The Corporate Raider part 2

by Denise Mayes

Chapter 2

When Taylor left the mail room, rather than going to the library to read for a while, like she usually did, she decided she wanted to go and see the lady that had been recommended to her by Alexandra Madison. She pulled into a large parking lot, that had camera's in every lane. The lot was pretty much empty except for a few cars, but looking at the building and seeing the people inside, she got out of her car. It was a practical car for it's uses. Taylor was not poor or anything, she was just not materialistic. She had some expensive things, but she didn't have a need to buy useless things. She walked in the door of the building and seeing the upscale beauty parlor, and spa, she didn't see any clothes in the area where she was, so she wondered what the woman was going to do for her, and then she debated if she was even up to a change.

"Hello, May I help you?" A stylishly dressed woman asked the girl as she came and stood in front of her and regarded the young girl, now thoroughly embarrassed by the attention that was coming her way.

"Hello, I....I was told to come here and talk to a Mrs. Chambers, by Ms. Madison." Taylor said quietly, not wanting to draw anymore attention than she already had.

"Aha!! Yes, she did call about you. Wow, she said you had a style that needed to be updated. Come with me, and we'll get started." The woman said as she led Taylor into one of the private areas of the salon.

"Okay, let's old are you? No, let me guess? the way you're dressed, without looking at your face, I would say you were about 45. But looking at your face, and seeing no lines, and all of that innocence shining so brightly in your eyes, I would say your about 23, 24 maybe?"

"Yes. Do my clothes really make me look that old?"

"Yes. But I'm going to make you look like a new woman."

The first thing the woman did was have Taylor take off all her clothes and put a robe on. The girl did as she was told and after that, everything became a blur. The next morning Taylor woke up in her condominium, and after showering she brought out the outfit that she had been given. She had wanted to pay for it, but the woman had told her it already had been taken care of. Taylor dressed herself the way she had been dressed up yesterday. Then rather than putting her hair in the bun she usually wore, she let it hang loosely over her shoulders, and having naturally wavy hair, that was thick and full, the cut that was done to it made it wave ever so gently. The girl then picked up a lipliner and lined her lips the way the woman had showed her, then she used the lipstick. When she finished putting them on, she stepped back to look in the full mirrors of her closet doors. "Wow!" She gasped at her reflection in the mirror. A young lady, who now looked stylish, and professional, in her deep lavender colored, two piece, cocktail length, silk skirt suit. She regarded herself for a bit and then she realized. "Sexy, wow, I actually" Then she looked down at her cleavage showing, and thought maybe a little to much. She went to her drawer and dug around in it until she came up with what she was looking for. Taylor put the silk scarf around her neck and then tucked it into the jacket of the outfit so as to thoroughly cover her exposed cleavage. "There. That works okay." She said to herself as she turned and then picking up her purse, she headed out of the house. She got into her bronze colored, Saab car, and headed off to work.

The girl arrived a few hours before everyone was to head in to the office to start their day. She wanted to get a head start on her day, so she went straight to the mail center, and after punching in she went and picked up an apron of sorts to cover her clothing, from any dust that may be present, although she didn't see any, but she wanted to be safe. She then went and located all of the CEO's mail. She quickly sorted it, putting the important things on top, and the general and junk mail, on the bottom. She arranged them in a specific way so as to quickly identify what was what when she went to put them in the inboxes. She had not been trained by the supervisor to do it that way, it just sort of made sense to her, and it was how she always had done Yasmeia's mail. That way she would be able to answer the most important things first, and then deal with the other less important things when she felt like it, if at all.

After she had everything of Alex's, including the boxes and packages, she took off her apron, and then she headed out to go and make her delivery. She got in the elevator designated for service personnel, rather than the general public elevator, and hit the express button that would take her straight to the top floor. The building was still dark due to the time of morning, the sun had not even rose yet, so when she got off the elevator, she found it a little unnerving to be going into an unfamiliar empty office. She unlocked the outer door with the key that the head of security had given to her yesterday when she was introduced to him as Alex's new mail deliverer. Alex had left it for her so that if both she and her assistant had to step out of the office at the same time, the girl would still be able to do her job. Taylor unlocked the door and went inside pulling her cart in behind her. Then she went to pushing it again as she headed for the CEO's office. She started to unlock the inner door, but was surprised to find it already unlocked. "Oh, that's interesting...oh well, maybe she just forgot to lock it." The girl thought to herself. Then setting concerns aside, she went inside and went to putting the new mail in it's proper slots as outlined on the sides."

"Requisitions, reports, budgets, prospectus, Hmm...where is personal?" Taylor asked as she came to those personal, yet important envelopes. "Aha, here you are." She put many envelopes into that holder, including a large picture size, stiff, manila envelope. She finished with all of the delivering and started collecting all of the outgoing. She began humming to herself as she sorted through the types of mail and placed them in their respective bin on her cart. Taylor made sure that none of the notes came off so that she would be able to send them the way they were meant to be delivered. While she was sorting, someone came into the office and stood behind her just watching her, and the efficient way she was handling the mail.

"Well...?" The voice called, breaking the silence, except for the young girl's humming.

"Oh!! Ms. Madison! I mean,....Ma'am, you startled me. I didn't realize anyone else was here. I just thought that I would get an early start on things. That way you could get your correspondence done as soon as possible and get on to other things? I hope that was okay?"

"It's fine, actually I think it shows initiative. But I have a question for you?" Alex said as she casually looked the girl over while speaking to her, her nose wrinkled when she saw the scarf. "What's this?" She asked as she unwrapped the scarf from around Taylor's neck and threw it into the girl's hand. "That's better." She then continued in her line of thought, as Taylor stood blushing, and her hands nervously playing with the scarf that was now in them, rather than around her neck, and covering her cleavage. "How is it that you are so efficient at handling the mail? Have you ever
worked in a postal service before?"

" ma'am..." Taylor said still distracted by the scarf and her partially exposed cleavage.

"Give me that!!" The C.E.O. demanded, as she snatched the distracting scarf from the girls hands. "Now answer me!"

"Yes ma'am. I...I had gone down to the mail room yesterday and had Mr.Olsen orient me in how to handle and process the mail. I didn't even get a paper cut either." Taylor said proud of herself that she was able to master something that he himself had not been able to do.

Alex smirked and then said with a lighter tone of voice, "Well, for someone who wanted to remain anonymous to me, you sure are showing me things that I will admit I am impressed by." She walked around Taylor, her eyes taking in the 5'7, petite, yet softly, curved body. She then went and sat down in her chair as the girl slowly turned around to face her.

"Well I thought since you knew who I was now, and I had to earn your respect, then the best way to do that was to show who I really am. Although the clothes are very different for me, but very nice. I am still quite intimidated by you."

"Good, it'll keep you humble, as well as keep you from thinking about lying to me again."

"I won't. I've learned my lesson."

"Good." Alex acknowledged as she took out one of the newly delivered pieces of mail from the reports holder and opened it with a letter opener. She then looked it over for a moment, and sat back in her chair to regard the girl once again. "Do you know why I didn't allow you to remain obscure to me?"

"Sort of...well no."

"Because anyone who works so hard to stay in the shadows, usually is up to something they shouldn't be. I don't like feeling uncomfortable about anyone working in my companies. It causes me to wonder what they were up to. Anyway, you made me feel uncomfortable, and I couldn't let it go. So here you are, in my full view, and I must say, I'm pleased with the view." The woman said quietly. Taylor blushed fiercely, for some unknown reason. "Do you always come in early to work?"

"Yes." The girl answered as Alex began going through her mail, once again and gestured for Taylor to continue gathering the outgoing mail. "Do you stay late?"

"Yes." The girl answered again as she started collecting and sorting the mail at the same speed she had done before the other woman came in. Alex watched the girl's efficiency as she answered correspondence after correspondence. "I'll go and get these taken care of, and bring back any new mail." Taylor said, expecting something, but not knowing why."

"Go." The woman said simply.

"Oh, yes, okay." The girl answered as she turned and went and opened the door of the office. She pushed her cart out, then turned back around and slowly closed the door, trying not to disturb the woman inside. As Taylor was closing the door, watching the woman as she did, Alex looked up from her correspondence and saw the girl watching her. She raised a brow at her, and the curious thought that came into her mind, the girl blushed from embarrassment, at being caught looking at the woman, she then quickly lowered her eyes, and the woman went back to reading. Taylor quickly closed the door and headed back to the mail room. She went to work immediately sorting the mail, she read each of the notes as to how each of the pieces were to be handled for delivery. She also made sure to take matching, empty, envelopes and after writing the destination of each of the originals on the copies, she then placed the quick informational notes from the Raider onto them. She taped them in place on the empty envelopes, so as to remember the way the certain envelopes from the office were to be sent. It would also allow her to determine if all of the mail was sent the way she had them labeled. By the time she had all of the mail ready , everyone had made it to work, and the mail room was now bustling with activity. People were collecting mail to be delivered, and the drivers were arriving with incoming mail that needed to be sorted and delivered to the floors.

"How long have you been here?" Mr. Olsen asked Taylor.

"I came in a little early, and made my run to the top floor. I've already finished sorting and sending all of that mail. I am now waiting for the newly arriving mail to be sorted for the different floors. Then I was going to make another run to Ms. Madison's office with any mail she may have received in this shipment, and get any going out. After that I'll make my hourly runs."

"Well, I see you have your day all planned out. If you need anything let me know?"

"I will, but right now I'm pretty much on top of things."

"I can see that. Your not only on top of the mail, but you look great! Big difference from yesterday."

Taylor smiled and subconciously straighten her jacket sleeve. "Thank you." Taylor said and looked over and saw someone coming towards them.

"Here you go." Came one of the sorter's voice, as he laid almost a table full of letters and packages in front of the girl. He then stood staring at her, looking up and down her shapely body. He was looking so hard that she had to say something.

"Is there something else you want, or do you just have a condition that makes you a rude person?"

Olsen laughed out loud at the clever put down of the rude man. The man huffed and then turned and stalked away. Olsen then looked at the girl and put his hand on her shoulder and said in a friendly voice. "You know you should expect that type of response now. I mean yesterday you were....well you know? Now look at you, your a fine young lady, and the men are going to stare and respond. Especially with THAT showing." He said gesturing towards her exposed cleavage.

"Oh, well I'll have to think of something to do about that."

"It's not necessary that you do anything about it, I was just telling you how some men will respond, but I don't expect any of them to get out of line, just some bad manners at times."

"I know, but I'll pin it, anyway."

"Okay, better get started with your mail, seems like you have a lot of mail for Ms. Madison."

"Okay, and thanks."

"Your welcome." Olsen said as he went about checking on everyone else.

Taylor put her apron back on and sorted the mail the same way she had earlier, then she put it all in her cart and headed out to make another run. She made it up to the top floor, but this time she was nervous, because she knew the boss was in her office working. Taylor pushed her cart through the door and then let it close behind her. She went to Salina's desk and the woman looked up, ready to ask if she could help her, then realized it was the admin from the other day. "Wow! What happened to you?" The young woman asked, more out of curiosity than interest.

"What do you mean?" Taylor asked subconsciously straightening her clothes once again.

"That? You? You look totally different. Like night and day from yesterday?"

"Oh, it was a gift."

"Oh. Well anyway, I see you're here to deliver the mail?"


"Well, leave it with me and I will give it to her." Salina said as she proceeded to go about some of her other duties, expecting the girl to do what she had been told to do.

"I'm....I'm afraid that I can't."

"What do you mean you can't?"

"I was told to deliver her mail to HER hands personally."

"Right, but you know that means to her admin. You're an admin, at least part time. Anyway, when mail comes for your immediate boss, does it go straight to her, or do you receive it for her and then you take it in to her? I am her right hand. Besides, you can see she's in a meeting. The way she's pounding her fist on the table, I don't think you really want to go in there and deliver mail, do you?"

", but...Okay, I'll just leave it with you and you can go in and take it to her, and bring the outgoing mail."

"Okay, you go ahead and start unloading the mail and I'll go in and get the other." Salina said as she turned her chair around and came to her feet, heading for the door with a wicked grin on her face. She knew The Raider would be pissed that her orders were not followed to the letter. Salina then went and knocked on the door.

"What?!" Came the sharp tone of voice. Obviously annoyed by the interruption.

"Ma'am, I'm sorry to interrupt, it's just that I need to get the outgoing mail from your desk, for the mail carrier if that's alright?"

"NO! It's not alright! Where is the new girl who is supposed to do this?"

"She's waiting in the outer office."

"GET IN HERE!!" Alex yelled out the door as she glared at Taylor through the open door, who was now standing board straight looking back at her.

Taylor put the mail she had in her hand back in her cart and ran into the office once again flustered in her cheeks. "Ye...yes ma'am?"

"What are you doing?!"


"Didn't I make myself clear when I told you what your duties were to be?!" The woman asked angrily, reprimanding the girl in front of the people she had been meeting with, and Salina the admin.

"Yes Ma'am." Taylor answered, even more embarrassed.

"Then what the hell is Salina doing in here asking for the mail?!"

" won't happen again." The girl said not having an answer that would meet with Alex's approval, and not sound like she was making excuses.

"We'll talk about it later, get the mail and do your job!" Alex demanded as she leveled a hard look at the girl.

Taylor had moisture forming in her eyes but she tried to fight it off. "Yes ma'am." She said quickly, as she glanced at the others and then went to get her cart to do her job as she had been told. Salina moved out of her way and eased out the office without ever saying anything about her part in what had happened. Taylor quickly retrieved her cart and went to work placing the mail where it went. She was desperately trying not to let her tears roll down her face while also trying not to look at the eyes she knew were burning into her.

She couldn't help herself, but chance a glance up at Alex as she was putting the mail into their respective places. To her utter chagrin, Alex was still glaring at her. The others in the room were waiting for her to continue, but they didn't dare say a word. They were just happy for a reprieve from their own reprimands.Taylor's breathing increased as she now was shaken by the piercing gaze which showed the woman's obvious disapprovement in the girl's actions.

After Taylor finished placing the incoming mail, she began collecting the outgoing mail. She was trying to do the job and not scream from the stress she was feeling as those piercing sapphires bored into her. She looked up again at Alex, who had not taken her eyes off of her the whole time. This time Alex was looking at Taylor's altered top, and her eyes narrowed and shot back up to look at the girl's face. Taylor once again, without realizing it, brought her hand to her top where she had pinned it closed. Her hand dropped down and picked up another letter as she now felt completely ashamed. Despite her skin tone, her face became more flushed than before. She was now wiping her eyes as she sped up her efforts at getting all the mail. Finally she finished and turned to leave. Alex, who had sat there the whole time without saying a word, now spoke.

"I expect you back here at 5 pm, it's obvious, I have to reinstruct you in some things."

"Yes Ma'am." Taylor said quietly as she once again glanced at the others,who were all feeling badly for the girl. Taylor then turned and with shaky hands went to open the door. One of the men jumped up and opened it for her. Taylor said a whispered, "Thank you" and rapidly left the office. She went to the elevator and continued to wipe her eyes as she waited for it to come. Alex in the meantime had returned her attention back to the men in the office. She could be seen pointing at them, tapping her fingers impatiently on the table, or employing some other intimidation tactic.

The elevator finally came and Taylor got on. The minute the doors closed, she pushed the down button, then went and leaned against the wall of the elevator as she covered her face and cried for a moment. When she heard the elevator slowing down, she quickly wiped her eyes and straightened herself up. As the doors opened, she exhaled and pushed her cart out to go and take care of the mail.

Taylor took her time sorting the mail, even though the run had a lot less mail than the first one, she just wanted to stretch the time. Anything to keep her mind on something other than the meeting she was extemporaneously scheduled for. She finished sorting and sending the outgoing mail and was nearly finished with the incoming, when she looked at her watch. Her heart sank at the thought of having to go back up there, but it was that time again and she knew she had to go. She got into the elevator, but just stood there for a few minutes just looking at the button that would take her to the top floor. Finally, taking a deep breath, she hit the express button. Taylor stood in the corner of the elevator with her head down and angrily wiped the tears out of her eyes. The elevator stopped and the doors began to open. Taking one more deep breath she pushed her cart out and headed or the office.

Salina was not at her desk, which made her feel a little better. She had been surprised that the woman did not say anything during the whole encounter, she just eased out like a weasel. Taylor was disgusted with the behavior of the admin. She looked past the admin's desk into the main office, and was relieved to see that Ms. Madison wasn't in either. "Thank goodness for a little luck." The girl exclaimed to herself. She pushed her cart into the office and began sorting the mail.

Taylor had almost finished when she heard the door to the main office open and close behind her. Taylor put the letter she still had in her hand in the appropriate box, she then turned around to find Ms.Madison standing behind her. The girl exhaled a breath of air from her lungs, as she now stood locked in her bosses gaze once again.

"Finish up and then leave." The woman said evenly and then walked around to her desk and sat down.

"Yes ma'am." Taylor said quickly, and turned to put the last few pieces of mail in the boxes.

After she finished she turned her cart and headed for the door. She had just gotten to it when she stopped. She wondered whether she should say something to the woman, but for some reason she had a feeling it was NOT the time, so she decided to just leave. Taylor pushed her cart out the door, and rather than closing the door with her back to it, she chanced a glance back at Alex, curious about what she was so distracted by. Taylor's eyes looked upon the desk at first, but seeing really only a few forms upon it, and the woman's chair turned sideways, Taylor figured it was not anything on the desk that had the woman distracted. Taylor's curiousity had the better of her and so looking past the desk and onto the red, tailor made jacket of the woman's, her eyes traveled up the well fitted suit jacket, up until her eyes meant those of The Raider's. Alex's eyes were leveled on her, with one brow raised. Taylor quickly closed the door and nearly ran to the elevators with her cart, almost running down the admin.

"Hey Watch It!" Salina yelped, as she nearly had to jump out of the way to prevent herself from being run down.

The girl ran inside of the open elevator, happy that she didn't have to wait for it. Alex, in the meantime, pursed her lips as she thought about what the girl was thinking about. She then turned her attention to Salina who had now come into the office to go over her bosses afternoon schedule with her. Salina wore a short skirt, blue rayon suit with a scoop neck, tank top, she had taken her matching jacket jacket off once she was back in the office. Alex would glance at the young woman's exposed cleavage at times, while she ran down her appointments.

"The Sackens Group will be here at 2pm, you have a 3:30 with Mr.Li from the International Development Group, who's working in the newly acquired Mariah Building in Sendai, then at 4:45 you have an appointment with Mr. Marcus Shearer."

"Alright, Call my planner and have her arrange my spring annual as usual."

"Yes ma'am."

"Good." Alex said simply and dismissed the admin.

"So how is your first day going working as the personal mail handler to Ms. Madison?"

"Alright. It would be better if I could just stop pissing her off. But outside of that...Great!" Taylor stated with irony in her tone, to Yasmeia, who had come down to check on her.

"Hahahaha, well, I'm sure that things will be fine."

"I hope so, I mean everytime she looks at me, I feel like she's looking into my very soul. I get so flustered around her. I've never had that problem before."

"Well I don't know about that Taylor, I remember when you first came to work for me, you were very flustered. But your not the most socially active person I know? So of course when someone with such a large persona whisks into your life, it only makes sense that you or anyone would be flustered."

"Hmm...I guess that makes sense. But I was only flustered with you because I didn't know you, and you were so nice that I didn't want to make your department look bad by messing up."

"I know. So do you want to have lunch together?"

" Hmm...let me think about that for a moment...lunch with a friend, or sit here and worry about my 5:00 meeting with Ms. Madison. Hmmm, what-ever shall I do? Let's go!" The girl said with a wry smile.

"Great! It's sort of a late lunch, but lunch none the less."

"Okay, let me tell Mr. Olsen?"


"Mr. Olsen?"


"I'm going to lunch, but I will be back in a hour."

"Ok, enjoy."

Taylor then went back to join Yasmeia. "Okay, let's go." Taylor said as she walked towards the door. Yasmeia headed for the door with her and they went to the restaurant within the building to eat.

"So will you be back in the office next week with me?"

"Yes, but I have arranged to pick up Ms. Madison's mail when I pick up yours."

"That's fine."

"Do you have anything that you need done, that I can help you with when I'm at home?"

"Yes, lots of things, but I didn't want to take up your free time."

"Oh, it may take me a few hours to get them done, but not enough to rob me of time to myself, plus your my friend also, I don't mind helping."

"Your wonderful, thank you."

"Your welcome Yasmeia, but you know it's not necessary to thank me."

"Yes it is, because I know how hard a compliment is to come by from some people. You know me, I like for people to know that I appreciate what they do for me, especially friends. Besides, you should stock up on the praise where ever you can get it, because they will be hard to come by with Ms. Madison."

"I know, and I do appreciate the kind words, really." The girl said with a bright smile. Taylor was very comfortable with Yasmeia, she had known her for almost the whole time she had been with the company. They met by way of one of the women in the temporary staffing pool, who knew the girl from another company. She told Yasmeia how good Taylor was and after working as a secretary for one of the lesser supervisors, Yasmeia personally asked for her. Taylor was transferred from the first floor, to the third floor, and she had been there ever since. The two ate their lunch while talking about the girl's duties and how things were going. When Taylor returned to the mail room, she was shocked to find that there was a table full of mail for Alex.

"What's this? I was only gone one hour?" She asked, stunned by the volume that accumulated after such a short period of time.

"It is amazing isn't it? Well, you better get to work, didn't you say you had a 5pm meeting with her?"

"Yes, but it's only 2:30."

"It's going to take you at least a hour and a half to get through all of this,then deliver it, and then get back down here."

"At least?!! Oh no it's not, I am not going to be late for any reason, even if that means me grabbing you to help me?"

"Well I don't mind helping you, but I need to get something done of my own first, and then I'll come back and help, if you need me to."

"Okay, hopefully I won't need you to, but just in case." Taylor then took off her jacket and put her apron on and dove into her task. By the time it was 3:30, she was three quarters of the way done with her sorting and placing. She put the mail directly in the cart, rather than stacking it on the table which would have taken more time to then put in the slots. By 4:15, she was on her way up to the top floor to make her delivery. She got off the elevator and quickly went into the office. She looked at her watch and saw the time ticking away. Alex was in her office meeting with Mr.Li still, although it looked like it was about to end. Taylor saw the woman sitting sideways once again,she was tapping on her cheek as she listened to the man, and so when Taylor knocked on the door, she motioned for her to come in with that same finger. Mr.Li was winding up, when Taylor entered. She entered quietly, and went immediately over to the desk area where the in and outgoing mail slots were sitting.She immediately went to putting the incoming mail in the slots. Mr. Li finally left, and Alex's attention switched from him to the girl. She looked at her watch and then up at Taylor,who had noticed, and she raised a brow at her.

"I won't be late." The girl said quickly as she looked at her own watch, and went back to sorting. While she was doing that Mr. Shearer was led in the office by Salina.

"Mr. Shearer." Alex said with a certain tone in her voice.

Taylor looked over her shoulder and smiled at him. He looked up and saw his friend and smiled back, then greeted Alex, who had watched the whole exchange.

"So Mr. Shearer, do you know why I sent for you?"

"Not really, I've learned not to try and second guess you."

"Hmm, well I sent for you to talk to you about your reports." Alex said, then stopped when she noticed that Taylor had stopped what she was supposed to be doing. "You're running out of time. I suggest you mind your business. I'm not very pleasant to be around when someone is late for a meeting with me."

"Yes Ma'am!" The girl said nervously as she returned to her work.

The man looked at the young girl's nervous behavior, and he saw how wide her eyes had gotten with the mention of the reports. The hairs on the back of his neck now started to stand up.

"Okay, what would you like to know about them?" He asked, trying to maintain his air of calmness.

Taylor was hoping against hope that the woman would not ask who did them. If she did, Taylor hoped he would answer truthfully. The girl looked at her watch and saw that she had seven minutes. She wanted to stay and hear what the conversation was, but she had to get the cart back to the mail room before her meeting with Alex. Taylor put the last piece of mail into the slot, then turned her cart and headed out of the office quickly. Alex glanced at her watch as she watched the girl nearly run for the elevator. She had five minutes. The elevator took one minute to come up, if it started from the bottom floor, which meant another to go down. Taylor calculated her time as she made it down and into the mail room. It took one minute to give Mr. Olsen the priority mail to send out. The others she would get to when she came in in the morning. Olsen looked at the clock. She had one minute and a half to make it back.

"Better get going!"

"Yes. Bye. Thanks!" The girl called as she ran out the door to get the elevator she hit the up button, and thought she was going to have to wait. But as luck would have it someone was coming down to the mail room. She jumped on and hit the express button and was on her way. She checked her watch again. It was just passing the minute mark. The elevator doors opened and the girl shot out. Her time was down to ten seconds. She ran into the outer office and then to the door, quickly straightening herself as she knocked. Alex casually looked up at her and motioned for her to come in. Taylor darted in the door, breathless and flushed. But on time. Alex stopped her stop watch just as the girl entered the office and then she held it up to her.

"One second. You like living dangerously. Sit down!"

"Yes Ma'am." The girl said happy to be able to sit down.

Alex then stood up and went to sit on the edge of her desk as she once again regarded the girl sitting before her. Taylor's breathing was labored and it caused the woman to notice the girls heaving chest. "So, what do you have to say for yourself?"

"I am so sorry, I knew I should have done what I thought to do. I should have done exactly what you said: your hands and no one elses. I was so wrong to be talked astray, please forgive me, it will not happen again. I know I've made mistakes, but I learn fast. I usually don't make the same ones twice. I know I caused an interruption in your meeting by you having to address my mistake. It won't happen again, I promise." Taylor rattled off in one long exhaled breath.

Alex raised a brow at her and then said in a tone of warning. "Next time I tell you to do something, I expect for you to do only as I say. You tell me you're a quick learner, well I'm going to call you on that. If you make this mistake again, I will see to it that everytime you see me you will want to run the other way. Am I making myself clear?"

"Yes Ma'am." Taylor said through her tight throat.

"Alright, go home."

"Thank you ma'am." Taylor then stood up to leave, but just as she was about to turn to the door, Alex saw the top once again.

"Wait! Turn around!" She ordered as the girl turned back to face her.

"Yes Ma'am, is there something else?"

"Yes!" Came the answer through clenched teeth. "Why haven't you removed that pin from that top?!"

"Oh, I...I forgot about it."

"Listen to me, when I do things for people, I don't like being slapped in the face by them. Now if you don't want to offend me anymore, I suggest you get rid of that pin...and now!"

"Yes Ma'am! I'm sorry, I didn't realize..."

"You didn't realize what? That it shows no appreciation to me for what I tried to do for you?"

"I'm sorry, it won't happen again."

"It doesn't matter! The top is ruined, look at it!! Pin holes... from a safety pin no less!"

"I'm sorry, I can cover them with...."

"When you get home, I want you to throw the whole outfit in the trash. I don't ever want to see you wearing it again! You don't appreciate it!" Alex accused, as she turned and walked back to her chair.

"But I do appreciate it, and everything else you've done for me. Please don't make me throw it away?"

"Better than throwing it away, I want you to bring it back to me tomorrow morning, and I'll throw it away, that way I will be sure it is taken care of."

"But Ma'am, I was not trying to be rude or anything, I'm just uncomfortable with my breasts showing."

"Your damn breasts were not showing! Just your cleavage, and not much of that! Your 24 years old, and you dress like you're an old woman! I try to help you and that's how you repay me, by putting a scarf over the outfit, or pinning it with a damn pin! You know, I would make you strip out of it right now, if there was something else for you to wear out of here. But seeing that there isn't, I'll have to settle for having you bring it to me in the morning. Be here at 4. Now get out!! Damnit, so ungrateful!" The woman hissed, as she turned her back to the shocked girl, who still had not moved from the chair.


"Get The Hell Out Of My Office!!" Alex growled.

Taylor jumped from the chair, and this time she opened the door, and ran out crying. She didn't even go to the elevator, she immediately headed for the stairs, without waiting for the elevator. She ran down them to the mail room, where she grabbed her things. She then ran back up the stairs and out of the building to her car, where she sat and cried. There was only a few cars on the level she was on, so she sat there and let her tears roll as they would. After a bit she decided she needed to get home. She drove to the exit of the parking garage and as she was waiting for the
light to change, she saw Alex in her silver Porsche car. Taylor was a little surprised to see this considering how she left the woman still sitting in her office. But then she thought the woman had left right after she did, and while she was in the mail room crying, the woman obviously made it to her car. The girl's distressed eyes locked on Alex's studying gaze, and then she looked away completely mortified by the look reflecting back at her. The light changed and the girl took off out of the lot driving fast. Alex watched the girl's driving and became concerned about her state of mind. She decided to follow Taylor to make sure she made it home alright.

Alex watched the girl weaving in and out of traffic trying to get as faraway from the building as fast as she could. The older woman cursed, during most of the drive, at the girl for driving so wildly. After 20 minutes of heart stopping driving for most people, Taylor pulled into a driveway and Alex could see her leaning over her steering wheel obviously crying once again.

Alex had come to a stop, under a lamp post that was on due to the time of evening it was. She was parked across a narrow street where similiar townhouses stood. She then just sat and watched the girl. Finally, Taylor got out of the car, and slamming the door of the car, she pulled out her house key and opened the door to go inside. Alex saw the girl when she turned on the lights of the townhouse. She saw Taylor, through the glass door. The girl slam her keys down on a counter and then wiped her eyes again. She disappeared into another room. After a few minutes she saw the girl come
out, pick up the phone and call someone. Alex would soon find out who it was, but in the meantime, she saw the girl go into a further room. After a few minutes the girl came out and went upstairs, once again the lights showed what floor she had arrived on.

Taylor was now in a room that Alex figured to be a bedroom, facing the side of the street where she was sitting in her car. The woman sat there for a while just watching the girl's silhouette as she took off the outfit. Her brow raised as a result of the outline and a smirk came to her face despite her irritation and concern about the girl. While she was watching the girl, a dry cleaner's van drove up into the driveway, and the driver got out and went to the door of the townhouse. The woman saw when the girl left the bedroom, and then the next time she saw her was when she was opening the door. Taylor handed the outfit to the man, as she spoke to him. She then paid him and sent him on his way.

Alex then saw the girl go back into the room at the furthest end of the hallway and there the girl stayed for a while. The woman decided she would give Taylor an ear full tomorrow about her driving, but as far as tonight was concerned she would not let the girl see her. She pulled out of the spot she had parked in and headed home.

The next morning the girl showed up at the office at 2 am. She went to the mail room and sorted the mail that had arrived after she left, then got the mail that was left from yesterday and made it ready to deliver when the business day begun. Taylor then went to Alex's office and did all of her required tasks, including laying the outfit on top of the desk now back inside of the original garment bag that had been given to her. She then returned to the mail room and dealt with the mail she had just picked up from the office. After she finished, she looked at the time and saw it was almost four. Taylor sat down on the stool she was standing near and just watched the clock tick until it hit four. She wondered what Alex was doing at that moment.

Alex had arrived at the office a few minutes before four. She went into her office and saw that both the doors were locked, yet when she was inside, she saw that the girl had indeed been there. She wondered what time the girl had come in, but then thought it didn't matter. She walked over to her desk and saw the outfit, with a note taped on it. "I'm sorry ."

The woman looked at her watch and saw it was a few minutes before four, so she picked the outfit up off of her desk, and hung it on the coat rack that stood in the corner. Then she sat in her chair and waited for the girl to come. Passing the time by reading over some of her mail. When the Cherrywood finished, Pendulum clock, that sat on a mantel off to the side of where the woman sat at her desk struck four and the girl was not on the floor in her office, Alex slammed her fist on the table and still holding the note, she stormed to the elevator and took it to the basement.

Taylor was sitting on the stool with her head in her hands as she just tried to buy herself some quiet time before everyone came in at 7, and wondering what the woman was during. She was startled out of her moment when a sharp voice cut through her thoughts.

"TO THE LETTER!!" Alex seethe.

"Ma'am?!" Taylor gasped, as she was startled off of the stool.

Alex stormed towards the girl who backed away to the other side of the table, looking like a deer facing a panther. "Didn't I tell you to be in my office at 4?!"

"Yes. But I thought it was just to give you back the outfit, I didn't know you meant for me to actually be there?"

"When I say something, I mean for it to be carried out to the letter! I don't remember leaving any room for assumptions."

"I misunderstood, I'm sorry."

"You certainly are!" Alex said as she turned to leave. Digusted by the girl's behavior.

The girl felt hurt for some reason by the sharp words. "What do you want from me?! She called out after the woman.

"I don't want anything from you! Not even your cowardly apology!" The Raider sneered as she balled the note up in her hand and threw it to the ground.

The girl was now beside herself with hurt and confusion. She ran out the door after Alex to try to explain her actions. The woman was waiting for the elevator with her arms crossed over her chest, looking all the more intimidating.

Taylor slowed down and then walked over to where Alex stood, glaring at her. "I couldn't face you. You had done something very nice for me, and I unintentionally offended you with my lack of taste. I'm not used to having such things, and therefore I didn't know it was inappropriate to do certain things. But I don't understand why your so angry with me about an outfit? I can understand you being upset with my job performance. Since I've come to your attention, I have made mistakes, and I'm sure I will make more, but I give you my word I am trying to do what I need to in order to please you. I'm just very intimidated by you, and therefore, everytime I have to be near you I get all flustered. I am not the type of person who is used to strong personalities. I did not mean to offend you. I have and will continue to do what I have to in order to show you that I am completely focused on pleasing you with my performance. Should you decide to do something else nice for me, I will look for your opinion on what's proper."

Alex stood looking at the elevator as she listened to the young girl. She gave a sidelong glance, and then turned around and faced her squarely. The girl looked up at the woman with tension in her brows. "Okay, I'll accept your apologies, but I'm not going to let you off that easy. It seems to me, that because you are so distracted with trying to avoid me, you can't show ME your real skills, which I know you have in spades. I've seen your abilities through others.I want to see them without being hidden under the guise of someone else's work. So, I am going to make you MY
Personal Assistant."

"Your Personal Assistant?"


"But what about my job here, and in Ms. Sain's department?"

"Don't worry about them, I will have the staffing agency send over one of the admins I use when Salina goes on vacation. Don't worry, she won't have any problems. Starting tomorrow you will begin your work as my Personal Assistant."

"Okay. But may I ask a question?"


"What exactly does a Personal Assistant do?"

"I'll explain it tonight at dinner."


"Yes, your place. 7 pm sharp. "


"No fish, no pork. I'll bring the wine." Alex then stepped into the elevator. Just before the doors closed she caught them and held them open as she said one last thing to the open mouthed girl. "And we'll talk about your driving yesterday." She then raised a brow and her eyes showed disapproval of those driving skills.

Taylor blushed, then stood watching the doors close as Alex stood watching her. The day went by quickly, and she managed to only get scolded by Alex once. Taylor left work a little early to go grocery shopping. She hadn't planned on doing it until Saturday, but now was as good a time as any. Especially now that she had a guest coming over. The girl planned on making a pasta dish, vegetable, and homemade bread as well. She also made apple pie from scratch. She bought French vanilla ice cream, for it just in case Alex wanted it `a la mode. She made sure the table was set with her best dishes. She was lucky to have two sets of real china, given to her by her
grandmother. She set her stereo on an all jazz station and turned it low enough for people to talk without having to raise their voices. Taylor checked everything to make sure things were perfect.

She had a spacious townhouse, although if someone were to look through the solarium window they would be able to see the dining room slightly, and the living room depending on which way they looked. The girl then ran into the bedroom and showered and dressed in a periwinkle colored, cocktail length two piece skirt with accordion pleats. The pleats, if pulled outward at the hem would spread gracefully and then fall gently back in place. The blouse was made of the same material, but it did not have any pleats on it. The gently dipping cleavage area of the blouse made the outfit really come alive. It was a mixture of softness, and subtle sexiness. Not that she was going for sexy, but that's how the woman at the department store described it, when she had tried it on. She did her hair in one long corn roll down her back and put a bow of the same color as her outfit on the end to hold it in place. After she finished dressing and cleaning the room back up, she went to go check everything one more time.

Taylor looked at the time and it was 6:30. She then remembered something else her grandmother had told her, so she immediately looked in her cabinets for her cinnamon scented candles. When she could not locate any, she went to her spice rack and took the powdered cinnamon out. She filled one of her decorative tea kettles with water and brought it to a boil. Then she poured
some of the cinnamon powder into it and turned the eye down so the cinnamon could simmer over very low heat. Her grandmother once told her that the smell of cinnamon after a long, hard day at work could do wonders for a person's disposition. When the cinnamon smell had made it's way throughout the living room, Taylor turned it down to it's lowest temperature without turning it off. This way when the door opened, it would not overpower the smell of dinner and the freshly made bread.

The girl had just rechecked everything and remembered to get her notepad to take notes on what a Personal Assistant's duties were, when the doorbell rang.

"Oh God! Okay, just be calm, she's not mad at you, she's just here to discuss business, okay, okay." Taylor said to herself as she went to the door to answer it. She saw who it was without having to ask due to the light outside the door, and the blinds providing enough detail. She opened the door with a nervous smile on her face. "He...hello, please, come in?" The girl said inviting the woman into her home.

Alex stepped through the door and while she waited for the girl to close it and ask for her coat, she glanced around the entranceway of the townehouse. "May I take your coat, and purse?"

"Thank you. Oh, and this is the wine." The woman said as she handed the bottle to Taylor, who shyly thanked her and went to put it on ice so that it could chill.

"Please make yourself at home, the livingroom is up the stairs, I'll just go put these in the bedroom. Can I bring you something to drink before dinner?"

"A glass of water with two ice cubes." The woman said as she started up the stairs to the living room area. But then she saw the library of books the young girl had in her den. She turned and walked back down the few steps she had taken up and went to go and peruse the books. The girls had a lot of books on business, as well as every book written by or about her. There were romance novels, Better Homes and Gardens books, and many other types as well, but those were the ones she was able to peruse before the girl came back to join her.

"Oh, you're still down here."

"Yes. I was just looking around, is that alright?"

"Oh yes, fine, Um...dinner will be ready in about an hour, if that's okay?" Taylor said moving to the stairs and heading up them with the girl following after her, still holding the two glasses.

"That's fine. Is that cinnamon I'm smelling?"

"Yes Ma'am. I hope it doesn't bother you?"

"No, I like it, it's very relaxing, I have candles that I use." Alex said, noticing the difference in the simmering smell and that of candles.

"Oh, I'm glad to hear that. I usually use candles, but I didn't have any." Taylor said as she handed the woman her water. "Would you like to sit down?"

"Thank you. I want to get right to your duties as my Personal Assistant,and we can continue after dinner if we don't get everything covered beforehand. Get your pad." Alex commanded. Taylor immediately picked up her pad and prepared herself to take extensive notes.

"I expect you to arrive at my house at 3 in the morning, for the first few months, then you will be there at 5 a.m. I want you to learn my morning routine, that way when we travel you'll know what I expect. You will be by my side throughout the day. Meetings, conference calls, whatever. You will literally be like my shadow, everywhere I go, you go. You will not be late! You will handle all of my correspondence, at my home, as well as at the office. I expect for you to learn what things are priority to me, and those that aren't. If I'm talking to someone, about an important business dealing, and something else comes up more important, during that time, you will know by then what I consider to be important, anyway, if it's more important than what I'm dealing with; just hand the phone or a note to me while informing me as to who it is. If a priority letter comes in for me, I expect for you to also put it IN my hands. You have not seen any of those type letters yet, because of having only been in the mail room for two days. I usually get them weekly, you will know them by their color, they are red with a white stripe across the front. I want those put in my hand. I don't expect to see any on my desk. They will go from your hand straight to my hands, if I see otherwise, I will show you intimidation. Do you understand me?!"

"Yes Ma'am, I won't do otherwise." Taylor said, stopping her note taking long enough to look the woman in the eyes.

"Good. Anyway, you'll learn the types of things I like, and don't like. You'll most likely learn the dislikes first." Alex said, with a wry smile at the girl. The girl gave a shy smile and then lowered her eyes back to her pad. "Go check on dinner."

"Yes Ma'am." Taylor answered as she stood to go and do as she was told.

Alex used the break to ask some personal questions. "Are your parents alive? Do you have any sisters or brothers, any cousins that you're real close to?"

"No, my parents died in a car accident when I was 7. No sisters or brothers. I have some cousins, but I haven't talked to any of them since I was a child. I was pretty much raised by my maternal grandmother." Taylor answered from the kitchen area, which had a pass through so as to be able to see the woman. She finished checking the food, then returned to her seat and picked up her pad once again. Alex then went back into her expectations of the young girl, and by the time they sat down to dinner, Taylor had taken multiple pages of notes. Over dinner Alex once again took the opportunity to find out more of the personal things about the girl, for reasons only she knew.

" did you get interested in business?"

"My grandmother, it was sort of a daily thing. She used to own her own business, which I used to work with her in. She would tell me about the things she had to do to get her own business. From coming up with an idea, to drawing up the plans as to what she wanted, to arranging for taking out an initial loan with the best rates. I mean she told me all the steps that she went through. Our conversations were more adult oriented than child. When I was in school, I didn't have many friends, but the ones I did have were good ones. We were together all through high school and then college. But during my junior year in high school, I heard of this woman who had been
whizzing through the business community like a tornado. It was then that my grandmother gave me a book written by this woman. She told me that if I could be even a quarter like the woman in that book, I would be a force to be reckoned with. So I went to my room that evening and I read that book, and every book after it. Everything about her. But despite having read all of them, I knew I would NEVER be anything like or near such a force. I knew myself well enough to know that. I have never felt comfortable being in the spotlight. I like working in the back ground. My friends went on to either get their own businesses and offer me a position in them, or I helped them get positions in whatever company I was working in."

"The woman was me wasn't it?"

The girl hesitated at first, but then she answered. "Yes."

"I knew that. I saw your library."


"Anyway, your right, you could never be like me. Your too sensitive. You don't have the killer instinct." Alex said pointedly. Taylor looked hurt by the statement, but she tried to hide it.

"I didn't mean for that to be an insult, I was just being honest with you." Alex said, lifting the girls chin up with her fingers, and looking her in the eyes.

"I know. I think I should get the dessert?" The girl then stood up and nervously went to get the dessert.

"Are you involved with anyone?"

"No, not really, I mean I have a friend whom I have over sometimes."

"Hmm....I see, so your intimate with this guy?" The woman asked, now somewhat disappointed.

"Here you go." Taylor said as she placed the apple pie in front of the woman.

"Mmmm...smells wonderful, you make it from scratch?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"I'm impressed."

The woman toyed with it for a moment, and then looked up at the girl. "So are you going to answer my question?!" She asked somewhat sharply.

"Oh, no, we're not intimate, I mean he wants to do more than kissing, but I don't feel like he's the one I want know?"

"Deflower you." Alex now said with a gleam in her eyes.

"Right." Taylor replied as she blushed fiercely.

"So...what would this person be like, I mean the person whom you would desire to receive your gift?"

"I don't know, I haven't really thought about it."

"Well think about it!" Alex said snappishly.

Taylor picked up on the tone, but put it off to the woman having a lot on her mind and not wanting to dilly dally on the current subject for a long time.

"Well...a lot of the person's qualities would probably be almost opposite of my own. I mean..." The girl paused, trying to think of something that would describe exactly what she was talking about, then her gaze fell on her boss. "Like you."

Alex's brow raised in response to the statement, and a smirk came to her face. "I mean, someone strong, confident,and sure of themselves. Someone who has the ability to be as awesome as a raging fire, or as serene as a lake on a quiet evening. Someone who could teach me things, but allow me to teach them as well." Taylor now leaned back in her chair and cocking her head slightly, she let her gaze drift off. " The person would be near perfect, always seeming to have the answer, even to the most complicated questions, or circumstances. The person would constantly be amazing me with their talents. Overwhelm me with their passion, and then let me melt into them and they into me afterwards. They wouldn't show their fear on the outside, but when we were alone together they would open up to me, and let me soothe away whatever fear or concern they may have. That would be for the most part, the type of person I would give myself to, and I would do anything and everything to make that person happy." The girl sighed contently afterwards, and then remembering where and with whom she was talking to she blushed. " Oh Goodness, man what
you must think of me?" Taylor now said, averting her eyes away from the woman across from her.

Alex sat studying the young woman. "I think you have a very passionate side to you, that can't seem to get past the introverted side of you. I think that if someone were to be able to bring out that other side of you, then it would completely take over your own. I think it would scare you so badly, that it would either make you completely withdraw into yourself, or release the fire that is in your soul. I think in both your professional and personal life you could satisfy even the most demanding person with that fire and passion. " Alex picked up her glass of wine, and silently saluted Taylor, then took a sip of it as she watched the girl's reaction to her words.

"Wow! You really think that?" The girl asked completely amazed.

"I would not have said it if I didn't. I also think you read to many romance novels. Now shall we get back to work? Alex said seriously, but her mouth still had a bit of a curl to it.

Taylor let out a nervous giggle and then composed herself. "Yes Ma'am."

The rest of the evening Alex explained to Taylor exactly what she wanted. At times she would catch the girl just staring at her, but then Taylor would become flustered and apologize for her behavior and return her attention to taking notes. When the Raider finally thought the girl had enough to get started with, she decided to end the evening. But before she did she brought up the driving.

"You know, I don't appreciate people making me worry about them."

"Excuse me?"

"Yesterday, when you left from the office, I saw how upset you were, but I didn't think you were stupid."

Taylor flinched at the harsh words which were a contrast to how the evening had been going.


"Yes. Your driving yesterday." Alex said. She was now standing, the girl still sat out of surprise, looking up at her.

"Oh...that well I...." The girl started as she rose to her feet to explain to the woman.

"Save it! Just listen. From now on, when your upset by something I've said, or done, or anyone else, I expect you not to go running off, jumping into your car and driving like a madwoman on the streets! You not only risk your life but everyone elses on that street. I don't want to ever see, or hear about you doing some shit like that again. If you feel overwhelmed, then go sit somewhere for a while until you feel you are more in control of yourself. Is that clear?!"

"Yes Ma'am." Taylor answered quickly, as tears of embarrassment ran down her face. She knew her driving was reckless and irresponsible yesterday, but to have it pointed out to her by the boss of the company, was almost unbearable. She lowered her eyes out of shame, but then Alex's voice caused her to raise them once again.

"I just don't want anything happening to you, because of that sensitivity of yours, Okay?"

"Okay, I won't do it again."

"I know. Now I have to go, but I expect to see you bright and early tomorrow at my house. I wrote the address and directions down for you on your pad. Don't be late." The woman then waited for her coat and purse to be brought to her. Taylor helped her with her coat and then opened the door for her.

"Thank you for giving me another chance." She said to Alex as the woman settled her purse strap over her shoulder.

"Your welcome, You realize you're the only person that has ever gotten a promotion by trying to remain anonymous. I told you I wasn't comfortable with people who tried to hide from me. Now, you are more apparent to me than most people are in my life. I'll see you tomorrow. Oh, and by the way... I'm very pleased with the outfit, it flatters you." The woman said as an aside, although she had noticed it the moment the girl had opened the door.

"Thank you, I tried to find something that you wouldn't think made me look like an old woman." Taylor said, with a nervous hand subconsciously smoothing the blouse.

Alex chuckled and then said in a light voice, "No, you definitely do not look like an old woman. Although, now that I think about it..." The woman said turning back around and walking back into the house. "Your bedroom is where?" Although she already figured she knew, but this way it would be confirmed without her giving away.

"It''s the top floor, first door to the right." Taylor stammered out as she closed the door and ran to catch up with the woman now striding effortlessly up the three flights of stairs.

Alex went into the first room to the right and looked around to locate the closet. The room was decorated in pastel colors, The curtains matched the bedset which was made up of mauve and floral colored pillowshams and sheets, with solid colored dust ruffle, along the bottom. The comforter was also solid mauve colored, the room had a very feminine ambience to it. The carpet was an off white, and the walls were an eggshell white, with boarder trim running along the top. The Raider was very comfortable with the feel of the room, and smiled as a result. Taylor arrived a moment later and saw her throw her purse and coat onto the bed and looking at three doors two of which were on the same wall, but one obviously the closet and the other probably a bathroom, but she couldn't think of what the other was she headed for the closet.

"What...what are you doing?" She asked, completed thrown by Alex's actions.

"I'm checking your wardrobe."

"Why?" The girl asked in bewilderment.

"Because I need to see if all of your other clothes are like the others. After all, you will be in a very visual position." Taylor went silent as a result of the explanation, not sure of what to say to it. Alex meanwhile had opened the sliding mirrored doors of the closet and literally scanned the entire contents, and then she begun throwing the things she did not like at all out. She set other things off to the side, to think about.

"This has got to go, this, this, oh...definitely this, this, Hmmm...what is this supposed to be?" Alex asked as she turned around with a blouse that had some type of fur on the cuff, and collar.

"It was given to me as a gift from the guy I told you about."

"Really? Have you ever worn it?" The woman asked with wonder.

"No, well only the one time, when he first gave it to me and asked me to wear it for him." The girl said, trying not to laugh at the way the woman was looking at the hideous thing.

The woman brought the fur part to her nose, and then with a frown, she threw it to the floor. But off from all of the other things. "Don't let him buy you anything else, he has NO taste." The woman said with disgust. She couldn't believe someone would give such a so called gift to anyone, yet along to someone like the girl. She was appalled at why he would try to pass off dog fur as real fur, to the girl.

"But he likes..." Taylor started to protest, when she saw it tossed to the floor.

"Did I stutter?" Alex asked, as she stopped for a moment and cut her eyes back over her shoulder to look at the girl.

"No Ma'am."

"Good." The woman then went back to throwing things out of the closet, by the time she was finished with the closet it was empty except for a few blouses and a few pairs of shoes. Taylor was now sitting on the bed with her mouth open. She was looking at huge pile of clothes on the floor in front of her.

"Ma'am, I won't have anything to wear. I can't afford a whole new set of clothes." The girl managed to whimper out. Alex was now in a zone, and she literally just dusted her hands of the closet things, and with a satisfied, "Okay." She moved to the drawers. Taylor jumped to her feet intending to try to keep the woman from doing the same thing with her personals. "Please?"



Alex cocked her head at the girl, eased her aside and opened the drawer. She took a moment to take in the contents of the drawer. It had stockings and lingerie. The next drawer had T-shirts with socks and scarves galore. She smirked and looked up at the flushed girl who was now biting her lips as she stood watching her inspect the drawers. Alex looked in every drawer, and then she began to do what she had done earlier with the closet. Once again talking as she went. "These go. All of these, these, and these, you shouldn't wear these type of panties, they're not good for you, these go, and these." The woman cleared the top drawer of all of her underwear, except for one pair to get through tomorrow with, she was not concerned with only one pair, because she already had plans to replace the lingerie. A few pairs of stockings were left also. The woman moved to the next drawer. She did not throw out any of the T-shirts, but she did throw out every scarf except for two. "Were any of these scarves your grandmother's or mother's?"


"Good." She replied as she moved on to the next drawer.

"Go get some trash bags and put all of the clothing things in one bag, and all of the personal things in another. Socks in a separate bag, and shoes in their own. Also a separate one for that thing" Indicating the fur trimmed outfit. "Are you catching my drift here?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Then go."

"Yes Ma'am." Taylor said, as she moved to go and get the bags. She came back after a few minutes to find Alex had cleared out the other drawers completely, and was now going through her jewelry box. " least your jewelry is real, I'm pleased."

Taylor's heart stopped for a moment as she waited for Alex to close it without throwing anything away. "Yes Ma'am."

"Get to work on those piles."

"Yes Ma'am." She went to her knees and begun folding and putting things in the bags neatly, still not sure of what the plan was for them. Meanwhile the woman went to open the other door on that same wall, but found it locked. "What's in here?"

"Oh...nothing, just some more clothes." Taylor said, somewhat shaken.

Alex saw the change in the girl's expression, and got suspicious. "Open it." Came the simple statement.

"No, please, it's just a room of clothes?"

"Open it now, or I'm going to have a real hard time trusting you." The woman said informing the girl of the consequences. Taylor sat back on her heels and then after a moment she stood up and took the key out of cleavage. This caused Alex's brows to rise. The girl then walked over and after a moment or two, and a glance back at the woman, she put the key in and opened the door. Alex looked at the girl as she pushed the door open. A gasp escaped her lips as she turned to go inside the room. It was like a whole new world inside of that room. "What is this?" Alex asked, as she touched one outfit after another in complete shock. But when she did not hear a response, she looked over at the girl with suspicion now obvious in her gaze. "I asked you a question. What is this?!"

"Just clothes." The girl said quietly, due to the look.

"From where? How? How could you afford such things? Why have you been pretending you knew nothing about fine clothing? Why have you been lying to me? Answer any of them and I may not get angry."

"A friend gave them to me."

" Gave?! Are they stolen?"


"Really?" Alex said, not convinced.

"I swear. She gives me some of the newly designed clothes from her company. She says that I need to start dressing better, and less like a conservative old woman or something. I've never worn any of them, I don't really know what goes with what. I didn't want to hurt her feelings so I cleared my second closet and made it into a storage for the clothes. I could never afford any of these things, I don't think I would ever buy any of them for the simple fact of not knowing what to do with them. I didn't lie to you about my naiveness, I don't know about designer clothes, you've seen what I have. Those are what I know about, not these, so I store them. I come in here
sometimes and try to see if I can match something up, but it intimidates me the same way you do, so I get flustered and I just admire them."

"Why didn't you ask Ms. Sains or your friend to show you how to put things together?"

"I was just to embarrassed."

Alex stood looking at the many rows of designer outfits. She leveled a studying glance back at Taylor. She saw in the girls eyes that she had told her the truth, and an ironic smirk came to her lips.

"Okay, I believe you. This actually works out better than I thought. Come over here."

Taylor walked over to where the woman stood, and then Alex said with a satisfied smile. "Okay, you are now about to be educated in how to wear the finer things. I don't expect to see anything added to them after I put the things together, clear?!"

"Yes ma'am."

"Okay. Your friend owns her own designer shop I take it?"


The woman then lifted a hem to look at it, and she got the answer she was looking for. "Your friend is Zadria?"

"Ye..yes. You know her?"

"Hmm....she owns one of the top fashion houses in the country, I get a lot of my own clothes from there. I'm surprised you couldn't tell? But then again, maybe I'm not, you did say clothes were not your forte. Anyway, take those off and put this on with this and this."

"Yes Ma'am. " Taylor turned to go and change in the other room but was called back.

"Where are you going?"

"I was going to go change."

"Change here, we don't have time for you to go back and forth, it's just you and I. Now hurry up and put that on, I want to see how it looks on you." The woman commanded.

The girl stood for a moment, still unsure, but then she finally decided to go ahead and change where she was. She didn't want to offend Alex, who was just trying to help her, at least that's what she thought the woman's only intentions were. Taylor stripped out of the outfit she had on, and while she did, Alex watched discreetly as the shapely body was revealed to her. She made sure that Taylor did not see her looking, as she knew it would make her feel uncomfortable. But during those times when Taylor's eyes were covered by a garment either going over or coming off, Alex took in her fill. After a few hours of the stimulating fashion show, Alex finally called an end to the
evening. "Okay, I think those will hold you for a while, I really must be going. We have a lot to do tomorrow, including lingere shopping."

"Oh, okay." Taylor said somewhat disappointed that the evening was really ending this time. She had been really enjoying herself, and she actually got Alex to laugh a few times.

The woman heard the tone and a smile curled her lips. "I had fun too. I'll see myself out, just make sure you wear those the way I've shown you, clear?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Good, I'll see you in a few hours, wear the blue outfit. Bye."

"Bye, and thank you!" Taylor called from the doorway of the room where the clothes were, as she watched the woman grab her purse and things, and head for the door to the bedroom. With a wave over her shoulder, Alex called back to the girl, "You're welcome."




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