Exploring the Past

Part Five

by Ri


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I was leaning against a wall in the office of a warehouse where I was to meet Paula. I was wired so that the police and Anne could hear every word and movement that happened to me in that room. I also had a tiny earplug that allowed me to hear them.

The police lieutenant voice in my ear said, “Calm down, Dina.”

“Who says I'm not Alfred?” I whispered.

“I can hear your heart pounding through the wire.”

I rolled my eyes, “Adrenaline will out. Um, is Anne there?”

“I'm here Sweetheart,” She said quietly. I could hear the anxiety in my loves voice.

“I just wanted to hear your sweet voice, Anny. I love you. I'm ok. I'm just wired and I want to get the show on the damn road…”

“Dina the cat is in the God Damn Cradle!!!” Yelled the excited policeman.

“Alfred that was my ear,” I whispered back. “I'm ready for the bitch,” I said as I walked to the chair behind the desk in the small office.

Suddenly the door burst open and Paula with two henchmen came in with guns drawn. They discovered me calmly sitting behind the desk with my feet up and my hands behind my head. I smiled at my adversary and said, “Your late as usual.”

“Don't act so damn calm. Your completely out gunned and all alone. I have you now,” Her eyes glistening crazily.

“You do?”

“Yes, I do,” She stalked over toward me and reached toward my chest pulling out the wire with one strong pull. To say it hurt would have been an understatement. I would have reacted but knowing me as she does she slugged me in the jaw knocking me out cold. The next thing I knew I woke up tied up in a dark dank cell. I struggled to untie the ropes thinking Shit! Shit! Shit! as I wondered how long I was out and what my Anne was doing.

  ***   ****     ****   ***

Little did I know that my bright and clever soul mate was working very hard to find and save me? Since the Police couldn't even follow Paula's thugs as they dragged my tall unconscious body out of the warehouse she figured it was all up to her. Anne did what she did better then anyone; she let her creativity help her solve this problem.

She and Dominic my Foreman were in front of the building that Paula used as her latest hide out. She found Paula by tracing her credit card through some sites she had discovered on the internet. She learned about such sites while writing an article on credit card fraud and never thought she would have to use them for something so vital. Calling in some favors Dominic helped her to find exactly where those building were located and he asked his cousin Abdul to help them get me out of there.

If I had been able to prevent my little one from taking such a risk I would have but she and Dominic had plotted my escape and were both determined to see it though. Of course I was pacing back and forth in the hole in the ground that Paula had dumped me into trying to find a way out of there with no idea that Anne was doing her cavalry impression just beyond my sight.

  ***   ****     ****     ***

A bright light suddenly shown into my closed eyes. I was lying back on the bed trying to remember how to make a knife out of broken bottle when Paula had entered my cell. She was standing in the doorway with a bright flashlight shining in my face. Since I couldn't see anything anyway I kept my eyes closed.

“Plotting your escape?” She asked sarcastically.

To be honest I was but I hadn't gotten very far I awoke earlier in this cold dark room, starving and trying to get my bearings. I was very worried about Anne and what I wanted more then anything was to strangle the woman standing across from me. I gave her my best poker face and answered calmly, “Of course.”

She shook her head and laughed cruelly, “Dina, Drop the act. You just barely woke up you haven't had time to figure out how to go the bathroom in here yet. How the hell could you have plotted anything?”

“I think you'd be surprised what my little fuzzy brain can come up with,” I replied with a shit eating grin.

“I just bet I would. Well your little friend disappeared before I could get her too like I wanted to. But don't worry I don't want you to get lonely I will find her too.”

“I bet you won't. Anne is very clever she will not be easy to find…”

“Who the hell do you think your kidding here she is an innocent…”

“Yes she is and so were the three people you killed at our camp. Adding murderer to your list of accomplishments, huh? Well Paula I see you have sunk lower and lower since I last met you.”

“I didn't kill anyone and I certainly didn't order it. My men got a little carried away that's all…”

“Murder is murder. You're responsible for it.”

“Well then I guess it will have to be added to my list then huh? I brought you a bite to eat. Don't worry I didn't drug it. I don't need to. You're not going anywhere and I want you to totally be able to enjoy every moment of our time together.” Then the lights went out.

I was in the dark again. I sat up and stretched then stared into the darkness thinking, Anne my love, If you can hear me in your heart and mind then please stay away. I can't stand the thought of that fiend getting her hands on you. Stay away my love. Stay safe please.

  ***     ***   ****   ***

I was asleep on the bunk after I tried to picked at the food that Paula left since I was starved it tasted like shit but it wasn't poisoned or drugged. I didn't touch the ale she left because it would been harder to detect drugs in it. I don't know how long I had been asleep but suddenly I heard the door slowly creak open. I opened my eyes and slowly got up heading toward it. I was going to attack the bitch this time. I was just about to throw a punch when I heard a gentle voice call out, “Dina?”

I was so shocked I almost fainted, “Anny?” My arms were suddenly filled with my beloved. I hugged her tightly to me and said, “How the hell did you find me? How did you get in here? Am I dreaming?”

I felt a gentle kiss against my chin and a soft chuckle, “Does that feel like a dream? It's a long story. Come on before the guards all wake up.” She pulled me toward the door where Abdul was waiting for us with a small flashlight, a gun and a tazer strapped to his shoulder. He silently greeted me then led us with the flashlight to a bathroom down the hall. We crawled through a window where Dominic was waiting on the other side to help us quietly down on the other side.

“Anne, where are the guards?” I whispered.

“Oh Abdul here made quick friends with them and had a nice quiet drink. They're all over and should have a nice long nap the poor overworked dears.” She replied with a smirk.

I almost laughed out loud as we walked quietly to the hidden jeep. “And Paula?”

“She left a couple of hours ago to her nice comfortable hotel. I do believe she was trying ever so hard to find me but she will be very disappointed.” Her eyes were twinkling with suppressed amusement.

“Oh believe me she was, She was using me to lure you and the police to her web, How did you…”
“Shh Sweetheart, Not now. Escape now and talk later, ok?” She said as she started the jeep and drove the four of us out of that area to our secret hideaway. I was so proud of Anne I could just about have burst in that car seat and man were we going to celebrate when we were alone. I sat back in my seat and thought, Paula you don't know it but your life of crime is about to come to screeching halt. I'm going to love every second of it. I smiled and leaned my head against Anne's comforting shoulder as we sped away into the darkness.

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