Free Falling Fate

by Wizzy

Disclaimers: Yeahup, sure they remind you of a certain dynamic duo but they're not who you think they are. This a pigment of a 16 year olds mind… I just decided to continue it at a ripe age of...AHEM...lets just say I'm older now! This is continuation of Steel Free Fall, if you have not read that I would recommend it first, as you could get lost and I don't provide maps or compasses! Bring some water, ICE water might be wise!

VIOLENCE WARNING/DISCLAIMER: There is one good brawl between sister and brother... but then have you ever known them to get long all the time? A few heated words between lovers, like THAT'S new for these two ladies?


LOVE/SEX WARNING/DISCLAIMER: This story depicts a love/sexual relationship between two consenting adult women. If you are under 18 years of age (Then go to they got really cool pictures you can color) or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, move. If (BIGASS $0.50 word here) depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something other than this story or go see a really good friend of mine T. Stratton at this location….

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And with that said let's get ready to rumble!

We worked like dogs to finish the building by the end of the summer; August was almost at an end. We had one floor left to finish, Max had taken the day off, and I was running like a fool trying to keep everyone focused on the job, the crew was starting to get antsy to finish this up. Little Jim yelled at me that I had a phone call, I ran to the office to pick up the line in there where it would be quieter.

"This is B, how can I help you."

"Do you always sound so nice?"

"Screw you Rita."

I laughed at her,

"What's up girl?"

"How soon can you fly to New York?"

"Shit I don't know I would have to ask Tarie how soon she could be ready. Why?"

"No B-baby you and you alone, I want to confront this bastard without her there. I think I can convince him to give up the kids, but I need help doing it."

"I don't know Rita; I don't think she would like us going behind her back to do this. It don't seem right to me."

I worried about pissing her off now days; we seem to get along so well as of late.

"He is taking her for a lot of money B, we have a chance to stop him and get her kids safely back to her in one shot. I won't do it with out you though."

"How soon do you need my answer?"

I worried about what she would say when I just disappeared.

"Right now, he is leaving the country with those little girls of hers."

"I am on my way, pick me up at the airport, I will call you with my flight number when I get to the airport here. When is he planning on leaving?"

I ran a hand through my hair frustrated.

"We have tomorrow and that's it, he will be in his office in the morning and then he will be catching a flight to Spain in the afternoon with the kids. I will see you on this end buddy."

She hung up I called Max on my cell phone,

"Max, please don't ask me any questions, I have to fly to New York, no, now."

I cut him off sharp,

"Can you meet me at the house? No better yet, meet me at Mike's bar it's close to the airport."

I hung up and grabbed the walkie-talkie.

"Jim. Something has come up I have to take a few days off, Max will be back tomorrow, until then keep up the good work, if you need anything call Max as I will be out of town."

"Sure thing B, have fun and see you when you get back."

I tossed the walkie-talkie on the table and ran for my truck. Max was waiting for me when I pulled into Mike's parking lot; I jumped out of my truck and into his, while talking on the phone to a travel agent at the airport, trying to book a non-stop flight. Max just looked at me not saying a word. He pulled up in front of the drop off parking; I leaned in and kissed him.

"Brie God Dammit what do I tell Tarie when you don't come home tonight?"

He screamed at me.

"Tell her to trust me and that I love her."

I slammed the door of his truck shut and ran to get my boarding ticket. While I waited I called the house and left Tarie a short message,

"Honey no matter what, remember that I love you, I am going out of town but I will call you as soon as I know what's going on. Remember when I asked you a while back if you trusted me? Well I ask you again to trust me and never forget I love you. Baby I have to go, but I will call you tomorrow night I promise. I love you Tarie!"

I hit the end button on my cell phone and boarded the plane. I caught up on my sleep on the flight, it was a long one, and the closer I got to New York, the hotter under the collar I got, by the time I got to New York I was ready to go kick the bastard's ass. Rita and her wife of 10 years, Dawn met me at the gate.

"Ok explain to me what is going on."

I hugged Rita and Dawn as I waited for them to explain what the deal was.

"We found out he is embezzling a shit load of money from Tarie, we also found fake passports for him and the girls. He has flights booked with those fake names on a flight direct to Spain. Don't ask me how we know this, I can tell you I have a judge on-call for when he signs the papers, those little girls are going back to their Mom. I talked to them two days ago; they don't want to go with their dad, very bright little girls. One is a spitting image of Tarie, the other one, well wait till you see her; she is a fireball for sure. You my friend are going to have your hands full."

We talked as they drove me back to their house, I was tired of waiting, but we decided it would be better to wait until he was in his office to go in and take the girls from him. Everything was legal, we had a judge ready to sign the paper work for them, giving me temporary custody until I could get them back to their mother and a judge could sign the papers in Oregon. The judge here in New York was Rita's father so that helped, and when she showed him the papers she had on this creep, he planned to have him arrested after we took the girls from the building. I wanted to call Tarie and let her know where I was, but things happened so fast, it was six a.m. before I knew it; I was way too nervous to sleep and ended up getting hooked on a Nintendo game Rita had. Rita had coffee going, Dawn was in the shower, I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat talking to Rita about the two little girls I would be taking home with me. I was scared shitless; I loved kids, but would they like me?

"Rita I want to stop at a store after we pick them up today, and they will need clothes to go home in."

I was getting excited to take them back to their mother.

"B, we have to get them first, then we can take them shopping, if they are anything like their mother they will love it. I use to see her on TV after some big ad campaign broke, they loved her here in New York, she never looked happy though. When they announced they would be relocating parts of their offices to Oregon, she made the public statement herself; she had this look in her eyes every time she talked about Oregon. I knew it wasn't the state she was in love with."

Rita stood up and filled our coffee cups, and headed off to get dressed, Dawn was out of the shower, I took my turn quickly as I could.


We drove in silence to the TNT offices, I was thankful no one knew me here. I could walk right in; no one would know I was part owner of TNT in Oregon. We parked in the parking lot across the street from the building. Rita and I would go up and get the girls, and make him sign the paper work; Dawn would stay with the car and pull around when we came out.

We took the elevator to the top floor, Tom was a smart one as the keys I had to this building, everything fit here as it did back home. I remembered him telling me how he had the same locksmith make all the locks to the upper management doors all the same master key. He always seemed to misplace his keys when he was alive. God I missed him.

We walked into the office unannounced. He reached for the phone; I slammed his hand down on the desk stopping him, shoved him hard back into his chair.

"I would not advise you to do that asshole. See, when you do the cops will be here to arrest you for corporate embezzlement. Now we can do this the hard way or the easy way. It is up to you, I have some papers for you to sign. You will sign these and Ms. Richardson will not sue you for the money you have taken from her."

I glared at him I wanted nothing more then to beat the living hell out of him.

I slammed my hand down on his hand;

"DO I make my self clear?"

He was turning white as I shoved the paper work in front of him,

"Where are the girls?"

Rita stepped closer to him; I had him by the back of the neck, I was showing him the fake passports, the flight tickets and the paper work for embezzlement. He was freaking out,

"Tell your secretary you want the kids brought to your office, NOW"

I left him no choice but to do as I had told him. I slapped the back of his head, the little fucking weasel.

Rita handed him the phone; he did as he was told.

"Why is she doing this to me?" He pleaded.

The little rat bastard, I wanted to hurt him,

"OH trust me she isn't the one who's doing this to YOU I AM. Don't ever forget it either."

I wanted to hit him so hard, I shoved a pen in his hand.

"You see, when you steal from TNT, you are also stealing from ME, and that makes ME pissed off. Now those little girls are going to come in here, you will say goodbye to them like nothing is wrong, then we will leave, the cops will then be in to arrest your happy conniving ass. DO you understand this?"

I shook him hard, he was such a little weasel of a man, he took advantage of a woman who was in need, he blackmailed her, took her kids away from her in a bitter divorce. The two little girls came in.

"Daddy we were told you wanted to see us?"

The taller one stood stiffly looking at her dad but not really seeing him, her eyes cold, her sister stood behind her, she looked to be all of maybe 4 or 5 years old, holding a teddy bear in her little arms. She had blonde hair and green eyes, while her sister was maybe 8 years old, had black raven hair just like Tarie did. She turned to look at me, it was those same eyes I fell in love with. She had her mother's eyes.

"Yes Lara, this nice young lady is going to take you on a little trip. I want you to be nice to her. Do you hear me?" he stood, or tried to, I shoved him back in his chair.

"Hi kids my name is Brieannah, can you wait for me outside Daddy's office?"

I looked down at the littlest one; she had such fear in her eyes when she looked at her Daddy. Her bigger sister took her hand,

"Come on Sammy lets go wait out front."

The little girl never took her eyes off of me. I turned back to him,

"You got two seconds to sign that paper work mister before I decide to kick your ass."

"I will get you for this…"

He tried to reach out and hit me, I slammed his head on the desk hard, his nose bloody and bleeding I stopped, shoving him forward to reach the papers in front of him. I handed him the pen, he signed them then tried to stab me with it! I slammed his face on the desk one more time, grabbed the pen from his hand, I closed my hand over his squeezing it as hard as I could. Bones crunched under the tight grip I had on his hand. It felt good to inflict a little pain on this small man before me, if only for the pain I read in the eyes of Tarie's children.

"You'll be spending a long time in prison. By the time the law is done with you those little girls will be all grown up. And if by then you are still alive, feel free to look me up. I'll be waiting. Now sign those papers, before I loose my temper."

I gripped his shoulder harder, he flinched as I once again handed him back the pen. I let go of his hand and walked to the door, I looked at my watch,

"You have four minutes; the cops are waiting down stairs for you."

I turned and walked out the door, I got down on my knees in front of the two little girls.

"How would you like to fly somewhere to see your Mom?"

The littlest one grabbed my neck and pulled herself up in my lap,


"Yes sweetheart your Mommy is waiting for you to come home."

I took Lara's small hand in mine and followed Rita to the elevator, we made it out to the street and Dawn picked us up.

"Take me to the airport Rita, I want to take these little girls home to their Mother."

I just wanted to go home, the hell with finding them some new clothes.

I bought tickets to fly us all home first class; the girls were quiet and slept most of the way. We landed the next day at dawn back in Portland; I called Tarie from the airport,

"Tarie can you come pick me up? I am at the airport. I have something for you."

"Where have you been honey? I have been worried and that damn brother of yours was no help in telling me where you went off to, AND why is your truck parked at the bar?"

Her voice filled with anger at the thought of my truck sitting at a bar.

"Honey I have not slept in two days, please just come and get us."

I waited for her to calm down I almost spilled the beans. I was over tired and I had two kids sleeping in my arms while I tried to hold the phone to talk to her, I was getting pissy. She said she would be right down to pick me up. I headed for the coffee shop. I sat Lara in a booth and ordered her a hot chocolate, the little one's name I still wasn't sure of, would not let go of my neck, she had grabbed onto me and had been in my arms since.

My cell phone rang a half hour later, Tarie was in the airport, I told her where to find us, I watched as she walked into the coffee shop, her eyes filled with tears as Lara ran to greet her Mom. I was too tired to stand up; she held Lara in her arms and slid in the booth next to me. She kissed the baby in my arms, and then kissed me her tears flowing hard.


That was all she asked me.

"Take me and this little monkey home and I will explain. What is her name?"

"It's Gabriella, but she decided she wanted to change her name to Sammy." Lara replied.


Tarie put Lara in the spare guest room for a nap, I had already gone to bed, she joined me a few minutes later after talking Lara into trying to get some more sleep, Gabriella had snuck in and was sleeping next to me with her teddy bear in one arm and the other curled around me.

"Tarie, I hope you are not mad at me for taking off and not telling you what was going on, we felt is was best, to leave you out of it."

"I could never be mad at you for bringing my children home to me. I love you more than you will ever know for making this happen, but what if he finds us and takes them away from me."

"He can't honey I have custody of them until we get a judge to sign the paperwork to make you their legal guardian again. We had to get temporary custody so I could fly them home. He signed the paperwork over yesterday morning. Can we talk about this later? Please? I know you have a lot of questions, but I need some sleep. I feel like I am going to pass out."

I kissed her hard on the mouth,

"I missed you."

"I missed you to. I hope you realize this little one is not going to let go of you."

She gently stroked Gabriella's light blonde hair,

"She looks so much like you. She has your temperament as well. Wait and see once she wakes up."

Her laughter was the last thing I heard as I drifted off to sleep with a child clinging to one arm and the woman I loved in the other.

I woke up several hours later to a pair of tiny green eyes blinking at me. I shook my head, thinking I was still dreaming. A little hand reached out grasping mine, I opened my eyes,

"Well little monkey, should we get up?"

I watched a small smile crinkle up her eyes, she nodded back at me. I stood up and held out my arms to her, just like a tree monkey she climbed up me into my arms. It puzzled me as to why she took such a quick liking to me.

We found Tarie and Lara sitting at the kitchen table, giggling, Gabrielle spotted her mother and launched herself out of my arms like a little a rocket at Tarie,

"You little shit!"

I mumbled as I almost dropped her on her head as Tarie reached out to grab her.

"BRIE, watch that mouth of yours."

She gave me that 'look'; I smiled realizing what I had said, poured a cup of coffee and sat down across the table from her. I listened to them chatter on, I wondered what our life would be like now that we had them with us for good. Would our relationship be strong enough? Would it rip us apart? I sighed and took a drink of my coffee.



I looked up at Tarie, her eyes filled with worry.

"Are you ok?"

"Yeah, sure, sorry just tired I guess got lost in thought; I have to get ready for work."

I set my cup of coffee on the counter and felt a tug on my shorts. I looked down at Gabriella holding her arms up at me. I scooped her up,

"Come on monkey, you can help me get ready for work."

We walked down the hall she chattered away,

"You stay here with me."

She was killing me,

"I have got to go to work sweetheart."

"No, you stay and play games with me."

"Monkey, Brie has to go to work."

I set her down on the bed, pulled out a work t-shirt and a pair of jeans, setting them down on the bed, I turned to find a pair of socks, she flipped the shirt on the floor and tucked the jeans under her, sitting on them she looked at me with this wicked grin on her little face.

"Monkey, let me have those back."


She shifted her weight on them, she was light enough I could have yanked them out from under her, but she was just too cute. The more I pulled on them the louder she yelled.


I pulled again on the jeans, she yelled at me,

"NO, you stay."

By now I could hear the giggling behind me, I rested my hands on my hips,

"Monkey let me have those jeans."


She screamed at the top of her lungs, I turned to look at Tarie for some help and she just laughed even harder,

"I told you she was a spitting image of you. I can think of more than one occasion of you acting like that. Now you know how I felt."

I looked at Gabriella,

"I will make you a deal Monkey, if you let me go to work I'll…"

"Don't you DARE make her a deal!"

Tarie gave me that 'look' again,

"Gabriella, give her back her pants."

She looked at me and then at her mother, her lips stuck out, pouting she pointed a finger at her chest,

"Sammieeee, Brie stays home wiff me…"

She paused to think about it for a second,


"OH MY GOD, she is the devil's spawn."

I groaned under my breath, Tarie stood next to me,

"You have to be careful with that mouth Brie Baby, but how about I offer you a deal?"

I looked at her; I had a feeling this was going to cost me. She slid her hand up my arm; I looked at both kids sitting on the bed.

"Humm, shouldn't we be a little reserved here?"

I was worried about the kids seeing too much.

"I think you and I need to have a talk, but first can I talk you into playing hooky with us today?"

She pulled that sexy look on me; I looked over to where the girls sat on the bed; one smiling sweetly at me and the littlest one sat holding my jeans in a wadded up mess.

"Let's take the kids shopping."

She whispered in my ear,

"I'll take you to the toy store."

She ran a finger tip down my arm. I never got the chance to reply,


Gabriella stood up on the bed my jeans forgotten, She pounced on me, I gave Tarie an evil look, mouthed the words, 'I need to get to work,' at her and took the monkey with me to find the phone. I called Max,

"Max, I don't think I will be in today, looks like I have been suckered into going shopping."

He was no help,

"Why Brie are you turning into one of those family house wives now?"

He laughed even harder,

"You know one of those Martha Stewart I can decorate your home in sixty seconds or less?"

"Damn you Max, I am going to…"

I felt a tug on my hair,

"Shhh…Momma will be mad."

"Who is that Brie?"

"That is the next living hell you will meet, UNCLE MAX!"

I laughed; I could picture him sweating now,

"I think we may come and see you this evening. You can baby sit for us."

"Huh, Brie I have to go, Jim is yelling at me."

He hung up with out another word to me. I laughed and set Gabriella down,

"Why don't you go find Momma, while I get ready to go?"


I growled lowly at her, she took off screaming and giggling down the hall way. Lara came wandering into my office; she was so much like her mother. She walked right up to me and hugged me,

"Thank you for bringing us home to Mother."

"I am glad that you are both with us, it made your Mom happy to have you back again."

"Our Father was not really nice to us. He made Gabriella cry a lot."

She looked at me as I kneeled down next to her,

"Sweetheart that bastard will never bother you again, I promise, you are here with us now and it will be ok."

I pulled her into a tight hug.

"Hey, what are you and your sister's favorite games to play?"

"We both like the Nintendo games. Gabriella is really good at the Super Mario game."

"Which one are you good at?"

I looked at her; this was one child who had given up a lot to make sure her little sister had no worries.

"I don't know."

She looked at me, just like her mother did when she was confused.

"Well how about we go shopping and see if we can find one you might like?"

I stood up and grabbed her hand ran down the hall to the bedroom where Tarie was in a Mexican stand off with Gabriella.

"Gabriella, I am not telling you again, get off the bed young lady."

Tarie's voice held a tinge of anger,

"Monkey get off that bed like your mother asked you!"

I looked at her and growled; she hopped down and stood next to me, looking at Tarie, her tiny hand in mine. I shrugged my shoulders and grabbed my jeans, socks and shirt from the floor and took the kids to the living room.

"She is just like you Brieannah."

Echoed down the hall way after us, I laughed,

"That's why you love us honey!"

I yelled back, left the kids watching cartoons so I could get dressed in the bathroom.


I was excited as we walked into the huge toy store; there was nothing better than having a reason to buy toys as having two little excited girls in each hand.


I was busy looking around to hear her the first time.



"Hand me your wallet."

She held out her hand, I never even thought much of it, I handed her the wallet. I took the kids off to go isle by isle. By the time we had gone through the whole store we had two carts full. We got up to the check out and I realized Tarie had my wallet, luck was on my side, I had paid for lunch with one of my credit cards, I had just stuck it in my front pocket. I handed the checker my card, paid for the toys and out the door we went. Poor little Gabriella was tired as I put her in the new car seat we had bought for her; I slung boxes and bags of toys in the back of my truck. Tarie sat glaring at me,


"How did you pay for all of this?"

She waved her hand at the bed of my truck. I did not like the tone of her voice. I pulled out my credit card from my jeans pocket,

"With this,"

I showed her my card,


I could feel a fight about to break out between us. I just got in and started the truck,

"I suggest you save this until we get home and get the kids off in another room Tarie. It could get REALLY ugly."

I just had one of the most wonderful days, reliving my childhood, the things I never had as a kid I wanted to give these two little girls. The ride home was tense; I carried Gabrielle in and put her on our bed, went back, got Lara and put her in the guest room for now. I unloaded the things we had picked out at the store. Tarie had disappeared; I got something to drink from the kitchen and went into the living room to find her. I stood looking down at her; she was on the couch watching TV.

"Care to tell me what the hell is going on?"

I leaned down next to her, I tried to take her hand in mine, and she pulled away. I made one last attempt to talk it out with her,

"Tarie talk to me. What is so wrong in giving them a few things to call their own for fucks sakes?"

"I told you to watch your mouth Brieannah, I mean it!"

Her tone was icy and cold. I turned on my heal,

"I tell you what Tarie when you feel like acting like an adult; you know where to find me."

I turned to walk out of the room, but I caught what she said,

"Where Brie, at the bottom of a bottle?"


I was crying by the time I got into my truck, a fuzzy teddy bear was forgotten on my front seat. I cried even harder, holding it close to me. I just drove out of our drive way and into town. For the life of me I could not see what I had done that was so wrong. My cell phone started ringing, I just threw it in the back seat and continued to drive towards the job site, it was late but I knew there would be a crew working the late shift.

I worked well past three a.m. and my eyes could not stand anymore welding, I needed something to eat, I ran across the street to the 7-11 and bought a stale burrito and a pop. I took it back to the trailer and caught up on some paperwork. I must have dozed off, it was well after five a.m. when Max walked in.

"Brie, what are you doing here? Don't tell me you slept here?"

"No Max I did not sleep here I worked till after three a.m., grabbed a bite to eat and got caught up on some paperwork, now I am ready to put in a full days work. If you know what is good for you, not one word, would be advised."

I stood up and grabbed my welders' helmet and gloves, out the door I went. The day was longer then I had thought it would be, with little sleep I was not too nice to most of the crew. I snapped at the littlest mistakes, Max finally took me down to the office and gave me a piece of his mind,

"Do you remember when I would get into a fight with Drake?"

"Yes I do."

"You would make me leave the job sight because I was acting like an asshole?'

"Yeah I remember."

I half-heartedly laughed,

"Well Brie I love you but you are acting like an asshole, now get off my job site. Go home to that wife of yours and make up. Don't come back until you do."

"I won't go home Max, and I will be back tonight for the graveyard shift, but I swear to you I will not be such a bitch. I just need some sleep."

I got up and walked out of the office trailer, I was thankful I had keys to the TNT offices; I headed there, as my apartment was being rented by one of the workers. I snuck into the TNT offices through the back doors, I was worried someone would spot me and let Tarie know I was in the office. I crawled on the small couch in my office and tried to clear my mind.

I must have slept hard; when I woke up I had a monkey on my stomach. I looked down at the angelic face, she has such soft hair, I brushed it off her face as she snored softly. I heard the door open, Lara stood in the door way, I winked at her as she walked in. I moved so she could sit on the edge of the small couch,

"Does your mother know you two are down here?"

"Yes, I followed Gabriella, then went back and told Mom where you both were, she didn't sleep last night. She is worried about you."

She was too much like her mother, I smiled at her.

"I know honey I am sorry I went into to work and worked the night shift."

"Are you coming home tonight?" She looked me square in the eyes as she asked.

"Depends on your mother sweetheart, she is mad at me, I don't like to fight with her, so I went to work so she had time to cool off and not be so mad at me. And how in the hell did you get so smart?"

"You know Mom would yell at you for that."

She raised an eyebrow at me. I chuckled at her,

"Ok let us get some more sleep and come wake me up before your Mother is ready to go home. Ok?"

"Are you coming home tonight or not?"

She squared her shoulders and glared at me,

"You have to hook up the Nintendo; Mom can't get it to work. And beside Gabriella cried all night for you and mom kept trying to call you. So you better just come home tonight, or none of us will get much sleep."

She got up off the couch patted my head and shut the door to my office quietly. I just had my first experience of a small adult child. I was shocked at what she had to say. I just held the little girl in my arms and softly cried myself back to sleep.


I woke up to a wet shirt; Gabriella had drooled all over my shirt. I slowly sat up and cradled her in my arms; I walked down towards Tarie's office. I knocked on the door,

"Are you missing something?"

I tried to grin at her, but failed miserably as she looked like I felt. The dark circles under her eyes told of no sleep the night before.

"Yes I am missing both of the women I love it seems like I can't keep the two of you apart. She missed you last night."

"I hear she did."

I looked down at the sleeping child in my arms,

"But did her Mother miss me as much?"

I looked up at Tarie, her eyes filled with tears.

"Yes she did, she was nasty and rude and doesn't deserve to have you in her life."

"Look, I don't know what I did to piss you off, whatever it was I am sorry. All I wanted to do is give the girls things I never had growing up. I am not so sure that is wrong."

Looking down at the sleepy child in my arms, I brushed the hair off her forehead,

"To be honest, I never wanted kids. I don't think I want to see anyone grow up like I did. I have the chance to help these girls have things I did not, and I want to do that for them. Things are stressful for me right now as I am sure they are for you. Not only do I have a wonderful lover, but a whole family to boot. I don't know how to handle all of this. I think the only thing missing is a fricking puppy."

I always tried to find humor even in the worst scenario.

"I kept thinking last night of the things we will have to change, things we are going to have to sacrifice. We need a bigger house, but you know what I am scared of the most?"

She looked at me; I just waited for the answer,

"I am scared of loosing you Brie; my heart would not withstand it. You are MY reason, yes I have the kids to help me along, but you are the reason I get up in the morning, the reason I am happy but most of all you are the reason my heart goes on beating. I was startled to see how quickly the girls took to you. I know this is not going to be an easy road for us, but I will not hide the love I have for you. Lara is the age I was when my Mother left Dad. Her partner was a wonderful woman. Lara knows you are my partner, she is ok with that. And Gabriella is too young to understand the depth of our relationship as of yet. She loves you and is drawn to you like I was. It broke my heart last night to watch her cry for you."

"I did not mean to upset her by our fighting. THAT was NOT my intentions."

I said a little on the defensive side. Tarie walked over to me wrapping her arms lightly around us both.

"In her eyes YOU are the hero here, you saved her from a father that was not nice to her. And you took that the wrong way. She was just as upset as I was. Lara stomped around, threatening to give you a piece of her mind when you came home."

Tarie smiled at me,

"We just need to take this one day at a time. I love you Brie, what I said to you last night was mean and I had no right to say what I did. I was jealous of you and how my kids loved you so quickly. And I have no right to be, for the first time in my life I have a partner my kid's adore as much as I do."

She held me tighter, causing Gabriella to squirm in my arms. Tarie leaned in and kissed me. Fire flew from her lips scorching mine. I moaned with the wanting she stirred up in me, I wanted her right there in her office, on her desk, on the floor, on the leather couch it did not matter to me I just could not seem to ever get enough of her. But I was stuck; I had a small squirming package in my arms,

"Bee, smooches me."

A tiny hand shoved Tarie back, looking up at me,

"Now Gabriella, that was not nice."

I scolded her, she blinked rapidly back at me,

"Momma, we go home now?"

She rolled her head towards Tarie, forgetting the scolding I was trying to give her. Tarie kissed her, pushing the hair out of her eyes,

"Yes sweetheart, we can go home now."

"Bee goes to Momma?"

She looked at me then back at Tarie,

"Momma not mad at Bee no more?"

"No baby; Mom's not mad at Brie anymore."

She looked back up at me then,

"Please come home now?"

Tears filled my eyes and all I could do was nod yes at her. I looked at Tarie,

"You know its funny two months ago, I would have handed you back your kid and walked away. Now I can not stand the thought of not waking up next to you."

I turned to set Gabriella down on the couch; she was half awake, looking at us confused. I set her down she clutched my arms tighter, growled at me, I growled back at her. She growled harder, her little face turning beet red, I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing at her.

"Taste of your own medicine?"

Tarie giggled at me,


I pointed at Gabriella, she growled again, but she let go of me flouncing back on the couch in a sign of defeat. I turned on Tarie,

"Wait until she is sixteen and we shall see who is laughing then, IF she is anything like me as you say she is now, you had better pray to every God up above she is NOT like me!"

I grinned at Tarie glaring at me; I had victory on that one as the smile quickly disappeared from her face at the thought of Gabriella at the tender age of sixteen and acting like I did. I quickly changed the subject, I was no fool,

"So we need a bigger house huh?"

I asked only because I did not want children sleeping between us much longer.

"Yes I think we should start looking. I am glad we are not in your apartment, but the house you have now is small."

"I will make you a deal."

I had an idea and just stood grinning at her.

"Oh? What is going to cost me?"

"Well you take care of the kids getting settled, ready for school or daycare, getting them new clothes and whatever it is little girls need. And I will find us a bigger house."

"I want to see the house before you agree to anything."

She looked at me strangely,

"If I know you, you will rent us a trailer in some park."

"Oh My God Tarie, I would not! I don't want our kids growing up like trailer park trash!"

I grinned at the thought of that. Tarie's face got that half-grin she always had when she thought something was not really THAT funny.

"What's wrong? I only said that to be funny."

I looked at her puzzled.

"What did you just say?"

"HUH? I said I don't want the kids growing up like trailer park trash."

"That is NOT what you said."

"Tarie you are not making any sense, that is too what I said."

"Say it again then."

I had to roll my eyes now,

"Say it again Brie."

"FINE… I don't want our…OH!"

I caught on to what she was getting at,

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to…"

She covered my lips with a finger,

"Shhh, that makes me happy to hear you talk like that."

I opened my mouth catching her finger between my teeth, lightly sucking on it, running my tongue across the tip of it. I watched her face flush with desire.

"Brie, don't start, we have little eyes watching us. Save it for later, I swear I will make it up to you."

"I will hold you to that promise."

I let go of her and stepped back,

"Tell you what, I have something I need to take care of, how about I meet you and the kids back at the house in a couple of hours?"

She eyed me questioningly,

"What do you have to do today?"

"Well I need to go and talk to Max, stop and see the painting contractor's, just a few odds and ends to clear up."

Of course I was lying through my teeth to her. I just hoped like hell she was buying it.

"Well I am not sure I believe that, I can always tell when you are up to something. But yes we can meet you at the house later; it will give me time to finish up here."

She always had a way of seeing right through me.

"Ok I will see you later then."

I kissed her and headed for the door. I heard a low growl come from right behind me. All at once I had a monkey climbing right up the back side of me, like I was a freaking tree. I grabbed at her pulling her to the front of me,

"Monkey I have to go to work."

"I go to!"

She pouted at me; I looked at Tarie for some help. She shrugged her shoulders laughing at us.

"Now I have things I have to do,"

She cut me off right quick,


She growled at me, tugging lightly on my ear.

"Well, shi…"


Tarie glared at me,

"Watch that mouth of yours."

"Yeah, Bee."

I just rolled my eyes at both of them,

"Why don't you take her with you, that way I can get done here quicker and take Lara out for some lunch, maybe get some clothes and such for them while I am at it."

"I know when I am out numbered, Monkey go get your coat."

I glared at Tarie as I set her down,

"You know you will be sorry for this later don't you?"

"Her going with you will keep you out of trouble and bring you home quicker."

She just smiled sweetly at me as I zipped up Gabriella's small coat. As I stood up she wrapped her arms around me,

"I do love you Brie, I am so sorry about last night."

Her eyes filled with tears,

"I know I am too, we can talk later tonight. We need to get these kid's some new clothes,"

I was interrupted at that point.

"Shop pin?"

Little green eyes blinked rapidly up at me.

"Oh my God, not you too?"

I hung my head in defeat

"I am so screw…,"

Tarie cut off the ending to the swear words I was about to use.


Tarie hissed at me,

"Grrrr, come on monkey lets go shopping then, how about a hot dog? 7-11 has great hot dogs."

I pulled her up in my arms by the front of her jacket.

"A puppy?"

Once again innocent eyes blinked at me.

"OO… that even sounds better, let's go shopping for a puppy!"

I grinned back at Tarie as we walked out of her office.

"Brie you feed that child a decent lunch, you hear me?"

I just smiled, shut her office door and walked out to my truck. I settled her in her car seat walked around the drivers side, got in and pointed the truck towards the job site when it hit me. I grabbed my cell phone and called on an old friend I knew was in real estate. I set up an appointment with her to look at a house she had just put up on the market. Called Max told him I was house hunting and wouldn't be in to work until either the late shift or I would be there in the morning. I was so glad he was covering for me. I felt guilty for taking so much time off, but for once in my life I had something more important to do than a job, I had a family to help take care of now!


We had an hour to kill before we would meet Miki at the house she had for sale, I decided to stop at McDonald's for some quick lunch. My mind wandered back to the puppy comment Gabriella had made as I looked across the parking lot and spotted a pet shop. Tarie had not said a word about a puppy; she had said not to rent a house until she looked at it. Nor had she said NOT to buy a house, a grin spread across my face, I looked across the table at Gabriella as she played with her food,

"Monkey, wanna go look at a puppy?"

I smiled as she sat up in her chair grinning at me, her eyes big as dinner plates.

"We go now?"

"Sure let's go see what they have."

I picked her up and walked across the street to the pet shop. We looked around a few minutes when I heard a squeal from the back of the store; I went to see what she was up to. She had her faced pressed up against the glass looking at two little puppies. They were licking the glass, barking and trying to crawl in her lap. She giggled at them,

"Which one do you like Monkey?"

I held my breath, I had a BAD feeling about this, 'Should have stayed out of this pet store' my mind screamed at me. I kneeled down next to her,

"Well Monkey which one do you like?"

"Both, Bee."

"Now we can't take both of them home, your Mother would have us both sleeping in the dog house with them."

"So? Lara needs one too."

The Aussie puppies climbed over each other trying to get out of the cage. I knew this was not going to be easy talking her into just one puppy.

"Monkey you got to pick one of them."

How do you plead with a four year old?

"No! Lara has ta have one too Bee."

She looked at me; it was like looking in a mirror. I groaned Tarie would kill me for sure if I brought home two puppies. I tried to show her some of the smaller puppies but I wasn't having much luck. She insisted on both of them.

"Can I help you with something Ma'am?"

I turned to look at the woman, who worked here,

"Yes talk her out of both of these puppies."

I was beginning to panic now. I realized I had made a huge ass mistake bringing a child into a pet store!

"Now you wouldn't want to disappoint your daughter would you?"

She smiled sweetly at me; I was going to puke in a second. My stomach was on a roller coaster to hell. Tarie was going to kill me.

"She's not my…"

I stopped my self, she looked like me and yes she had my temperament at times. My heart swelled with pride, I never bothered to correct her, I loved her like she was my own, her Mother and I shared a bond that could not be explained, why couldn't I claim this small child as part of me as well?

"Bee sissy needs puppy too."

She was getting that look that Tarie gets when her mind is dead set on something. Yes, I was screwed.

"Child your Momma is going to kill me, and make me sleep on the couch."

I was back to pleading again. The poor woman stood looking back and forth between us,

"I am sorry Ma'am I thought she was…"

I cut her off short,

"She is just as much mine and I guess we will be taking both of them. Can you make sure I get the proper kennel for them and things they will need in less than ten minutes?"

I looked at my watch we were going to be late meeting Miki if we didn't hurry. I was sure I had 'sucker' written on my forehead as I handed the woman my credit card. All at once the store was buzzing with people trying to get everything we needed together; I took Gabriella over to pick out collars for the new addition to our family.

Yeah, I was dead meat when we got home, I was sure of it. Tarie wouldn't be happy with this at all. All this went through my mind as we loaded the large kennel into the back of my truck. The bags of dog food and the rest of the toys that went with small puppies and children were tossed in the back as well.


I drove as fast as I dared with puppies in the back of my truck to meet Miki on time. She was waiting for us on the front steps as I pulled into the drive way.

The house was closer to the TNT offices, what caught my eye was the fact it was totally fenced in. I liked the looks of it as well, a large ranch styled house, a fresh coat of paint, and the windows looked like they had been replaced as well as a new roof. I shook Miki's hand,

"It is good to see you Miki, this little monkey is Gabriella."

"Hi Gabriella, nice to meet you, is she yours Brie?"

Miki looked back and forth at us.

"In a way she is, she looks more like me than her mother. Tarie seems to think she acts like me as well, I don't know how that can be and we have only had the kids for three days. We just got them back from a nasty custody battle. Anyway, let's take a look at this place; I like what I see so far."

"Sure come on in and take a look around. I think you will be impressed with this house. The fireplace is new; the kitchen was updated as well. It has a full basement…"

"Bee, a pool."

Gabriella yelled at me from the little nook off the kitchen, the door led out to a full size swimming pool in the back yard.

"Ok she talked me into not one but two puppies an hour ago; she is going to be the demise of me yet. Her mother will behead me for sure."

I grumbled as Miki laughed at me.

"If you think that's bad let's go take a look at the basement, there is another pool down there."

"You have got be shittin' me right?"

"Just come and see for yourself."

She laughed as we walked down the carpeted stairs.

"My God Miki, that pool table is huge, how in the hell did they get that down here?" I felt a tug on my jeans,

"Mom would be mad at you Bee."

She scolded me for the swearing.

"See I told you Miki, she is her Mother's child."

I smiled down at Gabriella.

"I know Gabriella, it is a bad habit. I'm sorry; just don't tell your Mom ok?"


She poked her chest with her thumb. I grinned at her poking her chest with my finger lightly,

"No you are a monkey."

She giggled as I picked her up and walked around the basement checking the structure. The foundation of the floor looked solid, no cracks, or raised blocks. The basement was divided in half, one side had a place for a washer and dryer, a small half bath and the side with the pool table had a small fireplace, a full bar for parties, and a small bedroom off the end of it. I was falling in love with the place. We walked back upstairs to look at the bedrooms and bathroom. The living room had huge ass windows facing the pool and a nice fire place. I walked down the hall way to the bedrooms, the first one was small, the second wasn't much bigger but both had a bright cheerful light to them. The bathroom was huge, a full size shower and tub, a double sink, and lighted mirrors. The master bedroom had a full size patio door leading out to the pool. Looking out I could see the fenced yard was perfectly landscaped. The closet doors had full length mirrors, and a sky light would let in the stars at night.

"I tell you what Miki, I will go home and talk to Tarie about this, I know she will want to see it before we decide, but I can say I am sold on it."

"I can give you the key and you can bring her back later tonight if you would like. I have an appointment to show this place at noon tomorrow, so if you can let me know before then I can call them and cancel it. Just leave the key in the mailbox; I can pick it up later. Keep in mind that this is Maywood Park and the houses don't last long on the market."

She handed me the key to the house I dropped it in my pocket and set Gabriella in her car seat,

"Thank you Miki, this place is perfect. Now if she doesn't kill me for the puppies' maybe we will come by tonight and look at it after supper."

I shook hands with her and took her calling card and the printout of the house showing the details of it.

"I will have my cell on tonight, I have a meeting to go to but call me anyway. It will be a boring meeting I will look forward to the interruption."

"Ok if she don't ax murder me first."

I laughed at the thought.

"Bee, Mom won't hurt ya she love you."

"THAT from the peanut gallery, oh well talk to you soon Miki."

I jumped in the truck and headed for home. The drive home felt like a man walking the final steps to his death. The closer I got to home, the worse my stomach got. I was beginning to hate roller coasters. I made Gabriella promise she wouldn't say a word to her Mom about the puppies until I talked to her first. I pulled in the yard, backing the truck up next to Tarie's truck. I might as well go face the firing squad. I helped Gabriella out of her car seat and walked in the house.

"Monkey, go find your sister. I need to talk to your mother."

I stopped in my tracks as Tarie came out of the kitchen, one look at me and I knew she wasn't going to be happy.

"So what did you two do today?"

I was glad I still had my sunglasses on but Gabriella yelled before I could get a word in,

"Lara, come see." At the top of her lungs.

I clamped my hand down tight on her mouth and growled at her. She growled back pulling on my hand.

"BRIEANNAH take your hand off her mouth."

Tarie stood with her hands on her hips the icy stare glazed over both of us.

"Now Tarie let me explain here will you?"

"Momma we got puppies."

Both of us talking at once seemed to slightly confuse her, for about a split second, she walked over to kiss me,

"Gabriella, go find your sister and ask her to come out here. And you honey have some explaining to do, did I hear her say something about puppies?"

"Momma we got two…"

I clamped my hand across her mouth again, she giggled up at me.

"Brie, take your hand off her mouth."

Tarie was smiling but it didn't quiet reach her eyes though.

"Shhh, monkey let me talk to Momma first ok?"

She nodded at me; I took my hand off her mouth,

" Go find your sister."

I lightly shoved her towards the living room. I looked at Tarie.

"Wait right there a second will you?"

I spun around and ran back out to my truck. I grabbed the puppies up in my arms. I set them down in the yard, making sure they did their duty before I took them in the house. That would be the last straw if they pee'd on the floor in the house. I opened the door to the house as Lara and Gabriella met me, I handed one to Lara,

"Take this one outside till I talk to your mom ok?"

"She is going to kill you Brie."

Lara looked up at me

"But I'll try and save you."

We took the puppies into the kitchen to talk to Tarie.

"Gabriella, you stay with me, you helped get me in this mess you will help talk Momma into keep the puppies and me."

We walked in the kitchen as Tarie turned to look at us, what a sight we made, the puppy I was holding was trying to climb out of my arms to get to Gabriella, and Lara's was licking her face clean. I walked slowly towards Tarie smiling at the frown on her face.

"Brie don't you dare…"

I laid the puppy in her arms kissing her as I did.

"Tell me you cannot resist this little one?"

She tried to back away from me and shove the puppy back into my arms, I pinned her up against the counter. She had no choice to look down at the puppy now curled happily in her arms,

"See you have that same affect on me."

I grinned as she looked down at the small fuzz ball in her arms.

"She is adorable, so soft and warm."

She was hooked. I knew I was safe from the ax now. I sighed a huge relief was lifted off my shoulders. She looked up at me,

"Do I dare ask what else the two of you did today?"

She looked from me to Gabriella,

"Momma Bee bought house too."

I clamped my hand on her mouth again, kneeling down next to her I growled at her,

"Why don't you take the puppies outside to play in the back yard?"

I looked up at Tarie, once again the visions of an ax raised above her head flashed through my mind.

"Tell me you didn't?"

Her voice filled with ice chips.

"The nice lady gave her a key Momma; and we got two pools to play in now."

I covered her mouth again,

"Brieannah I told you not to until we both looked at it. When are you going to do ask I ask?"

She handed the puppy to Gabriella,

"Lara, please take your sister outside and play in the back yard until it is time for supper."

Her eyes never leaving mine, I decided to let her throw her tantrum and not explain until she was done yelling at me. That seemed to be the best way to handle her when she was in this kind of mood. Then I would let her have it.

"How many times are you going to forget the 'WE' means you and I? And WE are in this together Brieannah? Are you even thinking about us as a whole when you do things like this?"

I grabbed a beer from the fridge waiting for her to calm down. I wrote down the address to the house on a note pad,

"And since when you do you bring beer in this house?"

She was on a roll now; I popped the top off the bottle of beer, taking a long drink of it. I pulled the key out of my pocket and rolled the note around it, waiting as her voice got lower and one hell of a lot colder. I had a feeling this was about to go from bad to worse.

"Drinking is not going to help you out this time Brieannah."

She literally spat the words at me, filled with venom. I just handed her the key and note for the house drinking the last half of the beer, in one swallow, turning I set it in the sink. I could feel my anger building at the words she had spoke, I gripped the sink hard, keeping my voice steady and emotionless,

"When you come down off your fucking high horse Tarie why don't you go by and take a look at the house. The realtor needs an answer if we are interested in discussing the terms for buying it or not. I just looked at it, and told her we would call her later tonight. I am going to make sure the puppies are settled in the garage and kiss the kids, I will be at work, if and ONLY if you think you can talk to me like an adult, then you know where to find me if you think you can be a little kinder to me."

I walked out leaving her standing with her back to me. I wondered where things had gone so wrong in a matter of seconds, I, at one time loved to argue with her, now I hated the angry words between us. I had tried to keep my wits about me when I left her standing in the kitchen. I wanted to hurt her with words as well, but in my heart I knew one of us had to walk away before things were said that could not be forgiven. I use to like sparring with her, but that was then and I loved her more and more everyday and hated fighting with her.

I gave up on the paperwork in front of me; I grabbed my hard hat off its peg maybe some hard labor would help ease my mind. I got set to help weld some of the structure bolts into place as one of the guys worked ahead of me placing them in with a drive hammer. We must have worked silently for quiet awhile. Little Jim found us well over half way done at about midnight. The poor guy who was placing bolts gave him a look of thank you for saving him, I would have kept right on working until day light and this poor guy was too scared to say he needed a break to his boss. Little Jim asked if I wanted to join them for a beer at Mike's bar, it didn't take me long to figure out that answer. Even though I knew it was a mistake I would regret later, I went anyway. Like a moth to a flame I went with them.


We had been at the bar for about an hour when my cell phone rang,


I yelled over the noise from the bar.

"Brieannah where in the hell are you?"

Tarie yelled back.

"I am at Mike's with the guys for a few rounds of pool, why?"

I stepped outside so I could hear her better.

"You told me you were going to work, why are you at the bar?"

I could hear the anger in her voice,

"Don't you mean to say that you are drinking again?"

"Actually I'm…"

She cut me off,

"Don't you dare lie to me Brieannah, I won't stand for it. Please don't bother coming home tonight either."

"Tarie you are being unreasonable here, I am not…"

I tried to explain to her I had not one drop to drink. I looked at the glass of diet coke I had in my hand.

"Look Brieannah I do not need for MY kids to see you drunk off your ass or exposed to a drunk for that matter. Do I make myself clear?"

She was not letting me explain to her I was sober and it was starting to piss me off. I threw the glass of pop against the wall.

"Let me tell you something MZ. RICHARDSON, I am NOT drunk, I have NOT had one fucking drink at this bar. I had a fucking diet coke in my hand as you fucking yell at me. As for YOUR kids I would NEVER expose them to that kind of behavior. And another thing you can kiss my fucking ass. I won't be home tonight or any other night. I don't need this kind of shit from you or anyone for that matter."

I was yelling at her now, I had completely lost it. I just hung up on her, for fear I would say more. I walked back inside and waited for Pete the bartender to spot me.

"Hey Pete, pour me a double will you…"

I looked at my self in the mirror behind the bar;

"Pete, wait don't do it, I am going home."

I just left him a tip on the bar top and walked out.


I let my self in the back door of TNT offices, I looked at the clock on my desk as I sat down it was well after 2 a.m. I knew I wouldn't get any sleep; I just started in on the paperwork Tarie had left for me on my desk. Getting that done I checked my email and sent out replies to the ones that needed it, I did take a break about 4:30 a.m., I walked down to Tarie's large office leaving the paperwork on her desk, I made some coffee in the break room. I went back to check out some of the chat rooms, not much was going on so I gave up and played solitaire until 6 a.m. I knew Tarie wouldn't be in as early as she normally was because of the kids; I headed out to the shop to take a quick shower in the locker room. I sat waiting for the coffee to perk towel drying my hair when Mad Max walked in,

"Good morning Max, what are you doing here this early?"

I eyed him cautiously, I had a feeling he had been sent here by Tarie.

"The crane's pulley system needs some welding done on it. So I came over to see if one of the guys could look at it. What are you doing here?"

He poured a cup of hot coffee,

"I had some paperwork to catch up on; I have time before I head over to the job site. If you want I can take a look at it for you."

"Sure that would be great, that way I don't have to wait around for one of the shop guys to look at it."

He hesitated; I could tell there was something on his mind,

"Is something bothering you Max?"

I picked up my coffee drinking the last of the lukewarm sludge at the bottom of my cup, waiting for him to ask me if I had been drinking last night. I had a feeling Tarie had called him.

"Were you at Mike's last night?"


I knew where this conversation was going. I just waited for him to keep going.

"Did you drink?"


"Did you get drunk?"


"Are you going to explain last night or just give me one line answers all morning?"

He was getting frustrated I could tell.

"I had two diet cokes, Tarie called accusing me of being drunk without letting me explain, told me not to come home, so I didn't. I left the bar right after I hung up on her, came here and spent the rest of the night getting us caught up on paper work. Now I am ready to fix that pulley system on your crane. I was sober last night, I am sober this morning. What she said to me hurt and I almost gave into the bottle and got drunk, but I didn't Max. She went way to far this time. I am done listening to her accuse me of being drunk when I am not. I no longer have the need to pick up a bottle like I did, when I gave myself to her, it was completely, not half-assed. Now that the kids are with us, I would never expose them to that kind of behavior. She needs to realize that. I have given up a lot to make this work between us as well as she has, but she can't seem to let go of the past and move forward. Everyone makes errors in their lives; one of mine was running away every time we had a fight, to turn to a drink. I don't need that now, I can walk away and cool down and talk about it like an adult, she just keeps pushing and pushing saying things to be hurtful and truly mean. Now if you want that crane looked at lets go, I am done with petty bull shit such as this is."

I picked up my coffee cup and rinsed it out in the sink and walked out to the shop. Grabbing a pair of gloves I walked out into the morning sunshine shoving my sunglasses down on my face. I climbed up on the large boom truck to look at the pulley system. I marked off the places it needed to be welded,

"Max I need to pull this pulley off of the boom, can you lower this as low as it will go while I go get the front end loader, I think if we drop the pulley down in the bucket I can sneak in and weld it before most of the guys get here."

"Can't we just drive the truck in frontward with the boom sticking in the shop?"

"Tim would kill us both, that truck is too big to fit inside this small shop where the rod welder is."

"Ok I'll start taking the cables off the pulley. How long do you think it will take you to weld this baby back up?"

He stopped me as I climbed down from the huge ass truck. His arm rested lightly on mine,

"Do you love her Brie?"

"That is not a fair question Max. You know the answer to that, how ever I will not be treated like she has treated me the last few days. I don't know what her problem is but she needs to listen to me. If she won't listen to me and truly hear what I have to say what is the point?"

I left him with that to find the keys to the front end loader. So much for the shower I had taken earlier, I had to fill the damn thing with diesel fuel. I had it running down my jeans, and over my hands I swore as I started the damn thing up, it coughed and sputtered to life. I pulled it in close to the boom of the truck, jumped down and helped Max unhook it; by the time we had it off I was covered in grease. I welded it as best as I could, the damn thing needed to be sent to the wrecking yards instead of trying to repair it. But Max loved this boom truck, so I fixed it as best as I could and we hooked it back up to the truck. I stood waiting for him to test it and make sure the welds would hold, I noticed a leak underneath the truck.

"Max you have a leak under here."

I pounded on the door of the truck to get his attention. He shut it down and I shimmied underneath it,

"Max you had better go find Tim and have him come look at this, it's a hydraulic leak. I can't tell where it's coming from though."

I swore as I hit the back of my head on the undercarriage of the huge ass truck.

"Damnit that hurt." I yelped as I wiggled my way back out from under it. Pulling my sunglasses off shoving them in my pocket.

"Ya know Brie one day the swearing is going to have you in heap of trouble. Most likely rot in hell for it too!"

He grinned down at me,

"Ya know Tim you can kiss my lily white ass."

I growled back at him, holding my hand out to have him help me up. He grabbed my hand and pulled hard, I got about half way up and our hands slipped apart, I crashed back down on the concrete, bashing my head on the bottom of the truck. I could swear I saw those little birds that you see in cartoons flying around my head. I sat up resting my head on my knee's rubbing the back of my head,




I snapped back. Not really paying attention to who was yelling at me. I kept my eyes shut holding my head.

"Are you ok honey?"

"I am fine Tarie, this is really isn't a good time for you to be out here."

I never looked up at her, just kept rubbing my head waiting for the little birdies to stop swirling around my head.

"I wanted to talk to you about the house. I went by there last night with the kids. I think it would be perfect."

"Great, I will call Miki later and have her call you. Where are the kids?"

"Lara is in the office helping my secretary sort mail; your monkey is sleeping in the truck."

I stood up, holding onto the side of the truck, my head spun around a few times I gulped for air.

"You left her in the truck?"

I snapped at her,

"Right behind me if you would look at me you could see her sleeping in her car seat."

I walked around her to the truck; she reached out touching my arm, I just stopped waiting for her to let go of me.

"Brie baby please don't shut me out, I need you."

"One minute your words cut like a knife, hurtful and filled with untrusting cruelty. The next so sweet and loving so full of need, you need some time to think about the trust you have in me and how you choose your words to get me to come back home."

I reached out and opened the door on the truck hitting the unlock button and opening the door to the back seat.

"Hi sweetheart, are you finally awake?"

I reached out to unbuckle her from the car seat. Wrapping her in a blanket to keep her from getting dirty I picked her up.

"How was your nap baby?"

She just lay in my arms blinking up at me, her green eyes sleepily blinking that half smile Tarie had.

"She hardly slept at all last night."

Tarie whispered in my ear,

"Well sweetheart I guess that makes two of us."

I walked over to Max,

"Gabriella this is your Uncle Max."

Her eyes got as big as saucers, looking up at him, I had to laugh his were as big.

"She is so small Brie; she looks just like you at that age."

I could have swore he was about to cry as I dumped her in his arms.

"She won't break if you hold her Max; I am told on a daily basis that she acts like me, so I guess it's only fitting she looks like me, what's really funny is she does not even look like her so called father. It sure is a puzzle to me as you would think she would look like one of them."

"That is all this world needs is two of you running wild."

Max laughed as he looked down at Gabriella.

"I don't think you need to worry about that Max, she has a wonderful mother to keep her on the right side of the tracks."

Gabriella just stared up at him, her tiny hand reaching out to pat his face,


"What monkey?"

"He look kinda like you."

"Yes he does honey, that is my brother."


She snuggled in closer to him closing her eyes; she wasn't finished with her nap.

"Looks like you are stuck Uncle Max. Your rig is grounded anyway as it will take Tim several hours to fix that leak, why don't you take her to the break room and have a cup of coffee while I get cleaned up."

"Umm, are you sure this is a good idea?"

He was scared shitless, it showed in his eyes as he looked down at the child sleeping in his arms.

"You might as well get use to that Max; they will be around us for a long time to come."

I reached out smoothing the hair off her face, patted his arm.

"Why don't you take her to the break room and wait for us there. I need to get a change of clothes out of my truck."

I pulled my sunglasses out of my pocket and shoved them back on my face.

"Tarie I can give you Miki's number and maybe you can call her this morning and see what is going on with the house. I have the number in my truck somewhere."

I waited for her to walk with me to my truck, I never really realized it before, her truck was exactly like mine, only difference was the colors, mine was black and hers was white reminded me of the light and darkness. I guess that was sort of fitting in some aspect of our relationship. She brought light into my life, when there had been only darkness. I had to smile to myself about that, she did bring some new meaning to my life, even if we had problems to work out between us.

"We need to find a new boom crane, I will see if I can get a bid for you sometime either today or in the next few days. Max's is on its last legs, I don't know what we have available for cold hard cash, but I will submit you a bid soon. Max won't stand to be with out a boom crane for too long."

I reached into my truck for my briefcase, pulling out Miki's calling card I handed it to her,

"Give Miki a call and let me know what she says. I will try and call her later today at some point and see if we can wheel and deal on this place."

I tossed the briefcase back on the front seat and reached in the back for my duffle bag, praying to the Goddess's above there would be a set of clean clothes I could wear in it.

"Brie, wait we need to sit down and talk."

She looked at me her eyes filled with tears.

"That we do, but I have a dead line in two weeks to finish this job. That means I am going to be working 24/7 to pull this off. I think we both need some time to think things through very carefully."

I may have sounded cold to her, but I was trying not to be weak and just give into her and the need I had to feel close to her. It would not solve our problems at all.

"What about the girls? They need you as much as I do, they have come rely on you to be there, and you are part of this family."

"Maybe you should have…"

I stopped my self, I wanted to use words to hurt her as she did me and that was not right of me and it would only make things worse.

"I tell you what; I will stop by every night and see them. I will stay until they go to bed, then I have to go back to work."

"Are you saying it is over between us Brie?"

Her voice shattered with tears.

"NO, that is NOT what I am saying at all. I just think it would be best if you spent time with them with out having to worry about me or what I am doing. This is new to both of us, I have never had kids, and you have never had a lover your kids like as well as they do me. It is hard for both of us we have a lot of things to think about. If we love each other then it will still be there down the road."

"Please don't do this to me Brie."

Tears fell softly down her face.

"You did this to yourself Tarie; last night was the straw that broke the camels back. The only way to fix it now is for you to find trust in me. I know my past is not what I am now, but you don't see that. I made my bed and now I have to remake it and I am trying to do that. But you need to have trust in ME."

I was getting angry and I think she knew it, I changed the subject and she let it go,

"Now would you like me to take the kids with me today? That way you can get caught up on paperwork and whatever?"

I still could not look at her, the pain in her eyes, the tears rolling down her face. I was hurting too; we just showed our pain differently.

"I was thinking of taking the day off and finishing up shopping for the girls. There is not much I can do here until you turn in the reports I left for you. Do you realize you are behind by a good three weeks?"

"Not anymore, the reports are up to date and on your desk. I finished them last night; I should say I finished them this morning at about 4:30am. So the expense reports are caught up and so are payroll and the monthly logs as well."

I kicked a small stone from under my boot.

"Did you even try and get some sleep last night?"

"No, didn't see much point in it I wouldn't have slept even if I had tried. Besides I have had too much time off the last few weeks, now I have to play catch up."

"Will you take those damn glasses off please?"

I knew that was one of her pet peeves, not being able to see my eyes.

"Do you want me to take the girls with me?"

I tried to ignore her question.

"No, I will take them with me that way you won't have to worry about them and try and get some work done."

She reached out to pull me into to her, holding me tight,

"I miss you Baby."

Her voice filled with the same heart wrenching pain I was feeling.

"Me too."

I hugged her tight, I pulled back from her and took my glasses off, and I met her tear filled gaze pulling her head down to meet my lips. I kissed her harder, demanding more then I had a right to standing out in the middle of TNT work yard.

"I have got to get cleaned up."

My voice was unsteady as my heart rate after kissing her. No matter how angry I was with her, I knew I would never stop loving her. I almost asked her to join me in the shower, but thought better of it at the last second.

"You wouldn't need some help cleaning up would you?"

She smiled that devilish smile she got when she wanted me like I wanted her.

"How in the fuck do you do that? Wait, don't answer that."

I had to smile, she seem to always know what I was thinking, should have left my sunglasses on!

My cell phone rang as we walked back towards the shop's break room.


I growled into the phone.

"I take it the puppies didn't go over to well with Tarie?"

"Oh, no that was ok, it is your fault I'm afraid."

I smiled at the thought of Miki's face right about now.

"MY FAULT? How in the hell could it be my fault?"

"Well you see Miki the child I had with me yesterday? She told her momma I bought the house. It just went to hell from there."

"But you have not even made a bid on it let alone bought it."

"Tell you what Miki, maybe you can explain that to Tarie. I will let you talk to her; maybe you can make some kind of headway with her."

"You just want me to save your ass buddy."

Miki laughed.

"You got that right, but then again when you think about it my ass is beyond saving; just explain to her why this house is perfect for her and HER kids."

I knew Tarie was listening to the conversation. By the look on her face I knew she got the meaning behind my words.

"Here I'll let you talk to her; I have got to go clean up."

I stopped by the door to the break room.

"Ok Brieannah I will sell this house to her for you."

Miki was finding this quite humorous.

"Miki I am not doing this for me, I am doing it for her, hell I won't even be there. So it's not like it matters that much to me. But those kids need a bigger house to grow up in."

My voice gave way to emotions I had kept to myself about the girls.

"Brieannah lets get together for a beer soon."

Miki was an old friend, it might be good to go and enjoy a beer with an old friend.

"Tell you what call me later today and we can discuss that. Good talking with you Miki and I hope to talk again soon."

I handed Tarie the phone and went to clean up. I showered quickly and dressed in somewhat wrinkled but clean clothes. I found Max and Tarie sitting at one of the long table's in the break room. I sat down next to Tarie picking up her coffee cup, sipping on it,

"Max, do you want to see if we can find a new boom crane today?"

"I hate the thought of loosing that truck Brie."

"I know Max but that son of a …"

She cut off the swearing.

Tarie took a hold of my hand squeezing it gently. I looked at her hand wrapped around mine; she needed a ring on that hand. I shook my head to stop that kind of thinking. Mentally slapping myself, I looked at Max,

"Let's just say it is on its last legs and it is not worth repairing anymore."

I let go of her hand to steal her coffee cup again,

"So Uncle Max it is your call. Do you think you can get along with out one for the next week or so? Just until we finish this job? When we are done with this job I will be out of work and have plenty of time on my hands to help you find another one."

I had stuck to the agreement I had made with Tarie, she would buy my half of TNT when the job was complete.

"The building is almost complete and you are using the tower crane anyway."

I looked over at him, I had to laugh. He sat holding Gabriella in his arms gently rocking back and forth in his chair.

I got up and refilled Tarie's coffee cup adding a dash of sugar and cream to it.

I sat back down next to her I could smell the sweet scent of her perfume. I swallowed hard.

"You ok Brie?"

Max looked at me funny I am sure my face was pale.

"Yeah fine, just tired I guess."

I tried to hide what I was really feeling. It must have worked as Tarie eyed me,

"Did you eat anything last night or yet this morning?"

She frowned at me as I picked up her coffee cup again.

"Nope haven't had time, Ill grab something from 7-11 on my way to work."

"Why don't we all go get something to eat?"

I had to look at him in shock,

"Max, are you implying that we play hooky from work today?"

"Well not all day, just long enough to go eat, I am hungry, and I know it wouldn't kill you to eat something. You have lost way too much weight lately."

I started to form a growl as Tarie's hand slipped into mine,

"You are right Max I think it would be a good idea, why don't I go get Lara and we can take my truck."

I could have sworn I saw her wink at him. I was out numbered as she leaned into me, pulling my face closer to hers, softly kissing me.

"I love you."

She whispered to me.

She had a way of taking my feelings and sky rocketing them to the moon and back in one swift kiss. I could just tell Max was going to let me have it as he watched Tarie walk out of the break room.

"Brie don't be foolish about this, talk it out with her. She knows she was wrong, just talk to her ok?"

His eyes bore into mine; I knew he was repaying me the favor I had done several times for him. Even though Drake was gone from this world, Max never forgot the times I pulled his head out of his ass. I guess in his own way this was what he was trying to do for his little sister.

"Oh I plan on it Max, but not until we both have done soul searching. She needs to find trust in me that is not there now. Granted I broke her trust several times in the past, but people change, times' change, and I have changed. I had no choice Max; we have two wonderful children to think of as well. Going out and partying hard is not an option anymore. It is not what I want anymore; I want my family to go home to every night."

I looked at him waiting for him to think about what I had just said.

"When did you get so smart Brie?"

"Oh about three or four days ago, when I got an instant family, just add water; or is it some assembly required?"

I grinned across the table at him. I picked up Tarie's coffee cup draining the last of it.

"Did she tell you about the puppies I got suckered into?"

I chuckled at the thought of Gabriella and how she conned me.

"Oh boy; did she ever! She was not pleased with them this morning. Guess they got out of their kennel."


Gabriella looked over at me her eyes still sleepy,

"They want out Bee."

She sat up in Max's lap blinking at me.

"Honey did you let the puppies out this morning?"

"Yeah they want ta play wiff me."

She gave me that innocent look, melting my heart. You know the one that would bring any adult to her knee's and hand them anything they wanted look!

"Just don't let your mother that."

I smiled at her; I realized she was looking beyond my shoulder.

"Don't tell me what Brieannah?"

Tarie asked me as she lowered Lara down to sit on my lap.

"Nothing, dear."

I hugged Lara, she whispered in my ear,

"Mom was a dork to you last night, wasn't she?"

I busted up laughing and whispered back,

"Yeah I guess she was, but we still love her."

I turned to look at the rest of them staring at us.

"Come on Lara lets make these dork's buy us breakfast."

She giggled as I set her on the chair to hop on my back for a piggy back ride out to Tarie's truck. I held out my hand to Tarie for the keys to the truck,

"I am sure in the hell NOT sitting in the middle of you two."

I set Lara in her seat and she buckled her self in. I had to laugh at Max struggling with Gabriella's seat buckles.

"Lara can you show your Uncle Max how to buckle your sister in please?"

I climbed into the drivers seat, adjusted it so my short legs would reach the pedals.

"My God you've got long legs."

I mumbled under my breath, I smiled as she slid in next to me, her hand running up the inside of my thigh.

"You never complained before my love."

She whispered in my ear, her warm breath sending little heat waves through my body. If her hand got any closer to my crotch I would explode right there. I knew if she went any higher she would be at home plate. I moved closer to the door as her hand inched higher. I sucked in a deep breath of air, holding it as Max got in and shut his door. I just sat there holding my breath; I could not function with her hand where it was.

"BRIE lets go I am starving here." Max about yelled trying to get my attention.

"What are you thinking about Brie?" Her hand slid home.

"Oh, you know."

I squeaked out as I felt the warmth of her hand against me as she rested it tight against my hungry need for her.

"No tell me."

She leaned in close to me; again her perfume filled my nostrils sending a message to where her hand was slowly grinding against me. She turned the key and started the truck for me. Max, poor Max I thought, sat there looking out the window as she slowly tortured me.

"Ah, baseball, yeah I was thinking of baseball."

I managed to suck in a breath of air.


They both asked in unison.

"Yeah you know that funny looking stick you hit a small round object thingy with? If you hit it hard enough you score what they call a home run."

I pulled her hand out from between my legs and gently placed it on her knee,

"Keep it there."

I growled at her as I put the truck in gear.

I made sure to set the kids between us at the table, as we sat down to order breakfast, I was not about to give into the desire of wanting her I had made a decision and I would stick to it. I knew I couldn't go a day with out seeing her, but I had to be reasonable, we both had issue's we needed not only to think about but to deal with them separately then work together to make our lives better together.


It was turning out to be a long ass week for me. I was working 16 hour days, then running back to the house to spend a few hours with Tarie and the girls. Then back to work after the girls went to bed. Things seem to be working out between us; we were working on the differences between us to some degree. I had decided to seek counseling after the job was finished, I was running myself ragged I didn't need the added weight of trying to make an appointment on time as well. Maybe talking to someone on the outside looking in would help; I was willing to do just about anything to help us work this out. I looked up at the clock on the TV, I had gotten wrapped up in a game of super Mario Brothers with the girls and time had slipped by us,

"Come on girls its time for bed."

I set the controller down and looked at Gabriella,

"Come on Monkey I will tuck you in bed."

She just growled at me and kept playing, never once taking her eyes off the TV screen she growled at me again.

"Are you listening to me Gabriella?"


Was the only reply I got. I reached out snapped off the TV.

"I don't want you to go Bee."

Her tiny hand caught mine, her eyes tearing up.

"Sweet heart it is only for a few more days. Come on lets get you two in bed and we can talk about it."

Lara looked at me funny.

"What Lara?"

"Why are you not staying here anymore?"

"I'm working double shifts honey."

"There is more to it than that Brie. Maybe you can fool Gab here but you are not going to pull that on me."

She gave me that same look I got from Tarie at times like this.

"I hear mom crying at night."

Her eyes took on a hard stare.

"Sweetheart this only until we finish this building."

"Do you promise?"

Lara glared at me.

"I swear, when we finish this building things will settle down, I swear it."

I got Lara tucked into bed as we talked.

"Lara this is only temporary ok? Everything will work out just fine, you'll see. Can you do me a favor though?"

"What is it?"

She eyed me suspiciously.

"God you look just like your mother when you frown like that."

I smiled down at her.

"What is the favor Brie?"

"Take good care of your mom for me?"

I held her hand in mine; Gabriella snuggled closer to my chest. I was tired and the warmth from her little body and the long days were making me really sleepy. I knew if I didn't get up and get going all three of us would be sleeping in a huge pile on the small bed. I leaned down and kissed Lara on the forehead,

"I will see you after supper tomorrow night."

"I love you Brie."

"I love you to Lara. Do you want your sister in here with you?"

"No just dump her in Mom's bed; she'll end up there anyway."

"Ok, night sunshine."

I closed the door part way, and headed down the hall to put Gabriella in our bed. I could see the small bed side lamp had been left on as I laid Gabriella down on the bed covering her up,

"Bee, stay with me."

She begged me.

"Now Monkey you know I have to go to work."

"Yes you can."

She grabbed a hold of my pants pocket and hung on for dear life.

"Ok just until you go to sleep, scoot over."

I stretched out on the bed resting my back against the head board; I had forgotten how comfortable this bed was. It didn't take either of us long and we were sleeping soundly.


I woke with a start; it was close to four a.m. I untangled myself from Gabriella and then fought not to wake up Tarie as I pulled myself out from under her legs that had mine pinned. I kissed the sleeping child on the forehead and snuck around to quickly kiss Tarie softly on the lips. I stood for a moment looking down on her; I loved her with every part of me; mind, body and soul. I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes as I stepped from our bedroom. I headed for the kitchen to make some coffee. I was quite pissed off with myself for falling asleep. Waiting for the coffee to burp its last drop into the pot my cell phone rang, I snatched it up off the dish washer,

"What do you want now?"

"I can see you got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning sister. I take it you got some sleep?"

"Actually you jerk off I got more sleep last night then I have had in days. I just haven't had any coffee yet."

I mumbled back at Max, I should just hang up on his ass. I grinned to myself as I poured a cup of coffee.

"Well that explains it then. Are you on your way into work?"

"Yes as soon as I finish this cup of coffee and find my boots, I'm on my way. Why?"

"One of the contractors is screaming and has pulled out calling for a meeting with us by eight a.m."

His voice lowered, I could tell he was pissed off.

"He is trying to pull some kind of shit to get out of his contract to finish hanging the sheet rocking of the last floor."

"Jesus Christ Max you have got to be kidding me?"

I was wide awake now I heard Tarie walk in the kitchen, I grabbed a empty cup and poured her some coffee, adding the sugar and cream just the way she liked it without even thinking about it, the whole time yelling at Max.

"We are so close to finishing this job, how the Fuck can he back out now?"

I growled as I handed Tarie the steaming cup of coffee.

"I don't know Brie, but we need to see if we can find us another contractor to hang sheet rock for us and right quick."

"I will hang the shit myself if I fucking have to. I want this job to end Max, for fucks sakes what a way to start our day huh brother?"

I paused to take a gulp of hot coffee,

"I'll meet you at the job site in about a half hour. I am going out the door in about fifteen minutes; I still have to find my boots."

"Next time take them off at the front door Brie, you can never find your boots."

He laughed as he hung up on me.

"Bastard thinks he's funny."

I looked over at Tarie as I sipped my coffee.


I looked at her she just smiled at me,

"OH! Sorry I know, watch the potty mouth. We are so close to being done with this Godamn job, and now this happens."

I stopped, realizing what I had said, I sheepishly smiled at her.

"I am so frustrated I know that is not an excuse, I just want to be done with this job."

She just sat there staring at me, my heart began to beat harder I was sure she was going to pick a fight with me.

"Thank you."

She smiled then. For real this time, boy what was I thinking? And why was she thanking me?


I must have looked dumb founded.

"Yes, thank you."

"I ah…ok you are welcome I guess."

I shrugged my shoulders as she stood up from her chair and walked over to wrap her arms around me.

"Yes, thank you for staying with me last night."

Her voice gave way, tears rolled off her soft satiny cheeks.

"I miss holding you at night, making love to you, I miss kissing you."

Her hands wandered, touching exploring, caressing me, the heat built an instant bonfire inside of me.

"I don't sleep when you are not there beside me at night. Please say you will come back tonight and let me hold you; let me make love to you. I feel like I am loosing you baby and it is scaring me."

She stood before me pouring her heart out to me. If there is one thing that hurts the most in life its seeing the woman you love crying for you.

"I don't know…"

I could feel the tears stinging in my eyes as I looked up at her,

"…what time I can leave work tonight."

"I'll wait."

"It could be really late."

I was really getting to hate my job.

"Will you please come home tonight?"

She stood before me almost begging me to stay, her eyes pleading with mine.


I kissed her then as I knew it would be one of the longest days of my life, waiting to hold her in my arms, making love to her. Those thoughts would leave me feeling weak with desire the whole day through. That one kiss stirred up feelings I had managed to set aside in the last week or so. I stepped away from her touch walking closer to the kitchen door I flipped the small latch hook, locking the door in place. I turned slowly to look at her, like a panther stalking her pray I walked towards her, with each step I took she backed up two. I had her pinned against the large kitchen table. I gently shoved her shoulders back forcing her on top of the table.

"Why wait?"

I mumbled as I pulled open her robe her skin soft and supple under my hands as I lowered myself down on top of her. My tongue meeting hers in a rush to conquer her, her hands pulled my shirt from my jeans, nails raking my back. Slowly nipping and kissing my way down her body I dropped to my knees pulling her slightly forward on the table and buried my face between her wetness. Taking her right there on the kitchen table, her climax came with a raging force. I drove my hand deeper to match the rhythm of her hips against my tongue she came again the silky sweetness of her pouring into my mouth. She sat up after the third wave had passed stopping me from continuing,

"Baby you have to stop, I can't take anymore. My God how I have missed you."

I had no words to respond the love I could see flowing so freely from her violet colored eyes, it down right startled me.

"Your eyes are beautiful so vibrant when you climax."

Ok, so that's not how I wanted to express what I was feeling. I just could not seem to function when she looked at me that way.

"I love you Tarie."

I whispered, hardly breathing as those three little words rushed from my discombobulated mind.

"I love you too Brieannah."

She pulled me in tight against her, nimble fingers undoing my belt, her mouth never leaving mine. My brain registering the fact she was about to have her way with me. I trapped her hands in mine.

"Sweetheart I have go to go. I'm way late already."

I reached up caressing her face softly.

"That's so not fair."

She mimicked Gabriella's little whine, as her hands unzipped my jeans.

"Tell me its not, I am the one who has to try and function today with this replaying, play by play in my mind."

I whined back at her

"I can fix that for you baby."

Her hands sliding inside of my now soaked jeans. I wanted her in the worst way possible. The little voice in the other side of the locked door made us both freeze.

"No, No you cant Tarie, this will take hours and hours to fix."

I pulled away from her fixing the mess she had made of my clothes.

"Then hurry home Brie."

"Of that you can bet on."

I smiled at her as she closed the bathrobe from my wandering eyes.



She looked up from tying the robe closed.

"I bet you will NEVER see this kitchen table as just a table anymore!"

I started to giggle hard at the priceless look on her face.

"MY God Brie my kids eat off this table."

Her voice sounded mortified at the thought. My laughter stopped at the words she spoke. We were once again back to 'her' kids. I picked up my to-go cup of coffee,

"I've got to go."

Her words stinging as the tears formed in my eyes. They hurt more then I tried to let on as I unlatched the door.


She waited for me to say something which I had no desire to speak and give away the fact I could feel the tears coming on like a freight train,

"What's wrong Brie?"

"Nothing, I've got to go."

I mumbled between sips of hot coffee.

"Will you be home tonight?"

Her voice wavering slightly as she stepped closer to me.

"I said I would."

I never even turned around as I opened the door.

"Stop right there Brieannah, you need to tell me what's wrong. I can not read your mind Brieannah. And denying there is anything wrong does not solve the problem."

I was saved from answering her as Gabriella launched her self into my legs. I scooped her up kissing her,

"Good morning monkey."

She snuggled closer to me squealing as I twirled her around in my arms,

"How are you this morning?"

She giggled harder when my fingers tickled her behind the knee.

"Kiss me Monkey; I have got to go to work."

I walked her to her chair plopping her down in it I scooted it closer to the table and whispered in her ear,

"Tell momma you want pancakes for breakfast."

She was so cute, pulling my ear closer to her mouth,

"You go now?"

"Yes, now kiss me Monkey and I will see you tonight ok?"


Her face puckering up to kiss me. I had to laugh at the site of her.

"Love you Bee."

"I love you too sweetheart."

I patted her on the head and headed out the door one more time, Tarie blocked my path her face showing a slight anger at my evasive move to not answer her.

"Don't make me set you up on that table one more time Tarie."

I grinned as she backed away from the door her face glowing a nice shade of fuchsia.

"This is not the end of our conversation Brieannah." She hissed at me.

"It is for now Tarie."

I growled back at her pinning her body between mine and the door frame.

"And if I have anything to say later, it won't be words I will be speaking to you."

I captured her mouth with mine kissing her soundly on the lips.

"The only talk I want to have with you tonight is the kind of table talk you just had. Hmmmm, you taste so good my love."

I licked my lips sliding my hand inside her robe, finding her still wet and throbbing.

"Brieannah, stop…hmmmm,"

I cut her words of protest short as my fingers found their way inside of her. I was glad the door blocked Gabriella from seeing us.

"Brie, I swear you will pay for this."

She came again, her breath hot on my shoulder as I held her up against the door.

"I am counting on that Tarie; I will see you at the office later. I love you."

I kissed her softly and walked to the front door,

"And Tarie if I was you I would wipe the table down before you serve the kids breakfast."

I grinned at her as I shut the front door. I leaned against the door taking a deep breath of cool morning air. I shook with a wanting desire of her touch. Never in my life had I expected to feel as much as I did for her. With a smile on my face and a song in my heart I headed off to work. Little did I know the day would go to hell in a hand basket!


Continued in Part 2.

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