Extended Family

Part 5 The Conclusion

by Ri

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        Pete paced in his office in front of his two calm friends. Julie and Diana were both comfortably seated in guest chairs watching Pete pace with amusement.

        Julie casually dressed in jeans and T-shirt said kindly, “Pete, You know your going to fall right through the floor if you keep that up, old man.”

        Diana dressed in a casual dress with penny fours; sweet looking matching shoes was calmly watching her friend continue to pace for a few more minutes and exchanged amused glances with Julie. “Why are you so worried?”

        “Excuse me, but do you two realize what a bomb you placed in my safe!”

        Julie suddenly got up and walked in front of the pacing man putting a gentle hand on his shoulder, “Yep I do. I know its full of dynamite. You know what? It's the best protection in the world against that arrogant Son of a Bitch!” All of the anger from last night suddenly boiled up from inside her and exploded. She turned away from Pete toward the door and paced her eyes were raging from the rush of sudden anger. “If it wasn't for my love and respect for Diana and our family I would have had Mickey deal with him. Believe me this was all handled much cleaner then it would have been if Diana and our baby weren't the center of my life. I hate him so much!”

        Pete's eyes widened in shock. Diana jumped up and ran to the angry woman throwing her arms around her and pulling her into a comforting embrace. She held her tight saying in rush, “I'm so glad you're in my life. I don't know how I would survive without you. I'm so glad you left Mickey and I…I….” She started to cry against Julie's shoulder. Julie's reaction was instantly to calm down and to comfort the now crying woman. “Shh, I know your right. Come on my darling I'm better now. Calm down” Julie cooed in her ear. She lifted her chin and kissed her tenderly.

        Diana nodded and rubbed her head against Julie's neck. She turned toward Pete and said quietly, “It was the only way we could stop him, Pete.”

        Julie kissed away the tears gently and then kissed her deeply with all the love she felt in her heart. They pulled back looking deeply into each other's eyes forgetting Pete was in the room.

        “I'm so grateful that you're in my life too. All I want to do is to protect you. I love you so much. I'm not calling Mickey. God help me, Cause I wanted to but I never will again so please don't worry. I promised you Diana and you know I always keep my promises… “

        “I know, I know that. You are a very clever person and you don't need him. You only need yourself. That's something I always admired about you even when I was kid.” She smiled into misty blue eyes. Those eyes slowly closed and Julie tilted her head till their foreheads touched gently.

        “You are a pretty clever cookie yourself, My Love. Ain't you?”

        “I love you.”

        “Good, I love you too. More then life itself.”

        “Ditto,” Replied Diana with a smirk as Julie kissed her chin and worked her way to her neck delighting in the taste as she worked her way down.

        “Ehemm,” Both women turned toward Pete with a kind looks on their faces.

        “Oops, Sorry.”

        “Yep, Sorry old man,” Said Julie with a sweet expression that touched the man's heart.

        “Hey! Who are you calling old?” He asked with an amused look on his face. “You know your picture starts up again on Monday so scat. Get the hell out of my office. Give me some peace and go have some fun. I'll let you know what happens with our friend Kane.”

        Julie and Diana looked at him with deep affection and left with out a word. “Kids!” He said to the empty room then he went to the bar to make himself a drink. He grinned and shook his head with affection at his two friends.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Sean was at home happily monopolizing his Grandmother's time. The girls were in a car headed to an undisclosed location.

        “Come on Jules, Where are we going?”

        “We're going on a picnic.”

        Diana rolled her eyes and leaned back on the seat, “Where are we going to have a picnic? We usually go up to Griffith Park but were heading in the opposite direction.

        “Yep,” Replied Julie mysteriously. She was trying awfully hard to not laugh at the frustrated little blonde. She was highly amused at how determined her little love was when she wanted to know something.

        As they pulled off the main road Diana recognized where they were. Julie's plane was there and it was ready to take off.


        “Sweetheart, I soloed last week. Surprise!” Julie said as she pulled out her pilot's license excitingly.

        “I knew you would. I am really happy for you but what has that to do with a picnic…Oh no!” If Diana could run all the way home she would have without a second thought.

        Two loving strong arms engulfed her in embrace holding her close, “Yep.”

        “Jules I can't…”

        “Sure you can…”

        “Julie I'm terrified…”

        Julie leaned down and kissed her tenderly then she asked, “ Would I do anything that would put you in harms way?”


        “Do you trust me?”

        “Of course.”

        “Good, Then come on. Time for our picnic.”

        Julie kept one arm wrapped tightly around her waist as she led her to the plane. She put her wife in strapping her to her seat with the belt and then caressed her cheek and kissed her nose. Then she checked the picnic basket making sure it was secure and then walked confidently to the pilots seat nodding to her butler who had dropped off their freshly made picnic basket and set up having the plane ready for her special surprise. Julie sat down in the pilot's seat and set about putting on her headgear instructing Diana to do the same. Behind her goggles, her blue eyes were glittering with excitement she brought the biplane around and took off into a perfect Southern California blue sky.

        ***                ***                ***                ****

        Once in the air Diana calmed down and was overwhelmed with the beauty of the flight. She was so mesmerized by the beauty that just as Julie had predicted she forgot about how scared she was.

        They came in for a perfect landing on a private airfield just a few miles from San Diego. Julie hoped that the place was already set up with a blanket, chairs and an umbrella. She also hoped that beautiful bouquet of long stem red roses was hidden so she could present them like she wanted to. With the basket in hand, she escorted an unsuspecting Diana to a beautiful flower filled carriage that would take them to their destination where it was all set up and waiting for them.

        “It wasn't that bad was it?” Asked Julie kissing and nuzzling the smaller woman's neck.

        “I guess not, Can we drive home?”

        Julie pulled back and laughed, “No. We are going to fly home. I know you will not disappoint your son.”

        “Julie, That's mean!” Said Diana pouting.

        “Yep,” Julie replied with a smirk, “So what will it be fly or drive?” She asked the frowning woman already knowing the answer.

        Very reluctantly Diana put her head against Julie's shoulder and said, “Fly.”

        Julie hugged her and whispered, “Good girl,” into her loves ear.

        They arrived at the picnic grounds and they were just settling down when a driver came speeding up to them. He came up to their picnic with a note from Pete. Julie tipped him and took the note with a smile. After she read it her face suddenly glowed with a beautiful smile.

        “What is it, Jules?”

        “Here read it. It's from Pete.”

        Diana took the note, it read;

        Girls, The man in question suddenly decided to take all his marbles and go home. I've sent the package in question to Switzerland.


Diana laughed and handed the note back.

Julie handed Diana the roses and said, “Happy Anniversary My Sweet Darling.”

        “Anniversary?” Diana asked in surprise.

        “Yep, One year ago today we arrived in Los Angeles at Union Station and changed our lives for the better.”

        Diana blushed a deep red remembering exactly what happened both on the train and at the mansion. The tears came as she looked up into sparkling blue eyes full of love and admiration. She sniffed the roses with deep appreciation and said quietly, “Thank you.” Tears falling down her cheeks.

“You are so romantic.” Julie said as she gently dried the tears with the back of her hand.

        Diana's blush deepened, “Your a romantic nut yourself, did you know that?”

        “Yep, you do still love me, don't you?” She said her face a glow as she handed her love a glass of champagne.

        “Yes you nut. I love you with all my heart and soul. Happy Anniversary Darling.” Said Diana as she clinked her glass against the one Julie was holding up in salute.

        “Happy Anniversary Sweetheart, I love you so much. You're my heart and will be till the end of time.”

        The End

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