Extended Family

by Ri

Disclaimer; This is a sequel to my novella Family Affair, It is nescary to read that story to understand the characters, their relationship and the time period they are in. This is an original idea that is of my imagination and therefore please don't try to pilfer it. The two main characters were inspired by two ladies we all know and love. There is a same sex loving relationship and there may be violence later on in the story if either of these types of stories bother you please don't read any further but if you want to know what's next for Julie and Diana please read, enjoy J

The tall woman carried a child into the mansion on Sunset Blvd in Beverly Hills. She was followed closley by a small blonde woman carrying a baby bag. They were followed by their driver carrying the luggage.

        "Where are we going to put him?" Whispered Diana smiling at the beautiful sleeping boy in
her loves strong arms.

        "Your Mother set up the guest room as his nursery." Julie said as she kissed her child and cradled him closer.

        "Is she here still?" A big huge smile of pure joy crossed Diana's face.

        Julie smiled back and winked, "Yes Squirt, She should be in her room," She said as she carefully climbed up the front stairs after smiling and winking at her butler. He flashed a smile of his own and gave her the high sign as she passed, all was ready for their little darling. They were met at the top of the stairs by the older woman with a warm welcoming smile of her own.

        Christine walked up to them her head was cocked to one side and she simply glowed at the sight of the precious little boy, "So this is my grandson?" She said in a whisper to the two approaching younger woman.

        Julie and Diana were beaming right back at her. Diana nodded and said, "Yes Mama, It might be better though if you met him when he was awake."

        "Aww, but he is so adorable sweetheart, I am very glad to see him like this." Then Christine's eyes met Julies, "And you look very natural like this, Jules."

        Julie's bright smile became blinding at the compliment, "Thanks so much, Auntie"She whispered

        "Well get this little one all set in his room and we'll talk in the morning," Said Christine Kisssing
both the young women on the cheek. "Goodnight, I love you all."

        "I love you too, Mama,"Replied Diana following Julie who began to take their precious one down the hall again. "Ditto Auntie,"Whispered Julie over her shoulder as she stopped at the newly decorated nursery. She smiled and winked at her God Mother and then took the baby inside followed close on her heels by an anxious Diana.

        Christine shook her head as she went to her own room, "They never cease to amaze me," She said
quietly out loud to her self as she inside her own room.

                ***                ***                ***                        ***
        Julie woke up early as was her custom, She felt very happy to be home. They had a wonderful honeymoon. They went to every capital of europe. They saw their son on tour in London. As part of her comitment to Pete, Julie made one stop in each city as his movie star. Then the rest of the time was private for her and Diana's honeymoon.

        She saw the little skinny baby boy at a hospice in London. He was half starved and left on the Lord Mayors door step with a note asking he be put in good care. Julie immediately fell in love with the beautiful three year old. He was painfully thin, He had raven black hair and sea green eyes exactly the color of Diana's. He had the sweetest most angelic smile she had ever seen and it was the first time anyone had seen it. He had not smiled till he first caught a glimpse of Julie as she entered his ward. She was immeadialty drawn to the beautiful little boy nothing could of kept her from his side. She sat down on the side of his bed and he instantly crawled into her lap, she put her arms around him and held him close stroking his hair. In her heart he was hers already. She stayed like that as long as she could. They said she had to finish the tour but when she tried to pull away he cried and held her tighter and she refused to leave her little love crying. A sympathtic nurse distracted the little one with his favorite bear so the movie star could finish her tour.

        After she finished the tour she went straight to the managing director and asked about the little angel and how she could adopt him at once. He said it would be dificult since she was single and American but he would do what he could. Julie called Pete from the hospice and got him working on it too. She was going to get the child as her own.

        After she finished telling Diana about the child she had to force her to stay in their room till the next morning the young blonde was so anxious to see the little boy. Of course Diana fell in love with him at first sight and he fell in love with her instantly as well. Now they were all a family they just had to wait for the red tape to catch up with them.

        ***                ***                ***                        ***

        Julie felt Diana stir she smiled down at her and said quietly,"Good morning,"Brushing some hair out of the sleepy green eyes.

        "Good morning, How did you sleep?" She asked the beautiful woman with short ruffled hair.

        "Better then I did in Europe all I did was worry about our baby."

        "I do believe I recall that,"Diana joked with a sparkle in her now alert eyes. "I felt the exact same way. Though if I remember correctly we did catch a moment here and there for ourselves, didn't we?" She asked as she nuzzled her loves neck and kissed it very gently.

        "Mmmm, Yea we managed,"Julie replied pulling Diana up to her so she could reach her lips give her the kiss she was dying to give those lucious lips. When she pulled back she smiled into twinkling eyes and rubbed her nose as she said horsly, "I think that is the best part of the morning."

        "Really?" Diana asked dazed by the passion she received from the kiss.

        "Really,"She replied kissing her pert nose and then rubbing it again.

        Suddenly there was a loud cry from the next room and the alert women grabbed their robes and ran to their child in a blink of an eye.

        ***                ***                ***                        ****

        Sean was now nestled between his two mothers. As soon as they came with in his sight he
stopped crying. He looked confused because he didn't know where he was, Diana picked up his favorite
toy a brown teddy bear and brought it to her child. "Here you go my Love, See your teddy is here so everything is fine." She said with smile, Stroking his hair and giving him a gentle kiss on the cheek. He looked at her with inteligent green eyes and smiled , hugging his teddy to him close.
        "He is just like you, Love. He has the same sweet disposition you did when you were tiny.
The only thing he has of mine is my hair color..."

        "I don't know about that, Jules. Remember when we were in Spain and we got the panicked call from the managing director that our little dare devil here got out of his crib and was taking a tour of the ward just like Mommy Julie. Didn't you darling?" She asked the giggling little boy who at that moment was reciveing a kiss to his tummy.

        Julie smiled as she watched Diana give a string of kisses to Sean's belly,"Well I like that too, So I guess we do have some things in common..."

        "Sorry, sorry." Julie said chuckling delighted at the shocked expression on her loves pretty face.
"Lets get the baby ready for breakfest."

        ***                ***                ***                        ***

        "Sylvia called, Jules," Said Christine to her God Daughter as she poured a cup a coffee for her
daughter. She watched Diana stiffen and inwardly thought, Uh Oh.

        Julie was settling the baby into his high chair, "Oh great that means the plane is in Los...Uh, never mind," Julie didn't realize what she was saying till her eyes met Diana's furious green orbs.

        "Momma would you look after Sean for just a little while. I need to talk to Mommy Julie...Now,"
Diana said all this quietly but both of the other women could see the fury behind those quiet words as the younger woman stormed out to the sunny patio.

        Julie came out onto the patio cautiously, She knew how Diana felt about the plane, She didn't want to worry her, but something deep inside her made her crave to learn how to fly. She needed it, like she needed to become an actress and get off the streets. It was a deep need and she had to follow it. So it was with great dread she faced the wrath of this beloved woman.

        Diana was pacing as Julie stepped out to the patio, She turned and smiled at the sheepish expression on the tall womans face. "Oh for God sakes stop acting like your scared of me," She scolded shaking her head.

        "I am, You are the only person who could possibly scare me,"Julie answered honestly.

        "What?"Diana was more then astonished by the unexpected reply.

        "Of course, I love you. I care what you think of me. No one else matters to me with the expetion of Auntie and our son, But they don't have the power over me that you do. I love you so deeply that I fear your disaproval."

        The look of complete shock on Diana's face made Julie smile affectionatly. "Umm, I belive you wished to discuss something?"

        Diana shook her head in wonder and said a startled, "Wow."

        Julie walked over and embraced her and then bent down gave her a gentle and sweet kiss of pure love. They then looked deeply into each others eyes and smiled at each other.

        "Ok, Out with the wrath of the small beauty."



        "Ok Julie,we're parents now. I don't think you should be taking such risks. You could get killed in one of those things."

        "What kind of parent would I be if I didn't set an example? I need this challenge. Sean needs to learn that challenging things in a positive way is a good thing. So it will be a good lesson for our little one; not a bad one," Julie said simply ending with a beaming smile. She was pretty proud of the logical explanation of purely emotional need.

        "Jules, My Love, My darling girl....That is the biggest piece of bull I have ever heard and I used to work for Pete!"

        Julie laughed and shook her head, "Damn your smart. You know that is very good for our son..."

        "Do not change the subject or attempt to deflect it. You know very well how dangerous what you are contemplating is and..."

        "And I'm perfectly capable of following instructions of qualified flight instructor, Now ain't I"
Julie asked with a rakish grin.

        "Ain't? Come on, Julie I..."

        "Love me."

        "Damn, " She felt herself being scooped up by the strong woman and kissed so passionatly she forgot what they were discussing. Later...We'll talk....Oh....Later......

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