Detective Amanda Ellis

Part 5

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Revenge: A dish best served with love.

"What do you mean you can't find the key?" A very angry red head was scolding her lover for loosing the key to the handcuffs.

"Relax Sandy, it's here in the bed somewhere. I put it under my pillow and then stupidly used my pillow under your butt." The tall brunette was searching through the sheets and blankets desperately trying to find her key for the hand cuffs that held her lover prisoner on the bed.

"Yes, Amanda, I'm well aware of what you did with your pillow, now find that damn key, I have to go to the bathroom!"

Detective Amanda Ellis finally found the lost key and unlocked the hand cuffs.

Dr. Sandra Wilson jumped up and raced off to the bathroom, but not before smacking Amanda in the arm.

"Don't (smack) you ever (smack) do that again." (smack)

Amanda sat back and laughed. "I'm sorry hon, it won't happen again."

"That's right it won't, because next time I get to play detective and you get to be the hooker." Sandra returned from the bathroom still naked with her hands on her hips and an angry glare.

"Hey, I thought you liked our little game." Amanda's eyebrows suggestively bounced up and down. "Five minutes ago you were........... humph."

"Thanks for the update officer, I know what we were doing five minutes ago."

"Come on and shower with me, Mitchell will be back with Kevin in a half an hour and you promised to barbecue burgers."

The two women entered the shower together. As Amanda started to soap up Sandy's back, she reached around to her breasts instead.

"A half hour, I think we'll be finished by then." Amanda leaned forward and let the warm soapy water and her fingers do magic on her doctors demanding body.

Detective Mitchell Blake, Kevin and Whiskey returned home from a few hours at the beach. Since Kevin's casts on his legs had been removed last week, each of the three women had been taking some extra time with him hoping to get his little legs back into shape. Although Sandy had feared that he may limp on his left leg, it had healed up better then she had expected.

All three burst into the door demanding dinner or at least a snack. Hunting for sea monsters was hard work, even Whiskey barked in the fun.

"Hey, you're back. Amanda was on her way downstairs. How was your walk?"

"Super, we were attacked by three evil sea monsters and managed to destroy them all." Mitchell laughed as Kevin and Whiskey went running off into the livingroom to watch t.v.

"Sea monsters! Great Mitchell, if he has nightmares tonight, I'm calling you to situp with him." Sandra was still towel drying her hair as she walked into the kitchen.

"Amanda, get that barbecue going ok, I'm starving." Mitchell whined as she went to the frig and pulled out a beer. "Want one?" Both women nodded.

"Ok, one lit barbecue coming up." Amanda went out side, followed by one mass of gold fur.

Mitchell looked thoughtfully over at Sandy. "We might have a problem?"

"And?" Sandy replied. "So what else is new?"

"I met up with Deb on the beach today." Leanne Smith's boyfriend is back in town."

Sandy's heart dropped on the floor.

"God Mitchell, don't tell Amanda yet. Let's just have a nice evening and you two can discuss it at work tomorrow."

Mitchell nodded in agreement.

"Mitchell, go easy on this one. I told Amanda if she ever found out who hurt Kevin, to shoot them. At the time I meant it, but now....."

"Don't worry Sandy, Amanda's not some cold blooded killer." Mitchell chuckled and went back to the frig to start making the salad.

In the back of Sandy's mind a little voice reminded her of how Amanda had shot and killed Mitchell's attacker without a second thought. She hasn't told her the truth. She's just read the police report. Sandy took another drink of her beer and wondered how this would all work out.


Monday morning at the police station found two women buried in paper work and stale half drank cups of coffee sat scattered on their desks.

"Damnit Mitchell, how did we get so far behind in this stuff?" Amanda wasn't happy when Captain Anderson had pulled both women into his office and stuck them on desk duty until every police report was filed and up to date.

"I would have got this caught up, but someone kept dragging me out of the office to help her." Mitchell lifted her head and smiled knowing how to push Amanda's buttons.

" I didn't need help. You were whining to me about being bored."

"I never whined, you kept calling me and coming by the office to pick me up."

"You whined, and I just kept picking you because I felt sorry for you."

"Sorry for me? Mitchell pointed at her chest. You needed me, confess you fraud."

"Confess? Confess what? That I know you like to tag along with me."

"A tag along is it now! I will have you know Detective, that I have been on the force almost as long as you. You should feel privileged I chose you as a partner."

"You chose me!" Amanda's ego was getting itchy and needed to have this matter settled. I allowed you to tag along."

Mitchell knew she had her.

"Oh that's right. Selective memory. Who called for backup and I had to rescue your sorry ass from being tangled in that barbed wire fence?"

Amanda flinched at the memory. "I was chasing that nut case and she jumped over the fence. I misjudged the barbed wire and you just happened to be the responding officer."

Mitchell started to laugh.

"If I recall my dear friend, some of that barbed wire had you caught up in some very interesting places."

Amanda's face went beet red and scowled at Mitchell.

"In fact Amanda, it was me that put the peroxide on your bare butt. A rather nice introduction don't you think?"

"Actually Mitchell, I think you enjoyed my bare butt, just a little too much and further more............................

"Are you two going to finish those reports or talk about Ellis' bare ass all day?"

Captain Anderson could hear the two women in his office and decided enough was enough.

As he turned back in and shut the door, the other officers howled in laughter while Mitchell and Amanda buried their heads in total embarrassment.

"Brat." Said Mitchell.

"Bitch." Replied Amanda.

Both women raised their heads and laughed. "Guess they got us both good. Come on Amanda, let's finish up these reports and get out of here. There's something I need to talk to you in private about."

With the reports were finished by 6pm, Detective's Ellis and Blake left the office and headed over to the day care centre and picked up Kevin. It was his first week there and so far he had been enjoying playing with the other children.

Once home, they changed their clothes and headed down to the beach.

"You should give up your apartment and live here." Amanda half jokingly said to Mitchell.

"I live here now as it is. Mitchell poked at her friend. But sleeping on the futon in Sandy's office is not my idea of a great bedroom. Besides I have needs and it requires privacy." Mitchell smiled and wiggled her eyebrows.

Kevin threw Whiskey a stick and ran down the beach ahead of them.

Mitchell sighed.

"I saw Deb yesterday. She told me that Leanne Smith's boyfriend was back in town."

Amanda stopped walking and turned her head to Mitchell in anger.

"You waited all this time to tell me! What in hell were you thinking about!"

Mitchell felt the sting of Amanda's cold words.

"Sandy asked me not to mention it last night and we couldn't do anything about it today."

"That bastard almost killed Kevin and you were waiting for the right time!"

"Amanda, we don't know if in fact it was him that hurt Kevin. We're just assuming. Kevin won't talk about it. Please Amanda don't go crazy on this one, it's too close to home."

Amanda starting walking again and remained quiet for a few minutes.

Mitchell finally looked over at her friend and partner to see tears running down Amanda's face. Not knowing what else to do, she put her arm around Amanda's shoulder.

"I promise you Amanda , we will find out who did this. And when we do......."

Amanda wrapped her arm around Mitchell.

"And when we do, you will look the other way." Amanda's voice was deep and deadly. Her eyes narrowed and her face was full of hate.

Dr. Sandra Wilson had returned from the hospital and could see by the two beer caps on the counter that Amanda and Mitchell were home. All day long she hadn't heard from either one of them and was worried about the reaction that Amanda would have when she heard the news. Opening the frig she pulled out a beer, snapped the cap off and headed down to the beach. It didn't take her long to see her lover and best friend walking with their arms around each other with Kevin and Whiskey playing on ahead.

She walked outside to joined them.

"Should I be jealous, you two?"

Quickly both women dropped their arms and stood red faced.

"No." Both women replied. "Mitchell stubbed her toe." "Amanda has a leg cramp." Both women glared at each other, knowing they had been caught.

"Nice try detectives. Sandy laughed. Can't you two just admit that you care about each other and it's ok to show affection?"

Sandy took a long drink of her beer. Big dumb cops she thought.

"I suppose Mitchell told you the news about the boyfriend?" Sandy questioned.

"Yes and how come you didn't want her to tell me last night?" Amanda stood with her arms across her chest.

"What and have you two go running off in the night and try to beat the living hell out of this guy? No way. You don't know for sure it was him and all three of us need to sit down and calmly discuss this tonight. Last night just didn't feel right, ok?" Sandy gave Amanda that pleading look of please not now.

"Ok hon. After dinner."

Everyone headed back to the house.

Dinner was a quiet affair and a simple meal of grilled cheese sandwiches and fries. It was Kevin's favourite and Sandy smiled as she watched him play bomber pilot with his sandwich and ketchup. When dinner was over Kevin went to watch t.v. in the other room. Whiskey went as well. The dog could sense that the three women left in the kitchen were not happy and she thought someone had better look after Kevin.

Amanda pushed her half eaten plate of food away from her and took a long drink from her beer. "I know it was him. I can feel it." Her fists were bunched together at her sides.

"You can't arrest him on a maybe Amanda, we need a witness or for Kevin to i.d. him." Mitchell's stomach was starting to hurt. She pushed the beer away and went and got a glass of milk. "What if we showed Kevin a picture of this guy? Do you think he might talk to us about it then?"

Sandy shook her head. "I don't know if that's a good idea, Mitchell, he's just starting to talk again. I don't want a trauma like that to set him back.

"What if his nightmares start up again? I couldn't bear to hear him screaming again." Amanda and Sandy had spent many nights with Kevin between them in bed. It was the only way he would go back to sleep and stop sobbing.

"Well, there's only one other way I can think of." Mitchell sat back and munched on Amanda's left over fries.

"And that would be?" Amanda pushed her plate over to entice her friend.

"Ask for a little help from our good friend Deb." Mitchell popped another fry into her mouth and smiled.

Sandy looked confused. "What's she going to do, force him to confess while she's blowing him?"

Both detectives looked at Sandy in utter shock. Neither one of them had ever heard her talk like that.

"Ah, no Sandy. I was thinking of setting her up on a prostitution sting and then we could get him down town on that and hold him for 24 hours." Once we have his name and finger prints, we can run them and hope he's got a record of assault.

It's a start and so far the only one I can think of." Mitchell drank the rest of her milk and looked over at Amanda.

"You're right Mitch. It's a start." Amanda's eyes darkened as she took her last drink of beer.

Sandy didn't need to hear what Amanda was thinking, she could feel it. She reached over and touched her lover's hand. Amanda's expression softened, but her heart was still cold.

The next day Mitchell went looking for Deb. It wasn't too hard to find the purple haired working girl wearing a halter top and very short shorts. As Mitchell came nearer, the other girls scattered as well as a couple of customers.

"Jesus detective you're bad for business. Can't you give a working girl a break here?" Deb brushed back her hair and made suggestive eyes at Mitchell.

"Christ Deb, I came here to ask a favour from you and no it's not that. Mitchell rolled her eyes. You know if you'd loose the purple hair and get a real job, I would go out with you. But for now let's talk."

The two women headed over to the cafe' and Deb ordered the large port chop dinner. Mitchell ordered a coffee and treated herself to a piece of fresh apple pie.

"How come every time we come here, you eat like it's been days?"

Deb looked up at Mitchell and blushed with embarrassment. "It has been a couple of days. By the time I pay Rick off, there's not much left for me."

"I thought these pimps were suppose to be taking care of you girls and here I find out you aren't making enough to live on. Mitchell wasn't too happy at the thought of Deb getting taken advantage of.

"He's got some new girlfriend that he's dating right now and a lot of his money is being spent on her." Deb said in between bites of potato.

Mitchell sat back, finished her pie and coffee. "Ok Deb, here's the favour I need."

Then she thought to herself, after this I'm having a little chat with Rick myself.

The detective went on to explain the sting that she and Amanda had set up. Deb just needed to lure Leanne Smith's boyfriend over so they could arrest him and get his prints and run them for an i.d. and any previous charges. It was a start and they could hold him for at least 24 hours.

Deb agreed on one condition. That they hide her for a few days, so Rick wouldn't get mad at her and hurt her. Mitchell looked at the young woman who sat across from her and wondered how someone who still had a heart for a little boy could be out there on the streets. Maybe I can help her out? Mitchell was shocked at where that thought had come from. She shook her head, got up and before she left she made sure Deb understood.

"Ok, Friday night around 9:00 pm, you sure he will be there?"

"He's been there every Friday night playing pool for the past two weeks." Deb replied.

As Mitchell paid for their food, Deb looked at her reflection in the cafe's window.

"Maybe purple isn't my colour? Maybe after this is over with I'll try to get my life turned back around again.?" Deb sat back and reflected on her home life and how she had to get out. A lone tear ran down her cheek and she recalled her mother's angry words.

Her mother had come home drunk and angry. Deb was sitting on the couch finishing up some homework, when the door slammed shut and she heard her mother stumble up the stairs. "Where's my dinner?" She slurred.

"Momma it's 10:00 pm. It's in the fridge, you just have to heat it up."

Deb never seen the slap coming, as her mother hit her repeatedly.

When the beating was over with and her mother lay passed out on the couch, Deb gathered some clothes, took what money she had and left.

She hadn't been home in a long time and never wanted to return.

The restaurant doors burst open with a couple of hungry and noisy customers breaking Deb out of her thoughts.

Guess it's time to go back to work and face the night. Deb rose from her seat and hugged her jacket around her waist. She reached into her pocket and grabbed a cigarette. She didn't smoke, just used it as a way to meet clients.

As Mitchell drove home she couldn't help but think about the situation that was developing with this case. In another 24 hours they would have their suspect in custody and hoped this was their guy. She would bring Deb home with her and let her stay for awhile. Totally against policy, but she felt the girl needed a break in life. She would talk to some friends that owed her a favour. Maybe they would give her a job and that would encourage her for a new start on life. Then there was Amanda to deal with. If in fact the suspect was their guy, how would she keep her away from him. Mitchell had often suspected there had been more to Amanda's statement in her own shooting, but they had never discussed it. She knew better then to talk to Sandy about it. It was just something that was between Amanda and myself. Someday we'll have that sensitive chat.

Amanda and Sandy had gone to bed for the night. Sandy had an early day at the hospital and needed some sleep. The problem with loving and living with someone like Amanda, was knowing sleep wasn't going to happen. Amanda was staring at the ceiling, unable to relax. She couldn't wait for tomorrow night. She wanted this guy now. On her terms, in a dark alley and a big baseball bat and ..........


"Yes hon."

"If you keep staring at the ceiling with those glaring eyes of yours, it will melt. Sandy poked her lover gently in the ribs. Go to sleep."

"The room is dark, how can you tell I'm staring at the ceiling?" Amanda rolled over on her side and looked at Sandy.

"I can feel you. I don't need light. Besides, the heat in this room just went up 10 degrees from the fire emitting from those big browns. Sandy rolled over and cupped Amanda's face in her hand. You will get him tomorrow and if in fact he is Kevin's attacker, let justice take it's course."

Part of Amanda wanted to curl up into Sandy's loving hands and just stay there forever and part of her, wanted to get this guy and beat him so bad. They had a little boy up there, a sweet and innocent child, that need to have his attacker caught.


"Yes hon."

"Did you know revenge is a dish best served with love?" Amanda asked.

Sandy looked at Amanda and studied her eyes. In all the years she had known her, never had she seen Amanda's eyes so hard and cold.

"Amanda, I want you to remember something for tomorrow. The only dish that should be served with love, is the one I'm making you and Kevin for dinner. Don't do something so stupid as to screw up our lives. We are your family and we need you."

"Sometimes Amanda, you just have to believe in a higher power and let them decide his punishment."

When Amanda went to speak, Sandy placed her finger over the detectives lips. "Sleep now, stop thinking and let your heart do the searching, not your mind."

With those words Sandy kissed Amanda good night and cuddled in her arms.

Sometimes Amanda thought, the voice of reason is mightier then my police revolver.


All day Friday Mitchell and Amanda barely spoke two words to each other that didn't pertain to their job for tonight. They had the wire ready for Deb to wear and had chosen an un-marked police car with two plains clothes officers as back up. They wanted nothing left to chance. Every detail was mapped out. By 8:00 pm they met with Deb, placed the wire on her body, wished her luck as she entered the pool hall. Everything was riding on Deb. They had very little idea what their suspect looked like and could only hope this guy showed up and everything went according to plan.

Of course in the real world things do not always go as planned and this night was going to be one of them.

Around 9:15pm, Deb finally made her move and approached a man who had entered the bar area and ordered a beer.

"Hi there. Deb held up a cigarette. You wouldn't happen to have a light? Seems I've lost my matches."

The cold hard eyes of the man turned to her. "There are matches everywhere around here. Get lost."

"That's true. She replied. But I was kind of hoping you would light it for me and we could get to know each other better. My name's Deb by the way."

The man's expression turned from one of cold to that of smug. "Ya, sure baby, you can get to know me all you want. You wanna play pool first or just get down to business?" As he grabbed his crouch and leered.

"How about a game of pool, first? Deb smiled sweetly at him. "Looser buys the beer."

The two of them played pool and seemed evenly matched in their skills. The man had finally relented and told her his name was Bob. He won the first game and Deb had bought the first beers, then Deb won the second game and Bob bought the beers. This was their fourth game when something happened that no one was prepared for.

A small mouse was running around the pool hall, gathering up and eating the peanuts that had fallen on the floor. As everyone was too busy either playing pool or talking, no one noticed the little creature until Deb felt something run over her foot. She looked down at two big brown eyes and twitching whiskers. She let out a scream and jumped back.

Mitchell was ready to jump out and charge in for the rescue, but Amanda held her back. "Wait a minute. Let's wait for the signal."

Bob stopped and looked up at Deb. "You, I do know you. You were there that night.

"What night? Damnit I hate mice. Her body shook in the thought of that mouse.

"You were the one that screamed that night, I was teaching that brat kid a lesson on behaving."

If time could have evolved into slow motion, Detective Amanda Ellis left her SUV and walked into the pool hall, spotting Deb and Bob right away. She just kept on walking without thought, grabbed on to Bob and started into the punches.

Mitchell left the vehicle as well and motioned for the two plain clothes officers to follow.

As they entered into the scene before them, Mitchell ordered one of the officers to take Deb to Amanda's SUV for safety.

Mitchell held up her hand to stop the other officer from grabbing Amanda and stopping her. Never before had she seen Amanda so cold as she watched her beat on this creep. She wanted to get in a few punches herself, but Amanda seemed to be doing quite well for everyone involved.

As Bob lay bleeding on the floor, Amanda stopped and pulled out her revolver. As she pulled back on the trigger. Mitchell yelled at her best friend and partner.

"Detective stop right there!"

Amanda looked up at Mitchell, but still held the gun over Bob.

"Amanda, please, don't do this. He's not worth it." Mitchell begged.

In confusion and anger Amanda replied. "Why not? You were worth it."

Mitchell didn't know quite what to say and knew she had her answer to her own shooting. That chat she would save for another day.

Without a moments hesitation she pulled out her handcuffs, flipped Bob over on his stomach and cuffed his wrists. She went on to read him his rights and arrest him. Amanda's gun was still pointed at the both of them.

By this time the other officer was at Mitchell's side, helping her to stand Bob up. He then took Bob out to the squad car, shoved him inside and waited for his partner to arrive.

Mitchell stood beside Amanda and took her gun out of her hands. Putting the safety back on the gun, she reached into Amanda's jacket and placed the revolver back into the harness. "Good job tonight Detective, now let's go and throw his sorry ass in jail."

Amanda nodded and left with Mitchell.

On the way back to the station, all three women were quiet. The plan had not gone according to what they had wanted, but the success of it was more then they could of hoped for.

Robert G. McCabe was arrested and charged with the attempted murder of Kevin and was being investigated into the death of Leanne Smith as well.

It was reported by the two officers and Detective Mitchell Blake that Mr. McCabe had resisted arrest and Detective Ellis was forced to use necessary measures in sub doing the criminal.

Captain Anderson of the San Diego police department had read the medical report on Mr. McCabe. He knew he should have Detective Ellis brought before a board of inquiry into the broken jaw, three broken ribs and multiply bruises that McCabe had received. He then pulled out another file. The one on Kevin. He re-read the report, not that he needed too. He had been numerous times to the hospital to visit the little boy himself. He had even been to Amanda's and Dr. Wilson's home to help put together a swing set, he and his wife had bought as a well home gift.

Both files went back into the cabinet.


Sunday afternoon Amanda could be found out barbecuing in the backyard.

She was on her third beer and used the cold of the bottle to ease the still throbbing knuckles on her left hand.

Sandy, Mitchell and Deb were in the kitchen preparing the rest of the meal.

"I like what you've done with your hair Deb." Sandy smiled at her guest. You're almost as blonde as Mitchell."

"Thanks Sandy, I won't be needing that purple hair anymore. I think there's someone who wants to help me turn my life around." Deb smiled over at Mitchell, who smiled back, as she turned an attractive shade of red.

Mitchell then turned back and focussed her attention on Amanda. "Do you think she's ready to talk yet, Sandy?"

Dr. Sandra Wilson had spent all day yesterday prying the details of Friday night out of Amanda. The only question that was not answered, did Amanda not shoot McCabe because of Mitchell or Sandy's and Amanda's talk from the previous night?

Sandy handed Mitchell two more beers. "Try these, they've been known to work better then a crowbar."

Mitchell left the kitchen and walked towards Amanda. She handed her the beer and looked out towards the ocean.

"How's dinner coming?" Mitchell asked.

"Fine. Almost done." Amanda replied.

A moment of silence as Mitchell gathered her thoughts.

"You were selfish Friday night. I wanted to kick his ass as well." Mitchell looked for her friends reaction.

Amanda took a drink from the bottle and sat the bottom of it on her knuckles.

"I guess I got a little carried away and figured why should everyone else have sore knuckles."

"Well, thanks for saving me the cost of an ice pack, that was thoughtful of you." Mitchell smirked at her clever come back remark.

When Amanda felt pressured in a situation, she would always move her neck from side to side, to help ease the tense muscles. A gesture Mitchell had seen numerous times.

"Your welcome. I guess I should thank you for saving me the cost of that bullet. I sorta lost it there for a moment. All I could think about was that night that Deb and I found Kevin and I just wanted to............."

"It's ok Amanda, I understand how you feel. I wanted to rip him apart with my bare hands. You just got there a head of me." Mitchell turned and smiled.

Amanda flipped the steaks over on the grill.

She looked over at Mitchell and felt the tears pooling in her eyes.

"I deliberately shot the guy who tried to kill you. I never did warn him or anything. I just pulled out my revolver and shot him. Amanda never took her eyes off Mitchell's.

"He had a gun Amanda and could have killed other innocent people. You did what you had to do." Mitchell knew where this was headed.

"No Mitch. I couldn't have cared less about anyone else. All I saw was him shoot you and I shot him back. I killed him to protect you. You're my best friend and partner." As the tears started to fall, Mitchell took Amanda into her arms and hugged her.

" I know Amanda, I love you too. Mitchell chuckled. I guess Sandy is right. We are a couple of big dumb cops."

Amanda laughed. Don't ya just hate it when she's right?"

Sandy opened the screen door and yelled to the two of them. "Hey, starving people in here! Got those steaks ready yet?"

Amanda gathered up the steaks from the grill and the two detectives walked into the kitchen together.

"Ok, you starving pack of wolves. Dinner is ready!" Amanda announced.

Later in the evening when Mitchell and Deb had left and Kevin was in bed sleeping, Amanda and Sandy sat down on the couch for some cuddling and conversation.

"I think Mitchell and Deb like each other." Sandy remarked.

Amanda sat back and thought for a moment. "I think you're right. They've been seeing each other for a couple of weeks now. Coffee and talking. It started out about Kevin, but I think it's becoming about them."

"I guess time will tell, what they will do." Sandy ran her finger down Amanda's shirt.

"Um, ya, I mean Mitch has already gone to Rick, her pimp and told him to back off, or she'd bring him up on so many charges, he'll be 100 years old before he sees the light of day." Amanda reached over and began kissing Sandy's neck.

"Um, that's great hon. Sandy moved her head and captured Amanda's lips to her own.

"Um, how about we talk about this later? Amanda asked.

Sandy smiled and with her finger hooked in Amanda's shirt, the two women headed up the stairs.

The sounds of passion filled their bedroom, into the small hours of the night.

When they had both collapsed into sleep, Amanda's last conscious thought was Sandy's words of a higher power and how they would select McCabe's punishment. She said a quiet prayer and thanked that higher power for giving her this love and life, that meant more to her then revenge would ever solve.

the end (for now)

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