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For all that disclaimer stuff please see Part 1.

For those of you who don't want to go back. Okay listen.

Yes, these women love each other.
And yes, eventually as most couples who are in love, they will express that love physically.

If that bothers you .


I am tired of trying to pacify homophobic individuals.
I am not politically correct and will not start now.

As I said before.
Please deal with your own internal homosexual before you start commenting on my characters.
As for those of you who live where this subject matter is illegal, or you are not at least 18 years old. Do not read this. Move on.

As always for those of you whom have a right and a desire to do so.

Read on.


God hears all prayers, so be careful what you ask for, you may just get it.

And Elizabeth did.

Bridget lived, but remembered nothing
So Elizabeth began her quest. She kept her promise. She honed her injured body to perfection. Her tactical and warrior skills became foremost in her training. She protected Bridget from a position of strength and obscurity. Nothing would ever harm this woman again if Elizabeth had anything to do or say about it.
So help her God.
The last year had been a nightmare for her.
Her family had wondered if she was suffering from some sort of posttraumatic Stress Syndrome.
They were closer to right than they knew.

She shook off the memories as she walked through the cabin to the patio and exercise area. Two hours of weight training, stretching and martial arts drills later, Elizabeth sat in her hot tub unable to sleep.

This was her life now.
She would help Bridget regain her sense of self, that was her mission.

Two days earlier she had gotten her separation papers from the Navy. She had applied for and was permitted to retire. She had time and age and with a gunshot wound to her leg, the Navy did not hesitate to allow her to gently fade away. Besides all that consumed her now was Bridget.

During the past year, Elizabeth had undergone many therapeutic modalities to assist her in dealing with the mental trauma of the day of the shooting. One of the therapists she saw, had a secondary practice involving past lives. Through hypnosis Elizabeth was able to come to terms with her sense of loss at the shooting, but also recognize that she and Bridget had a connected bond of shared previous lives. This woman had also taught Elizabeth the theory of telepathic communication. As she sat in her hot tub, she focused on communicating with Bridget. She hoped that while Bridget slept, she could contact her and let her know how much she had wanted to come to her the day she had watched her at the lake fishing. Elizabeth had watched Bridget as Bridget had sat on the dock with a baited line in the water, but absorbed in the journal. Elizabeth had attempted to will her thoughts of that day to a sleeping Bridget. She wasn't sure if this would work, but she'd give anything a try to reach her Bridget.

As if by some trick of fate, at that very moment, Elizabeth's 2 chocolate labs decided that being in the hot tub was a good idea too. She was pulled from her attempt and quickly lost her focus. "Oh God please have let that work", she prayed. The non stop barking of her two chocolate playmates brought a smile to her face. They were demanding of her attention and needed some water time. Thinking better of having to clean her hot tub, she chose to exercise her pups in the pool.

Laughingly she rose from the hot tub and dove into her in ground pool. "Yes babies, mommy has lost her mind, come on lets play." Her two playmates joined her in the pool while she swam her laps. 40 laps and several post lap tennis ball tosses into the pool, both Elizabeth and the dogs were exhausted enough to sleep. The labs curled up on the patio, she hit the shower and then the Queen size bed in her room.

As she turned out her lights, she closed her eyes and whispered, "goodnight Bridget, God bless you, and I'll see you in the morning".

A woman sits alone on the dock over looking the lake as the first slivers of sunrise slice across the water.

"My grandmothers had always loved sunrises".

She didn't know how she knew that, but she did.
A small shiver ran over her body with the related goose bumps forming on her arms and legs.
"Could I be getting windows of memory"? She didn't even try to force the issue. A year of trying had taught her exactly where her limit was and she was there, with the ensuing headache. She lowered her head and offered a silent prayer that she would get her life back.
When she picked her head back up her eyes fell on two gorgeous chocolate Labrador retrievers playing in the water across the small lake. A smile graced her face as she thought, "God they are beautiful. I would love to go over and see them. I love labs and especially chocolate labs". As she watched from her perch on the dock, a blonde haired woman appeared and the dogs romped to her side. The blond took off jogging, the dogs following behind, heading in Bridget's direction. Bridget reached out for her cane, a welcome change from her crutches, and eased herself into a standing position. As she looked towards their direction, the sun broke over the trees and directly into her eyes. By the time she blinked away the million red and purple spots, and shielded her eyes to look back, all three were gone. Sadly she turned and sat back down. A voice behind her nearly made her jump out of her skin. "Hi" the voice whispered. Bridget slowly turned around and looked into the center of a teal colored sports bra. "Raise your eyes idiot", her brain demanded. As she stood up, she moved her gaze upwards until it fell across the most beautiful face Bridget had ever seen. She felt that familiar dizziness strike her. The next thing Bridget knew there were strong arms around her and she was slowly lowered back to the ground. Well actually half on the ground and half on to the lap of the blond. "Oh God this feels so right. It just feels so right, I have missed this, oh Baby where have you been?" her soul slowly whispered. Bridget allowed her body to relax into the embrace as she leaned against the blonde. "Oh sweetheart, I have missed you" , her soul continued. She heard the softest voice saying, "it's ok love I've got you, I'm here, it's ok, shh, just relax, everything is ok". "Oh my God" Bridget thought, "did I say that out loud. My God what is happening"? Bridget's mind whispered as it slid into unconsciousness.

The church service had just ended, and as Bridget got up to leave she saw her. Her..
Her captain. The woman she now knew was her dream woman. But she was frozen in place. She desperately wanted to call out to her, but fear and the fact they were in a church stopped her. Bridget followed Elizabeth, her Elizabeth out side to the front steps of the church. Shielding her eyes against the sun, which was peeking out from behind 1 Liberty Place, Bridget saw Elizabeth and the man with the gun at the same time. "Oh my God, no, this can not be happening", her heart screamed. Bridget took off running in Elizabeth's direction, yelling, "Gun Gun". Both cops drew their weapons and returned fire at the man who by then was shooting at the people exiting the church. Bridget reached Elizabeth and threw her arm around the Captain's waist.
Bridget and the Captain fell as one. She felt Elizabeth holding her, "God this feels so right", she thought. Elizabeth was talking to her but hard as she tried Bridget couldn't make out the words. "Damn I must of hit my head I feel a little dizzy", Bridget said to herself as she took inventory of her wounds. Finally she was able to focus on what Elizabeth's gorgeous mouth was saying. Elizabeth wrapped her arms around her more tightly and kissing Bridget's face said, "it's ok love I've got you, I'm here, it's ok, shh, just relax, everything is ok".

Meanwhile back on the dock….

Bridget had passed out and all Elizabeth could do was catch her and hold her. "Oh God, this is so hard, help me please, God, not again", Elizabeth prayed. Over and over again she kept saying, " it's ok love, I've got you". Finally after what seemed like an eternity Bridget began to stir. Bridget opened her blue eyes and locked onto the green eyes she now knew owned her soul. She reached her hand up to the gorgeous face above her, and slowly wiped a tear from its cheek. She said the only thing she could think of.
"Elizabeth I've missed you so much".

Elizabeth did the only thing she could, the only thing she had wanted to do for more time than she could remember. She slowly leaned down, her eyes still locked on Bridget's watching for a hint that what was happening wasn't what Bridget wanted. What she saw in those soul owning blue eyes made her heart beat quicken. She saw unbridled desire and soul consuming love. Elizabeth slowly touched her lips to Bridget's. As their lips met, both women felt the same jolt. Their first kiss was short, soft and spoke volumes.
As Elizabeth begin to pull away, she felt her lower lip being gently nibbled and slowly sucked into Bridget's mouth. Elizabeth found she couldn't breathe. Now it was her turn to be dizzy. As Bridget deepened their second kiss, Elizabeth felt her world snap into place. "Oh God, this is so right, oh baby I have missed you, I love you", her mind raced.
Meanwhile back in the conscious world, Bridget had reached up and tangled her hand in the back of Elizabeth's blond hair and had deepened the kiss considerably.
Eventually, both women had to stop, but only to breathe. Both of them were breathing hard, and shaking when their kiss ended.
"Wow" was all Elizabeth could manage. Bridget had to try several times before she could find her voice. Softly she whispered, "I love you".
Elizabeth heart was now skipping beats, or it was just beating so fast that it felt that way. Her mind however had to be sure. It would not take anything for granted. Reluctantly, Elizabeth asked, "honey, what do you remember, how much? I mean, oh shit, I don't know what I mean". Bridget found herself laughing at her soul mates uncertainty. "Baby, relax, I am here, all of me. I remember it all. The shooting, the academy, the dreams. All of it baby and I am hoping to make up for all the lost time".
Elizabeth could only smile as the tears rained across her face. She had come back to her, God does indeed hear all prayers. Elizabeth raised her eyes to the heaven and whispered a silent heartfelt thank you.

"Umm, hon., while I completely enjoy your body under me, don't you think we'd be a lot more comfortable inside"? Bridget teasingly whispered. Elizabeth felt her body shiver, as she nodded her agreement, and replied, "your place or mine"? "Mine", Bridget replied, "it's closer".
With that, both women got to their feet, and holding hands they made their way up to Bridget's house..

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