A New Goal in Life

Part 9

by Ri


        Roxie was trying to keep from crying as she watched the intern push and pull her baby brother's limbs like some kind of bizarre torture. It was so painful she could hardly talk but she was determined that he heard her telling him anything that might stir him awake.

        "When you're better Kiddo, Candy and I want to go back to that cabin so the three of us can go fishing. We can...um, have so much fun...just playing...cards. Or maybe we can just sit and...uh, talk...on...the front porch..."She took a couple of deep breaths to stop herself from bursting into tears. "I can't wait for us all...to be...out...on...the boat...."

        Her voice trailed off as she hid her face behind her hands crying trying to keep from sobbing. She raised her eyes and met the intern's eyes; he nodded that he understood. She quickly got up and stepped out of the room. She leaned against a corridor wall her eyes were shut tight her fists clenched trying to get her emotions back under control.

        Soft gentle hands rubbed her arm and she felt a warm caress against her cheek as someone slipped into the room. She opened her eyes meeting warm green eyes looking up at her.

        "Who went in?"

        "Your Mother."

        "Good," Candy pulled the taller woman close hugging her tightly. Roxie buried her face against the warm neck as the smaller woman gently guided her toward the waiting room. They sat down on a couch together. Candy was cuddling the crying woman softly reassuring her with loving words. She gently ran her fingers through the thick dark hair as she felt the tall woman crying her eyes out.

        Slowly Roxie calmed down and pulled slightly back so she could look at Candy.

        "Thanks Love."

        "Shhh, its ok. I love you and I love Tommy too."

        Roxie nodded and said, "We love you too. I love you so much it just fills my heart with strength knowing you're in my life. You don't know what a God send you've been to me through all this. I don't think most people would have stuck around like you have..."

        "Then they wouldn't have loved you, now could they? I never even thought of leaving you. Roxie, all I wanted to do was stay here and help you and your family."

        "Our family...you're something else you know." She bent down and gently kissed her love tenderly they were all alone so they didn't have to worry about what anyone thought for a change. "Thank you for coming to that game and changing my life for the better."

        "Thank my brother..."

        "I'd like to. When can I meet him?"

        "Um, anytime really. He's wanted to meet you for a while...but I wasn't sure how you would feel about it."

        Roxie smiled sweetly and met shy green eyes. She shook her head and said softly, "Darling, he's welcome anytime but I hope he understands that I'm not at my best..."

        "He does...he was a big fan before but now he's crazy about you because you love me. He is really bursting to meet you but I kind of ..."


        "I know what you're going through with your brother and I didn't want my healthy one to show up and make you feel bad..."

        "It wouldn't...Is that why he hasn't come before? Oh Sweetheart if I knew that I would have invited him fishing. I want all of us together. Please call him later and ask him to come. I'll pay for his plane ticket..."

        "No, I will..."

        "Candy, Please?" Pleading blue eyes met unsure green. Candy nodded her head and Roxie smiled and kissed her love tenderly. "Good girl." She murmured next to her ear.

        "Um, what happened in there?"

        "It was just too much! It was like some weird form of torture and I had to sit there and watch and talk of pleasant things. It got to me...it tore me into tiny little pieces...I..." She burst into tears again.

        "I know, but try and think of it as trying to get him back to us. That's what the Doc is working toward. I know it hurts to watch it but think of how you will feel if it works! Think about him opening his big blue eyes and smiling at you."

        Red rimmed blue eyes rose to meet the sweet green ones above her, "That's exactly what I'm trying to do. Its just harder to do in practice then theory... I just wish I'd see some movement. Some kind of reaction. He's just sleeping."

        Candy nodded and rubbed her cheek against Roxie's warm one, "Please have faith."

        Roxie nodded and started to mumble something over and over under breath.

        "What are you mumbling?"

        Roxie looked sheepish then she looked about five years old as she said, "I believe, I believe, Make my little Candy be right dear God, I believe."

        Tears filled Candy's eyes as she joined Roxie in their little ritual of faith.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        The crying woman had finally fallen asleep in Candy's arms. Candy gently ran her fingers through the long dark hair and rubbed her cheek against Roxie's. She pulled back and gazed at the relaxed face sleeping against her shoulder. She could see the lines etched by deep worry around her eyes and on her forehead. She gently ran her finger across them wishing them away.

        She lay her head against Roxie's cheek feeling the warmth penetrate her own skin she sighed and thought, What ever creative entity controls destiny, who ever you are and if you exist please help us! We are in need of a true miracle here. I don't ask the impossible. I would just like for my love to have more time with her baby brother. She needs him so. This sickness is killing her too and without her I will die. Please just have him wake up. She just needs to be with him longer. Please. She wiped the tears pouring from her eyes onto Roxie's cheek; she didn't want to wake her up. She was just hoping that it worked. She was scared that Rox wouldn't last through much more of this constant strain and torture. She was worried about the damage to her beloved's soul.

        ***                ***                ****                ***

        Candy snapped awake as a loud ringing sounded next to her ear. She sighed and glanced over at the clock. She reached over for the phone realizing that she had only had an hour of sleep. Instead of saying hello she yawned. The voice on the other end said, "Candy?"

        "Sorry...um, is something wrong?"

        "No Sweetheart, You and my Rosalie have to get down here now. Jimmy opened those big beautiful eyes and he wants his big sister!!"

        Candy squealed waking Roxie as she answered with a voice full of joy, "Thank God! Ok we will be there in shake!" She looked into confused blue eyes and said happily, "Sweetheart, Jimmy opened his eyes!!!"

        Roxie squealed in delight and hugged and kissed Candy then when they ran out of breath she looked deeply into green eyes saying. "Thank you My Darling, Thank you for being here! Thank you for helping me. I love you." Then before the smaller woman could reply she kissed her passionately.

        Continued in Part 10

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