Storm Surge

Chapter Twenty-Two

by KatLyn

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Warning: The first section of this chapter contains a graphic description of a consenting, yet aggressive sexual encounter. To skip this section, simply go to the second separator bar in the chapter.

Friday Morning:

Olivia woke with a warm body pressed against her back. She had arrived at the apartment a little after 2 AM, to a very naked and ready Monica. The woman had pulled her through the door, immediately backed her against the wall, ravishing Olivia's mouth with hot, wet kisses. Eager hands tore at the buttons on Olivia's shirt, after the shoulder holster dropped to the floor with a thud by the door. The rest of Olivia's clothes were now scattered haphazardly down the length of the hallway having been quickly discarded as Monica pulled them from her body in her haste to get to the bedroom.

Olivia turned over and felt her spine crack as she stretched her aching muscles. Monica was always good for a nice round of sexual distraction, and usually had the power and stamina to quell her surging libido.

However, this morning, Olivia still felt a hot need between her legs. She rolled over and looked at the digital clock on the nightstand and saw that it was only five o'clock. Smiling, she rolled Monica onto her back, immediately capturing a dark brown nipple in her mouth, sucking it hard and deep while flicking her tongue over the sensitive tip. Monica opened her eyes as Olivia threw back the covers, pulled her legs apart roughly and plunged two fingers deep into the waking woman.

“Slow down Liv, what's your hurry?” Monica growled as Olivia's hands and mouth assaulted her body. She raised her hand to touch Olivia's shoulder but quickly found her hands pinned above her head. “What's the matter with you baby? Slow down.”

Olivia could hear Monica's pleas to ease up, but ignored them. Nothing, not even Monica herself, could keep her from having what she wanted, the way she wanted. She tore her mouth away from the hard nipple only long enough to breath out , "Stop talking! I have to go soon and I want you again, now." Olivia recaptured the hard nipple between her lips, and closed her eyes trying to conjure up the images that had been so easy to see in the darkness last night.

In her mind, she saw Images of Alex screaming HER name instead of Conner's, and heard Alex begging HER to go deeper and harder. She reached down between Monica's legs and resumed the relentless pumping, hearing the woman cry out in pain. Olivia knew Monica liked her sex rough and smiled, interpreting the cries as encouragement as she began to pump faster and harder.

In the fogginess of waking, Monica didn't really comprehend all that was happening to her body until Olivia began the unrelenting, painful pounding. She had always known Olivia was good for some fast hard sex, but she had never experienced anything like this with her before. Olivia seemed possessed, using her mouth and hands to drive the demons from her soul. She knew trying to slow Olivia down was useless, and would only prolong the painful experience. Closing her eyes in defeat, trying to shut out the pain, Monica arched her back, moaning loudly as she feigned an orgasm, hoping Olivia would soon relent.

Monica fell back into the pillows, breathing hard, as she focused on blocking out the burning pain between her legs. After she had what Olivia thought was an orgasm, the woman rolled over on her back, pulling Monica on top of her. Grabbing Monica's hand, she thrust it between her legs, pressing her fingers into the slick wetness, and moaned as she thrust her hips higher.

It had been a long time since Monica had felt Olivia this wet, and silently wondered what had driven her to this frantic need. Monica knew when the woman beneath her needed hard, raw sex, and this was one of those times. She knelt between Olivia's legs, pushing them wide apart, and added another finger as she plunged deep into the hot wetness. Olivia's hips thrust up violently as she tried to take Monica deeper.

“I want all of you in me, NOW.” Olivia stared at Monica with glazed eyes, as she reached down to grasp the woman's hand, pushing her deeper.

“Hold on baby, you're not ready. I'll hurt you.” Monica had never seen Olivia so fiercely aroused.

“Push…harder…I need you in me…all the way.” Olivia's head was pressed back into the pillow, hips thrust upwards, open to the fierce assault she so desperately needed.

Monica continued to pump her fingers into Olivia, as she tucked her thumb into her palm. She reached up and pinched one of Olivia's hard nipples between her fingers, and clamped down hard. When she heard Olivia's cries, she slowly eased her hand into the woman, and slowed her pumping to the barest movement, knowing from experience that just the filling presence would send the woman over the edge.

Olivia was lost in her fantasy. Images of Alex flew through her mind, and she lost all sense of control as she felt the small hand completely fill her core.

“Ahhhh…yes baby…that's it…fuck me, Alex…fuck me.”

Monica raised an eyebrow as she heard Olivia call out for someone named Alex, and wondered if this mysterious woman had been responsible for Olivia's insatiable need. Oh well, who cares who got her here. She came to me, and that's all that matters right now, She thought to herself, as she waited for Olivia's thrashing to slow.

The orgasm was longer and stronger than any Olivia had ever experienced. She could feel the muscular walls of her core squeeze Monica's hand tightly and the blood pulse through her veins, as the woman slowly pumped her hand inside. After what seems like eternity, Olivia felt her body relax, and slumped back against the mattress. Her chest was heaving as her lungs attempted to replenish the oxygen supply her body so desperately needed, and the arteries in her neck pulsed as they rushed oxygen rich blood to her brain.

Monica felt the aftershock spasms as she moved to pull her hand slowly out of Olivia. She knew the woman loved hard rough sex, but this morning had her somewhat frightened. She was watching Olivia as the woman opened her eyes, Olivia looked up at her with a blank stare, then rolled over and crawled out of bed, already in search of her clothes.

“Do you have to go already?” Monica leaned back on the headboard, and pulled the covers up around her hips. Olivia had never stayed around long after sex, but for some reason, this morning's tryst had made her feel cheap…used…and Olivia's swift retreat was only magnifying the feelings.

Olivia retrieved her sports bra from in front of the dresser, pulled it over her head and walked to the door in search of the remainder of her clothes, “Yeah, I gotta go. I have a meeting this morning.”

“Wouldn't be with someone named Alex, now would it?” Monica asked in her usual sarcastic tone.

Olivia stopped dead in her tracks, and turned dark, dangerous eyes back to face Monica. “And what if it is? That's never stopped you from fucking me before,” she growled.

“No, it hasn't. But then again, you've never been quite like you were with me this morning, either.”

“Give it a rest Monica, and don't pretend you didn't like it. I have to go. I'll see you in the office later.” Olivia continued down the hallway, pulling on her clothes as she went, “Oh, and don't think that just because I kept you up a little late last night, you can be late for work. I have a charter group coming in at eleven. Tell Bobby he'll have to handle it. I'm going to be busy this morning.

“Yes boss,” Monica yelled down the hallway, as she headed for the bathroom to shower. A few minutes later she heard the door slam, and knew she was once again alone in the apartment. She stepped into the shower, letting the warm water wash away all evidence of the strange sexual encounter. She reached for the soap and saw the bruises that were beginning to form on her arms, and hips. Jesus, Olivia, what the hell, has gotten into you? Monica stepped out of the shower, finished dressing and headed for work. As she was driving, thinking back over the morning, she wondered if she would get the opportunity to meet the mysterious Alex.


A little after six, Olivia was driving across town and pulled her sports car into a beac access road, about 100 yards south of Alex's house. She turned her car, parking to face the road, so she could easily see anyone driving in. Scanning the area to make sure she was alone, Olivia reached over, pulled the antenna up on the receiver, placed the headset over her ears and listened for any sounds indicating the women were awake, leaning her head back against the seat.

Her eyes flew open when she heard rustling sounds through the headset, and glancing at her watch realized she must have fallen asleep. Olivia smiled, pleased with her decision to place the bug behind one of the slats of the headboard. The reception was so clear she could hear the faintest noise through the receiver. What she was hearing now told her that someone was waking up, and moving around in the bed. She leaned her head back and through half closed eyes, listened as the sun began to rise over the horizon behind her.


Alex woke a little after six thirty as the morning light was just breaking over the horizon. She propped her head in her hand as she watched Conner sleeping soundly beside her. She gently caressed her lovers face and soon felt a warm stirring between her legs. Her hand reached out to touch a soft dark nipple and smiled, as it soon grew hard between her fingertips. Conner stirred beneath the gentle touch but didn't wake.

Alex continued with the caresses, letting her fingers flow across the lean muscles of Conners stomach and heard a soft moan as she traveled lower. Alex stopped, waiting to hear the rhythmic breathing resume indicating Conner was once again asleep, then continued until her fingers intertwined with in the soft triangle below. Even while asleep, Conner's legs parted and her hips tilted up seeking Alex's touch. Slowly she slid her hand between her lover's legs and slowly pressed a single finger between the already wet lips. Conner moaned again, this time louder, and Alex stopped her hand until Conner had once again settled.

Alex leaned in and placed a warm kiss on Conner's cheek as she began massaging the sensitive clitoris beneath her finger. She smiled as she felt the clitoris harden and heard Conner's breathing quicken. Conner moaned and arched her back as Alex continued to bring her slowly into the waking world.

“Ummm, baby,” Conner mumbled in her sleep.

Alex chuckled as she remembered what a sound sleeper Conner was and pressed harder. Her slow deliberate nurturing was soon rewarded as Conner moaned louder, opened her eyes and realized what her body was responding to this early in the morning.

“ohmygod, Alex…oh…yes,” Conner's eyes were wide with amazement as she realized Alex had brought her to this close while she slept.

Alex kissed Conner lightly on the lips, “Good morning,” then slowly slipped two fingers deep into her lover. Alex continued to place soft, warm kisses on her lips, as she watched and felt the orgasm consume Conner.

Conner's head fell back into the pillow as she arched her back, the orgasm surging through body. Alex slid her arm under Conner's shoulders and pulled her close as she felt the throbbing muscles seize her fingers in a tight grip.


“That's it baby, give it to me…Ummm yes, let it go,” Alex whispered when she felt the muscles squeeze her fingers. She held Conner as the blood coursed through her body throughout the shuttering orgasm. When she fell limply back onto the pillow, Alex pulled her over until she rested in the crook of her arm.

Conner draped her arm across Alex's stomach, “I love you Alex.”

Alex smiled and turned to kiss Conner lightly on the lips, “And I love you too, Conner Harris…I love you too.” Alex pulled Conner closer and they once again fell into a peaceful slumber.


Olivia sat in the small sports car, and let her breathing and heart rate return to normal. Hearing nothing more from the house down the street, Olivia pulled the headset from over her ears, threw it on the seat beside her, and flipped the power switch to off. She started the engine and pulled out onto the highway. Glancing at her watch she calculated that she would have just enough time to get home and shower before Alex called to tell her the location to the mornings meeting.


When Conner woke for the second time that morning, all she felt was cool sheets beneath her fingers. She sat up, looking around the bedroom, and noticed Alex's robe was not on the end of the bed, at the same time catching an enticing whiff of coffee. She pulled herself out of bed and after brushing her teeth and combing her short blonde hair, she padded into the kitchen. Alex was sitting at the small kitchen table with her back to the door, reading the morning newspaper and sipping a cup of the delicious smelling coffee.

Conner crept up behind Alex and just before she was about to nip her on the back of the neck, Alex let out a deep throaty laugh, “Don't you know you can't sneak up on a shadow'?”

“Damn!” Conner bent down and gave Alex a slow good-morning kiss, “I can never sneak up on you. Your no fun.”

“Humph, You weren't complaining about that earlier this morning.” Discarding the paper, Alex reached out and pulled the sulking woman down to straddle her lap.

“Well, if I remember correctly, you were the one who snuck up on me.”

Alex slid her hand in the front of Conner's robe and grasped a nipple between her fingers, “And I enjoyed every minute of it too.”

Conner pulled Alex closer and captured the soft warm lips between her own, easily slipping her tongue between the eager, waiting lips. Conner could feel Alex's hips rise up to press against her as she slowly searched and probed. Their breaths quickened and Alex pushed the robe off Conner's shoulders, letting it fall to the floor.

Conner pulled back and gave Alex a deep sultry look, “I think it's my turn, don't you? Let's go take a shower”

“Hmmm,” Alex leaned down, sucked an alert nipple between her lips, sliding her tongue back and forth across the hard orb, and then brought her head back up and stole a quick kiss, “I would love to but Donald is going to be calling soon. If we start anything, I might not be in any condition to answer the phone.”

“You're a hard woman, Alex Montgomery.” Conner slid off Alex's lap, re-tied her robe and headed to the coffee maker. Pouring a cup off the caffeine-laced liquid she sat down across from Alex, “How do you feel about tonight?”

Alex sighed heavily, “I feel a lot better now that we have some reinforcements coming in to help us. Donald really came through on that aspect of the plan, and Olivia, with her experience, will be a big help as well.”

“Olivia has it bad for you, you know,” Conner eyed Alex over the rim of her cup.

Alex rolled her eyes, “Olivia isn't my type, dear. She's always liked to play too much…never stays with one person very long,” She bit her bottom lip and slid off her chair to kneel down between Conner's legs,

“Anyway, I've found the woman I want to spend my days and nights with. So even if she does,” Alex softly nipped Conner's neck, “she's out of luck, I'm taken.” Alex seized Conner's lips and pulled her into a tight hug.

Conner opened her lips to accept Alex's probing tongue and soon their breathing quickened once more, that morning. Conner dropped her hand from Alex's waist and moved lower until her fingers mingled with soft curls. Conner heard a low moan come from deep in Alex's throat as she pushed her hips forward into the touch.

Conner, aware of the warmth spreading through her own body, slowly slid her fingers into Alex's hot wetness, and felt slick muscles embrace her fingers as she slowly probed deeper, “Do you know how much I love you, Alex?”

“Mmmm, yes, you're showing me right now,” Alex tore the sash open on Conner's robe, and pressed their bodies closer, “You make me feel so good.”

Conner continued to slide her fingers in and out of the hot wetness and with each stroke felt Alex climb closer to the apex. Conner's breathe caught in her throat when she felt Alex reach down and plunge into her deeply, curling her fingers up and pressing the sensitive spot she had come to know so well, “ohmygod, Alex.”

“Hmmm,” Alex moaned when she felt how wet Conner had become. Their tongues and hands probed and searched as they took each other to the edge. Alex, feeling herself on the verge of climax, tore her mouth away from Conner's and whispered, “Slow down, I don't want to come yet. I want us to go together.”

Conner slowed her stroking as Alex increased hers, “You feel so good, Conner. I love being inside of you, feeling you squeeze my fingers.”

Conner pulled Alex up, “Come here, sit on my lap. I need you closer.”

Alex rose and straddled Conner's legs. Hands and arms brushed against each other as they began to probe deeper, and harder. Conner reached up with her free hand to rub her thumb over Alex's hard nipple. She smiled when she heard a deep moan escape Alex's throat, and felt her hips thrust forward pulling Conner in deeper. Their senses focused, blocking out everything except each other, as they moved together in complete harmony with one another. Conner could feel the first small contractions within Alex and knew she couldn't hold back much longer.

“Noooooo,” Alex cried out as the phone on the wall behind Conner's head began to ring. Conner grasped Alex's hips, pulling her forward, as she increased the depths of her strokes, “NO! Let it ring, he'll call back. Please don't stop Alex…please.”

Alex had begun to reach for the phone, but dropped her free hand back to Conner's face when she heard her lover's pleas. Lifting her chin with her fingers, Alex seized Conners lips and plunged her tongue deep. Conner's hips bucked hard against Alex's fingers as she let out a ragged breath, throwing her head back and crying out, “Now baby…come with me Alex…yes…ohgod Aleeex.”

Alex completely lost control as she heard Conner's cries, and matched them with her own. Bending down she put her head in the crook of Conner's neck, and bit down on the soft sweet skin, “Yes baby…I'm there…god you're so tight…oh…oh…Yeeees.”

They continued to move in sync with one another as the orgasms swept through them, drowning out everything but the sensations simultaneously surging through their bodies.

When the inundating spasms slowed to gentle pulses, Conner pulled Alex's lips to hers and gently kissed the soft trembling woman. She felt a tear fall from Alex's face onto hers, “What's wrong baby? Did I hurt you?”

Alex smiled and shifted her hips forward wanting Conner to stay deep within her still pulsing core, “No, god no.”

“Then why are you crying,” Conner kissed away a salty tear as it slipped down Alex's cheek.

Alex placed her forehead against Conner's and softly kissed her lover, “Because you make me so happy.” She brought her hand up to cup Conner's cheek, “I never thought I would feel this way again.”

Conner captured Alex's lips with hers and they savored the sweet taste of each other, until once again, the phone started ringing on the wall behind Conner's head, interrupting their kiss.

Nipping the swell of Alex's breast as she reached for the phone, Conner laughed, “Tell Donald his timing sucks.” Alex swatted Conner on the shoulder as she pulled the phone out of its cradle.

Conner, still buried deep inside Alex, rubbed her thumb against the ultra sensitive clitoris. Conner could feel the slick muscles squeeze her fingers as Alex gasped, trying to speak into the phone. “Ahhjesus… Hello,” Alex glared at Conner through a tight smile.

“No Donald, I'm…ahhh...fine. Just got out of the shower and I almost slipped, that's all.” Alex grabbed Conner's hand as she continued to tease, silently mouthing 'stop it' to her grinning lover, but found herself pressing the insistent fingers deeper instead of stopping them.

Alex's hips moved on their on volition as Conner gently stroked in and out of the tight wetness. Alex knew she was quickly losing control and tried unsuccessfully to pull away, but Conner wrapped her arm around Alex's waist and pulled her closer.

“Yes…Umm…OK…We'll be there at eleven. OK, Donald, see you… ummm…soon. Bye.” Alex replaced the phone in the cradle and looked down at Conner who was smiling sheepishly back at her, “You-will-pay-dearly-for-that.”

Conner looked back at Alex innocently and shrugged, “I couldn't help it. I got a cramp in my hand.” Conner continued to slowly probe the slick folds and soon Alex was once again racing towards another powerful release. Conner leaned forward and lifted Alex, sitting her on the edge of the table, then kneeled on the floor. Alex could feel Conner's breath on her thighs as she drew closer and reached out to guide her lovers face into the warm wetness that longed to feel her tongue.

Conner hesitated for only a moment, before placing a soft kiss on Alex's thigh, before reaching up to part the swollen folds exposing the hard aching clitoris nestled below. Locking eyes with Alex, Conner drew her tongue slowly along the length of the pulsating shaft, stopping to suck gently on the tip.

“Conner, mygod…yes,” Alex pressed her hand against the back of Conner's head, pulling her lover closer.

Conner pulled Alex's legs over her shoulder, and rose up forcing Alex to lean back on her hands. Using her foot, Conner slid the chair behind her and sat, then gave Alex a teasing smile before once again dipping her tongue in to the warm juices of her lover.

Alex felt her body tremble as Conner's tongue slid inside, probing deeper with every thrust. She thrust her hips to match Conner's rhythm and soon found herself on the verge of another powerful orgasm.

“Conner…yes baby…go inside me…please,” Alex's arms were trembling behind her and she struggled to remain in the half sitting position as she watched Conner make love to her, “Baby please…I need you inside me.”

Conner's eyes remained locked with Alex's as she prolonged the sweet torture, “Soon baby…soon.” Conner could feel Alex's legs begin to tremble as the first teasing pulses traveled up her body. She brought her hand up and gently caressed Alex's hip, sending her lover even higher. She waited until she heard Alex gasp, and then slowly slid three fingers inside the slick warmth of her lover.

“ooooohgod Conner…take it…yes.” Alex's hips surged forward taking Conner's fingers deep. Conner resisted the urge to plunge hard and fast knowing that the slow strokes would prolong the impending explosion. She didn't have to wait long before Alex reached out and pulled her up until they were facing, to capture her lips in a long passionate kiss, “I love you, Conner…god I love you so much.”

Conner smiled and returned the gentle kiss, as she rubbed her thumb quickly against Alex's hard aching clit. She felt the muscles surrounding her fingers spasm, squeezing, as Alex cried out, “Connnnnerr…yes…oh god…it's…so slow.” Bending down Conner sucked a hard nipple into her mouth and continued the slow gentle strokes in and out, as Alex rode the long wave through the orgasm.

Suddenly, with one forceful thrust of her hips, Alex's body went rigid, as the orgasm surged through her body. Throwing her arms around Conner's neck, she held on as the waves continued, and felt herself tighten around Conner's fingers, as she pressed deeper into her core. Conner continued the slow deep strokes until Alex's body fell exhausted against her.

Conner held Alex tightly as her breathing slowed. Only after Conner could no longer feel the aftershocks of their lovemaking, did she pull her hand away, and smiled as Alex groaned, “Ummm, I already miss you.”

“Well, tonight when we can finally relax, I'll make sure you don't miss me,” Conner said as she kissed Alex once again.

Alex's face turned serious as she looked down at Conner, “Promise me. Promise me that tonight you will come home with me, and make love to me until the morning.”

Conner knew what Alex was asking, knew that even through there were no assurances either one would ever come back home, the promise needed to be made. A promise, that if for no other reason, but only to give them faith that the mission was going to be a success, that they would not lose each other, that they would experience more mornings like this one. “I promise you Alex, I love you with my heart and soul. I'm coming home with you by my side, I promise.”

Their lips lingered on each other's as they consummated their promise. Taking a deep breath, Conner glanced at the clock, “I guess we had better be getting ready. It's almost 9:30.” Conner reached behind Alex and pulling her robe back onto her shoulders, retied the sash, “You go ahead and take your shower. I need another cup of coffee.”

Alex raised a brow, “What…I didn't wake you good enough?”

Conner stole a quick kiss as she turned toward the coffee maker, “Oh yes, you woke me just fine. You can satisfy my every craving, except my body's addiction to caffeine.”

Alex laughed, as she headed through the door, “Smart answer Harris.”


They made good time getting dressed and into the car. Conner, deciding to leave her car at the house, climbed into the Jeep next to Alex, who gave her a sidelong glance, “I'm surprised you're not afraid to ride with me what with everyone trying to blow me up lately.”

“Stop it!” Conner's words came out in an angry rush, “I don't want to hear you talk like that again, is that clear?” Dragging her hand through blonde locks, she drew in a deep breath and looked at Alex, “Anyway, if they get you then they get me. I don't want to be here without you.”

Alex reached over and traced the sharp angle of Conner's jaw, “After the last few days my will to live is stronger than it's been in a long time. I intend to keep us both here, alive and kicking for a long time.” Alex leaned over and gave Conner a gentle kiss before sitting back and fastening her seatbelt. “Let's get this show on the road, shall we?”

Alex took the expressway toward the city. The rush hour traffic had thinned out and Alex and Conner enjoyed the relaxed drive to the large suite Donald had reserved earlier that morning on Baymeadows Road. Donald had purposely delayed revealing the meeting place to further secure there was no breach in the security. Alex parked in the garage and felt a chill run up her spine as the memory of yesterday's explosion flashed through her mind. She shook off the foreboding feeling and pushed open the door, not wanting Conner to sense her uneasiness.

Alex knocked when they reached the designated room on the eighth floor. Donald answered and waved them inside, closing the door behind them. Olivia was leaning against the headboard of one of the large beds and raised one brow as Alex and Conner walked in the room. They made their way across the room and Alex dropped on the bed beside Olivia. Conner chose to lean against the nightstand between the beds and crossed her legs in front of her as she quietly studied her surroundings.

Donald was busy in the far corner talking to three men Conner had never seen before. Must be part of the Special Ops crew, she thought.

Olivia elbowed Alex in the side and grinned menacingly, “Glad you could join us Montgomery,” she said in a whisper. “Have a late night?”

Alex looked over at Conner and winked, “As a matter of fact we had a late night, and an early morning Olivia,” she whispered.

Conner had to bite her lip to keep from grinning at the surprised look on Olivia's face. Obviously, she wasn't accustomed to Alex being so forthcoming. Humph, Now maybe you'll get the hint that Alex isn't available, Conner thought to herself.

Olivia glanced at Conner and smiled, “I'm impressed Harris. Although from what I saw yesterday, it doesn't surprise me.”

Conner could feel her face begin to turn a deep red, the heat slowly creeping into her ears. She was saved from the embarrassing moment by a loud rap on the door. Donald again answered the door and waved several more unfamiliar faces into the room. After another ten minutes of quiet discussion in the far corner, Donald called the meeting to order.

“Listen up everyone. I'd like to start by introducing the Special Ops Team. As you know I contacted Ben Owens at Quantico and asked for 20 of the best people he has for this operation. He could only send us 10, but they are the best in their field, and we are lucky to have them.” Donald continued by introducing everyone. Gabe Watson, Jeff Goldberg, and Richard Blake were all well known throughout the Agency for their marksmanship abilities. Dennis Andrews, Victor Garrett, Tony DeTomasso, and Eric Quincey were all Recon specialists, and all held black belts in martial arts. Chuck Bannister, Ben Willis, and David Seay were all members of an elite Special Ops team focused on hostage rescue.

When Donald was finished, he could see a thin smile cross Alex's lips. He returned her gaze, and saw her dip her head slightly in a sign of acceptance and gratitude. Finally, I've done something right. Donald thought to himself.

Alex had worked with Blake and DeTomasso on past cases and knew them to be the best in their field. She was impressed with the team Ben Owens had formed. He obviously was as ready for this circus to be over as she was.

In minutes, maps were pinned to the walls, and folders passed among the members. Alex summarized the investigation from her first day on the case and continuing through the explosion, José's death, Olivia's involvement, and ending with the information they had gathered at José's house.

Conner's summarizations came next and before anyone realized, it was after 1:00. Donald ordered room service, and they continued to discuss the raid, and their plans. Bennie had motored Conner's boat up the river, and had her anchored out about a quarter mile east of the dock. Donald and Jack decided they would make the boat the communications headquarters, thereby giving them quick access to the warehouse by way of the river should anything go wrong and the mission be aborted.

Olivia had been quiet throughout the meeting, listening as the time line was discussed and prepared, and was startled when Donald asked her to explain the body mics she had brought for them. She demonstrated how to place and secure the mics, although most of the team had, at one time or another, worn such a devices and didn't need much instruction or preparation. She further explained that she had programmed the layout of the warehouse into one of the computers, and Jack and Donald would monitor each member's location, as well as everything that was said, back on the boat.

Olivia also added that she had returned to the warehouse and shot darts around the building so they could monitor any movement or conversations around the perimeter.

Conner spoke up, “Exactly what are darts? I heard you mention that yesterday, but I forgot to ask.”

Olivia looked at Alex, and shrugged her shoulders, giving Alex the floor. “Actually the darts Olivia shot in are the results of a little experiment we did several years ago during a surveillance operation. Alex looked at Olivia and rolled her eyes, “Olivia here, was getting impatient with the lack of conversation we were able to pick up through the bugs placed in a house we were watching. Most of the conversations took place in the driveway, on the back porch, usually anywhere but inside the house.”

“During the many hours we sat in the hot attic of the house across the street, she worked on her 'darts'. They are modified darts, just like the ones used to tranquilize animals shot from an air rifle, only much smaller. Olivia placed a spring on the end of the dart to reduce the impact the bug would sustain as it imbedded itself into a wall, a tree, or whatever.”

Alex looked at the other members of the team and saw she had their attention, “Anyway to make a long story short, Olivia shot a few darts around the perimeter of the building, and we got the suspects on tape planning out a bank heist. A few days later, we were in the bank when the suspects came in, and foiled their robbery. Since then, we have used them when other means of surveillance didn't work, like now. We can't get into the warehouse to plant any bugs, so Olivia shot some around the perimeter in hopes of picking up some conversation.”

A knock on the door announced the arrival of their lunch, and all talk and planning ceased as they satisfied their hunger and got to know each other a little better. After lunch, they sat down to finalize the evening's timeline. The schedule was set for Alex, Conner and Olivia to meet the Special Ops team at 8:00 in an empty garage across the river and about half a mile west of the Container building. Donald and Jack would dinghy to the boat at 7:00, and set up the communications equipment. A comm. check would be held at 8:15, and then they would wait.

Everyone had their orders, and began heading out the door. Olivia waited behind asking to speak with Donald alone. Alex considered her ex-partner's request odd, since she and Donald had only met last night. However, she shook off the uneasy feeling, and asked Olivia to call her later in the afternoon. Alex and Conner headed back to the precinct to get the latest results from the lab concerning Donald's assault, then home to spend a few hours in the peace and quiet, before they had to report for duty at the garage.


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