Royal Academy of Bards 10th Annual Halloween Invitational


line of chakrams

As you know, the 'Verse lost another of it's founding Bards this week. Cousin Liz was responsible for introducing many XWP fans to the wonderful world of fanfiction. The Academy would like to take a moment to remind folks that we will continue to host Cousin Liz's site and all it's classic stories to keep them available to new and returning readers. We dedicate our 10th Annual Halloween Invitational to Cousin Liz.

line of chakrams

Artemis Callaghan - Light up the sky with Standard fireworks

Aurelia - Knock, Knock....Who's There?

Colleen - The Twisted Soul

D - Old Meets New

Del Robertson - Legend of the Headless Centaur

Geonn Cannon - Strays

Idryth - Who Knew?

Karin Kallmaker - Tick, Tock

Kim Pritekel - Accidental Seduction

Lariel - Medium Rare

Lois Cloarec Hart - Midnight Messages

Lois Kay - Vanishing act

Mickey Minner - Halloween 2010

Missy Good - Ghosts of the Past

Rabster - Having It All

Sparky - Pest Control

SX Meagher - Stormy Weather

The Bard of New Mexico - The Cave of Lost Souls

Windstar & Zee - Gray Line

line of chakrams