Impulse: Book Four



“Impulse: A sudden inclination or urge”

The American Heritage dictionary


By Mezzo





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Cole Crawford looked out the window at the scenery he had seen all his life. After being away for almost four month’s, he looked at his childhood home with renewed fondness.  The car pulled up to the Crawford estate as he anxiously prepared to see his family.  The car came to a stop and the driver stepped out and opened the door.  Cole got out and stretched his legs, happy to finally be at the end of his long journey home.  He had been in Asia working to set up a division of Crawford Industries there. It had been quite an undertaking.  Now that everything was in place, he could now get back to his life in New York. He got out of the car and helped the driver carry his bags; shouldering his garment bag and taking the handle of one of his rolling luggage.


“Mr. Crawford, sir…. I can get those?”  The driver rushed to Cole’s side and attempted to take the luggage from him.


“Please. There are four others in there. Let’s not fight over these.”  Cole smiled and the driver gave him a puzzled look.


“Sir…. it’s my job and my employer would have my head if they found out that a client had to carry their own bags.”  The driver looked very worried but Cole did not intend to have the man fear for his livelihood.


“Please… there’s only you and me here.  Unless there’s a camera in that car, no one’s going to know.  I’ve been away a long time and my luggage is very heavy.  I promise not to tell anyone if you don’t, okay?  Besides while we’re out here arguing about the luggage, I’m losing valuable time that I could be spending saying hello to my family.”  Cole pleaded with the driver and the man acquiesced.  “Thank you.”


Cole proceeded up the stairs to the front door and as he approached, the door flew open.  Cole’s father, Paul, rushed out and gave his son a bear hug.


“It’s good to have you home, son.”  Paul Crawford said giving his son a warm welcome.  The two had always shared a close relationship.  Cole was a carbon copy of his father and they both had the same good looks and warm nature.


“It’s good to be home. I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed all of you.”  Paul took Cole’s garment bag and the two made their way into the house, they left the bags in the front foyer and went out to the breakfast lanai. Cole’s sister Pamela, her husband Ian Hull, his mother Diane and his niece and nephew, Dominique and Marcus were seated having breakfast.


As soon as Cole stepped out on to the lanai, his sister and mother surrounded him.


“We’ve missed you, Cole.  This place hasn’t been the same without you.”  Pamela looked up at her older brother and Cole quickly picked his sister up and gave her a big kiss and hug.


“I’ve missed you too sis. Well look at you!  For someone who’s given birth just a few short months ago, you look incredible!”  Pamela blushed at her brother’s compliment and they hugged again.


“Hey…. don’t I get a hug and kiss?”  Diane held her arms open for her son.  Cole bent down, swept his mother in his arms, and twirled her in the air.  They shared a laugh as they often had.  Her son was home and the joy of having her family under one roof again filled Diane Crawford’s heart to overflowing.


“Put me down you brat.”  Diane playfully slapped her son on the chest.


“Never. I haven’t been able to do this in four month’s and I’m going to enjoy it.”  Cole hugged his mother and felt the love that only a mother could offer surround him.  Cole finally placed his mother back on the floor and gave her a kiss.


“I’ve missed you mom.  I missed all of you very much.”  Cole looked around the table and smiled at the faces that were his family.


“Well you look like you’ve lost weight.  I’m going to have to get the cook to fatten you up.  Come, join us for breakfast.”  They all took their seats and Cole went over to the crib to get a look at his new niece and then picked Marcus up.


“Hey little man.  You’ve gotten so big.”  Marcus’ face lit up seeing a somewhat familiar face and quickly lifted his arms to be picked up.  Cole bent over and lifted Marcus up. He brought him over to the table and had him sit with him on his lap.


“Hey Ian, how are you buddy?”  He reached over the table and gave Ian a handshake.


“I’m doing great.  Pam and I just came back from a nice long vacation.”  Ian turned to his wife and they shared a kiss. “We were having a rough time of it for a while but we’re doing better.”  Ian looked at his wife and hoped she felt the same way.  Pamela nodded in affirmation and a grateful smile came to Ian’s face.  He took Pamela’s hand and brought it to his lips, kissing it gently.  “We’re trying to make more time for each other.  It’s easy to take one another for granted when you’re working and you have kids.” They had started to go to couples therapy sessions and were committed to making their relationship work.


“That’s good to hear.  You two have been together forever.  It’s hard to think of either of you without thinking of the other.  I admire what you have.  I wouldn’t mind settling down myself.”  Cole smiled at Ian and they shared a knowing look.  Cole had dated Ian’s sister Victoria in high school and they had seen each other whenever possible throughout the years.  Although they were not dating exclusively, Cole still loved Tori very much. A part of him still had hopes that someday they would find their way back to one another.  Cole had been patiently waiting while Tori figured things out for herself.  Cole knew in his heart that he loved Tori and would patiently wait for the beautiful Victoria Hull.  The last time Cole saw her they had spent time together as they had always done the past few years.  It was understood that they could see other people.  Although Cole hardly ever found anyone that could hold his attention like Tori could, he knew that she had been with many people throughout the years. He couldn’t help himself.  He still loved Victoria.  If only she would just say that she wanted Cole as much as he wanted her, his life would truly be complete.


Marcus screamed for his uncle’s attention and Cole quickly entertained him. 


“Hey little man.  What can I get you?” Marcus pointed to his awaiting bowl and Cole fed Marcus a spoonful of cereal making airplane sounds before it landed on the runway that was Marcus’ mouth.  Marcus laughed at his Uncle Cole’s antics and begged for another spoonful.


“So son….What are your plans?  Are you going to take a few weeks off before you get back to work or are you going to jump right back in?”  Paul observed his son and thought it best that Cole take time off before he got back to business. Fatigue was written all over his face and the light in his son’s usually brilliant eyes was somewhat faded.


“Well I was thinking of taking a couple of weeks off.  I am really drained.  I can’t tell you what it’s been like overseas.  The market is so uncertain and it took a lot of shoulder rubbing to get through the red tape, but we got it done nonetheless.  I just want to totally vegetate for the next two weeks.”  Cole slumped back in his seat as Marcus finally tired of the game and was on his way to a midmorning nap.


“That sounds like a good idea, Cole.  Besides things are a little slow right now so you just take things easy.”  Paul smiled at the sight of his son and grandson halfway asleep.


“Yeah. I was also thinking of dropping in on Tori.  I’m so excited that she’s finally back in the states.  I’ve worried so much about her these past few years.  I know she did a lot for the European offices of Hull Enterprises while she was there, but I’m glad to see her home again.”  Even though he was tired and his eyes slightly watery from the lack of sleep, his energy seemed to pick up at the mention of his childhood sweetheart.  Cole yawned and blinked his eyes a few times trying to hold back his sleep.


“We are too.  I can’t tell you how good it is to have Tori back here with us.  She’s starting to prepare herself and the company to take over as CEO.  So far, everyone is very excited at the prospect of that.  She’s just brilliant.  Our family all agree that’s she’s the best one for the job.”  Ian was so proud of his younger sister and was so happy that she was home and finding happiness in every part of her life.  He looked at his childhood friend and knew that Cole was in for a bit of a disappointment.  Tori and Brett seemed so happy together and from all signs, were very committed to one another.


“It will be nice to be able to see her on a regular basis without having to get on a plane for at least six hours.”  Cole got a wistful look on his face when he talked about Tori.  He was obviously still very taken with her.


All eyes met as Cole went on about the future CEO. They had promised Tori that they would not say anything about her and Brett.  She had asked that she be allowed to break the news to Cole in person. After everything they shared, she thought it only right that she give Cole that courtesy.


Cole looked up and caught the exchange.  He wondered what it had been about. But at the moment, he decided it could wait until he got some sleep and was thinking more clearly.


“Well folks….I’m beat.  I think I’m going to go upstairs and take a nap.  I’ll probably sleep for most of the morning and a good portion of the afternoon.”  Everyone understood and Cole gave each of them a quick hug or kiss.  He placed his sleeping nephew in his sister’s arms and left to catch up on some much needed rest.


TO BE CONTINUED.  Installment Eleven


Impulse: Book Four



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