A New Goal in Life...

Part 2

by Ri


For disclaimers: Please see part 1.

        Candy was seated in a row reserved for player's friends and family. She watched with awe as Roxie glided effortlessly across the ice to the goal post, she looked every inch a goddess. Roxie glanced up at the stands and found the warm green eyes she was seeking she winked and waived at the smaller woman. Candy responded by smiling and waiving back.

        The game was very exciting but it was hard for Candy to enjoy it knowing that the center of attention was playing under more pressure then anyone should. This was the final game of the season and Roxie had to play her contract was very specific. Candy watched, as the woman she loved seemed to be completely focused on the game and the action around her. That action was suddenly at her feet, as three player's two men from the opposing team and one woman from Roxie's were grappling with the puck practically at Roxie's feet. Suddenly a woman from the opposing team came barreling down and hit the puck hard right toward Roxie's head. She easily deflects the shot with her hockey stick but the puck ricocheted off the post and hit Roxie right on her ankle. This caused such searing pain that Roxie collapsed onto the ice.

        Candy screamed and jumped out of her seat and ran to the fallen player. Roxie was on a gurney being taken to the players infirmary when the determined blonde rushed to her side, “Roxie?” She said anxiously taking a shaky hand from the woman's stomach.

        “I'm ok it was just such a shock is all…”

        “We'll let the doctor make the diagnosis,” Said Candy as she walked with the medics and the player to the infirmary.

        Roxie couldn't help but smile and say in a still shaky voice, “Yes Ma'am.”

    ***   ***   ***   ***

        Cursing could be clearly heard from the bedroom at the beach house. Candy with the help of a medic from the stadium had just deposited one angry tall woman into her bed. After escorting the understanding man out and getting a glass of water so her miserable partner could take the pain medicine that she so badly needed. The puck had hit her ankle so sharply it had actually broken the bone luckily for the athlete it was a clean break that would heal completely.

        She came back to the bedroom with the medicine in one hand and a glass of water in the other to be confronted with very angry blue eyes. Those eyes softened and tears began to fall as she asked in pure frustration, “How am I suppose to help my brother with this stupid broken ankle?”

        “I don't think your Mom intended for you to do manual labor. You are a very loving presence when your not glowering at people. Love equals healing it's as simple as that,” Said Candy as she handed Roxie the glass of water.

        Roxie smiled and put the glass down patting the bed next to her with her now free hand, “Come here, please?”

        Candy smiled and sat down next to the other woman with worried green eyes she said, “Take your medicine please.”

        Roxie bent down and kissed Candy on the cheek then she obediently took the pain pills, “Better?”

        Candy smiled and caressed a soft cheek, “Yes, that's much better.”

        “Now move closer please I want to hold you so badly I may cry.”

        Carefully avoiding putting any pressure on the injured ankle Candy sat in the lap to be captured by eager arms embracing her close to the older woman. She leaned into her causing Roxie to move back onto her pillows and lie flat. Still with in the circle of her loves arms, Candy stroked her hair and whispered, “Now relax and let the medicine work.”

        Roxie wasn't sure if it was the tender loving care she was receiving or the medicine but she found herself helplessly falling deeply asleep into the pillows behind her. Candy disentangled herself gently, and covered Roxie with a sheet and a blanket, then she kissed her forehead saying quietly, “Sleep well my love.”

  ***   ***   ***     ***

        Roxie was alone in bed when she woke up several hours later. She opened her eyes and looked down toward her ankle and scowled, “Traitor, “She growled at it with a sneer.

        “Now is that anyway to talk to a helpless appendage?” Asked Candy as she entered the room with a breakfast tray filled to capacity.

        “Did you slip me a Mickey?” Asked Roxie with a smirk.

        Candy actually snorted as she laughed in reply. She gently placed the tray at the edge of the bed. “Your medicine came with sedatives so your doctor slipped you a Mickey. I just made sure you followed his instructions so I aided and abetted. How do you feel?”

        “Pissed off….The ankle is throbbing.” She looked into sympathetic green eyes as she asked quietly, “How am I suppose to drive to San Diego with this stupid ankle like this?”

        “I'll drive.”

        “Honey, It's a long drive…”

        “No its not. I drove to Phoenix all the way by myself and that's a hell of lot longer. So I'll drive and no arguments. Do you think your family will mind my coming with you? I don't want to intrude.”

        Roxie smiled at the shy woman and caressed her cheek, “I have no doubt that they will love having you and they will go banana's over you. They won't be able to resist you, your so adorable.” Said the tall dark woman as she bit into a piece of toast. She looked into the eyes she loved more then anything on the planet and asked sweetly, “Share?”

        “I never thought you'd ask, “Replied the blonde as she took a bit of the toast being offered to her.
They shared the meal in silence till they were both quite content. Then Roxie put the tray aside and brought the smaller woman in her arms saying, “Don't worry Candy its just my Mom and Brother and I know they will love you.”

        “How do you know?” Asked Candy snuggling close to the comforting woman.

        “Because I love you,” Said Roxie kissing Candy on the top of her head.

        “Is it that simple?”

        “Yes, its that simple,” Replied Roxie into a little ear as she slowly began to unbutton the tigger night shirt that Candy was wearing and kissed her way down the beautiful neck toward the area she wanted to devour with all of her heart and soul. Candy gave up on the worries of the impending visit as she felt the gifts of pleasure the other woman was giving her so generously. She felt her self responding and soon they were beyond any rational thought as they both fell over the edge together.

    **   ***   ***   ***

        The drive was not eventful except that Candy discovered that Roxie hated not being in control and was driving her crazy with her tendency to be a side seat driver. So Candy began to distract her with a series of stories meant to shift Roxie's focus from the road to the tales of adventure that she was filling her ears and imagination with.

        Roxie knew she was being manipulated, but it was done with such sweetness that she didn't mind it in the least. She was really enjoying all the myths that that the blonde was telling her. Roxie knew several of them but the way Candy told it she felt she was there and not just reading some fairy tale.

        “Who did you learn all those old myths so well from?”

        “When I was little my Mom had a huge book of Greek Myths rewritten for children. I used to constantly ask her for it and tell her which stories I wanted her to read till I knew them better then she did. As I grew older I read all the originals and I still collect Greek Myths and I even use it in my art work.”

        “Well they're wonderful. I love the way you tell them even though I knew some of them it was as if I heard it for the first time and I was there. You are a wonderful story teller.”

        “Thanks, That means a lot coming from you.”

        “Its just the truth,” Said Roxies as she briefly met green eyes that swiftly looked at her then back to the road. “Your beautiful when you blush.” Teased Roxie relaxing in her seat.


        Roxie giggled then sighed as she saw her Mom's exit. She was happy and anxious to get home but she was just scared about what she would find when she got there. “This is Mom's exit coming up, love.”

        Candy nodded and readied herself for the impending visit.

  ***   ***   ***   ***

        Candy got out of the car slowly and walked to the other side to help Roxie out. She brought the injured woman to the front door and turned to get the luggage. Roxie caught her arm and asked, “Where do you think your going young lady?”

        “Um…To get the luggage…”

        “Nuhuh, first introductions then luggage.”

        “Don't you want some privacy…”

        “Nope, you are now the center of my existence. There is no privacy where your concerned, “Said Roxie sweetly as she rang the door with one hand keeping her arm around nervous shoulders with the other.


        It was too late the door opened and a tall attractive older woman opened the door with very familiar blue eyes. “Sweetheart I heard on the radio about your accident and I thought…”

        “I couldn't have been stop by one little puck, Ma.”

        “No, I don't suppose you could of you little rascal. Who is this pretty little girl?” Asked the older woman affectionately with mischief twinkling in her eyes.

        Roxie sudden smile was blinding as she replied, “Ma, This is Candice. She is the love of my life. Candy this is my Mother, Kate.” Said Roxie proudly gently rubbing the shoulder she was leaning on.

        Shy green eyes looked up through blonde bangs as she mumbled, “Nice to meet you, Ma'am.”

        “Who the hell is Ma'am? If you're the love my daughter's life I'm Ma to you, got me?” She smiled just as wide and beautifully as her daughter as she embraced both women in a bear hug.

        As Roxie dragged an astonished Candy into the house she said with a tiny jab in the stomach, ”I told you so.”

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