Into Each Life...

Part 7

by Ri


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        Chris had tried to get the goods on Sandra and her little administrator with every employee at their clinic unsuccessfully. If they knew of anything between them they were not going to tell him about it. He also tried to hire a new private detective but when they found out he needed proof by 8pm that night they laughed and hung on him.

        Then he went to the ranch that they kept their horses and waited. He knew they went riding everyday and he was praying for a moment of indiscretion.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Sandy had decided that she and Mandy needed some kind of distraction so she arranged for a special surprise at the ranch for her love. She knew that they needed to relax before they battled the board that night.

        They changed into more comfortable clothes and took Sandy's sports car to the ranch. Once on the trail she could see Mandy relax a bit as they rode their horses at a nice slow canter down the trail.

        "Sweetheart, if you stiffen up anymore your poor horse is going to think you're a piece of cardboard and just stop."

        "Ha, ha, ha, that's so funny. I guess...Sandy your indispensable but I'm not and I know it. Maybe I should..."

        Sandy stopped her horse and reached over to stop Mandy's, "Oh no your not! This is my clinic, my staff and my choice. Besides you are indispensable to me so stop that train of thought right now, young lady. I'm not letting them take anyone away, especially you. I will be demanding that a certain member of our board resign in exchange for not releasing to the public the information that Daddy left me..."


        "Don't you trust me?"

        "Yes, of course I do..."

        "Good, then please start breathing again," the tall woman said with a wink and started their horses with a whistle.

        Relaxing into the trot that Sandy had instructed their horses to do Mandy looked over at the tall woman shaking her head saying, "You are such a show off."

        "Ain't I just," replied Sandy with a wicked grin.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Chris was trying to keep up with the two expert horsewomen on foot. He was relieved when they stopped. He carefully raised his camera and was gulping in air catching his breath waiting to finally get the goods on them so he can change and go expose them for what they were at the meeting that night.

        When they cantered off again he cursed and trotted after them jogging. He couldn't believe they hadn't even touched each other in an hour.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Sandy pulled off the picnic basket from her beloved horse patting the horse's neck and kissing her on the nose. Mandy pulled up behind her, shaking her head with an amused expression on her face. Sandy had taken off at a gallup suddenly and calling, "Catch me if you can!" Now she looked up at her love with a wicked smile, which make Mandy laugh fully. Sandy laughed too and was walking toward her to help her off her horse when she felt that something wasn't right and stood stock-still.

        She motioned that Mandy should stay put on her horse. Then she walked beside her and whispered, "I think our peeper is nearby. You stay up there and I'll go check it out..."

        "What if he's armed?" Asked Mandy worried.

        "Honey, he is not here to shoot us with anything other then a camera. Don't worry I just want you stay up there to be cautions. I can take care of myself. Don't worry I'll be right back." She winked at her then ran into the woods.

        Mandy didn't say anything back but she was scared that her love might get hurt. She trusted Sandy's judgment though so she simply waited and worried.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Chris felt excited when he saw them stop in the clearing. He was all set when he saw the surgeon walk off by herself into the woods. He felt his heart pound as he waited till she came back sure he was going to get his evidence when she returned.

        "Where is she? How long does it take to get some wood for a fire or something?" He whispered to himself. He watched the small blonde lean forward petting her horse and leaning her head against the horse's neck.

        "Well I certainly didn't come all the way out here to get a picture of her nuzzling the neck of her damn horse. I want a scandal! Where is the brunette harpy?" He whispered as he watched the smaller woman angrily.

        Unheard by the man below her the tall woman was moving agilely from tree branch to tree branch till she was right over his head. She sat on a branch over him with a scowl on her face. Well, well, well your peeper didn't get you the evidence you said you had so you're doing your own dirty work, huh? Goody! She thought to herself as a wicked idea began to form in her head.

        He put down his camera on large log next to him and pulled his canteen from his pack. "Where the hell could she have gone? She wouldn't leave her little harlot so she must be somewhere nearby." He whispered to himself as he drank his water his eyes closed for a minute.

        Sandy smiled viscously as she watched the man close his eyes and listened to him rant. Awww, are you worried about little me, Chrissy Pooh? She readied herself for what she was about to do. Suddenly she let out an Indian style war cry and jumped off the branch landing right on top of the man's camera crushing it into splinters with her booted feet.

        He looked up into her cold silver eyes and the viscous smile on her face shocked by her sudden appearance and a bit frightened.

        "Hi Chris, fancy meeting you here." Said Sandy as she stepped off the log and walked next to him.

        He backed up as she got closer till he was right against a tree. At the moment she looked like a Goddess of Vengeance and he was actually frightened of her for the first time since this began.

        "You broke my camera!"

        "Did I? Awww, Does that mean your PI crapped out?"

        Chris growled, "I do have evidence against you...I'm after a little insurance that's all."

        "Oh really, why would you need that if your evidence is as strong as you leaked out? Chris if I were you I'd drop this." She said honestly her eyes showing that she knew he was going to fail.

        "Oh really and why should I?" Closing his mind to what he saw in those clear blue eyes and focusing on his own agenda.

        "Because I have some very compelling evidence of my own from my Father. In fact I just can't wait for your little soirée tonight. If you will excuse me, Loser, I have something truly delicious waiting for me. Till later." She winked at him and strode briskly toward Mandy in the clearing her plans for dinner changing to something more intimate at home.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        They had a very playful private picnic on the floor of the livingroom where Sandy knew she was free to nibble more then drumsticks if she wanted to. Then when they were all done she said they should dress separately because it would be faster since she was in a dangerously amorous mood right now.

        Mandy was pacing in the living room waiting for Sandy come downstairs. They were going together to the clinic and then Sandy would go on to the administration office. Mandy was wearing a peach colored business suit her hair pulled back into a beautiful antique chignon that was gift from Sandy for her birthday. She wore a beautiful pearl necklace around her neck and she looked professional and angelic at the same time.

        She listened to her heals click on the dinning room floor as she paced all the way in there and then back to the living room. She checked her watch and was about to yell up the stairs that they were going to be late when her eyes caught Sandy's sparkling blue eyes. She was leaning onto the banister of the landing above her.

        Sandy had been silently watching her love pace with an amused expression on her face. She was wearing a gunmetal gray suit with a black turtleneck sweater underneath. She had her hair pulled back into a tight bun but there were wisps of hair framing her face. Around her neck she had simple silver chain and matching post earrings. Her eyes seared into the nervous green making the smaller woman smile slightly.

        "You know you're awfully beautiful when you're very nervous."

        "Cute, very cute. You look incredibly beautiful of course. I don't think I have ever seen you in a suit before."

        "You haven't I hate them. They're uncomfortable straight jackets. Do I look like a sleek corporate shark?"

        "More like a panther. Sleek, dangerous and very, very beautiful."

        Sandy growled then she laughed as she slid down the banister making a surprised Mandy laugh too. She landed right beside her love and gathered her in her arms bringing her close to her.

        "You have such good descriptive talents I think you should add that to resume though your never going to leave my clinic, I think it would look nice on it." She said smiling saucily as she brought the soft lips to her own and kissed her gently. Then when she pulled back she chucked Mandy on the chin and said, "You look pretty drop dead gorgeous yourself."

        Mandy's throat was very dry and her eyes were locked with blue eyes so close to hers that she felt she could fall in them as she whispered, "Thanks Sweetheart."

        Sandy growled and kissed her love passionately again bringing her as close as possible. When they ran out air she whispered, "My sweetest darling I love you like this. All adorably professional. I swear if one of those old coots looks at you cockeyed I will punch him out." She purred into a little ear and then pulled the lobe into her mouth sucking it sensuously.

        "Mmm, Sandy if we don't leave now I don't think I'll let you go..."

        "Who says you'll have to your coming with me..."

        "But I thought I was going to wait in the my office while your at the Administration building?"

        "Nope, I've changed my mind I want you there with me."


        "Shh," purred Sandy with a finger to her loves lips, "Don't argue with me."

        Mandy kissed the finger and then pulled back slightly smiling saying, "I wouldn't dare."

        Sandra blushed and shook her head. "You are something, only you can make me blush. Come on Sweetheart, Let's go slay the dragons."

        "After you my Warrior..."

        "Nope, we are going to go into this as a team," Said Sandra as she gently put her arm around her loves shoulders and guided her toward the door.

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