Game, Set and Match

Chapter 6

By Ali Vali

Disclaimers: See Part 1.

The stands around center court were filling up, and down on the court the line judges and ball retrievers were taking their places. Gary had watched Parker warm up with a critical eye making sure that his star showed no signs of pain. Parker's younger opponent was trying to find some weak spot as she too watched Kong warm up. If the story was true about the attack outside the restaurant, Mendela her opponent couldn't find where it put any cracks in Parker's game.

Emily and Bobbie sat watching the crowd around them waiting for the rest of Parker's guests to show up. Gary had waved to them before disappearing down the tunnel that led to the locker rooms. He wanted to check to make sure the bandage on Parker's chest was still all right before the match started.

"I hope she'll be all right. That cut on her chest looks nasty." Emily's comment was overheard by more than just Bobbie and they were both surprised by the deep voice that commented back.

"It will take more than stitches to slow Park down. Mendela will be eating fuzz by afternoon's end is our prediction." Both Emily and Bobbie looked up to the two women that were towering over them effectively blocking out the sun. "When she was ten, she played in a tournament with a broken arm. Hell if the tadpole didn't come in third," continued Kimmie trying to make Emily feel better.

"You must be Parker's sisters." Emily went to stand when Kimmie put her hand on her shoulder keeping the small blonde in her seat.

"I'm Kimmie and this is Gray." The oldest of the three sisters stuck her hand out and greeted Parker's two friends. They tried to ignore the buzz from the fans around them that recognized the two volleyball stars. Today was for Parker.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Emily Parish and this is my friend Bobbie Daley. Parker was so happy you two could make it up to watch her play. The last time I saw Parker, you two were headed to south Florida for your own tournament, how did it go?"

"Are you kidding, Em, they kicked butt. The Viper and the Terminator took the title and the cash pot without breaking a sweat. I saw it all on ESPN II," said Bobbie. Emily could see that her friend was having a hard time not falling to her knees and worshiping the two giants that had taken their seats so they wouldn't have to crane her neck looking up at them.

Emily almost laughed at the look of rapture on Bobbie's face. The avid sports fan was going to swoon before the day was over if one more of her idols showed up. First she scored center court seats to the Open and now was getting to share them with two of volleyballs greatest players.

"I suggest you breathe at regular intervals throughout the day, if not you are going to miss the match when you pass out." Emily whispered the warning as a joke to get Bobbie to calm down a little. The woman that was Parker's practice partner was coming down the steps to join them, and Emily watched as Gray King's eyes stayed glued to the tall Swede.

"Kimmie, why don't you slide in here next to Bobbie and let Natasha have your seat?" suggested Emily.

Gray turned her head to the small pilot and smiled. "Thanks, Emily, I see that my little sister is starting to wise up in her choice in women." The announcer introducing Parker and Mendela helped take the attention away from Emily and the blush Gray's compliment had caused.

The crowd got to their feet when the two players walked out to the court and sat down on opposite sides of the judge's chair. Parker's tan looked even darker against the tight white shirt she was wearing, and she looked like she was anxious to begin.

The players picked their rackets and took their places, both nodding to the judge that they were ready to begin. "Quiet please." The man pointed to Parker after a hush fell over the crowd.

Two new balls were thrown to Parker from the ball girl in the corner behind her. She bounced them both on her racket before selecting one and throwing the other one back to the young lady that had given them to her. Parker squared her shoulders and let out a long breath as a way to blow out the pain and forget about it for the next couple of hours. After four bounces she threw it into the air, connecting with it dead center on her racket. It flew past her opponent so fast, the girl didn't bother to move her racket from the ready position. Mendela got out of her stance when, "Fifteen love," was announced from the chair.

"If you were hoping for a slower paced game from Parker King, sports fans, you have come to the wrong place." The sports announcer calling the game on the radio reported happily as the first shot went over the net. Gray had been nice enough to bring earpieces for everyone so they could listen to the commentary during the match. "I thing she was giving Mendela a warning shot across the bow with that one. The stitches will not do the Spaniard any favors today."

"Quiet please." Parker waited for the crowd to cooperate before setting up for her next shot. This one nicked the net on the way over so she had to serve again. The second serve was a little slower paced and Mendela returned it. The young player hit it back to the baseline then ran to the net to establish an early aggressive game against the number one seeded player. It was a mistake when Parker hit a two handed back hand that hit just inside the baseline. If there was going to be anyone volleying from the net, it was not going to be from Mendela.

For the next forty minutes Emily watched Parker almost surgically remove every aspect of her opponent's game, all while barely breaking a sweat. When her opponent would rush the net Parker would send some blistering heat toward the baseline with deadly precision. When Mendela took the hint and moved to the baseline, Parker would drop the ball right over the net almost making her opponent lose some skin when she went diving after one of them.

Watching the game at the USTA Tennis Center had been an experience for both she and Bobbie. The atmosphere and energy of center court live was not easily captured on the small screen of her television, and Emily was still smiling at the 'Kong' chant the crowd was still shouting. The big tennis bag was repacked and shouldered, but Parker took a few minutes on her way out to sign autographs for the fans hanging out of the stands.

Up in their seats, the King sisters high-fived each other before turning to hug Nick and Gary. In their celebration Gary failed to notice the attendant standing in the aisle holding a folded piece of paper. The coach cringed when the young man tapped him on the shoulder and handed him the note. Gary decided he was going to exercise his promise to quit if it was directions from Parker to ditch Emily. For the first time he had open one of Parker's short pennings, her coach's face creased in a smile.

"Let's go take a tour of the locker rooms, girls." Both men moved to escort the four others to meet Parker when they were stopped by the last person they expected to see at the match. Alicia had attended with her manager, their seats not quite as good without Parker's help. The young rocker had given three interviews on the way in when she was recognized by reporters, so there would be no misunderstandings about her feelings for Parker.

"Gary, could you tell Parker I'll wait for her outside? I figured we cold share a limo back into Manhattan." Alicia was looking at the small blonde trying to remember where she had seen her before. She was figuring to make Parker suffer a little for forgetting to invite her to the match. Getting her back was not going to be so easy for the jock this time around.

"Sorry, Alicia, Parker has a ride back into the city. I'll tell her you came to watch the match. Thanks from both of us. After all as you know, dedicated fans are what it's all about." He didn't want to be rude but he pushed his group forward before Alicia had any chance to cause a scene. Maybe tonight Parker could have dinner and stay dry throughout the meal.

Emily stood back and let Parker have a moment to greet her two sisters. It looked like Bobbie kept pinching herself at the good fortune their day had turned out to be. Getting to see the match would have been good enough, but on the way in they had seen a number of other players milling around the locker room waiting for their time to play.

"You think if you slept with her, we can come back this weekend?" Bobbie asked Emily in a whisper.

"I slept with her last night and you got court side box seats out of it, so don't push your luck." Before Bobbie could ask her about what she had said Parker called them over.

"Congratulations, that was an awesome match you played." Parker accepted Emily's hug and kept a long arm draped over the pilot's shoulders as she waited to be introduced to Emily's friend.

"Yeah, great game, Ms. King. Thank you so much for the tickets, that was a once in a lifetime experience," gushed Bobbie as she pumped Parker's hand.

"Bobbie, honey, she needs that hand to play this week," said Emily. She smiled up at Parker hoping the player didn't mind over exuberant fans. "Parker, this is my friend Bobbie Daley, and in case you haven't caught on, she's a big fan of women's tennis."

"Ah, my running companion. You kept up pretty good until that last two miles." Parker laughed at the tall woman's blush. Emily's friend was all right now that she knew they weren't sleeping together. "How about I treat you two to dinner?"

"Don't you want to go with your sisters?" asked Emily.

"They are doing a spot for the local sports channel tonight so they can't make it, but if you two have plans that's ok."

"No, I'd love to. How about it, Bobbie, wanna go and eat?" Emily sunk closer into Parker and wrapped her arm around her waist.

"I don't want to get in the way." Bobbie wanted to go, but hesitated on being a third wheel.

Parker reached out and patted Bobbie on the shoulder. "Come on, I want you to go. That way if the mad bomber here throws any more hot chocolate on me, I can use you as a shield."

Bobbie moved around the space looking at the multitude of pictures that chronicled the past tournaments giving Parker and Emily some time alone. All the winner had to do was put her shoes on to finish getting dressed and she was sitting on one of the benches putting her socks on.

"Thanks again for the tickets, I loved watching you play." Emily sat beside Parker wanting to be close to her. That morning had been bliss when she woke up and felt the long body pressed up against her back. Emily was so comfortable she had drifted back to sleep with a smile on her face.

"Will you still be in town on Saturday?" asked Parker tying off one shoe.

"Yeah, my next flight isn't until Sunday at noon, but I'll be back that night. I'm on a light schedule until I get settled."

"Good, you can make the next match then. If you want that is." Parker played with the other shoe waiting for Emily to say something. The pilot's close proximity was throwing off her usual cocky personality.

"I would love that." The pilot leaned in some more reaching to take the shoe away from Parker. The lure of what they had discovered in Florida was starting to become more enticing to her.

Parker leaned the rest of the way and kissed her. It wasn't erotic but both of them felt the jolt. "Do you think she would survive another match?" Parker pointed to Bobbie who was studying the wall like it was a fascinating piece of art.

"Do you know CPR?" Emily looked at Parker with a serious face.

"I'm more of a mouth to mouth kind of girl."

"I'll just bet. Come on, star, your groupies are taking you out to dinner." Emily gave Parker her shoe back and stole another kiss before Parker leaned down to put it on. "Clear your schedule on Saturday, Daley, we've been invited back." The happy dance the woman by the wall did almost made Parker fall off the bench she was laughing so hard.

Bobbie took a cab home alone after they had eaten, leaving Parker and Emily alone for the walk to Emily's new apartment. They had decided on a small Chinese restaurant where Parker's presence had caused pandemonium with the staff. Emily was sure their picture would be framed and hanging on the wall the next time she went in for take out.

"Will you come up for a little while?"

"You aren't getting tired of me yet?" Parker picked up their joined hands and kissed the back of Emily's.

"I was thinking that it would be you that would be bored by now." She wanted to sound confident, but Alicia up close and personal that afternoon had messed with her head.

"For someone who has taken up a lot of my thought process since this summer, you aren't very bright." Emily laughed at the insult ready to say something back when Parker bent her head and kissed her. The passion in the soft lips erased Emily's doubts. Parker King was young, but she was the person Emily had been waiting for. The one that had awoken her soul as well as other parts of her anatomy.

"Good night, sweet Emily." Parker kissed her again before letting her go.

"Please stay."

"Take some time and think about what you want. I'm not in a hurry, Emily, but for once I'm not playing around either." The distance between them, even though it was less than three feet, was unacceptable to Emily.

"My problem up to now is that I think too much, now I just want to feel what it's like to be alive. To feel like the person you see when you look at me like that." Parker forgot about her stitches and scooped Emily up and off the ground. "Just stay and hold me. We don't have to go any further than that for now," said Emily wrapping her arms around Parker's neck for the ride upstairs.

"Come on, if I could play tennis after last night, one more evening in that bed won't kill me." The cab at the corner was asked by the passenger to just wait before reaching its destination. When the couple went upstairs together the back door opened and a twenty was handed to the driver through the plexi glass partition. A disgusted sigh was expelled from the sidewalk when the bedroom light went out and the apartment was plunged into darkness.

"Soon, my darling, soon." No one heard the promise as the cab's engine muffled it out. A man walking his dog gave the person a wide berth when he passed, hoping that the menace in the person's stance wasn't directed at him.


"Don't forget to pick up flowers. Women love that," shouted Gray from the bathroom. Kimmie was busy straightening Parker's collar and making sure their little sister looked her best.

"I'm not trying to score here, Viper, I'm just trying to get the girl to want to see me again."

"She's seen you plenty and the thrill isn't gone so you must be doing something right, kiddo. I think the camera crews have caught on after all the pan shots of the box yesterday. What's Captain Emily going to say when she makes the cover of the Enquirer as Alicia's replacement?" Gray was kidding but the way Parker acted around Emily let Kimmie and her know this one was different.

"Hopefully not good bye." Parker sighed not knowing how Emily would take being thrust into the limelight simply because of who she chose to date.

"No chance of that, Park. Go get the girl and tell her we said hello, and don't stay out too late. Tomorrow's a school day and Marsha Cooper wants to feed you tennis balls for lunch." Kimmie held up Parker's coat so she could finish getting dressed.

Sunday had gone at a slow pace except for her morning practice session with Natasha. Emily had left early that morning for the airport and her flight down to Miami. She was due to return at nine and had made arrangements to meet Parker in the city. After Parker's win on Saturday, both Emily and Bobbie had made arrangements to be at Monday afternoon's game. Parker had grown fond of Bobbie, laughing when the tall blonde offered to give her a kidney should she need it after the fabulous tennis she had gotten to see.

"Should I wait here, miss?" The limo pulled up to the Virgin gates and the driver was holding the door for Parker.

"This should be great, thanks. It was a round trip so I doubt she has luggage so we should be right out." Parker reached back and grabbed the two-dozen long stemmed pink roses she had ordered before getting out of the car.

"Very good, I'll see you in a few minutes."

A representative from the airline met her at the security entrance and escorted Parker to Emily's gate. The young man told her that because of a storm system over Georgia the flight had to make a detour further over the Atlantic so they were running fifteen minutes late.

The passengers started to get off and run either to pick up their luggage or catch their connections, while Parker stood up and waited for the crew to deplane. The first one into the terminal was Willy, the flight attendant that had been on the London flight she had taken home from Wimbledon. He gave her thumbs up and came to shake her hand smiling after guessing who she was there to see. He motioned for the rest of his co-workers to slow down to see how this was going to play out. Emily deserved to be seen in a different light by her crew and Willy didn't want them to miss the opportunity.

Emily stepped out after taking a minute to power down the cockpit and gather all her things. Getting back to Parker had been her main priority all day and her one wish was there wouldn't be ton of traffic heading into the city. Bobbie had promised to take care of a surprise for here once Parker left for practice and Emily hoped she had pulled it off.

"Excuse me, stewardess, could I bother you for some hot chocolate?" The rumbly voice made Emily snap her head up and look toward the waiting area seats. Parker was standing there looking like a Ralph Lauren model holding a bouquet of roses, and the sight made Emily's heart melt. Romantic notions had not been one of her former partner's traits. Without thought for where she was nor for Parker's injury, Emily ran the short distance, jumped on Parker and gave her a scorching kiss. The only thing that broke their lips apart was the applause coming from the shocked crew led by Willy.

"Welcome back, Captain. How would you like to have dinner with me?" Emily ran her hands under the jacket and up the crisp pale yellow shirt Parker had on once her feet hit the ground and wished Parker would just carry her back to the city so she wouldn't have to pull her hands away.

"You think I'm one of those easy fly girls that'll be swayed by flowers and a handsome younger woman?" Her hands came out of the jacket and went up to Parker's neck.

"You're not?"

"What else you got to offer, tennis pro?" Emily laced her fingers behind Parker's head and pulled a little trying to get the long body to bend a little.

"All I have left is a limo and a reservation at the Four Seasons, but I could probably get you some tennis tickets too, if that isn't enough."

"I'm thinking that your just being here was enough." Emily pulled Parker's head down and kissed her. When someone cleared their throat close to them, Emily broke her lips away from Parker's and turned staying glued to the tall body that was holding her close.


"Gail? What in the world are you doing here?" The question came out harsh and Emily saw a flash of anger and hurt cross her ex-lover's face. Despite the fact Emily wasn't in love with the woman any more, Gail had shared years of her life so Emily softened her tone. "I mean, how are you?"

Gail had been sitting far away enough from Parker that the tennis player hadn't noticed her. In the months they had been apart, Gail had become consumed with thoughts of getting Emily back but hadn't been able to find where she had been staying. They had talked on the phone a couple of times from Emily's work but Emily couldn't get over what had happened at the beach and had offered that as an explanation of why she couldn't be with Gail anymore. The conversations usually ended with Emily hanging up when Gail started screaming obscenities into the phone. Now Gail knew the truth.

After seeing her on television, by chance, sitting with Bobbie at the Open she had a good idea why Emily had left. Tonight one of the people she had met with Emily at the airline had been gracious enough to provide her ex-lover's schedule, but Parker's being there had not been in her plans. But then again, Parker was the reason Emily had left her. Gail had gone over it in her mind a million times, convinced that her actions and her drinking would have not mattered if Parker hadn't entered the picture.

"I miss you, Em, and I just wanted a chance to talk to you. This summer you left without even giving me a chance to make things right. I'd have come to see you earlier but I didn't know how to get in touch with you." Gail held her own flowers behind her back and hoped the simpler arrangement would be more to Emily's liking.

Seeking comfort, Emily leaned further into Parker hoping she didn't get disgusted and pull away. Not one to disappoint, Parker put her hand on Emily's hip. "I'm sorry you came all this way but I'm not ready to see you yet. We just didn't work out, Gail, and it wasn't the actions over a short vacation that made it that way. It's time for you to move on and accept that, and try to find someone or something to make you happy."

"How convenient for you. What's going to happen when you aren't the flavor of the week?" Gail spat out letting all the venom she felt toward Parker coming out. She and Emily had never had problems until the tennis pro had come into their lives Gail thought.

"Come on, Captain, this isn't worth you time. She just wants to goad you into a fight so you'll feel as bad as she does." Emily took her roses from Parker and turned away from Gail. But there was a little part of her brain that wanted to know the answer to Gail's question. What would happen when Parker moved on to the next conquest?

"Face it, Emily, you belong to me." Gail dropped the flowers and grabbed Emily's arm and tried to yank her away from Parker.

"If you don't want me to force feed you these roses, I suggest you let her go. Now!" yelled Parker. When Gail didn't immediately respond, Parker grabbed Gail's wrist and squeezed until she released her hold. "Unless she invites you to touch her again, don't or you'll have to deal with me."

"Take me home?" asked Emily when Parker turned around and faced her.

Parker put her arm around Emily's shoulder and walked her out to the waiting car. "Are you all right? You seem quiet tonight." Parker watched as Emily pulled one of the roses out of the bunch lying beside her on the car seat and bring it up to her nose.

"Did you know that pink roses are some of the only ones left that still have a fragrance of the ones sold in flower shops?" asked Emily.

"It's because red is more popular thus they are bred for bloom quality and lasting value, so something had to be sacrificed. The pink and yellow ones smell sweet but they die faster." Emily seemed surprised that Parker knew the answer to the question she had just asked, but then thought of all the time Parker spent reading at home and in hotel rooms. Reading in hotel rooms whenever she wasn't entertaining some adoring fan or other famous woman that wanted Parker's attention.

"Sometimes life's like that," said Emily. Parker took the rose in Emily's hand away from her and held it up to her nose before saying anything.

"That the best parts are sweet but fleeting? Is that what you mean?" asked Parker catching on to what Emily was trying to say.

"Maybe. The age old question should be whether to cut them and take possession of them to enjoy their beauty for that fleeting moment, or leave them and just admire them from afar." Emily looked up to Parker's face finally and into the eyes that looked light blue against the yellow of her shirt. The thought of not being able to be this close to look into Parker's eyes again sent a real pain through her chest.

"Stick to the ones that are bred to look good but hold no pleasure for you, huh?" The corners of Parker's eyes crinkled a bit when she added a smile to the end of her question. "They're more reliable for the long haul, but that's not what'll make you happy."

"Something like that."

"Why don't you look at it this way? The red ones have been cultivated for endurance, that's their fate so to speak, but these are complete," explained Parker holding up the pink bloom.

"What do you mean?" Emily asked wanting to be convinced by the earnest face looking so kindly at her.

"They, in their lifetime, can bring you all the happiness they can. A lifetime of caring went into the final product that's offered to you. The flower doesn't know what time it has before it withers and dies. All it wants is for you to be happy until that time comes." Parker handed the rose back to Emily with a smile. The experiences I've had up to now, Emily, are what made me the person I am. It is the only flawed flower I can give you.

"What happens when other people covet the same flower?" asked Emily as their hands met.

"You can't covet something that belongs to someone else, sweetheart. If you harvest it, it belongs to you. If you want it, that is." Emily looked at the long tapered fingers being offered to her. "Too much, too soon?" asked Parker.

"Doesn't the flower have some say?" asked Emily smiling at the turn the conversation had taken.

"The flower just feels lucky." The smaller hand that took hers felt wonderful to Parker.

"How so?"

"Because, look at the beautiful vase it's found to stick her stem in."

The laugh started small and by the end the driver looked in the rearview mirror to make sure Emily was all right. When the deep belly laugh stopped she said from Parker's chest, "I'd have to love you, because you are obviously losing your touch."

"What do you mean?" Parker tried to sound indignant as she pulled Emily closer to her.

"Honey, that's the worst pickup line I've ever heard. Who else is going to fall for that? Wait don't answer that. You look and smell so good, I'm sure people like Alicia don't care what comes out of your mouth." Emily blushed when she thought of other things Parker could be doing with her mouth if they were alone, and the body under her laughed softly at her coloring.

"I love you, Emily, and I don't want to talk about anyone else tonight."

"Say it again," demanded Emily in a hoarse whisper.

Parker felt Emily's lips against her own when she had asked the question they were so close together. "I love you, Emily." She put a hand in Emily's hair and closed the small gap between their lips.

With her eyes still closed from the kiss, Emily confessed, "The minute you turned the corner to step onto my plane all those months ago, I knew you were going to change my life. I love you too." Emily was content to sit and enjoy the ride at Parker's side for the rest of the drive.

They would eventually have to talk about the logistics of their relationship, but the details could wait. Things like how many states separated their addresses and the past lovers that seemed to keep popping up. Emily thought they could deal with all that because they had crossed a significant hurdle. The most important thing was that Parker loved her.


When they got back to Emily's apartment after dinner, Emily stopped Parker at the front door with the key in her hand. "Close your eyes." Emily held her hands up and wouldn't let Parker through the door until she complied with her demands.

"Emily, you don't have any furniture so there's nothing to see."

"I have a surprise for you, and I want you to close your eyes." Walking backward, Emily led Parker through the small apartment hoping Bobbie had come though. "Sit," she demanded of the woman with her eyes closed tight.

"You got me a chair."

"Have you always been this much of a smart ass?" Emily pushed the larger body to sit.

"Yes, it helps that I look good in tennis whites so people don't seem to mind." Parker put her hands on Emily's hips but kept her eyes closed.

"Lie back."

"Hey, you got a new bed." With her feet on the floor, Parker could still feel there was plenty of real estate above her head. "Thanks." When she opened her eyes she found her packed bags by the door.

"Too presumptuous?" Emily asked with her brows furrowed in anticipation. Bobbie had helped with the bed, but Kimmie and Gray had delivered Parker's stuff.

Parker sat back up and pulled Emily closer to her. "Abby's not here, is he?"

"I could have him flown up if you want."

The zipper to Emily's skirt sounded loud in the mostly empty apartment as it came undone. "No, I'm sure he's loving doggy camp." With the waist loosened, Parker pulled out the blouse.

"Could I get you anything else?" Parker shook her head and started on the buttons. When they were all open, it was Emily's bra that made Parker stop.

"Matching set?" asked Parker. Emily nodded her head then pushed Parker's jacket off her shoulders as she felt her skirt pool at her feet after a gentle pull from Parker to confirm the fact it was a matching set. The big hands were back tracing softly the lace patterns of the black panties she had on.

Thank God I wasn't rushed to the hospital for anything today. Emily smiled through the sexual haze Parker was putting her in, thinking that she hadn't once worn anything like she had today under her uniform. Give it up you wanted this, Emily, she thought as more of her clothing came off.

"If you want, I'll give them to you as a gift." Emily wanted those magic fingers to keep mapping, but over her naked skin sounded so much better. It seemed that faster than one of Parker's serves, she was standing naked before roving blue eyes. "Stand up for me."

Parker did as Emily wanted and the minute she straightened up, two persistent hands were all over her belt. Emily was impatient with the button and zipper on Parker's pants, but they came undone before she had to tear them open. She wanted to feel Parker's skin before she exploded, but it was more than want, it was a driving need. The second Parker's pants pooled around her ankles, Emily pulled her underwear down to join them.

"Take it easy, Em, we have all night."

"I'm sorry, I just need to feel you. I've been thinking about you all day and if I don't get relief I may not be able to fly again soon." Emily pushed Parker into a sitting position again and straddled one of the long legs. When she tipped her hips forward, Parker got a good idea of just how turned on Emily was. The moisture the pilot was painting on the surface of her leg gave her a clue.

"Tell me what you want." Parker held her in place so Emily wouldn't fall off, but not so tightly that it would hamper her movements.

"Kiss me." Parker's hands on her butt and the starched shirt rubbing against her nipples were driving Emily crazy.

Parker complied with her wish and sucked Emily's tongue into her own mouth when she initiated the kiss. Emily's hips were keeping perfect synchronization with Parker's mouth so it took her a minute to realize the contact between her legs was gone because Parker had stood up.

"No, I'm so close," Emily protested.

"Ssh, baby, lie back and trust me. I'll take care of you, I promise." It was the last words Parker wanted to say until Emily's need was sated. Emily was about to protest again, but looked at Parker as she hovered over her. She wanted nothing more than for the tennis player to cover her and take her places she had never been.

The mouth closing in on one of Emily's nipples tore a loud moan out of her and she arched into the exquisite feeling. As Parker sucked both her nipples into hard almost purple points, Emily's hips came off the bed trying to make contact with any part of Parker's body.

"Please, honey, I need you."

"Then you should get what you want," said Parker as she slipped further down the bed.

With what seemed like slow agonizing movements, Parker parted the wet slick lips of Emily's sex and just took a long moment to look at the intimate place. The pilot was so turned on that the one point of her body that needed Parker the most was almost visually throbbing. Emily was about to beg some more when Parker's mouth sucked her in, in one blissful sudden move. The sweet taste that flooded her mouth made Parker take a turn at moaning.

It felt so good to feel Emily moving under her and feel her hands pulling slightly on her hair to keep her in place. Not that Parker had any intention on moving now. When Emily realized it, she moved one hand from Parker's head and took a strangle hold of the sheets instead. Emily could feel the flat of Parker's tongue slide up the length of her wetness when she started to give every part more attention.

"Parker, please, baby, I need you." One of the hands that had been holding her butt off the mattress slipped out and ran the length of Emily's leg after her plea while the other one ran over her abdomen on the way back to her chest and a still hard nipple.

"I want to make you feel good, Em. Relax for me and let me do just that." Parker followed her promise by putting her mouth back on Emily and getting her wetter for what came next. Two long fingers made slow circles around Emily's opening and the blonde started crying she wanted them to go in so bad.

Parker had Emily's hips moving and when they thrust down to the mattress trying to suck her fingers in she pushed them in all the way, getting Emily to let out a scream she figured the neighbors heard when she got what she had been waiting for. With only three strokes, Emily's movements stopped and her legs clamped around Parker's head with a vengeance.

The good thing was they did have all night because the end had come to quick for Emily, but the rush was her own fault. Parker's head was resting on her stomach and her hands were on both sides of Emily's body until she realized that Emily was crying. Parker moved up and took the small woman in her arms until the emotions passed and her breathing got back to normal.

Emily was surprised that she had allowed herself to let go like she had. She felt almost wanton in the way she had nearly demanded satisfaction. It was the first time she had cried out like that at the end. So caught up in Parker's mouth and her fingers, Emily had let out a scream not caring what anyone thought that might have heard.

Sex had never been about passion with her. For Emily it was an obligation of her relationships, just the price you had to pay for companionship. The act itself had never been mind blowing, but that's what Parker had made it for her and now she felt so special.

"If I tell you something, will you promise not to try and take it the wrong way?" Parker looked down at the blonde head after hearing the strange question.

The blue eyes looked almost aqua to Emily as they looked squarely into hers when she lifted her head off of Parker's chest. Parker looked apprehensive when she answered, "Sure, I'll try."

"I have never been fucked like that before." After Emily had said it, it sounded harsh even to her, and the split second she had finished saying it, Parker rolled her off, got off the bed and reached for her pants. "What're you doing?"

"Forgive me, Emily, I thought this was more than just getting fucked. If that's all you wanted, you should've said something back in July." The shirt almost ripped at the way Parker savagely tucked it back into her pants. Two trembling arms came around her neck when she sat to put her shoes on and it took all of Parker's will power not to shrug them off. This is why you shouldn't feel anything, Park, it hurts too damn much.

"I'm sorry, that didn't come out right." Emily's voice was almost to the point of pleading and she had no intention of letting go even if Parker dragged her outside naked.

"I don't know, sometimes the truth's what comes out the easiest in these circumstances."

"It's the truth, but I should've phrased it better. Please, honey, just stop and listen to me." Emily tightened her hold trying to stop Parker from getting dressed further. "No one's ever made me feel like you just did."

"Like what, a groupie?" Emily wanted to cry at the bowed head and dejected sound in Parker's voice.

"No, like a woman that's desirable enough to take like you did. I've never needed anyone to touch me like I need you, and I've certainly never craved someone like I do you. I'm in love with you, Parker, but I'm glad that I won't want to find excuses for you not to love me here." Emily moved so she was straddling Parker's leg again and reached for one of Parker's hands. The hand where the fingers were still moist from where they had been buried and put it back between her legs. "I'm sure for the most part we'll make love and make each other feel good, but the way I feel right now, it was more than that. That's never happened to me, baby."

"Never?" Parker's head came up a little and looked at Emily's face.

"Not until you. Forgive me?" Emily hoped the argument was over because the hand buried between her legs was doing interesting things to the libido she didn't realize she possessed. "Say yes. I really want you to." From her position she began to undress Parker, the whole way this time.

"I guess I could when you put it that way." Parker didn't move her hand as the buttons on her clothes came loose.

"The world will be happy to know you have melted the ice queen. Of course, the bad thing will be that the tennis world will be deprived of one of its brightest stars." Emily moved Parker's hand only to get her shirt and bra off, then put it back. Her hips started to move as soon as Parker started to stroke her and she could fee the wetness starting to pool again.

"Why's that?" asked Parker moving Emily to lie down again. She wanted to take her time this go round and show the pilot just how good this act could be. Parker figured she would be in big trouble if the small blonde ever figure out how much she craved her in return.

"You have a new job now, Kong, and that's love slave." The fact that Parker was laughing so hard made it easy to flip her around so it was Parker with her back on the new mattress giving Emily easy access to the wetness she had been craving since Parker had taken her pants off.

"Christ," was all Parker said when Emily had reached her destination at the end of the bed. When Parker felt the orgasm Emily had been building up in her coming on, she sat upright for a second and pulled the blonde to the head of the bed with her. Taking a second to get them both ready, Parker put Emily's hand between her legs and returned the favor by stroking Emily in return.

Parker swallowed the blonde's screams this time with a kiss as they both plunged to the end together. When it was over Emily stayed where she was and drifted off to sleep after telling Parker she loved her. Her last conscious thought was that she was going to give all her pajamas to charity in the morning now that Parker was in her life.


"Your legs looked a little weak in that last game. Is something bothering you?" Gary was down in the locker room as Parker was packing her gear back up. Her latest win put them in the semi-final match, but it had lasted longer than any of her previous matches in the tournament.

"Nothing's wrong, Gary, quit worrying. Maybe I just wanted to give the crowd their money's worth this time."

"Sure you did. Could it be some good looking blonde that's keeping you up nights?" He tried to sound upset, but the fact that Parker looked so happy was giving him a hard time pulling it off.

"Does this mean she's not allowed to come over and play anymore?" asked Emily from behind them.

"Hey there, Captain, did you enjoy the match?" asked Parker.

Emily came over and stood by the bag Parker was shoving stuff into and kissed her. Bobbie had gripped her hand so tight at times during some of the games that Emily was sure it was going to leave a bruise. At one point when Marsha had broken Parker's serve twice, Emily was afraid Parker's dream of an Open title was in jeopardy the woman looked so tired.

"You, cute stuff, know how to show a girl an exciting time. Bobbie may need counseling later, but I loved it. Is there anything I can get you?" Emily ran her fingers through Parker's wet hair trying to get her pro to relax.

"A nap would be nice."

"Done. Come on, unless you have something else to talk to her about, Gary?" Parker's coach shook his head and kissed them both on the cheek before leaving. Parker slipped on some sandals and a pair of light sweat pants and was ready to go. Her new greatest fan, Bobbie had offered them a ride back to Emily's apartment making her happy that she wouldn't feel the need to make small talk.

When they stepped outside there were a number of fans waiting for Parker hoping to get her autograph before she left the complex for the day. Emily stepped to the side to let the kids that were trying to get Parker's attention get closer. None of them noticed the black ski mask being pulled down toward the back of the small crowd. Emily was concentrating on the rapt little faces looking up at their tennis god until the glimmer in the sunlight made her shift her focus to the right.

Emily's scream made Parker turn her body around to see what the problem was. They all watched in horror as the knife sliced in to the hilt. It happened so fast that Parker was stunned into stillness. The crying that Emily was doing is what made her look down. The sight made her think she was in shock since no pain accompanied the attack.

"Oh you're going to die for this," threatened Parker when she figured what had stopped the knife from going in.

The player's outrage is what made the attacker look down with her. The knife meant for Parker was now buried in the large black bag slung over her shoulder. One racket less, and at least part of the blade would have cut into her side. Before the idiot that had tried to stab her could pull the knife out, Parker dropped the bag and took a swing. There was no need for another one because security had arrived and taken over for her.

"Are you hurt?" Emily's question was almost not understandable through her tears. She had had been with Parker for less than three weeks and she had been attacked twice. She ran her hands over the long body praying she wouldn't find any blood.

"Em, calm down, I'm not hurt. I can't say the same for that asshole if security gives me a few minutes alone." Parker pointed to the masked assailant who was struggling not to be cuffed.

Once they had them under control, on of the police officers pulled the mask off to see if Parker could identify her attacker, getting a surprise when both she and Emily could. The face was recognizable even with the split lip Parker had provided with the one punch she had gotten in.

"Gail?" Both Parker and Emily asked together.

Continued in Chapter 7

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