Accidental Seduction, part 2

Later that night, Erin again sat her keyboard, trying to iron out the kinks in the composition she'd been working on off and on for a month. It wasn't coming together, and it was royally pissing her off. She tucked the ever-present pencil behind and ear and let her fingers fly across the keys, testing out what she'd written tonight. Easily hearing an issue, she snagged the pencil and quickly flipped it around in nimble fingers, erasing a couple notes and then flipping the pencil around again to scribble new ones in their place.

Fingers back on the keys, Erin was just about to play the piece again when she heard something outside. Stretching her neck to see out the window, she couldn't see anything beyond her own car parked out front and the tail end of Lance's truck parked in his driveway.

Curious, Erin pushed away from the instrument and walked over to the window near her bed, which was on the side of the house that faced Lance's house. Looking down, she was able to see two figures standing on the front porch of his house, and it appeared that they were yelling at each other.


Grabbing her jacket, Erin shrugged into it as she pounded down the stairs and to the front door, a blast of cold, snowy air hitting her in the face as she pulled it open and stepped out onto the front porch.

"Who the fuck are you trying to impress, huh?" Lance yelled, slamming a fist into the railing of the porch. "You wanna dress like a slut?!"

"That's not what I'm doing, Lance and you know it!" Alex fired back.

"You're not wearing that tomorrow night, and that's final!"

"You don't own me, Lance. When are you going to get that through that thick skull of yours, huh?"

Lance shoved Alex, which was Erin's cue. "Hey!" she raged, vaulting the railing of the porch and running across the connected yards as quickly as six inches of snow would allow. "What the hell do you think you're doing, man?" she demanded.

Lance glared at her. "Stay out of this, Erin!"

"Not when you're shoving her." Erin flew up the stairs and in between the two, pushing in front of Alex in a protective stance. "What are you doing?" she asked again, voice low and dangerous. Erin could see the confused rage on Lance's face and wondered if even he knew what he was doing.

With a growl of frustration, Lance stormed into the house, slamming the front door in his wake.

Erin was shaken by the incident and turned to face an equally shaken Alex. "Are you okay?" Alex, tugged her trench coat tighter around her trembling body, giving Erin a weak nod of her head. Erin pulled Alex into a hug, cradling her blonde head against her shoulder. "Come on," she said softly, pulling out of the hug and taking Alex's trembling hand in her own. "Let's get you warmed up."

Erin held the door to her bedroom open for Alex to pass through, then closed it with a soft click. She watched as the other woman walked into the room, still hugging her jacket around herself.

"Can I get you anything? Water? Coffee? Anything?"

Alex shook her head as she turned to face Erin. "No, thank you." She studied Erin for a moment, a slow smile spreading across her lips. "Do you often run around in boxers, untied tennis shoes and a winter coat?"

Erin looked down at herself and grinned. "Only when I'm saving damsels in distress."

Alex nodded, taking a deep breath and looking around the room. She noticed the scooted out bench in front of the large keyboard, as well as the pencil that was set in front of sheet music.

"Are you going to tell me what happened, Alex?" Erin asked softly, walking further into the room and shrugging out of her jacket then kicking off the snow-encrusted shoes.

Alex sighed and opened her jacket, revealing her scantily-clad body, dressed in the nurse's Halloween costume.

Erin's eyes nearly bulged out of her eye sockets at the sight before she managed to roll her tongue back up into her mouth and gain of bit of consideration. She knew Alex had an incredible body, but seeing her muscular legs in that short dress, and the way her cleavage filled the bust made her mouth water. "I see. He wasn't thrilled?" she managed, her voice almost normal.

"No. He accused me of trying to seduce the other people at the party," she explained, her voice sounding tired and resigned.

"You mean the party that hasn't even happened yet?" Erin clarified sarcastically, flopping down in the easy chair.

"The one that I'm not entirely certain we'll be having. Or at least, that I'll be attending."

Erin felt like absolute crap. She sat forward, bare feet on the floor and knees spread with an elbow resting on each. She stared down between her dangling hands and let out a heavy sigh. "God, I'm so sorry, Alex," she whispered. "It's all my fault for picking out that costume." She finally got the courage to look up and meet Alex's gaze as the blonde knelt down in front of her. "I'm so sorry."

Alex took Erin in a comforting hug, brushing her fingers through Erin's thick hair. "It's not your fault," she said softly. "I'm a big girl and could have said no. Besides," she sighed, "Lance completely overreacted, and that's nobody's fault but his own." She pulled back so she could look into sad blue eyes. "Okay? Please don't take this on yourself."

Erin nodded, knowing Alex was right, but still feeling terrible. 'Yeah."

"Maybe it's for the best, I don't know." Alex gave Erin's hand a final squeeze then pushed to her feet and walked the short distance to the couch where she plopped down with a heavy sigh. "Better to know these things now than before I do something stupid like move in."

Erin studied Alex for a long moment, seeing the anger and hurt burning in those green eyes. "What are you going to do?"

Alex shook her head. "Not a clue. Leave him, I suppose. Nobody is going to treat me that way and expect me to stick around."

The conversation was interrupted by the sound of a car door slamming and then the loud rumble of Lance's truck engine roaring to life. A moment later tires squealed away from the curb and the truck roared off into the night.

Alex sighed then focused on Erin. "What were you doing before you had to come rescue me?"

"I was working on my new piece," Erin said, nodding towards the keyboard. "And no, you can't hear it because it's not done yet."

Alex pouted for a moment, but when she saw Erin wasn't going to budge she flopped her hands down dramatically on the couch on either side of her. "Fine."

Erin grinned.

"So, what should we do?" Alex asked, getting to her feet and walking restlessly to the window to look out at the winter wonderland beyond. She suddenly turned to look at Erin, who's neck was stretched to look over at her. "What was that game you said you play every Halloween?"

"Pumpkin Pick?" Erin asked, scooting to the edge of her chair so she could look over at Alex easier.

"Yeah, that's it." Alex walked back over to the couch, Erin following her every move. "Let's play Pumpkin Pick."

Erin raised a brow but pushed up from the chair. "Okay, you asked for it." She walked to the closed bedroom door. "Be right back."

Left alone, Alex walked over to the keyboard, glancing at the sheet music there, no clue as to what it said, then ran her fingers lightly across the keys before making her way back over to the window. She sighed as she looked out, burying her hands in the deep pockets of her coat. She couldn't see her car from that angle, but knew it was down there, parked along the curb in front of Lance's house. For a moment she considered running down to it and grabbing the backpack out of the back seat that held a pair of scrubs. She felt horribly underdressed and silly in the nurse's costume.

"Back," Erin announced, closing her bedroom door behind her.

Alex turned around, surprised to see what Erin was holding up in both hands, like a proud hunter bringing back her quarry. Held by the neck was a full bottle of tequila in her right hand and a full bottle of cherry vodka in her left.

Erin set the bottles down on the small coffee table that sat between the couch and easy chair, then went to the small fridge and pulled out lime slices that were in sealed in a zip-loc baggie, along with two shot glasses that sat atop the fridge. She set those down on the coffee table, then went back to the fridge to grab a glass and chrome container of salt, adding it to the collection.

"Um, Erin?" Alex asked, walking back over to the couch.

"Yes Alex?"Erin asked, making her way to the bedroom portion of the space and grabbing a plastic jack-o-lantern, such as is used for trick-or-treating. She set it on the table next to everything else.

"Pumpkin Pick?" Alex asked, sitting.

"Pumpkin Pick," Erin confirmed. She chuckled. "Take your coat off, stay awhile."

"No, I think I'll leave it on, thank you. I'm a wee under dressed at the moment."

Erin chuckled. "Okay, here's how the game is played. In that pumpkin are little folded pieces of paper that have some sort of directive written on them. I have to warn you," she said, holding up a finger for emphasis, "some are pretty naughty. I generally play this with close friends and/or girlfriends. But, for our purposes here, if you come across one that makes you uncomfortable, just set it aside and pick a new one, 'k?"

Alex nodded. "Okay." She was nervous, but was willing to play along.

"Do you want to start or do you want me to?" Erin asked. She was just as nervous, but also curious to see how Alex would react to the game she and an ex-girlfriend had devised a few years before. She grinned at Alex, who tugged her coat just a bit tighter around her. "Do you want to borrow something to wear, Alex?"

Alex contemplated the offer for a moment, but then shook her head. "No, I'm okay. And, you start."

"Alright." Erin grabbed the orange pale and looked away as she reached in, stirring the pot of folded papers around a few times before she finally latched onto one. Setting the pumpkin back down on the table, she sat back in the chair and unfolded the paper. An easy grin spread over her face. "Take a shot, Alex," she ordered, tossing the little paper onto the table.

Disbelieving, Alex snatched the paper up: Ask a member of the group to take a shot. Sighing, she tossed the paper back down and glanced over at the two bottle of strong alcohol. "I'll take the cherry vodka. I had no idea they even made flavored vodka."

"Oh yes," Erin said, unscrewing the cap and pouring the clear liquid into one of the shot glasses. "They make it in grape, vanilla, apple, raspberry-"

"Okay, okay, I got it," Alex laughed, accepting the glass in nervous fingers. She studied the clear liquid for a moment, able to smell the cherry scented fire. "Bottoms up," she murmured, then threw back the shot, grimacing at the strong taste that even cherry flavoring couldn't hide.

"Yeah!" Erin clapped. "Nice one." She scooted the pumpkin over to Alex. "Your turn. And remember, if it's something you don't think you can or want to do, pick again."

Alex nodded, a shiver passing through her as the strong alcohol did. She reached into the sea of tiny folded papers and drew one out, unfolding it and reading its contents allowed. "Ask a member of the group to stand up and sing the National Anthem." She grinned over at Erin. "Sing for me, Seymour!"

Erin sighed, always hating that one. "Okay." She got to her feet and cleared her throat. "You know what, I'll do one better." She hurried over to the wall and grabbed her violin and bow, quickly fiddling a version of the song that had Alex laughing and clapping. After it was over, Erin bowed dramatically then put the instrument away. She sat down and picked a paper. "Aw, damn," she sighed. "Forgot there's a lot of these in here."

Erin tossed the paper to the table then poured herself a shot of tequila in the other shot glass. She raised it in salute then tossed it back, shaking her head with a loud cry of victory as it slid down into her belly.

Alex laughed, whooping at the action. She was already beginning to feel relaxed from her own shot taken moments before. "My turn." She reached into the bucket and drew out a paper. "Okay. Oh! She looked over at Erin with a wicked grin. "Tell me a deep, dark secret."

"Do you want a serious one or a fun one?" Erin asked, flopping an arm lazily over the back of the chair.

Alex chewed on her bottom lip for a moment as she contemplated her choices. "Well, I'm always after you to be serious, so give me a serious one."

"Okay. My father raped me when I was 6 years old, and now he's in prison," Erin answered easily.

Alex couldn't speak, instant tears springing to her eyes. "Are you serious?" she whispered.

"As a heart attack." Erin leaned forward, reaching across the distance to take one of Alex's hands in her own. "Hey, it's okay. It happened a long time ago." She gave her an encouraging smile. "I'm okay."

Alex nodded, but still couldn't take her eyes off Erin, slowly shaking her head in disbelief. "Wow." She gave Erin's hand a squeeze then carefully slid hers out from its grasp. "Guess I should be careful what I ask for, huh?"

Erin smiled but said nothing. She didn't want things to get heavy, so she quickly chose from the orange bucket. She groaned at the paper she got, eyeing Alex for a moment as she tried to decide what to do. She knew she could toss it aside and choose again, but damn, she didn't want to.

Able to read the dilemma on Erin's face, Alex felt nervous fingers tickle her spine. "What?"

Deciding what the hell, Erin lowered herself to her hands and knees and slowly crawled over to Alex. "I've been instructed to take a shot," she explained.

"And what does that have to do with me?" Alex asked, sitting up a bit as Erin settled herself in front of, and slightly between Alex's knees.

"Well, it would seem I have to do a body shot," Erin explained. She reached behind her to grab the bottle of tequila, her shot glass, the bag of lime wedges and the salt.

Alex had heard of body shots but had never done one, and wasn't entirely sure what it entailed. "Okay. Again I ask, what does that have to do with me?"

Erin met her gaze. "You're the body." She laughed when she saw Alex's audible swallow. "Relax. I promise it won't hurt."

Erin lifted herself to her knees and reached for the edges of Alex's coat. She stopped when Alex flinched and met Alex's nervous gaze, trying to convey to her with her own that everything would be fine. After a long moment, Alex relaxed enough to where Erin felt she could pushed Alex's jacket off her shoulders without Alex either freaking out or Erin getting smacked.

"Have you ever taken a tequila shot before?" Erin asked softly. At Alex's nod, Erin began to explain, even as she gently pushed the jacket off Alex's shoulders, though she didn't make her take the jacket completely off, nor did Alex make a move to. "What's going to happen is this: I pick a part of your exposed skin to lick and pour the salt on, just as you'd lick your wrist with salt on it before you drink a normal shot. You, my dear get to hold the shot glass."

"Okay." Alex brought up a hand, expecting Erin to hand it to her.

Erin grinned and slowly shook her head. "Not there." Her gaze fell to Alex's abundant cleavage.

Alex's eyes popped open wide in shock.

"Thus 'body' shot. Then, you'll have two choices for the lime wedge," Erin continued. "You can either hold the wedge fruit-side out between your teeth, or you can squirt the juice into your mouth and I, well," she shrugged with a shit-eating grin, "I suck it from your mouth. Your choice."

Alex was surprised when she felt a sharp wave of heat hit her lower belly, along with billions of little nervous butterflies batting at her rib cage. "Um, I think I'll hold the lime wedge between my teeth."

Erin figured that's what she'd choose, but still couldn't help but be a little disappointed. "Alright," she said, filling the shot glass with tequila. She held it up for Alex to take. "I'll let you do the honors." She sensed that too much teasing would not be good.

Alex took the glass and tucked it into the ample cleave that the costume created, her cheeks flushing at the cool smoothness that was trapped within her flesh. "I cannot believe I'm letting you do this," she grumbled.

Erin chuckled. "It's all in fun, Alex."

Erin removed one of the lime wedges from the baggie and handed it to Alex, who took it and held it in her hand, not wanting to chance tasting the sour flavor before it was time. Next, Erin grabbed the salt shaker and wiggled it in front of Alex.

"Um," Alex whispered, fear clenching her gut. "Where are you going to put that?"

Erin raised up higher on her knees, placing a hand on one of Alex's knees and gently nudging her leg out, the other following suit. Erin moved completely between Alex's legs until she was flush with the front of the couch. She met Alex's nervous gaze, her own kind and understanding and losing the fire that she felt deep in her belly.

"It's okay, Alex," she said softly. "It's just a fun game, that's all."

Alex nodded and let out a breath.

Erin placed her hands on the couch on either side of Alex's hips for balance then leaned up toward Alex's neck. Alex's head instinctually leaned a bit to the side. Erin got in close, closing her eyes as she quietly inhaled Alex's scent, able to smell the faint whispers of perfume put on that morning, as well as Alex's own natural fragrance. She opened her mouth and ran her tongue up the side of Alex's neck, just above the juncture of where shoulder and neck meet. She quickly sprinkled salt onto the moistened area, then brought her mouth back to the salty flesh, taking her time to make sure she got every single granule of salt.

Alex's eyes slid shut at the sensation, a surprising warmth running through her body. Sooner than she would want to admit, Erin was gone. Her eyes opened to see the intensity of Erin's looking directly into her own. Alex gasped slightly when Erin's mouth closed in around the rim of the glass that was tucked into Alex's cleavage. She wasn't sure what she was expecting Erin to do: perhaps grab it with her fingers.

Erin watched as Alex's breasts heaved slightly with what she assumed were nervous breaths. As she neared the shot glass, she could definitely smell the strong liquor, but she could again also smell the light perfume and the smell of Alex. Pushing all of that out of her mind, she grasped the rim of the glass with her lips, making sure she had a firm grasp before lifting the small glass out of its fleshy hiding place and throwing her head back, careful to not throw the glass behind her with the movement.

Erin always hated this part, as the liquid fire swept at breakneck speed down her throat; the trick was always to not choke. Once the liquid was down, she grimaced at the feeling and nasty taste, hoping that Alex would be ready with the lime.

Alex watched in fascination as Erin tossed back the shot just using her mouth, and quickly brought the lime wedge up to her lips, almost putting it in fruit-side in in her haste. Managing to get it clamped between her teeth, she watched as Erin came towards her, looking for the world as though she were about to kiss Alex.

Erin cheated a bit and brought up a hand to cup around the warmth, and somewhat stickiness of Alex's neck, holding her still as she latched onto the fruit that was held between Alex's teeth and lips. She suckled the lime as a newborn babe suckles her mother's breast, trying to suck every ounce of juice out of the wedge.

Once it was sucked and shriveled to the skin, she backed away from Alex, breathing heavily from the lack of air she got while sucking so close to Alex's own mouth. She wiped excess juice, tequila and salt from her lips and chin, meeting Alex's eyes as Alex removed the lime wedge from her teeth and tossed it to the table. She also wiped her lips and chin.

Alex saw a fire and intensity in Erin's gaze that scared her, so she quickly looked away, still a bit shaken from the events of the past few minutes. She took several deep breaths, trying to get her body to relax and calm.

"That, Alex, is a body shot," Erin said at length, her sudden voice like a shot popped in the stillness of the aftermath.

"So I see," Alex chuckled nervously. She slowly tugged the jacket back up onto her shoulders, though didn't pull it closed, as it had been before. "My turn, I suppose."

Extremely nervous for what she'd get from the bucket, Alex reached in and stirred the pot a few times before pulling out a paper. She read it, then, with large eyes, quickly refolded it and tossed it back into the pot picking again. She did this two more times before she finally found one she was willing to do.

"Okay," she breathed, eyeing Erin. "Paybacks."

Erin swallowed reflexively, but nodded. "Hit me."

Alex sat back casually against the couch cushion, even though her heart was still pounding in her chest. Eyes on Erin, she crossed one muscular leg over the other, casually swinging her foot back and forth. "You get to do a strip tease for me down to your underwear."

Erin groaned, eyes falling shut. "Damn." She'd tossed that one in there three years ago because the woman she'd been with at the time had actually been a stripper. "Alright." She knew there was no way to deny the request from the paper, so she let out a heavy breath and pushed up from the chair. "Music or no music?"

Alex shrugged, a smug look on her face. "What gets your heart pumping?"

"Besides doing a body shot in your cleavage?" Erin taunted. She grinned at the deep blush that crept up Alex's cheeks. Don't try and play with the master of flirt, she mused to herself.

Erin walked over to her iPod and scanned the thousands of song titles she had stored in the tiny device. Grinning at her selection, she cradled the iPod in the docking station with powerful speakers and hit play. George Michael's I Want Your Sex began to play.

Alex chuckled and shook her head. "Gee, how appropriate."

"I thought so," Erin purred as she allowed her body to get into the beat.

She never took her eyes off Alex as she danced with fluid sexuality to the center of the room where the couch and easy chair was, easily pushing the coffee table aside to give her room to do a show.

"You may want to re-think this, Alex," she purred, her hips easily catching the sexy beat of the song.

"Why's that?" Alex asked.

"Because," Erin whispered, moving towards Alex and uncrossing her legs before lowering herself onto Alex's lap, giving her a teasingly brief lap dance. "You're gonna like it too much."

Alex gave her a challenging grin and shook her head, determined to prove Erin wrong.

Erin laughed and pushed off Alex's lap, returning to the space she'd created and really began to move. She slid her hands down the front of her body, over full breasts and down over a flat stomach until she reached the hem of her t-shirt. Eyes pinning Alex to the spot, she lifted the hem of the tee only to bring it down again, her hips moving the entire time. She would pull the shirt up a bit more, exposing the lines of a toned stomach before the shirt was down again.

Alex watched, unable to help herself as she got into the beat of the song, leaning slightly forward in her seat, curious to see what Erin would do.

Erin turned her back to Alex, treating her to a very nice ass moving to the music. She pulled the shirt completely off, though kept her back to Alex, giving her a sexy glance over her shoulder. Turning back around to face the blonde, she kept her shirt in front of her breasts, shooting Alex a coy look, which made Alex laugh. She had to admit, she was enjoying the show!

Erin mouthed the words of the song, I want your sex... I want your love... as she tossed the shirt aside, raising her arms over her head as her entire body became a moving, living, breathing orgasmic vision. She slithered over to Alex, once again lowering herself to Alex's lap, though never fully put her body weight on her.

Alex was a little taken aback as suddenly Erin's bra-clad breasts were very much in her face, and she had to admit, they were beautiful. Her hands were taken in Erin's and placed on Erin's writhing hips.

Erin leaned forward, singing the lyrics into Alex's ear. "Sexy baby, sexy body, keeps me guessing..."

Alex's heart was racing. She forced her gaze away from the plentiful cleavage up to Erin's face. Her tongue poked out as she swiped it across her lower lip, admittedly feeling the heat from Erin's body and her extremely sensual dance.

Erin could feel her sex throbbing at the close proximity, especially when she was half-naked. She moved away from Alex again and finished her provocative dance with a flourish as the song came to an end.

Alex cat whistled and clapped, trying desperately to ignore her body's reaction to what she'd just witnessed and been made part of. "You're not finished, though," she chastised, indicated the boxers Erin wore.

Erin raised a brow. "Baby, these are my undies," she purred, using a thumb to tug down on the red and black checkered material at her hip, pulling them down just far enough to reveal everything just above the line of her carefully trimmed pubic hair. "I wasn't exactly expecting company tonight."

Blushing deeply, Alex nodded and looked away. "Okay. Well um, that was fun."

"It was, wasn't it?" Erin grinned, grabbing her t-shirt and putting it back on as she walked over to her iPod and turning it and the docking station off. She grabbed the half-full bottle of water from the table near her keyboard that she'd been drinking earlier, and downed it before returning to her chair. She grabbed the plastic pumpkin and plucked a paper out of it. "Let's see if I can get one that's a little less physically tiring," she teased. She read the paper and smirked. "Forgot about that one." She had a winner on the second one. "Ah, here we go." Placing the pumpkin back on the table that she'd pulled back into place, Erin swung a leg over the arm of the chair and looked over at Alex. "Give me your biggest dream in life."

Relieved at the simplicity of the request, Alex gave it real thought. "In truth, I want what probably most people want: I want a nice house with someone I love to share it with. I want the dog, car payments, all of it."

Erin smiled, tossing the paper to the table top. "That's a nice dream, Alex."

"What about you? What do you want for your future, Erin?"

"Is this your turn?" Erin asked, brow raised.

"No, it's my curiosity."

Erin chuckled. "Alright, I'll answer. In truth, I want the same things, though I have no clue of the details. All I know is I want to settle down with someone - eventually," she emphasized, "and be happy."

Alex let out a wistful sigh and reached for the pumpkin. She drew out a paper and read it, rolling her eyes. "How many of these are there?" she asked, tossing the paper across the table.

Erin read it and chuckled. "What, to take a shot? Several. This is, after all, a drinking game."

"I see." Alex slid off the couch and to her knees on the floor next to the table. She looked at both bottles of alcohol, trying to decide which to choose.

"Oh, and a little rule I forgot to tell you: from here on out they have to be body shots."

Alex's head whipped up, eyes wide in surprise. She narrowed them and growled at the teasing grin she saw on Erin's face. "You think so, huh?"

Though Erin had been totally teasing, and she knew Alex knew that, she wanted to see what Alex would do.

"I am determined to beat you at your own game, you know," Alex purred, grabbing the bottle of Tequila, shot glass and bag of lime wedges before she crawled over to the chair where Erin sat. Setting her goods on the floor at Erin's feet, she reached over and grabbed the salt shaker as well.

"What game is that?" Erin asked, her heart skipping a beat as she looked into the determined fire within Alex's eyes.

"Your game to shock me, knock me off balance and who knows what else," Alex said as she grabbed Erin's leg that hung over the arm of the chair, forcing Erin to sit with both feet on the floor.

Erin met her gaze, a smug smile on her face as, though Alex was surprising her for sure, she wasn't about to call Check Mate quite yet. She would let Alex do all the work to set up her move and see how it all played out.

Seeming to sense this, Alex pushed up onto her knees and shrugged out of her jacket, tossing it back to the couch before turning back to Erin. She looked at Erin's t-shirt then into Erin's eyes. "I can't very well set this up while you have your t-shirt on, now can I?"

Erin actually gulped as Alex grabbed the hem of the shirt and pulled roughly up, forcing the shirt up and over Erin's head. She shook her hair free of the garment then returned her gaze back to Alex and what she was up to.

Alex did her level best to keep her eyes to herself rather than the full bra-clad breasts that were once again right in front of her face. She poured the tequila and, rather than handing it to Erin for placement, she sat up on her knees and leaned in to tuck the smooth glass between Erin's breasts. Never having touched a woman's breasts before other than her own, she was amazed at the softness of the warm flesh, even as she tried to touch them as little as possible.

Sitting back on her legs, she looked up at Erin from breasts to face, trying to figure out where it would be most torturous to put the salt. She spied a pronounced collarbone and decided she had her target. Keeping her cards to her chest, she grabbed the salt shaker as well as a lime wedge, handing the fruit to Erin silently.

Erin took it, but had her own devious plan in mind. "Thank you."

Alex smiled sweetly then pushed up on her knees once more. One more glance into Erin's eyes then she leaned forward, running her tongue along the soft, salty flesh of Erin's collarbone. She heard a sharp intake above her followed by an almost imperceptible sigh of pleasure.

It took all of Erin's strength to not cup the back of Alex's head and beg her not to stop. Instead, she tried valiantly to keep her breathing under control and just roll with it. She knew Alex was making a point, torturing her to get back at the games Erin had been playing with her for weeks. It was certainly delicious torment.

Alex was slightly shaken as she sprinkled salt on the wet spot she'd made, realizing that she was enjoying what she was doing and could feel her body responding to Erin. She pushed the thought out of her mind as she brought her mouth back to Erin's skin to lick up the salt. She wanted to touch Erin, to bring her hands into play somehow, in some way that she was terrified to even contemplate. Instead, she kept them locked onto the arms of Erin's chair.

Once she had every granule of salt licked up, she sat back a bit and looked into heavily hooded blue eyes. She was thrilled at the effect she was having on Erin. With that joyous thought in mind, she lowered her mouth to Erin's breasts, trying to focus solely on the shot glass so she wouldn't choke or spill it.

Carefully, Alex took the glass between her lips, trying to use her tongue to steady it somewhat, then finally when she was ready, tilted her head back, swallowing as the liquid slid down her throat, nearly making her cough. She removed the glass from her mouth with her hand then pushed up on her knees to suck the lime. She stopped short when she saw Erin finish squeezing the last of the juice into her mouth, shooting a challenging gaze Alex's way.

Refusing to back down, Alex gave Erin the sauciest look she could muster, even as her heart was about to pound out of her chest. She leaned in, looking Erin dead in the eye for a moment before her eyes slipped closed and she pressed her mouth against Erin's. She had no choice but to essentially kiss her in order to get the lime juice.

Erin closed her eyes, her lips moving with Alex's as Alex's tongue dipped inside her mouth to scoop up the juice. Erin's clit twitched when she heard the tiniest sigh escape Alex's throat as the "drink" continued. It took all of Erin's will power to not cup Alex's face and deepen the kiss even more.

After a breathless moment, Alex pulled away, her breathing heavier than she'd have liked, and juice dribbling down her chin. She looked away as she wiped it off. After that, in all honesty, she wasn't sure who had won that round, her or Erin.

Both women recuperated as Alex pushed up from the floor, gathering all the things she'd brought over to the chair and set it all back down on the table, then took her seat again, pushing her jacket aside. The alcohol was heating her up far too much to put it back on.

Erin, for her part was still shaken by what had just happened and desperately needed a drink. She grabbed her shot glass and the vodka and poured herself a shot, quickly tossing it back before letting out a heavy breath and retaking her seat. Without a word, she grabbed the pumpkin and drew from it, opening her fate.

"Alright, Alex. What is your favorite color and why?"

Alex was grateful for the very benign question. "I love the color green and it's because I love my eyes; it makes them stand out more."

"Good answer," Erin muttered, tossing the paper onto the table and watching as Alex picked her own.

Alex stared at her paper for a long moment, chewing on her bottom lip and trying to decide if she had the guts to follow through. She knew the two shots she'd already taken were really beginning to take effect, as she was considering far more than she would have an hour ago. She glanced up to meet amused eyes.

"If I do this one, who gets to pick which body parts?" she asked, waving the paper in the air.

"Which one is it?"

Alex read from the paper. "'The person to your right has to lick a shot from two different body parts of yours.'" Again she met amused eyes.

"I'll let you choose, if you want," Erin offered, her stomach flipping and clit clenching at that one.

"I'll tell you what," Alex said, tossing the paper to the table. "You pick one and I'll pick one, but me first."


Alex crooked a finger at Erin as she grabbed the bottle of cherry vodka. She waited for Erin to kneel in front of her, waiting expectantly. Alex twisted off the cap from the bottle then poured a small amount of the alcohol in the palm of her left hand.

Erin watched then glanced up into Alex's eyes before she gripped Alex's hand in both of hers, holding it gently but firmly as she lowered her mouth to the liquid. She took her time as she licked the pocket of fluid, but didn't stop once she had it all. Instead, she licked a trail up to Alex's wrist where she let her tongue dance then glide back down to run along Alex's middle finger, flicking the tip with her tongue before placing a soft kiss in the palm.

Again, Alex's heart was set to pound out of her chest, and she couldn't help but wonder if she'd made a huge mistake by, not only accepting this challenge, but also giving Erin some say in where she was going next.

Erin stood and held her hand out, taking the bottle of alcohol from Alex with the other. Confused, Alex took Erin's hand and was pulled to her feet. "It'll be easier this way," Erin assured, backing up to her easy chair and sitting down. She tugged on Alex's hand, indicating she wanted Alex to straddle her lap.

Not sure what Erin had up her sleeve, but her fuzzy mind and pulsing body was willing to go along with it. She hiked up the short, tight skirt of the costume enough to allow her to spread her legs, then lowered herself to Erin's lap, their stomach's pressed together. A small tremble shot uncontrollably through her body at the feeling and look in Erin's eyes.

"Now what?" she asked.

Without a word, Erin brought her hands up and unbuttoned the white "uniform" a couple more buttons from the already-low neckline. She peeled back the parts just enough to reveal Alex's bra-clad breasts. She looked up at Alex with intent, raising a brow. She knew she was pushing it, and wanted to give Alex the chance to stop this before it began. To her surprise and delight, Alex only let out a slightly shaky breath, but said nothing, nor pulled away.

Erin raised the bottle, twisting off the cap and filling the shot glass she'd grabbed from the table. Re-capping the bottle, she set it on the floor beside her chair, then with one more look at Alex, dumped half the contents down into Alex's cleavage.

Alex gasped as the cold liquid rushed down between her breasts and into her bra. She saw the intent marked clearly in Erin's eyes, and felt her own sex clench in response. "Lick it up," she whispered, breathy.

Erin cupped the satin cups of Alex's bra, holding the breasts up and slightly together before she brought her face down into the soft cleavage, her tongue immediately licking a trail between Alex's breasts, her tongue registering the taste of the cherry vodka, which left Alex's skin sticky.

Instinctually, Alex's hands came up and cupped Erin's head, holding her to her. Her eyes closed and her breathing increased as she felt Erin's hot mouth and tongue on her flesh.

Erin felt the pressure on her head, and was more than willing to give more. She lapped at Alex's skin, making sure she got every drop of the alcohol, and sent her tongue searching for more. She felt as though she were outside her body, unable to worry about offending Alex or taking things too far as her tongue lapped just inside the cup that held Alex's right breast. She groaned when she felt the pebbled flesh of Alex's areola, and just the barest hint of a rigid nipple.

Alex gasped, hugging Erin to her even tighter as a shockwave of sensation rushed through her body and landing squarely between her legs.

Erin was lost in her own lust as she nosed the bra aside as much as possible until her tongue could fully reach Alex's nipple. She couldn't get her lips around it, but she flicked it with her tongue, her thumb running over the hard nipple of Alex's left breast through the material of the bra. She could feel the heat coming from between Alex's legs, so hot it nearly burned her stomach through the thin t-shirt she wore.

Alex was just as lost, but as soon as she felt her hips begin to rock against Erin, she was brought rudely back to the world, and to what she was doing and allowing Erin to do. Quickly she pulled away, gasping for air as she tried to get her breathing under control.

"Enough," she panted, holding Erin at bay with her hands on her shoulders. "I think you got it all." She took a moment to gather herself before she pushed off Erin's lap, heading back to the couch on somewhat shaky legs.

Erin was just as affected, her own heart pounding and her blood pumping to her clit, making it ache. She ran a hand through her hair, still able to taste Alex's flesh on her tongue. She glanced over at the pumpkin, trying to remember whose turn it was. Realizing it was hers, she sat forward and grabbed the pumpkin, drawing a piece of paper out and looking at it. It took a couple tries before her eyes could focus on the words from both the alcohol she'd drank, and her deep arousal.

She chuckled when she read the question she had to ask.

"Oh god," Alex murmured.

"It's not that bad," Erin assured. "Just amusing, considering... Okay, what is your favorite sexual position?" She met Alex's eyes. "And please spare me the dick talk, 'cuz that's just going to gross me out."

Alex laughed. "How am I supposed to tell you my favorite sexual position without dick talk? That's all I know."

"I know," Erin grumbled. "Okay, then let's do this. Come here and show me."

"No!" Alex exclaimed, eyes huge.

Erin threw her head back and burst into laughter. "I was kidding! Okay, okay, seriously. Then tell me how you like to be touched. Like, what really sets off your rockets?"

"Alright. Let me think for a minute." Alex pushed off her shoes and pulled her legs up under her on the couch. "Well, first of all, I love to kiss. God, I could spend hours kissing. But, I guess what I love most, and don't often get, is to be touched." She closed her eyes, imagining ghostly hands running all over her body. "Touched all over my body," she murmured, her voice husky from her drunken arousal.

"Any particular place?" Erin asked, tempted to start taking notes.

"Other than the obvious ones, you mean?" Alex teased, hooded green eyes meeting Erin's. "Anywhere, everywhere." She let out a needy sigh, but quickly tampered down her desire as she leaned forward and picked a paper out of the pumpkin. She smirked. "Looks like we both have to take a shot, Erin."

Erin scooted off the chair and to the floor next to the table, bottle of cherry vodka in hand. She set it on the table surface to give Alex that option. Alex had crawled over to the table as well, their knees mere inches apart. Erin looked at Alex, wanting so badly to push her to the floor and fuck her like she'd never been fucked.

"What?" Alex asked softly. "You look like you're about to eat me alive."

"Don't tempt me," Erin warned, filling her shot glass with the vodka and offering the bottle to Alex. When she got a nod of approval, she filled Alex's glass. "Bottom's up, sexy."

Alex grabbed her glass and tapped it against Erin's.

They threw back the alcohol, both grimacing at the taste and fire burning all the way down into their gut.

"Do you know where the term 'rot gut' came from?" Alex asked, flopping back to sit on the floor, her back against the front of the couch.

Erin shook her head, staying where she was. "Where?"

"In the eighteen hundreds the medical schools weren't given cadavers to study, so they'd send out body snatchers to the cemeteries to steal bodies, which was illegal. To hide the bodies, sometimes they'd put them in barrels of whiskey. People actually drank the whiskey, no idea there was a corpse in with it."

Erin scrunched up her face. "Gross!"

Alex giggled. "I know. Can you imagine?"

"No." Erin picked out of the pumpkin. "Ugh, no way," she muttered tossing the paper to the table. "Another shot," she explained with a glance to Alex. Picking again, she grinned. "Ha! Back to you." She showed Alex the paper, SKIP A TURN written in bold black letters.

Alex groaned but picked out of the pumpkin. She read the paper, gasping at what it said to do. She felt her curiosity and clit twitch in equal measure. Letting out a shaky breath, she looked up at Erin.

"Do you have a stopwatch?" she asked.

Erin looked at her, confused. "What for?"

Alex crawled over to Erin, who had scooted back against the front of the chair, still sitting on the floor. She handed Erin the paper as she settled in on Erin's right side.

Erin read the paper and nearly came. "Oh god," she whimpered. She grabbed her cell phone from the table top and switched through the settings until she got to the stopwatch feature. "Thirty seconds?" she asked.

Alex nodded, glancing down at Erin's boxers, knowing she had no underwear on underneath them, and also knowing that she had to put her hand down Erin's pants for thirty long seconds. She looked up to meet Erin's gaze. "Ready?" she whispered.

Erin nodded, unfolding her legs and subconsciously spreading them a bit. "Thirty seconds." She hit the START key and the seconds began to tick away.

Alex slipped her fingers beneath the waistband of Erin's boxers, immediately able to feel the immense moist heat before she even reached the trimmed hair between Erin's legs. She gasped as she continued to slide in, her hand coming into contact with the unbelievable wetness there. Never in her life had she ever touched another woman like she was doing now, but she had to admit it was unbelievably sensual and so very ... different.

Erin's eyes slid closed, her self control in full throttle, as she wanted to thrust her hips against Alex's touch. She felt those tentative fingers slide down over her sex, cupping her.

"You are so wet," Alex breathed, unable to help herself as she moved her hand a bit, her middle finger falling into the swollen, wet folds and into the molten heat of Erin's sex. She ran that finger slowly up and down through the wetness, able to feel Erin's rock hard clit and then down to the teasing trap of Erin's opening.

"Fuck," Erin moaned, her legs falling open a bit more.

Alex was completely caught up in the slickness between Erin's legs and the heat that radiated between them, and in truth, had for weeks. She leaned in close to Erin's ear. "If you could do anything right now, what would you do?" she whispered.

"I'd fuck your pussy so hard you'd never think about dick again," Erin whimpered.

Alex grabbed Erin's face and forced it towards her, taking Erin's mouth in a hard kiss, her fingers continuing their work down Erin's boxers. She had no idea what she was doing, but Erin seemed to like it, so she kept it up, turning her hand so she could concentrate on Erin's clit with two of her fingers.
Erin's kiss was savage, her tongue plundering Alex's mouth. She was breathing so hard as her orgasm began that she had to break away from the kiss. "Fuck, I'm gonna come!" she cried, her body exploding, covering Alex's hand with hot juices.
Alex groaned in sympathy, her own clit twitching uncontrollably, desperate for attention. "Fuck me, Erin," she whimpered, pulling Erin back into the kiss. "Fuck my pussy. I need you to make me come so bad..."
Erin quickly recovered from her powerful experience, pushing Alex to the floor and following suit. She took Alex's mouth in a passionate kiss, sucking her tongue into her own mouth before her own tongue was sucked into Alex's.
She blindly shoved at the skirt of the costume, a ripping sound sounding the room. She didn't care, as she was desperate to get to Alex. Finally, as they continued kissing, her fingers found their way up the skirt and inside Alex's completely saturated panties. She thrust two fingers inside and began to pound into her.
"Fuck!" Alex cried, her legs spread as wide as they'd go with the damn skirt on. She clawed at Erin's back, her hips thrusting up to meet Erin's every move. It didn't take long before her body convulsed around Erin, leaving Alex speechless with the intensity of her orgasm.
They both laid there for a long moment, panting into each other's mouth as their world slowly returned to them. Erin recovered first, pulling her fingers out of Alex with a wet sound. She braced herself on her elbows and looked down at Alex's beautiful, flushed face. She wanted her so bad it hurt.
"I want to kiss and lick your whole body," she whispered, leaning down and taking Alex's mouth in a slow, sensual kiss, her hands brushing blonde hair out of Alex's face. She pulled away from the kiss, her hand running down Alex's body to her thigh. She reached around underneath and gently pulling Alex's thigh up, pressing down against Alex with her hips. "I want to taste your pussy," she whispered against Alex's lips. I want to lick you and fuck you with my tongue."
Alex whimpered at the words, her hands running down Erin's back and into the waistband of her boxers, hands cupping Erin's ass. "I want you, Erin," she moaned.
Suddenly, Erin pushed up from Alex and held her hand down to her. Alex took it and was helped to her feet then led into the bedroom part of Erin's room. Once there, Erin took Alex into her arms and initiated one of the most passionate kisses Alex had ever participated in.
As the kiss continued, Erin brought her hands up and finished unbuttoning the white costume dress, the garment falling to the floor around Alex's bare feet. She stepped out of it and kicked it aside.
Erin broke away from the kiss and looked down at Alex's body, a body she'd dreamed and fantasized about for months. She ran her hands down Alex's sides and over her hips, coming back up over a muscled stomach and finally to full breasts in their vodka-stained bra. She reached around Alex and unclasped it, watching with avid eyes as it fell away, revealing one of the most beautiful sights Erin had ever seen. She couldn't help but marvel at what a complete idiot Lance was.
Leaning in to kiss Alex's silky neck, Erin ran her fingers down Alex's naked back and into her panties, pushing them down with the continued momentum. She heard Alex moan softly at the wet kisses and then groan as one of Erin's hands slid up and cupped a breast.
Alex's own hands went on the move, pushing down Erin's boxers then work up under her t-shirt, pushing Erin's bra up over her breasts and cupping them. She delighted in the small growl that earned her, one of Erin's hands finding Alex's ass and pulling Alex's hips into Erin's.
Suddenly, Erin broke from Alex's neck and pulled away, just enough to pull her shirt over her head and toss her unclasped bra to the ground. She walked Alex backwards to the bed until Alex fell onto the mattress, back peddling until she was able to lay down with her head on the pillow, Erin following.
"Do you have any idea how bad I've wanted to fuck you?" Erin asked, pushing Alex's legs apart and settling her hips between them. They both moaned as she rested her naked body atop Alex's, their breasts pressing together.
"I think I have an idea," Alex grinned, raising her knees and wrapping her legs around Erin's hips.
"Mm, I don't know," Erin murmured against Alex's neck, sucking the skin into her mouth before letting it go, only to lave it with a hot tongue. "Spread your legs for me, baby," she whispered against the skin, groaning approval when she felt Alex obey. "Open them wide." She spread her own legs a big, adjusted herself against Alex. "You feel my pussy against yours?" she whispered, her words shaky from her intense arousal as she moved her hips a bit.
Alex let out a loud moan, her hands finding purchase on Erin's ass. "Oh my god," she whimpered.
"Jesus, we're both so wet," Erin marveled, able to hear their slick juices sloshing together with every slow move.
"Feels so good," Alex blew out. She had never felt anything like it; it took her breath away.
Erin rose to her hands, rubbing harder against Alex, though trying to keep the surface area only to their clits. "Shit!" she exclaimed, the pleasure building as she continued to move, the bed squeaking with her slow thrusts. She lowered her upper body just enough so her breasts would brush against Alex's, their hard nipples touching. That alone sent a shock wave of pleasure through her body, add to it the wonderful little whimpers and mewling sounds Alex was making, Erin was ready to burst.
Alex's head fell useless to the side, her breathing turning into constant panting as she got closer. "Erin," she cried, grabbing painful handfuls of Erin's ass as she came with a loud groan.
Erin didn't even noticed the pain as she looked into Alex's face as she climaxed, which sent her over the edge, her face buried in Alex's neck, her loud cries muffled. She grinded herself into Alex, milking as much pleasure as she could until finally she collapsed on top of Alex, her chest heaving with the excitement and exertion.
Alex wrapped her arms around Erin's back, holding her close. Her sex convulsed several times, coaxing soft whimpers out of her each time.
Shawn and Lisa exchanged a quick kiss once he killed the engine of his truck, parked at the curb behind Erin's. They climbed out of the car and joined hands as they made their way up the walkway to the house. Shawn noticed Alex's car parked at the curb in front of Lance's house.
"I wonder if they made up," Lisa wondered aloud, as Lance had already called Shawn to tell him what had happened.
Shawn said nothing, as he had a feeling Alex wasn't even there.
Erin was about to move off Alex, but Alex stopped her. "Stay," she said softly. "I love the way you feel against me, so soft."
Erin was quite happy where she was, she just hadn't wanted to be too heavy on Alex, even as she held her weight on her forearms. She looked down into Alex's beautiful face, fingers lightly stroking the delicate feature and soft, blonde hair. "You are truly the most beautiful woman I've ever seen," she murmured, her eyes eating up the visual feast before her.
Alex smiled and blushed slightly. "Thank you." She ran her hands up and down the full length of Erin's back. "When did you get so charming?"
"Well," Erin murmured, laying a playful trail of kisses along Alex's jaw. "If a dog swallowed a diamond, eventually he'll shit it out, and then, if you dig through the shit, you'll find that diamond."
Alex stared at her for a moment, bemused. "Are you comparing yourself to the dog, the shit or the diamond?"
Erin laughed against the skin of Alex's throat. "Maybe all the above."
Alex smiled, bringing a hand up to bury itself in Erin's hair as she continued to kiss along Alex's neck. She sighed into the pleasurable sensations, especially as the kisses began to go from playful to slow and wet.
Erin made a slow trail of kisses and licks down along Alex's throat, her tongue dipping at the hollow, then moved on to pay homage to her shoulders and collarbones. "You are exquisite," she murmured against the side of a rounded breast. "I could touch you forever..."
Alex whimpered softly at the words and then as her nipple was taken into the hot warmth of Erin's mouth. "Erin," Alex breathed, her body heating up yet again.
Erin took her time, her mouth suckling one breast while her hand worshipped the other. In all the dozens and dozens of women Erin had ever been with, she'd never had the need to go so slow, to explore and please like she did with Alex. It literally had become a mission to give her as much pleasure as she possibly could, as though something inside her would break if she didn't.
Erin's mouth moved to the other breast, meanwhile her hand running down over the smooth skin of Alex's side, caressing the softness, not only for Alex's benefit, but also - and mostly - for Erin's. Alex's softness seemed to hold all the secrets of the world, and she was desperate to attain that knowledge. She could feel renewed wetness on her stomach as she slowly loved her body further down Alex's.
There wasn't a single square inch of the front of Alex's body that she didn't sample and caress. Finally, she reached the juncture where Alex's hip met her thigh. She paid just as much homage to Alex's thighs as she did everywhere else. She smiled into the flesh as she felt Alex really beginning to squirm. Quiet whimpers and pleas escaped from above Erin as she ran her tongue down along the bend of Alex's leg, the scent of Alex's need making her nearly dizzy with her own need to pleasure and taste.
Alex's fingers dug into the sheet beneath her body, her hips moving of their own accord, as her sex was in desperate need of attention. She moaned when she felt Erin's breath nearing where she needed her the most. "Baby, please," she begged, thrusting herself blindly towards Erin. "Please."
Erin couldn't hold back anymore. She spread Alex open to her with her fingers, using her arms to hold Alex's thighs wide apart. She ran her tongue up from Alex's opening to her clit then back down again. She reveled in the breathy cry that produced. Wanting to hear that sound again, she repeated her action, though this time when she reached Alex's entrance again, she slid her tongue inside, flicking at Alex's walls before she began a steady slow fucking with her tongue.
Alex cried out, her hands shooting down to Erin's head, holding her in place. The gentle rhythm of Erin's tongue was driving her crazy. She arched her back as she opened her legs wider. Erin had gotten her so worked up with her sensual exploration of her body that Alex wasn't entirely sure how long she'd last.
As Erin continue her slow fucking, she brought a hand up, covering Alex's extended clit with Alex's own slick wetness and began to massage it in firm circles. Erin smiled at the litany of moans and curses she heard coming from Alex's lips, and knew she was close. In one move, she took her fingers away from Alex's clit, replacing them with her tongue. She sucked the hard flesh into her mouth and sucked as she batted at it with her tongue. Within moments, Alex's body stiffened and a loud, primal cry escaped her throat, her entire body convulsing as she came in Erin's mouth.
Alex was so still, Erin worried for a moment that she'd lost consciousness. She kissed her way back up Alex's body, lovingly caressing her face. "Baby, are you okay?" she whispered softly.
Alex nodded, seeming to get herself back. She blinked her eyes open several times, finally focusing on Erin's concerned face. "That was unreal," she whispered, her heart only now beginning to return to some semblance of its normal cadence. She brought her arms up and hugged Erin to her. "Jesus."
Deeply satisfied, Erin held Alex to her for a long moment. Finally, she rolled over onto her back and pulled Alex with her, pulling the blankets of the unmade bed up to cover them. Alex immediately cuddled up against her, her head resting on Erin's shoulder.
"I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted," Erin murmured, running her hand up and down Alex's back.
Alex sighed, sated and content. "Yeah," she agreed, her voice sleepy.
Hours later, Erin woke to lips on hers and gentle fingers running through her hair. She opened her eyes, the pre-dawn cold permeating the room. She looked into Alex's face, which hovered above her own. She was disappointed to see Alex had her bra on.
"I should go," Alex said once she realized Erin was awake. "I don't think it would be too good for Lance to see my car still here when he gets home."
Erin nodded, knowing full well that Alex was right, but she didn't want her to leave. She returned the soft kiss Alex gave her. "Let me give you something to wear."
Erin and Alex climbed off the bed and Erin went to her dresser. She grabbed Alex a pair of warm sweat pants and a heavy sweatshirt. She watched as Alex quickly dressed. "So what now?"
Alex didn't answer for a long moment but then she faced Erin, shaking her head. "I don't know, to be honest. I know that after last night, I have no desire to go back to Lance."
Erin wasn't sure if she meant Lance's actions or their time together. She decided it didn't matter. She stood, cold and naked and watched as Alex walked up to her, wrapping her in a lingering embrace.
"I need some time to think, Erin," Alex murmured into Erin's neck. "I also don't want to hurt Lance or your friendship with him."
Erin nodded; though she may not like it, she completely understood. She cupped Alex's face and brought her in for a slow, deep kiss, wanting Alex to understand how she felt about her in the only way she knew how, as she had no right to put it in words. Alex returned the kiss, and seemed to be saying the same thing. After the kiss broke, they hugged again and then Alex pulled away.
"You better get back into bed before you get sick," she said, playfully slapping Erin on her ass.
Erin nodded with a smile. "Drive safe, okay?"
"I will."
Erin watched Alex disappear into the darkness that was the rest of her bedroom, but could hear her gather up her things, and finally leave.
As the morning sun crept over the cold day, Erin was already up, showered and dressed. She'd only managed a few more hours sleep after Alex had left. Tired of lying in bed, she'd decided to get up. Her hangover wasn't horrible, luckily, so she figured it best to get into the shop early to finish with the inventory. She'd been there exactly twenty minutes when her cell phone rang.
When she saw her brother's name pop up in the I.D. window, her stomach dropped, guilt gnawing at her. "Hey, Shawn," she said innocently into the small phone.
"Hey. Where are you at?" he asked.
"I'm at the shop, working on inventory."
"Oh. Okay. Well, I'll be in a little later."
"Okey doke. See you then."
Erin clapped her phone shut and set it on the counter next to the cash register as she scribbled some notes for a product they needed to order in. She was surprised, and somewhat startled, to hear a tapping on the glass of the locked front door to the still-closed store. Her surprise grew when she saw that it was Alex who was doing the knocking.
Hurrying around the counter, Erin unlocked the door and let Alex in before locking it behind her. Alex was freshly showered and dressed in her work scrubs. "How is it that in baggy ass scrubs you still look hot as hell?" Erin accused.
Alex grinned. "Just lucky, I guess. I drove by your house but your car was gone, so I took a chance you'd be here."
"And so I am." She took Alex's hand and tugged her through the showroom and into the back office.
Alex allowed herself to be heaved up to sit on the edge of the large desk, Erin standing between her spread legs. She knew it was a mistake, but couldn't help it. She set the folded sweats and sweatshirt on the desk next to her.
"So, what do I owe this highly unexpected pleasure?" Erin asked, her hands resting on Alex's hips. She was fighting within herself to not just clear the desktop with an arm and fuck Alex on the spot.
"I brought your clothes back to you and I think we should talk," Alex said, her hands running up and down Erin's forearms.
"Oh yeah? What should we talk about?" Erin asked, her gaze traveling over Alex's face, down her neck and down into the 'v' neckline of her scrubs top, revealed in the opening of her winter coat. She could just barely see a hint of cleavage.
Amused, Alex grabbed Erin's chin and forced her head up, their eyes meeting. "Do you know what I think?"
A slow, sexy grin spread across Erin's face. "That I should undress you right now and eat you out?"
Alex stared at her for a moment before breaking into laughter. "God, you're so infuriating!" Even so, she found herself completely drawn into Erin's charm. Her hands slid up Erin's, over her shoulders and finally into her hair, pulling her down for a kiss.
Erin leaned into Alex, her hands cupping her ass and pulling their bodies closer together. She deepened the kiss, her blood set to boil. As the kiss heated up even more, she pushed the heavy jacket from Alex's shoulders, Alex letting one arm go at a time to slide out of the sleeves. Moaning into the kiss, Erin cupped one of Alex's breasts through her shirt and bra, squeezing lightly and rubbing her thumb over the nipple until it hardened.
Alex hissed at the sensation, breaking away from the kiss as her head fell back. She hugged Erin's head to her as a hot mouth found her neck. "God, why can't I resist you?" she whimpered.
Erin had no answer as she continued to fondle Alex and nip at her neck. "I want you so bad," she whispered, finding Alex's mouth again. "I think about you night and day," she whispered against Alex's lips. "God, baby... I can't get enough of you."
'Erin," Alex whimpered, her heart softening with each word, each kiss and each touch. "God, I need to get to work, but I don't want to leave."
Erin pulled back just enough to look into Alex's face. "Call off. I'll leave the shop to Shawn today and we can go somewhere." She initiated another slow kiss. "We can make love all day," she whispered against Alex's lips. "Have us a Halloween to remember."
Alex smiled at the words and was so completely tempted. "God Erin, I just don't know. It's wrong what we're doing."
"I know." Erin's hands slipped around to Alex's back, sliding up under the thin material of the scrubs top. She reveled in the heat of Alex's bare skin upon her fingertips. "But it feels so damn right."
"What will Lance or your brother say?" Alex asked, her breathing uneven and her heart racing.
"I don't care."
"We have to care, baby," Alex murmured, placing a soft kiss on Erin's kiss. Even as she said the words and felt them to be true, she wrapped her legs around Erin's hips, using them to hold Erin as close to her as possible.
"Come away with me," Erin pleaded in a whisper. "Spend the day with me."
Alex brought a hand up and caressed the side of Erin's face as she looked into her eyes. She was about to agree when suddenly the office door was slammed open and Shawn stepped inside.
"I knew it," he growled, eyes angry.
Alex and Erin both jumped, Erin pulling out from between Alex's legs, but stayed protectively in front of her.
"I fucking knew it! Erin, how could you do this? Again?!"
"Go," Erin said to Alex, turning to the blonde, who hopped off the desk and onto shaky legs. "Go and let me deal with this."
Shawn turned away as Alex quickly breezed by him, a soft sob the only sound from her as she hurried out of the office and then out of the store.
Erin watched Alex go, glad that she wouldn't have to witness the likely fallout that was to come. Once Alex was safely out of the store, Erin turned her focus to her brother, who refused to meet her gaze.
"How long has this been going on?" he asked, voice low and dangerous.
"Last night was the first time."
"Don't lie to me, Erin!" Shawn boomed, her eyes filled with angry fire as he pinned his sister to the spot.
"I'm not lying to you," Erin defended, her own voice rising. "It just happened, okay?"
"No, it's not okay. How the hell do you this is going to make Lance feel?"
Now Erin's own ire began to rise. "Lance. You're worried about Lance?" She got in Shawn's face. "Did Lance tell you how he treated her last night? How I had to go out there and get between them as he shoved her around?"
Shawn stared down at his sister surprised, though unwilling to show it, as he was still beyond angry with Erin. "He admitted they had a fight," he said coldly, "but that doesn't give you the goddamn right to fuck her, Erin!"
"It just happened, Shawn, and she was planning on leaving Lance after what he did last night."
"Yes, but did Lance know that? Had she actually talked to him? Confronted him?" Shawn accused.
"Shawn, Alex could have gotten Lance arrested last night if she'd wanted to. He's been a monster to her and you know it!"
Shawn turned away, running a hand through his hair. He knew damn well what Erin was saying was true, and he also knew that he was allowing his own emotions and feelings of what had happened two years ago interfere with his emotions. Taking several deep breaths to calm down, he turned back to Erin.
"What does this mean, Erin?" he asked, his voice sounding tired. "Are you guys an item now or was it just a conquest?"
Erin flopped back into the desk chair, letting out a tired sigh. "I really like this girl, Shawn. I'd even go so far as to say I'm in love with her, which is nuts, considering I barely know her." She shook her head, images of the night before haunting her. "There's something there. If I had my way, I'd ask her to friggin' marry me."
Shawn leaned back against the wall, arms crossed over his chest as he listened. He had to admit that he was surprised by his sister: to his knowledge, she'd never loved any of the women she was with, maybe only liked them a lot. Even so, he could see it in her eyes. "You're serious."
Shawn studied her for a long moment, then tucked his thumbs into the front pockets of his jeans. "I don't like what you did, but it's not my place to tell Lance; it's Alex's." With that, Shawn left the office and the store.
The store had closed early for the day, which Erin was glad about. The last thing she wanted to do was to be stuck there. It was Halloween night, and the town had pretty much died and shut down by 5 p.m. as everyone went home to get ready for trick-or-treating or parties.
Erin drove around for a long time, not ready to go home, yet. In truth, she wasn't sure if she'd be confronted by Lance or Shawn, and she didn't want to go back into her empty bedroom, Alex's memory and smell still rife. That thought was interrupted by the chirping of her cell phone. The I.D. window indicated that it was a restricted number. Erin almost let the call go, but decided to answer it.
"Hey, Erin."
Erin felt her day go from cold to warm, just from the sound of Alex's voice. "Hey you."
"Listen, I'm not going to stay on long, but I need to tell you something."
Erin pulled into the empty parking lot of a Re/Max office. "Are you okay?" she asked, able to hear a heaviness in Alex's voice. She sounded like she'd been crying.
"I talked with Lance today and I let him know that we're finished," she said softly.
Erin felt her heart expand in her chest and hope rise. "Probably for the best."
"Yes. Erin, I didn't tell him about us, about last night. I didn't think it was right to hurt him anymore than he already is. He made his bed as far as my leaving him, but he didn't deserve to be cheated on."
Erin felt her hopes crash into a million little pieces. "I want to try and make this work with you, Alex. I mean, I know you just got out of the relationship with Lance, but I really want-"
"No." Alex was quiet for a moment, a soft, muffled sniffle. "No," she whispered again. "I've already caused enough problems for you, Erin. I don't want to come between you and your family."
"You're not, Alex. Me and Shawn talked-"
"And I need time to think," Alex interrupted, her voice slightly stronger. "After everything that's happened, I really need to think about some things, and I have to do that alone, Erin. Please understand."
Erin was surprised to feel a tear begin to roll down her cheek. "Please don't walk out of my life, Alex," she whispered.
It was obvious Alex was crying softly on the other end of the line. "I have to. Please understand."
"Let me come over, Alex. Let's talk about this-"
"No!" Alex exclaimed. "No. I won't be able to resist you dammit, and right now I have to." She was quiet for a long moment, just the sound of her soft crying to tear Erin's heart out. "I want you to know that last night was the most beautiful and amazing moment of my life, Erin. I'll never forget it or you."
Erin understood this was a final goodbye. She swiped at her eyes only for more tears to fall. "Neither will I," Erin whispered.
"Goodbye, Erin," Alex said softly.
Erin squeezed her eyes tightly shut as the tears really came. She covered her mouth so Alex wouldn't hear on the other end of the line. "Goodbye," she finally managed to whisper.
The End... ?

Erin Lawson - uber X, 19
Alexandra "Alex" Wayland - uber G, 24
Shawn Lawson - Erin's brother
Lance Dicks - Alex's bf, Shawn's bff

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