Storm Surge

Chapter Eleven

by KatLyn

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The boat rocked gently in the changing tides. The moon was in full view through the hatch and cast a warm glow over the woman lying next to Conner. She and Alex had fallen into a peaceful sleep as they held each other after making love the last time. Now Conner was lying there watching as Alex slept, taking advantage of the chance to unself-consciously gaze at the perfect face, and those perfect lips. Conner had never noticed how long and silky Alex's lashes were before, but now with her eyes closed she could appreciate their beauty. Conner smiled as she realized that she had never before watched any of her previous lovers sleep and leaned down to place a feather like kiss on Alex's forehead as she recognized that she had never wanted to...until now.

For Conner, waking up early was rare. She was usually the last one awake, and certainly the last one to get up. She had never been a morning person. However, things just might change if she found herself waking up next to Alex on a regular basis. She could not resist the urge to reach out and trace a gentle line down Alex's jaw. As she did, Alex stirred, snuggling in closer to the warmth of Conner's body. The cool morning air had drifted into the cabin from the open hatch. Careful not to wake Alex, Conner reached down and pulled the sheets up over their naked bodies. Gently nuzzling her face into the crook of Alex's neck, Conner breathed in the scent wafting from the woman's body. She could smell the natural spicy scent of Alex herself, and smiled as she also took in the aroma of their lovemaking. Pulling Alex closer, their bodies fitting together in a perfect spoon, Conner fell back into a gentle slumber.


When Conner next woke, she reached out for the warmth of the other woman, and found nothing but a cool, empty bed. Opening her eyes, she looked around the cabin trying to ascertain if this had all been a dream. There on the floor were the strewn pile of the clothes they had removed from each other the night before. Sitting up and searching through the sheets for her shirt, Conner was startled when a naked Alex strolled into the cabin, smiling and holding out a cup of hot coffee.

"Good morning, sleepyhead." Conner took the coffee as Alex bent down to place a tender kiss on her lips. Conner curled her fingers behind Alex's neck and eagerly returned the gesture.

Crawling into the bed beside Conner, Alex snuggled close to steal some of the warmth radiating off her new found lover. 'Umm it's a little chilly out there without any clothes on."

"Damn, and I thought you were just glad to see me." Conner laughed as she gently pinched one of Alex's hard nipples between her fingers.

'Ahhh, god, woman, you'd better be careful, or I'll make sure that coffee gets cold before you get a chance to drink it."

After taking a long swallow of the hot liquid, Conner bent and captured the hard nipple in her mouth. The contrast of sensations sent Alex soaring, her hips involuntarily thrusting from the sensual assault.

"Conner," Alex whispered, "do you have...any idea...what you do to me?"

Conner continued with her early morning exploration, capturing the other nipple in her mouth and gently biting it with her teeth.

"Ooooh, yes." Alex curled her fingers in Conner's hair and pulled her closer, leaning back to give the other woman an unobstructed path to other regions of her body.

Conner released Alex's nipple with a slurp and a quick kiss. Raising her head, and producing a mischievous grin, she straddled the Alex's hips and continued off the other side, landing lightly on her feet beside the bed.

"Hold that breath...gotta have," Conner said as she ran into the head.

"Damn, woman, you're killing me...get back here."

Alex could hear the water running and the sounds of her new lover brushing her teeth. She smiled at the intimate closeness, and realized just how comfortable she felt lying here naked in the daylight with Conner. She had not even been this bold when she and Feryle had just gotten together. Somehow the thought did not bring her distress, just added more data to the equation. She burst out laughing as she heard the other woman gargling in the other room.

"Woman, get out here now before you drown yourself."

Conner stepped though the door, wiping a mixture of toothpaste and mouthwash from her mouth as she lifted herself back onto the bed. Throwing one leg across Alex, she once again straddled the other woman, pressing her legs together tightly, forcing Alex's together as well.

"The only thing I plan to drown in this morning, Agent you."

Conner's husky voice hushed as she bent to take Alex's nipple in her mouth again, resuming where she had previously left off.

Alex lifted her hips, aching to bring Conner closer to her, needing to feel her inside. She lifted Conner's chin with her fingers, and as mouths parted, tongues dueled, and hands searched, their passion reached a new height.

Conner pulled away quickly, dark eyes focused on Alex's face. "I want to make love to you Alex...slowly. I want to learn your body, I want you to tell me what you need, what you want me to do, where you want me to go, and how you want me to go there." Conner leaned in taking the woman's lips in her own, sliding her tongue along Alex's bottom lip until she moaned.

"Oh Conner." Alex sighed. "I want you...want you" Alex closed her eyes, and bent her head in embarrassment. She had never had anyone ask her what she needed before and did not know how she was supposed to answer.

Conner gently lifted Alex's chin and placed a tender kiss on the tip of her nose. "I want you to talk to me. I want to know what you want...what you like...what you need. There is no reason to be embarrassed, love. I want to make you happy, and give you what you need."

It was now Conner's turn to hide her eyes. "Anyway, it really turned me on last night when you talked to me." Conner gave the woman a sidelong glance and saw the dimples appear as Alex broke out in a grin.

The tension-filled moment now broken; the women continued their exploration of one another's bodies. Hands once again met flesh, mouth met lips, and soul met soul, as they felt the heat melt their hearts.

Conner traced small kissed downward until she came to the hollow of Alex's neck.

"I love the way you smell." Conner continued her trek down Alex's chest

"I love the way you taste." She ran her tongue in circles around the nipple.

Pressing her hand against the back of Conner's head, Alex pulled the woman closer.

"Ummm, that feels so good." Alex was watching Conner's ministrations, and her hips lifted in a silent plea.

Conner lifted her eyes to Alex's. Dark, half-closed eyes relayed to Conner what her touches were doing to the other woman. Parting Alex's legs with her, and lifting up on one hand, she reached for Alex's lips with her own.

"You drive me crazy, Alex. It takes all I can do to keep from ravishing you in an instant. Talk to me, tell me what you need."

"Ahhh, oh Conner, I need all of you...everywhere. " Alex took Conner's hand and gently pushed down, taking Conner to the hot, wet heat below. Using her own fingers, she pushed Conner's inside.

"That's what I need. I need you inside of me."

Conner gasped as she felt the immense wetness. Taking Alex's hand, she turned it so Alex's fingers were inside along with hers.

"Do I do this to you...make you this wet?" Conner's eyes were dark, her voice husky, as she slowly moved their fingers through the slick evidence of Alex's desire.

"Yes...oh god do." Alex hips bucked in an attempt to take the women deeper.

"Show me what you like, Alex." Conner slowly ground her hips, pressing their hands deeper.

Alex's eyes widened in embarrassment. She attempted to remove her hand, but was stopped by Conner's fingers intertwining with hers. She slowly turned Alex's hand until their fingers rested on the hard bundle of nerves, and slowly moved Alex's fingers, making slow circles around the bud.

"Is that what you like?" Conner continued moving their hands in the slow circular motion. "...or do you like it like this?" She pressed their hands harder.

"Oh yes, like that."

Conner could feel the trembling in Alex's legs as she thrust her hips higher. Still looking in Alex's dark eyes, she gently placed soft kisses along Alex's jaw line, then moved up to capture the warm lips that were parted, waiting for her. Running her tongue lightly over Alex's bottom lip, Conner smiled as she felt the woman respond to her kiss.

"See, Agent Montgomery, that wasn't so bad. Now tell me more," Conner demanded in a sultry voice.

Letting out a long sigh, Alex ground her hips harder into Conner's. "You're bad, Officer Harris."

"No." Conner chuckled as she matched Alex's thrusting hips with her own. "I'm good...very good, and you're going to make me even better."

Conner moved her hand lower and slid two long slender fingers inside the other woman. When she felt Alex once again attempt to remove her hand, Conner held her there with her hips. No I want you there. I want to watch as you make yourself come for me."

"Ahhh, Conner," Alex growled. She bit her lower lip, as she continued massaging the hard nub.

Conner slid lower on the other woman's body, planting light kisses along the way until she once again found Alex's nipple. She took it in her mouth, teasing it with her tongue, and tenderly tugging with her lips.

"Yes...damn, you feel so good inside me." Alex's hips were now moving in the rhythmic motion with Conner's hand.

Conner continued her southward journey, stopping only for a moment to lick small circles in and around Alex's navel, causing the woman to moan again in her dark desire.

"God, Conner...please I need to...need to feel your tongue...pleeeeese." Alex was now totally immersed in her desire for Conner.

Settling between Alex's legs, Conner teased Alex more by placing soft kisses along her thigh and moving up to kiss the swollen lips of her sex. She slowly licked the hot swollen lips and could feel Alex's fingers brush against her tongue as she continued pleasing herself, which sent Conner's hips into a frenzied thrusting of their own.

Pulling back, Conner laid her cheek against Alex's thigh and watched her rub the swollen bud as she continued to slowly pump her fingers into the woman. Conner had never seen anything as beautiful as her lover, lying here caressing herself, giving in to the passion she felt.

"Harder, baby...go inside me deeper." Alex gasped as her hand began to rub her clit faster. "Now, Conner...I need you...please."

The contented moment was now replaced with a determination to please the woman beneath her. Conner pressed her fingers inside the woman harder, curling them up until she found the spot she knew would send Alex over the edge.

"Ahhhhhh, yes, oh god, Conner, don't stop."

Alex's hand was moving faster now with a determined need. Conner bent down and joined Alex's fingers in their ministrations, licking Alex's clit and fingers and gently biting the swollen lips of her sex.

"Yeeees, oh, Conner, yes!" Alex screamed as she felt the first surges of the orgasm overtake her body.

Conner continued licking Alex, now fighting for possession of the hard nub. She attacked the tender shaft, flicking her tongue in quick jabs.

Alex arched her back, bringing her hips closer to Conner's probing tongue as the first contractions started. Moving her hand and grabbing the back of Conner's head, she pulled the woman closer, burying Conner's face in her sex.

"Oh Conner...I'm coming baby...don't stop."

Conner continued pushing her fingers into Alex, in long deep thrusts, and licking the shaft of her clit in long slow motions. Conner felt herself on the verge of an orgasm as she ground her hips into the mattress. Alex could sense the rising surge in Conner and slid her leg beneath and between the other woman's legs.

Conner almost lost control as she felt Alex's long soft leg slide against her wetness.

"Mmm," Conner growled as she continued licking Alex, never slowing the rhythmic thrusts of her fingers into Alex's core.

Feeling the wetness between Conner's legs sent Alex over the edge. Thrusting her hips one last time, her body convulsed in the rapture of her orgasm.

"Ohhh, Conner...yes...oh God...Coooonner."

Alex felt the heat surge through her body as the orgasm over took her. Conner had engulfed the hard clit between her lips, and was now gently sucking the nub as Alex rode the waves. The orgasm seemed to go on forever as Conner teased the hard shaft, pulling more and more spasms from Alex.

Alex's head once thrown back now tilted forward so she could watch Conner pull the orgasm from her. She had never felt such intense pleasure and needed to look into the face of the woman giving her this gift. When their eyes met, it sent Conner over the edge in her own orgasm, and together they rode the waves, knowing something magical had just happened between them.

Finally, Alex's contractions slowed and her hips settled back down to the mattress. Conner continued nurturing Alex, careful not to hit the ultra sensitive nub, instead running long strokes along her swollen, now satisfied lower lips.

"Mmmmm, you taste soooo good," Conner growled as she continued licking the remnants of Alex's juices. "I could stay here all day, tasting you, licking you." Conner looked up into Alex's half-closed eyes as she placed a long gentle lick along the slowly receding shaft.

Alex ran her fingers through Conner's hair and cupped her face in her hands. "...and I could let you stay there, but I want you here holding me." Alex pulled Conner's shoulders, bringing the woman up, against the length of her own body.

Conner slid up and lay quietly against the length of Alex for a few moments, her body warm and still trembling from the aftershocks of the orgasm. She raised herself up on both hands and bent to capture Alex's mouth in her own, delving deeply with her tongue, as she shared the juices of their lovemaking. Alex took advantage of the distance Conner had created between them and cupped both of her breasts in her hands, rubbing her thumbs lightly over Conner's hard nipples.

"Ummm, we're never going to get out of this bed if you keep that up."

Pinching the nipples lightly, Alex bit Conner's bottom lip as she responded in a throaty whisper. "I didn't intend to get up anytime soon."

Alex tucked her legs under Conner, forcing the other woman's legs to straddle her hips. In a slow, light caress, she ran her hands down Conner's side until she reached the taut muscles of her hips. Cupping one in each hand, she pulled Conner forward until the short curly hair of Conner's sex was mixed with hers.

In an attempt to keep her balance, Conner sat up straighter and reached to grab hold of the built-in bookcases that served as the headboard. Alex once again took advantage of the woman's movement, slid her hand between their bodies, and plunged into Conner in one swift movement. Conner's gasp of surprise lit a smile across Alex's face, as she slid another finger into Conner.

"Ahhhhhh, Alex," Conner screamed, as she tried desperately to hold herself upright. She pushed her hips forward, melting into the rhythmic thrusting of Alex's fingers. Not thinking she could stay in this position any longer, Conner began to lean in an attempt to roll them both over. Alex noticed the motion, and reached out to hold the woman on top of her.

"No way." Alex reached up and licked one of the hard nipples. "You wanted me to tell you what I wanted...well this is it." Alex switched to lick to other nipple, and gently bit it, sending another surge of heat throughout Conner's body.

"I want you sitting here on me, looking me in the eyes, while I make love to you."

Using her free hand, Alex wrapped her fingers in Conner's hair and pulled her head down so she could capture the swollen lips in her own. Alex matched her thrusting fingers with her tongue, sliding in and out of Conner's mouth.

Breaking free for a breath, Conner stared deeply into the other woman's eyes, saying "God, you're beautiful" as she ground her hips harder against Alex fingers " beautiful."

Alex flattened her hand and let Conner's weight press her clit against the palm of her hand. Seeing the lusty look on Conner's face and hearing her moans spurred Alex's courage.

"This is what I want." Conner's dark eyes stared into her own. "I want you to come for me, like this." She grasped Conner's hips with her free hand, pulling her harder and faster against her fingers. "I want to see your face, and you to see mine." Her fingers moved deeper. "...and I want to hear you scream my name ...I want to know I'm who you're thinking of when you come for me."

Conner's knuckles were white from gripping the bookcase. The blood was boiling though her veins as Alex talked to her and told her what she wanted. Conner had never been this turned on by anyone, and felt the hot juices of her desire as she slid over Alex's hand.

In one ravishing moment, Conner bent down to engulf Alex's mouth with her own, pushing her tongue deeply into the other woman's mouth, as she ground herself harder against her probing hand. Alex reached up and firmly rubbed Conner's nipple between her thumb and forefinger, sending Conner over the edge.

Conner arched her back, thrusting harder against Alex's hand, trying to get her fingers deeper. Her eyes locked with Alex's as the first spasms of her orgasm shook her.

"Aleeeeeeex...oh my'm you feel it?

"Overwhelmed by Conner's words, Alex reached up and cupped Conner's face in her hands.

"Yes, baby I feel it...god, you're so tight...give it to me...Come on let it go, I've got you," Alex whispered.

At Alex's urging, Conner let the rush overtake her and gave in to the torrent of spasms surging through her body. Looking into Alex's eyes, she saw warmth there like she had never seen before on a lover's face. Alex's eyes told her what she was not ready to put words to, told her what only making love could relay, that there was hope, there was a future for them, that there was at least, on some level, love wanting to break out of her long protected heart.

"'s yours, Alex, all yours. Take it...take it baby."

Alex did, and continued to plunge her fingers into Conner until she felt the muscles finally begin to relax. Conner's eyes never left Alex's as the spasms slowly receded and she came back down to earth. Still holding onto the bookcase, Conner slumped forward, breathing hard as she recovered from the orgasm.

Alex sat up, sliding between Conner's outstretched arms, and held her, supporting the weight of the exhausted woman she had just made love to. Nuzzling her face into Conner's neck, she placed light kisses along her jaw line, slowly making her way to capture Conner's lips with her own.

"Thank you," Alex whispered. "You're so beautiful when you come."

With a shy look, Conner smiled and kissed Alex on the nose. "Why are you thanking me, I should be thanking you. I...ummm...think I got the best end of that deal."

"Hmm...don't think so, I love to watch your face when you come. It's so intense, intimate." Alex traced the scar under Conner's chin.

They lay in each other's arms, relaxing with the lazy morning. Soon, Alex's stomach growled in protest of being neglected, which made both women laugh.

"Well. I haven't been a very good hostess. I think we need to get some food into you before your stomach gets really pissed."

"Yes, well I am a little hungry, not that I've noticed before now."

"Well, why don't you get some clothes on so I can concentrate, and I'll call Benny to come tow us in. Then we can go back to my house and make some breakfast."

"Sounds like a good plan to me. I'll bet Magnum will be ready for breakfast too.

"Magnum," Conner groaned. "Damn, I'll bet that little shit has shredded everything in the house by now." Smiling sheepishly "Actually, I hadn't even thought of him. I'm a baaaaad cat sitter."

"Well, as much as I hate to, we better get going. What time is it anyway?" Alex said as she slid out of the bed. She had not paid any attention to the time given her earlier distractions, but she knew it was still early. It was still dark out when she had previously been up getting their coffee.

"It's just a little past six." Conner said sliding out of the bed and reaching for Alex once again.

"Not a chance, missy. You want more of me...I need nourishment." Alex slid from Conner's grasp, only to wrap her arms around her from behind.

Not being able to look in Conner's eyes made her next comments easier to say. Nuzzling her face into Conner's hair Alex breathed in the spicy smell of her shampoo.

"Conner," she whispered. "I don't know how to say this...and maybe I shouldn't at this point." Conner tensed as she anticipated Alex's next words. "...but I just need to tell you that...ummm...I don't know what it is about you, but...ummm...anyway, I just want you to know I've had a great weekend, and I want you to know that...well, I don't usually...ummm...actually I've never...ummm...slept with someone on the first date...and, ummm." Alex knew she was stammering and stuttering, but she just could not seem to put her feelings into words.

Conner felt Alex's uneasiness and turned in the other woman's arms. "Alex, it's OK. I feel the same way too, and, ahh...although I can't say I'm as noble as you about the first date thing...this isn't just another one nighter for me Alex." Looking at anything but Alex's eyes, Conner continued. "I want to see more of you Alex...a lot more, actually. I know things have been crazy in your life the past year, so I want you to tell me if I push to hard. OK?"

Alex smiled and cupped Conner's face in her hands. "OK, I want to see more of you too, and yes I will tell you if things get too intense too soon." Biting her bottom lip, she gave Conner a sidelong glance, then her eyes moved to the rumpled unmade bed they just vacated. "Although I don't know if my body can stand anything more intense than what we just experienced."

Conner's face relaxed and her slight frown was replaced with a raised brow and slanted smile. "Oh yeah? Well I have a whole lot more of that intenseness, whenever you're ready." Conner pulled Alex into her arms for a slow, tender kiss, and as their tongues explored, their breathing got heavier. Alex placed a hand on Conner's chest pushing her away and offered a bright dimpled grin.

"Food, you promised me food. Now go, call the tow boat, or whatever you call that thing, and get me food."

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