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Texas Hold'er Series

1. Texas Hold'er Part 1 Part 2
2. Forgive Us Our Tresspasses Part 1 Part 2
3. Infanticipation





       Part 1Part 2



Devil in Blue Jeans
The Devil doesn't always carry a briefcase and wear the glasses of justice.

Live Like You Where Dying
Together in New York once again, Alex and Olivia take the chance to really live. Sequel to Until.

Merry Little Christmas
A Law & Order:SVU Christmas story for Alex and Olivia.

Olivia thought she knew how things were between them.... until.

Rae D. Magdon

All In The Cards
Law and Order: SVU - Alex Cabot /Olivia Benson. A triptych from the Magnetic Resistance universe. Getting drunk on poker night gives six L&O ladies some deep insights, Alex makes a surprising suggestion from across the bridge table, and Olivia decides that losing a hand at five card draw can be advantageous...

Magnetic Resistance
Law and Order: SVU - Despite taking a leave of absence, Alex finally decides to pursue Olivia. Olivia's insecurities, a serial rapist, and Abbie Carmichael's teasing only make things harder. A decade of sexual tension and denial is about to unravel, but maybe for the better.

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3




Every Drabble Has It's Day

The New ADA

Doink, Doink (a prequel of sorts to the MIScommunication series)

The MIScommunication Series

1. MIStake
Some days it's a MIStake to even get out of bed. The first story in a series which takes place over a long weekend which aptly starts on Friday the 13th.
2. MIShap
2nd story in the series. Olivia Benson proves she is an officer of the law...Murphy's law.
3. MISchief
3rd story in the series. Two blondes, a brunette and a redhead (sorta) walk into a bar...
4. MISbehavin'
4th story in the series. It's a fine line between stalking and romantic pursuit. Try walking it in cowboy boots.
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Melinda Warner/Olivia


Scents and Sensibility Series
Why do we always want something we can't or shouldn't have?

1. Scents and Sensibility
2. Daylight Strangers: Scents and Sensibility




A New Leaf

Just One Night

SVU/Cold Case Crossover


And the Cradle Will Rock

Circumstances Beyond Control

Running With the Devil


No specific Pairing

Del Robertson

Ransom Notes
The ADA for SVU is kidnapped and being held for ransom.

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