2018 Academy of Bards Valentine Day Special


Welcome to the Academy of Bards Valentine Day Special edition! Since 2000, our page has supported writers and wannabe writers by allowing them to post their stories. I feel proud at how long our site has survived and of the careers that were in their infancy and have grown.

This year I wanted to do something different with our special. I’ve engaged with the munchkins - the hard working helpers who do the day to day work for no pay and little recognition - to come up with the best of our 15 prior years of Valentine stories. Originally, I asked for 14 but I couldn’t choose so it’s a few more. I hope you all enjoy revisiting the following stories. I hope you let the authors know how much we appreciate them. If you have any ideas of authors you’d like to see more of drop me a note at stephanie.solomon@me.com.


     ~ Steph

Boss's Choice

2016 – Red Vines – Susan X. Meagher

2006 – Team Work – K Darblyne

2004 – Slow Valentine – D. Jordan Redhawk


Staff Picks

2003 – Mulligan K.G. McGregor

2004 – Rock for Remembrance ... and A Canopy for Happy Endings – Ali Vali This is listed as 2 stories, but they really are just 1 big story!

2005 – The Crimson Cage – Nene Adams

2006 – The Colours of 46 – Kamoraskan

2007 – Country Mouse Lois Cloarec Hart

2008 – Leica – Vivian Darkbloom

2009 – Into Your Hands – Shadowriter

2010 – The Anti-Love Club – Artemis Callaghan

2011 – Warriors Need Love, Too – Del Robertson

2012 – Messy Life with Grace – silverwriter01

2013 – Stolen Heart – Kim Pritekel

2015 – Werewolves of Dreamland, TX – Geonn Cannon

2016 – A Distant Memory – Aurelia

2017 – The Incorrigible Janice Covington - Norsebard


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