Storm Surge

Chapter Thirty-One

by KatLyn

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Alicia Vergara sat on the sofa in the safe house drinking a cup of coffee, thinking about the previous night and the unending barrage of questions she had endured. Laying her head back on the soft pillows, she wondered what would happen to her father now that she had supplied the authorities with the missing pieces to the puzzle.

She knew Agents Fairfax and Montgomery couldn't make her any promises, but she knew that almost anything would be better than returning to her previous life. Maybe this will allow me to finally break free.

She stood and walked down the hallway to the bathroom. After turning on the water in the shower, she stripped off her clothes and stood under the warm spray.


The man moved warily through the trees until he was within range of the guard sitting outside the front door. He stood crouched for a moment to be sure his approach had not been detected. Methodically, he lifted the gun in his hands and smiled as the silencer eliminated almost all of the sound of the gun. He waited until the form slumped over before making his way slowly to the house.

He could hear noises coming from the back deck and stood at the front door listening for any other sounds from within the house. Easing the door open, he crept inside and looked around. He moved silently and quickly on hearing a noise at the other end of the hall. Stopping at the door he eased it door open, crept in, and quietly closed the door behind him.

Alicia quickly turned, trying to cover herself as the shower door flew open. “Hector! What are…” Her words were silenced as the bullet entered her head.

Hector Sarantos, watched as Alicia's head snapped back, a slow trickle of blood running down the front of her face as her naked body slid down the wall leaving the tile cracked and smeared with his family blood. Muttering darkly under his breath, Hector sadly watched the life drain from his sister, the only person who had truly loved him. “Sorry, Alicia, but you knew Papa would never stand for your betrayal.”

A wrenching ache encompassed his heart as he looked down upon his dying sibling. She had managed to escape the greedy claws of their father, but he, the only son had never had that chance. His fate had been sealed, even before his birth. Death would be his only escape, a death he would welcome in time, but not before his own plans were complete. With one last look at Alicia, Hector turned and made his way back out of the house and into the thick cover of the trees.


Alex stood stunned as she looked into the woman's face. “Olivia. What are you doing here?” Alex turned her glare towards Donald as he walked onto the deck after Olivia. “Donald, what the hell is all this about. Do you think this is some kind of joke?”

Donald looked into Alex's eyes and could see the anger and pain buried within. “No, Alex, it's no joke. The two of you have a few issues to settle, and it's time you did it. Catherine and I will be inside if you need us.”

Alex turned away from her ex-partner and friend. “What the hell do you want with me, Olivia?”

Stepping beside Alex, Olivia gripped the railing of the deck. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. Maybe I should have just let Donald handle this himself. “I want to explain a few things to you. I'm not asking for anything fro you, Alex, just a few minutes of your time, then I'll go.”

Releasing an exasperated breath, Alex fell back into her chair. “Fine. Say what you have to say, then leave.”

Sitting across from Alex, elbows on her knees and looking at the deck, Olivia took a deep breath and began telling the story that she hoped would somehow bring her a little peace. “After Jen was murdered, my life was in shambles. I still don't know how I got through that time, but one thing I do know is that you were a big part of my surviving. After the case was over and we became partners, I found myself falling in love with you.” Running her hand through her hair, she glanced up at Alex. “Everything was coming back to center for me and I thought, maybe…well, I don't know what I thought. Anyway, when you transferred to Jacksonville, I found myself lost again.”

Standing and walking to the railing, Olivia looked out over the water. “I allowed myself to turn into the type of person I've always hated. After a while, I knew I had to get out of Chicago. So I came here. I guess I was hoping to reconnect with you and well, maybe see if something would develop between us here. When I got here, I looked you up. That's when I found out you were with Feryle. I did a little checking and found out she was going to San Diego on business. I followed her there with intentions of seeing what I was up against.”

Turning towards Alex, she saw the dark brooding eyes of 'The Shadow' cutting into her. “I swear, Alex, I never meant to hurt you. I was desperate. You were the only escape I had from the hell I was living in. I needed you and wasn't really concerned for anyone else's feelings. I had hoped that after it was all over, Feryle would confess to you. I knew how much weight you put in loyalty and knew you wouldn't stand for her betrayal.”

Olivia moved back to the chair and sat down heavily. “When nothing happened, I realized that Feryle hadn't told you. A few months later when the two of you came into the office, I could see how afraid she was that I would say something. Once I saw the look on your face, I knew I could never let you know. I had never seen you look happier. I knew then that my chances of ever having you were killed then and there.”

Alex watched as Olivia struggled with her words. A part of Alex wanted to comfort her old friend while another wanted to choke the life out of her. “Olivia why are you…”

“Please, Alex, let me finish. Anyway, after that day, I fell back into my own little world. I kept in touch with the Agency and did some small freelance work when they needed it. I found out you were working the Hernandez case and decided I wanted to get involved…help you. I infiltrated the organization after you were injured last year. I guess the agency saw me as the perfect plant. I had no family or friends, nothing that would threaten the case or my focus. I was already well involved by the time you and Conner came to the office. I guess you could say I went a little crazy again with the jealousy when I found out you and Conner were together, but you have to believe me, Alex. I wouldn't have done anything to hurt either of you.”

Olivia stood and walked towards Alex. Looking down at her old friend she sighed. “I know you won't ever forgive me, Alex, I don't expect you to. I just wanted to explain it all. Olivia watched as a myriad of emotions flashed over Alex's face. Knowing there was nothing more she could do or say, she simply placed her hand on Alex's shoulder and gently squeezed. “I have something for you, I'll be right back.”

Alex sat trying to assimilate all the information Olivia had just dropped on her. Her emotions were shattered, and all she wanted to do was be alone and try to work through her feelings. Wiping a tear from her face, Alex looked at Olivia as she knelt down beside her. Placing the small bundle in Alex's lap, Olivia smiled at Alex's surprised look, “Here, maybe this little guy will help bring back some of those wonderful memories you've shared with Conner. Alex looked up at Olivia not fully understanding. “Where did you…”

Olivia gave Alex a sad smile, “One of the investigators in the agency found him when they were going through Seth's house. Donald's allergic to cats so I told him I'd keep Magnum until you were back on you feet. I remember Conner talking about the little furball, and even though she didn't want anyone to know, we all knew she loved the little guy.”

Alex picked Magnum up and cradled the cat in her arms. “Thank you, Olivia. I…I don't know what to say.”

Olivia nodded, stood and stepped back tp lean against the railing. “I know it's not the same, but I thought having him would make you feel closer to Conner.”

Alex stared up at Olivia, not knowing what to say or how to respond. Before she found the words, Olivia continued. “I am sorry, Alex…for everything. Take care of yourself, Alex.” Olivia quietly walked back into the house. She stopped beside Donald and Catherine. “Thanks Donald, for giving me this time. I really appreciate what you've done.” Looking back through the glass door, Olivia watched as Alex gently stroked Magnum, tears streaming down her face. “Take care of her, okay.” With one last look, she turned and made her way out the front door and down the steps.

Olivia slowly walked down the street to where she had parked the car, out of sight. Reaching into her pocket for the car keys, her fingers circled the tiny bugs she had removed from the bedroom while Catherine, Donald, and Alex had been on the beach. Looking at them with disdain, she lifted her hand and tossed them into the woods. Listening as they were scattered into the underbrush, she reflected on her similarly scattered life. She closed her eyes and sighed heavily, and then dropping down into the seat and starting the car, she pulled into the morning traffic. Heading nowhere in particular, she drove north on I-95. Now was the time for her to search, seek and heal. Time to start again.


Alex gently smoothed the fur on Magnum's back as she sat on the deck looking out over the water. Tears stung her eyes as memories of Conner flashed through her mind. She was grateful that Donald and Catherine were in the house; she didn't have the strength to talk at the moment.

She sat for a long while, lost in a thousand thoughts until she heard the sliding door ease open. Donald leaned down and scratched Magnum under the neck, before dropping down in the chair across from her.

Alex looked up at Donald and attempted an evil glare, “So this little guy was the surprise you had for me.”

Sniffing, Donald looked down at the little cat. “Everyone thought you'd like to have him.” Raising his eyes to look at Alex, he questioned his decision. He could see the tears forming in her eyes and wondered if this was too much too soon. Pulling a handkerchief from his pocket, he wiped his eyes. “Alex, if you would prefer not to keep him, I'm sure Greg would take him.”

Alex pulled Magnum closer, “No. I do want him. I just…well, it's just difficult right now. She looked into the kitchen then back at Donald, “Where's Catherine?”

Donald's face contorted as her released a roaring sneeze, “Damn, cats.” Wiping his eyes, he sniffed and looked back at Alex. “She had to go to the market. Umm, seems like we thought of everything, except food for this little guy and some allergy medication for me. She'll be right back.”

Alex laughed as she watched Donald's suffering. “Umm, I'll go put him in the bedroom.” Alex began to stand but was waved back down by Donald. “Hell no you won't. That's the first real smile I've seen on you face for a while. A little sneezing never hurt anyone…cleans out the sinuses.” Alex shook her head, smiling at Donald's obvious need to ease her pain, and remained seated. They sat silently, lost in their own thoughts for a few moments until they heard Catherine call out from the kitchen. Donald stood and held out his hand for Alex, “Sounds like we're needed in the galley.”

As they walked into the kitchen, Catherine turned and grinned as she spoke, “Well, what do you think of your surprise?”

Alex raised Magnum up kissing him on the nose. “I love him. He reminds me of Conner. Bullheaded and persistent.” A sad look crossed her face as she looked down at Magnum, “I just wish Conner were here to help me take care of him.”

“Well, I guess you have nothing to worry about, Agent Montgomery.”

Looking up, Alex's world started spinning as she tried to comprehend what she was seeing. Leaning casually in the doorway stood Conner, flashing that crooked smile she knew Alex loved.

Donald held onto Alex's waist as she started to sway, and Catherine took Magnum from her arms. Walking to Alex, Conner gently cradled her face into her hands. “God, I've missed you so much.” She then leaned in a placed a tender kiss on her lips.

Alex was speechless as Donald and Catherine stood by grinning. Donald kissed Alex on the cheek and hugged her tightly. “Now that was really the surprise.”

Conner wrapped Alex in her arms, leading her over to a chair. Conner could see the shock in Alex's face and hoped this was not too much for her to handle this soon after her concussion. “Alex, baby, are you alright?”

Alex's eyes blinked and focused on Conner's face. “Oh my God. Where…when…” Her eyes met Donald's and she saw pure joy in his face. “You knew?”

Catherine pulled on Donald's arm, “Come on hero, you need to take you wife for a walk on the beach and give these two a few minutes to say hello.”

Donald allowed Catherine to lead him from the house and down onto the beach. They were only a few feet off the deck when Catherine stopped and turned towards Donald. Drawing her husband close, she tilted her head back to give him a kiss. “I love you so much.”

Returning Catherine's kiss, he held her tightly to his chest, savoring the taste and feel of the woman he loved. He lifted his head and looked back towards the house knowing that, at this moment, Alex was feeling the same.


Alex was still struggling with her thought processes even as Conner led her into the front room and pulled her down onto her lap. Alex's mind went into overload when she felt Conner's soft lips capture hers. Throwing her arms around Conner's neck she fell into the passionate kiss, her head spinning as a myriad of emotions passed through her.

Pulling back for air, Alex kept her tight hold around Conner's neck and looked into her eyes, “I saw the paramedics…heard them say you were dead.”

Conner held Alex close as she took a deep breath. She knew all the information would be hard to absorb at once, even she had trouble believing it all. “We have Jack and his quick thinking to thank for that. The first group in was the Special Ops team. Once Jack realized Seth had escaped, he had them get me out and into protective custody. I was never dead…well close, but not quite.” Conner leaned in for another kiss. “Anyway, Jack arranged for me to be taken to a hospital in Colorado as soon as I was stable. I was there for almost four weeks.”

Alex couldn't believe she was sitting here in Conner's lap. Tears streamed down her eyes as she gently stroked her face. “I didn't want to live without you…didn't think I could.” Alex kissed Conner again savoring the sweet taste she had yearned for so badly the last few weeks. “Where have you been since your release?”

Conner grinned and nipped Alex's nose, “I've been with Donald and Catherine. Jack wanted me to be close but somewhere Seth would never look for me in case he found out I was alive.” Conner looked deeply into Alex's eyes, “Donald loves you. He feels terrible about everything that's happened between the two of you. Please give him the chance to make it up to you.”

Alex bent and captured Conner's lips with her own. Before either realized it, the kiss had deepened and they both felt the familiar surge of heat as their passion rose. Tearing her lips from Alex's, Conner took a deep breath, “God, I want to touch you. I've needed you for so long.”

A ragged breath escaped Alex's lips as her hands wandered down Conner's chest. She moaned when Conner grabbed her hands and lifted them to her lips, “Ummm, we have to remember we have guests, but believe me, later I won't be stopping you, Agent Montgomery.”

“Oh God, I want you so much.” Alex stole one last kiss before rising and taking Conner's hand. “Let's go find those two, before I change my mind.”

Walking out onto the deck, Alex met Donald and Catherine's grinning faces. Pointing towards Donald she crooked her finger, “You. Come here.”

Donald stood and walked towards Alex and was stunned when she grabbed his face and planted a kiss on his lips. “That's for bringing Conner back to me.” Donald grinned proudly at Alex, just before he bent over in pain as she buried her fist into his stomach. As he struggled to breathe, she leaned down and growled into his ear, “And that's for keeping her hidden from me, you lug.”

Catherine and Conner howled as Alex led Donald back towards the chair and dropped him unceremoniously down. He rubbed his stomach and looked up at the smiling woman, “Damn, Montgomery, remind me never to piss you off. That hurt.”

Conner came up behind Alex, wrapped her arms around the tall woman, and peered over her shoulder, smiling at her new friend.

Catherine stood and walked over to her husband and smacked him on the back of the head, “Oh quit whining, Donald. You're such a baby. Leaning down, she kissed him on the top of the head. Now get up and light the grill, we're hungry.”

Still rubbing his stomach, Donald stood and walked towards the kitchen, “Try to do something nice and where does it get me…sucker punched and smacked in the head. Damn, you three are hard to please.”

The three women laughed, and Conner yelled out just as he reached the door. “Hey Donald? Anyone ever tell you that you have a cute ass?”

Donald turned and glared at the three laughing women, before snarling and walking into the house to change his clothes.


Donald had the grill fired up and the four were sitting on the deck talking over the events of the last few weeks. Alex and Conner knew there were many questions yet to be answered and a lot of work to finish up, but they were content to enjoy their time together.

All throughout the afternoon, Alex couldn't keep her hands from touching Conner. She still didn't believe all that had happened today. First Olivia, then Magnum, now Conner. She shook her head as she thought about how quickly her life had changed in just a matter of seconds. Bringing Conner's hand to her lips, she placed a kiss on each knuckle. She looked at Donald with suspicious eyes when the doorbell rang. “God, Donald, I hope you don't have anymore surprises for me today. I'd hate to have to kill you.”

Donald curled his lip at Alex as he made his way towards the glass door, chuckling as he spoke, “Just one more, Alex, then we're done for the day. I promise.”

Alex turned towards Conner, and her questioning look was met with a shrug, “Don't look at me.”

Alex sat pensively waiting until she heard the familiar voice echo through the house. Rising, she met Jack at the back door and immediately drew him into a hug. “How can I ever thank you for this?”

After returning Alex's hug, he leaned back and looked into her eyes. “Just promise me you two will take good care of each other. That's thanks enough for me.”

Alex kissed Jack's cheek then stood aside as Conner hugged her friend and Captain. “I owe you big time, Cappy.”

Rolling his eyes, Jack laughed. “You want to pay me back, then don't get shot again. Too much damn paperwork.”

Conner knew this was the closest Jack would come to sentiment and lightly slugged him on the shoulder. “You're such a softy, you know that.”

Looking over at the grill he turned back to Conner, “No I'm not a softy, just hungry. Where's the food.”


It was after seven when the house emptied and Alex and Conner were finally alone. They lay on the sofa, holding each other contentedly as the room darkened with the setting sun. Turning, Conner slid on top of Alex and both felt the other tremble as their bodies reacted to new but very familiar sensations. Conner traced Alex's brows as she looked longingly into the dark eyes gazing back at her. “I missed you so much, baby.”

Alex's lips found Conner's. Their tongues probed, searched and tasted the familiar sweetness as they slowly began to rediscover each other. Soon their breathing and heartbeats quickened to match the surging flow of blood coursing through their bodies. Alex gasped as Conner's hand slipped beneath her t-shirt, her nails sending rippling spasms throughout her body. A low growl escaped Alex's lips as Conner continued to caress her, slowly inching her way up Alex's firm stomach. “Oh, baby, I've missed you.” Alex arched her back as Conner's hand found her breast, her thumb tracing the outlines of the sensitive nipple.

Conner smiled into the kiss, relishing her lover's response. So many nights during the last few weeks, she had imagined this moment. Now that it was here, she was determined to make it as slow and wonderful for Alex as she had imagined. “You feel so good. I've missed you.” Tugging the shirt over Alex's head, she dropped it beside them on the floor, then dipped her head and took the hard nipple into her mouth, gently running her tongue over the hard peak. “I've missed this…I've missed you.”

Conner could feel the muscles in Alex's stomach spasm as she gently made love to her. Kissing her way back to Alex's mouth, she was consumed by the warm fire surging through her body. Hands searched and tongues mingled as their passion continued to grow higher. Tearing her lips from Conner's, Alex smiled as she took in a rasping breath, “I want to make love to you in our bed.”

Understanding the sentiment of the statement, Conner smiled down at her newly found lover, “Our bed?”

Alex traced the line of Conner's jaw and then lightly kissed her chin, “Yes, our bed. I want you with me every night …for forever.”

Sitting up, Conner helped Alex stand, then encircled her within warm arms, “That's exactly where I intend to be.” With gentle hands, Alex led Conner down the hall and into the bedroom that had for too long been empty and lonely.

Stopping beside the bed, Alex turned Conner towards her, reached for the buttons of her shirt, and began slowly unfastening each one. The room shadowed, but for the fading light coming through the windows facing the sea, she opened the last one and slowly slid the soft fabric from Conner's shoulders. Alex gazed longingly at the firm taut breasts, the nipples hard and erect, aching for her touch. Gliding her hands up Conner's arms, Alex cradled Conner's face within her hands. “You are so beautiful.”

Tracing the taut muscles in Conner's neck with her fingers, Alex slowly lowered her hands to rest on the firm muscles of her chest before kissing the top of the scar that ran along the length of her torso. Cupping each breast in her hands, Alex growled as Conner's head dropped back, exposing the soft enticing skin of her neck. Leaning in, Alex gently began kissing the pulsing artery of her neck and felt the increasing heat between her own legs. Conner's breathing increased as each kiss brought Alex closer to her aching nipples and she released a deep growling moan when she felt Alex's lips close around the hardened peak.

“Ahhh, yes.” Arching her back and pressing herself deeper into Alex's hands, Conner felt every nerve ending in her nipples respond to Alex's gentle sucking. Lowering her own hands, she unsnapped Alex's jeans and heard a low growl against her chest as she reached lower and began slowly releasing the zipper. With a single finger, Conner lifted Alex's face and bent into a gentle kiss. Conner could feel Alex tremble as she traced the fullness of Alex's lips with her tongue. She knelt and looping her thumbs into the waistband began sliding the jeans over Alex's hips, tracing the newly exposed skin with her tongue, “God, how I've missed you, Alex.” Looking up she found Alex's eyes following her path.

With an impish smile, she reached up wrapping her arms around Alex's legs to cup the firm, muscular hips in the palms of her hands, as she began working her way back up Alex's body, stopping just below her navel to lightly nip her tender skin. Using her tongue, Conner traced a path to Alex's chest where she took the hard nipple in her mouth and felt Alex's legs tremble as a powerful wave surged through her body. Turning Alex around, Conner gently lowered her onto the bed and stood looking down at the undeniable beauty of her lover. Sliding between Alex's open legs, Conner leaned over and seized Alex's lips with her own, “I've missed kissing you…tasting you.”

Gasping, Alex tore her lips from Conner's and pressed against her shoulders until she stood before her. Reaching down, Alex tugged the drawstring on Conner sweat pants, and then pushed them over her small hips, moaning at the discovery of soft skin beneath her fingers, and the realization that Conner had nothing on beneath the sweats. She looked up, cocking her brow at Conner. “Trying to tease me, Harris, or do you just like going commando?” Alex leaned in and brushed her cheek over the smooth skin of Conner's stomach then ran her tongue around the edge of her navel. Conner's fingers feathered through Alex's hair as she pressed her lips harder against her skin. “You know I like to tease you and I know you like it.”

Looking into Conner's eyes, she could see her passion mirrored, “Oh, I definitely like it.” Lifting Conner legs, Alex placed first one and then the other on either side of her until Conner was sitting astride her lap, her slick wetness bathing her legs. Lying back, Alex pressed against Conner's hips, bring her closer. “Come here. I need to taste you.”

Conner's breath quickened as she eased her way up Alex's body and cried out when she felt her tongue slide between her warm wet lips. “Yeeees, baby…ohhhh Alex.”

Conner's hips and legs were trembling as Alex smoothed her tongue along the hard shaft. Looking down into Alex's eyes, she tangled her fingers in Alex's silky hair as her heart melted at the sensual sight. “I love you so much.”

Alex's hands came up and firmly cupped Conner's hips, then began slowly gliding Conner's hard clitoris back and forth across her tongue. Feeling the surging wetness between her own legs, Alex dropped her hand and slid a finger between her own swollen folds, releasing a deep moan as her hard aching clitoris pulsed. She let her fingers dance across the hard shaft for a moment before pulling her hand away and bringing her fingers up to trace Conner's swollen lips.

Conner took first one finger then another and sucked Alex's juices deeply into her mouth. “Ohhh, baby, you taste so good.” Conner's hips began moving faster as Alex's tongue pressed harder against her clitoris, making her body shake with the rising passion. “God yes, baby. Lick me.”

Alex could feel Conner getting close, then she backed off just enough to slow the surging storm between her legs and heard her lover groan above her. “Please Alex, I need you now…I need you inside me.” Alex's silent reply was to reach up and rake her nails gently down her lover's back. Conner's hips began bucking harder against Alex's tongue as she felt the beginning pulses of her orgasm. Alex released the hard clitoris, licked her lips, and then turned to gently bite Conner's thigh, “Behave. I've missed you and I intend to savor every drop of you.”

Alex pushed two fingers deep onto Conner at the same moment she closed her lips around the hard pulsing shaft. Feeling her legs give away under Alex's sensual touch, Conner fell forward, catching herself with her arms; but she felt herself lose control as she watched Alex's fingers pumping in and out of her wetness. And when Alex looked into her eyes and slowly began to stroke her tongue along the length of the hard distended shaft, Conner felt the orgasm explode through her body.

Alex could feel the muscles tighten around her fingers and knew Conner was lost in the release of her orgasm. Looking up into Conner's eyes, she pumped her hand harder taking her lover over the edge.

Conner lost all sense of time and space as the spasms ripped through her body. Her hips bucked against Alex's warm, soft tongue as each spasm surged through her body. “I…I Love you, Alex…God I love you.”

Conner rode the consuming wave as Alex gently, tenderly sucked the pulsing clitoris until finally collapsing beside her, gasping for breath. Rolling over, Alex wrapped one arm around Conner's shoulders and leaned down to tease her lips in a slow lingering kiss. As their lips met, Alex could feel the muscles squeeze her fingers still pressed deeply within Conner. She held her lover closely as their tongues tasted the sweet juices of the other, until Conner was again lifting her hips, taking Alex into her deeper. Tearing her lips away from Alex's and gasping for air, Conner reached down and held Alex's hand firmly, “Damn, woman. Are you trying to kill me?”

Kissing her nose, Alex's eyes smiled into Conner's, “Not a chance, Harris. I'm keeping you around for at least the next fifty years.” Sliding on top of her lover, Alex bent her head and placed gentle kisses along the scar that bisected Conner's chest. A tear fell from her face as she looked into Conner's eyes, “Please tell me this isn't a dream and I'm not going to wake up tomorrow and you'll be gone.”

Alex felt her pulse racing as Conner's fingers played across her back. Bringing her hand around to gently lift Alex's chin, Conner tenderly kissed her lips. “I promise, baby, it's not a dream.” Rotating her pelvis, she rolled over, taking Alex with her, and then slid her thigh between Alex's open legs. Feeling Alex's warm wetness caress her thigh, Conner began moving down Alex's body. “I'm going to show you this isn't a dream.”

Sliding lower, she captured one hard nipple and sucked it between her lips, before releasing it and looking up into Alex's hooded eyes, “I'm real.” She shifted, licking the valley between the her firm breasts, “I'm staying.” Moving over, she captured the other hard nipple between her lips and sucked it deep into her mouth until she felt Alex's hips thrust against her stomach. Lifting her head, she smiled up into her lover's face and slid lower until reaching Alex's stomach. Stopping only for a moment to flick her tongue into her navel, she slid lower still until she was nestled between Alex's legs.

Conner could see Alex watching her every movement, “And I'm going to show you just how much I've missed you, Alex.” Conner sat back on her knees, and let her eyes roam across the hard firm muscles of Alex's body. Her hands feathered down Alex's legs causing sensual waves along the defined muscles of legs. Her fingers traveled across the soft sensitive bottoms of Alex's feet before beginning their journey higher, closer to the warmth she knew was waiting, aching for her.

Conner stretched her lean body between Alex's legs and gently nipped the soft flesh of her thighs before running her cheek across the trimmed wet curls. Alex's eyes involuntarily closed as the warmth of Conner's love spread throughout her body, she moaned as Conner slowly separated the swollen lips and cried out as Conner's tongue, in one long, slow stroke, embraced the sensitive clitoris hiding below.

Alex felt the electrical shocks reverberate throughout her body. Reaching out, she pressed Conner closer, “Oh baby, yes…God I've missed you.” Alex felt her body instantly respond to Conner's teasing touch and knew she wouldn't be able to hold back the thunderous orgasm for very long. She desperately needed to come, to feel the surging release that only Conner could make her feel, yet she didn't want the incredible feeling to end. Having Conner make slow passionate love to her was something she thought she would never feel again and she wanted to delight in the amazing beauty of it all.

Alex's body, its need too great for release surged on as Alex felt the rising pressure build. “I want you inside me baby.” Alex's hips thrust against Conner's tongue and all thought fled from her mind as she felt Conner's fingers glide slowly into her, reclaiming her body. “Yessss, that's it baby, deeper.”

Alex felt the explosive wave as it centered around Conner's fingers and spread rapidly throughout her body. “I'm coming…God Conner…yessssssss.” Alex's world exploded as Conner drove herself deeper and harder, while at the same time her tongue stroked lightly across her clitoris. She reached out, and pulling Conner up along her body, held on as the orgasm pulsed through her, sending unyielding ripples up her spine and through every nerve ending in her body.

Conner held onto Alex as the waves rushed through her body, “That's it baby, let it go…I've got you.” Kissing her lips, Conner continued to slowly slide in and out of Alex as she gently stroked the pulsating shaft with her thumb. After long delicious moments, Alex's spasms began to slow and Conner felt her collapse into the mattress. “God, Alex, you're so beautiful. I love to watch your face as you come for me.”

Struggling to breath, chest heaving and lungs burning, Alex tenderly stroked Conner's face. As she felt the emotions she had buried deep inside escape from her soul, tears began to flow down her cheeks, “ Please don't ever leave me.” Pulling Conner closer, embracing her with weakened arms, Alex's words were choked and broken as tears of unparalleled joy cascaded down her cheeks. “I love you so much, Conner.”

Conner held Alex as their tears blended and fell together onto the sheets, “I love you. It was so hard for me to stay away, I…I can't even imagine what I would have felt like in your place.” Conner gently captured Alex's lips and tasted the salty evidence of their shared release of well-dammed tears. “It's over, baby. Hernandez and Seth are both dead. Sarantos will spend the rest of his natural life behind bars. It's over…nothing…nothing can get to us now.”

They lay together, arms and legs intertwined, soothing the pain of the last few weeks away, until at last their breathing became slow and rhythmic as they fell into a peaceful sleep.


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