The Corporate Raider part 28

by Denise Mayes


When they arrived, they got out of the car, went inside the house, and headed upstairs to get cleaned up. This time Alex told Taylor to go ahead and use the shower in their room while she went to answer the phone. She had told the maid to have the cook make dinner and then they were dismissed for the rest of the evening. Alex answered the phone as she watched Taylor strip to go and take her shower.

The phone call turned out to be a wrong number so she hung up and thought about Taylor in the shower. It was too much of an image that flooded her thoughts, so she stripped out of her clothes, put on her robe, and went into the bathroom to join Taylor in the shower.


"You mind if I join you sweetling?" Alex asked from the other side of the frosted glass shower. Only able to see Taylor's outline.

"No, not at all." Taylor replied, as she stepped more to the back of the large shower.

Alex smiled and removed her robe. Opening the sliding glass door, she stepped into the shower. Taylor was trying to maintain her composure, but her heart was racing, and her

breathing was betraying her as well. Alex didn't help any with her gaze slowly lowering from Taylor's eyes, to travel down her nude form. Alex's eyes took in all of Taylor's beauty as Taylor stood still, not sure if she could move, considering the way her legs were trembling.

"You're very beautiful sweetling." Alex said, as her eyes came slowly back up to meet Taylor's nervous eyes. I know that this is further than we've gone before, and I will admit, I'm a little...well, nervous."

Taylor's brow's knitted, and when she spoke her voice was somewhat unsure, as to whether or not she should ask.

"'re nervous? Why?"

"How about if we finish washing up, and we can discuss this in the bedroom."

"Oh, okay." Taylor said, a small smile showing on her face.

"Come here, and I'll wash you up and you can do the same for me."

"Okay." Taylor said, as she moved to stand in front of Alex under the water.

Alex reached for the body soap, and the washcloths. She handed one to Taylor and she kept the other. She squeezed out some of the body soap onto each cloth and then she began slowly washing Taylor. Taylor stood, still holding her cloth and Alex knew it was because of fear that Taylor had not moved. So she took Taylor's hand that held the cloth and she placed it on her shoulder, thereby telling her it was okay. Taylor smiled, more out of nervousness than anything, but Alex saw it and once again she began lathering Taylor, as the girl was now lathering her. Alex could see the reddish undertone of Taylor's blushing body,and she took the opportunity to
turn the washing into a provocative romancing.

Alex took the washcloths and set them down, and moved closer to Taylor's body. She now used her hands to continue to lather Taylor up. Taylor followed Alex's lead and she too continued to lather Alex up using nothing but her hands. Alex leaned in and brought their lips together. In so doing, Taylor was quickly overwhelmed by all of the sensations, and she leaned her body back against the wall of the shower without breaking their increasingly passionate kiss.

Alex followed Taylor to the wall, her hands caressing along Taylor's sides and belly, and then over her hips. Alex's hands slipped around to slide upwards slightly to catch Taylor around the waist and hold her tightly to her. Taylor sighed at the caressing touches,and she used her hands to caress up Alex's arms, to her chest and then slowly down to her breasts. Taylor's and Alex's breathing was rapid and uneven, and when they finally broke their kiss, both were gasping for air. Their eyes, though lidded from their highly aroused state, were locked on each other's. Alex managed to speak, but only in a whisper next to Taylor's ear.

"Turn around."

Taylor let out an audible gasp at the sound of Alex's sensual voice, and slowly turned with Alex guiding her. Alex moved against her as she washed Taylor's long, lean back. Taylor nearly swooned at the feel of Alex's slick body against her own. Alex brought her lips to Taylor's ear once again and in that silky smooth, contralto voice she whispered to her.

"I love you." And then she kissed the soft cheek.

They managed to throughly wash each other before certain very intimate touches, caused both Taylor and Alex to experience a journey to ecstasy. This caused both of them to lean heavily; Taylor against the wall and Alex against Taylor. Eventually, Alex guided Taylor and herself under the water, and let the falling water rinse and cool their bodies. Once they were rinsed, they both stepped out of the shower. Alex lifted a large towel up off of the silver towel rack and patted Taylor dry. Taylor lifted another towel and she used it to do the same to Alex. By the time they headed out to the bedroom, Taylor was breathing rapidly once again, due to some provocative teasing by Alex prior to her being wrapped up in the towel.

Alex guided Taylor to the bed as they kissed. She only stopped long enough to get the scented oil to oil Taylor and herself up. Again Alex made it into a romancing. She gave Taylor an impromptu massage that covered every bit of Taylor's hot, blushing body. When Alex had finished, Taylor returned the massage. She was not as proficient as Alex was, but she was effective none the less. Once both were oiled, Alex pulled Taylor down on top of her and then rolled over which left Taylor on her back. Alex brought their lips together once again, and this time she was planning on taking things to their conclusion. She moved her head to kiss Taylor's chin, as their hands explored each other's body in earnest and for the intended purpose of consummating their relationship once and for all.

When one of Alex's hands moved down Taylor's belly, and slowly towards Taylor's womanhood, Alex felt her stiffen.

"It's alright sweetling, I only want to love all of my heart." Alex said, lifting her head from Taylor's neck to look her in the eyes.

Alex had to smile when she saw the tears balanced, along with the slight nodding of Taylor's head. Alex's heart skipped many beats at that moment. There was a brief moment where she hesitated; it was when Taylor asked her in a small sweet voice.

"Will it hurt?"

Those words touched Alex to where she leaned in and kissed the lips that had asked such innocent words.

"I don't know for sure, but I would think it will, a little."

Taylor was so near delirium, that she almost missed Alex's answer, but somewhere inside her mind, she thought she'd heard wrong. Taylor's eyes now widened slightly, as she looked Alex in the eye.

"You don't know?? How is that possible Alex?" Taylor asked quietly.

Alex smiled, somewhat embarrassed, and Taylor tried to lift up.


Alex lifted off of Taylor and rolled over onto her side. She was still holding Taylor in her arms, but now they were both balanced on their elbows.

"I don't know if it will hurt Taylor."

"But how is that possible, I mean you had to feel something when you first made love, right?"

Alex licked her lips that had suddenly gone dry. Taylor saw the uncertainty in Alex's eyes, and Alex saw the girl's brows knit in worry. It was the last thing she wanted to happen that night, so she admitted to Taylor why she didn't know whether it would hurt or not.

"Taylor, my little sweetling, I don't know, because...I have never experienced it myself."

"WHAT??!!'re a...a virgin?!"

"Yes Taylor. Don't sound so surprised."

"Alex...I...I have to admit I am. I'm sorry if that is wrong, but I am truly surprised, shocked and struck dumb. I have always assumed that you were experienced! I mean you're so.... good at...well you know, making me feel things."

"No, I never met anyone that I wanted to share that part of myself with, at least...not until now. Taylor, I've never given much thought to when it would happen, and I will admit, I never thought it would be another woman. But...I was never one to rule out possibilities, and now...the possibility is a reality. I want to share ALL of myself with you, as you're willing to share all of yourself with me. I love you."

Taylor inhaled a shaky breath and then leaned forward enough so that she could kiss Alex. Her tears now ran down her face in joy. Alex returned the sentiment. Alex then pulled Taylor into her arms.

" you know sweetling, I'm all yours." Alex said kissing Taylor's damp cheek.

"Now I understand why you were so upset with me that day at my grandmother's, you were offering yourself to me and I was withholding myself from you, or at least that how you saw it. Why didn't you tell me back then?"

"Because I didn't think it was important for you to know at that time, you would have found out soon enough."

Tayor lowered her gaze for a moment, to nervously caress Alex's chest with her fingers, and then she looked back up into Alex's loving gaze.

"You're right, it didn't matter. I'm just glad I came to understand that before you left." Taylor said, as she leaned down and began kissing Alex's face.

Alex brought her hand up to catch hold of Taylor's chin, and she guided her lips down to her's. Their kiss started out tender and understanding, but soon developed into a more desirous and needing embrace. Taylor's body laid flat along Alex's long firm body, as Alex's hands soon moved down along Taylor's soft curved form. Taylor moaned at the sensual touches, as Alex's hands slid down her back and used her fingernails to graze gently down and over Taylor's back and behind. Alex kneaded the firm flesh in her hands, while pulling Taylor closer to her body. Soon Taylor began moving down Alex's body so as to take an aroused nipple into her mouth.

Alex now moaned as Taylor's loving mouth feasted on one of her breasts, and her hand kneaded and teased the other. It was Alex's turn to blush fiercely as her body lit up showing her aroused state. Alex's hands slipped up under Taylor's body and found their way to her breasts, where she took each breast in a hand and began caressing and kneading them. Her hands located Taylor's peaks and she rolled them between her fingers. Taylor's breathing was interrupted with gasps at different points as Alex's fingers pulled and twisted the peaks.

Alex's back soon arched, and Taylor's body trembled and then both stiffened as they once again brought each other to ecstasy.

After their rapture had passed for the moment, both women colllapsed, with Taylor on top of Alex, their breathing heavy and labored. After a few minutes, Alex's breathing returned to normal and although Taylor's was still somewhat labored, Alex rolled the two of them over and she was now over Taylor.

"Are you ready for this to continue sweetling?" Alex asked huskily.

"Yes, are you?"

"Oh...YES!" Alex stated emphatically, and brought her lips to Taylors and hungrily kissed her. Taylor was soon caught back up, and they were both moaning into each other's throats.

Alex's hand soon drifted slowly down Taylor's body, as she rolled onto her side and Taylor remained on her back. Alex's hand glided along Taylor's belly and down towards her womanly tresses, as she kissed Taylor intermittently. She felt Taylor's trembling body against her hand, and although Taylor was nervous, and a little scared, she trusted Alex to be gentle. So when Alex's hand put a little pressure upon Taylor's inner thigh, Taylor slowly spread her legs, and Alex smiled down at her. Taylor's hands slowly made their way down Alex's side, and around to her belly, where she looked into Alex's eyes, slightly unsure of proceeding. But upon receiving an encouraging smile, and a slight nod of Alex's head, Taylor's hand slid down over Alex's tresses as well. Alex closed her eyes as she felt Taylor's tentative touch, but opened them when she felt Taylor's exploring caress, becoming more confident, as she saw Alex's response to her touch. The two gazed deeply into each others loving, yet desire filled eyes.

Alex leaned down, and just before she captured Taylor's lips with her own, she asked with her eyes if she were ready once again. Taylor not only smiled to show she was, but she led the way, and slipped her exploring fingers into the forest of hair. Alex gasped at the entry, but she soon followed, and then the two captured each other's lips and for a while they just explored the different textures of each others virtuous secrets. When they could no longer hold back from wanting to experience their full love for one another, both women's body damp with perspiration, they wrapped one arm around each other and held each other tightly. They both seemed to be of
one mind as they soon were experiencing the pain, of their full love. Both gasped at that moment of their deflowering, and tears filled both their eyes at the love and connection they felt for each other, and then...moments later, with encouragement from each other's touch, the sheer bliss of each other's love came crashing over them in such a powerful way, that both of their bodies shook in a cataclysmic orgasm.

When the body shaking orgasms had passed, and their bodies fell limply back to the bed. Alex was so wiped from the experience she was barely able to roll her and Taylor over, so that Taylor would be laying in her arms. Alex kissed Taylor and before they fell into their bliss induced slumbers, they whispered words of love to one another, and then drifted serenely off to sleep, embraced in each other's arms.

The next morning when Alex awoke, she moved somewhat stiffly as she turned onto her side to look at Taylor. Leaning forward she kissed Taylor on the forehead, and Taylor yawned, and stretched. She too felt stiff.

" do you feel sweetling?" Alex asked, looking down at the somnolent figure, as she caressed Taylor's cheek.

"Sore, but more happy than I've been in my life. How about you?"

"Pretty much the same. Some experience last night huh?"

"Yes, it was. All sorts of emotions went through me at that very moment, but the strongest was the love and trust I have for you Alex."

Alex smiled.

"I know the feeling Taylor. I was actually scared for a brief moment, but then...I thought about how much I loved you and trusted you with my heart, and it was easy to trust you with all of me."

Taylor lifted up onto her elbow, and looking into Alex's beautiful eyes, she made an oath to Alex.

"I promise you, Alexandra Madison, you will never regret last night. I will do everything I can to make sure of that. I'm still overwhelmed at the thought that you entrusted ME not only with your heart a second time, but this time you added all that is you. You left yourself open and vulnerable, and I promise never to cause you to question your choice. I absolutely love you. I get to see a side that NO ONE else has seen, and it causes my heart to swell with such love and admiration for you! I will find ways to show you every hour and moment of the day just how much I love and cherish you."

"And I will do the same. You will never regret last night if I can help it."

"I have no regrets. Now, I think I owe you breakfast in bed My Lady." Taylor said, as she leaned in and gave Alex a quick peck on her cheek. "I'll go get cleaned up and then I'll go make breakfast for you."

"Alright, and the apron is in the top drawer in the kitchen, the one you're to wear."

Taylor blushed and then grinned. She eased out of the bed, and her gait was different, but she made it to the bathroom. She knew she would have a reminder of last night on her thighs, due to it having been both their first times. Taylor got in the shower and cleaned up.

Afterwards she dried off and oiled herself up. With her teeth, face, and body now clean, she put a robe on and went out of the bathroom heading to the kitchen to make breakfast.

"See you in a bit." Alex said, as she watched Taylor make her way to the door.

After Taylor had gone, Alex started to jump out of the bed, but found she was a little too sore for that, so she too eased out of the bed.

"Hmm...very interesting." Alex said, allowing herself to feel everything as a result of last night. She was imprinting in her mind all of the feelings, and sensations related to last night's experience. She would remember all of it, and although Alex would probably never tell Taylor that she did this, she couldn't see herself not doing it. It had been such a soul touching experience for her. That thought brought tears to Alex's eyes, and she inhaled slowly to compose herself. Then she stripped the bed, put clean linen on it, and went to get cleaned up herself.


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