In Healing Arms

by DS Bauden


Disclaimers: The characters in this story belong to me and only me. They may resemble a couple really cool women we know and love, but it ainít them, theyíre mine, did I say that yet???

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Time Line: This is a follow up story to A Fresh Start. You may want to read that first in order to find out what the hell is going on in the storyline =)

Thank youís: Thanks to all of you that sent your feedback for A Fresh Start, it inspired me to continue the tale of these two lovely ladies. So without further adieu, please read on.....


Part One


"You are in such trouble when I catch you Alexandra." Sydney growled.

"Yeah, well, you have to catch me first." Alex teased and ran towards the house.

Sydney was doing her best to wash down the horses. This, of course, involved a large, pressurized hose. Alex watched her friend tend to the horses, while she slowly approached her without being noticed. Initially her intent was to scare her lover, but once she saw the unattended hose, she lost all sense of control.

After dousing Sydney unmercifully, Alex ran to the main house to seek the safety of Eddi, her aunt and best friend. She found Eddi asleep in her rocking chair in the family room.

"Damn, now where can I hide?"

"Oh no you donít. You arenít getting away this time little missy."

"Now Sydney, you know I was only fooling around." She held her hands out in front of her and stuttered as she found herself backing away from a drenched, mildly agitated woman.

"Fooling around eh? Just what does "fooling around" entail? You sneaking up on me, you grabbing a hose and soaking my skin, and then you laugh and run inside to look for cover?" She playfully stalked and growled.

Alex just swallowed hard, not knowing what her Aussie lover had planned for her revenge. "Umm, yes?" She winced.

Alex found herself being backed into the entertainment unit while Sydney drew nearer with every tick of the grandfather clock in the corner of the room. Sydneyís breath tickled Alexís ear as she bent down to give a warning.

"Paybacks are truly a bitch my dear Alexandra. And believe me when I tell you, I always get my revenge." Sydney purred.

Alex found herself short of breath and completely at a loss for words, which was very rare for the young honey haired woman. She looked into the most challenging blue eyes she had ever seen, and knew she was no match for the tall raven haired woman staring down at her. She just had to wait until her time had come. It was very exhilarating to her senses. Sydney, she discovered, was a very creative person. ĎI wonder if everything she does is as imaginative as the things she does in bed.í Her thoughts sent shudders throughout her body, and her movements were not lost by Sydney.

"Whatís the matter Alexandra? Cat got your tongue? Hmm?" She smiled and gracefully exited the room leaving a slackjawed Alex resting her body against the entertainment center.

"My God, what that woman does to me. Christ." She wiped her brow and made her way into the bathroom to wash her face and calm her nerves.




A couple of months had passed since the two women had met. Alex had arrived to her Aunt Eddiís ranch after losing both of her parents in a tragic car accident. Her aunt had graciously opened her home and her arms to her niece. Living alone in Chicago with the emptiness that evolved around her, was not a life that Alex wanted. Her auntís offer came as an answered silent prayer.




The funeral went as well as to be expected. Most of Alexís family had attended the wake the previous night and attended the funeral procession the following day. Everyone gave their condolences to Alex not wishing to trade places with her for anything in the world. To lose both of her parents the way that she did, they half expected her to whither away herself. These people didnít know the strength inside this young woman. Neither did Alex at this time in her life.

Her Aunt Edna arrived a week before the traditional formalities had begun. She had arranged the burial for her sister Donna and her husband Tom. She knew that Alex wouldnít know how to handle the arrangements by herself. Hell, she didnít even know what she was doing. How often do you have to plan such an event? Hopefully, this was one of the last times she would have to do it. Burying her own husband was hard enough, but now her sister was taken away, along with her husband. It was very surreal to her. ĎItís not nearly as hard on me as it is on her.í She thought to herself as she watched her niece hugging and talking with estranged family members.

The day was almost over, and most of the guests had left Alexís home. The after gathering was nicely catered, and the mood was as light as it was going to get on such a tragic day. Alex just wished away her migraine as she forced herself to meet the sorrowful stares she received for the duration of the day. Eddi walked up to her when she thought she had had enough.

"How are you honey? Do you want to call it a day? I can take care of the clean up down here."

"No Eddi, I will help. Itís the least I can do. You planned everything while I did nothing."

"Nothing? Oh honey, you were finishing your schooling and had to move back here for the summer. You had plenty to do yourself. These things have a way of timing themselves very badly. Not that there will ever be a good time for this." She trailed off and found herself embracing a sobbing, scared little girl.

"Oh Eddi......what am I going to do now? I have lost almost everything in a blink of an eye." She sobbed into her auntís shoulder.

"I know sweetie, I know. We just need to take things day by day. Itís all we can do. But we have to keep going. Your mom would want that for you. I know she would have." She said as she cradled Alexís shaking body. " You want some tea?"

"Yeah......I think it may help my head...itís just pounding..."

"Alright kiddo, go sit down at the table, and I will bring two mugs with me. I gotta let out the last of our guests and Iíll be in. We can talk if you want to. Or we can just stare, cry, scream, or whatever your lil heart desires. Okay?" She kissed the top of Alexís head.

"Thanks Eddi, I love you so much. Thanks for being here for me."

"Oh sweetie, there is no other place that I would be right now. Now scoot, Iíll be in there in a couple of minutes."

"Alright Eddi, Iím just gonna say goodnight to Tracey." She said as she watched her aunt go into the foyer of the house.

Alexís best friend Tracey Miller came in from the front room and embraced Alex in a hug. "God hon, Iím so sorry. I wish there was more that I could do for you."

"Thanks Trace, I know. I just canít believe that this happened. You know, two weeks ago I was just talking with mom about summer plans and I how much I couldnít wait to see her when I got home." Alex pushed back a sob.

"I know honey, I know...." Tracey kept Alex in her arms until the fair haired woman pulled away. Tracey looked from her deep brown eyes into sad green ones and felt her heart break for her childhood friend.

"Iíll be alright Trace. Eddiís with me, you can go home if you want. Iím just gonna go to bed. I have the worst friggin headache."

"Well thatís not surprising. Take care of yourself Alex. I love you, you know." She winked at Alex.

"I love you too Trace. Thanks for being here for me."

"What are friends for?" She questioned as she ran her fingers through her mass of curly blond hair.

"Well you are the best friend in the world. Good night." Alex hugged her friend again, kissed her cheek and watched her walk towards the front door.

She padded her way to the dining room table and sat down.

Alexís eyes roamed the room she was in. Every shelf on the bookcase had at least one picture of her or her parents. She scanned down to the rolltop desk and found a gift she had made her mother when she was ten. It was a picture frame that had "My Favorite Mom" etched into it, with a picture of her and her mother in it. ĎLike I had more than one.í She said to no one. ĎNow I donít even have one.....í She stopped and put her head in her hands and continued to weep.

Edna made it back with the promised beverages and sat down next to Alex. She let her hand stroke Alexís back as she watched her swollen green-eyed niece down the healing liquid.

"Alex, I want to ask you something, and you donít have to answer until you are ready, okay?"

"Whatís wrong Eddi?"

"Nothing Alex, I just want to ask you something."

"Okay Eddi, shoot."

"I want you to consider something for me." She said as she took one of Alexís hands in her own.


"I would really love it...if you came out to live with Montana. I know itís far away from your friends and your school, but you make friends like bees make honey, and well, we got schools up in Montana as well."

Alexís face wrinkled up and she again began to cry.

"Oh honey, Iím sorry. I should have waited to ask you that later on, I am so sorry."

Sniffling, "No Eddi, donít be sorry. I am just so thankful to have someone in my life like you. Thank you so much for that. Please let me think on it though. I have so much here, it would be such a huge change for me. I just donít know if I am ready for more change. Is that okay? Can I answer you in awhile? I mean, I wonít take forever, I just need some time to really think it over."

"Of course sweetheart, take all the time you need. Iím not leaving for at least a week, so please, just think it over, and let me know. I just would hate to think of you in Chicago, by yourself. I mean, I know you have school and your friends, but this house, well, I know how many memories you have here. I just want you to be happy honey."

"I know Eddi, and I love you for it. Thank you."

"You are welcome, sweetie, and I love you back."


Alex was awoken from her reverie by a questioning stare.

"Iím sorry did you say something?"

"Yes Alexandra, I asked if you were okay. You looked like you were a million miles away."

"I was actually, Iím okay though, donít you worry."

"When it comes to you, I worry. Just reflex, get used to it." Syd smiled and opened her arms to Alex.

Alex buried herself in Sydís strong embrace. She loved when her partner let her guard down and was just Sydney; loving, nurturing, and warm. But there was something in her that couldnít keep that wall from building back up. Alex wished she knew what it would take.

The last couple months had been wonderful. She had met someone that truly felt like the other half of her soul. There was trepidation behind the azure blues of her lover though. Sometimes she would find Sydney lost in thought. She looked frightened sometimes, but when asked, she always had something to say about it. Alex just let her think she was off the hook, when actually it saddened her to know she wasnít trusted enough to be let in on her secret.

Sydney didnít trust anyone she thought to herself. Sure she had friends that she spoke of, and she would go out from time to time with them as well, but the only one with her full trust was Eddi. Alex was almost jealous of their relationship. They would have long talks that sometimes went deep into the night. Alex had tried many a night to stay awake with them, but sleep usually found her halfway through. Time and time again, she found herself in Sydís arms being carried up to their room to bed.

Alex knew from the beginning that it would be an uphill battle to gain the trust of Sydney Thompson. It was, however, a fight that she had no intention of losing. The time it took for her just to give Syd a compliment and not have her read too much into, was exhausting. ĎShe must have been really hurt at one time. I just wish she would talk about it, maybe it would help her. Sheís got to know I would never do anything that would hurt her.í She mused as she pulled out of Sydís arms.

"So, what do you want for dinner? I think I should cook." She smiled up at her lover.

"If you think that cooking dinner is going to get you off the hook, youíve got another thing coming." Syd smirked as she put her hands on her hips.

"Sydney, I am sorry about the hose thing, really. Please forgive me."

"Oh I forgive you my little city mouse, but I will have my revenge. Mark my words."

"Revenge on what? What the hell did I miss?" Eddi walked into the kitchen to find the heated discussion.

"Hey Edna, well it looks like your innocent little niece here likes to play with water." Edna peered over to look at a very amused Alex. She then looked back to Syd who looked as though she was waging war inside her head.

"Now look here girlies, if anything gets broken, I will put the hose on ya both! Just calm yourselves, Christ Almighty, a girl takes a nap for five minutes and all hell breaks loose...."She trailed off as she went to the fridge to get some juice.

"I swear to God, I donít know what gets into you girls." She said as she drank the juice from the container. She swallowed the liquid and looked into the stare of the two women.

"What? Itís not like either of you will ever drink out of this!" She said as she showed the prune juice to her niece and Sydney. "Can I help it if I like to be regular? Hell you should try it, you may get rid of some of that hostility!!" She smiled at them. " Then again, I didnít get sprayed with that hose either."

"Hey! Whoís side are you on?" Alex whined.

"The dry one. Now what are you making for dinner? This girl is hungry!"

Alex just rolled her eyes and began opening cabinets looking for some ideas for dinner for her two best girls.




The fall semester came and Alex had decided that she would enroll for the Spring semester. Edna and Sydney had been very supportive of her decision and agreed that she may need some more time to get used to everything that has changed in her life. Starting a new school, in a new area, sharing a new home, with a new partner, and without her parents, was a little much for Alex to swallow at once. She was taking the days one by one and deciding that she needed it that way.

Thoughts of her parents were very frequent and mostly came at night through her dreams. Many a night did Sydney wake to Alex thrashing about trying to fight off the demons in her head and in her heart while she slept. Sydney would always wrap her larger frame around Alex and instantly she found the tiny woman relaxing in her embrace. Alex would always thank her in the morning for performing the exorcism, which she so lovingly called her bouts with the nightmares.




Alex really wanted Syd to come to Chicago to see her home before it was sold. The house had been on the market for about a month or so. It was a hard decision for Alex to make, but it made sense. She was in no financial shape to maintain her parents home, so she gave in and called the family lawyer and then a Realtor. Her parents had left her quite a bit of money, but she wanted to use it for schooling to work on her journalism degree. Her cousin Jack had given her some tips on some stocks and mutual funds for investing, but she was scared to death of the stock market. It just didnít make sense to her. So for now her savings account had a little bulge in it.

Alexís mind was alive at dinner, she was in the defensive mode. After she showered Sydney unmercifully with the hose, she was waiting for the turnabout. It was bound to happen sooner or later, she just wished it was sooner, then it would be over with. She decided that she would ask Sydney to come to Chicago with her tonight. ĎI think she would really love to see it. I think Eddi could handle things for a week. Hmm, maybe Iíll ask Eddi first just to make sure.í She thought to herself.

"You are awfully quiet Alexandra. Are you alright?" Syd questioned her unusually quiet partner.

"Yeah Syd, I am fine. Please stop worrying, really, I am okay." She looked at Syd with eyes that betrayed her truth. She had black puffy circles under her usually vibrant green eyes, which made Syd wish peaceful dreams for her every single night.

"Alexandra, I will always worry about you. As long as I breathe, I will worry."

"Hey take it while you can sweetie, itís hard to find someone that will do your worrying for you." Her aunt interjected.

Smiling, "I guess you are right. Thanks Sydney, it means the world to me to know you care so much."

"I do care for you Alex, very much. I think I always will." She said as she gently stroked the inside of Alexís wrist with her thumb.

"Me too."

"Well with that established, can I have some more of those potatoes? Alex you outdid yourself. I love AuGratin, they are my favorite."

"Thanks Eddi, eat up. Sorry for the mushy stuff." She said smiling.

"Not to worry, it makes me sleep better knowing you have someone in your life like Syd. I knew it was going to happen when I saw the first looks you two gave each other. It was priceless. It was loooove at first sight. Alex could barely eat and Syd kept staring at her during dinner." The two just looked at each other and blushed at their memories Edna was reliving.

"It was quite the entertainment. I knew once I left for Indiana, I would come home to some kind of news. I am glad that I wasnít disappointed. Syd was just what you needed Alex, and I think the same goes for you my dear." She simply stated while pointing her finger at Syd.

"Whaa.....? I....wasn......." Sydney started sputtering and looked at Edna with her eyebrows high into her bangs.

"Yes you were and you did, so enough out of you." She waved her fork at Syd, while Alex just marveled at how well her aunt could work Sydney. ĎGod, I donít think there is another person on this planet who could get away with half the stuff Eddi does with her.í

"Hey there, we lost you again..." Syd said breaking Alex away from her thoughts.

"I was just thinking is all."

"UH OH.." Edna and Sydney said in unison then laughed.

"Cut that out!! The both of you!! You know......oh nevermind, I will never win against you both." She said exasperatedly through a smile.

The two women just hi-fived each other and grinned stupidly at Alex, who in turn just rolled her eyes and continued to eat her delicious meal.



"Hey Eddi, can I ask you something?" Alex walked in to Ednaís room as she got ready for bed.

"Sure hon, what do you need."

"Well itís not a need really. Well, itís more of a want kind of thing. I was ahhh.. just wondering if.. well if it wonít be too much trouble...." Her aunt was patiently waiting for her request and interrupted her ramblings.

"Good God girl, Iím not getting any younger here! Just ask me." Alex just smiled and reapproached her aunt.

"Eddi I was wondering if I could take Syd to Chicago with me while I tried to pack the rest of the house up."

Edna sat and pondered the question for a moment and realized this may be a good thing for both of them.

"It will only be for a week or so I swear. I wonít take her from her chores too long. Do you think we could?"

"I think itís a wonderful idea Alex. I think it might do you some good to go back there for a bit. Syd tells me you havenít been sleeping all that well. Maybe you need to go there. Have you asked her yet?"

"No not yet, I was waiting to hear what you thought, and she is your employee after all so I wanted to make sure that it would be OK. I just would hate it if I took her from you while you needed her........"

"My goodness girl, you can talk at the speed of light. I am surprised I can understand you at all when you get going like that." She chuckled to her niece.

"Iím sorry Eddi, I am just really excited about this. I really want to go and take her with me. I would love for Tracey to meet her too."

"Oh yeah, how is Tracey doing?"

"She is doing well, I talked with her last night actually and she really wants me to come and see her while Iím home....umm....visiting... anyway, she said to say hi to you."

"God how long have you two known each other now, ten years? Fifteen?"

"We have been friends since I was five. I have really missed her this summer. We usually sat poolside all summer or just hung out on the roof of her house and stuff. I missed that..." She trailed off and her aunt took her hand and squeezed it.

"Does she know about you and Syd?"

"Oh my God Eddi, she was the one that told me I was gay."


"Yeah, about two years ago she told me that I was going to get fed up with not getting what I wanted from men. Then she said to make sure that dinner plans, on me of course, were arranged when I figured it out. I guess a "I told you so" kind of celebration." She giggled.

"That girl is too much. So how did she take the news about you two?"

"Oh please, my ears are still ringing. She is very happy for us though, and she canít wait to meet her."

"Who canít wait to meet who?" Syd poked her head into Ednaís room. "I was wondering what was keeping you." She said looking at the two women standing close together in a deep conversation. " Alright, whatís up you two? You look as though you are conspiring against someone. Itís not me is it? Cuz I can outrun you both."

The two women started laughing and Alex wrapped herself around Sydís waist. "No hon, we arenít conspiring, I promise." She reassured.

"Thatís a relief, I canít be too sure around you two." She turned herself to look at a smiling Alex in her arms. "Are you ready for bed sweetheart?"

"Mmm, yes I am. Good night Eddi, weíll see you in the morning." Alex reached towards her aunt and gently squeezed her arm.

"Good night you two." The two were just out of the doorway when Ednaís voice picked up a bit. "And could you keep it down tonight? I almost called an old friend to keep me company last night." Alex couldnít keep the blush from flooding her entire body and Syd could do nothing but wink and smile at Edna as she closed her door.

"Oh my God, I never thought she would hear us!!" A completely embarrassed Alex spouted.

"Alexandra, you could wake the next county if you wanted to." She wiggled her eyebrows. "Not that Iím complaining, I rather enjoy your vocal skills, amongst your other ones."

"Good answer mate." They laughed as they walked arm in arm into their room and closed the door for good measure.

Alex walked to the bed and folded down the blankets and fluffed Sydís pillow as she has done every night for the last two months. She tossed her socks into the hamper and got under the sheets. Syd followed suit and assumed her position while Alex immediately snuggled into Sydís shoulder. It was a routine that the two women werenít willing to break anytime soon.


"Yeah baby?"

"I need to ask you something."

"Do I need to get up?"

"Oh no, nothing like that."

"OK, then ask me. Ow!" She giggled at Alexís small jab to her ribcage.

"OK, well, lately I have been thinking."

"So, I have noticed. Is anything wrong?" Syd asked curiously.

"No honey, just listen, please." She paused and took a deep breath. "I really want to go back to Chicago." Sydneyís body stiffened and she sat up to look at Alex, willing the tears away from her eyes.

"Chicago? Wait Alex, what are you saying? We just started something really great here. Do you really want to leave now?" Alex sensing a little bit of a misunderstanding gently pressed her fingers to Sydís lips.

"Sshhh. You didnít let me finish honey. I need to finish packing up the house and I wanted you to come with me. Thatís all, I swear."

Relief swept through Sydney like a tornado and she thought she was going to pass out from the sensation of it all.

"Sydney? Are you OK? You look as pale as a ghost." Alex said as she felt Sydís forehead and wiped away a thin layer of perspiration from her brow. ĎGod she really hurt you didnít she? I hope we never meet, I wonít be responsible for my actions.í Alex thought to herself.

"I..uh......I... would love to go with you. I need to ask Edna if its alright though. She does depend on me to tend to the horses."

"She said it would be a great idea. So....what do you think, next week all right with you?"

"Sounds great to me. I think I need a vacation anyhow." She smiled.

"Thanks Sydney you donít know how much this means to me. I canít wait for you to see the house. And, I canít wait for you to meet Tracey. You guys are going to get along great. I canít wait!! Thank you, I really mean that."

"Honey, I am excited too. I have never been to Chicago."

"Well we donít really live in Chicago, we live in the suburbs about 30 miles or so north of the city. But we can go down there if you want. Its going to be quite a different scene from here. Itís much louder and so much more is going on all the time. I donít really miss that part of it."

"Is your school near there?"

"No, I went to the University of Illinois which was in Champaign. Thatís about 3 hours from my house. Itís kind of in the middle of Illinois." She had a sad expression on her face as she spoke of school.

"You miss it already donít you?"

"Am I that transparent?"

"Like glass baby." Syd slowly sunk back to the bed dragging along with her a saddened teary eyed Alexandra. She kissed the top of her head and began to stroke her hair down her back.

"Iím sorry Syd."

"For what?"

"I am always crying it seems lately."

"Honey itís okay, really. I am glad that I can be of some comfort to you. You know how much I care about you. When you are sad, I am sad. I will do what I can to make sure that beautiful face carries a smile whenever possible."

"You are so good to me Sydney." ĎHow did she ever leave you?í She thought to herself.

Alex turned to face her partner and gently kissed her lips. Syd returned the gesture and slowly deepened the kiss. Alex found herself opening her mouth in offering to Syd and was rewarded with a hot tongue probing her mouth. The two stayed like this for a long moment and then pulled back to stare into each otherís eyes while soft hands caressed smooth facial features. They were breathing heavily and soon found sleep to be an option for much later.

"God baby, you make me so crazy." Syd purred into Alexís ear.

As shivers went throughout Alexís body she found herself pulling at her shirt to free herself of any obstacle keeping her away from Sydís bare skin. ĎJust another advantage of Syd sleeping naked, not much to take off.í She mused to herself. Syd helped Alex with her shirt and her underpants followed shortly afterwards.

"I still donít understand why you dress at all for bed. I never let you keep anything on anyway."

"Iím slowly seeing your point." She giggled as she pulled Syd on top of her.

Syd slowly steered her thigh between Alexís and both moaned at the contact that was made. Alexís wetness was no mystery to Syd who relished the fact that she was the cause of the excitement. Alex raked Sydís back with her fingernails as she felt the larger womanís tongue leave a blazing trail from her ear to her breasts. Syd latched on to one of Alexís erect nipples and began to gently nip at the tip. Alex arched into the touch and began stroking Sydís long dark hair.

"God sweetheart you feel so good."

"Good, so do you. You taste incredible" She said with a smile.

Syd brought one of her hands to the other nipple and began to tease it as she continued to suckle the other. Syd slowly began to grind her thigh into Alexís sex. Alexís moans grew louder and her body began to rock against Sydís thigh. Syd could feel her younger companionís desire building as she slowly moved up Alexís body and gently purred into Alexís ear.

"You know what sweetheart?" She said as she licked her earlobe.

"What baby? Tell me...." Alex panted in response.

"Paybacks are truly a bitch." She smiled and gently rolled over to her side of the bed leaving a thoroughly aroused and confused Alex to her musings.

" canít be serious?" She managed to squeak out.

"Good night Alexandra, sweet dreams." She feigned sleep waiting for the explosion she knew was coming, trying desperately not to let out the laugh that was raging within her.

"Sydney Elizabeth Thompson, you arenít going to just leave me like this are you?!?!" She was completely beside herself.

"Like what honey?" She had to control her voice before she broke out into laughter.

"OH.....MY GOD. This is about the hose isnít it? You are going to let me sit here and stew in my totally "I WANT YOU NOW" state because of the hose, am I right?"

"Uh huh...thatís right." She couldnít control the giggle that leaked from her lips.

"Oh no you donít. You canít raise my heart rate like this and just roll over knowing that I wonít be able to sleep for at least a week....." Alex stopped as she heard Sydneyís laughter betray her every whim. "You are laughing at me, arenít you?"

Trying to regain her composure, " a matter of fact...I am......" the fits of laughter continued and slowly she turned over to see bright green fire looking down at her. íUh oh, Iím in trouble.í Syd thought to herself.

"Now Alexandra, you know you had it coming. I told you I always get my revenge.....and I did." She tried to be stern as she spoke with a grin.

"You feel better honey?" Alex purred as she slowly maneuvered Syd to her back.

"Yeah, I guess I do, thanks for asking."

"Oh Iím not asking...........Iím feel better" She climbed on top of Sydney and straddled her midsection. Her wetness was spreading over Sydís stomach and the woman underneath couldnít control her erratic breathing once she felt it.

"Oh yeah, you feel much better baby." Alex said as she ground herself faster into Sydís strong abdomen. "Oh yeah........much better. Uungh" Syd couldnít help but grab the sides of Alexís hips and move her own body into her lover.

"Oh no, you wanted your fun, now I want mine. You can just sit there and watch." Alex sternly looked down at Sydís face that changed from confusion to passionate desire as she watched Alex move her fingers over her clit and began moving her fingers in a strong circular motion.

Syd licked her lips as she watched her lover writhe above her in ecstasy. She could tell that Alex was close and wanted so much to take her. Her senses were on overload giving her the strength to flip Alex over onto her back and thrust two fingers deep inside of her. Alexís protests turned into moans of pleasure. Syd continued to thrust into her lover as she moved southward to taste the sweet nectar waiting for her. She glided her tongue over Alexís clit creating another wave of building excitement from Alex.

"Oh baby, God...... you feel so incredible. Iím so close.....ungh" Alex panted out.

"Mmm.....let it go baby.....thatís it......." Syd managed to get out while trying to keep rhythm with Alex.

She felt the younger womanís fingers grasping at her hair and knew she was almost there. Syd sucked at the swollen nub and gently nipped at its tip sending Alex over the edge of reality and directly to the clouds. Syd stayed where she was and absorbed all of Alexís body spasms. Alexís body began to calm as she caressed the head still nestled between her thighs.

"Ah.... revenge is a beautiful thing. Donít you agree Sydney?" Alex kidded as her breathing reached its normal pace again.

"Oh yeah....thereís nothing like it." Sydney agreed and just smiled up at her lover. She climbed up her partnerís body and cradled Alex in her strong arms.

"Now my sweet Aussie, what is your pleasure? You know I will give you whatever you want." She said as she nipped Sydneyís neck below her ear.

Sydney shuddered and felt her body move into Alexís in a subtle sensuous movement.

"I think I know what you need." She traced a circle around Sydís nipple. "How's this? Do you like this?"

"Oh Alexandra, you feel so good."

"You know I will never tire of your voice cooing my name like that. Did I ever tell you how sexy your accent is?"

"I keep telling you I do not have an accent." She giggled and nipped against Alex's neck sending shivers down the young woman's back.

Alex moved her fingers around Syd's bellybutton and playfully inserted one of her fingertips inside. "You know, if I dipped somewhere else, I know it would be much wetter, what do you think?"

"I think you should test out your theory on that."

"Donít mind if I do." Alex slowly moved her hand through the soft dark curly hair above Sydney's passion. She lightly traced her lips without quite touching her desire.

"God Alexandra, please, don't tease. I need to feel you inside."

"I will take you Sydney, don't worry about that." With that Alex slowly moved through Syd's river of desire and reveled in the feel of her lover. She gently brushed against Syd's clit causing her to jump from the contact.

"Ohhh, we are a bit excited now, aren't we?"

"Mmmmm, God you are such a quick study"î

"I had a wonderfully patient teacher. You feel like silk under my fingers Syd. I love when you get this excited."

"Only for you.....ungh......please........"

"What do you want Syd?"

Alex's movements were making speech almost impossible for Sydney. She rubbed Syd's clit in slow sensuous movements keeping in time with her body's movements. She played with the outside of her entry and gently dipped one finger into the dark wetness.

"Is this what you want Sydney?"

"Oh yes.....God yes....more.." Syd panted out.

Alex shifted her own body so that she was completely above Syd and staring down at her writhing lover. She plunged another finger inside Syd and was rewarded with a low growl from within her lover. She knew what Sydney needed and what Alex herself wanted more than anything right now.

"I need to taste you Syd. I want to feel you release into my mouth. Get ready cuz here you come baby."

Alex thrust her fingers deep into Syd as she lowered her mouth to feast on her lover. She stroked Syd's clit fast and with purpose. She lapped and lapped and felt the stiffening of her lover above her.

"Oh God Alex....Iím .....ooohhhhhhhh!!!!!" She panted as her release shrieked through her body.

Alex grabbed the back of Syd's hips to ride out the greatest feeling she had ever known. She opened her eyes to look at Sydney only to find the precious blues staring right back at her in the throes of passion. Alex knew right then and there that the feelings she had for Sydney were a love deeper than any fairy tale she had ever read. To watch her lover's desire in her eyes sent chills throughout her body and she knew that Syd loved her, even though the 'L' word had never come up.


Alex felt the last of Sydney's tremors cease as her name was being called out again and again. She slowly withdrew her fingers as a whimper of protest left Sydney's mouth. Alex moved up her lover's body to kiss her with a passion and a tenderness that only Syd could evoke from her. The two just cuddled and kissed themselves into a peaceful loving sleep.

Down the hall and in her room, Edna just threw her pillow over her head, again.




The sun always came up earlier for Alex than she'd like. This morning was nicer than most though. She knew that in just hours, she would be back in Chicago, and in the house that she grew up in. She couldnít wait to show Syd her home. She was excited for Tracey to meet the love of her life as well. The only thing that would be missing would be her dad and mom. She knew going back was going to be hard, but she was also hoping that in some way, it would help her with her demons. She was just grateful that she had someone like Sydney that understood all of what she was feeling and still wanted to go through that with her.

Sydney was looking forward to this trip. Her mind was reeling from so many emotions. She was terrified at her feelings for Alexandra. In the same breath she was so happy and tingly whenever she and Alex were around each other. The problem was that she was being brought back to a time in her life when she was the most vulnerable, and that scared the living shit out of her.




"Come on love, come to the States with me. You will love Montana. Please, just think about it Syd, for me. You know how much I love you. Let me erase of all your painful memories from here. We will be so happy together." Sharon pleaded.

"My entire life is here babe. I grew up here. My family's station is here, you know how much that means to me. It's the only thing I have left of my family, well other than Tim, I don't know if I can just up and leave it."

"That's what I would be doing though hon. School isn't for me, you know that. I can't stay here, it's just not me. The States are my home, I need to go back there. I would really love it if you would come with me. I guess it's a test of our love if you follow suit. After everything I have done for you, I canít believe that you wouldnít come with me."

"Don't doubt my love for you babe, you know I love you. I would do anything for you, you know that. This is just a huge step for me. Let me talk with my brother about the sheep station. If he gives me a proposal for it that I can live with, I will take you up on your offer. I promise."

"Oh love, you don't know how happy that makes me. I just know you'll make the right decision."

"I hope so." Sydney thought as she hugged her lover.




"So Timmy, do you really want it? I mean is this something that you know you really want? I mean I know you know how to run it, you basically showed me everything I needed to know. I just want to make sure that this is something that you want for your life, your future." Syd said to her brother.

"Syd, when you took over the station, I wasn't really happy about not being a part of it. It's the last thing mom and dad had together. It was always apart of our family; Dad, Mom, and Bi......." Tim paused at his own words.

"You know you can say his name Tim. It wonít bother me. Unless it bothers you to say it. I really hope that itís not the case though. He was a good kid Tim. Unfortunately he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. If anyone should be silenced from saying his name, it should be me. I know what the courts said, but it doesnít take away the fact that I was apart of what happened to him. I can now say that I have forgiven myself. But that is only because you forgave me too. So for the hundreth time, thank you for that. I would hate going through life without my older brother. I know that you will be a great foreman to the station too. Please know Tim, that I never thought you had any desire to have it, otherwise you KNOW that I would have shared it with you. It would have been great to run it with you. I just figured since you didn't say anything, that you were okay with it. I'm so sorry."

"Aw sis, don't apologize. I am just happy you thought of me before you sold it to some Joe off the street. Consider it sold, to the best and highest bidder. About Billy, I do forgive you. Sometimes it is still hard to hear his name though. Heíll be around though, Iím sure of it. Mom and dad too. I think I will be surrounded by them everyday that I am there."

"I think so too Tim." Syd paused as she rose from her chair to look out to the fields of her backyard. "The only thing that I hate about this deal, is the fact that I am going to be leaving now. I will miss you. We have finally come together you and I. I am so sorry for all the years that we didnít speak. I just didnít understand death and why it happens. I didnít want to get it. You saw what I became, I was a monster that didnít know what love really was. God, and after Billy and mom died, I wasnít sure that I wanted to live at all. I am out of that hell now, and I finally know the value of family and loved ones. You are all the family I have left now. Well, besides Sharon that is. I love her with all my heart Tim. She believed in me when I didnít believe in myself. Even after everything that has happened in my life, she is willing to take a chance on me. I just donít want to disappoint her in any way. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for her."

"I know, but....."


"Yeah but....but why couldn't you have fallen for a woman who lived on this side of the planet?" They shared a smile and embraced each other. "I will miss you too sis, I love you ya big softy...God she has you so whipped doesn't she?"

"Yeah well, love makes you do the strangest of things Timmy. Let's call dad's lawyer and legalize all of this eh?"

"You betcha."




"Alright sweetheart I'll see you when you get home. Don't work so hard. I love you."

"I love you too Syd, I should be done with this project hopefully in about four hours or so. I will be home as soon as I am done here, I promise."

"OK Shar, take care hon." Syd said as she hung up the phone.

"You too. Bye." Sharon said as she placed the receiver in the cradle on her desk.

The tall red head sitting across from her smiled wide as she approached Sharon like a hunter searching out prey for its meal.

"We got four hours then. You are mine until that time runs out then." She said as she straddled Sharon's lap.

"Oh yeah baby, we got a loooong time. I can do a lot to you in four hours. What'cha got on under that skirt baby?" Sharon said as she grabbed Tina's naked ass from under her skirt.

"You'd know better than anyone. Oooh yeah, I like that." Tina cooed into Sharon's ear.


"My poor workaholic, I think I will bring her a little picnic. She will be so surprised to see me. God I can't wait to see the expression on her face." Syd excitedly said as she packed up some dinner for her lover. She threw in a bottle of wine for good measure, and made her way out the door.


"Oh God........yes.......right there...ungh" Tina panted from on top of the desk. Sharon had her head buried in between Tina's thighs trying hard to keep up with the writhing body above her.

"Yeah baby....I can feel how close you are......come on baby....come for me.." Sharon coaxed as she thrust her fingers deep inside her. "I love the way you sound, God, I love you Tina....ungh......" Sharon said as she felt herself slipping over the edge of the precipice.

The two women found a rhythm between them and began to thrust their bodies for all that they were worth.

"Yes...yes.....yes!!!" Tina shouted.

"Yesssss Tina....Oh God!.....yes."

The two were oblivious to Sharon's door opening with Syd walking in. Her smile soon changed to a fierce angry howl.

"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" Syd shouted out as she witnessed the hugest betrayal of her life. Her heart was breaking into a thousand pieces and there was nothing she could do about it.

The two women climaxed just as Syd walked in and couldn't stop their bodies until it was too late. Sharon tried to move from underneath Tina, but couldn't coax her body to move.

"Syd....Syd wait." Sharon panted.

"What Sharon, is this where you say this isn't what it looks like? Too fucking bad that won't work in this case. Who's your whore? Nice to meet you I am Sydney Thompson, Sharon's girlfriend."

Tina saw the six foot, black haired woman approach her and began to get very nervous. She wasn't sure what she had planned.

"So Sharon, aren't you going to introduce us? We do have so much in common don't we....?"


"Ahhh Tina. Well at least I know what name to shout out when I break your fucking head open!"

"Syd, No!!!" Sharon shouted.

"Oh sticking up for your new fling Sharon? Too fucking bad. I gave up everything for you, and this is what I get in return? You Bitch!!! You took me halfway around the world just to spit in my face? Fuck Sharon, you couldn't have done that in Australia?"

"Oh Syd, you act as if this never happens." Sharon said very desensitized.

"It doesn't happen to me."

"I'm sorry you feel that way, because frankly Syd, it's happening to you, right now."

Syd spit at Sharon and grabbed Tina's head by her hair.

"Give me one reason I shouldn't beat the shit out of you right now?" Syd threatened.

"It wasn't my idea, it was Sharon's." Tina pleaded.

"Oh you see Sharon, your little puta can't even take responsibility for her own affairs. How old are ya darlin? Eighteen, nineteen? Robbing the cradle don't you think Sharon? God you are pathetic."

"Oh Syd, just look at us. You are the pathetic one. You are so gullible. Someone tells you that they love you, and you leave yourself open for things like this. I saw what you were in school, I knew what you had done. I knew that I could have you if I made you believe that I loved the person you were. All of your baggage was nothing more than an invitation to have my cake and eat it too. I had more than just Tina here, and I always had a beauty like you on my arm wherever we went. Everytime I came home I had someone waiting for me in my bed. What a beautiful relationship." Sharon smugly said as she nonchalantly slid into her chair and crossed her naked legs.

"So everything was just a lie? So I was just a pretty play thing with a fucked up life, that you took control over? So I was just a hood ornament for you, a God damn trophy? You fucking, I won't say it." Syd let go of Tina's hair and less than gently patted her head. "I will just leave you to your pet. Don't come home tonight if you know what is good for you. I will be gone by the morning. Don't come looking for me either, I donít want to be found by you." Syd smiled as she warned. She kicked over the bag of food and slammed the door to Sharon's office as she left.


"Sweetheart? Are you packed?" Alex broke Syd of her reverie.

"Hmm? I'm sorry hon, what did you say?" Syd asked.

"Sydney are you alright? It looked like you were out of it when I walked in." Alex walked over to Syd and placed a hand on Sydney's arm. She felt her flinch under her touch and slowly pulled away.

"I'm sorry Alexandra, I didnít mean to......"

"Sydney, I know you are bothered by something, I just hope that one day you will feel that you can trust me enought to talk about it." Alex said comfortingly as she picked up the rest of her bags and went downstairs.

"So do I love, so do I." Alex thought to herself as she wrapped her arms around herself for comfort.

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