Young At Heart

Part VI

By Muzza


Chapter 25

The next couple of weeks were wonderful. Tegan and Jamie spent their time together, helping Jamie recover from her knife wound. Catherine was tried as a minor and convicted of attempted murder and was sentenced to a juvenile prison at her Majesty's pleasure. So she could be there for two months or her whole life depending on when the prison authorities thought she was ready for release.

During the last couple of weeks of November Tegan had to sit her mock GCSE exams. Which she did very well on, which came as no surprise to Jamie. She got three A*'s all together in English, Maths and History, A's in French and Media Studies and A-'s in Business Studies. She couldn't have asked for better grades. Now she only hoped she could do that on the final exams.

The quiet times the two of them spent together were wonderful, they were times getting to know each other even better than they already did and them getting to know each other's tastes and reactions to certain things. They tried to take their time with the intimate part of their relationship but the more they tried to keep it slow and steady the harder it was.

A Week Before Christmas.

It was only seven days to go until Christmas and Jamie was still panicking about what to get Tegan for Christmas. She sat in her apartment thinking about it. She wanted to get her something nice that Tegan would like an something she could show off without seeming like a show off. She had already bought her a couple of things but she needed a main present. Something she could be proud of.

"Hey Jamie." Sophie said, as she knocked on the apartment door, and when she heard Jamie call her, she walked in.

"Hey Soph." Jamie greeted her sister as she walked in.

"I was just wondering if you had decided on a present for Tegan." Sophie admitted, sitting next to her older sister.

"No," Jamie shook her head, disgusted with herself. "I can't think of anything."

"Well I know you want to get something nice and classy and I spotted this absolutely lovely ring today." Sophie took out a catalogue from her pocket and showed her a picture of the ring.

Jamie looked at the picture and immediately felt a funny sort of pull towards it. She had seen that ring somewhere before. The ring was made of 9ct gold and it had an usual picture of a X in the middle of it a silver and bronze circle. It was perfect. It was an antique ring that cost nearly 300 but Tegan was worth it.

"It is perfect." She told her sister looking at the picture again. She looked at her watch pleased that she had over an hour to go before the shop shut, so she grabbed her keys and headed to the door, followed by Sophie.

* * * * *

They got to the shop and Jamie asked if they could see the ring. The woman behind the counter gave them both a suspicious look before she finally agreed.

She brought the ring out of the store room and handed it to Jamie. "This ring is the only one in existence. It is said that it once belonged to a Greek Warrioress, who passed it on to her lover." The woman said. "It is very expensive though."

"Money is not a problem for me, thanks." Jamie assured her, once again feeling the pull of the ring. It seemed so familiar and yet she didn't know how. "I'll take it," she finally decided and handed it back to the woman so she could wrap it.

"Don't you want to try it on first?" The woman asked, with a smug look on her face.

Jamie returned the smug look. "No I have a feeling this will fit perfectly," the woman shook her head and wrapped the present. When she was done and the ring was paid for, Jamie and Sophie headed off. Jamie was extremely pleased that she had finally purchased the perfect gift.

* * * * *

Tegan was having the same problem. She didn't have as much money as Jamie to spend on a gift, but she wanted to buy her something nice. She had money left over from her father's money and she knew she couldn't afford to spend all of that on a present, because she needed the money to live. She refused to take charity of anyone and that included Jamie and her family.

She knew she could get some money out of her account because she had her card with her, but the last time she had checked there was only 30 in there. 'That should be enough to buy Jamie's present,' she thought to herself, as her and Robin made their way down the main street. Jamie and Tegan agreed to go shopping separately that day because they had to buy for each other. So Robin had decided to go with Tegan, after Sophie had decided on going with Jamie.

"What do you want to get for Jamie?" Robin asked, as he placed his hand in the older woman's.

"I don't know. Something nice." Tegan told him.

"I know something Jamie would really like," Robin was pleased that he could help, especially if it made his sister happy. "We came shopping for something for you last week, she spotted something that she really liked. Do you want me to show you?"

"Sure." Tegan agreed, surprised when Robin started pulling her towards a small shop. It was a jewellery shop, it looked like a pretty old shop, with pretty old things in it.

"There it is." Robin pointed to a lovely watch in the window. The face of it was shaped into a heart, with blue stones around the edge of the heart. "The stones match Jamie's eyes." Robin observed.

"Yes they do." Tegan agreed. She looked over at the price and was surprised when it was only 50, although she didn't have that money on her now, she could just pop over to the bank which was just across the road. So they went into the shop, and had a look around before heading over to the counter.

A fairly old man came out from the back and walked out to the counter, "Good morning. My name is Sam. How may I be of service?" The man was sort, even shorter than Tegan. 'That is saying something', Tegan thought to herself ."I have some really nice stuff here in my shop. See this." He held out a scroll. "This is an actual scroll from the temple of Athena, the Greek goddess of war. You can only buy it here and for only 5."

"Actually I was looking at the watch you have in the window." Tegan told him, a bit worried about buying something for Jamie from someone, who looked like a seedy salesman. "The one with the heart shape face."

"Oh yes, a wonderful gift." The man walked over to the window and took the watch the window. "Is it for anyone special?"

"Yes it is," Tegan said. "Very special."

"Well it is indeed very nice," Sam agreed. "And those are real Sapphires. It is a second hand watch, but it is an exceptional bargain."

It didn't matter to Tegan that the watch was second hand, she fell in love with it straight away. "I don't know what the condition of this watch is though. So if I do buy it, I want a guarantee that it will last because my father is the Mayor of River's End and if this watch packs in within two years time, I'll have it all over the papers that you sold me a bum watch." She warned him, seriously.

"I... I.. I... uh I wouldn't do such a thing. Please I am extremely offended." Sam told her, wondering if she was actually telling the truth. He could tell by the look on her young, innocent face, that telling the truth was exactly what she was doing. "I assure you that this watch is in fine working order." He assured her, he couldn't afford to have bad publicity. Not with the shop in the financial state it was. If he lost anymore money he would have to close the shop and then he could not afford to pay the mortgage on his house and he would be evicted and then his family would be on the streets.

"Well then you have nothing to worry about. Do you?" Tegan told him, as she took the watch off the man to get a closer look at it. It was absolutely stunning up close. The watch was gold, the face of the watch only contained every fifteen minutes and they were marked with green emeralds. Tegan turned it over and spotted an engraved inscription on the back. That inscription just made it even more perfect.

"Those stones match your eyes as well," Robin noticed, as they looked carefully at the watch. "That would be the perfect gift for Jamie."

"Can you hold onto this for me while I go and get the money to pay for this. I only have 30 on me at the moment." She waited for the man's answer before turning and heading out of the door. Within five minutes she was back with the money. She paid for the watch and got a written guarantee off Sam saying that the watch worked perfectly and she made sure Sam knew what happened if it broke down within two years.

With Jamie's present finally bought Tegan and Robin went home. They had to catch the bus because both of them were to young to drive and they arrived back at Jamie's house just as Jamie did.

"Hi." Tegan smiled as Jamie walked over to her and kissed her on the forehead.

"Oh please." Sophie sighed, trying to sound disgusted. It didn't work because she was more than happy for her sister and it wouldn't have bothered her if Jamie wanted to show how much she loved Tegan in front of the Queen. Of course the Queen might be a bit offended.

"What's the matter Soph?" Jamie joked. "Jealous?"

Sophie just stuck her nose in the air and walked into the house with a huff.

"So did you get what you were looking for?" Tegan asked Jamie, as they followed Sophie into the house and made their way to the living room.

"Yeah I did, Jamie admitted. "You?"

"Yes actually I did." Tegan told her honestly.

"Good." Jamie said, sitting down on the sofa, just as Tegan did the same and leaned into her. Jamie brought her arm up and around her shoulder and pulled her closer.

"So did you all get something nice?" Anne asked, as she brought in a tray of teas and placed them on the table in front of everyone.

"Yes thank you" They all agreed. They had all had a good time shopping. Jamie and Sophie had had a chance to talk about different things while they shopped. That hadn't happened for a while now, and as much as Jamie denied it to Sophie. She enjoyed those times when it was just the two of them and they could talk about anything and everything.

Tegan and Robin had enjoyed getting to know each other and Tegan once again marvelled at how bright Robin was for a six year old. He acted more mature than some of the boys Tegan had gone to school with. The more Tegan thought about this, the more she wondered if this was a good thing. Had Robin grown up to fast? Did he have his childhood? When she looked at the young boy and saw the smile on his face and the twinkle in his eye, she knew. Robin had been brought up very well, as had Jamie and Sophie. They had all been taught well, cared for and most importantly loved. Love was the most important thing that any parent could give a child and she made a silent vow that her child, if she decided to keep it would have all the love that she could give.

"T." Jamie's voice startled her out of her thoughts.

"Huh." Tegan smiled, embarrassed at being caught day dreaming again.

"You were miles away then. Is everything ok?" Jamie asked, looking into the green eyes of her partner and seeing love and slight embarrassment there.

"I'm wonderful." Tegan admitted, then she snuggled into Jamie and watched as Sophie and Robin fought each other over the last cookie on the tray. Robin won when he gave his sister his brilliant imitation of a puppy, the look no one in the house could say no to. Having won the cookie, Robin gave them all a smile before settling on the settee next to Jamie. As Sophie looked on she smiled at the picture of a happy family. Jamie as if sensing her sisters thoughts turned to her and spoke happily "You're to good to give us a hug, now are you Soph" Jamie joked.

Sophie just smiled before getting up and making her way towards the settee and practically diving on the three sitting there. There was a short family tickling session before they all settled down again. Tegan enjoyed being around this family and she felt so much a apart of it, that sometimes the thought of having to leave it all at the end of her pregnancy was scary. However, the more she thought about that, the less it seemed likely. She just wanted to stay here forever.

Chapter 26

Jamie was up early on Christmas Day. She looked at the clock and was disappointed to see that it was only 7 am, too early to wake Tegan and she as dying to see Tegan's face when she saw the presents she was getting off everyone. She had mentioned before that her and Jenny had hardly any presents for Christmas at home just the odd piece of jewellery or clothing that her father bought them so they could show it off.

Tegan was already awake in her bedroom. She had been lying there thinking about her last Christmas with her family. It had been a typical Christmas really, they were all up at 8 'o' clock ready to open their presents. Last year she was given an a necklace with Tegan printed on it, 'Wow,' she thought to herself sarcastically, she remembered how she had sat there hoping for a better present than the one she had the year before. Only to find out it was worse. She had wanted to throw the present at her father and tell him exactly what she thought of it but Jenny had warned with her eyes not to start anything because the pleasure she would have felt at the time, would have been wiped out by the beating she would receive later.

As Tegan lay there she heard the footsteps around the apartment announcing that Jamie was awake. So she got out of bed and made her way to the door. Jamie was sitting in the living room watching the television. Tegan crept up behind her so quietly that Jamie never knew she was there until the small hands came around her head and covered her eyes. "Guess who?", came the voice from behind her.

"Is that you again Emma? I told you not to come to my house. Tegan might see you." Jamie said, seriously. Receiving a slap on the shoulder for her trouble. "Oh Tegan it's you," she smiled wrapping her arms around the woman behind her and pulling her over the top of settee gently making sure she wasn't doing any damage. She pulled her into her lap and kissed her soundly.

"You know you kiss me like that again," Tegan told her. "It is going to be mighty hard to keep our promise"

"Well T." Jamie looked at her with sincere eyes. "I'm waiting for you. Nothing is going to happen until you are ready"

"I know and I love you for that." Tegan admitted, shyly.

"Well I love you, too." Jamie told her, leaning forward and kissing her again. She just couldn't get enough of this woman. "Are you ready to go downstairs and see what Santa left us.

"Yep." Tegan was still surprised that Jamie and her family had invited her to spend Christmas with them. She was happy though because it made her feel like part of the family, that was something she cherished probably more than she should.

"Come on then." Jamie stood Tegan up and followed. The both of them covered by their bath robes walked downstairs and into the living room to join the rest of the family.

"It's about time you got up as well." John smiled as Tegan and Jamie sat on the chair near the fire.

Tegan and Jamie looked around the room and noticed that it was warmly decorated. The decorations were spread all over the room and there was a big tree in the corner decorated with tinsel and balls. Something that Tegan noticed was different to her tree was the individual pictures of all the family. John, Anne, Jamie, Sophie, Robin and she was surprised when she seen one of herself. It had been taken a couple of weeks ago when Jamie was still in the hospital. The presents were stacked neatly under the tree and there were a lot of them.

"Are we going to open our presents now?" Robin asked, they had been waiting patiently for Jamie and Tegan to come downstairs because the family tradition always had been - no opening of Christmas presents until everyone was present. Sometimes that could be a pain but Robin accepted it, just as Jamie and Sophie had before him.

"Yes we can open the presents now." Anne smiled. Robin had been sitting patiently waiting for Jamie and Tegan to get up, but he was starting to get antsy.

As soon as Robin heard, this he practically dived into the presents. He passed the presents out to whoever was on the name tag and when they were all distributed, he took the honour of opening the first one, because he was the youngest.

They all took their time opening the presents and when they only had one present left, John called time and they all agreed to go and have Christmas dinner. Jamie kept Tegan behind while the rest of them left, because she wanted to give her present to Tegan now, not in front of the family.

"I wanted to get you something special for Christmas, but I wasn't really sure what to get you, so I had some help looking around and I came up with this. It isn't much, I know, but I really wasn't sure. I got you some things I knew you needed, but that wasn't anything special." Jamie found herself babbling, something she never did.

"It's ok." Tegan said, shyly, hoping her presents for Jamie was going to be enough. She had liked the small gifts that Jamie had bought her so far and was glad that Jamie liked hers. "I was always taught that it was the thought that counts."

Jamie handed her the small box and watched as Tegan unwrapped it. Tegan unwrapped it carefully as if she was planning on using the paper to wrap next years presents with. When she saw that it was a ring box, Tegan could feel her heart beat pick up, she tried to keep her breathing steady. She opened the box and she gasped when she saw the design of the ring. It was absolutely stunning and so familiar. Jamie took the ring out of he box and placed it on her finger. Tegan was dumb struck. She tried to speak but nothing would come out so she threw her arms around her partner and hugged her as tight as she could.

"I take it you like it." Jamie sounded so relieved, that Tegan almost giggled.

"I love it." Tegan admitted, looking into her eyes so Jamie could see the truth. "And I love you."

Jamie returned the hug until Tegan pulled back and held out her gift to Jamie. "I was the same as you about getting the perfect present. I really didn't know what to get but I had a little help in that department as well. I hope you like it." Jamie took the box off her and opened the gift. When she saw the watch in the box she wanted to cry. She had like that watch the minute she had seen it but hadn't had the chance to buy it. She turned it over and read the inscription on the back. 'Forever Yours.' Jamie threw her arms around Tegan and almost crushed her.

It was perfect. Both of them were enjoying their time together and they were both extremely happy. Everything was going well and sometimes they both secretly thought that maybe it was too good to be true. Both of them were expecting something to happen to them and neither of them wanted it to.

The rest of Christmas went pretty quiet and enjoyable.

Chapter 27

3 Months Later.

The fire was glowing in the apartment, casting a warming glow over the two residents sitting on the sofa. The dark haired woman was sitting behind the smaller one with her arms around her waist and her hands on the stomach growing gradually more everyday. The signs of a pregnant woman five months gone. Tegan was so comfortable there that she just never wanted to move. Jamie was just as comfortable. It felt so right just sitting there holding Tegan. "Mmm, this is nice, Jamie." Tegan snuggled back further into Jamie's arms feeling more loved and safer in those arms than she had ever felt in her life.

"This is nice." Jamie agreed, one hundred percent. The comfort Jamie got from being close to Tegan amazed her more than she had expected and it was sometimes like a physical ache to remove herself from the younger woman. "I love you T."

Tegan's heart stopped for a moment before it gave a double thump before returning to it's regular beat. It wasn't very often Jamie initiated something like that, usually that was left to Tegan. So Tegan didn't say anything she just twisted around and wrapped her arms around Jamie's neck and held her tight, wanting to stop the slightest bit of air from passing between them.

Jamie was surprised by this, so she just wrapped her arms around Tegan refusing to let go until Tegan did. She was surprised when she heard a sniffle come from the red haired teenager. She moved Tegan away from her so she could see her face and she was shocked when she saw that Tegan was crying. "Hey?," she looked at Tegan with worried eyes.

Tegan saw the worried look in the beautiful blue eyes looking at her and she could have slapped herself, but instead she managed a smile. "Sorry, don't know what that was for," and she really didn't. It had been fine just listening to Jamie telling her she loved her and then a feeling of being complete for the first time in her life came over her and it had opened the floodgates. Now she looked at the woman that made her feel that way and spoke with total honestly. "You know I love you so much, it hurts." She took Jamie's hand into hers and put both of them over her heart. "Right here."

Jamie nodded her head, she had felt that more than once. "I know," she admitted.

"Sometimes it feels like someone is reaching in and squeezing my heart so tight, that it's going to stop beating at any time." Tegan took Jamie's face into her hands and kissed her gently. "Thank you for letting me feel that."

"No, thank you." Jamie told her "After everything that happened with Becky before, I refused to let myself get that close to anyone again. Then I walked into the club and saw you sitting there and it was well, I guess like the song said, it was a bad day not to fall in love, because I did, straight away."

"I guess neither of us had a chance did we." Tegan smiled, wrapping her arms around Jamie's neck again.

They sat there for a while, before breaking the silence again. "Have you heard from Jenny yet?" Jamie asked, remembering that Tegan had been waiting for the letter.

"Yeah I got it this morning. Your father brought it up for me." She removed herself from Jamie's arms and stood up. "I'll get it now."

"You don't have to do that." Jamie held out a hand to stop her. "That is your private stuff T."

"No, I want you to read it." Tegan admitted. " well I told Jenny about us in the last letter and I would like you to see what she says."

"Ok." Jamie agreed and let her go. It wasn't long before Tegan was back with the letter off her sister. She sat back down next to Jamie and handed her the letter. Jamie started to read it.

Dear Tegan,

It finally seems to have settled down for a bit here now. Mom misses you, she told me that the other day. She doesn't know I am writing to you but she does know I know where you are staying. Her arm is out of plaster now but she is still having a couple of problems getting used to using it again. It is really weak from lack of use over those six weeks.

Dad is just a total idiot about everything as usual. He is going to the Soccer on Saturday to see Liverpool Vs Man United. Who would have thought that it would all depend on this one match? Except for you of course. Dad doesn't like it that United has to win the match to win the Premier League and all Liverpool has to do is draw. I think that is way cool. Not that I would ever tell him that though.

Anyway Uni is going fine. It's nice to be able to get away from home for a couple of hours and not be stuck here with nothing to do. I'm thinking about staying on Campus next year, that way I will be away from him and I can concentrate on my school work better.

Well I think that is enough about me, how are you? Are you starting to show yet? Is everything going along ok. I hope it is. I would like to meet my niece or nephew and I am still pretty sure you already know what you want to do with the baby. Even if you don't say you are.

So you have finally found that someone to love you huh. I'm glad you did. You deserve all the happiness you can get. You've been through more in your young life than most people go through in a life time, and I just wish that I could be there for you more. At least Jamie will be there for you now. You tell here though, that if she does anything to hurt you I will come up there and beat her up, I don't care how tall she is.

I'm sorry to hear she got stabbed that must have been rough on all of you. At least she pulled through it all. So have you two... um well you know (I blush completely). You don't have to answer that if you don't want to. I'm just curious. Anyway let me know how everything is going. I am going to be up Grandma's house a week Saturday, so maybe you could pop up then. Let me know.

I love you


Jamie reread the last paragraph before looking at Tegan. "Well I'm glad she approves." She smiled.

"She didn't really have much choice did she." Tegan told her, as she took the letter off her. "I wouldn't have taken any notice of her if she hadn't approved anyway."

"Yeah I know that, but it is still better to have your family agreeing with what you are doing and who you are with, even if it is only one of them." Jamie told her, still annoyed at how Tegan's mother and father treated their youngest daughter. If she knew anyone that treated their children like that Jamie would have reported them to the authorities. Especially if they were constantly in the public eye, but she couldn't do that to Tegan. "With your father going to the match on Saturday are you sure you still want to go?"

They had arranged to go to the match with a couple of friends of Jamie's from the band she was in. Plain Lazy had only had a couple of practices since Tegan had arrived in Seaview and Tegan had got to know a couple of the members. They got on well and she jumped at the chance to go to the match and actually sit with the home fans this time, not the United crowd. As she looked at Jamie again she remembered what Darren had told her once. 'You keep hold of her Tegan, she is one of the most popular girls in Seaview,' he had said and looking at her now, Tegan could see why. She had black hair, and the most amazing sky blue eyes, she had ever seen. It was something she had noticed about Sophie. Sophie had blue eyes but not that blue.

"Of course I still want to go to the match," Tegan playfully slapped her. "You think having him there would stop me doing from what I have wanted to do since I was old enough to support soccer?"

"I didn't think so, but I just thought I'd ask." Jamie admitted, wrapping her arms around the love of her life. "It should be fun."

"I'm really looking forward to it." Tegan told her. This would be a good day for her. Being able to cheer loudly for the team she supported was something she had always wanted to do. Now she had that chance and she wasn't going to throw that away, even if Jamie hadn't been going. Having her there was just an added bonus.

Five months had gone since they first met and they were still struggling to keep their promise to each other. Sometimes Tegan thought it might be better to get it over with because the sexual tension could be a pain in the neck. They wanted to make love so badly, Tegan knew she was ready for that now, but she wasn't sure about how to go about getting the whole thing started and Jamie refused to make a move until she knew Tegan was ready. So as Tegan and Jamie sat there quietly Tegan began formulating a plan on how to seduce Jamie. It had to be something special, for her sake as well as Jamie's.

"Jamie?" She looked behind at the blue eyed woman.

"Yes." Jamie smiled, leaning down to kiss her partner.

"Do you fancy going to the cinema tomorrow?" She asked.

"What like on a date?" Jamie was surprised. They had been together for four months now and they had never been to the cinema, because she was worried about bringing up bad memories for Tegan.

"Yeah, like on a date?" Tegan smiled, hoping Jamie would agree. The only place they had really been to over the last couple of months was down to the Triclub and while that was ok, it wasn't a date.

"I'd love to." Jamie agreed, leaning down to kiss Tegan again. This kiss was only promise of what was to come.

'Oh yeah', Tegan thought to herself. 'I am more than ready for this.' Finally Tegan regained her senses and smiled. "So you'll pick me up at 7pm," she said, making plans in her head for tomorrow. "What shall we go and see?" She asked not waiting for an answer. "That new comedy Tropical Mayhem is now isn't it. So is that new Dean Masters film. I really want to see Tropical Mayhem do you think we could go and see that one?" Tegan found herself babbling again, she was nervous and she couldn't stop. "Of course, if you don't want to see that one we can go and see something else. I really don't mind what" She shut up when two warm lips claimed hers.

"Sometimes that is the only way to shut you up." Jamie smiled down at her when the broke apart.

Tegan looked shyly at her. "If that is the case I'll have to babble more often.

"Oh really?" Jamie smiled seductively before returning to her previous task of kissing Tegan senseless. It wasn't long before Jamie pulled away from her. "Do you fancy popping downstairs for a while?"

"Yeah, the night club should be in full swing now," Tegan agreed. The had spent the night so far, since opening time, upstairs enjoying each other's company, now they both wanted to mingle with others.

So they were walking towards the door when another thought hit Tegan. She had been meaning to ask Jamie a question for a while but kept forgetting. "Jamie what happened to that woman that was stealing money from the till?"

Jamie was surprised by the change in subject but answered anyway. "She got a one year suspended sentence."

"She didn't go to jail?" Tegan was surprised. Surely stealing six hundred pounds from a till was enough to result a prison sentence.

"No, because we found out why she was stealing money and we agreed on a deal instead. She has still got a criminal record, but we just couldn't send her to jail." Jamie admitted.

"Do you mind me asking why she stole the money?" Tegan asked, not wanting to pry into it unless Jamie was ok with it.

"Her three year old daughter needed an operation. She didn't qualify for benefits because she was in full time employment, so she was taking the money out of the till to put it towards the final cost of the operation. I've met her daughter and to think that someone like that will not live to see her fifth birthday makes me sick. She needed the money and we couldn't in good conscious let her go to jail while her daughter is dying." Jamie admitted, her and her father had discussed for a full two minutes before deciding. She was made to pay the money back and that was it. Jamie never told anyone about the five hundred pounds  deposited in Sheila's bank account left by a anonymous person, she didn't plan to either.

Tegan thought about their conversation as they walked down to the night club, knowing she would most probably have done the same thing herself had she been in that position. She rested her hand on her stomach for a minute and thought about what she would do if her child needed a life saving operation and she didn't have the money. She would have gone to the bank first and then if they hadn't been able to help she would have most probably tried to get the money anyway she could.

Tegan knew there was more to the story than Jamie was telling her but she didn't want to push, so she kept her thoughts to herself as they walked down the stairs and into Fantasy Island.

The music was loud as usual coming from Sam the DJ at one end of the night club, the air was warm but luckily not the suffocating air of smoke that you sometimes got in places like this. There wasn't many people that came into Fantasy Island that smoked, most of them had at one point, but since the rise of a packet had gone up to over three pounds a packet most people were finding they couldn't afford it. Which Jamie and Tegan didn't mind because neither of them could stand the habit anyway. Becky had smoked and Jamie used to hate kissing her, because she tasted like an ashtray.

You could smell the alcohol in the dark room as soon as you opened the door as well and it was something that sometimes made Tegan feel really sick. Being allergic to alcohol she only touched the stuff when she needed to for family get togethers and that was only a drop of wine. She suffered with rashes, headaches and nausea the following day and Tegan thought most of the time that it wasn't even worth it.

"Do you want an orange juice?" Jamie asked, as the walked towards the bar.

"Sure." Tegan said as they came to a stop by the bar.

"Good evening Ladies." Ollie said as she spotted his boss and her partner the other side of the bar "Would you like the usual?"

"Yes please." Jamie practically shouted over the music.

Ollie nodded his head before going to get the drinks. He had had a chance to get to know Tegan over the last couple of weeks and he found her charming. When he saw the two of them together though he knew they were crazy about each other and he wished them all the happiness, because Jamie deserved it and from the rumours he had heard about what had happened to Tegan, he suspected that she did too.

He finished pouring the orange juice and shandy before returning to Jamie and Tegan. "There we go." he placed the drinks on the bar before going to serve the next customer.

Jamie looked around and spotted Darren, Scott and a couple of others sitting around a table and she nudged Tegan and motioned towards the table. Tegan smiled her approval at the unspoken suggestion and they both walked over to their friends. 'Their friends,' Tegan thought with a smile. It felt really nice to be surrounded by friends.

"Hey look who decided to show their faces," Darren spotted them walking towards them and smiled. "We thought you had moved away."

"No, unfortunately I am still here," Jamie told them, "and so is Tegan."

"Bummer." Darren smiled, standing up to let Tegan sit down. He knew about her condition and he didn't want her straining herself.

Tegan smiled at Darren accepting the offer and sitting down. Jamie noticed this and smiled her thanks at Darren. He had been great with Tegan over the few months since she moved. He had been really helpful with her school work as well. The subjects that Jamie wasn't very good at Darren had helped with. Jamie knew that Tegan appreciated the help as well.

"So anything interesting happen to you the last couple of days? Haven't seen you in a bit." Rhiannon asked Jamie, as she came back over with a chair for herself and Darren to sit on.

"Nothing," Jamie admitted. "It's been really quiet." Tegan and Jamie had spent a lot of their time lately with just either or her family. Tegan didn't like going to the night club very much and Jamie just didn't want to leave her. John had said that was natural for two reason. One was they were a new couple, most new couples don't want to lose sight of each other for a minute and two was Jamie was acting like a typical expectant father would. Not wanting to leave Tegan in case something happened and she wasn't there. Tegan had told Jamie once or twice that she thought of the child as theirs now, not just hers, but until then Jamie hadn't really thought about being a parent to this child. It was a big responsibility for a twenty year old, so she could only imagine what it would be like for Tegan, who was barely out of childhood herself. Jamie decided after some long hard thinking, which took approximately two minutes, that she wasn't going to let Tegan go through this alone. She would be there from beginning to end and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

"Jamie?" Darren's voice disturbed her thoughts and she looked up to meet his eyes. "Are you ok?. You look a little worried?"

"No, I'm fine." Jamie admitted sheepishly, she hated getting caught in dreamland.

"Good," Darren smiled, he had a feeling that Jamie's mind was somewhere else and he was pleased that she had finally found her happiness.

As Tegan sat there listening to the conversation going on around her, her mind kept wandering off. Planning a wonderful seduction of the woman she loved. It would all happen tomorrow. Of that she was sure.

Chapter 28

The following day zoomed past, as Tegan planned ahead for her big evening. She had it all sorted by the time Jamie came to pick her up that night. Everything was going well and she wanted this to be perfect as well.

Jamie was nervous, as she walked up to the door to collect Tegan. She didn't know why but she had a feeling that tonight meant something to Tegan. Well every minute with Tegan meant something to Jamie and she knew that Tegan felt the same way about time with her, but this was different. Jamie couldn't put her finger on it, but she knew it was.

She had dressed up smartly and was fidgeting with the shoulder's on her shirt when Tegan answered the door. What Jamie saw almost stopped her dead. Tegan was stood there wearing a black shirt with leopard skin on each side and black trousers. She looked gorgeous. Her hair was hanging down and the only thought that came to Jamie was. "Wow!"

"I guess that means you like it then." Tegan said, when she heard the wow come from Jamie's lips. Tegan looked at her partner and thought she was going to die from wanting her. Although Jamie was actually dressed casually she looked stunning. She was wearing black jeans and a white shirt with a black waistcoat over the top. She looked lovely.

Jamie blushed when she realised she had spoken out loud and she cleared her throat before answering. "Very much," she smiled and leaned down for a kiss which Tegan gladly answered. "You look very gorgeous." Jamie admitted, watching the blush cover Tegan's face.

"You like half handsome yourself." Tegan smiled.

"Why thank you Ma'am," Jamie said. "Now may I escort you to the car?"

Tegan returned to get her purse and then headed to the door. "Yes you may." She said, taking the arm that Jamie had offered and they made their way downstairs. Tegan was glad to get away from her apartment, knowing that as soon as they were out of the door, Darren, Scott and a few others would be straight in the apartment to sort everything out for later.

* * * * *

Tegan and Jamie arrived at the cinema shortly before the film started and made their way towards the back of the theatre. It had taken a while to decide on what to watch, but had finally decided on Tropical Mayhem. It was a romance comedy that was suppose to be the hit of 1999.

The film started and Tegan and Jamie sat there quietly enjoying the film. This time Tegan didn't feel any of the apprehension she had felt towards the end of the film that she had with Scott. She knew exactly what she wanted and she knew she was going to get it and for once she was glad she lived in the UK. She couldn't imagine living in the States and feeling what she felt for Jamie and having to wait another two years to act on it. 'That would definitely kill me.' She thought as the film drew to a close.

"So where to now?" Jamie asked, as they walked out of the cinema.

"Well I have to go to the ladies room before we go anywhere, so do you think you could pop across to the shop and have a look if they have the soundtrack for Dean Master's new film. Here is fifteen pounds," she took the money out of her purse and handed it to Jamie. "That should be enough."

She had wanted to get the album for a while but that wasn't the real reason she had sent Jamie on her own. When Jamie was out of sight, she took off to find the telephone. She dialled her number and waited until Darren answered. "Hi is everything ok over there?" she asked, hoping they had finished because she really wanted to get home.

"Yep all ready for you." Darren assured her, happily. He was glad that he could surprise his best friend and he was sure Jamie wouldn't mind this surprise.

"Great we'll be home shortly," with that she hung up the phone and headed back towards the shop, where Jamie was paying for the CD.

"All set?" Jamie asked, as she came out of the shop.

"Yeah but you know what I'm a little tired, do you think we could head home now?" Tegan tired to sound disappointed that she was ruining the night, but knowing what was waiting for them back at her apartment made that difficult, she instantly regretted that when she saw a flicker of hurt cross Jamie's lovely face.

"Oh, ok." Jamie tried to think about what she had done to upset Tegan. Having Tegan say that to her, had hurt, probably more than it should of. 'Come on Jamie, she's pregnant, she has a right to be tired.' She told herself angrily.

"Yeah, we could settle down on the sofa and watch an nice romantic film" Tegan said, hoping to cover herself. She knew she had when Jamie smiled genuinely.

"Well seeing as you put it that way." Jamie smiled, seductively having not idea what so ever that she was going to be on the other end of the biggest seduction of her life tonight.

* * * * *

Jamie and Tegan pulled up outside the club and quietly made their way up to the apartment. Tegan opened the door and lead Jamie into the apartment.

Jamie was surprised when she was led into the apartment. The room was dark, except for two candles on the table in front of them. The table was set for two with each place set opposite each other. Tegan smiled when she saw the surprise on Jamie's face. It was a lovely picture.

Tegan took Jamie by the hand and led her further into the apartment just as Scott appeared and moved to take off their jackets. Tegan's was first and then Jamie's.

"Tegan what's going on?" Jamie asked, nervously as their coats were removed.

"You'll see." Was all Tegan cared to elaborate on the subject.  She just smiled one of her heart stopping smiles and Jamie thought she was going to die of happiness.

Scott hung their coats up and then led them to the table. He held the chair out for Tegan and then moved around the table and did the same for Jamie. With them both set at the table, Scott hurried towards the kitchen. Within five minutes he was back again with the main meal in front of him. In front of Jamie he placed a plate of chicken salad, then he placed the same in front of Tegan before heading back out of the room, leaving the two alone.

"Are you going to tell me what is going on now?" Jamie asked, as Tegan started to eat her food.

"I just wanted to do something nice for you" She lied, she wasn't ready to tell Jamie what was going to happen later on, yet.

"Well this certainly is nice." Jamie admitted as she started on her food. They ate the rest silently, both sneaking adoring glances at the other and hoping they didn't get caught. Once or twice they did and then they would both blush and go back to eating for a couple of seconds before stealing another glance.

From the kitchen Scott, Darren, Paul, Sarah and Rhiannon sat watching quietly. They had spent the last two hours getting the place ready for Tegan, having direct instructions to have the place perfect for a perfect evening. They were all really pleased that Jamie had finally met the one person she could honestly say she was in love with. They had observed the pair quietly for the last couple of months and all agreed that they seemed to be made for each other. When Darren had asked for help getting the apartment ready for the big night the other's had been only too pleased to help out. Jamie had always been there for them and now they were going to start paying that back.

As soon as the pair were finished with their meal Rhiannon went in to get the dirty dishes and Scott carried in the next plate. This time the meals were different. One Tegan's food was all the stuff that a pregnant woman should eat, poached eggs, potatoes, rich and mixed vegetables. Jamie's food wasn't so carefully prepared. There was a stir fry, everything that was bad for you was on that plate.

Jamie couldn't believe how much trouble they had gone to, to get this evening perfect. For that matter Tegan couldn't believe it either.

When the meal was all finished Darren, Scott, Paul, Sarah and Rhiannon came out of the kitchen "Well ladies we had better start going." Darren announced as he smiled at Jamie and gave Tegan a sly, knowing wink. "We'll see you both tomorrow for the match." With that they all turned and left.

Jamie was starting to get a bit suspicious now, but refused to let herself think it was what she hoped it was.

Tegan stood up and held her hand out for Jamie, when the taller woman took it, the smaller woman pulled her up and kissed her soundly. "Let's sit on the sofa." Tegan said, leading Jamie in that direction.

Jamie and Tegan spent the rest of the night talking and kissing. Tegan wanted to let their stomachs settle before trying to do anything else.

Jamie had a feeling that this was going somewhere, and was getting there pretty fast. Jamie knew that Tegan had wanted their first time to be special, not something that happened on the spur of the moment. Jamie knew that Tegan deserved to be treated to something special after her first experience. Jamie had refused to be the one to make the first move. She wasn't going to go any further than that, until Tegan told her she was ready.

"Thank you for a wonderful evening, Jamie." Tegan said, finally moving closer to Jamie than she already was.

"Me? No thank you," Jamie said. "I really enjoyed tonight."

"Me too," Tegan said. "We'll have to do it again soon."

"Yes we will," Jamie said. "So what time do you want me to pick you up for the match tomorrow?" Jamie wanted to let Tegan know that she wasn't being pressured into anything and she wanted to know what Tegan' answer was going to be, before taking that final and all important step in their relationship.

"Well um..,." Tegan started nervously, she hadn't expected to have to spell out what she wanted to Jamie. "I was actually I was hoping that you would stay here."

"Really, well that wouldn't be anything new, I'd like that." Jamie said, waiting for Tegan to say more.

"Well actually, I was kind of hoping you would stay with me, in my bed." Tegan said, feeling like a total idiot. Why could she say what she wanted to.

"Are you asking me what I think you're asking me, or do you just want some company?" Jamie asked, deciding that Tegan was asking her just that.

Well I would like some company tonight, but that isn't what I am asking you." Tegan admitted finally deciding to just spit it out. "I'm ready for the next part of our relationship Jamie. I'm sick and tired of holding myself back because I'm afraid to go further. I need this as much as I want it." she looked into Jamie's blue eyes. "Make love to me Jamie." She whispered leaning up towards the woman "Please?"

Jamie thought her heart was going to stop beating with those words. Those were the words she had waited for since she had met Tegan. Calming herself down she kissed her again. Before Tegan knew what was happening Jamie had picked her up and was carrying her towards the bedroom.

As Jamie lay the love of her life on the bed, she looked into Tegan's eyes "Are you sure you are ready for this?" She wanted to give Tegan a chance to back out of this.

"More than I've been ready for anything in my life." Tegan admitted, as Jamie sat quietly on the bed looking at her, their faces were next to each other, and her hands played with her hair, as she kissed her lips.

"Really?" She whispered, as Tegan's mouth moved to her neck, their promises and patience slowly being forgotten.

Jamie was on her knees on the floor by then, and Tegan was still on the bed, and suddenly Tegan's hands began to explore the breasts beneath Jamie's shirt. Jamie moaned softly at her touch, and wanted to remind herself that Tegan needed to go slow, because this was her first time with someone she loved, but in a single instant Jamie forgot them, when Tegan reached out to her and pulled her towards the bed.

Their kisses were increasingly passionate, as Tegan pulled her slowly towards her, their bodies were entwined, and they were tangled in the sheets, both still fully clothed. They lay together for a while, kissing each other, forgetting themselves and discovering things about each other that they had promised to wait to explore. As Jamie kissed Tegan, she wanted o devour her, to just swallow her whole, until she was a part of her.

"Jamie...," Tegan whispered her name, and held her close, and then they were kissing again, and Tegan was reaching for Jamie once again.

Without saying another word  Tegan peeled Jamie's trousers away from her, her shirt was already gone, though neither of them could remember how, and Jamie tossed Tegan's shirt into the air, and it settled somewhere on the floor as she began making love to the young woman lying under her.

It was a few hours later when they finally caught their breath, and they lay in each other's arms, completely spent and sated. But neither of them ever felt happier, "I love you, Jamie." Tegan said.

"That's good." Jamie said, pulling Tegan so close that they almost seemed like one person. "I've never loved anyone so much in my life."

"Jamie?" Tegan said, as they lay there.

"Mmm?" Jamie asked.

"I'm tired." Tegan admitted.

Jamie leaned down and kissed her lover gently on the forehead. "Then go to sleep."

"Will you be here when I wake up?" Tegan asked, feeling shy all over a sudden.

"Always." Jamie smiled, wrapping her arm around the smaller woman for added insurance.

* * * * *

There was a bright light and when it vanished there was a woman standing there.

"Karis, you may leave us" The woman said to the woman who was standing next to Jamie. Tegan had no idea where she was . They were in some old building. It looked like the Temple of Artemis she had once visited in Greece. The woman the mysterious woman spoke to, bowed her head and left. "I'm glad you could both make it. I wanted to talk to you both before I can bless your relationship. I know that you are both very much involved with each other, even a blind person could see that. I also know that your recent argument and lack of trust hurt each other a lot. You know about Aphrodite's gift so you both knew how the other was feeling about that."

"Yes we did," Tegan said. "It was worse than anything I have ever felt."

"Yes it would be, because not only were you feeling your pain, but you were feeling hers as well," Artemis explained. "That is why some people call it a curse not a gift. It does help you a lot of the time as well. Has it been explained to you?"

"Athena sort of explained." Tegan explained

"Good," Artemis said. "I hate having to explain Gods gifts to anyone. Ok now for the formal questions. Do you think that you two will be ready to commit to each other at next years festival?"

"Yes." Tegan and Jamie said at the same time.

"Good," Artemis said. "Apart from your little disagreement before the festival, why aren't you ready to commit yet?"

"We've only been together a couple of weeks and we don't feel ready yet." Tegan admitted. "We do love each other very much and I don't think anything will ever change that. But we need time to adjust to what we are feeling before we are ready to commit to that."

"I understand," Artemis said. "However from what I've been feeling coming from you, Tegan and what Athena has said she has felt coming from you, Jamie, we are both surprised that you won't do this. Have either of you heard of soul mates?"

"Yes." Tegan said

"Now I know what they are, but could you explain it to me anyway?" Artemis asked.

"They are two parts of a whole, who are destined to find each other, over and over again." Tegan said.

"Exactly." Artemis said. "You two are soul mates, you will find each other every lifetime you live. Although you refuse to commit to each other at this moment in time, you are already committed to each other. The fates have decided so. Therefore I don't have any option but to bless your relationship. I would have anyway. I cannot think of a better protector for my Chosen"

"Thank you Artemis." Tegan said.

"You're welcome." Artemis said. "Now don't forget, Tegan you have to visit Athena and ask her for her blessing as well."

"I know," Tegan said. "I will as soon as we get home."

"Good." Artemis said. "Now you two go and enjoy yourselves."

"Thank you Artemis," Tegan said again.

* * * * *

Jamie was the first to wake up the following morning and she lay there thinking about her lover for a long time. Thinking about how perfect last night had been and how wonderful it was to finally have consummated their relationship.

It wasn't long afterwards that Tegan stirred next to her. Sleepy green eyes opened at slowly looked around the room. When her eyes finally met ice blue eyes she smiled. "It wasn't a dream," she snuggled in deeper, wanting to stay their for ever.

"Do you want a drink?" Jamie asked, as she shifted to look down at Tegan.

"That means you gotta move." Tegan said tightening her hold.

"Well I've got to move sometime." Jamie smiled.

"Only if you hurry back." Tegan sighed

"Ok." Jamie said, as she managed to drag herself away from the warmth of Tegan.

Tegan watched as Jamie walked out of the bedroom naked, without a care in the world.

While Jamie was getting the drinks Tegan lay there thinking about her dream. It had been weird but familiar in a way that she only seemed to experience when Jamie was around. She didn't know whether to be worried about that or not.

Shortly after Jamie was back with the drinks. She put Tegan's on her side of the bed before returning to the other side and getting into the bed again.

"We have to get up soon. We have a football match to go to." Jamie reminded her, as she lay there holding her.

"Oh yeah. I'm looking forward to that." Tegan admitted, as they settled into a peaceful silence, before Jamie regretfully decided it was time to get up.

"Honey we have to get up now." She said.

"Do we gotta?" Tegan asked, although she knew that if they wanted to get to Liverpool, they needed to.

"Come on." Jamie said, leaving Tegan's warmth again and pulling Tegan with her. Neither of them bothered by the nakedness of each other.

It wasn't long before they were dressed and drinking a cup of tea. Once they were ready to go, they made their way to the door. Tegan pulled Jamie to a stop. "Thank you, Jamie," she said.

Jamie's brows contracted. "For what?" she asked.

"For last night and this morning." Tegan said. "After what happened with Scott, I thought I wouldn't be able to be with anyone, but this proved that I can."

"You'll be fine T." Jamie said. "Now come on."

Then they walked out the door.

Continued in Part 7

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