Into Each Life...

Part 8

by Ri


Disclaimer: See Part One

        Sandra had decided to drive her Dad's old Rolls Royce. She kept it in pristine condition though she had never had the heart to drive it. It was well loved by her father and she always felt like she was invading her Dad's territory. She parked it in her own spot, which was only a few feet from the front door.

        She jumped out of the car and hurried to the other side of the car to open it for Mandy. The small blonde shook her head and smiled at the tall woman. Sandy took the little hand guided her out like she was a princess out of her carriage.

        "You know I am quite capable of getting out of a car all by myself…"

        "Yep, But I like having someone to indulge. It's truly a gift to me because I love you so much."

        Mandy squeezed the elegant hand and kissed the strong knuckles. "I love you too you make me feel like I'm a princess."

        "Well Sweetheart, to me you are."

        Mandy blushed beet red which lit up Sandy's face with wide bright smile. "You know that shade of red is very becoming with that lovely peach suit."

        "You are incorrigible!"

        "So encourage me."



        They both stood in front of the large ornate doors of the administration building laughing. Hand in hand they entered the intimidating building Mandy stopped dead and just stared. Her eyes were wide and she held onto the older woman's hand tightly whispering, "Why on Earth would they need a new building? This one is incredible."

        "It's the snob thing, Love. This poor building is just too old. I mean it was built way back in the 50's so it's out of vogue."

        "But that's ridiculous!"

        "Tell me about it. They are not going to be happy with out come of this meeting. I'll tell you that. I have a few unexpected surprises up my sleeve."


        "Yeah, Come on. I'll introduce to the good the bad and the pathetic. Sandra ignored the receptionist and led her love to large boardroom. Mandy couldn't believe the way this room looked. It made the reception area look like your neighborhood coffeehouse. Mandy just stopped herself from whistling in reaction.

        Sandy smirked and rolled her eyes. She then crossed her eyes to get Mandy to smile. Pleased by the quiet giggle she heard, she winked at her and then led her toward a group of people. She didn't see Chris in the room but she was pretty sure she knew where the weasel was. He was in his office trying to figure out a new plan of action.

        She wasn't at all worried though she knew that her plans were well founded and strong and the little man was running scared right now. She approached a very beloved face first. An older woman stood apart from the group of men and when she saw Sandy her face lit up. She wore a black pants suit her gray hair was attractively arranged and her kind hazel eyes sparkled at her.

        "Hi Scamp!"

        "How are you Annabelle? What do you think of this mess?"

        "Very, very stupid! What else is knew with this bunch. Your father was able to smooth every problem out but now with old Chris in charge where all going to hell in a handbasket. I knew that this would blow up when they started to talk about moving from this building…"

        "You know I usually don't get involved in these petty fights like Dad did. But they are attacking my clinic and my staff …"

        "I know your Dad's little girl, so are you going to introduce me to this lovely young lady?" She asked her young friend with sparklingly amused eyes.

        "Annabelle this is my new administrator. She's pretty damn tough too. You should have seen her reaction when they started to try take staff away from us."

        "A little tiger, huh? That's very good. You need someone like that to stand at your back don't you?"

        "She is what I have needed in my life for a long time." Sandy pulled the shy young woman closer to her by putting her arm affectionately around her shoulders.

        "Amanda, This is an old family friend and mentor, Annabelle Stevens. She was my pediatrician believe it or not. She made me realize I should follow the family business in stead of fighting so hard against it."

        "It's an honor to meet you. Thank you for guiding her toward medicine I would never have met her if you didn't."

        "Your very welcome. You are a blessing to her too young lady. So Scamp was I right or wrong?"

        "Very right, Thank God!"

        "What's with this Scamp stuff? And right about what?" Asked Mandy looking at the conspiratory looks between the two old friends.

        "Scamp is my childhood nickname for obvious reasons and you are who Annabelle was right about, Love."


        "I'll tell you later," She whispered winking at Annabelle who was beaming at the two of them.

        Two older men approached one had a wide sweet smile and the other an angry scowl. The man with a smile hugged the tall woman as an old affectionate friend and it was returned with equal affection.

        Annabelle put an arm around Amanda's shoulders and whispered, "The one hugging Sandy is Mitch Smart. He's in our corner and an old loyal friend of Sandy and her father. The scowling one is actually an old friend too. He's really a nice guy he just acts like an old codger." That made Amanda smile.

        Mitch pulled back from the hug and slapped that the tall woman on her butt making Mandy's eyebrows shoot up into her bangs. Sandy rolled her eyes and said with a pout, "That hurt Uncle Mitch." He smiled sweetly and gently caressed her cheek in a fatherly fashion. Sandy shook her head and then kissed him on the cheek.

        "So my little Scamp, I expect you to cause that ass hole as much trouble as possible."

        "Oh I definitely intend to Uncle Mitch," Replied Sandy with a huge smile. Then Sandy reached out and pulled Mandy out of Annabelle's clutches so she was right by her side. Mandy lowered her head and looked up at the Sandy and Mitch through her eyelashes. Sandy smiled and brought the chin up with a long finger under the tiny chin. "Uncle Mitch this shy young thing is my new administrator and she is also the woman I told you all about."

        "Ahhhh, well I see what you meant on the phone. Amanda, my name is Mitch and I've known this brat since she was hiding under father's desk absorbing all his great power. Don't worry kids we won't let these weasels win."

        Amanda smiled and said, "Its nice to meet you too sir. I hope your right."

        "Oh count on it. I like her Scamp you were right she is adorable."

        Mandy's looked up at Sandy and her green eyes narrowed. "You've been talking to everyone about me?"

        Sandy hand slipped under Mandy's jacket caressing her silk covered back and whispered, "These people are my family and I love you, so yes I did. I've been talking to them about you non-stop I couldn't wait for them to meet you. I love you."

        Mandy shook her head and whispered back, "I love you too and I'm glad to meet them but why did you wait till now…"

        "Actually I was planning on throwing a pre-commitment party…"


        Sandy smirked and said, "Well talk about that later."

        "You bet we will…"

        "Oh my dear Sandy you are in trouble," said Mitch with twinkling eyes.

        "Uncle Mitch!"

        "Well when are we going to have dinner? Your Aunt Carol and I want to get to know your new best friend."

        "That's good cause I want you to get to know her too. Well tell Aunt Carol that it will be very soon if you haven't gotten me into too much trouble. How is Aunt Carol anyway?"

        "She's perfect of course."
        "Of course."

        The scowling man cleared his throat. Mitch smiled and put an affectionate hand on the other man's shoulder saying cheerfully, "This strapping young man is Thomas Lee. Don't let his mean expression fool you Amanda he's actually a pussy cat."

        Sandy approached them saying, "Yep he sure is…" she put a friendly arm around his shoulders and then suddenly started to tickle him on his stomach. The angry look disappeared from his face and a beautiful lighthearted smile appeared as he tried to back away from the stronger younger woman.

        "Scamp, Scamp stop it you little brat!"

        Sandy stopped chuckling looking at Mandy with sparkling eyes and winking at her. "See Mandy, He's an old softy. But you have a great cover going Uncle Tom, don't ya?"

        "I am not an old softy…" He looked up into bright blue eyes and sighed, "You just know me too damn well, Scamp."

        "Well it does help to have known you since I was a little girl, huh?"

        He winked at the young woman and nodded saying with a small smile, "Yep."

        One man stood apart from them across the boardroom. He was a distinguished looking older man with gray hair and cold black eyes.

        Sandy eyed him and gave him a dazzling smile calling in a cheerful voice, "Hi Freddy!" Then she chuckled wickedly.

        He turned his back on their friendly group his eyes glued to a side door of the boardroom obviously waiting for someone.

        Annabelle snorted and said to Sandy, "Your something else, Scamp. Be careful Sweetheart, he is powerful."

        "Only cause he's tied by short hairs to that sniveling coward in that office over there. I have few things saved up for powerful little Freddy too."

        "I have no doubt of that. Is there dynamite in those words, Scamp?" Asked Annabelle with a curious look on her elegant face.

        "Oh yeah, Boom!"

        Mitch's eyes lit up and were sparkling as he turned to Tom, "Come on old boy we want a front row seat for this one. I just love fireworks."

        ***                ***                ***                ***
        Chris was pacing in his office. He knew that the envelope on the table was increadbly weak. Three blurry pictures of two people that you couldn't even tell were women much less Sandra and Amanda.

        He looked at his Tiffany clock ticking away on his expensive Frank Lloyd Wright Desk and growled, "Ten minutes. I only have ten minutes and I have nothing. I'm going out there with an empty gun and she has a God Damn Uzi!"

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Sandra, Amanda and Annabelle stood to the side watching Chris and his henchman whispering excitedly. Sandra had a very feral look on her face as she watched the two conspirators.

        "Sandy, If I have to leave I…"

        "Stop." Sandy put a gentle finger to the soft lips and shook her head. "Mandy, you are not going anywhere. I promise you that. Please believe me. Please trust me…"

        "I do but…"

        "Come on Love, look at their faces they have nothing. We have been very discreet and our staff is loyal."

        "Amanda, Three members of this board have known about you and Sandy from the beginning and we are delighted. You not only have her protection you have ours and guess who taught this brat how to stick to her guns." She said with smile and wink to the pretty blonde.

        Mandy looked at the older woman surprised and very pleased, "Really?"

        "Really, they have nothing. Don't worry."

        Sandy's finger lightly stroked Mandy's cheek and she whispered so softly that only Mandy could hear her, "Yep they have nothing. Look at them Sweetheart, they are scrambling trying to think of something. All they have are friendly gestures like this and that is not proof. " She smiled sweetly putting her finger to the soft lips and said, "I don't want to hear another word about you quitting. I won't hear of it. I don't care what anyone says I need you and I will not let you go because of slime like Chris and Fred. I am very focused on another track and believe my love when I'm through they will be too worried about their own reputations to think about ours."

        Sandy now had stepped away from Mandy she had been blocking her so the two men wouldn't see her trying to calm down her love. Now she had her hands hips and she was focused on the two rotten apples on the board with narrowed angry eyes.

        "What are you plotting, Sandy?"

        A wicked laugh escaped from Sandy's lips and she said with a wink toward the little blonde, "You'll see. I haven't told anyone yet I want it to be a big huge surprise. Wait till you see old Chris's face. It's pay back time, Mandy."

Continued in Part 9

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