your breakfast, I'll reward you with a tub bath. So, you'd be?]E= R]ܨz/Ȣ?3 bnXT@а&+g܃΁ *Dx7u>V0M%U0ҨhƃW'0@yP00 ijq¡d? roCe:I h rut(KHNy܈BЉ+X Fn2W>+JD?"VWR]AsҠ,S6+>ڝs#,mY3.+! ,-NEZY7-X>E<[ UWnj)@W?|귞jׅҪ+G\qL s?>NBrVbMc>t#! 8vZLaUobW YkqǓ*eIo @oPϷhT4DRV%++ E @uؼ\3P V/|3P,: AE(Gd KGw$7&[8ՖK hPa•V cׅG@x4&^  <, \Eb|$]kd% 4̴=梯De2+JH?m2E Z¬Yun`*T (RãB.^tus KR;ʗ:7,SrSȞE6b?_b<~v5 ɜ }=lEN%Ƒ'%x2pHU,j(g|P庭!k^8TE{ !_C[`< [uؿ-1gG7T񪝀3Y[I:S:H%kh-QiNْe@.[ҩSTUjgrT3P/z ,und breathing treatments and was able to walk to the breakfast table on her own steam with Sandra there to keep her balance. She ate one poached egg, one slice of whole wheat toast with Polaner's seedless blackberry jam and a half a glass of ice cold skim milk. It tasted wonderful to the little woman who hadn't eaten breakfast for nearly two weeks.

Sandra made some café au lait for them and assisted Josie out to the porch. Setting the cups down on the coffee table, Sandra lifted her lover onto her lap and sighed in contentment. "I've missed this. I've missed you. So much, that there aren't words to say."

Josie rested her forehead against her lover's. "I know. I'm so glad I'm back. Sandy, you make life worth the fight. Thank you for loving me." Josie smiled warmly into the eyes that held her happiness.

Sandra held her lover tightly and then, gently, pushed her away. "Josie, tell me about your mother."

"Where'd that come from? Why the sudden interest in my mother?" Josie turned away from her friend and slid from her lap to take a seat in her favorite rocker. She sipped her coffee as her mind raced.

"Well, when you were so sick, Beth called your mom. We felt she had the right to know what was going on....."

"And, let me guess, she was too busy but asked you to keep her informed of my progress and sent me her love. Does that sound about right?" Josie softly asked of her coffee cup.

"Yeah. That's about right..... I'm so sorry, Josie. I had no idea she'd respond that way."

"Don't be. It's Ok. I'm use to her. You don't know how lucky you are to have your mother and not mine. Andy is a terrific mom. She amazes me." Josie shook her head slowly and smiled. "Mine didn't have a clue how to be a mother. She had me because all of her friends were having kids and she'd be damned if she'd be the only one left out. Oh, she loves me in her way. We write and she tells me about her art guild meetings and her travels. She accepts me for what I am as I accept her for what she isn't. I've learned not to expect any more from her than she can give. She just doesn't know how to nurture. She's intelligent, charming, beautiful, a supporter of the arts and even gives a small stipend to charity, for tax purposes. I think that's why my dad took off. He was married to this beautiful, exciting woman who couldn't love him back. I don't think my mother is capable of empathy. I just don't think it's in her make up..... It's helped me in a way. It taught me I'm the only one I can depend on. It made me strong." Josie drank her coffee as she allowed her memories to mingle a moment with her present.

"I'm so sorry, boss. I hate that you didn't get what you needed from your mom."

"Don't be. I had the best grandmother in the whole wide world. How she ever raised my mom is beyond me. So, I had love and nurturing and one hell of a role model. My childhood wasn't all bad...."

"Do you want to tell me about her?" Sandra asked.

Josie got back up on Sandra's lap and let herself be held for a time. "I'll tell you anything you want to know, sweetheart. But, not right now, ok? I just want to enjoy us." Josie nuzzled her lover's neck. "You make me feel loved and nurtured. Did you know that?"

"I do love you, boss. More than I ever thought I could love anyone. We'll talk about this when you are feeling stronger." Sandra kissed her lover's forehead and rubbed her back, tenderly.

"Now, when do I get my bath?" Josie asked and kissed her lover on the tip of her nose.

"How about we finish our coffee first, then I'll join you in a soak. Sound good?" Sandra asked.

"Sounds great." Josie leaned over and retrieved their coffees from the table.


"Mmmmmm, Sandy, this is heaven." Josie purred as she luxuriated in the large tub. Sitting between her lover's legs, the feel of hardened nipples against her back caused her clit to tingle. Sandra looked over her shoulder and onto firm breasts, floating in the soapy water, and ran her hands up to gently stroke them. 'I shouldn't be doing this. She is still so weak. I just can't help myself. I've missed her so much. Just let me feel her breasts and I'll be satisfied. Oh God, they are so soft and her nipples are so hard against my palms. I need to taste her skin. Just a nibble on her neck and I'll be satisfied. I can stop there.' The taller woman licked and sucked her partner's tender flesh until their breaths were ragged and Josie took one long, elegant hand from her breast and placed it between her legs. She tilted her head back beckoning to her lover's lips. Sandra kissed her deeply, exploring the warm wet recess with her tongue. Her hips began to pump of their own accord. Both women began to moan and grunt as their ardor rose, tongues battling for dominance. Sandra concentrated as best she could on not applying to much pressure to the excoriated tissues below her lover's clit, fighting the urge to plunge her long fingers into her slick vagina.

Suddenly Josie stopped her partner's assault on her senses, demanding to be turned to straddle Sandra's lap, facing her lover's dark, puckered nipples. Both women took time to slowly, voraciously, admire their partner's body. Hands went up to gently stroke aroused breasts, causing each to shudder with need. They let go of their prize to hold each other close, nipples rubbing against each other. One large hand reached between them to once again stimulate an engorged clit, as a smaller hand did the same.

"Oooh, God! Josie! that feels so good." Sandra panted into her lover's ear, sending shock waves directly to Josie's clit, almost pushing her over the edge. She fought for control, trying to wait for her lover's climax. She didn't have to wait long.

Josie reached with her free hand to lift Sandra's delicious breast to her mouth and suckled as if for sustenance. "Oh yeah! Oh! Josie! Oooh! I'm gonna come, baby..... Oooooooooh!!!!!!"

Josie shuddered with her own orgasm, never letting go of her lover's clit. "Ah...., Aah....., AAAHH!!!!!!!" The tiny woman fell against her lover's chest, panting into her neck.

The lovers held each other, allowing their tears to mingle with the bath water below.

Sandra tried to talk. "I was so afraid I'd never share that with you again. I can't lose you, Josie. I love you so much. You are my life."

"Sh....., Sh....., Don't cry, Sandy. Please, don't cry. I'm home and we're together. It's over now. I've got you. We're ok." Josie rocked her distraught lover and stroked and kissed her cheeks. When she'd composed herself, Josie teased her a bit. "Why don't you get me and that beautiful beauhunkiss of yours out of this tub and into our bed before we prune."

Sandra grinned and helped her lover out of the tub, then dried them both and crawled into bed. They fell asleep in each other's arms, both confident that there would be a future together.


Blue eyes fluttered open and gazed into clear sea green pools. "I love watching you sleep. Your face is so open and innocent, like a child's. I love that about you."

Sandra didn't know what Josie was talking about. "You love what?"

"That in spite of the many trials and tragedies you've suffered in your life, you still manage to be innocent and loving, like a child loves. Does that make any sense to you or am I just babbling."

"I am anything but innocent." A dark cloud passed her gentle blue eyes before she turned her face away and stared up at the ceiling as if searching for answers hidden there.

"Look, Josie. I haven't been able to love anyone or anything since my son died, except for my mom and my sobriety. Then I became obsessed with becoming a nurse and helping to make a better life for her and me. That poor woman worked hard all of her life so that Tony and I wouldn't have to. I had a burning desire to, I don't know, reward her, I guess. Those were the only things I cared about.....until you. I met you and suddenly..... started feeling things. Things I don't believe I have ever felt before and it was magical and frightening all at the same time. It was like I had no choice but to trust you. I trusted you with my love, my soul. It was never a conscious decision. I really had no choice in the matter..... With you I feel fresh and clean. I feel deserving of love and this second chance at life you've given me." Sandra looked down at her lover who'd never varied her gaze. "I swear, you bring out the chatty Kathy in me. I use to never talk to people, unless I was drunk." Sandra chuckled derisively.

"I'm glad you feel you can talk to me. That you can trust me. I hope you always feel that way. And you are an innocent. The moment you walked through the doors of AA and committed yourself to sobriety, you were born into a whole new life. And, I am very proud to be able to share that life with you..... Ok?"

Sandra kissed golden curls. "Ok. Now how's about we get dressed and take a short walk with the dogs before lunch. Does that sound good?"

"Sounds like a plan." Josie said.

Sandra helped Josie dress and they left the house with three dogs in tow.

Josie held onto her lover's strong arm as she breathed deeply of the scent of jasmine and honey suckle. "It's so special here. I can't fathom living anywhere else or with anyone else." Josie said.

"Yes. I couldn't agree more. Tell me when you're ready to turn back."

"Why don't we go sit on the bench over there for a few minutes and enjoy the view." Josie pointed.

The two lovers sat side by side, silently taking in the events of the past twenty-four hours and smiled to themselves. Sandra held Josie's small hand in hers. "I told mom about our getting married."

"And..... What did she say?"

"She was really cool about it. Only, she is insisting that we get married in the Catholic Church. The chances of which are slim and none. But, she's determined. She's going to speak to our Priest and make him marry us. And, knowing my mom, that poor Priest has my deepest sympathies." Sandra chuckled.

"Whew, that poor man. I wouldn't want to be in his shoes for all the coffee and chicory in New Orleans. I guess we should set a date. When would you like to marry me?" Josie looked up at her fiancé with a twinkle in her eye.

"As soon as humanly possible. What are your plans for the weekend?" Sandra laughed, only half jokingly.

"Oh no! You are not getting me into hot water with Andre' Broussard. I'd just as soon wrestle an alligator. Lets see, she'll need time to tackle the Priest and plan the nuptials. We have to contact your brother and his wife and see when they can come down to New Orleans and we have to check and see when St. Anthony's is available. So we need to wait at least till all that can be confirmed."

"But, I don't want to wait, Josie. How long do you think all that will take?" Sandra whined.

"Well, gee, I guess about six weeks. So, let's see, tomorrow is Easter Sunday. Why don't we plan on six weeks from tomorrow. You'll be finished school and we can celebrate that too. It can be a combination wedding and graduation celebration. Now, that will be the first week in June. I'll be a June bride." Josie batted her eyelashes.

"You'll be a hot bride. June is sweltering in New Orleans." Sandra complained.

"Well, we can always wait till October when it starts to cool down." Josie threatened.

"Nope. Not waiting. June it is." Sandra leaned in and gave her betrothed a sweet kiss. "Love you, boss."

"Love you too, Sandy. Now help me back to the house so we can fill your mother in on our wedding date and begin planning our big day."

"Ok." Sandra helped her lover to her feet and let her small hand wrap around a strong arm for support as they slowly walked back to the house. "Boss, who are you going to want to invite to our wedding?"

"Well, there's Beth and Tommy, of course, and my friend Annie and her family. I'll send my mother an invitation. Not that she'll come. And, can't forget Kathy."

Sandra scowled at the name of the woman who was Josie's ex, sometime, lover and friend.

"What was that look for? You're not jealous of Kathy, are you? Sandra there is no reason on God's green earth to be jealous of Kathy. Please, honey, believe that. She and I have been friends for many years and I don't want to give that friendship up, just the sex." Josie grinned at her attempt at humor.

Sandra blew hot air out of pursed lips. "Ok. I'll try to ignore the fact that you use to have recreational sex with the woman." Sandra scowled.

'Oh, boy! Time for damage control.' Josie spent the rest of the stroll back to the house soothing her lover's ruffled feathers. 'Maybe we should just elope!'

To Be Continued in Part 10 of The Apartment

Tell me what you think, Lena


April 23, 2000

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