Into Each Life...

Part 6

by Ri


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        Cuddled close in bed Mandy was stroking the strong back of her love as Sandy was kissing sweet little butterfly kisses along Mandy's neckline. They were both happy and content they had made love for several hours after Sandy had come home from her meeting. Neither woman was tired they were both enjoying the feel of the other woman's skin against their warm bodies and didn't want it to end anytime soon.

        "You know you looked sexy in that outfit but I like you better out of it," whispered Amanda as she gently kissed the strong woman's shoulder.

        "Mmm, thank you Sweetheart. I prefer you in your birthday suit too," Replied Sandy as she started gently kissing her way down to Mandy's breasts.

        The phone rang and Sandy groaned in frustration, she was on call 24 and 7 as an OPYG and had to answer the phone.

        "Hello," she croaked rolling her eyes at her patient mate.

        Mandy smiled and gently brushed hair out of Sandy's face. Sandy captured the hand and cuddled it under chin causing Mandy to smile in reaction.

        "Hey boss its Terry, sorry to bother you so early but I thought you should know as soon as possible. That creep from the board is trying to start trouble about you and Mandy..."

        "What!?!" Roared Sandy sitting up straight as an arrow.

        "Yeah he's saying cause of your life style that your unfit for your position as the chief surgeon."

        "That son of a bitch! How is going to prove I'm unfit?"

        "I'm not sure but he said that he'll have all the proof he needs at the board meeting tomorrow night. He's got the board all riled up, the ass hole."

        "Fucking prick you mean! Thanks Terri...I have some ammunition that just itching to be exposed. I think more then they expect. Thanks my friend, bye."

        "Go get them tiger!"

        "Damn right I will. Bye."


        Sandy got out of bed and began to pace angrily; it was obvious to Mandy that she was plotting in her head. She looked like a sleek angry panther that just happened to be naked too boot.

        "What happened?"

        "That bastard is starting up trouble about us..."


        "Innuendo. I know he doesn't have anything solid we have been very discreet. Our staff is damn loyal so they won't say anything to the suits...unless" Sandy turned and looked at Mandy with narrowed eyes, "Sweetheart, have you noticed anyone around here or any car that you feel seems out of place?"

        Surprised by the question Mandy thought and had to honestly shake her head no, "Nothing that I've noticed, Love. What are you thinking?"

        "That the ratfink hired a private peeper."

        "Oh...Oh? We haven't done anything in public. Oh but the..." Her eyes turned toward the balcony.

        Sandy nodded and said, "Yep the balcony and we keep the drapes open most of the time so we can see the lake as we make love. We are on the second floor so normally I wouldn't even think about it but someone on the island with a telescopic might be able to have gotten an eye full."

        Mandy face turned deathly white; Sandy rushed back to her and enfolded her in an embrace holding her tight. "Don't worry we'll fight them."

        Mandy now broke down crying, "How?" Sandy gently stroked the soft blonde hair and kissed the salty tears as she replied, "We'll find what he found and corrupt it. Then I will fight fire with fire. It will be ok, I promise," she then pulled her into a deep kiss sinking into the warmth of it forgetting the threat from outside for a moment.

        When they pulled back Mandy looked into the calm blue eyes and said, "You mean he hired a private detective to get dirt on us and you have something worse on him?"

        "Oh yeah, I know a hell of lot more then they think." Said Sandy with a wicked smirk. "Dad knew all their skeletons and protected them. He protected me by writing them all down and sealing them in a vault held by a lawyer. He told me all of them and I kept them out of respect for my Dad. I'm my father's daughter I respected them till they tried to hurt me and now I'm going to fire the final shot."

        Mandy smiled slightly and said, "You know you're very sexy when you're ready to do battle like this."

        "Oh, only then?" Asked Sandy licking a little ear in amusement.

        Mandy laughed, delighting Sandy who saw her love was feeling better, as Mandy replied sweetly, "Nope, I think your sexy pretty much all of the time."

        "Good cause it's mutual you know my little sex kitten." Said Sandy as she pulled her close and kissed her passionately.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        A seedy looking man met the head of the board of directors at an old dock in the middle of the night. The older man looked around in disdain and asked, "Why couldn't we meet in a non descript family restaurant instead of this horrid place?"

        "Cause I don't work that way."

        "Well, why the hell not?"

        "Cause I don't. Look I don't like you and you don't like me lets get it over with, do you want this shit or not?"

        "Yes, give it to me."

        "Money first."

        "Okay here, now give it to me."

        The man checked the bag to make sure the whole 10,000.00 was in it. He smiled and handed the older man a manila envelope. "Here. It's a little grainy."

        The detective began to walk away as the Chris pulled the picture out of the envelope and yelled, "Wait a minute! I gave you ten thousand dollars for this?"

        "It's all I could get. They are very discreet. They never leave that fancy place of the Doc's and they never touch like lovers outside of it not even at that ranch thingy at least in plain sight."

        "Shit! This is not acceptable I want my money back now!"

        "Fuck no! You want more you sleep on a beach all night waiting for some kind of shot!" and the man took his money and left the angry head of the board.

        Chris looked at the grainy picture of two people kissing. There was no way to tell it was Sandy and Mandy. "What the hell am I going to do by tonight?"

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Sandy entered Mandy's office quietly closing and locking the door. She had a huge smile on her face, which became an expression full of affection and love as she watched Mandy diligently working on a spreadsheet. Tilting her head she asked quietly, "Do you have time for a chat, love?"

        Mandy's head snapped up and she smiled a back at the look she saw in the beautiful blue eyes. "Of course." She saved the work she did and then exited the spreadsheet. Sandy held out her arms, which Mandy went into snuggling close hugging the tall woman back. She pulled back and looked up into the sparkling eyes asking, "Why do you look like the cat that not only ate the canary but played with it for a while?"

        "You mean rat fink? Dad had a lot interesting material on old Chris and now I just got back from the lawyers with some very interesting proof. I can't wait for his wing ding tonight."

        "I wish I could go too." Said Mandy sadly her head on the warm shoulder.

        Sandy lowered her lips and kissed her loves forehead, "Mmm, I may find a way to bring you into the room if you play your cards right."

        Mandy looked up pouting; "You only want to play cards?"

        "Oh my darling, You'd be surprised in your case where a card game can lead me to do." Said Sandy smiling wickedly as she brought her lips to Mandy's and kissed her deeply.

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