DISCLAIMER: This is a long story. It does contain some swearing scattered throughout. Not intended to offend. It also includes sexual references but not in any detail. If anyone wishes to comment be it cruel or kind, feel free.






1. The Invitation Is Sent

The sense of excitement tinged with trepidation had been anticipated, but only a matter of seconds after hitting that send button Andrea Lennox was beginning to feel something akin to anxiety.

Money cannot buy you happiness nor ensure good health but for this particular azure eyed, tall and lithe bodied multi-billionaire the sensation of near panic was not only rare but particularly unsettling.

Having swiftly disconnected herself from the Internet Andrea flopped back in her chair feeling disorientated.

With thoughts not yet gathered she reached for a bottle of an especially rare (and valuable) Isle of Jura single malt. Only eight pristine condition examples of this commodity were known to existsimply by breaking the seal Andrea had halved its considerable auction value.

Fuck it! the dark haired woman cursed as she poured herself a generous measure, this was followed by a quick sorry dad as she drank the smooth libation.

Five grand a glass and worth every penny Andrea finally allowed herself a smile.

Whilst Ms. Lennox had been born into extravagant wealth she had also earned at least some of her fortune. With the guidance of her parents she had honed an acute business acumen which coupled with a shrewd brain had allowed her to be the de facto head of the family business at aged just 31.

The family had business interests as diverse as they were global. Banking, publishing, oil, pharmaceuticals and a well known chain of convenience stores were just a few examples. Property and real estate added considerable value yet the only common factor was that not a single enterprise run by the family carried the name Lennox.

Privacy to the point of anonymity had become almost a fetish for this family, it was something passed down through the generations dating back to their roots in Scotland.

Andrea checked her watch. Would Olivia be home yet and had she replied? Now feeling relaxed to the point of merriment she stared at the revered bottle of single malt that now stood half empty.

Only seven in existence now she giggled and since I own four of them I have just increased their value! Being rich is just crazy!

2. The Recipient I

Olivia Carter had lived in her somewhat dilapidated apartment block on the edge of the city for some five years now, yet she still recalled the day she moved in.

Having been almost literally kicked out of her family home, this ill-considered development project was the best she could afford. Conceived in the late seventies to cope with a growing city population the buildings had began with good intentions but suffered from terrible planning.

There were few amenities such as shops, theatres or even public transport for a project that was intended for low-income residents.

By the year 2005 when Olivia moved in, this area was approaching ghetto status.

The blonde, now 25 year old had at least met Mrs Bilic on her first day. Olivia having carried most of her own meagre property up four flights of stairs noticed the older woman struggling with some shopping.

Here, let me help you the emerald-eyed beauty offered without hesitation.

Mrs Bilic though initially hesitant had quickly warmed to the new arrival and soon they were sharing coffee and some wisdom from the older woman.

Never open your door to a stranger.

Getting to know your neighbours is a waste of time, most leave after a month, many much sooner.

You have a fantastic body, keep it covered.

These were just a few examples of the advice given.

Yet you let me in to your apartment today Olivia stated accurately.

Mrs Bilic eyed the newcomer intensely as if she was somehow reading her.

You are here for a while, I just know it. the older woman retorted with a piercing gaze, Olivia inwardly shuddered but not in a fearful way.

It is not so bad my pretty Mrs Bilic continued. Keep yourself to yourself, you will do fine.

The blonde felt strangely reassured.

Such a body, such breastsrun along child. Mrs Bilic was clearly finished with her pep talk.

Instead of feeling creeped out, Olivia left with a smile and a warm glow they are not that big she smiled to herself.

3. The Recipient II

With the help of the advice from Mrs Bilic added to her own common sense, Olivia had settled quickly into her single bed-roomed, small and spartan apartment.

Although the split from her parents had been initially acrimonious they, in an act perhaps of contrition had allowed her to take a small television set plus her beloved computer.

As so-called subsidised housing the rent was reasonable but utilities had still to be paid for, not to mention minor matters such as food. Olivia desperately needed a job and found one in a convenience store located roughly a mile away.

Despite the higher than expected wage, plus walking to work to save on bus fares Olivia quickly realised a second job was essential to maintain any semblance of a reasonable life. The blonde took any job going though it was mostly bar work or waitressing.

This meant extremely long days affording the young woman almost no social life and restricted her time on her beloved computer.

Busy people find the time might be an adage that Andrea Lennox had been taught by her mother but Olivia who had garnered little parental help put it into practise. She stayed friendly with the indomitable Mrs Bilic and still found the time to enjoy her passionthe Xenaverse.

Olivia Carter was just one of thousands of bards who wrote fanfic and although she was hardly a star in that sphere she had received a few coveted reviews from the legendary Lunacy including a couple with the ultimate accolade of Do Not Miss.

That of course had been a few years before she had even moved to the city, but you dont forget such things.

In fact it was because of one of her stories that Olivia had encountered someone calling themselves Xenas Lust

XL as Olivia had chosen to shorten it to had written a particularly kind piece of feedback. Since any feedback was meat and drink to a bard, Olivia had responded with a warm appreciation.

All this had happened only about six months ago, we are now in 2010, Olivias writing was slowing down due to her chaotic workload so that particular message had been especially welcome. Yet when she had sent her Thank You back to Xenas Lust Olivia had no idea that a friendship would blossom.

4. The Invitation Is Circling Cyberspace

From the age of around fourteen Andrea had always stood taller than her female peers, indeed many of the boys. By sixteen she had been described as stunningly attractive which oddly seemed to worry her parents. They had cajoled rather than instructed her to dress down and go easy on the make-up.

Perhaps another child would have disobeyed but Andrea was happy to comply. At work at least she had followed this persuasive advice throughout her rise through the ranks. Her first job had been as a bank teller and as a rule they dont normally wear $50,000 earrings.

The athletic beauty actually enjoyed being a frump. It avoided the hassle of being hit on by immature boys, arrogant boys and tiresome men who could be both immature and arrogant.

Tonight however, in the privacy of her upstate mansion with the decision made to send that e-mail, Andrea had chosen to tart herself up.

Maybe overdid the tart she said to herself (albeit with a wicked grin) as she checked her watch yet again.

As a big fan of the TV show, Andrea had read a good deal of Xena fanfic. She had however never been moved to actually respond to any stories until she stumbled across a site by someone called Olivia Carter.

So compelling, not to mention racy were a few of the tales that Andrea felt obliged to congratulate the author.

The billionaire could handle her drink, she could cope with making the most vital business decisions but her weakness had been from time to time dealing with her emotions and desires.

Her soubriquet of Xenas Lust was an acknowledgement and an admission that while Xena had initially began with a bloodlust, Andrea had discovered her own particular lustfor female flesh.

In her early twenties Andrea had been in danger of succumbing to a life of total debauchery and of course she had the means to do it, but she pulled herself back from the brink.

Instead she began searching for love, but until this ever-increasing exchange of messages from Olivia she had never believed she could find it.

How was it possible that by sending a simple message to a total stranger could lead to such a friendship?

You are infatuated by this girl! Andrea told herself get back online and check for a reply.

As she returned to her keyboard Andrea realised she felt more nervous than when she had made her first solo business decision.

5. The Invitation Is Finally Read

Olivia arrived home and flung her bag on the chair.

I am not working there again.

It had sounded simple enough, barmaid/waitress needed.

Exactly the sort of job Olivia had been doing for extra income, she had no reason to suspect Faulkners Bar would be any different.

Although she did not know it, Olivia and her cyber-friend XL had lived for sometime with the same policy - dress down. For most jobs this had never been a problem, efficient and friendly service were the priorities.

She had never worked at Faulkners before and was shocked to learn a somewhat skimpy uniform was both provided and necessary.

It had been a fraught evening with drunken, sweaty men and at least one woman pawing at her as the blonde delivered the drinks orders.

Upon complaining to the owner his only response had been

Think of the tips, darling.

Olivia wanted, no needed a shower and then she would go online.

Should she tell XL about this? She worried that maybe she complained too much about her lot in life.

The two had plainly grown close over the months but although they had exchanged some personal information it was mostly general stuff - opinions, likes and dislikes, politics in a vague sort of way.

Come to think of it, XL was vague in many areas, maybe she didnt care for in-depth discussions or personal woesstill, no matter what it was always a delight to hear from her friend but to do that Olivia would have to write first, after all it was her turn.

The shower may have cleansed her body but could not erase the memory of those clammy hands grabbing at her thighs, buttocks and even breasts. It was now quite late but the emerald-eyed beauty decided it would only be right to leave a quick message. She really hoped that XL would appreciate waking up to it.

Olivia was expecting to compose, not receive a message. She rarely got mail except of course for the ubiquitous spam that had a way of evading her filter system

A message from XL? The blonde was initially excited but then slightly worried.

For the six months or so they had been exchanging messages they had religiously observed the taking turns system and the younger woman knew it was her turn to write.

The subject read Just a Thought but Olivia was not reassured. She dreaded the notion that XL may wish to end their correspondence. Her hand was almost trembling as she opened the message

Olivia sweetheart,

Totally out of the blue but the bank that I work for is holding a party next Saturday.

It is a charity fundraiser in the city, and I have to attend. A costume party (YUK!) but ya know, Halloween and all that. Anyway, I have a spare ticket and wondered if you might want to come along? Free food and subsidised bar, sound good? We are kinda friends right? Just thought we could maybe finally meet face to face

No pressure hun, I know how busy you are and all. Ill give more details if you like, but just wanted to sound you out. Hey, if I bore you I promise to pay for your cab back home

Be well my luv, and think about it. Your friend, XL.

Of all the possible scenarios that had raced through Olivias mind this particular one had not occurred to her. Not a drinker by habit, the turmoil of emotions engendered by this message found the blonde searching for that vodka she had been given by the kindly Mrs Bilic. It was getting late, really late but Olivia doubted she would sleep easily without some medicinal aid.

The problem she had was should she reply tonight or sleep on it? What would she say? The idea of meeting XL had been an increasing likelihood, but to be given a specific date, one so soon at that, suddenly felt quite daunting.

6. The Reply

Founder of the dynasty, John Lennox refused to work on a Sunday. Obviously times had changed but Andrea was happy to honour that particular tradition on this particular Sunday.

Despite her copious alcohol intake on the previous night she awoke without too much of a hangover. He main worry was initially that Olivia had arrived home safely and of course she was desperate to read any response to her party invitation.

The Seaboard Bank held regular charity fundraisers and as all staff were encouraged to attend. The nominal vice-president but in reality owner had little choice. Andrea disliked many social gatherings and a costume party such as this was anathema to her, but given the chosen date was so close to Halloween there appeared to be a majority of people in favour. The tall woman had already decided that given her position of privilege she could at least exercise the right to forego an outlandish costume.

Having raced to her computer the dark-haired woman felt suddenly hesitant.

She issued a silent prayer.

Since Xenas Lust was an e-mail account known only to one person, the message in her inbox could only come from a single source

Wow XL!

I arrived home late but was determined to write you about a truly shitty job I just worked at some hell-hole called Faulkners Bar and you have thrown me this curve ball! My brain was scrambled anyway but now I am just reeling. Apologies if my thoughts are not coherent so I am just going to throw out some bullet points and see what you think.

#1 Of course we are friends babe. Apart from Mrs Bilic whom I am sure I must have mentioned (fifty something, very sweet, very lewd!) I really only speak to Annie at the store where I work and she is a bit cold and distant. You and I have a real affinity, we just clicked from that very first exchange. It is your e-mails that brighten my day.

#2 For weeks if not months I have thought of us meeting up. Heck, we live pretty close to each other, but we are always both so busy. I love the idea of us meeting but(here comes the hard part)

#3 Saturday nights are usually great for me getting extra work. I hate constantly moaning about money every month seems to bring a new expense and you know I live in Westfields so I aint no Bill Gates.

#4 What would I wear to a costume party? Besides, this maybe a fundraiser but it is still a bank function. You will be there with all your mates from the bank and I will be little miss nobody. I dont even know your real name. I can hardly show up (wherever it is) and ask for Xenas Lust can I? Asking a stranger if they are XL might be worse! [Giggles]

#5 Sweetness, that all sounds a bit negative and I dont want to be. It is a lovely thought but just maybe bad timing

XL my luv, this is not a definite No and for me the door will always be open to further suggestions. Sorry I am tired and maybe not thinking straight.

Please write soon, big hug


7. The Plan

Andrea flopped back in her chair. She had read and re-read the message.

Always the stupid money she muttered.

It was a crazy situation as far as Andrea was concerned. She could reach into her back pocket right now and pull out a wad of notes that would keep her friend going for six months or more. She was certain that finding out Olivias exact address would be pretty easy. She had thought about just sending something anonymously, but that would look suspicious, and a gift would seem like charity.

Besides, she had built up a friendship based on shared interests, fun and just a certain chemistry between them. As far as Olivia was concerned Andrea was a bank teller, so she was no gold-digger. The tall beauty had met too many of them in her time.

The one other thing that was niggling away was this Faulkners Bar. It sounded like Olivia had been really upset. Andrea had been schooled to show kindness and compassion to her employees, make customer care a priority. However, the Lennox family had a ruthless streak. Once the billionaire had teased some more information about what happened, she would act.

Hurt my friend and you will suffer she growled to herself.

Now back to the e-mail, what could she do?

Olivia my dear, I honestly do not wish to put pressure on you but I have had an idea that may just workThe venue for Saturdays function is the Excelsior Grand a pretty decent hotel which is (geographically at least) pretty close to Westfields.

{Andrea prayed that this remark was not too cheeky and she neglected to mention her family owned the property.}

Dunno if I mentioned that I was promoted to senior clerk a month or two back but that means while I have no authority I do get to meet some of the people in charge.

{Although Andrea disliked such deceptions she deemed them necessary to maintain this wonderful friendship. Maybe after meeting Olivia she could slowly reveal the truth and be forgiven?}

If I got you a job as a server it would solve some problems. Firstly you have a guaranteed wage for the night. Secondly the hotel will provide the uniform, and finally the bank will run a subsidised taxi service so you would pay about $10-$20 maximum in transport home.

The drawback is you will be working from around 7pm - 10 pm but after that we can meet up and just finally have a face to face natter. Yes, I will doubtless mingle early on but once your shift is over I promise to find you. The hotel has a lovely balcony terrace where we can just sit and chat. OK this is not ideal babes, but it is the best I can think of.

My name is Andrea Lennox but I promise I will find you. Listen, I swear if we dont click in real life I will get you home safely and you can decide the next movebut I just feel in my bones we will hit it off.

Should you agree I will ensure you at least have a job and unlimited food for the evening, if you dont like this plan then no worries whatsoever.

Your friend XL aka Andrea

8. One Side Of A Conversation.

Andrea was on the telephone to her Head of Security.

Nice job with the map Jimmy, I know there are a few locations but one looks particularly promising.

Look on the Western fringe, just above a place called Westfields. You highlighted a bar on Buick Street.


Rough area? Youre ex-SAS for Heavens sake!

Just try to blend in and observe and listen. [Pause] About 8pm til midnight? Play it by ear. If I am right there will be waitress service, try to chat to a couple of them, just learn what you can. Dont make it obvious!


I know you know your job Jimmy, thats why I pay the big bucks. Hell Im paying you to go out and drink and chat up pretty girls, knowing you youd be doing that anyway.

Serious now mate, I want a coherent report on Monday not some vaguely recalled nonsense.

Yep, fax it to my home, strictly between you and me. Good man.

Over the past couple of months, Andrea had noticed her libido returning with a vengeance. How could she feel so horny over a girl she had never met or even seen a photo of? It had been a dangerous time, the urge to resume her ways of partying to satisfy her more wanton lusts was growing. Yet she had resisted. Somehow it would be like cheating on Olivia. Susan her loyal, beautiful and highly-sexed chauffeuse had made it clear on several occasions she was available to resume old ways

The angel on her shoulder prevailed again, it was time for a favourite DVD and self-pleasuring.

9. Decision Made

Olivia Carter was herself no stranger to the art of self-fulfilment. Last night she had just been too tired and this morning after a long lie in she had other things on her mind. The blonde rather suspected just from the tone of the many messages from XL, that her friend thought of her as somewhat innocent.

If only you knew Olivia muttered to herself. In fact only around six weeks before Olivia had enjoyed a fling with a somewhat voluptuous barmaid she had met on one of her evening jobs. Though she could not deny it had been a pleasurable experience she too felt that she had somehow sullied her relationship with XL and vowed not to repeat the experience.

What was worrying her now was how had XL responded to her message sent late last night

The 25 year old blonde was struggling to keep the broad grin from her face. The fact was that she had just about decided to attend this function anyway, but the message from XL, or rather Andrea was the clincher. The plan was not exactly ideal but it did indicate to Olivia that her friend was probably as eager to meet up as she was.

There was of course the inevitable worry. Over the past few months Olivia had possibly idealised this relationship so this first meeting was crucial. What if for whatever reason the two women just did not click the way they had done in cyberspace? Potentially, this coming Saturday could ruin what had been the best thing to happen since she had moved to Westfields. Her smile was fading

Dont think too much she chided herself.

Meanwhile in what could only be described as a mansion Andrea had given up on the porno DVDs and self-gratification. She too was entertaining the same doubts as her friend who lived barely sixty miles away but in a very different world.

You have turned this girl into a fantasy figure, what if it all goes wrong?

Having lived alone for around two years the brunette did not mind talking to herself aloud.

Right now, with certain scenes from that last film still vivid in her mind Andrea had a good idea what would happen. A phone call to Susan, a trip to The Diamond Earring or even a flight out to Vegas or L.A.

It would be just like old times. A few months of utter abandonment, total gratificationbut ultimately no love. Then back to the grind of making more money that she really did not need.

Andrea accepted it would not exactly be a tough life, but just for once she wanted to experience what true love actually felt like.

Back on very different side of the tracks Olivia too was thinking about love.

Her first proper sexual encounter (at an age she was too embarrassed to think about) had probably been the closest. The other girl was almost equally as young and it had been a summer romance. It had broken Olivias heart when Joanne had moved on but failed to keep in touch.

Then of course there had been her chemistry teacher, Miss Shaw. Not love exactly but to this day she kept fond memories of that woman. Just thinking back brought a warm glow and the smile returned to her face. Time to reply to XL, or rather Andrea.

Sweet Andrea!

May I just say what a delight it is for me to have a proper name to call you by.

XL just didnt feel right but I was always a little wary of Xenas Lust and frankly a little scared to ask why you chose it. Andrea is a beautiful name and I must be allowed to use it from now on. (At least in e-mails)

Now as for Saturday, well I think we have a date!!!!! (So to speak!) I am truly both excited and a little bit nervousdoes that sound strange? I wont bore you with that horrible bar story, I feel too good to bring the mood down.

Have a great day and literally see you soon-ish. Please write with any details I need to know or just to chat.

Your friend Olivia.

The blonde had hit the send button, she really hoped she didnt sound like the giddy schoolgirl that she felt she was right now. Was she crazy to feel this way?

10. Time Flies, Time Drags

Andrea Lennox was at best a decent cook. Despite the fact she had the means to dine at the finest restaurants anywhere in the world her mother had taught her at least the basic skills from a young age. Her parents had also instilled the notion of not being a snob about food, so growing up had been a mixture of eating a thousand dollar meal one day and a double cheeseburger with fries the next.

During her time at this particular mansion which was secluded but by no means isolated, she had employed a highly qualified personal chef, cooked for herself (albeit often convenience food) and once during one of her wild phases had employed a cook who was limited in the culinary department but was female, gorgeous and most importantly willing to be a member of Andreas party set.

Back then she employed about ten live-in staff, all female of course.

Andrea sighed and shuddered. They were good times, she was not going to deny it but now she was alone and cooking a simple meal of home-made lentil soup followed by Kobe beef with mashed potato and carrots would pass a few hoursJuggling numbers and percentages at work was second nature, timing the different ingredients of even a basic meal required some thought.

Utterly unaware that in the very different world of Westfields a certain blonde was feeling nervous and frisky having sent her reply, Andrea finally having finished her meal (not bad she had to admit) finally logged on to her e-mail.

She did not know which was greater, her grin or the chill of excitement that had permeated her entire body.

Olivia you darling! she yelped upon reading the message.

It took a while for the worry to set in. What had she done? This Saturday could be the best or the worst day of her life. How should she play it when she finally met her dream girl?

It was a night of anxiety and elation like no other.

Monday morning dawned early for the tall brunette.

A fax from her security chief Jimmy strongly suggested she had isolated the correct Faulkners Bar. His description of scantily clad servers, customers with roving hands and an indifferent manager/possible owner certainly seemed to be the recipe for the shitty night Olivia had mentioned. That particular bugbear would have to wait, she dashed off a quick note to her friend then annoyingly had to go into work. This could be a long, long week.

11. Sharing

With the now much anticipated meeting settled, both women were finding it difficult to write much about anything. It would appear that for each, nerves had overtaken excitement as the primary emotion. On Tuesday evening Olivia, emboldened by a few sizeable measures from her gifted bottle of vodka decided to take what could be a huge risk.

Andrea sweetness,

Saturday seems so close but yet an age away. Since we are about to meet face to face I thought it might be an idea to give out some information of a more personal nature. Now, I can cannot recall everything I have said in the many messages we have exchanged over the last six months or so but I think most of this will not only be new, but give you a better idea of the person I am.

To be honest luv, I fear I may not be quite what you think.

I am taking a deep breath and just letting go, please do not hate me.

For me the most shocking thing I will say is that I was raised in a place called Middletown. Who the heck thought that would be a good name?

I may not have said as much explicitly but surely you know I am a lesbian?

I have been asked a few times at what age did I realise or discover I was gay?

All of my life is my response. Obviously not literally true but I have honestly never had the hots for a man or the desire to have sex with one. Never.

My early childhood was happy, Middletown was dull and very conservative, but also safe and affluent. I had a good middle-class upbringing in a nice house (sorry, this is probably old ground!) I was quite solitary but never felt lonely. Now the juicy stuff!!

I was thirteen when I discovered the delights of , to put it bluntly, masturbation. Once discovered I was a keen exponent. I have no idea if that is normal or not. Internet porn helped me to experiment with various implements to insert into my pussy. (A good a word as any.) As time went by and my parents drifted apart with daddy away more at work and mom drinking more and more wine, I craved some actual sex.

I was fifteen (very nearly sixteen) when Joanne had the misfortune to spend her vacation in Middletown. She was just slightly older and finally I found my first love.

It was a dream but all too brief summer for me. Sex with another girl, everything I had wanted except of course she had to leave and we lost touch.

Now sixteen going on seventeen I was blessed with a pretty good bosom

almost the best rack in school some dork told me.

Fighting off horny boys and lusting after girls a new teacher arrived. Miss Shaw was young and beautiful and I instantly developed a major crush. I will spare the details but we got it on and she even introduced me to further delights with her girlfriend Lisa. After that it was community college, still stuck in Middletown but in dorms, away from home in an isolated community. With new found confidence I was quite the gal about town. Listen hun, I tell you this simply because I fear you think I am some innocent. Your messages always appear quite reserved and lacking in specifics.

That makes me reply in kind. I am not a big drinker but a few vodkas have allowed me to give you some idea of who I am.

The thing I loved most about you was that when you praised that story, you also pointed out some parts were inconsistent or out of character for Xena and Gab.

So now you know a bit more about my true character or at least the way I used to be.

Now I am just someone trying to survive and sex is more rare, except for solo ventures.

Again, please dont hate me, I cannot change my past nor would I wish to.

Whatever you make of this, or decide what to do I will never hate you.


12. A Worry.

After digesting that particular e-mail Andrea found herself scrambling for a cigarette.

Officially a non-smoker the billionaire did indulge on very rare occasions. She was a one in possibly ten million in that she could smoke around a dozen cigarettes of an evening without becoming addicted. For the moment just one would suffice and she always kept a pack handy for emergencies. What in the name of all that is holy was that message all about?

The personal thing worried her, Andrea could not reciprocate with the truth about her vast wealth - that was definitely something she had to save for a face to face encounter. Yet she didnt want to divulge her own sexual past. Certainly not all of it.

The other concern was the purpose of giving out so much information, albeit in a tantalisingly truncated manner. Was Olivia, the girl Andrea had imagined falling in love with warning her that she was little more than a promiscuous slut? The brunette sighed and puffed heavily on her discovered ciggie,

I know hundreds of those already she told no-one in particular.

Olivia had admitted she had been bolstered by vodka, it was a drink that Andrea herself rather liked with a splash of cola or fresh orange juice. She poured herself a hefty measure and added an adequate dilution of pineapple juice which is the first thing she found in the fridge.

This could be a two cigarette problem she again spoke aloud with nobody present to answer back.

Unlike her friend, Andrea was a regular drinker so a few decent measures of vodka did not overly cloud her judgement. However re-reading the words failed to clarify things. She was sixteen and slept with her teacher? Where did this Lisa character fit in? Andrea hadnt expected a virgin but what did gal about town mean?

On the other hand the brunette knew that teenagers had sex, college was supposedly a time of experimentation’…maybe Olivia had been describing in a matter of fact way what was normal.

Approaching her computer she knew she would have to word this response with care.

Olivia, wow!

An unexpected message, but I dont want to comment other than wow!

I will try to respond in similar fashion.

A few similarities to begin with. I too was a solitary but not particularly lonely child.

I have no idea what normal is either and for the record I too think pussy is a pretty good word for the female , em, part. I find vagina a tad clinical and other words can be deemed offensive in varying degrees. (Though used in the proper context)

My childhood was very happy but my parents remain to this day very close to each other and to me. I moved around a fair bit, spending a lot of time in the UK, (I must have mentioned my Scottish heritage!) so forgive me if I use some British spellings or indeed words and expressions.. A sidewalk to me is still a pavement

I expect you are eager to hear the nitty-gritty.

Unlike your good self I tended to assume that one day I would grow up and get married, possibly even have kids. Unlike your precocious self I dont think I pleasured myself until the age of about sixteen. I was pretty asexual in my early teens. My first actual sex was with a man (a boy?) and that didnt happen until I was eighteen or possibly nineteen. It clearly wasnt memorable!

A few more men tried their best, some were OK but it just wasnt like it was supposed to be from books or films or whatever. Against my wishes, my parents arranged a very small party for my twenty-first Birthday. Other than myself the only young person was someone calling herself Fiona Cameron. I reckon she was just the right side of thirty. Supposedly a distant relation to my parents best friends, the Camerons she latched on to me and when she wanted to smoke I had to take her upstairs to my bedroom.

Blonde, vivacious and pretty she grabbed some booze and we rather ignored everyone else, and stayed in my room for most of the evening. I am still convinced (but have never dared to ask) that this was a set-up. Fiona, if indeed that was her name was a fine, subtle seductress and it was contrived that she had to stay the night. You can guess the rest, right?

In that one night the earth moved, stopped and galaxies exploded. My body experienced sensations that I previously could not even imagine and when I finally woke up Fiona was gone and my life was transformed.

I hope that is enough information, I actually have a busy day tomorrow so need to get some paperwork done. I dont know if any of this really matters, I just want Saturday to be fun. I mean just meeting you and chatting!

Your friend, Andrea.

13. Doubts

Ever since she had allowed to get herself tipsy and write that more revealing message, Olivia had harboured her doubts. The response just left her more worried.

True, at last her friend had revealed more personal information than before but it left some questions hanging.

The blonde tried to gather her thoughts, think this through reasonably. On the face of it, Andreas sexuality had no bearing on Saturday night. They were after all just two cyber-friends meeting. Yet somehow over the months of exchanging mails Olivia had formed not only a sexual but a romantic idea about this enigmatic woman.

Olivia hadnt joined a dating site, she had written a few stories and amongst the few responses this women whom she only recently knew was called Andrea had replied.

There was just something about that simple piece of feedback which had sparked what Olivia and she firmly believed Andrea considered a genuine friendship.

Were the younger womans romantic thoughts reciprocated? Olivia had believed so.

Somewhere deep down the blonde knew that for this relationship to blossom the way she truly hoped it required Andrea be a lesbian. But was she?

The reply had ended too abruptly. She understood perfectly the beginning, many girls she had been with had started out with men, some were probably to use the common parlance bisexual. Andrea had described basically one lesbian encounter. She clearly had enjoyed it but then the sudden got to go. So was she now a confirmed les, bi or had she reverted to her initial plans to get married? Why had she left it hanging, dammit!? A couple more sentences were all that had been required.

In many ways it wasnt untypical of Andrea who tended to be coy in answering certain questions. The blonde began to doubt everything. Had she read too much into this whole thing?

Saturday could not come soon enough, even though Olivia was beginning to dread it.

14. Saturday - Early.

Andrea just could not walk into the Excelsior Grand without first having a cigarette.

Her costume such as it could be called that was a plain black business suit (skirt rather than trousers) with horned-rim spectacles and hair pulled back. It was in fact inspired from a generic look on Internet pornthe slutty secretary, the prim librarian or the straight-laced businesswomen who all of course eventually turn into sex crazed animals. Andrea had chosen to wear no jewellery, the minimum of make-up and flat shoes. The final touch was to wear her least flattering, least uplifting bra to play down any hint of looking anything but dowdy.

A few feet away, two men were also smoking and had plenty to say and Andrea could not help overhearing and then interjecting.

Excuse me fellas, you going to the Seaboard Bank party?

Sure thing sweet cheeks, Im John this is my Indian friend Kumar

I was born in NYC Kumar retorted in an accent that verified his claim.

You appeared to be annoyed Andrea wanted to get to the heart of the matter.

No kidding! John took up the role as spokesman for the pair.

A hundred bucks a ticket, plus a raffle and not even a free bar!

There is free food, plus drinks are heavily subsidised and it is a charity event Andrea kept a calm voice.

For who? The freakin homeless! Bunch of work shy bastards! John spat out his venom.

Andrea was genuinely shocked but had to be measured in her tone.

Do you share your friends view, Kumar? she asked.

Maybe not work shy, just too drunk to work he laughed.

So where do you work? I would have remembered a tall piece of flesh like you John chose to change the subject.

Head office, mailroom Andrea had to think quickly.

Youre a bit old for the mailroom Kumar interjected I thought that was all college kids and retards…” his voice trailed off,

Kumi didnt mean youre a simpleton John quickly stepped in.

Its just temporary Andrea said to save further embarrassment.

That was our complaint John continued You paid maybe ten bucks a ticket? Why does the stupid bank make us important guys fork out while drones pay a pittance? No offence luv. he added

Id better go Andrea announced.

One more ciggie for us, see you inside hot stuff! John called out.

Andrea stepped through the doorway where two of her own personal security men were standing discreetly.

Marlon, Chad hows it going? she asked with a smile.

Evening Miss, quiet but its still early, Not expecting trouble are we? Marlon asked.

I hope not but I do have one job for you Andrea spoke with her authoritative tone.

Those two guys just there smoking, they DO NOT get in

Understood Chad said without question.

Andrea had not finished.

They will both show you valid tickets. Take their full names and make a note of them.

After you refuse entry they will doubtless complain, John in particular is a mouthy git.

If either try anything feel free to rip up their tickets and shove them down their throats.

Understood miss the two men smiled.

Oh, but dont kill them, I have to fire them on Monday morning Andrea winked.

Kumar and John had finished their cigarettes and were approaching the doorway.

Right, we go in, load up on cut price gin then get ourselves some pussy John grinned.

What was with that tall bitch? Kumar wondered aloud.

Just gagging for it, I may go for her actually, I reckon she has a hot body hidden away somewhere

Marlon and Chad exchanged a grin, this evening might not be totally boring after all

15. Saturday - First Meeting

It was not much after 9pm when the two women sat down at a secluded table on the terrace balcony of the Excelsior Grand. Between them sat a bottle of champagne nestling in an ice bucket, a pitcher of fresh orange juice and almost crucially for Andrea, an ash-tray.

Do you mind if I smoke? the brunette asked. We are outside technically she added.

Olivia looked a little surprised, but then she had done for the past few frantic minutes.

I dont smoke personally, but I am not a fascist about it. Im not entirely sure if it is legal, the city has some strict laws…” the blonde responded.

Andrea had already lit up her cigarette.

I really dont either Andrea insisted taking a long drag, Im just a bit frazzled right now

You and me both declared Olivia I should be working right now, what just happened?

Champagne OK? asked the tall woman as she poured I can get you something else if you like

Its fine relied Olivia who still felt shell-shocked.

Let me try to explain Andrea drained her first glass, trying not to wince at the inferior quality of the drink. She told her {mostly fictitious} tale.

‘A guy called Jack Cordoba has basically arranged this thing from the bank’s side. He calls me at around midday to say he is stuck at some airport in Boston or Pittsburgh or somewhere. He was supposed to fly back yesterday evening but heavy fog had closed the airport. He calls back at noon today to say flights are still not leaving and he asks me to take charge!! Honey, I was already a bit nervous about meeting you for the first time but that just threw me into a panic. Cut a long story short, when I got here I asked the hotel manager to show me around and explain the set-up, she liaised with Jack and I had a million things going through my head.

I was still thinking about you though and I spotted you straight off. Actually there was one other possible candidate but when I saw you, I just somehow knew that you were, well you, Olivia Carter! A bit later Jack himself shows up, he apologises, arranged this champagne for me and I simply couldn’t wait any longer. So that is why I got you off duty, dragged you from the room and here we are!’

OK. Deep breath luv, calm down. Olivia said with an affectionate grin. I spotted you too. The manager is a black woman, right? I saw you walk in together and I too just knew you were my cookie friend Andrea. The tall thing helped but I just got this vibe.

The two exchanged a smile.

So here we are at last, we probably should chat Andrea tried to sound calm.

I still feel that I should be working Olivia replied with some unease.

Andrea gave her friend a warm grin.

I admire your diligence, but as of now you are my guest at a party and that is final. Enjoy the champagne and try to relax

Each took a drink and Andrea stubbed out her cigarette. It was the blonde who broke the momentary silence.

You my dear are an enigma she said a little boldly.

The older women made a gesture as if to say please explain.

I said that I saw you earlier with the hotel manager. You looked confident, self-assured, even authoritative.. Without wishing to sound creepy I kept looking out for you, at times you were knocking back drinks at or near the bar, arguing with the barman. You seemed ruffled.

Then you virtually hijack me from my duties but back to the nerves with the champagne and even smoking. Anxiety and confidence is quite a contradiction

Are you not worried at all about our first face-to-face meeting? Andrea wondered.

Of course! But your e-mails have been like that too. You speak boldly about your pride in being Scottish. You are practically half-British, half-American. You use British spellings and phrases. On many topics you speak with pure authority, but if I ask some fairly basic questions you suddenly become evasive and sound like you are afraid to answer. I tell you about my horrible little flat in Westfields and you wont even say what town you live in! You described your house as OK. Its just my observation sweetie

This was getting very awkward for the secret billionaire. She had planned on telling Olivia at some point but it still felt too soon.

You are right, of course Andrea said. I promise to open up a bit more but please give me time. I was raised to be a private person and it is a difficult habit to break

I didnt mean to complain Olivia soothed You are always formal too, never once have you tried to shorten my name. I do like my name, but if you wish there is one alternative that I will accept, if you want you can call me Liv.

Her tone was conciliatory and they again both smiled warmly.

Im afraid it is Andrea or nothing for me the tall women replied and they both laughed.

16. Slow Progress

After some general small talk about the party and the lovely weather (for the time of year) the brunette suddenly asked Can you tell what my costume is?

Actually I wasnt certain it was a special costume, it could be your work clothes Olivia said then worried that may have sounded rude. You did indicate you were not a fan of costume parties

Andrea grinned slightly wickedly, perhaps the champagne had finally relaxed her.

Certain costumes certain uniforms are actually right up my street. It is more the context and the type of party…”she let the words hang.

Olivia too was clearly more relaxed, she also grinned broadly at the implication.

In that case you could be a staid librarian, a stuffy secretary, an uptight businesswoman, all of whom transform when they lose the glasses and let down their hair. Not to mention open their blouses and legs on half the crappy porn sites Ive seen

Andrea grinned broadly, the girl had got her sussed.

Talking of uniforms and er, porn did you see the woman in the girl scout outfit? That was pretty close to the bone.

See her? I served her about four gins Olivia said without wishing to sound overly catty, her boobs looked decent but her legs and ass kinda ruined the look

Exactly smiled Andrea though I did rather like that Goth chick I believe is the correct term

Served her too, she looked too young to me but she had I.D. probably fake but she smiled so sweetly I couldnt resist Olivia was on the point of blushing.

That might be a good look for you, you have the hair, just need the black lipstick and nail polish

I will file that thought for future reference Andrea responded enigmatically.

Olivia poured the last of the champagne, she wasnt sure now many glasses she had personally drank but she was certainly emboldened by something.

Please tell me something Andrea the blonde almost implored after that Sapphic awakening you described with Fiona the mystery woman, have you remained in the fold or are you with men or both or what?

It is a reasonable question the brunette responded but she was beginning to lose her carefree merriment.

After Fiona I have only slept with one man, it was a stupid mistake. It was actually in a threesome with another woman who insisted it was the best way to have sex. I thought it was horrible.

Olivia suddenly went quiet. Inside she was kicking herself. Why had she asked that question? There had been awkward moments which was to be expected, but now the mood felt really uncomfortable.

Andrea was mad at herself too.

Im off to get some decent champagne, just be a minute

The tall woman was angry because she didnt have the guts to simply tell Olivia the truth about everything. Instead she was relying on alcohol to give her false courage.

The barman with whom she had a spat with earlier did not lighten her mood.

I am aware young man of hotels policies on marking up prices on certain services. You just do your job and fetch me some Cristal champagne and Stolichnaya vodka, one bottle of each.

Lady, those two bottles will cost you more than that cheap suit you are wearing

That is enough! Andrea sounded downright menacing. I admire your attitude of giving out information but to insult a customer is simply not on. You need re-training young man.

Andrea mused that it was indeed a cheap suit, and it was true she could have bought the items at a fraction of the cost at a nearby liquor store, but insulting a customer was breaking the first rule.

In fact the little exchange had for some reason broken the gloom.

Cheeky bugger she smiled to herself before rejoining her date on the balcony.

Cristal should be a little more palatable than that previous offering but just in case I bought some vodka., proper Russian stuff.

Oh said Olivia a little warily.

Andrea noticed her friends uncertain expression.

OK Liv she smiled Lets pretend we are on a first date. I am an old-fashioned man who insists on paying for everything. You my luv can pay next time.

The levity of her tone seemed to do the trick.

You must tell me where I can make a donation for the charity though Olivia insisted.

If you…”

Yes! I do insist. Those poor people have nothing. I know most people thing Westfields is some kind of hell but I dont mind it. I feel safe there in fact. Olivia was quite adamant.

Her generous spirit just made Andrea love her even more.

You know I briefly mentioned a shitty job, it was just last week in fact

“”Faulkners Bar Andrea had not forgotten.

Well I took the job partly because it was so close to home. It was disgusting with all these dirty men pawing at me for what seemed all night. The damned manager just told me to be grateful for all the tips. He even said You have decent boobs, flaunt them a bit more. Anyway I couldnt get out of there quick enough and chose to walk home. I was actually pretty scared at first in a strange part of town but when I saw the blocks of Westfields I suddenly felt secure. The local gang dont bother me. They sometimes say some pretty obscene things but it is good-natured. I smile, say Hello even answer back. They are good kids really with no hope and no future. Olivia almost blushed. She worried she had gone on a rant.

Andrea however was beaming.

I could listen to you talk all night she almost purred.

Well I have to talk because you are so darn secretive! Olivia replied with a cheeky grin. Wow! Smooth champagne the blonde added with a satisfied grin.

So how about just a couple more questions from me, and then I promise to talk the brunette suggested.

17. Lottery

You must have played this game. Youve won the lottery, a nice big amount say thirty million dollarswhat do you buy?

Olivia looked liked she had never actually considered such a thing but finally spoke.

‘OK. I pay off my credit card, the whole balance. I really would like to upgrade my computer, get a real decent one. Buy a better TV too, I don’t watch it that much but my current set is prehistoric. Buy some clothes too. You know I basically don’t go out to parties or stuff but I really would like some decent clothes. Sexy clothes. Some sexy lingerie too, sexy but classy or sexy but slutty! [she giggles] You know when my parents found my diary the called me amongst other things “The Whore of Babylon.” Maybe I was a bit of a slut, I just don’t know. I loved having sex even if it was mostly just one-off ‘flings’ with other girls at college. I liked feeling sexy.’

Fine. A bit sensible is good but you won thirty million remember, what about bigger stuff like a dream car, holiday or new house?

‘Car is easy. I can drive but have never actually owned my own car. They don’t excite me. Anything that works would be fine. A “holiday” is a vacation right? [she smiled] Nowhere obvious like the Caribbean. I really don’t like it too hot and the notion of just lying on a beach appals me. I might try Vegas. I used to play poker online, just for ‘tokens’ of course, not actual money. Gosh, I guess I would get a new house. Funny, I would kinda miss Westfields. Definitely would not move back to Middletown! I would though send some money to my parents, even though they kicked me out. and give some to charity and my only two friends, Mrs Bilic and er, you.’

Andrea almost choked on her champagne and a tear came to her eye.

You are such a sweetheart. She reached out and grabbed the other woman’s hand. There was a definite ‘spark’ but she squeezed briefly before letting go.

Just one more thing. You were sixteen when you slept with a teacher. Now that would actually be legal in the UK because the age of consent is sixteen. In The Netherlands it is fourteen believe it or not. Anyway, the legal side doesnt worry me as much as the trust and responsibility a teacher should have…”

Olivia held up her hand.

Listen, if you are going to bad-mouth Miss Shaw I will not discuss her. I seduced her.

I was a horny sixteen year old, a slut, The Whore of Babylon if you like but dont you dare judge Miss Shaw the anger in Olivias voice was evident and scary.

And her friend Lisa? Andrea regretted the words as soon as she spoke them.

Please! I will walk away right now. If you are so righteously moral how is it you know the age of consent in different countries? You have a thing for young girls?

Andrea scrambled for a cigarette. Suddenly this had gone horribly wrong.

Please relax, Liv she almost begged as her hand visibly trembled while lighting the cigarette. You know I consider Britain my second home, I know more about there than I do here. The Dutch thing happens to be well-known in Britain because of teenage pregnancy rates and sex education and the like. I do not have a thing for any particular type of girl, young, old, blonde, brunette, tits, ass or whatever.

She took a deep breath.

I happen to have a thing for a 25 yr. old blonde and I am begging her to forgive me and not walk away.

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