Exploring the Past

Part Four

by Ri


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        “Oh no you are not!” Her face was suddenly furious.

        I looked at the tall man and said quietly, “Lieutenant would you mind leaving us for a couple of minutes?” He nodded giving me a sympathetic look and left. I looked into angry green eyes and took a deep breath, “Sweetheart I have to. The only way to stop her is to set it up so she thinks she getting what she wants…”

        “Not you! I will not allow her to hurt you anymore. She has already done enough damage to us. Look at what she already did. She killed three innocent people, our people. I won't and can't lose you too.” She had broken down and was crying on our bed.

        I sat down brought her on to my lap and embraced her tightly to me. I gently kissed the crown of her head and said into her ear softly, “You never will. I will always be here for you. I just can't let her go on like this. I need to catch her and then put her in jail for the rest of her unnatural life. I have to set her up so she thinks she is in control but she won't be Sweetheart. I will be pushing the buttons and calling the shots. Don't you trust me?” I asked quietly.

        I felt her head nod against my chest. “Of course I do. I just don't trust her. I can't stand the thought of her getting near you. She is a viscous menacing woman she has already shown that. I don't want her to hurt you anymore. Can't you understand?” I could feel her arms circling my waist and holding me tightly against her. I picked her up and took her to the top of the bed and settled her in. Then I crawled in with her cradling her into my lap supporting my back against the pillows and the headboard. Anne protested, “Dina your ribs…”

        “My ribs be damned, you are far more important.” I gently dried her eyes and lifted her chin so I could look deeply into them. “I love you too you know? That's why I do have to do this. I have to stop her before she tries to hurt you again to get to me. Next time I may not be able to save you and I wouldn't be able to survive that.”

        The tears were falling down her cheeks and she was trying very hard not to just burst out into sobs she breathed deeply and said in whispery voice, “Why can't you just let the police handle it?”

        I looked sadly into the most beautiful tear-filled green eyes I had ever seen and quietly replied, “I can't because she's to damn smart. She just wouldn't fall for anything that the police would come up with and she would only do something stupid if she thinks she could get one over on me. Please see the truth of what I'm telling you. I have to do this. I don't have a choice.” I pleaded with her.

        She held me tight around my waist and was crying against my chest. I just kept stroking her hair and nuzzling my neck against the top of her head till I heard her breathing calm down. Slowly she pulled back and looked into my eyes with red rimmed green ones. She gently put her hand against my cheek and said very quietly, “I can't allow you to place yourself in danger unless I can be apart of it…”

        “No!” I pulled back but she held me tightly around the waist pulling me back toward her.

        “It's either both of us or neither of us…”

        “Absolutely not…”

        “Shh, Either both or neither. That's it.”

        Now I began to cry, “Your being unreasonable…”

        “I don't care I won't lose you. So what is your decision is it both or neither?”

        I put my head on her shoulder and cried harder because I knew what I was going to have to do. I hated it but she left me only one choice. I replied in a barely audible whisper, “Both.”

        She now brought my lips to hers and kissed me tenderly, “Perfect. Good choice.”

        I shook my head and said hoarsely, “It was the only choice you left me.”

        “I know. That's why it was a good one. I love you.”

        “I love you too.” I said as I kissed her fiercely and tried to think furiously of a new plan. I now needed to change what I had in mind completely. If my love was going to be involved I had to think of something safer.

        “Sweety, I can't breath,” She said against my chest. I had lowered her head to my chest and I was tenderly caressing her back but I was holding her tight against me I guess it was a bit to close. I pulled back and she smiled up at me, “Thanks, I guess you were a bit distracted, huh?”

        “Yes, you could say that.” I looked down at the now smiling blonde who looked a bit too proud of herself. I shook my head and smiled slightly saying, “You are really proud of yourself aren't you?”

        “Yep, Your now trying to rethink your plan. Right?” She said with a big knowing grin on her face.


        “Do I get to hear it?”


        “Do I get hear a little more out of you then yeps and nopes?”


        “Smart Ass.”

         “Yep.” I replied as I bent down brought her lips to mine and kissed her passionately.

  ***   ***   ***   ***

        I brought the lieutenant back in to explain that our plans had changed and that I needed time to think of new plan of attack.

        He nodded and said, “I understand please be careful she's probably out there watching your every move. I want to be apart of this when you think you have your plan down. I don't like people who hurt people just to get even with a rival. I especially don't like it when someone kills innocents in my territory. Please call me when your ready, ok?”

        “Don't worry, your very much a part of my plan. I need you to help me and I need you to arrest her for arranging that attempt on Anne and killing my people. I assure you I don't like her way of doing business and I want her as much as you do.”

        “Good we understand each other.”

        “Oh yeah. You know we do.” I reply with a smile,” Thank you for helping us.”

        “It's my pleasure,” He nodded and left quietly.

        “He is a good man.” Said Anne staring ahead of her.

        “Yep.” I replied, I knew I could get her out of her funk if I played with her a bit.

        “Still only going to give me yeps, huh?”

        I smiled and went to lay down on the bed and curled up against one of the pillows closed my eyes and absently said, “Yep.”

        Anne walked over to the bed and leaned over me saying, “Do you think you can withstand all my ingenious forms or interrogation?”

        I kept my eyes closed and shrugged waiting for her next move. I felt the bed shift slightly under her weight as she got on then I felt her warm body and intoxicating scent right on top of me. “My ways are very, very thorough,” She said as she brought her lips to my throat and sucked on my pulse point till my toes curled. I knew that I wasn't going to get any thinking done for a while in fact I was beyond speaking and could hardly breath due my loves careful interrogation.

  ***   ***   ***   ***

        “Its still way too dangerous for you. Your being very unfair. I'm all safe and protected by the police and your out there in constant danger all alone.” Said Anne as she paced back and forth in front of me.

        “I didn't even want you in this at all. Paula is way too dangerous. You said it yourself she is viscous. Do you think I could let her get anywhere near you?”

        “Oh I see your plan is that you get to be a free agent available for target practice. Most impressive!”

        “It's a good plan. I know what I'm doing. We need to end this now, love.”

        “I'm very scared Dina.”

        “Please don't worry this will work. The only one who will suffer at all is the only person who deserves too.”

        “What if something goes wrong?”

        “It won't. Paula has too big an ego she will act true to form. It will work. I promise.”

        “I do trust your judgment, Dina. I just wish I could convince you that you alive is far more important then her caught. I also wish I could convince you that I'm competent enough to help you.”

        “What? Are you kidding?” I asked shocked that my love would even think that. I walked over to her and turned her to face me. “You are smarter then I am and very, very clever. I…I …Ok, I know I'm a bit over protective but I have known you since we were kids and I love you. I love you so much I can't stand the thought of her getting near you again….I just can't erase the picture of you with that gun to your head….”

        I was crying and she came over to me putting her arms around my neck and pulling me close to her so my head could lie on her shoulder. “Ok baby we will go with your plan. I want so much wire on you though that I will be able to hear you blink your eyes.”

        I looked up into her concerned loving expression and replied quietly, “You have got a deal. Is there anything else you want to hear?” I asked as I caressed her cheek.

        “Yes, but its not something that I want to hear over a police wire, “ She said as she leaned me back so that I toppled back on to the bed with her right on top of me. I guess it was a good thing the doctor said my ribs were healed that morning. The discussion was now closed for the night. We had more interesting things to discuss.

        I had set up a meet with Paula at a warehouse. She wanted me to come alone and she would stop her vendetta against me if I lived up to certain obligations. She said she wanted me to bring Anne as insurance that I would listen to reason but she said she would allow her to stay in the car as long as we didn't call the police.

        I knew the bitch would break her word and try and kidnap Anne so I made sure that she would be safe and I would be a completely free agent to act according to what ever opening I could. It was a good plan it should have worked but Paula had other ideas…

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