In Healing Arms Part 2

by DS Bauden

Please see part one for disclaimers.


Part Two

The flight into Chicago was a quiet ride. Alex sat next to a very quiet Sydney on the airplane. They exited into Chicagoís OíHare Airport and immediately Alex felt exhuberant at being home again. Sydney remained quiet, other than basic small talk with Alex, as they waited for their luggage. Alex was really worried about Sydney since she hadnít said much since they left Edna in Montana.

"Syd, honey, are you sure that everything is alright? You havenít said more than two words since we boarded the plane."

"Of course Alexandra, I am fine." She lied as she thought about the last time she was inside an airplane.

Syd was on her way from Sydney to the USA with her love Sharon Harris. This was supposed to be the next step towards her eternal happiness with her partner. Too bad Sharonís extracurricular love life took precedence over a longtime commitment. Syd shivered at the thought of Sharon and what she sacrificed for her. She swore she wouldnít let this bother her relationship with Alex, but right now it was all too familiar. Sydney knew that Alex was going to ask her soon about what was bothering her. She just had to build up the strength to share the pain that she had never voiced to another person other than Sharon. Least of all one that she was completely in love with. She knew that she loved Alex, but every fiber in her being was scared to death of sharing that information with her lover. Once she did that, she would be setting herself up for heartbreak. She couldnít handle that kind of pain ever again.

"Thereís Tracey Syd, come on!! " Alex said excitedly as she saw her longtime friend waving from the arrival drive up.

"Tracey!!!" Alex screamed with joy as she embraced her friend.

"Hey girlfriend!! God I have missed you. Let me look at you." She said as she outstretched their entwined arms and looked at her jovial friend. "And who do we have here?" She asked as she looked Sydney up and down in appreciation.

"Tracey Miller meet the love of my life, Sydney Thompson. Sydney this is Tracey." Alex introduced.

"Hello Tracey, Alexandra has spoken so highly of you. It is a pleasure to finally meet you." Syd said politely as she outstretched her hand. Tracey shook it and marveled in the strength she felt within it.

"Right back atcha. It is a pleasure to meet the woman that has stolen the heart of my best friend. I can see why she finally switched teams." She wiggled her eyebrows and nudged Alex as she batted away Alexís poking finger. Syd smiled courteously and shifted uncomfortably.

"Shall we get going? We donít want to fall into traffic on I90, the tollway is a bitch this time of day if we donít get moving." Tracey explained as she started putting their bags into her trunk of her car.

"Oh God, I donít miss the traffic around here, thatís for sure. Yeah letís go." Alex agreed and took Sydneyís hand and both got into the car. Syd took the backseat as Alex took the front.

"So how was the flight?" Tracey inquired.

"It wasnít too bad actually, thank God, I hate flying. Iím sure Sydís hands are still sore from the landing."

"I think the blood has finally returned, donít worry about it hon." Syd smiled and patted her loverís shoulder from the backseat.

Tracey and Alex chuckled at Sydís agreement of Alexís dislike of flying. They made small talk until they reached the end of Alexís street and Alex could feel her nerves set in like a stampede of horses over her body. The sweat beaded on her brow and without words Syd reached her hand over the seat and next to the window to softly caress Alexís shoulder. She moved to the edge of her seat to reach Alexís ear to whisper to her.

"You are gonna be great sweetheart, Iím right here for you. If you want to cry, itís OK, my shoulder will be right here for you." Syd comforted while Tracey tried not to overhear the sweet reassurances between Alex and her new lover. Alexís reached up and squeezed Sydís hand in thanks and was never so grateful to have someone in her life like Sydney, as she was right now. She felt a wave of warmth swept through her as they entered her driveway. She instantly felt her parents with her and hoped they would stay with her until her stay was over.

"Wow Alexandra, your home is beautiful. You never mentioned how expansive the landscape was. God it reminds me of home. This is just gorgeous."

"Thanks sweetheart, yeah, mom loved this house and it took dad almost ten years to realize what he had. He didnít want to move here, but mom loved the area. Itís very private and quiet. A lot like Eddiís except we donít have horses. We have a pool though, I think youíll enjoy your stay here. Wink wink." Alex joked as Tracey put the car in park in front of the garage. Syd smiled and stepped out of the car and took a deep breath and was pleased that their travels were over for now.

Syd looked over the two story Victorian house and was in awe of its beauty. They all grabbed the bags from the luggage and after Alex found her key to the house, they entered her childhood home.

"Smells musty, Iím going to open some windows as soon as we get our bags upstairs." Alex said while walking towards the stairs.

Syd noticed her loverís slow glances around the quiet home and watched her facial expression change from indifference to a complete sadness as she walked up the steps.

"Hey Sydney, I gotta get back to work. I think sheís gonna need you right about now. Tell her Iíll be back later on tonight, okay?" Tracey said.

"Sure Tracey, I think itíll take a bit of getting used to for her to be here without her parents. Iíll let her know youíll be back." She responded.

"Thanks for being here for her Syd, sheís very lucky."

"Iím the lucky one, Tracey." Syd corrected.

"Alright then. Iíll see you later. It was great to meet you. You have a great accent, did you know that?" Tracey smiled.

Syd rolled her eyes and smiled. "I donít have an accent, you do!! What is it with you women?" Syd and Tracey laughed as Syd walked Tracey to the door.

After she led Tracey out, she walked upstairs and tried to guess which room Alex would have gone to. There were several rooms upstairs to choose from. She sat and listened to see if she could hear where Alex had gone. She listened closely and found Alex in what she assumed was her parents bedroom. She was sitting on their bed holding a picture of her parents that she took from the nighttable. She just stared at it while stroking their faces with her finger.

"Hey." Syd softly spoke.

"Hey." Alex pushed out before she let the tears loose that she had been holding in since she walked into the house.

"Hey, come here." Syd put her arms around Alexís shoulders and pulled her to an embrace. Syd felt Alexís sobs wrack her body and held onto her and decided that she would stay like this until Alex needed otherwise.

"God I miss them so much Sydney." Alex sobbed.

"I know honey, I know. Shhh Iím here, I gotcha. Let it all out baby, Iím right here." Sydney soothed.

"Iím so glad youíre here Sydney, God I love you." Alex said before she could stop herself. She felt Sydneyís heartrate increase rapidly but said nothing.

"I know you do...." Syd said continuing to console her lover. She knew that Alex heard her gasp at the revelation of Alexís love for her. Itís not like she didnít know, it just hit hard hearing it for the first time. She wasnít sure if she ever wanted to hear anyone say that to her ever again. If love meant the treatment that she got from Sharon, than she wanted no part of it. She found herself in a very bad situation emotionally. She wanted to run away, but she knew that Alex needed her more than ever right now. So for Alex, she endured.




An hour or so later Alex had finished giving Sydney the nickel tour of her home. Syd was amazed at the size of the house and why Alex hadnít mentioned before that her family was wealthy.

"My father was a Psychologist and he had money. I mean Iím only twenty years old, well I will be in a week or so. I never thought of myself as wealthy because I didnít earn a substantial living. Hopefully my journalism degree will change that, and with the money they left me, I may have a chance at finding out what making a good living is all about." Alex explained.

"I have no doubt of your writing talent. Um, back up a sec, did you say you would be turning twenty in a week.?" Syd questioned.

"Yeah September twenty-first. Iíll be twenty, almost legal." She smiled and nudged Sydney.

"Like I was worried. Well fair is fair, I will be twenty-five in April."

"You know, I never asked you how old you were. I guess it really didnít matter to me, but now that I know, I should have guessed that we were close in age. You donít look a day over twenty-four." Alex said playfully.

"Oh thank you, may I take that as a compliment?" She retorted.

"You can do whatever it is that you like."

"Oh really? Anything?"

"Should I be afraid now?" Alex said as she backed up a few steps as Sydney prowled closer to her.

"Oh, definitely, be very afraid Alexandra." Sydney purred as she swept Alex into a soaring kiss that knocked Alexís knees from under her. Syd caught Alex and held her tightly until their kiss tapered off.

"That was incredible. God, did you learn that from somewhere?"

Chuckling, "Iím glad that you liked that. You kiss quite lovely yourself."

"Oh thank you my dear." She said bowing to her partner.

They moved upstairs and began to unpack some of their things. The window in Alexís room had been opened and Sydney took the opportunity to look out into their backyard. She took in a breath of fall air coming in from the screen and exhaled softly.

"You know, one of these days, I think I will take you home to Sydney. I think youíd love it there. Itís very quiet, much like the ranch, but my God, it is gorgeous." Syd turned to look at Alexís loving gaze.

"You miss home donít you?" Alex asked softly.

"Mmhmm, very much. I havenít been home in what....six years? You would love my brother Tim, he is such a clown. I thought that he would decline my offer of the sheep station when I was deciding to leave Australia, but he didnít. He was excited to have a part of my family in his life." Sydney paused but Alex just waited and listened. Sydney rarely spoke of her past and she wasnít going to butt in now.

"He says that things are going well and I would be happy with the way he was running things. Iím sure I would be. He taught me everything I needed to know, well everything that my dad didnít." She smiled. "Anyway, when Shar....when I decided to leave home I never thought I would miss it so much. So I can understand why you miss home so much." She still had a hard time even speaking Sharonís name. Alex didnít miss the slip and she hoped there would be more of them on their vacation together. Hopefully this trip would open up Sydney to Alex and she would finally understand the pain in the older womanís heart. "Itís the part of you that is the most you. Does that make any sense? I mean just being here for little over an hour, I see so much of you in this house."

"Really? You can see that just from being here?"

"Oh yeah. The warmth of the decor of your bedroom is so you. The openness and brightness of your reading room is unmistakably you. There are just so many little things I see in this house that are you."

"Wow, you are really incredible Sydney. I truly mean that." She said almost telling her how much she loved her again. She decided that a hug would suffice for now. She walked up to Sydney and wrapped her arms around the taller womanís body.

"Mmm I like it here. I like you here too." Syd said as she ran her fingers through Alexís silky golden hair. She ran her hand up and down Alexís back unconsciously and Alex let out a moan of content bringing a smile to Sydís lips.

"Itís still pretty warm and musty in here donít you think?" Syd nodded and released Alexís hold.

Alex walked through the living room, dining room, family room, kitchen, study, and sunroom opening every window imaginable, letting in as much air into the stuffy old house as possible.

Alex found Syd sitting on the leather sofa in the family room in deep thought. She didnít want to pry but she really wanted Sydney to open up to her. ĎSoon, I hope.í Alex thought to herself.

"So Syd, when did Tracey say that she would be back?"

"Ahh, she said that she had to go back to work and that sheíd be back later on tonight. She wasnít really specific with the time."

"Hmm, I wonder if she wants to do dinner with us this evening." She checked her watch and realized that she was still on Montana time. She moved her watch forward and then saw that it was close to meal time "technically". "Did you remember to change your watch? I almost forgot." Alex said nonchalantly as she fixed her watchstrap.

"Yes I did already. I did it on the plane, I didnít want to get screwed up later on." Syd replied. "So Alex? When do we get to try out that pool of yours?"

"You get a sudden urge to go swimming or something?"

"Maybe........" She said with a bit of a grin on her face.

"Iíll have to see if the pool was set up for the summer. I donít know if it was even filled this year. So much was going on when I came home, I didnít even notice. Letís go out back and check, youíll love it out there. Dad had the best garden, he had the most beautiful roses, I wonder if he planted any before....." She trailed off as Syd softly caressed her cheek.

"Letís go see." She said as she kissed the top of Alexís head. She took Alexís arm and walked out into the patio and then out to the pool area.

There they were as beautiful as Alex remembered. There were rows and rows of roses in the garden adjacent to their fence. Syd just marveled at Alexís face when she saw them. She took a look for herself and was amazed at their beauty.

"My God they are gorgeous. You were so right. Your father definitely had a green thumb. I donít think I have ever seen roses like that before." Syd said in awe.

"I donít think youíll ever see any like this anywhere. He truly made it an art." Alex explained proudly.

There was still a cover on the pool and Alex walked into the pool shed and opened the door to flip a switch. With a click the electronic pool cover slid open and revealed a full swimming pool. Alex looked up at Sydney and smiled.

"I bet I know who is responsible for this."


"None other. I bet she called ahead and had the service come and take care of this. She is too much. We have to remember to call her tonight and thank her."

"Absolutely, she is such a wonderful woman Alex. You are very lucky to have her as a part of your family."

"Sheís your family too Syd. I know Eddi thinks of you as family. She has said so many times. I think you are the daughter she never had. I always hoped that I was that girl, but I really think that she feels that way about you. She loves you, you know."

"Yeah I do, she is one in a million. She took me in after Sharon and I split up..." Syd realized a second too late that she had mentioned her exís name to Alex for the first time. Alex tried to control the excitement of Sydneyís disclosure of her name. She played it off coolly not wanting this conversation to end. Sydís body had panic running rampantly throughout it after she slipped up. "Anyway, she really helped to get my head together. I will be forever grateful to her for that."

"Thatís our Eddi, she will stop at nothing to help people in need. That is just in her make-up and I would never change that about her. God, I miss her already!" Alex laughed at herself.

"With me here? What am I, chopped steak?"

"Liver honey, chopped liver."

"Ew, I hate liver, I would much rather be steak."

"I love steak, itís the most delectable of meats I think. I could eat steak all the time." Alex said in her most sexy voice.

"Really? I think you do get your share of steak..... donít you think Alexandra?" She purred playing along with their analogy.

"You can never have enough steak, especially when it tastes as good as it does." Alex said seductively enjoying the playfulness of Sydney.

"You like the flavor........ you like the juice when you poke your fork into it for your first bite. The anticipation of the dripping morsel onto your taste buds......itís intoxicating isnít it?" She rumbled into Alexís ears sending her into fits of arousal.

"Yes it is......and itís a good thing that I am not a vegetarian. Donít you think?" She gulped as she saw the dark desire forming in her loverís eyes.

"Yes I do........come here Alexandra........I need to kiss you....." Syd commanded in soft humming tones.

Alex moved within reach of Sydneyís lips and slowly pressed hers against Sydís. The passion from one kiss was astounding to Alex and she wanted Syd to take her right then and there when she heard someone clearing their throat behind them.

Looking up startled. "Tracey!! My God you scared the hell outta me!!" She screamed at a smiling curly headed blonde.

"Yeah, you looked scared......hey Syd, how are ya?"

"Fine thanks, you?" She said trying to hide the blush she felt creeping up her neck.

"I am well. Damn hungry though, you guys up for pizza?"

"God Tracey is that all you still eat?"

"Hey itís a fine meal, if I do say so myself. You have eaten plenty of them with me if my memory serves correctly."

"Haha I know. You know could take us to the bar tonight, if you wanted." She wiggled her eyebrows at Tracey who in turn raised hers high into her forehead.

"THE BAR?? You want to go there? God I never thought I would see the day!! Man Syd, I donít know what you have done to her, but I like the results."

"Hey! I went to plenty of bars at school. I just never wanted to go to a gay bar before. Now I think I would love to enter a club on the arm of this beauty." Alex winked at Syd whose body immediately reacted to the comment.

"Umm, could you two excuse me...?" She said as she practically ran up to the house.

"What was that about?" Tracey asked.

Alex just shrugged her shoulders, "I have no idea. Excuse me Trace, would you? I really want to know what is bugging her. She has been so strange since we left Montana. Iíll be back in a few. Sorry hon. " She said as she squeezed her friends forearm and ran up to the house in search of her love.



Sydney ran into the house and quickly found the powder room to heave her guts out. Her body was shaking from the stabbing pain in her gut. ĎSheís not Sharon, Sydney, sheís not Sharon. She wouldnít treat me like a prop. Sheís not like that!!í Her head was saying in a mantra. Her body continued to tremble as another wave of nausea hit her hard. This was going to be a long night indeed.

Alex ran into the house shouting Sydís name and got no response. Only after seeing Sydís pale face exit from the powder room did she calm her bellowing.

"Syd, honey, are you ill? You look so pale." She ran up to Syd and rested the back of her hand to her cheek. "You are warm, come on and sit down in here." Alex said as she walked Syd back to the couch. "Relax a bit. Iíll get you some water." She caressed Sydís ashen face and went into the kitchen to retrieve a glass of water.

Tracey came back into the house and saw Sydney on the sofa in the family room. Her head was resting on the armrest of the sofa and she looked as if she was crying. Tracey heard Alex in the kitchen and decided to find her first.

"Hey Alex, is Syd okay? She looks like sheís crying over there." She said sympathetically.

"I donít know Trace. Do you mind if we take a raincheck tonight? I think she has air sickness or flu or something. She just came out of the powder room and she looked like she had just gotten sick." She explained.

"Sure babe. Tomorrow is Friday anyway, maybe we could go to the bar then, I mean if you guys are up to it."

"OK Trace, thanks hon. I have lots of packing to do here, and hopefully I will get lots done during the day so we can play after dark!!" She said as she smiled at her friend.

"I have missed you girl." Tracey said as she hugged her buddy.

"Me too Trace, have a good night."

"You too hon."

"I have a feeling though, itís gonna be a long night."

"Well hopefully not too long. You look like you could use some sleep. Those eyes of yours need some shuteye."

"Yeah I know. I havenít been sleeping all that well as of late. I was hoping that coming home would cure me of my night demons. I have bad dreams all the time. Syd usually cuddles me close and then I usually calm down. We call it "The Exorcism"." She laughed as she enunciated the words while using her hands to mime quotation marks.

"God you guys are sickening. Iím glad you are happy though Alex. She is gorgeous! And my God how do you not feint with that accent calling out your name?? Donít tell me she doesnít. I know my talks with you taught you something!!!"

"Christ Tracey!!" Laughing, "Although it took awhile not to blush whenever I heard my name called thatís for sure, but I will never tire of it. Not from that mouth or with that voice. God she could melt butter with that voice." She said proudly. "Speaking of meltdowns, I think I need to get back to her. See you tomorrow?"

"You bet babe, nite." Tracey said as she kissed Alexís cheek and left to go home. Before she left, she waved good-bye to Syd and bid her a goodnight as well.




Alex returned to Sydneyís side with her water. She gave the her the glass and watched her pale partner slowly drink the contents. She sighed softly and then looked into Alexís eyes.

"Iím sorry honey. I guess I am just not feeling that well. I donít like to fly, and maybe it finally got to me." She lied with a sincere smile.

"Thatís alright sweetie, just lay here." She shifted so Sydney could lay on the couch with her head resting on Alexís thigh. She stroked Sydís long dark hair and started to knead the knots from her neck and shoulders. She could instantly feel the stress from within Sydney.

"God Syd, you are so stiff and balled up with tension. Are you sure that you are okay?" Alex asked hoping that Syd would finally open up to her.

"Yeah baby, Iím feeling better just being here with you. Sorry your first night home turned into a bust." Syd said sleepily.

"Spending time with my best girl is never a bust in my eyes." She said outloud. ĎI love you, you big goof.í She wished she could say out loud. "There isnít anything I wouldnít do for you Sydney. I hope you know that."

"Mmhhmmm" Sydney said as she fell off into a restless rest.

Alex continued to rub Sydís head as she felt her body completely relax and her breathing deepened. She just sat there and held her love trying to soothe whatever demons may have invaded Sydís soul. She shifted a little and felt Sydís grip on her legs tighten.

"Shhh, donít worry love, Iím not going anywhere. I love you Sydney. You donít know how hard it is for me not to tell you that." She began whispering to her slumbering companion while rubbing her head. "You have helped me so much in the last few months. You have helped me to deal with the biggest loss in my life. When my parents were killed, I never wanted to know love again. I didnít want to hurt like that ever again, and loving you sets me up for that. I donít care though, you brought out the person in me that I was afraid to know was there. I was afraid of knowing the person inside of me because I knew I was different. You showed me that loving a woman is no different than the love my father showed my mother. I know who I am for the first time in my life. Iím not afraid of the future because I know that Iíll have you at my side. It just makes me sad that you donít tell me what is bothering you so much. I know itís about that woman you used to be with, you just need to tell me. You know whatever you say to me wonít change the way I feel about you, nothing will. I just know that whatever it is that she did to you, will make me feel that much more sorry for her. She lost her chance with you, and youíre mine now. Itís bad enough I canít even compliment you without you thinking thatís all I love about you. God you arenít a trophy or a possession. Sydney you are a gorgeous woman, that is just the facts. Your physical beauty, though, doesnít even compare to the woman you are to me." Alex sighed and wiped a stray tear from her cheek. "I love you baby, I love you with all of my heart." Alex finished as she leaned her head back into the couch.

Sydney lay her in lap with one teary eye opened not knowing what to say to Alex. ĎDo I let her know that I heard most of what she said? Or do I lay here and pretend to be asleep? God she is the most wonderful person I have ever known. She has a heart that parallels no other. I do love you Alexandra, I just wish I knew how to say it again. Those words have hurt so many. I want them to be more than just words, especially with the love I feel for you. I really hoped that I would have forgotten about Sharon, because I never wanted to talk about her again. I hope that you never meet her, I would hate it if she tried to hurt you. She hurt me really badly, and I never want you two in the same room together. Even if she is only here in conversation. I promise I will tell you everything, I just need the courage, help me find that courage Alexandra. Only you can help me to find that strength. I just hope itís not too late by the time it arrives. I couldnít bear the thought of losing you. Ever.í Sydney mused to herself as she nonchalantly shifted in her "sleep" to wipe her tear stained face.




Alex awoke to find Sydney gone from her lap and the couch. She got up and stretched to go find her lover. She walked into the kitchen and the room was dark. She managed to turn on the lights in the hallway and walked up the stairs. She found her bathroom door closed and heard the shower turn off. A smile came to her face as she approached the door. She tapped lightly on the door.

"If you are a 5í4" blonde haired beauty you may enter. If not please go away, my girlfriend will be up soon." Sydney said as she grabbed a towel and began to dry herself off.

The door opened up and the chill air ran up her semi-wet naked form. Syd grabbed Alex and quickly ushered her inside to close the door. She embraced Alex in a full bear hug and relaxed when she felt the smaller womanís hands on her.

"When did you wake up honey?"

"A couple of hours ago. Did you have a good rest?"

"Mm, yeah I did. I didnít even know I was tired. Must have been the traveling. Iím going to be up all night now." She pouted.

"Ooh, I hope so. I would hate to think that I would be up all by myself in this big house. I may get scared." She joked around. "Besides, I have a surprise for you."

"A surprise? For me? Why? What did I do?"

"You are just you, baby, thatís why." She smiled and looked at their hugging reflection in the mirror.

"Well where is it?"

"Itís downstairs, you want to see it?"

"Sure in a sec. First I want to know if you are feeling better. Your coloring is so much better."

"I feel one hundred percent better sweetheart, and it is because of you and your TLC. Thanks for taking care of me."

"Aww sweetie, it was no big deal. I like taking care of you. I hope to do it for a long time." She sweetly smiled.

"Me too. Iím hungry, letís go downstairs."

"Ohhh, the surprise is food related?"

"How else would I thank you appropriately? Food is like gold to you babe."

"Got that right. Lead the way!!" She said excitedly.

Syd grabbed a T-shirt and shorts from their room and led Alex downstairs. She led Alex through the sunroom and out towards the pool.

"Oh Sydney....." Alex gasped at the sight in front of her.

The perimeter of the pool was illuminated by candlelight. Syd had set up a table with several entrees of Alexís favorite delicacy, Chinese food.

"Sydney, how did........this is beautiful. How did you do this without me knowing?"

"I found the keys to one of the cars in the garage, found a phonebook, and I am not above asking for directions." She smiled triumphantly.

"You are incredible! Thank you so much, God you are so thoughtful." Alex said as she captured Sydneyís lips in a deep sensual kiss.

"Mmm, you are so welcome. I know that you wanted to spend your first night with Tracey, so I wanted to make up for it somehow." She guiltily said.

"Oh Sydney, you donít have to make up for being sick, it just happened. Donít think that you had to make up for that."

"Alex....I........I....." Sydney softly began.

"What Sydney?" Alex asked.

"Nothing, I just wanted to tell you that I am really happy you brought me here." She said as she released a breath she didnít know she was holding.

"Me too sweetie, I am so glad that you are here with me. Are you hungry?" Alex excitedly asked.

"Sure, letís hit it. Now remember, no swimming for at least an hour after eating."

"Oh Sydney, I think they have pushed it down to a half hour now." She answered mischievously. She sat down and started spooning little portions of everything that Sydney ordered for them. "Ooh can you pass me an egg roll?"

Laughing, "You know it still is such entertainment for me to watch you eat. Between you and your aunt, I think I have found the two most adoring eaters on the planet. It is really something to watch." She said as she put a forkful of Cashew Chicken in her mouth. "Mmm this is good." She mumbled.

"Mmhhmm it is. Oh you got to try the Shrimp and Pea Pods, God, I have missed this place. They just donít have this in Montana. So um, did you venture around town?"

"Yeah I did a little, I didnít want to go too far without a chaperone." Syd jokingly replied.

"Did you like Market Square? Isnít like a little town of make believe?" Alex inquired.

"Yeah, it was like.....what was that guyís name who had a childrenís show on television here in the States, a Mr. Robinson, or someone?"

Laughing, "Ha, I think you mean Mr. Rogerís. Yeah, he had a show for kids, Mr. Rogerís Neighborhood. It was one of my favorite shows as a kid. But I see your point, it is a little like that. You should see it around Christmas, they really do a wonderful job with lights all over every single tree in the square."

"Even the huge one near the fountain?"

"Especially that one. Itís really something to see."

"You know what?" Sydney asked as she was staring at her lover.

"Hmm?" Alex replied in between bites.

"You looked about twelve years old just then. I donít think I have seen that look in your eyes before you spoke of Christmas. You are so adorable Alexandra."

"You are just biased."

"No I just call them as I see them.í She said as she winked at Alex.




"Oh Sydney that was just wonderful, God it feels good to have food in my belly. I didnít want to eat too much, because I really want to get in the water. I donít remember September being this warm."

"It seems a little out of season, but I agree it is quite warm out, itís so beautiful though. The sky is clear and you can see lots of stars, but you are right, you donít quite see as many as you do by Ednaís." She said as she poured more wine for herself.

"I am glad that you are feeling better. What do you suppose hit you? Air sickness?"

"Well, whatever it was, Iím glad it decided to leave as quickly as it arrived."

"Me too." She smiled as she gestured to Sydney to fill her glass as well. "You know, you could get arrested for aiding to the delinquency of a minor."

"Yeah well I think they could arrest me for more than a drinking violation. Certain acts of love are illegal here in the States, no?"

Thinking about what Syd said brought a flush of acknowledgment to what acts she was talking about.

"You are so beautiful when you blush Alexandra. I am a lucky woman."

"No Sydney, I am the lucky one." She leaned over and kissed her partner.

"Mm, do you want to try the pool yet?" Sydney asked hopefully. "There is a little more to the surprise for this evening."

"Oohh thereís more? What could you possibly have done in two hours?"

Sydney smiled innocently.

"Should I be afraid?"

"Yes, be very afraid. You left me on my own for a couple hours, be very afraid Alexandra." She purred in Alexís ear. Alex audibly gulped as she felt Sydney pull her to her feet.

"I donít think youíll be needing these." Sydney seductively said as she began to remove Alexís shorts. Sydney pushed the unwanted clothing to Alexís feet followed by her underwear. The warm air felt wonderful on Alexís aroused skin. Syd slowly unbuttoned Alexís shirt as she kept eye contact with the smaller woman. She gently brought the garment over Alexís shoulders and down her arms, revealing well tanned, delectable skin that she needed to taste. After her shirt fell to the ground with the other items of clothing, she removed the final piece of apparel unleashing Alexandraís beautiful breasts.

Sydney just stared at her lover as she gently cupped Alexís breasts and began to brush her thumbs across Alexís already erect nipples.

"You are such a sensual person Sydney, I just love it. I never knew that making love could be this incredible. You never leave me wanting for more. You satisfy every need I thought I would ever have. Sometimes you satisfy wants that I didnít even know I had."

"Good I am glad. I hope that you like what I have planned for you for tonight then." She said as she captured Alexís wanting mouth with her own. She let her tongue linger inside Alexís mouth as they exchanged gentle touches and caresses. Alex tugged on Sydís shorts and pulled away breathlessly from the kiss.

"These have to go as well my sweet."

"Oh thatís not a problem, I want to feel your body against mine. I love the way our bodies feel when they are together. Itís like we were made to fit perfectly with each other. We must have been considering the differences of our heights."

"Mmmm I love your body and the way it feels. I bet it will feel even better in there." She said as she gestured to the water.

"Come on, letís get wet."

"Too late for that my little country mouse. I have already reached that point. I donít think I will ever have to worry about that being a problem as long as you are in my life." Sydney chuckled at Alexís admission.

The two women slowly entered the candle lit pool by walking down the stairs in the shallow end. Alex held onto the metal railing as she stepped down letting the temperature of the water wash over her skin. Sydney dove under the water and came up like a goddess as the water cascaded down her tanned muscled form. Alex just watched Sydney like a child in awe of a phenomenon. The desire she felt right now challenged any emotion she had ever had, and won.

Alex dove in towards her lover and surfaced in front of her. The taller woman wrapped her arms around the smaller form in front of her. Their bodies were warm and wet and glistened in the candlelight.

"You know, the only other time I have been naked in this pool was with Tracey. We got drunk and went skinny dipping a couple summers ago. I thought that was fun. It doesnít even hold a candle to this....sorry, no pun intended."

"You and Tracey huh? Should I be jealous?"

"Oh God no, Tracey is my best friend. I think that sex is the only thing we havenít shared. Did I tell you that she was the one that told me I was gay? I thought she was just wishfully thinking aloud. She just knew me better than I knew myself. Still does sometimes. Other than you and Edna, I have never trusted someone, as I trust her. She is the best friend ever."

"She seems like she really cares about you. I think I will like getting to know her." Syd said as she leaned over and gently nibbled on Alexís neck. She felt Alexís body shudder and she moved her lips over to Alexís throat and began to gently kiss and suckle at it.

"Mm, no more talk about Tracey." Alex panted out as she claimed Sydís mouth again. Alex thrusted her tongue deep inside Sydís mouth. She felt feverish with the passion running through her body. Syd reached down and started massaging Alexís bottom and was rewarded with a hungry growl from Alex.

"Oh yes Syd, God you are so incredible. I want you so badly right now." She gasped.

"I know baby, me too. Come on, hereís where the surprise comes into play, and I do mean play. Do you trust me?"

"You know I do. What did you have in mind?" Alex asked while half of her was nervous, her other half was on fire.

Syd took Alexís hand and led them back to the stairs leading out of the pool. She sat Alex down on the last step leaving her upper body exposed to her. She bent down to her knees and knelt between Alexís legs. Alex reached out and pulled Sydney into a lustful kiss. Their tongues battled for control inside their mouths while their bodies began to move against each other in a rhythm of desire. Syd leaned over and reached for the towel she had resting poolside. She opened the towel to reveal a pair of handcuffs. They separated from their kiss and Syd raised her eyebrow in question.

"You game?" Syd asked as she dangled the cuffs from her finger.

"Where did you want to cuff me to, the water?" Alex chuckled.

"No, I thought this would serve us well." She clanged the cuffs against the railing next to the stairs.

"Oh, um, I sense a well thought out plan. Remind me to leave you alone more often." She smiled seductively at her lover.

Alex leaned back and reached up so her hands were on either side of the railing. Sydney reached over and locked the cuffs to each of Alexís wrists around the railing. She ladled some water in her hands and poured it slowly over Alexís breasts watching the droplets of water return to their origin. Alexís nipples were fully erect and Sydney found her mouth eager to taste them. She leaned into Alexís body and captured a nipple with her teeth and gently stroked it with her tongue eliciting a pleasurable moan from Alex. She looked up and found Alexís eyes closed and her mouth was open wide enough for her tongue to moisten her lips. Syd climbed a little further up Alexís body and whispered in her ear.

"How far do you want to go?"

"Iíd go anywhere with you Sydney."

"Alright. Then I want you to tell me how you feel about this." She smiled and lifted a candle and poured a little drop of wax on her palm and showed Alex. "You want to play with fire, scarecrow?"

"Do it Sydney, you wonít hurt me." Alex said confidently as she watched Syd raise the candle over her chest and painfully waited in anticipation as the wax slowly ran from the candle onto her chest. "Oooh......." She hissed.

"Did that hurt you?" Syd asked sincerely.

"No it feels really umm.........I donít know how to describe it, but it definitely didnít hurt."

"The journalist doesnít know how to describe something?" She kidded.

"You win this time Sydney, take it while you can."

"How about I take you instead?" She purred as she let another few drops fall onto Alexís chest. A drop of wax rolled to her nipple before it hardened making Alex pull on her restrained arms. Her body was reacting to the stimulus with a ferocity she didnít expect. She was fully enjoying Sydneyís little surprise. Another flow of the wax fell onto her and it landed directly on her nipple making her cry out. Sydney dripped some water from the pool on the same spot and the combination of hot and cold made Alex shudder with desire.

Sydney drew patterns on her loverís chest and abdomen with the wax until she wanted to do much more than watch her lover squirm, she wanted to take Alex over the edge of reality. She wanted the screams, she needed to hear her name called into the heavens. She ladled more water over Alexís body and rubbed her chest until all the wax fell off her body. The exotic massage had Alex writhing with need. Sydney brought her hands lower to feel Alexís excitement. Not even the pool could wash away her loverís wetness.

Syd played in Alexís folds of skin and slowly entered her with one teasing finger.

"Oh sweet Jesus!!!!" Alex screamed out.

Syd began to thrust slowly into her lover as her thumb stimulated Alexís clitoris. She added a finger to the assault and felt Alexís body grind into her. Her arms were pulling hard on the railing wanting to be free to pull Sydney into her. The excitement of the restraints was almost unbearable...almost.

Syd slid down and raised Alexís legs over her shoulders. She leaned back pulling on Alex, making the rest of Alexís body buoyant. She kissed her inner thighs and looked into Alexís eyes knowing that it wouldnít take much to bring her to release. Sydney had never seen a more beautiful sight in her life. She leaned forward and licked Alexís sex from the base of her anus to the tip of her clitoris. Alexís body started squirming from the welcomed invasion. Her breath was coming in short pants and Syd heard her name coming from deep within Alexís throat. Her tongue rapidly moved against Alexís clit bringing her closer and closer to release. She drove her fingers deeper inside of Alex as she moved her tongue faster.

"Oh my God....Sydney.......fuck..........Iím..........ooooooooohhh!!!" Alex shouted out as her release flooded through her body. She hung on to the railing as Sydney continued her assault on her body. Her body shook with every touch from Sydneyís mouth and fingers. When Sydney knew her lover had had enough, she slowly lowered Alexís legs back into the water and pressed her body against her. Alex wrapped her head against Sydneyís head and shoulder in an embrace.

"Please....Sydney, can you take these off now? I need to hold you." Alex pleaded.

"Yes sweetheart, of course." She reached up to the towel and found the key releasing Alexís spent arms. Alex brought her arms around Sydneyís strong form and held her as tightly as she could.

"My God Sydney, that was amazing." She whispered out. "The combination of everything was so exhilarating. You are really an incredible lover." She said softly as her emotions came over her and she began to cry.

"Shh, itís OK sweetie, Iíve gotcha. Shhh. It was really wonderful for me too baby. To feel you lose all control like that, watching your expressions change, feeling your body finally giving in to me. Oh My God.....there is no other feeling like it. You are quite an astonishing lover yourself." She said as she gently kissed her loverís forehead.

"I thank God everyday for bringing you to me. You are the most important thing in my life. I donít know what I would do if anything happened to you."

"Letís not think about that. Hopefully we wonít ever have to find that out." She squeezed Alex closer to her. "Letís think about something much happier, like your birthday."

"What about my birthday?"

"Is there anything special you want or want to do?"

"I havenít really thought about it. Iím sure youíll think of something though. You, I have found out, are very resourceful." Alex smiled into Sydís strong embrace.

ĎYes I am, and believe me, between Tracey and I, you are going to have the best birthday ever, you just wait.í Syd thought as she felt Alexís smile against her.

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