The Corporate Raider part 9

by Denise Mayes


Chapter 9


When the two arrived home, they immediately went to go and unpack their things. Both women stopped at the top of the stairs. They looked at each other, and then at the direction of each of their rooms.

"Your call. Separate, or together, which ever way you will be more comfortable. If we sleep in the same bed nothing will happen that you don’t want. So, what do we do?" Alex said, as she leaned back against the rail and crossed her arms waiting for Taylor to make up her mind.

"Um...I think this is a good time to tell you something?"


"Let’s go down to the kitchen, where we can talk."

"Okay, after you." The woman said, as she made a sweeping gesture with her hand.

The girl gave a nervous glance at the woman, and then led the way to the kitchen.

"Okay, what is it?"

"I don’t want you to think this is about you or me in anyway, but I..."


"I have been looking at..."


"Homes." Taylor said quickly, and then sat down waiting for the woman to blow.


"Huh? I mean, because I didn’t want you to think of me as the guest who never left. I mean now that everything is over with and I’m safe once again, I didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable about having to ask me to leave. Or just not being able to out of concern that I would be hurt or feel rejected or something."

"First of all, you should know by now that if I wanted to tell you anything, I have no problem letting my thoughts be known. If I wanted you out, I would have told you that I think it’s time for you to move out. I would have given you a deadline as to when you should be out. So if that’s the only reason you're looking for another place to live, then it is not an issue with me. But if you are moving because you're scared about living here with me that's different. If you're worried about my temper, impatience, or this new development between us, then I can tell you that along with those things, I am considerate, loving, more patient and tolerant with you than anyone. My temper shows when someone doesn't listen to me, and then something bad happens. You know I love you right?"

"Then are you asking me to stay?"

"Are you offering to stay?"

"I asked you first."

"Doesn’t matter, I’m bigger. I can make you answer."

"No you can’t." They bickered back and forth as they headed back to the stairs and went up, where they once again stopped.

"Yes I can."

"Do it."

"Okay. I will. Tell me what will we do about the sleeping arrangements?"

Taylor’s mouth dropped open, she looked at the woman and her mouth snapped shut. A smirk came to her mouth when she saw the, I told you so look on Alex’s face. The girl then took on a smug look of her own. "Okay, I’ll let you know." She said, then turned and headed down the hallway to her room. She didn’t even look back, although she felt the woman’s eyes boring into her. She kept herself from laughing, until she made it to her room and went inside. She closed the door and then lost it, but she covered her mouth just in case. Alex stood looking at the receding figure of the girl in complete surprise. Then a wicked gleam came to her eyes.

"Okay, you want to try to play with me." She went to her room, washed up, and changed into a very...interesting outfit.

Taylor had changed and had gone to the den where she was reading a new book she had seen displayed at a few bookstores. She had picked it up but never got a chance to sit down to read it, with everything that had happened. It was called "Corporate Raider". A story about a powerful business executive, who uses senior executives to infiltrate other company’s upper management positions, by getting hired in those positions, and after working in those companies for a while and acquiring the information needed for a takeover, they give the information to The Raider, who then begins proceedings that would lead to her acquiring those companies, via takeover. The agents then disappear after the takeover is complete, and after a few years they return having had facelifts, for which they are paid very well, this way they could go into another company and do the same thing, without fear of someone from one of the prior companies recognizing them.

Taylor had just read the prologue, and was about to get into the reading, when she saw something over the top of the leather-bound book she was holding. Her eyes fell on long legs that seemed to go on forever. Shapely and muscular, they looked as though they had silk stockings covering them, but when she put out her hand and touched one of them, she was awed by the fact that there was no stocking on it. She didn't think about what she was doing, she was just captivated by what she was seeing. Her eyes slowly moved up until she finally came to some clothing. It was a pair of shorts and they were that, short. She could see part of the curve of the round behind peeking out, and she blushed as a result. Her eyes moved up and over the round hips, and then to the bare midriff, where she was amazed by the tone. The outlines of the muscles were visible under the skin. Taylor swallowed hard and her breathing seemed to be increasing as she continued her curious surveying. Her eyes moved up and her mouth fell open at the sight of most of Alex's breasts practically showing; except for her nipples, and the surrounding contrasting, coloring. Taylor fell back on the sofa, as she blinked to break her gaze. She finally managed to continue upwards with her gaze, until she got to the long sleek neck, and on to the chiseled chin. Her eyes carried her to the curved full lips, that were turned up at the corners in a dubious sort of way. Her eyes slowly made their way to their ultimate destination. They locked on Alex’s as if they had been caught and held by some physical means. Taylor's heart was beating out of her chest, her hands were shaking, and she didn’t know if she was still breathing or not.

"So...what are you reading?" Alex asked, as she glided down onto the armrest of the sofa. The smell of jasmine delighted the girl's senses as she sat staring at the woman. Unable to speak.

The woman smiled a smile that caused the girl to lose her balance even while leaning back on the sofa. Alex was thoroughly enjoying the girl's reaction, so much so she decided to tease the girl unmercifully, until she was told what she wanted to hear. The woman reached out and lifted Taylor's hand that was holding the book, as if to read the title. Then she lowered it back down and ran her hand slowly up from the girl's hand, onto her arm. She watched the gooseflesh trail after her provocative touch.

"Is it a good book?"

Taylor was on overload. She had all sorts of feelings racing through her, none of which she was familiar with until the first time the woman kissed her. Alex knew she was not going to answer her questions, but she wanted it to look like she expected her too.

"I love the feel of your hair." Alex said, as she ran her fingers through the dark tresses.

She then ran her fingers up and down the girl's neck and lingered over the girl's pulse point to feel her heartbeat. A broad smile came to the woman’s face as a result. Taylor moaned and gasped at different times whenever an impulse jolted her. The woman then leaned down and whispered in the girl's ear. "It’ll be fun to explore, but only in my bed." She then flicked her tongue at the girl’s ear and Taylor felt as though she had been physically pushed over. She jolted over and to the side until she was laying on the sofa. Alex glided down off of the side and slid over the young woman, without touching her body to the girl's. Taylor saw the woman’s breasts out the corner of her eyes, and she once again trembled. She crawled along the length of the sofa, and the woman mirrored her. The girl came to the other end and found herself trapped, she rolled onto her back and the woman was gazing down at her.

"You're so...beautiful." Alex purred, as she leaned down and claimed the girl's lips.

Taylor was completely dazed and breathless, and all she could do was try to find something to hold onto so as not to be completely consumed. Alex still had not touched the girl's body with her own. When she finally allowed the girl to breath, they both inhaled deep gulps of air. Taylor was shaking inside and out, and when the woman saw how turned on the young girl was, it ignited her own passions more. She leaned in again, and this time kissed Taylor's neck which caused the girl to whimper and throw her arms out in an attempt to steady herself. The girl slid off of the sofa and onto the floor. Alex remained where she was as she watched Taylor stagger to her feet and then stagger out the room. Alex meanwhile, eased herself down on the sofa onto her belly, and brought her feet up and crossed them at the ankles behind her as she rocked them in satisfaction at the response from the girl.

"Hmmm...that was just too wonderful." She said, as she laid her head down on her folded arms on the sofa. She closed her eyes and let herself drift off with thoughts of Taylor playing through her mind.

When she awoke she found the girl had not come back and she got a little worried that maybe she might have scared her away. Just as she sat up she saw a note fall to the floor. She leaned over and picked it up to read what it said.

"Wow! Please don’t be mad at me? I've never felt such a wonderful, scary sensation before. It rang through me, and I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t even know if I was breathing. But I guess I was. I can only imagine what it will be like when we do consummate this relationship, my goodness, I can’t stop blushing, goodness, you are incredible, and I’m so glad you are in my life, I love you. Sweet dreams. I’ll see you in the morning. I don’t think I can sleep with you next to me, hahaha. I’m sure I sound like a child to you, but I hope you understand? I will tell you, I was really tempted to go to your bed and wait for you. I’m going to take another shower to cool off. I love you so very much, it fills my heart to think about you. Goodnight."

Alex smiled with satisfaction and then folding the scented noted she rose up off of the sofa and headed for her bed. When she was in it, she laid awake for hours thinking about Taylor and the note, which she reread a number of times. She thought about what she would do to entice the girl to her bed. She had no intentions of deflowering her yet, she decided she would wait for the girl. But in the meantime she would find creative ways to get the girl to come to her bed.

The next day the two dressed and when they came out of their rooms Alex was already in the kitchen with cereal, fruit and orange juice sitting on the table for them. When Taylor arrived in the kitchen, Alex looked over at her and the girl immediately blushed. "Good morning, did you sleep well?" Alex asked, leveling her gaze on Taylor.

"Good morning, fine...once I managed to go to sleep." She said under her breath, then spoke up again. "Thank you, how about yourself?"

"It took me a while to drift off, with all of the thoughts running through my mind. But when I finally did, I slept almost like a baby. I could have slept better if I had had some company, but we’ll see what we can do about that." She said meaningfully.

Taylor continued blushing, and her hands once again trembled as she reached for her juice. Alex sat back in her chair and regarded her as she tried to eat her breakfast. While she was putting the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, Alex came up behind her and pinned her between the counter and herself. She kissed the girl's neck, and spoke to her between kisses.

"You know you haven’t even greeted me good morning properly yet? Do you plan on correcting that? Or are you planning on always greeting me with just a simple good morning?" She whispered along the girl's neck and in her ear.

"Ahh..." Was all the girl could manage. Alex took that as her cue and whipped her around to plant a heated kiss on her.

Taylor's hands found the counter and she gripped it as she tried to hold herself up. Alex had a firm hold on her waist so she was actually safe from falling. When the woman finally broke the embrace, the girl’s head was reeling. They both sucked in a large amount of air as the woman continued to lean over the girl slightly, while licking her own lips seductively.

"That’s how I expect to be greeted, clear?"

"Yes!" She gasped, as Alex then kissed her nose and backed off of her.

"Let’s go to work. Oh, and remember what I said about keeping work and our personal lives separate. I’m very serious about that. I will still reprimand you if you mess up."

Taylor stood where she was, still trying to steady herself, but she managed to nod her head in response.

"Good. Now, can you walk?"

"Yes, just a little weak feeling in my legs, but I’m fine."

"Hmm...just weak huh? Well, I’ll have to do something about that tonight after work, meanwhile I’ll help you to the car."

Are you trying to drive me insane?" Taylor asked with a curious tone, and a look of uncertainty as to whether she was going to be able to handle the woman’s passion.

"Only insane with passion." Alex purred.

"Are you driving this morning?" Taylor gasped changing the subject before Alex decided to do anything else.

"No, I thought I would let the driver worry about the road, while I focused on YOU."

"But I thought you said you wanted to keep work and private lives separated?"

"I do, but the car is neutral. Once we step out of the car for business, that’s all it will be about, you understand?"

"Yes." They walked out to the car and once they were inside, the woman raised the privacy window and turned her attention to the girl.

"You're not going to get me all worked up again are you? I mean I’ll be blushing every moment of the day."

"Is that so bad? I mean it’s not like I’m not as worked up. I find it quite erotic to see you blushing at my every glance."

Taylor didn’t let her down with that statement, her cheeks developed the nice undertone that indicated her state.

"Hmmm...we’re going to have so much fun in our lives together. I will do my best to make you happy, and keep the relationship exciting."

"I’m already having fun, despite the way it seems, and I’m happier than I've ever been now that you are in my life. As far as excitement, well...I know you won’t have any problems there, if last night and this morning are any indications!"

"I’m pleased to hear that."

"I’ll do what ever I have to, to make sure you're just as well taken care of."

"I know you will. Come over here."

"Why?" Taylor asked, with a tease in her voice, and a raising of her brow.

"Because I said so, and because I want to hold you."

The girl smiled, then moved over to Alex’s open arms and was enclosed from behind in them. Alex laid her back against her and moved Taylor's hair out of the way so that she could get to her neck. At first Taylor didn’t realize that’s why she had done it, not until she felt the woman’s mouth on her neck, and the light sucking as well. She moaned, and tried to ease away, but Alex held her firmly and in fact increased her efforts on the girl's neck. Taylor whimpered and Alex moaned as a result. She lifted her mouth off of the soft flesh only long enough to tell the girl something.

"I could just hold you like this forever and listen to those sounds, especially that little whimper of yours." She saw the shiver that ran through the girl, and returned her mouth to the same spot she had just left. Taylor once again moaned and whimpered as she tried to get loose. When the driver said they would be at the building in less than a minute, Alex took that as her cue. She let go of the girl's neck and laid her across her lap. It wasn't a problem seeing how weak Taylor was from the affection put on her neck. The sudden position change caused her eyes to open and she saw Alex grinning down at her.


The woman didn’t answer, she just opened one button of the girl's suit jacket. She moved the blouse back a little. Just enough to expose a little more of the girl's breast. Alex then leaned in and Taylor's eyes went wide at the sensations she felt. The woman had sucked some of the soft flesh into her mouth and kissed it hard, then she let go. The girl's breathing had increased and her blushing skin was evident as well. "There." Alex said, as she ran her fingers over the area of the girls breast that she had just marked.

Taylor tried to see what she was looking at and caressing , but the woman simply fixed the girl's blouse and refastened the button. Planting a final kiss on the already dazed girl she sat her up and straightened the girl's hair and clothing back up. Taylor’s hand went to the area of her breast, although it was over her clothes, and she wondered what the woman had done. But her mind was brought back to the there and now, when she heard Alex talking to her.

"All right, it's all about work."

Taylor shook her head to clear the rest of the fog away, and then smiling she stepped out of the car, and went to where Alex was waiting for her at the turnstile door. She looked at the woman and Alex raised a brow. The girl caught the hint and turned to wait for the next opening of the door.



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