A New Goal in Life...

Part 1

by Ri

Disclaimer and Dedication: I would like to thank my on line fiend Dixie Flat Line for this idea it was her enthusiasm that inspired to write this tale. I know nothing of hockey and I've only been to one game so please forgive any mistakes I make in this tale, There is a same sex relationship, some cursing and a little violence there is also a hurt/comfort section if any of the above disturbs you its best that you not read this little tale. Other wise please play through J

        She was waiting in the arena for the game. It was the third week in a row and she just shook her head in disbelief at her own actions. The first time she had been taken to the game by her brother kicking and screaming. She went with her brother because the kid wanted to spend some time with his older sister. He rarely saw her since he lived and worked in a suburb at least a half-hour away from the artsy downtown community that she lived in. So she came with a really preconceived notion of a violent game without any redeeming features but all she had known was what she saw on TV and movies. She knew nothing of hockey itself.

        Then she saw her, tall and beautiful and Candice couldn't take her eyes off of her. The woman was skating around the rink with such grace she looked like a dark swan to the befuddled blonde observer.
She had a uniform on so Candice knew she had to be apart of the team somehow. Candice just stared point blank as the beautiful woman glided angelically across the ice. It was hypnotizing to the young woman so much so that when she skated off Candice realized she was holding her breath.

        She watched the game totally fascinated by the organized chaos she witnessed. There was a grace to the game the artist never suspected. It was obvious there was a rhyme and reason to every move so she kept bugging her brother for an explanation.

        "Come on, Tom, What is she doing now?"

        "Yeash, Candy since when do you care about this?"

        "Since now. Now give little brother." He gave her a condensed explanation since he wanted to enjoy the game and not explain every move of its goalie. Candy shook her head, she would go to the library to get a better idea of the game. The goalie was obviously the star. The beautiful woman that Candice had seen at the beginning of the game was the goalie so she basically watched just her the whole time.

        Now for the third week in a row here she was in the same seat waiting for the goalie to appear for her warm up.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Rosalie, or Roxie as she was known by in the rink looked up at the stands and smiled. There she is again. That beautiful blonde was in the exact same seat for the third week in a row. God, She is waiting for me again. She thought with a smirk and shook her head. Roxie had noticed her the first time she appeared with the young blonde man by her side. She just stood out. She was so classy. The people in this part of town just weren't like her certainly not as .... beautiful, She with a sigh.

        Roxie was happily employed by the first mixed hockey league ever. This organization believed in talent and she relished after 10 long years in the woman's league.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        The action was in center court right below Candy. Two of the players were grappling after the puck; suddenly one of the players got a clear shot and hit the puck toward the goal. The puck hit the edge of post and ricocheted right toward Candy. She looked in terror as the flying disc headed right toward her head and then nothing....

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        She reovered staring into concerned blue eyes, "Um...Did it hit me?" She asked in a scratchy voice she barely recognized as her own. Roxie smiled and shook her head, "No, you fainted. Probably scared the hell out of you. Can't blame you. I've been hit by the damn things and believe me you were better off keeling over." She said kindly gently helping the younger woman to sit all the way up.

        "Where am I?"

        Roxie's smile broadened, "Traditionally your suppose to ask that first. You're in the players infirmary."

        "Well I've never been traditional. You're the goalie...Roxie right?"

        "Roxie nodded, "And you're the pretty lady who's been here three weeks in a row?" Replied Roxie with a smirk.

        Green eyes widened in shock, "You....um...noticed?"

        "Because of this neighborhood only our...shall we say our more raunchy fans seem to attend the games. The others prefer to watch on cable TV. Some one as classy as you stands out, I'm afraid. So to answer your question, yes I most definitely noticed you. Um...Who was the young man with you the first night? Your husband?"

        Candy was very pleased and surprised by the questions, "This neiborhood is stones throw from where I live. The young man was my little brother...."

        "Chronologically I presume?" Roxie asked with a huge beautiful smile.

        Well there goes the stereo type of the goalie with no teeth, "Yep, he's younger. I'm obviously the height deprived one in our family. Everyone in the world is taller then me," She complained in a good-natured teasing way. "Your obviously college educated... Why do you...I mean I..." Suddenly embarrassed she turned slightly away afraid of Roxie's reaction to what she was trying to ask her.

        Roxie's reaction was amazement and she gently shifted the girl to face her. "You are something else, Yes I am college educated. I have a masters degree in History and my teaching creditionals. So when I retire from hockey I have a profession to fall back on. Why I do this I enjoy it. I love the grace and physical action. I'm very good at it." She replied with lopsided grin that made Candy smile back inspite of her embarrassment.

        "Yes, you are good at it, " She replied admiringly.

        Roxie smiled and asked, "What do you do for a living....I'm sorry its non of my business. I'm really here to keep an eye on you till the Doc comes back with your x-rays..."

        "Its ok, I'm an artist. I have a studio in my apartment, and I work in paint and tapestry. Why would a player keep an eye on me? You're the star of the team and I'm just some idiot fan..."

        "Your not an idiot!!" Roxie yelled, she was stunned by her own forceful reaction. She took a couple of deep breaths to calm herself, "I'm sorry I...um...I think you're a nice girl...."

        "How could you know that?" Asked Candy confused by all the emotion swirling around the room. "Did I fall on my head or something?"

        Roxie laughed and replied sweetly, "No you stayed firmly in seat...I um...I kind of hopped over the wall and picked you up and brought you here to the doc...I haven't ....I..." Roxie turned around and walked to the other side of the room looking out a window. She had never acted like this in her life. She felt so drawn to this young woman, so connected that she couldn't let her out of her sight till she knew that she was ok.

        "That was so kind of you. I'm kind of shocked, I mean have you done this for any other fan?"Candy was stunned that the tall beauty seemed caught by the same grip as she was,Maybe she feels this connection too?

        Roxie turned back toward the young woman and shook her head, "No, I'm really a very private person. I come to work and go home. I just feel...a...I don't know....something." She stuttered and her tone was harsher then she wanted but she didn't seem to have much control over her vocal cords at the moment.


        Shocked blue eyes widened and the dark head nodded slowly. Candy smiled and said,
"I feel the same way."

        "You do?"

        "Um...well, I have never been to a hockey game in my life till I saw you that first time. I never thought I'd go more then once to please my brother. I kept coming back because I couldn't get you out of my head, I was so drawn to you."


        It was the blondes turn to nod.

        "Wow, that's wild, "Said Roxie with a shake of her mane of black hair. Just then the door opened and the doctor came in with her x-rays.

        "Miss Madden, Your up. Good. Did she have any problems knowing where she was, Roxie?"

        The brunette shook her head.

        The doctor smiled, "Very good, your fine you can go home."

        Candy nodded and hopped off the examination table. She was about to ask where her clothes were when Roxie asked the doctor, "Shouldn't some one take Miss Madden home?"

        "Sure, but who has the time for..."

        "I do, Doc....I'll take her home."

        Green eyes met blue and there were no arguments from the patient.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        They were in Roxie's red mustang convertible heading toward the beach. Candy realized they were heading in the opposite direction of her apartment, " Either my brains are really scrambled or were in going in the wrong direction..."

        "No were not..."

        "But my place is that way..."

        We're going to my place. I said I was taking you home I never said your home, did I?" She replied with a smirk glancing over a dark raybans at the pretty blonde.

        Candy's face registered shock and then a slow delighted smile appeared as she asked quietly,"Really?"

        Roxie's face now held a beautiful smile and she said, "Yep, I thought that I should keep an eye on you for a few days and....I thought it would be a good opportunity to get to know each other a bit better and ...well...I'd like to do that. Would it be something you'd..."

        "Absolutely," Said Candy now relaxing in her seat prepared to enjoy the rest of the drive.

        Roxie's smile broadened, "Good, me too."
        ***                ***                ***                        ***

        Roxie's apartment was on the second floor of a converted Victorian home right across the street from the beach. The large loft apartment had a beautiful view of the ocean from large terrace window. Looking at the ocean marveling at the fact that she was there and that she was alone with a person she had admired for weeks. She took a deep breath and leaned her against the cool glass.

        A hand gently landed on her shoulder and a thumb stroked the shoulder blade sending a shiver through the young blonde. Candy turned her head and looked up into concerned blue eyes and smiled shyly, "Hi."

        Roxie smiled sweetly, "Hi...Are you ok?"

        Candy nodded, " I just...I can't believe I'm here...I....um...I dreamt about this," Her eyes lowered shyly embarrassed by what had just coming out of her mouth.

        Roxie was astonished since she felt the same way. She gently lifted the smaller woman's chin and looked into shy green eyes. "I feel the same way, Candice...I can't believe you're here. When I saw you up there tonight I thought you were way out of my league, but....I hoped...I....?"

        Candy's eyes widened and she said sweetly, "You did?"

        Roxie nodded and slowly lowered her head as their lips sunk into each other bringing joy and bliss to both women. Candy's small arms went around Roxie's waist and Roxie's went around Candy's shoulders bringing her as close as physically possible. When they pulled back to look at each other breathing in ragged gulps their expressions were of two sleepwalkers who just woke up.

        Roxie felt like she was going to faint and by Candy's expression she felt the same way. "Come on lets sit down before we fall down," She whispered into the silky blonde hair by the little ear she loved. Candy merely nodded and allowed herself to be led to Roxie's couch. They sat side by side both unsure of what to do next.

        "Candice I..."She stuttered and fidgeted with a little hand, she wanted to say so much but nothing came out.

        "Roxie, your so....I'm so...Oh God," She leaned her head back against the couch tongue tied as well.

        They looked at each other and laughed till they settled with their heads against each other, "I'm glad we both have this great ability to express ourselves." Roxie said to Candice with a smirk.

        "Yea, it would be horrid if we just stuttered at each other." Replied Candy in mirth filled voice. That set of another period of laughter with them holding each other and till they were tangled into each other exhausted from pure laughter. "Not quite better then sex but I like how we ended up,"Said Roxie looking deeply into beautiful green eyes.

        "Mmmm, me too,' Said Candy as their lips met in a deep passionate kiss. Their connection deepened. Roxie gently angled their bodies in a more comfortable position on the couch as they continued to explore and map each other's bodies till they fell over the edge together...

        Roxie felt so comfortable nestled on the couch with the smaller woman that she didn't want to open her eyes. Then she thought of that woman and seeing her peacefully sleeping for the first time made her smile happily and her eyes slowly flutter open. A blonde head was resting comfortably just below her chin. Roxie's eyes continued down to look at the pretty peaceful face that the older woman was already beginning to cherish. Then they continued down to the beautiful body her hand automatically followed her blue eyes and she caressed the lovely stomach, the naked flesh felt soft and inviting. She heard a little squeak and her smile widened as she went down to the inviting breast gently cupping it.

        Two aroused bright green eyes suddenly opened, Candy smiled happily and mumbled, "What a lovely way to wake up." Candy slowly and gently began to respond on the beautiful body beside her. The tall woman had so much to offer her Candy didn't know where to begin, She decided to begin with the beautiful sweet neck. Roxie stretched her neck back as she continued to give loving attention to the soft sensual breast she gently stroking and squeezing. The phone began ringing interrupting her as she decided to ignore it deciding it was more important to continue loving the woman beside her and let the answerphone pick up.

        "Hello Rosalie, honey. Its Mom, I'm afraid I have bad news sweetheart your brother is much worse. Could you possibly get a leave of absence and come home? Call me honey. I love you. Bye"

        Two stunned faces looked at each other. Tears came suddenly to Roxie's eyes, Candy embraced her, stroking her back, saying anything soothing that came into her head. Roxie pulled back and looked searchingly into Candy's eyes. Very quietly she asked, "Candice...would you come with me? He has Pelvic Cancer...I need you....Um...."

        "Its ok, I want to..."


        Candy nodded her head and brought her beloved as close as she could, "I'd do anything for you."

Part 2

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