Having It All, part 2

18. Honesty Leaks Out
“Right now I wished I smoked” Olivia laughed. “May I try this vodka instead?”

“Of course!” Andrea felt a surge of relief. “In Russia they drink it neat and all in one go. I suggest you add a touch of fresh orange.”

“I will heed the advice of the alcoholic” Olivia ventured and wished she had not.

“Just another useless fact, and yes, I do drink a little too much” Andrea was in a forgiving mood.

“Whoa! Good stuff. These drinks must have cost a fortune” Olivia shuddered as the powerful spirit eased down her throat.

“I don’t go out much either. May as well splash out tonight” said Andrea.

“If you want that second date” Olivia winked “I want to get some answers”

Andrea knew this moment had to come.

“So you know a good deal about my slutty past, which by the way has all but dried up. I want to know about yours. Just roughly how many women have you had sex with?”

“Far too many to count” Andrea retorted.

“Yeah, sixteen year old kids in Westfields say that to impress their mates.” Olivia chided “Fifty, a hundred, more, less?”

“Seriously, think of a very big number then double it” Andrea responded, “then multiply that number by five”

Olivia burst out laughing.

“I’m sorry, you must be a porn star, I thought you looked familiar!”

“I have slept with a few porn stars. Also Playboy centrefolds, other models, TV stars anyone you can think of really”

Olivia looked puzzled.
“I was getting a little tipsy but now you are scaring me” she said.

“Liv, my darling. I have never known true love, but I think that I am falling in love with you. You feel at all the same about me?”

Olivia grabbed Andrea’s hand.

“Yes I do. But darling I think you really may have a drink problem.”

Andrea smiled.

“Ok Listen. Another thing we have in common. I too played online poker. Sure I played with tokens to begin with but then I tried actual money. Trust me, it becomes a whole new game. It is very easy to be bold bluffing with a crap hand and shoving in five thousand tokens. Hell you lose nothing if you get called. Try doing the same with five thousand dollars of your own money, suddenly you don’t feel so brave.”

“I can understand that” Olivia almost felt patronised.

“Now imagine that losing five grand isn’t such a big deal, so you do it anyway”

“Sorry sweetheart but you are losing me again.”

Andrea lit yet another cigarette.

“Tell me if I smoke more than ten.” she instructed, before almost blurting out “my parents are really quite wealthy.”

“All right” Olivia said slowly “and that means what exactly?”

“It means I’ve had a privileged upbringing and they give me nice presents” the brunette responded reverting to evasive mode.

“Like a Playboy Playmate to fu..er, sleep with?” Olivia didn’t mean to sound quite so annoyed but her friend was becoming cryptic again.

“No, that was all me. Believe it or not I scrub up quite well and I’m dynamite in bed” Andrea did her best to lighten the mood.

“The former I can tell. Despite your dull outfit and lack of make-up I can spot a pretty face and smoking hot body from a mile away. The latter I was hoping to find out.” Olivia’s words created quite a frisson.

“Pour yourself a hefty vodka and listen. My family is worth roughly between two hundred and three hundred…”

“Million?! Fuck me!” Olivia spluttered on the Russian nectar.
Regaining her composure she added “I do apologise but that is more than a bit wealthy.”

“Swearing doesn’t overly offend me, wasting expensive vodka however…”laughed the older woman.

“I’m calm, I’m calm.” responded Olivia who looked anything but.

“Billion my cute, billion. Dollars, American not Zimbabwe” Andrea grinned. It was such a relief to finally reveal the truth.

Olivia just appeared bewildered. For once she had no words. The blonde poured herself a fresh vodka.

“This stuff is great but I shouldn’t drink it. I’m actually hallucinating right now.”

Now elated Andrea was all too eager to speak.
“So just to clarify. My family is mum, dad and me. We are very close and we share the businesses. So basically I personally am worth one hundred billion dollars. Obviously a lot of that is tied up in land and property and other crap and these things tend to fluctuate in price so one can never be precise. If you want to talk actual cash I can only get hold about of two or three billion at short notice. “

Olivia tried to smile, tried to digest what she had heard. Clearly it was nonsense and she began to feel angry again.

“Darling, your e-mails have been great fun but the comedy has gone way too far. I really want to swear again or I will hit you with that empty champagne bottle.”

“Carry on with the swearing please. Drop the F-Bomb again, use the C word I don’t care. I really don’t care for being hit by a bottle.”

Olivia was shaking her head and visibly trembling.
“I truly don’t understand you. I really am smitten, I have had such thoughts about you for weeks, months even. Tonight has been great and you suddenly do this. Say those stupid things. Just because I am poor, just because I live in what half the city thinks is the hell-hole of the Western world doesn’t mean you need to impress me with flash talk.”

19. The Crossroads
“Precisely my problem” announced Andrea. “Having initially written to you I had no idea what a friendship would develop. Darling even if you were back in middle-class comfort in Middletown it would be difficult, but when you told me of your struggles with money and working two jobs, going without food sometimes, how could I possibly flaunt my wealth? I could have got you money but you would have hated that. You are not a charity case, you are a hard-working, good-hearted and as it turns out extremely beautiful young woman with whom I have fallen in love. I fell in love before I saw you, now to be crude as you were, I just want to love you but also fuck your brains out. OK?”

“No need to be that crude. Sure I started it but that sort of talk should be reserved for the bedroom” Olivia seemed to have composed herself.

“I apologise” the brunette said meekly. “Friends again?”

“Friends, of course, but…”

“Please Liv. In my mails I deceived you for which I apologise, I tried my best not to directly lie but sometimes that was impossible I hope you can see it was better me telling you all this face to face. If I had said last week I actually own the Seaboard Bank rather than work for it, would you have believed me, turned up here tonight?”

“I honestly don’t know what to think” Olivia answered honestly.

“If I had told you I have had sex with Jenna Jackson, the undisputed Queen of Porn plus several of her hottest girlfriends in what most people would call an “orgy” of unbridled lust would you have believed me?”

“Shit! You did that?” Olivia almost choked again.

Andrea smiled ruefully.

“So why give that up?” Olivia asked “makes my threesome seem very tame.”

“It was just sex, lust call it whatever, I want love.”

“But you can’t be sure that you and I will hit it off, what if we fall out sometime down the road?”

“Then so be it.” Andrea said simply. “I just think we got off to the best possible start and we should give it a go. Listen, if you really are just a slut and crave promiscuity and want to experience wanton lust with however many depraved women you can handle I will set it up for you. Trust me, my ‘black book’ has the names and numbers of the most disgusting and indeed beautiful women in several countries. Just ask and it will be done. Just don’t expect me to be a part of it. If you want a monogamous though still sex-filled relationship with just one woman then I am here for you.”

“Contrary to what I may have said I don’t think I am a slut. I love sex but that threesome was the only one I’ve had. Lots of different partners maybe but none were my girlfriend. Oh, and I was actually only fifteen when I seduced Miss Shaw but let’s talk about that later” Olivia smiled. “Yep, I lied a bit too.”

“So are we officially dating? Exclusively?” Andrea asked.

“I believe we are Ms. Lennox” Olivia grinned and they shared a gentle kiss.

“Fantastic!” beamed Andrea “now don’t you dare argue but first thing tomorrow I am paying off your credit card.”

20. Together
“I’ve never done this before, will you hold my hand?” Andrea felt giddy and nervous.

“Of course, but we haven’t finished the drinks, it would be a waste.” Olivia was still shell-shocked.

“I’ll get more sent to the room, silly”

“It is very late how can we get a room?” Olivia was having trouble adjusting.

“Because we own the hotel” Andrea was back in her comfort zone.

The party had thinned out considerably though it was approaching midnight.
A few stragglers stared at the two women who had emerged from the balcony hand in hand. Andrea had never made such a public display of affection. It actually felt liberating.

“My proper clothes” said Olivia, “I keep forgetting I’m still in this uniform.”

“We can do that tomorrow. Is that a push-up bra you are wearing?”

“Oops! Guilty, just in case I got lucky you understand.” Olivia giggled.

When they got to reception Andrea asked to speak to the manager.
Mrs Washington appeared promptly.

“Firstly Amanda your barman from the function needs re-training. Customer skills.”

“Noted” the manager assured.

“Now I, or rather we need a room for the night. It doesn’t have to be a suite just a decent room. “

“Of course Miss Lennox, anything else?”

Andrea turned to her friend. “Champagne, vodka, anything, just whatever”

“Maybe champagne to celebrate?” Olivia suggested.

“A bottle of the very, very best to room?” Andrea both ordered and enquired.

“I could turf out the asshole in the Penthouse suite or you have room 401” Mrs Washington offered.

“The room will be fine. Now I’m paying cash so take the money from this and put the rest in the Homeless fund” Andrea reached into her purse and pulled out a large wad of banknotes.

“Have a good night Miss Lennox” the manager whispered with a wry grin.

As they walked to the elevator Andrea asked

“Now do you believe I am rich?”

“Either that or the best con artist ever” Olivia marvelled.

When they arrived at the room the champagne was waiting.

Andrea peeled off her suit then began to un button her blouse.
“Slow down tiger” Olivia giggled.

“I just wanted you to see that I too hoped to get lucky tonight, I hope you like pink”

“Sweet Mary” gasped Olivia.

“Please don’t call out another girl’s name” Andrea smiled “I think it is a corset though in Britain it might be a basque. Pretty though?”

“Pretty awesome body! Wow, I was just guessing before.” Olivia could not help but stare. “You always wear stockings?”

“I like to” Andrea was pleased at the reaction.

Olivia had poured a glass of champagne for each of them but one glass was all that would be taken…

It was approaching noon the next day. Both women knew they had experienced something quite unique and their ‘Cheshire cat’ smiles betrayed the fact but each somehow felt to discuss would somehow sully what had occurred between them.

Olivia chose a different tack.

“You realise that you lied to me again last night, out on the balcony?”

Andrea looked perplexed.

“You told me that you would pay off my credit card today, but since it is a Sunday you cannot do that” It was said with a grin and a wink.

“Actually I could” the brunette retorted “give me the companies name and I will make a phone call, but I accept on balance it can wait a day or two.”

“I can also close down that Faulkner’s Bar” Andrea continued “it just depends how much pain you wish to inflict.”

Olivia looked slightly worried.
“Maybe just leave it, mark it down to experience” she decided.

Andrea looked disappointed but accepted the answer.

“We are going to have to make some decisions, if this is to work out properly. Unfortunately it would be much easier for you to make them than me.”

“What decisions?” again Olivia looked anxious.

Andrea drew a deep breath.
“Where you live, your working hours, stuff like that. I just cannot see us carrying on an Internet relationship after…you know.”

Olivia realised this but still she glowered.

“Dammit Andrea, I just don’t want to be your hired sex-slave, your private bitch.”

The brunette briefly looked alarmed, the outburst was unexpected but she soon calmed. The billionaire somehow knew that there was a different issue to address.

21. The Trouble With Money

“I would like to make something of a speech, so would you like to order something from room service before I begin?” Andrea had a loving smile on her face, she was both trying to be conciliatory but was also simply awestruck at the sheer beauty of her companion. In the sober light of morning Olivia had somehow attained a new level of visual loveliness.

The blonde too was slightly mesmerised. She had also been more than a tad drunk the previous evening and seeing the brunette with her long hair now fully down in the cold light of day was like looking at a vision, and still one without any make-up on.

“I’d rather skip breakfast thanks” Olivia hoped she hadn’t sounded too abrupt.

“Ok. I know you are upset because I said that you should be the one to make changes if our relationship was to flourish. That sounds very much like the rich brat who gets anything they ask for, throwing their weight around. I really didn’t mean to come across that way.” Andrea paused to gather her thoughts.

“Honestly hun I am not an evil banker. For the record The Seaboard Banking Group survived the financial meltdown and did not receive a single cent in government bail-outs. Plus we, that is my family own a whole range of businesses. We put customer care and staff happiness as high priorities. Hell, I own this hotel if that wasn’t obvious. I have huge obligations not only to my family but to literally tens of thousands of employees. I cannot just walk away from my job. All I want from you in the short term is to give up working nights and let me worry about your bills.” The brunette paused for some sort of response.

Olivia was already feeling guilty about her ‘outburst’ but worse still she was starting to feel frisky again. She could barely keep her eyes off her companion.

“It all sounds reasonable but we know in practise what will happen. Besides you paying my bills just doesn’t seem right. Can we discuss this some other time?” The blonde gave a very coy mile.

“Listen my insatiable slut, you should be pleased I am finally talking after all this time.
I really want to sort things out before we enjoy a lifetime of lovemaking.” Andrea winked as she tantalisingly but briefly stroked her own breast.

“Yes Miss Lennox” Olivia said then began giggling.

“For goodness sake what is it now?” Andrea partly feigned exasperation.

“Please don’t get angry but I always called Miss Shaw, ‘Miss’ even after I knew her first name. She liked it. Actually she also liked me to wear one of those naughty schoolgirl outfits. Maybe she was a perv, that lovely woman.” Olivia was smiling.

Andrea shook her head.

“I absolutely insist that one day you tell me the full details of the slutty schoolgirl, her pervert teacher and the kinky girlfriend, but for now can you please quell your excitement and listen.”

Olivia agreed and let her friend resume.

“From all your e-mails and even our chat on the balcony I know you grew up in a town you grew to despise. It was dull, very conservative but you lived a more than comfortable life. You even admitted that you ‘loved’ your house. I am guessing that you never once wanted for food or clothes, probably had a few holidays or vacations if you prefer.”

Andrea paused but Olivia simply nodded her agreement.

“Your father was a salesman and clearly a good one, but what about your mother?”

“Well, mom was what we call a ‘home-maker’, hard work but no actual pay. Despite her drinking she managed that very well.” Olivia sounded quite defensive.

“I understand totally. I am not being disparaging in any way. What you call home-makers’ are the backbone of the nation. I also acknowledge that I have been known to over indulge in drink myself so no judgement from me about a bottle of wine or two.
Did she have a car, by the way?” Andrea was keeping some distance from her friend lest the temptation to simply fall back into bed become too much.

“Yes” Olivia answered slightly perplexed. “Don’t ask me which make or whatever, it was just a car to me.”

“In a nutshell, your mother enjoyed a lovely home, good clothes, a car, her own television to watch her beloved shows and wine aplenty. All with no actual income of her own. Did that seem strange or wrong to you?”

“In Middletown that was absolutely normal.” Olivia knew what was coming but carried on. “It may sound old-fashioned but a husband provided for his wife and family back then, the woman looked after the house etc.”
“Not just in Middletown my love, it was normal and acceptable in most places. These days with a tough economy it may be different but it still works like that and there is nothing wrong with it. So what is wrong with me providing some help to you?”

Olivia gazed at the floor.

“I don’t know.” She replied then spoke again. “Last night when we first walked into this room you did not bat an eyelid. I was astonished, this place is like a palace to me but to you it is probably a bit downmarket. You bought us what I know is a bloody expensive bottle of champagne and basically we have wasted it. We took maybe a few sips each before…you know. While I admit that the sex was truly amazing I still look at that now stale champagne and think ‘what a waste’ but it probably doesn’t bother you in the least.”

“Actually you are wrong.” Andrea pronounced. “That sex was better than amazing and the waste does bother me. I hate waste. You are right in that the cost doesn’t bother me. I don’t actually know how much it was but I am pretty sure that I can afford it.”

“Yeah. I dare say you could afford a helicopter if you wanted one.” Olivia didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“I have two at the moment.” Andrea stated matter of factly “Oh and I am a qualified pilot, have I mentioned that?”

Olivia forced a grin. “I don’t even know if you are joking or not”

22. Perspective
“Let’s change tack” suggested the brunette. “Suppose I asked you for a nickel so that I had the right change to buy a newspaper or something. Would you give it to me?”

“Of course” Olivia shrugged.

“Would you demand that I pay you back as soon as possible?” Andrea persisted.

“Don’t be ridiculous!” the blonde began to get irritated.

“Stay cool” Andrea soothed. “If at some point you asked me for ten thousand dollars to buy…whatever, I would hand it over without question. It may not be fair, it may indeed be unjust but I’m afraid a nickel to you is like ten grand to me. I just wouldn’t miss it. Of course if people constantly ask for money you have to say ‘enough‘ we both would.”

“But that champagne costs hundreds of dollars…” Olivia was struggling to comprehend the numbers.

“Going back to your parents because I forgot to mention my point. Your mother had zero personal income, your father a decent amount. Did you ever think of your mum as a “sex-slave” or what was it? “Private bitch?”
Olivia briefly laughed.
“Mom could be a bitch but not in that sense. I do apologise for that comment.”

Andrea smiled lovingly.
“I was not seeking an apology, I am trying to put our situation into some sort of perspective. I understand you are a proud, independent and very hard-working person. A slightly odd circumstance has brought us together and I am enthralled by you. I think last night confirmed we have something very special. I cannot give that up, but please let me share with you and not feel guilty about it.”

Olivia returned the smile.
“Can you understand how difficult this is for me?”

“Wealth and indeed the power it brings can be scary to some people. The promise I will make is that I will begin to delegate more, scale back my workload so we can spend as much time together as possible. The whole point of my being evasive and deceptive in our messages was to prove that I am not trying to buy your affections.
If you cannot cope with being, I don’t know what used to be called a “kept woman” then you can walk away. You still have great affection for your Miss Shaw, I will always have great affection, actually love for you, no matter what.” Andrea made an impassioned plea to her friend.

“Andrea darling, doubtless you own more than one house so stick to the one I know you live in. How many rooms?”

“Does it matter? Probably thirty or thereabouts but would you like me less if I had a three bed-roomed house?”

“No my sweet no.” The blonde was emphatic, “but suppose I move into your pathetic little thirty roomed or thirty bed-roomed home which I think is part of your plan. We stay in hotels like this and dine in the finest restaurants. You buy me some rubbish little Jaguar or Rolls-Royce for my birthday. I get used to this meagre lifestyle.” Olivia was laughing but her serious point was coming.

“Then heaven forbid something happens. We fall out, you suddenly find someone else where does that leave me? Back to Westfields or worse still back to Middletown to stay with my parents if they have finally forgiven me? Yes, I am scared of enjoying being wealthy, even by proxy.”

Andrea was about to respond but the younger woman had not finished.

“I have never been in a long-term relationship. Joanne lasted for four weeks, Miss Shaw was a few months but there was a third party involved from time to time so that was not monogamous. Beyond that my life has been a whole series of short-term ‘fucks’ if you will excuse the language. In college I actually craved different women.
The more I had sex the more I wanted it. It is possible I am just a slut, maybe I was just born that way. Heck even last night I was psyched up to meet you but could not help staring at the boobs of the underdressed ‘Girl Scout’ and checking my “gaydar” for vibes from that ‘Goth Chick.’ Olivia sounded despondent.

Andrea was strangely smiling.
“I am a few years older than you and without wishing to boast I am certain I have had a lot more sex than you, even after a late start. I too have never had any proper relationship. It may be foolish but I still believe in love. There is not a single thing you have written or said that makes me believe we cannot make this work. All I can ask is that you give us a chance. By the way, I was checking out Goth Chick too but I told you that. I don’t expect you not to look, lust or even fantasize about other women.
You may have noticed in bed I like so-called ‘dirty talk’ but I really would prefer you stick to talk and not actions.”

The statement was designed to lighten the mood but a certain gloom or doubt had befallen both women.

23. Determined
The somewhat serious talked finally dissipated and a brief but vigorous session of lovemaking was followed by lunch.

“Now do you have a passport?” Andrea suddenly asked.

“I am not going abroad, not on a second date!” Olivia flung a pillow at her friend.

“A driver’s licence too, just for identification” Andrea reassured her.

“I have both, never used either” the blonde replied.

“I want you to help me do a job, part of my job actually. You will need to take tomorrow off or at least just work the morning.”

Olivia thought about it.
“I am due time off, Ann can be a bit cold but she is vaguely reasonable. I could work from eight ‘til noon.” She decided.

“Bring a couple of utility bills from your apartment too, just for address verification.
Now my love we part company. I will stay on here and make some calls, I was due to fire a couple of people tomorrow, that will have to wait. Meet me back in reception at say two-thirty? Here, I’ll give you a couple of hundred for cab fares back to Westfields and then back here.” Andrea was easing back into ‘business’ mode.

Olivia hesitated.
“I can’t keep taking money from you” she insisted.

“Call it expenses, you are temporarily working for me. I will explain what to do tomorrow”

After a lingering kiss the two women parted.
Andrea looked at herself in the mirror. “Damn, I’m gonna have to buy some clothes, can’t wear that awful suit much longer.” Speaking to herself was going to be another hard habit to break.

In reception, she saw the familiar smiling face of the manager.

“Amanda, we don’t make you work Sunday’s too?”

“No miss” the other woman smiled “I like to just come in and check things out, I’m going very soon.”

“Never leave us Amanda, this hotel would collapse without you” Andrea was sincere.
“Tell me, you know any clothes shops in the area that might be open?”

Mrs Washington pondered.
“The high end stores tend to close on a Sunday, there is a thrift shop about a block away…”

“Perfect” grinned Andrea.

The tall brunette was wearing a simple black T-shirt, blue jeans and finally a bit of make up. With her freshly cleaned and flowing down well past her shoulders even she conceded she looked not too bad.

“Wow! You scrub up nicely!” Olivia marvelled at her friend’s casual but more than glamorous appearance. “T-shirt is a size or two too small but the effect is…wow!”

“Actually the bra is a bit uncomfortable. Always get your underwear made to measure.” Andrea said.

“Yeah, I always do” Olivia answered with a note of sarcasm before adding “I’ve got your change from the cab fares.”

“Great, so coffee is on you. Now let’s get to work. You look gorgeous by the way” she winked.

“Basically just go along with me. Say as little as possible but answer any questions truthfully. The one thing you must not do is to reveal my identity. By that I mean of course the fact that I own the bank or co-own or whatever the heck it is. We have had some bad feedback about this particular branch so I need to know what is going on.”

“But won’t anyone know you?” asked Olivia.

“I’m pretty anonymous. Only a few people at head office know who I am and even they might not recognise me looking like a hooker on her day off.”

“Oh come on! All I said was that your top was a bit tight. If your boobs were smaller no-one would notice but your make-up is very discreet. If anything you look like a model on her day off.” Olivia beamed.

As they approached the bank Andrea told her friend “I’ll do most the talking, just be cool and play along.”

The bank was fairly quiet but then again it was hardly peak time. Andrea led her friend to a teller who bore a name tag identifying her as Juanita.

“Excuse me. My friend here would like to open an account, can you help us?”

Juanita looked across to see an empty desk. “Well normally Miss Hayes deals with new accounts but I’m afraid she is absent at the moment.”

“Indeed” Andrea had already noticed that. “Can you help at all?” She needed to know just how helpful and courteous her staff were.

Juanita looked around and found a form.
“There is a simple form to fill out but there are several different types of account depending on your needs.”

So far so good.
“Please elaborate” Andrea continued to test the unknowing teller.

“Well we do have different leaflets to explain but basically you can have a deposit account that pays a small amount of interest. The rate of interest is linked to the Federal rate and is not very high at the moment. You can get a higher rate but that requires a minimum deposit plus you cannot access any money without three months written notice. The other basic account is a checking account which pays no interest but obviously you get a check book and an overdraft facility. Again that overdraft will be determined by different factors and that is really an area for Miss Hayes.”

“Excellent, thank you.” Andrea was more than happy with the way Juanita had coped.

“Liv, you go and fill out this form” the brunette suggested to her friend.

“Have you worked here long, Juanita?”

“About eight months” the teller was slightly puzzled by the question.

“I don’t mean to be nosey. I was thinking of trying to get a job myself, do you like it?” Andrea hoped that would explain the questions.

“Yes, it’s pretty good. “
“Thanks, you have been most helpful” Andrea concluded.

The elusive Miss Hayes finally showed up.

“Can I help you?” she asked somewhat sternly.

The woman was probably just approaching thirty, wore an expensive business suit and far too much perfume. Her hair was neatly styled. Make-up a little over-applied.

“A good question” Andrea mumbled as she took a seat next to Olivia.

“My friend here wishes to open a deposit account. Don’t worry, a helpful teller gave us the form while you were otherwise engaged.” Andrea said slightly caustically.

“Has your apparently mute friend filled in said form?” Miss Hayes had no idea she was digging a big hole for herself.

Olivia handed over the paperwork.

“Well this is my lucky day. You live in Westfields and you work in a convenience store.” Miss Hayes had lowered her tone but she knew she had been heard.

“I need tow forms of I.D. minimum initial deposit is $100” her voice suggested she wanted to just get rid of this pair and go back to fixing her make-up.

“I believe you have some discretion. The minimum deposit can be $50” Andrea said firmly.

“Who told you that?” Miss Hayes sounded startled.

“I did some research. Your bank has a website” Andrea smiled.

“A Hooters girl who does research, whatever next.” it was muttered but still audible.
“OK, I have used my discretion, minimum deposit $100” Miss Hayes sneered.

Andrea was fuming. This was the absolute opposite of ‘Customer Care.’

“And we seem to have a problem” Miss Hayes announced almost gleefully.

“The address on your driver’s licence does not match your home address.”

“I can explain” Olivia finally spoke. “I got my licence in Middletown but then moved to Westfields, I just never had it changed.”

“From Middletown to Westfields? You are going up in the world. The photo doesn’t exactly match either.”

“I was a bit younger then I liked to wear coloured streaks in my hair. That’s all” Olivia sounded a bit deflated.

Andrea stepped in.
“I will lodge a check for the initial deposit”

“And do you have any I.D.?” asked Miss Hayes

“Yes I do, just not on me. Do you wish to see the check?”

Andrea passed over a check which had a piece of paper folded around it.

Miss Hayes looked perplexed then opened up the folded check.

She immediately picked up the phone.
“Paul, we have a situation. I need to see you in your office ASAP”

“What’s going on?” Olivia whispered to her friend.

“Just be cool and play along” Andrea reassured her.

Miss Hayes put down the receiver and said
“You two ladies had better follow me.”

24. Power
The manager’s office was large and plush. The manager himself had a bit of a paunch but looked self-satisfied. The sign on his desk identified him as Mr Stone --Manager.

As the two friends sat down and Miss Hates hovered he buzzed through to his secretary. “Carol, I think you should take some notes.”

As the door opened a blonde, buxom beauty walked in.

Olivia nudged her friend.
“Check out the secretary, come to momma!” Oops! Sorry.” She quickly added.

Andrea chuckled.
“I told you, looking is fine. Wonder how she got the job.”

“You two wont be laughing in a minute” Miss Hayes barked.

Paul Stone had not failed to notice Andrea’s bosom and was momentarily distracted.
A sharp cough from Miss Hayes brought him out of his daydream.

“I think you two ladies have some explaining to do” he pronounced.
“Olivia Carter with suspect I.D. and Andrea Lennox with a suspicious note and dodgy check.”

“I explained the driver’s licence, I have a recent bill from my new address” reasoned Olivia.

Suddenly the door opened again and two police officers walked in.

Andrea was aghast.
“What the fu…you called the police?!”

Olivia looked worried but Andrea promptly pulled out her cell phone.

“Ma’am no-one said you could make a phone call” one of the officers spoke.

“I can make as many calls as I wish. You, show the officers my note.” Her tone was pure authority.

An officer stepped forward to take the note from Paul Stone. The two officers read the note looking puzzled.

Andrea meanwhile was talking down the phone.
“Frank, it’s Andrea Lennox. Listen sorry to bother you but some over-zealous dickhead at one of my bank branches has called your boys out on me. Can you just explain the basics and let them get on with real work? Thanks Frank, love to the family. No, your boys were fine, just doing their job.”

She passed her phone to one of the men, “I’m sure you boys have heard of Frank “Diamond” Kazana, just have a word.”

The two cops exchanged a look. “Diamond Kaz? The Commissioner?”

“Yes sir, we had a call-out about a possible hold-up or fraud or something, we were half a block away. No sir, of course sir. I understand sir.”

The cop was visibly shaken as he passed back the phone.

“Accept my apologies ladies, have a nice day. C’mon Tom we are out of here.”

“What the hell just happened?” Paul Stone looked astonished, Miss Hayes glowered.

“Take a note Paul, you write this too Carol” Andrea had completely assumed control and her voice and demeanour were not to be argued with.

“Oh, before you start writing, what is the surname name of your teller Juanita?”

“Gomez” said Carol “she is really nice.”
“Ok. Official memo to head office. Juanita Gomez to be fast-tracked on management training programme, assuming that is what she wants. Accounts manager Miss Hayes to undergo one months retraining including psychological evaluation. Person in question exhibit’s a false sense of superiority.” Carol began to giggle at that point.

Miss Hayes turned white.

Andrea continued.
“Branch manager Paul Stone to undergo three months retraining, temporarily demoted to assistant manager subject to month to month evaluation.” Carol burst out laughing.

“What about you Carol, are you unhappy being a secretary or do you seek some other career? Bear in mind Mr Stone is out of here as of tonight.”

“No, I enjoy my work, just don’t care for Mr Stone. He is a bit of a lech.”
“That’s fine. All decisions on the authority of Andrea Lennox.”

“Carol have that sent off to head office immediately.” Andrea concluded.

Paul Stone had turned near purple.
“You bitch Carol! I only hired you because you pouted and flashed your tits at the interview. You are nothing but a prick tease!”

“Stop right there Paul. Now clear your desk. You will not be back in this branch ever.
I am being kind to give you a second chance. Don’t blow it.” Andrea stood up.

“Just who the fuck do you think you are?” Stone was not finished.

“Carol, add anger management to that list.” Andrea smiled.
“Now Mr Stone you called the cops on me and my friend, I will call bank security on you. Or perhaps my own personal security. They are nice guys…if I ask them to be.”

“As for you Miss Hayes, we have a new account to open. Now my friend wants the highest interest rate but she needs to be able to withdraw up to 10% of the balance without any notice. That sounds reasonable to me, how about you?”

Miss Hayes was a much faster learner than her branch manager.
“I was going to suggest 20%” she said, if through gritted teeth.

25. Hiatus
Juanita handed over the bank book.

“By the way I have recommended you for management training, does that appeal?” Andrea asked.

“I don’t understand” the teller was genuinely confused.

“You should get a phone call from head office plus written confirmation. It is up to you if you want to take the opportunity. Just think about it. We need good people like you.”

Out on the sidewalk Olivia was in a daze.
“I have no idea what went on in there, but did I play my part the way you wanted?”

“You were perfect darling, I knew you would be” Andrea assured her.

“Me? You were astonishing. When we were called into the manager’s office I was getting quite worried, then two cops show up and I nearly wet myself. You on the other hand are as cool as you like and even start ordering the police around!” Olivia sounded impressed.

“I have friends in high places” the brunette grinned “but I’m afraid right now I could use a drink. Please don’t frown or lecture me.”

“Actually I’m with you. It may come as a shock but I’ve never had the cops called on me before.” the blonde replied.

“Trouble is I feel very self-conscious in this T-shirt, I don’t want to walk into any old bar. Maybe we should find a lap-dancing club so you can drool over more pretty ladies.” Andrea kept her tone deadpan.

“Shut up you!” Olivia responded in mock indignation. “Imagine having Carol as your personal assistant” she added with a wicked grin.

“Don’t give me ideas, I could easily make that happen” Andrea retorted. “Anyway, I checked out of the Excelsior but we could still use their bar. Safest bet I think.”

“Lead on, MacDuff” said Olivia.

“The proper quote is ‘Lay on, MacDuff” Andrea scolded but with a good nature.

“If she is pretty, I will lay on her anytime!” Olivia came back with a grin.

“Insatiable bitch!” was all Andrea could say as she hugged her girlfriend.

The hotel bar was quiet except for an elderly couple seated at a table and two business types sitting at the bar with beers and whisky chasers. Andrea steered her friend to the far end of the bar as the men leered. She was just about to order when the barmaid said

“Excuse me ladies, this bar is reserved for hotel guests only.”

The billionaire sighed internally. She knew the barmaid was right and only doing her job, she also knew that her own clothing did make her look a bit out of place in an expensive hotel. The fact was she had been so annoyed by the bank incident she really did not want anymore hassle.

“We’ll buy the two gals a drink” one of the men shouted over.

“Shut it you!” Andrea snapped. “I promise you a world of pain if you speak or look or breath in my direction again”

She immediately regretted her outburst, it was totally unprofessional. Throwing your weight around was acceptable but their was a time and a place.

“Gentlemen, I apologise. Despite appearances I own this hotel, I just happened to have had a fraught day. Assuming you are bona fide guests you will receive a 10% discount from your bill. If you promise to leave my friend and I alone I will also like to buy you a drink.”

“Hell lady, if you own the place it had better be a bottle of Champagne” one of the men said.

With Olivia looking on sheepishly Andrea asked the barmaid to fetch Amanda Washington.

“Amanda love, I am so sorry. I have caused you nothing but problems this weekend.
Firstly can you have a bottle of…Krug sent to each of these gentlemen’s rooms and then explain to your very efficient barmaid that my friend and I really need a drink and some solitude.”

Amanda looked over at the two barflies.

“Actually they are sharing room 107, so just one bottle?” the manager wondered.

“Make it two, oh and take 10% off their room bill. I’ll pay”

“They are here for three nights so 10% will be close to 500 dollars. They have hit the mini-bar hard” Amanda rolled her eyes.

“Somehow that doesn’t surprise me” Andrea replied. “This is turning into an expensive weekend” she remarked as yet again she fished out a wad of banknotes from her pocket.

26. Progress
At last the pair were sat down in a secluded corner far from the madding crowd, such as it was. They had both opted for the Stolichnaya with pineapple juice as the mixer.

“Never a dull moment with you” Olivia suggested a little wearily.

“I do apologise my sweet. Those bank buffoons really got me rattled. We pride ourselves on our staff training but clearly the system needs an overhaul somewhere.” Andrea looked genuinely concerned. “Can we perhaps talk about something else?”

“Of course, anything you want love” Olivia soothed.

“Actually there was something you said that really intrigued me” Andrea ventured.

“Just one thing?” the blonde replied in feigned hurt.

“Stop it you! No, you mentioned ‘Gaydar’ and I wondered if you really believe in that? I mean do you honestly have it?”

Olivia giggled.
“Well when I was younger I was convinced I had it” she explained. “You will hate me for invoking this name but it all began with Miss Shaw”

“Of course it did” Andrea smiled.

“I was fifteen, it was a new semester and I walked into Chemistry class to see this vision. Miss Shaw was new, the previous teacher apparently had a breakdown or something but whatever, I saw her and it was an instant crush. When we were filing out at the end of the class obviously I had my back to the teacher but I swear that I could sense her ‘checking me out’ so to speak.”

“Go on” urged Andrea, “I am developing a weird fascination for this woman.”

“So over the next week or so I rather played the coquette with her, I was good at Chemistry” Andrea added proudly “and I continued to get these ‘vibes.’ I became more and more convinced that she fancied me, and was equally convinced I had this Gaydar thing that I had heard of.”

“Hold on one second” Andrea returned from the bar. “These are triple measures so go easy but I want to hear this” she was feeling much more relaxed again.

“Listen beloved” said Olivia “I am not going to tell you the seduction story in public, it makes me wet such thinking about it so that is for the bedroom. But you do know we got together so my ‘Gaydar’ thing was vindicated.

“So do you still have it? Was for example the lovely secretary Carol giving any vibes?”

“I believe they are called ‘personal assistants’ these days and I wasn’t close enough to tell” Olivia sneered.

“Darling, I can lust too and if you start calling Carol a ‘personal assistant’ it can conjure up all sorts of images in my mind” Andrea sneered back.

“Well as I grew older and just a little wiser I considered the possibility that really all that was happening was I was reading certain looks or body language. That came in handy at college. So basically I believe that Gaydar if it exists cannot tell you if someone is 100% gay, or if they are bi. It maybe can tell you that a girl who would insist she is pure ‘straight’ is maybe a little tipsy, a little frisky and willing to give you a try.”

“So you are not a believer?” Andrea wondered.

“I am not ruling it out. Actually the girl doesn’t have to be tipsy or particularly frisky. There is that odd expression bi-curious. So since we are fixating upon her I would say that if I had had the opportunity to give Carol a few telling looks, maybe stand just a fraction too close to her, I reckon that I would get a vibe of some sort.” Olivia smiled wickedly. “It may be a ‘Yes’ it maybe a ‘No’ or perhaps a ‘maybe’ so I would work on it from there.

“So basically that is how you operate?” Asked Andrea “to put it more bluntly that is or was your ‘pulling’ technique?”

Olivia shrugged.
“More or less, I have never really considered it too deeply. So miss more lovers than money, how did you go about it?”

“Oh Lord! I was terrible.” Andrea almost groaned. “After Fiona had turned my world upside down I knew what I wanted but was terrified of approaching women.” She looked a bit shame-faced.

“But given my resources I could hire ‘escorts’ and even mingle with porn stars. People I knew would be willing. Willing for lesbian sex, not necessarily me in particular. Quite a few of them told me I would be surprised how many women were willing indeed eager. I then had a trip to London and I hooked up with a friend of mine, the daughter of an aristocrat. I casually raised the subject and she basically confirmed the theory. She invited me to this party which was full of rich and famous women, some literally household names in the UK at least. I was amazed at what I saw. Not a man in sight but after a few drinks and pleasantries it was wall to wall sex.”

“And you joined in, of course, you British are so polite.” Olivia giggled.

“Actually I have a story about that night but that too should be kept for the bedroom.
I will just say that it involves a sixteen year old girl with legs that wouldn’t stop. But sixteen is legal in Britain so I am guilt free.”

“Andrea! You have me squirming in my seat. If we don’t change the subject now I will orgasm right here, right now.” The blonde sounded totally genuine.

27. Trouble In Paradise
“I just remembered, you didn’t buy the coffees so the next round is on you. Just doubles should do. Last drink.” Andrea suggested.

Olivia returned from the bar to see a bank book on the table.
“What is this?” she asked.

“Remember back at the bank? I really did open an account for you. Now it is a deposit account so no check book though I can do one of those if you want. Personally I don’t like checks, I much prefer cash for day to day stuff.”

Olivia stared at he small book.
“I don’t want to open it.” she announced.

“Listen you can only withdraw 20% of the balance in any one month, no three months. Damn! I have forgotten my own bank’s rules. Whatever, I will find out. You do get interest payments and actually 20% was more than generous. I think Miss Hayes got a bit flustered.”

Olivia slowly opened the book. She read her own name and then saw the balance. She quickly closed the book and turned pale.

“Well, this vodka and pineapple is a truly lovely drink but I’m afraid it is affecting my vision. I cannot seem to focus properly.”

“Let me have a go, I am more accustomed to drinking than you are” said Andrea.
“It says your name and if you look a bit further down where the lines are it shows the current balance. I am pretty sure it reads thirty million dollars which would be good as that is the amount I paid in. Actually you will probably have to wait three days I think for the check to clear, just a security thing. I reckon that is why that odious manager called the cops. So no withdrawals more than six million in any…let’s say three month period. Damn! I should know how long. I am worse than my staff!”

Olivia was a turmoil of emotions. She was trembling and close to tears.
“Keep it. That is no use to me!” she slightly spat out the words.

Andrea did not read the signs.
“Heck you are high maintenance! I honestly agonised last night about how much to pay in. I did consider fifty but thought thirty would be enough.” Her jocular tone was lost on her friend.

“You take that back and do your stuff and have this account cancelled first thing” Olivia’s voice was cracking. “You cannot buy me. Take your god dammed money and buy Carol or Goth chick or some high-class escort. Hell, buy some sixteen year old and fly her to Britain so you can fuck her with a clear conscience.”

“Liv!” Andrea was appalled.

“Damn you buy all of them and have an orgy, it will cost less than thirty million I’m sure” the blonde was fighting back the tears. “And dammit I need another drink but I have no cash left.”
Andrea moved round to hug her friend.
“I am not letting you go, just give me a chance to explain, please!” She then yelled at the barmaid. “Two more large ones and quickly.”

Olivia managed to recover her composure but also shook off Andrea’s grip.
The barmaid scurried over, placed down the drinks and scurried away.

“Our last drink together, you should be pleased. I have just saved you thirty million dollars” the blonde spoke as if all emotion had drained from her body.

Andrea was now panicked.

“Forget the bankbook. I was NOT trying to buy you. Of course if I wished I could buy endless women. I only want one and that one is you. I listened to you the other night, hell I hang on every word you say because I love you. That money was your get-out clause. You told me how scared you were of being seduced by a certain lifestyle, the best hotels, the best food, the best clothes or whatever. I am in love with you, I am also in lust with you. I have never seen a more beautiful woman. However, I realised you may not feel the same and you may grow tired of me.” Andrea was now welling up, but she soldiered on.

“In my love-addled brain the idea was that should you wish to leave me, but not all the good shit then this money will allow you to do that. This may sound totally stupid but when you are as wealthy as I am you don’t really know the cost of things. You kinda just assume you can afford it. Believe it or not I am not that extravagant. Sure I own several houses, a couple of helicopters, a private jet and maybe a dozen cars but I don’t buy aircraft carriers or small countries.”

That statement made Olivia giggle and a horrible tension was eased though not eliminated.

“Exactly what thirty million will buy you I simply don’t know but a reasonable lifestyle I would suspect.”

“Andrea, you are the craziest person I know. Gorgeous, sexy and utterly insane.”
Olivia appeared to be back on an even keel. “I think you drink way too much but everyone has a flaw.” She smiled. “You actually said, and I believe you meant it that thirty million would allow a ‘reasonable’ lifestyle.” The blonde was shaking her head and suddenly laughing.

28. Walking In The Dark.
“Andrea! You are smoking again.” Olivia chided.

“My sweet, it is getting pretty dark, I am walking through or towards the notorious Westfields Housing project and on your insistence I have given my security the night off. You are damn right I am smoking.” The brunette did not sound amused.

“Babe, this is my turf now, I will be your security.” Olivia had to stifle a laugh.

“Liv, I put you through a lot today and I understand this is your payback, but you are enjoying my discomfort way too much.”

“My point” Olivia sounded stern “ is that we are approaching the courtyard where the local ‘kids’ hang out. If they see you smoking they will probably hassle you for a cigarette. “

“OK, let us stop right here a second.” Andrea was clearly nervous. “I am, to use a common British phrase ‘shitting myself’ so the ciggie stays. So tell me wise one what do I do if these young thugs approach me?”

“Two options. One, just hand over a cigarette, two, don’t.” Olivia was smiling.

“You tease all you want young lady but at least my ‘comfort zone’ is in fact comfortable.”

“I am sorry sweetheart, I just like to tease you. Now do you have an expensive lighter?” Olivia tried to sound more sympathetic.

“Crikey is this an inventory? I probably do somewhere but normally I prefer matches, lighters can chip my nails.” The brunette was clearly unhappy.

“Fine. These guys are so impolite they might actually want a light too. You don’t want to be flashing a gem encrusted solid gold lighter at them, they will bite your hand off.”

“Fine miss ghetto bitch, anything else I should know?” The brunette was still struggling to find the humour in this situation.

“Now this is very important.” Olivia just could not help herself. “Should someone attempt to mug you just hand over the money. That way you might not get stabbed, or shot. Sometimes they do it anyway but better try the easy way.”

“Listen you, I know martial arts and if I wasn’t totally in love with you I would break your neck right now. I am scared, we have established that. Please be a little more sensitive.” Andrea was almost pleading.

“It will be fine, trust me.” Olivia gave her friend a quick hug.

“I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t” Andrea assured her “though I wouldn’t trust you alone with sexy Carol” The brunette decided to do some teasing of her own.

“That was below the belt” Olivia sounded hurt.

“Trust me gorgeous, if you steer us safely through this concrete jungle I will be working below your belt all night.” Andrea grinned.
The walk resumed and halfway across the courtyard in the gloom a voice rang out.

“Hey blondie! You gonna suck my dick tonight?”

“A tempting offer Arturo, but yet again I will have to say no.” Olivia called back.

“So who is the other chick, she is one big chica with big titties.” Arturo remarked.

“Just a friend of mine, be nice, Arturo.”

“Hey! Big titties is nice. Yours are sweet too blondie. You gals up for a three-way?”

“Who knows? But sadly not with you. We are just going to watch some TV and have dinner, so have a good evening my friend.” Olivia tried to hustle along.

Arturo however was not finished.
“Hey tittie lady, you gotta spare cigarette or two?”

For some reason Andrea felt less threatened than before.
“Sure kid, here.” she said.

Arturo stepped forward.
“I ain’t no kid, I am eighteen and I run this fucking place.”

Andrea handed over three cigarettes and a book of matches.

“I’ll bet you bitches lez it up good and proper tonight.” the teenager said.

“In your dreams, Arturo, have a good night.” Olivia said and briskly guided Andrea away as the ‘kid’ lit his cigarette and inhaled deeply.

Now in the relative sanctuary of the apartment block Andrea said
“Only in his dreams? I was kinda hoping for more than that.”

“And you are always calling me the slut” Olivia grinned.

29. Steps.
“I concede, that was not as bad as I have read or heard about.” Andrea was suddenly more relaxed.

“The area might not be a war-zone all the time but my apartment is distinctly lacking in food. “ Olivia declared. “My only excuse is that these past few days have been somewhat hectic.”

“Please don’t pull a face but I don’t suppose you have any booze?” the brunette wondered.

Ten minutes later.
“So that was the infamous Mrs Bilic, not quite what I had expected.” Andrea sat down clutching a bottle of cheap vodka.

“She did seem a little strange tonight. I thought she would be thrilled to see me with another girl, a stunning girl at that but she seemed almost jealous.” Olivia suggested.

“Somewhat of a chancer too. She claimed this gut-rot cost her fifty bucks, you would be a moron to pay twenty for this low-grade rubbish.” Andrea asserted.

“How much did you give her?” smirked Olivia.

“Two hundred but that is simple economics. I had the demand and she was the only supplier you knew.” Andrea laughed at her own justification.

“On a slightly more serious note, I really should go into work tomorrow and that means my alarm goes off at six a.m. So no all-night antics and that bed gets pretty snug with two people in it.” Olivia grinned.

“If you are leaving at six or whatever, so am I.” The brunette was adamant. “Is there any chance you could get the rest of the week off? Purely to give you time to assess our new situation.”

Their lovemaking was more brief than it had been on Saturday, but no less intense.
The two women were now walking towards the store where Olivia worked.

“Yes darling. I am due time off and Ann is a bit distant with me but she is not mean.” Olivia felt like she was repeating herself.

“You don’t appear to own a cell-phone so can you find a phone somewhere just to confirm?” Andrea asked.

“You sound like my mother when I was about twelve and she still cared about me!” There was now exasperation creeping into the blonde’s tones. “And yes, I will come to visit you tonight, your driver will pick me up outside the store at five.”

“Chauffeuse” chided Andrea, “she loves being called that. Now let me warn you about Susan. She is the most over-sexed person I know. I may have some wild tales to tell but I’m pretty sure Susan can outscore me every time. The moment she lays eyes on you she will want to devour you.”

“Sounds wonderful for a slut like me.” Olivia teased.

“Listen Liv, I could send some big ugly bloke but I figure you will have to meet Susan sometime. I could come with her but that would indicate I don’t trust you, and I do. Heck I don’t even know why I am saying this. I just know Susan too well. The girl cannot seem to stop herself.”
Once again Olivia was enjoying her friend’s discomfort. It was cruel but fun.

“Maybe I just let Susan have sex with me but I try not to enjoy it too much!” she chuckled.

“Damn you Liv!” Andrea knew it was all teasing but she was getting flustered again.
“Ok, just do it. Susan is a free pass. Your final fling before years of marital boredom stuck with me.”

“Marital?” Olivia looked stunned.

“Just an expression.” Andrea quickly interjected.

Back at the comfort of her mansion Andrea found a fresh pack of cigarettes. She knew she shouldn’t but this phone call was very important.

“Mum, are you and Daddy alone?”

“Yes dear, now what is it, you sound agitated.” Her mother retained a hint of Scottish burr in her voice. She put the phone to ‘speaker.’

“Right. I have met this girl called Olivia and she really is the one. There are a few complications and I really need to take a few days to step back from work.” Andrea said a little sheepishly.

“We are not decrepit yet, and we still oversee things remember?” Her father’s gruff tones were strangely reassuring.

“I honestly hate to ask but this girl just scrambles my brain.” Said Andrea.

“Darling, we have known of your ‘preferences’ for some time but you can spare us the details.” Mrs Lennox suggested.

“I don’t just mean in bed mum, I mean I am head over heels in love. I can barely think straight.” Andrea was now excited.

“We are both very happy for you. Oh, and thanks for that report on the Cross Street branch. Unbelievable! Trust me we have undercover people going in across all branches to check. Now when do we get to meet this amazing woman who has tamed our wild daughter?” Mrs Lennox asked.

“She is visiting the mansion this evening. I will suggest it but she is kinda poor and money intimidates her.” Andrea replied.

“Kinda?” It was her father this time. “How much did we spend on your education young lady! My father was born poor and he did all right for himself. You know I was a billionaire when I married your mother and she was barely worth a hundred million!
listen sweetie, I am getting dirty looks and there is golf on TV” Mr Lennox signed off.

“Golf. It isn’t even live it is an old show about classic tournaments or whatever.” Mrs Lennox had resumed the baton. “If this girl is honest, has a kind heart and makes you happy then you should ask for no more. Be good to yourself and to her darling.
We both love you, and hope to see you soon.”

When the phone went dead Andrea had a tear in her eye. She truly had to be the luckiest person on the planet.

30 At The Mansion
“Pretty impressive. Your driveway must be five miles long.” Olivia grinned.

“Actually it is just over one mile. I switched the floodlights on just so you could see the outside, I do think it is nice.” Andrea said. “My granddad designed it, but it was my parents who had it built and then I got it on my 21st Birthday, along with my em, well you know…Fiona.”

“And just as we pulled into the ‘driveway’ Susan said she lived in that house. Pretty big for a driver, sorry chauffeuse.” Olivia smirked.

“Well it is tied to the job. She can’t live too far away in case I get called out for some emergency or whatever.” Andrea explained.

“She also said she used to live here in the mansion…” Olivia grinned.

“OK Liv, what has that blabbermouth told you?” Andrea sighed.

“Actually not hat much. She was very friendly and full of praise for you. I do get the impression that you two have been intimate in the past.” Olivia said.

“In the past, yes.” Andrea admitted.

Olivia decided to push on. Her tone was suitably serious.
“Obviously you know your own grounds and it is very secluded with all those trees. Well Susan suddenly stopped the car about halfway between her house and here, she said she had to check something. Honestly that Rolls-Royce is so quiet I didn’t hear the back door opening and she just slid in. She looked great in her uniform, especially the cap but soon she had unbuttoned the top and…she was being so nice and telling me how pretty I was and I had this free pass so what could I do?”

Andrea’s face had fallen.

“We have at least shared a lover now, though Susan wanted us to share her together. I wasn’t sure you’d like that so…”

Andrea sat down.
“You are right. I did say you could and I stupidly told you Susan is a sex maniac so why wouldn’t you? She has a girlfriend you know? They claim to be in love but they both fuck around like nymphomaniacs.”

“Darling you are so gullible!” Olivia laughed. “I am sorry but your face is a picture. A slightly strange picture if I can say that, but of course nothing happened. Susan was the perfect lady, the perfect professional. And I don’t want any free passes. I want you, you weird and wonderful creature.”

Andrea smiled.
“You are one disgustingly beautiful, disgustingly sexy woman, but you can be a right bitch!”

They shared a sensitive kiss.

“OK, I will give you the tour later, if you want I can take you for a jaunt in the helicopter sometime, it is parked out back, but for now how about a drink and some food?” Andrea suggested.

“I wondered when drinking time started here” Olivia said slightly sardonically.

“You find teasing me so easy, I find drinking so easy. Maybe we could both work on our flaws.” The brunette retorted.

A little later.
“Wow you can cook. Does that mean I have to wash up?” Olivia said.

“Firstly, I have many skills.” Andrea laughed “and I have a dishwasher, the machine , not a person.”

Decent vodka was now the drink of choice.
“I don’t expect you to live here, I don’t expect you to stop working. We just need to be in closer proximity. The house is secluded and deliberately so, but there are a few towns pretty close by. You could get a job and maybe by a house in one of those places.” Andrea hoped she wasn’t being too pushy.

“Me buy a house?” Olivia questioned.

“You have thirty million in the bank my love, I know that is your ‘retirement plan’ so to speak but you could surely dip into some of it?” Andrea suggested.

“I had forgotten about that but I cannot take that money.” Olivia said.

“Darling that money is not in my account, I never knew I had it. I am not telling you what to do with it, heck give it all to charity but it is yours now and that is that.”

“Please, I need time to think this over. It is all too much again.” Olivia was now getting muddled.

“That is why you have the week off to think about things.” said Andrea. “Now will you do me one more favour?”

“I suppose” Olivia sounded hesitant.

“This may sound a bit kinky but please bear with me.” Andrea poured more drinks.

“Kinky sounds interesting.” Olivia was still unsure.

“Here goes. I trust completely that you were just kidding when you talked about Susan, but actually I felt a little turned on. So, though if you ever actually slept with anyone else it would devastate me, if you just told me a story but with even more naughty details at the appropriate time of course, I think I would rather like it.” Andrea left that hanging.

“So, if I read you correctly, you want me, from time to time to pretend I have had sex with another woman and tell you all about it?” asked Olivia.

“Yes, in a nutshell. Preferably someone I would know so I could picture it. Like Carol from the bank. And it doesn’t have to be just one girl, a threesome or more would be good but try to keep it believable enough so that part of me wonders if it is true.” Andrea seemed to be getting excited just talking about it.

“So you are never involved? I mean you don’t walk in and join in?” asked Olivia.

“No! In real life the idea sickens me, in fantasy it really turns me on. Is that too kinky?”
The older woman was starting to wonder if this had been a wise thing to mention.

“I have no idea what is and what is not kinky.” Olivia said truthfully. “I will have to work on that, but if it floats your boat my darling. Anything else?” She grinned.

“Actually I was going to tell you about this shop where you get the most beautiful, sexiest and most comfortable lingerie in the world. You will never find it without knowing the address. Honestly you must go there but I have a warning about that too.”
Andrea was positively animated.

“It sounds expensive.” was all Olivia could think to say.

“For what you get the prices are very reasonable.” Andrea replied. “Nikki owns the shop but she is a strange one, more a voyeur than a participant. The girls she employs are anything but.”

“Sounds a bit odd, what do you mean?” Olivia wondered.

“Well, to get the comfort you have to be measured very carefully and very intimately. Two girls usually do it. They are fired up and crank up the sexual tension. Just one example, they will measure your breasts and then measure again with erect nipples and the girls like to excite the nipples themselves, they are hungry for it. You have to know the code and if they ask if you require ‘anything extra’ and you say ‘yes’ then it is game on.”

“I think I get the picture” said Olivia slowly. “You have been there of course.” she added.

“Love, I know it may sound tacky but you don’t pay for the sex, those girls are more than willing. You pay for the best lingerie or uniforms you can buy and the sex is an added bonus. It is great to look good in some corset thing but if you feel like a trussed up chicken it ruins everything. With Nikki’s stuff you feel a million dollars too.”

“And you want me to go there in real life to get some lingerie?” Olivia sounded astonished.

“Yes, enjoy the nipple tweaking, just remember that you do not want ‘extras’ when they ask you.” Andrea responded.

“I am beginning to think you are a bit kinky!” laughed Olivia.

“Oh, Liv, the girl in front will finger your crotch a bit, that is required for measuring, that isn’t an extra.” Andrea threw in almost casually.

“Of course it is” Olivia downed her vodka.

“Once I show you my collection you will want to go there, the clothes are divine.” Andrea was still enthusiastic.

“I think that I need a drink.” Olivia exclaimed.

A few days had passed and Olivia sat down with her friend.

“I have come to a decision. I think I could probably tolerate living here” she smiled “but I will get a job. I will buy a small car and hopefully work in Kinsbarn which is only five miles from here or six if you include your drive.” She laughed.

“Liv, that is the best news ever. Now will you meet my parents and will you consider, sometime down the line marrying me?” Andrea was beside herself with joy.

“I will of course meet your parents but give me a while on the marriage thing. Can lesbians even get married?” Olivia was happier and more at ease and she had imagined possible.

“If or when you say ‘Yes’ I will bloody well find somewhere that allows gay marriage. Andrea was adamant.
“I have also decided that I will go to that Nikki’s place. You have made a lot of effort looking amazing for me in the naughtiest of stuff and I really should repay the compliment. Now just remind me, I say ‘Yes’ to any and all extras?” Olivia winked at her girlfriend. “After all, I have never experienced an orgy in person and you have had plenty so surely I am allowed just one?”

“I hope you are teasing me again” said Andrea.

“Darling, I am trying to turn you on.” Olivia replied.

After the most passionate and affectionate kisses they had ever exchanged Andrea said.

“You do that every second of the day my love.”


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