A New Goal in Life...

Part 5

by Ri


For disclaimers: Please see part 1.

        Roxie was sitting on an exam table in an olive green hospital gown. She was cold, cranky and miserable.

        "Hey Rox, How's it going?" Asked her doctor Carol Ryan with a huge grin.

        Roxie glared at her with a baleful look.

        "Not too good, huh?"

        "I'm freezing can't you at least keep these rooms warm if we have to wear these God awful gowns?"

        "It stimulates your blood system to fight all the bad old germs you may have." She answered her with an amused smirk as she grabbed her wrists and took her pulse.

        Roxie snorted and pulled the gown tighter around her.

        "Well calm down, you look like your in great shape. Your ankle has almost completely healed. You should still be cautious with it but I think you'll be 100 percent soon."


        "I know you want me to say yesterday but in a couple of days it should be all knitted. I think you can survive that."

        "More like last week but yeah I guess I can." Roxie looked suddenly uncomfortable and looked Carol right in the eyes as she asked, "Um Carol, I need to ask you a very important question."

        Carol looked surprised at how much tension was on the beautiful face, "What is the question?"

        "What is the prognosis on my baby brother? Honestly? No sugar coating I need to know."

        "Rox that's privileged…"

        Roxie's eyes suddenly flooded and she squeaked, "Carol please? You know Jimmy won't be mad."

        Carol walked across the room and leaned on the door. She sighed and said, "I'm sure he has already told you everything. He always has."

        "He told me enough to tear me up into little pieces. What I want to know is if there is any chance for his survival? Is there anything I can do? I'll spend every cent I have earned to save him." Roxie was now leaning against the wall crying hard.

        Carol walked back to her old friend and embraced her comfortingly. "Rox. It's not good. He's refused any more chemo and I don't know if the alternate that he is doing any good at all…"

        "What do you mean refused Chemo?"

        "Rox, his last treatment was two weeks ago and that was his last treatment. He started a series of vitamin therapy shots through a very good holistic healer that I recommended after he refused Chemo."

        "Why the hell didn't he tell me?"

        "Rox, you do have a bit of a temper."

        "Yeah….I know I do….But is this vitamin thing good?"

        "Yes, it's had some very good results."

        "Does he have a chance?"

        "Rox my friend, There is always a chance."

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Roxie came into the house very quietly her Mom saw her expression from the chair in the living room.

        "Sweetheart, are you all right?"

        Roxie nodded.

        "Come here," Roxie reluctantly walked to her mother's side looking devastated. The older woman took her child's hand and brought her closer to her. "Sit on the arm of the chair please."

        Roxie sat leaning her head on her mother's shoulder. Tears started to pour from her eyes again which she quickly tried to wipe away.

        "Damn," She said very faintly her mother who was right next to her had to lean closer to hear her.

        "Roxie Darling, Please tell me what's wrong."

        "Momma, I am so scared," She then broke down sobbing onto her mother's shoulder.

        "What happened? What did Carol tell you?"

        "I'm fine and my bone is healing very fast I should be able to walk with out a limp soon."


        Roxie bowed her head and said softly, "She said that Jimmy stopped his Chemo. He's taking some sort of vitamin therapy. Did you know about this?"


        "Why the hell didn't you tell me?"

        "It was really up to your brother to tell you. I think that you need to talk to him."


        "It will be better if you talk to him directly."

        "I really want to and I'm scared to…"

        "You have to let him tell you…"



        "Because Why?…Ma if I talk to him I will tell him I want him to take the Chemo because if he doesn't he has no chance at all."

        "Rox, It's my decision, " Said a quiet voice from behind them.

        Roxie lifted her head and her red rimmed eyes met her brother's clear ones. He walked over and kneeled next to them.

        "Sis, You can't fix this one. It's not a boo-boo that just needs a bandage and kiss. Could you please stop trying?"

        "Jimmy I…"

        "I know you love me Sweetheart. You want and need me to live. You know I would like to live too. I want to see you grow old but Rox I just can't take the side effects of that shit anymore. Carol was sympathetic and recommended a holistic doctor for me. She is giving me a series of shots to help me with this and she has gotten some really good results."

        "Is it good enough though? Can it give you another remission?"

        "The doc has said it's happened. I've started a new diet that is supposed to help me too. Also a light exercise program and meditation. It's a good shot. Don't you trust me to take care of myself?"

        Roxie nodded.

        "Come here Sweetheart, " He held out his arms and she hugged him bringing him up from his knees into a bear hug.

        "I love you brat."

        "I love you too, you pain in the ass."
                ***                ****                ***                ***

        Candy was sleeping in their room when a still despondent Roxie quietly entered. She took off her clothes and crawled into bed with the sleeping woman. She cuddled her head against the soft breast beneath her.

        Slowly in the arms of the woman she loved Candy began to wake up. She felt the soft skin of her beloved tall body and pulled her into a tight embrace. Roxie felt herself sinking into that loving embrace gently kissing the sweet neck beneath her. Sleepy eyes opened and looked at the dark head beneath her. She ran her fingers through the soft hair. Roxie lifted her head slightly till her eyes met Candy's. As soon as Candy saw the red eyes she brought the other woman even closer kissing her forehead.

        "What's wrong love?"

        "I'll tell you later right now I just want to hold you." Roxie pulled Candy's lips down to her own and she kissed her with more and more passion. Her hands slipped under Candy's T-shirt till she reached her fully erect breasts. She was kneading them then she pulled back and pulled Candy's nightshirt off.

        She lowered her head to the beautiful nipple and suckled it hungrily. She made love to each breast and then worked her way down the squirming woman's apex. Each moan was gift to her ears as she brought her love to a wild climax then she kissed her way up the beautiful body as Candy fell back against the pillows breathing heavily. Once she worked her way back up to her loves face she kissed her sweetly on the soft tender lips pulling her close in her arms. Candy slowly came back from the orbit that Roxie had sent her into and hugged her love back.

        She whispered into her ear, "That was wonderful but you can't distract me that long, What is wrong?"

        Roxie smiled kissing her chin and caressing a soft cheek; "My family doctor is also Jimmy's. She told me that he stopped his Chemo and Mom knew all about it. He has started some kind of alternative therapy but his chances are not as good for remission. I am going to lose my baby brother." She broke down sobbing into Candy's reassuring arms. Candy murmured sweet soft words into her ear till she settled her down.

        "It'll be ok, I've heard about those shots. Is he going on the macro biotic diet?"

        Roxie nodded against Candy's soft breast.

        "It might be ok, People have survived with this therapy like Dirk Benedict."

        "He did?"


        "Well Jimmy is tougher then him so maybe it will be ok."

        That's right, Sweetheart. Jimmy is your brother so he's tougher then anyone but you."

        Roxie smiled and kissed her tenderly. "Thank you my love."

        "Your welcome."

        ****                ***                ***                ****

        Roxie was pacing in the living room as she listened and responded to her coach on the other end of the phone.

        "No!…I can't….How many games? Bob please??? Yes, I do know that. Can I bring my family? Bob; please give me a break! Oh…Oh good…Thanks Bob. Yeah, I'll be there."

        She plopped onto a chair to be faced with her family slowly entering the room with questioning looks on they're faces. Candy went right to her. Roxie pulled her into her lap and held her close. She rubbed her cheek against Candy's and looked into concerned faces of her mother and brother.

        I have to go to Vancouver for an expedition game. I'm obligated by my contract to go and they won't release me since…well I'm well…"

        "Your healed?"

        "Yeah, Carol gave me the green light and Bob called her. I tried to get a release but they won't budge since I'm the star of the stupid team," She said looking very sheepish.

        Jimmy laughed, "Why are you acting so coy we all knew that you're the star of your team, and I know you don't think its stupid. When do you have to go?"

        "Next week, Have you ever seen Vancouver this time of year?"

        "What? Why?"

        Roxie smiled at her family and said, "Bob has sanctioned money for me to bring my family. It was my bargaining chip and he took it. You both and my Candy are going or I don't."

        "But Sweetheart, would team actually pay for us?" Asked her mother very surprised.

        Roxie shrugged and said, "Yep, I checked with Carol and she said it was no problem for Jimmy to fly. I told Bob I won't go unless my loved ones are with me."

        Jimmy shook his head and laughed long and hard. When he caught his breath he said affectionately, "That's my tough big sister. So when do we leave?"

        "Saturday, pack for three weeks. Pack warm troops its going to be cold over there." She said with a huge grin as Candy hugged and kissed her cheek.

        To Be Continued…

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