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June 18, 2024


New Release from Sapphire Books Publishing

Undercover Desire: When love and intrigue collide in politics

by award winning author - Isabella

Paperback 16.95
e book Price: $ 9.95 - all eBook formats  

Available at:          Amazon       Smashword      Sapphire Books Publishing

Lesbian Romance, Political Intrigue – Read a free sample here.

Dive into a tale of forbidden yearning and political intrigue with Undercover Desire.

Lexi Anders, a savvy political campaign manager, couldn’t be more excited about her most recent candidate. That is, until she encounters Officer Max Church during a chance traffic stop and discovers exactly how much more excited she can be. Drawn to the enigmatic policewoman, Lexi wonders if there's a way to mix her pleasure with business—and win at both. She requests to have Max join Congresswoman Marsh's security detail, unaware that it will lead to a dangerous journey that challenges her both personally and professionally.

Max reluctantly enters the world of high-stakes politics, seemingly a far cry from her normal duties on the highway and surely nothing like her time at war overseas. But when Lexi becomes a victim of a ruthless kidnapping orchestrated to blackmail the congresswoman, Max's commitment duty takes a heart-wrenching turn. In a race against time, Max must confront her own fears and navigate the perilous landscape to save Lexi and the congresswoman’s son.

Undercover Desire is a lesbian romance that delves into the secrets hidden within the corridors of power, where love emerges triumphant against all odds.

June 13, 2024

The Day We Met Charon And Celeste By Norsebard

Early on in Xena and Gabrielle's adventures, they're sent down into the Underworld to help Hades with an embarrassing problem: Charon is missing!  In order to see the Well of Truth, the rivers of slime, the Forest of Terror and other celebrated landmarks, they must first clear the backlog of newly dead waiting to be ferried across the river Styx...

Announcement from Stein Willard:

My new book, Noontide, the 3rd in the Hunters series, is available for preorder on Amazon. Previous titles in series include Daybreak and Full Moon.

New Release from Desert Palm Press

The Queen’s Eye
(A Cass & Ari Adventure)

Jane Alden

Archeologist Dr. Cassandra Stillwell and her young assistant Ari Morgan first appeared in The Crystal's Curse as they searched for the story of Hatshepsut, the most powerful female pharaoh in ancient Egypt. Cass and Ari return to the Valley of the Kings in search of the missing eye from Nefertiti's three-thousand-year-old bust. Cass is determined to restore the queen's perfection and return the bust from Berlin to the Egyptian people. Leftover Hitler Youth and cutthroat antiquity thieves pursue the two from Germany to Egypt to New York City. Did the eye ever really exist? Can Cass persuade Germany to return the queen to Egypt? Will Cass and Ari's relationship deepen? Join the two antiquities sleuths in their quest for answers.

Release Date: June 6, 2024

Available at:
Desert Palm Press



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