The Survivor: part 7
by lynka


Please see part 1 for all disclaimers.

Johna watched as the Ford Explorer pulled away from the curb making a mental note of the license plate number. "Hum..." She thought to herself, "I wonder who that was? Shouldnít be to hard to find out,she has my Lacy." She scowled. "Canít let her get away with that." She mumbled out loud.

"What? Did you say something?" A young man asked while watching with interest as the forensics team entered the apartment.

"Who are they?" She asked nodding towards the residence.

"Been told FBI." He paused. "Must be some real nut case thatís loose." He continued. "The FBI donít get involved in local killings unless something big is going on." He finished watching some of the crowd and spotted a buddy of his. "Hey...Paul!" He called walking off in that direction.

"Something big huh?" She found herself smiling then looked around. "Guess I better lay low." She said to herself. "Hum...where am I going to sleep tonight?" She thought about that for a minute watching as an officer exited her apartment. "Damn, I better get outta here before someone spots me." She looked all around before making a discrete exit into the shadows of the night.


"Humm good morning." Corey said smiling at her naked lover who was wrapped up in her arms "It sure is nice waking up like this. I had forgotten what it felt like." Corey had spent the last five years living alone. She never thought she would ever want to get close to anyone again. ĎNot after...íHer mind drifted for a fleeting moment until she was brought out of her musings by a soft, warm tongue licking its way over the swell of her breast deliberately missing the aching nipple. "Oh Rachel, what you do to me." She whispered into the nearby ear.

"Tell me." The smaller woman said while taking the nipple into her mouth and feeling Corey arch her back into the sensation. "Tell me Corey," she murmured not letting up in the gentle sucking.

"Ohh...tell you what?" She managed to get out after taking several short, gasping breaths.

"Tell me what I do to you." Rachel repeated resting her head on the taller womanís chest looking into the half-closed eyes of her lover.

"You make me want to be." Corey answered rising up to look at the woman in her arms.

"I donít understand."

Softly Corey stroked her back making small slow circles while she thought on how to explain what she meant. The feelings in her were easy to feel but putting them into words was another matter. "Before you came into my life I was just here. I lived alone, I had nobody to share anything with, and I rarely got excited about anything. I forgot how it felt to just live. Now that I have you in my life I watch you and see the things you do. You have a knack for looking at things out of a childís eyes and seeing the wonder. I have forgotten what that was like. I like living again, loving again; itís like you have given me something more then Iíve ever had in my life. You just make me want to... be.... I...I donít think I can explain it any better then that." She finished, then looked down at her lover who had a tear working its way slowly down her cheek. "Hey." Corey said softly wiping away the tear.

"Iím sorry." Rachel said wiping her face "Iíve never before heard anything as beautiful as that. I wondered how I could so easily give you my heart. Now I know." She said resting her head on the bare chest beneath her drawing slow lazy circles on Coreyís stomach watching the muscles contract then relax. Lying there for a few minutes longer enjoying the peace and contentment from her partner before she finally raised her head to look into those beautiful ocean blue eyes. "Ditto." She said with a seductive smile playing on her lips.

Raising a dark brow in question, "Ditto?"

"Yeah, Iíve been trying to think of a way to tell you how I feel and no matter how hard I try thereís just nothing I can say that would top what you just said. I feel so much the same. Now that youíre in my life its worth living again. So yeah, ditto." She finished with a twinkle in her eye that wasnít missed by the taller woman.

Capturing Rachelís lips she nibbled on them slowly letting the fire between them start to build. Deepening the kiss both women were breathless when they finally pulled apart.

"How about breakfast in bed?" Rachel asked her lover.

"Thatís exactly what I was thinking." Corey rolled over to rest her long body on the smaller one.

"Ohhh." Rachel wrapped her arms around the investigator and pulling her down into a long passionate kiss.

"Oh yeah...breakfast." The taller woman murmured into her loverís lips.


Heading for the kitchen Rachel stopped and looked up at her shadow. "How about breakfast for lunch?"

Grabbing Rachel around the waist and pulling her close Corey fumbled with the buttons to her shirt.

"Food...I need food." Rachel said playfully slapping the hand away.

Raising both eyebrows the investigator suddenly scooped Rachel up into her arms. "Conserving your energy." Corey shrugged as she gently set her precious bundle on the sofa. "You relax, Iíll get it." She said tapping the blonde on the end of her nose.

Watching her partner walk into the small kitchen she mused to herself Ďdamn, how did I get so luckyí as she continued to watch Corey.

Ring...Ring...Ring. "Hello." Corey answered. "Oh hi John. Whatís up? "She listened intently for a few moments. "Yeah... send it all. Sure Iíll have Rachel take a look. Then get back with you." Listening for a few more minutes. "Yeah, I have your home number...Okay. Oh John, howís your wife? Feeling better huh...thatís great...Yeah. Iíll call you as soon I have something. Bye"

Raising both eyebrows Rachel looked at her lover. "Howís your wife?" She questioned.

Shyly Corey looked at the floor. "Well, you said we never talked so I thought that would be a good place to start."

Nodding in agreement Rachel asked her, "What is it you want me to take a look at?"

"Oh, John is having some photos sent and wants you to take a look and see if you can maybe recognize her. Apparently a couple of people in the apartment where willing to come forward and ID Johna and John wants you to take a look and see if itís the same person." Corey sat down beside the smaller woman forcing eye contact. "Are you up to it?" She asked with noticeable concern in her voice.

"Youíre damn right I am." Rachel answered surprising Corey who pulled back a little. "Sorry, Itís just that Iím angry, angry that itís gotten this far, angry over the deaths of all those innocent people. If any of those women went with her willingly then they were probably just lonely, but they didnít deserve to die. And if she did to them what she did to me they still didnít deserve to die and what about Karen and Mike? I think I really started getting angry then but after last night and that poor Mrs. Glasco. What was she, in the wrong place at the wrong time? She didnít deserve to die either. And as for her mother," she thought about that for a moment, "well I have no idea what that was all about and maybe in Johnaís mind she thought she did deserve to die but not the way Johna chose. I want to help you catch her. I guess I have just gotten to the place where Iím more angry then scared. What do you say we get to work?" Rachel finished looking at a surprised but happy investigator who had a sparkle in her eye.

Corey wrinkled her nose and looked directly at the fuming Rachel. "Grrrrrr!" She said smiling. Taking Rachel by the hand she led her over to the computer pulling a second chair along with her.


"Ohh" Johna moaned trying to wrench out the knot in her back. "Sleeping in the car wasnít such a great idea after all." She groaned as she continued to take her time sitting up. "Gotta find me a bed tonight." She continued reaching around trying to massage the knot at the base of her back. Finally crawling out of the car and stretching in several directions she felt better. "Ohh...yeah, thatĎs better," she continued to stretch and leaned back as far as she could. "Damn, no toothbrush...oh well." She said to herself running her tongue over her teeth. "Guess breakfast first. Mickey Dís will do." She commented to herself. "I should stop talking to myself before some one thinks Iím crazy." She continued then thought about what she just said and started to laugh. "Hum...wonder if laughing to yourself is worse?" She got back into her beat up old Chevy and pulled out of the furthest parking space in the all night grocery store parking lot. She had driven around for a couple of hours last night then decided that no one would notice a car parked into a lot that had all night traffic in it.

Standing at the counter a young girl who was probably 16 or so asked, "Can I help you?" looking at the disheveled woman across from her.

"Yeah." Came the answer. "Whatever you have for your special Iíll have two." Then added, "And water." She waited for her order thinking to herself, ĎI have no place to live, no jobí a wary look crossed her face as she was brought out of her musings by the girl pushing a tray at her. She picked up her food and water cup. Turning around she spotted a newspaper left on a table by the previous occupants. Walking over to the table she sat her sandwiches down then proceeded over to fill her glass.

Snapping the paper open to the front page she was surprised to read the headline. "Two Women Killed In Apparent Murder," reading further, "daughter wanted for questioning." She saw the words in print. "FBI spokesman refuses to comment." After she finished reading the article over twice she realized they didnít have a photo of her so she felt comfortable enough not to find a place to hide just yet.

ĎSo," she talked to herself. "that woman who was with Lacy last night was an FBI Agent. I need to find out who she is." She continued to talk to herself. "But how?" Then a thought came to her. "Iíll just call...yeah." With her plan in place she first decided to drive down to south Phoenix where she knew she could get a room for little money and no questions asked.


Corey made several keystrokes. "This will take a few minutes. Iíll go make a couple of sandwiches. Be right back."

"Corey." Rachel began after a few moments of watching the computer down load the pictures. "Iím sorry Iíve been acting like such a wimp..."

"You are not a wimp," Corey said with conviction setting the sandwiches down on the desk and picking up her loverís hand and rubbing the top of it. "Itís not every day you almost die by the hand of a serial killer. I think you have been very brave. Anything I have asked you to do to help you have, no matter how much it bothered you." She brought the warm hand that was resting in her own to her lips and softly nibbled the top.

Rachel tilted her head to one side and smiled. "I love you." It was a simple statement but truthful and it came from her heart.

"I love you too."

"So, letís see those pictures." Rachel was more then ready to get started.

"Okay, there will be six pictures and you pick the one you think it is." Corey instructed.

"Why so many pictures?"

"Because if you can positively identify her out of several pictures then the chances are more certain that we are looking for the right person. You donít know how many times we have witnesses all pick different pictures. So, what do you say?" Corey asked turning her attention back to the screen.

"Thatís her, right there. Iíll never forget that face." Rachel said pointing to the forth picture.

"Okay." Corey doubled clicked on the picture bringing up an arrest record. "Iíll be damned," she muttered to herself.

"What?" Rachel wanted to know.

"Look at the aliases she uses. It looks like her name is Johna Hansen AKA Fletcher, Johnson, Armstrong, Banks and Davies."

"Sheís been here all this time?"

"Yeah." Corey responded.

"But how come...." The investigator knew what she was going to ask and cut her off.

"There has never been any DNA test done on her and the women weíve found there was never any evidence on them. The only thing that has ever tied them together that we knew of was the gold rings. For a while now there has been small bits and pieces about the killings on the news but the gold rings were never ever mentioned. Thatís how we knew if it was the same person or a copycat killer. She has quite a record. Mostly for assault but has done time in the State Hospital and the County Psych Annex. The longest she has ever been in jail is six months. However her State Hospital stays have been longer. This one was almost three years. She was court committed as a danger to otherís for almost a year then stayed as a voluntary patient the rest of the time. We need to find out more about this." Coreyís eyes wondered over the rest of the information.

"Yeah, depression, aggressive tendency's towards other female patients, tried to kill herself a couple of times." Rachel continued to read the arrest record. "Corey?"

"Humm?" The taller woman mumbled.

"Do you think she knew what she was doing?"

Corey stopped and looked at the blonde-headed woman. "I hope so." Was her blunt statement.


"Look at this. She has the perfect excuse to plead innocent by reason of insanity. Which in this state means no jail time. Sheíll sit comfortably in a psych unit for a few years then be released."

"You mean she can be released to do this all over again?" Rachel sounded shocked beyond words.

"Yeah. So we need to be sure that doesnít happen. We need to prove she meant to commit at least one of those murders. I better call John back and let him know you IDíd the same person the neighbors did."

"You knew?" Rachel looked at her questionably.

"Yeah, John told me which one it was but I couldnít tell you." She looked over at Rachelís stunned look. "Hey," she said softly putting her hand on the side of Rachelís face and slowly caressing it, "donít you see? When we catch her youíll be called to testify and you have to be able to tell the attorneys on both sides that you freely picked her out among several photos."

"Testify?" Rachel dropped her gaze. "I guess I hadnít thought about that. But donít worry, Iíll do what I have to do." She continued.

Coreyís smile broadened and she pulled her lover towards her wrapping her arms around her. "I knew you would. Iíll be right there with you."

"Thank you."


"Well hell, I didnít think it would take most of the day to find a room with a phone in it. Wonder where the phone book is?" She said standing up wandering around the small but efficient room. It smelled musty and god only knew who had slept in the bed the night before. "Wonder if the sheets are clean?" She asked herself pulling back the ragged spread on the bed. "Nope." She said in disgust then just shrugged her shoulders. Unable to locate a Phoenix phone book she picked up the receiver and dialed 411 and waited for an operator. After telling her who she wanted she waited for the recording to come on to give her the number. Smiling as she wrote it down she disconnected that call and dialed again.

"FBI Headquarters. How may I direct your call?" The automatic but pleasant voice said.

Hesitantly, "I have some information on a case I read about in the newspaper." She said waiting.

"One moment please." The voice said to her then soft music played in her ear for only a few seconds before it was answered.

"Agent Dunn, how may I help you?"

"My name is officer Mary Brown. Iím working on the murders of last night. You know the two women? I have some information but I canít remember the agentís name thatís in charge." Johna said softening her voice and trying to make it sound higher and more feminine then it really was.

"I can take that information," Agent Dunn said looking at the pile of printouts on her desk trying to locate a pen and notepaper.

"I was told only to talk to her. Is she there?" Johnaís voice remained pleasant.

"Sounds like sheíd do that." Marilyn mumbled to herself not realizing she was over heard.

"Excuse me?" The voice on the phone said.

Clearing her throat Marilyn Dunn thought for a brief moment, looked back at her desk then over at Judy and Chris who was bent over her desk pointing to something. Every time she thought about what Special Agent Van did to her she would get more and more angry by the minute. Then to have her assigned to going through all of these names, page after page, she felt her heart rate increase as the anger rose. "Iím better then this." She thought to herself. "That bitch did this to me." She continued her silent musings.

"Hello?" The voice on the other end of the phone said.

"Oh...sorry, Special Agent Corey Van." Agent Dunn said with a satisfied grin on her face.

"Yes...of course, how could I possible forget that? Well thanks Agent?" She paused in question.

"Agent Judy Larsen." Dunn said sitting back in her chair listening as the call was disconnected. "Hump...they all think they have the best of me. Iíll show them." She mumbled watching Agents' Larsen and Simmons check out of the office and head for the elevator.


"Hello Mr. Adams. I believe we spoke this morning. Iím Agent Larsen and this is Agent Simmons."

"Yes, Bobís back. I have him waiting for you in the office. Whatís he wanted for?" The evening supervisor at the trucking company asked.

"Heís not wanted for anything. We just want to talk to him for a moment." Agent Larsen tried to tell the somewhat reluctant man.

The supervisor showed the two women to the office and stepped in behind them. Agent Simmons turned around to face him. "Mr. Adams, we would like to talk to him alone." He looked around the woman at the truck driver sitting in the chair.

"You all right with that Bob?" he asked watching the man nod his head.

"Mr. Netzler...Iím Agent Larsen and this is Agent Simmons weíre here from the FBI." She made her formal introductions showing him her badge.

"Yes maíam what can I do for you?"

"Did you pick up a young woman about 3 weeks ago?" She left the vague question open.

He took a deep breath and momentarily thought of denying it, then thought again and decided if he told the truth he wouldnít get into trouble. "Well maíam I guess you already know the answer to that question or I wouldnít be sitting here." He paused. "Yes maíam I did. But I didnít do nothing but drop her off at the clinic in Sedona." Another pause. "Honest maíam."

Agent Simmons put her hands up and approached him "Bob?" She paused "Is it?" She asked and watched him nod his head. "Okay, now calm down. Weíre not here for any other reason then to ask you a few questions. You are not in any trouble okay?"

"I will be if they," he nodded towards the shipping area, "find out what time I picked her up."

"Time?" Both agents looked at each other. "I donít understand." Chris said looking from him to her partner and back to him.

"Donít know much about the truckin business do ya?" He looked at the bewildered agents. "Weíre only allowed to drive for 10 hours at a time then we have to take 8 hours off. I was so close to home I was already pushing my 14th hour and just wanted to get home. If you tell anybody Iíll lose my job."

"Bob, donít worry, thatís not why weíre here and we promise no one will hear anything from us." Chris paused and smiled at the truck driver. "Okay?"

"Yes maíam, so what can I do for you then?" He appeared to visibly relax as he re-settled himself in the chair and folded his hands in his lap.

"Can you please tell us what happened when you first saw her?" Agent Larsen spoke up.

"I was just driving along listening to the chatter on the CB then I saw her standing there and hit my brakes. I barely stopped in time. She just stood there. I remember she had the oddest look on her face. I looked around first before jumping out of my truck. Just as I was getting close to her I heard a car engine start and I remember hearing the tires screech on the pavement. I wasnít exactly sure where the car was. It all happened so fast I just started to run and grab that little gal at the same time. We ended up in the ditch and the car drove away." He said looking from one woman to the other.

"Did you see the car, the make of it, the license plate?"

"No maíam I didnít."

"What else happened?" Chris asked looking up form the pad she was jotting in.

"Well I tried to wake her up or whatever. I just figured she was taking drugs or something but I could see she needed some help so I carried her to my truck and took her into Sedona and found the little hospital they have there."

"Why didnít you stick around?"

"I donít know. There wasnít nothing I could tell anybody and I guess I was afraid they might say I did something to her. So when they took her into the other room I just left." He raised his hands and let them drop back into his lap.

"Can you tell us where you picked her up?" Agent Simmons produced a map of the area.

"Sure, right about here." He pointed to the area.

"Thank you Bob. Thank you for doing the right thing and getting that young lady some help." Agent Larsen said extending her hand out to him.

He grasped it. "Is she okay now?"

"Yes, I know she would very much like to thank you herself sometime soon. Is it okay if we contact you again?" Agent Simmons smiled at the man who was grinning from ear to ear.

The evening supervisor watched as the two women shook the driverís hand and left. "Everything okay Bob?" He inquired when he approached him after watching them shut the door behind them.

"Yeah, I helped a young woman one day, dropped her off at a hospital and they just wanted to know if I seen anything else." He said shrugging like it was no big deal but feeling quite proud of himself.


A tall dark haired woman stood stretching out back muscles that were tired from too many hours hunched over her desk. With a groan she slowly straightened grabbing for her back. "Here, let me." Rachel said rubbing the sore spot.

"Oh, that feels good." The investigator said turning and putting her arms on the shorter womanís shoulders. "You're good at that." She commented brushing her lips to the waiting ones in front of her.

"Humm...How about dinner, a workout, hot tub, and a message?" Both brows raised in question.

A glowing smile answered her. "You're on!" Came the expected response.

"Good...light the grill and Iíll get the rest of the stuff started."

"What are we having?" Corey asked picking up the matches and heading for the side door.

"Steak, twice baked potatoes, green beans and ice cream." Rachel said looking for a baking dish for the potatoes. "Hey have a baking dish?"

The voice came from over her shoulder. "I donít know, what is it?"

Rachel laughed and shook her head. "You really donít cook much do you? Itís a glass bowl that you can put in the oven, you know something that wonít crack or explode when heated."

Rachel watched as the taller woman got down on her knees to dig in the bottom cabinet obviously not knowing what she was looking for as odd pans clanged together.

Corey looked sheepishly at her companion and handed her a metal cake pan. "Howís this?"

Rachel reached down and touched her cheek then squatted beside Corey watching her face transform into a genuine smile that touched her very soul. Leaning over to brush her lips on the investigator's forehead she thought for a moment she caught a glimpse of the child her lover once was and it touched her heart.

"Perfect." The blonde headed woman said. One word filled with so many meanings. Every time she looked at her, touched her, listened to her it was all perfect. "Oh...oh, the pan yeah itíll be fine."

Corey raised an eyebrow and smiled at the soft word directed at her. ĎPerfectí she thought about that for a moment ĎI donít think Iíve ever been perfect to anyone before.í Finally standing back up she didnít have any words to say that would cover what she was feeling so she simply took the smaller woman in her arms and hugged her.

"What was that for?" Startled but pleased Rachel asked, returning the hug with one of her own.

"I think you're pretty perfect yourself." A blunt but honest statement.

Rachel looked down at the floor and blushed. "Can I ask you something?" She said looking back into deep pools of blue.


"Where are we going from here?" Rachel felt insecure where her new lover was concerned. She loved her and thought Corey felt the same but had to ask just the same because she knew this was just too good to be true.

Corey touched her jaw gently rubbing her thumb over the soft cheek. "Are you asking if there will still be an us when this is all over?"

The blonde merely nodded.

Corey became serious. "All I can do is tell you how I feel and hope you want this too. I canít imagine life without you anymore. I want to always love you."

A single tear fell from Rachelís eye. "I know I couldnít live without you, without your love. I guess I just get insecure sometimes...I have never had..."

Her words were cut off when soft lips covered hers. After a moment of gentle exploration with one mouth to the other the lovers pulled apart. "Me either...but now we both do. Can I help you with dinner?" Corey asked.

Smiling, "Sure!" came the response from the smaller woman. Corey took over the seasoning and cooking of the steaks while Rachel finished the potatoes and green beans. Corey led her lover out of the kitchen and seated her on the leather sofa in the pit. She lit the two candles that sit side by side on the mantel. Corey looked at them for a moment thinking about the candles, her and Rachel, then a thought popped into her head. "Two lives, one heart." She whispered running her finger down the side of the tall candle. Shaking her head she turned around. Rachel sat there watching her. "You sit tight." She managed to get out after a long moment of intense eye contact. "Iím serving you dinner tonight."


"No buts!" Corey said smiling at the bewildered look on her lover's face as she tapped her on her nose just before retreating into the kitchen. A moment later she returned with two glasses of wine, silverware, napkins and laid a small wild flower on the napkin in front of her lover. Finally returning with both dinners she sat down on the floor behind the coffee table and patted the spot next to her.

Rachel was stunned at the attention she was getting. ĎGod!what did I ever do to deserve this...her?' Her mind raced as she gently picked up the pretty purple bloom smelling the fragrant scent and twirling it in her fingers.

Corey raised her wine glass and turned holding it up and waiting for her companion to do the same. "To us!" she smiled. "I love you." She finished tapping her glass to the other one.


The sun was shining into the half covered window as a lone figure groaned putting the pillow on her face to block out the offending rays. Slowly Johna threw the blanket off and even slower swung her legs over the side of the bed immediately regretting it as her head spun and her stomach lurched. She barely grabbed the small wastebasket next to the bed in time when her stomach emptied its contents then dry heaves racked her body. Finally after long minutes she was able to take a long deep breath and raise her head out of the trash can. Wiping her mouth on the back of her hand she carried the wastebasket to the toilet and emptied its contents. Rinsing it out then rinsing her mouth with warm water she looked up into the small mirror of the medicine cabinet. Looking at blood shot eyes and dark circles she splashed water on her face. Not bothering to dry herself off she walked over to the small refrigerator and took out a beer. "Hair of the dog that bit me." She said popping the top and taking a long swallow.

She sat back down on the bed and picked up a note pad. "Hum...Corey Van." she read. "How am I going to find her?" She thought about that for a few moments. "I could walk into FBI headquarters," she smiled at the thought. "but I guess that wouldnít be such a great idea." She mused to herself as she got dressed.

She walked out to her car then stopped dead in her tracks as she looked at the beat up old Chevy. "I canít drive that." She whispered to herself. "They probably already have a description of it. Iíll wait until it gets dark and ditch it somewhere." She walked past the car and proceeded out into the alley, turning left and heading for the street. She stood there for a moment looking at the shadows standing in doorways and the few people walking on the street. "Hum...not a neighborhood you want to get caught in after dark." She mumbled and retreated back to the safety of the room she had rented for the next week.

Pacing back and forth across the bare tile floor she wondered what she was going to do. There was no question in her mind that she had to go get Lacy away from that woman but how...she wondered. She felt like her brain was starting to hurt and she sighed as she finally laid down on the bed and flipped on the small TV. "Black and white." She said out loud, "Didnít know they still made them...damn, guess you donít get much for $80.00 a week" She mumbled crossing her feet and propping her head up on the second pillow on the bed. An old Perry Mason episode was playing on WB 61 half way through it caught her attention when the investigator wanted to find someone and he went to the hall of public records to look up property records. She sat up and watched. "Can it be that easy?" She questioned the air.

With her plan in place she thought she had better get a different car. Driving her old Chevy probably wasnít a very good idea. She gAve that some thought deciding she would wait until most of the population was asleep, find a car and exchange license plates with another car. "Yeah!" She said to the cracking ceiling. "thatíll work, then tomorrow Iíll just drive down to the property records division and find this Corey Van. Then Iíll have my Lacy back."


Dinner was cleared and the two lovers sat on the floor in front of the fireplace snuggling against each other. "What did you mean when you said two lives, one heart?" Rachel asked thinking about how pensive Corey looked at that moment.

Shrugging Corey looked up at the candles. "I donít know, just something that came to me when I was lighting them. It was like I lit them before and that thought came to me."

"Is that how you feel about us?" The smaller woman whispered watching the candles melt together.

"Yeah...I guess so. My heart was alone and lost until now. Until you." She looked at her lover who had tears sliding down her cheeks. "Hey, Iím sorry, I didnít mean..."

"No, itís just that Iíve never heard anything so beautiful before. You should be a poet." She whispered wiping her face.

"Nah...I canít hardly string two words together. I just tell you how I feel. Iíve never felt this content and loved in my entire life." Corey thought it was time for a change of subject. "How about that workout?"

"Sure. Will you walk me through some of the stretching and free weights?"

"You bet." Corey replied standing and extending a hand down that was quickly taken and she pulled her lover up.

20 minutes went quickly on the bike as she watched Corey run on the treadmill. Watching her was absolutely fascinating to the blonde woman. She watched the muscles move on her shoulders, her arms, and watched how her buttocks moved, how the muscles in her legs pumped and moved but her eyes always came back to rest on the hard rock cheeks of her buttocks and that little sway she had. "Gods!" She thought to herself while unconsciously licking her lips. "Come on Rachel get your hormones under control here. Sweating isnít sexy." She thought about that for a moment. "Yes it is," she grinned, "when she does it, it is." She had a lopsided grin on her face when Corey stopped the treadmill and turned around.

"You ready..." She stopped. "Is something wrong?" She sounded puzzled.

"Everything is right." Came the reply.

A dark brow raised. "O..kay." She drawled. "You ready to lift?"

Corey took Rachel through a series of exercises making sure the smaller woman wasnít lifting anything she couldnít handle. "You did really well tonight. We added a little weight to a couple of those exercises. You ready to stretch?"

"Youíre the coach." Rachel said standing with her hands on her hips and her feet spread.

"First I like to do this." Corey bent at the waist and just hung as limp as she possibly could and groaned.

"Does it hurt you to lean over like that?"

"No, not at all." Corey said slowly straightening. "It feels like my entire spine moves. Itís kinda like it pops into place. It just feels really good."

"Humm." Rachel mumbled leaning over trying to copy what Corey had done. "Donít feel anything but a pull in the back of my legs."

"Itís okay, it takes awhile before you can do that. At least it did me. Let's finish up and go sit in the tub. Thereís nothing better after a good workout." She thought about what she just said, "Well, almost nothing better." she smiled thinking about the upcoming massage.

Once in the tub with Corey leaning against the back and Rachel sitting between her legs Corey unconsciously rubbed her shoulders and back. "How about a little TV while we sit here?"

"Sure, I think I can reach the remote." Rachel moved away getting on her knees and leaning over the edge of the tub. Her fingers just barely grabbed the edge of the remote from the small table it sat on. "Got it." She announced after fumbling it into her grasp and handing it to the taller woman.

Clicking it on and waiting for the moment it takes the picture to appear Corey then pressed the channel advance button twice and stopped. "How about this?"

Rachel just stared at the TV. "You want to watch the fights?"

"No, itís not the fights. Itís the WWF."

"WW...what?" Rachel replied.

"You know WWF!" No response. "Wrestling?" Still no response. "Watch." She paused and pointed. "See that blonde headed guy? Thatís Y2J and his partner is Taz, the shorter guy there." She pointed to the left side of the screen. "Now that guy there with the blonde hair that stands straight up, thatís Scotty Too Hotty and his partner Grand Master Sexay."

She was interrupted. "I take it you watch this a lot?"

Sheepishly she nodded. "Yeah. I know they're only stunt men, but its fun watching them. This whole show is worse than the soap operas on during the day. One week they're best buddies and teaming up together then the next theyíre looking for revenge...oh look here come The Damn Dudleyís!"

Rachel watched the Dudley Boys run down the ramp and lift the ring skirt and pull a table out from underneath it. "What are they going to do with that?"

"Watch." The Dudleyís jumped into the ring and grabbed hold of The Grand Master. The camera panned to the top of the ramp where a large 400-pound man attempted to run down it and crawl into the ring. He proceeded to knock the Dudleyís away from one of his partners. The fight proceeded until Bubba Ray was lying in the corner of the ring. Rachel watched Rakishi pat his ass. "Whatís he going to do?"

Corey couldnít help herself. She laughed, nodding towards the TV. The large man rubbed his ass in Bubba Rayís face. "You go Rakishi!" Corey cheered.

Y2J stood there pointing and laughing at Bubba Ray. "Oh...oh...thatís not a good idea." Corey added watching the other Dudley grab him and throw him to the floor. That gave Bubba Ray time to recover then they both grabbed Y2J and did their famous 3D slam on him. Devon picked him up and Bubba Ray tossed him on the table breaking it in half. Corey cheered.

Rachel turned completely around eyeing her companion. "WWF huh?" She saw that childish smile appear and she laughed. Turning back around and watching, "Whoís that?" Rachelís brows arched watching a particularly well muscled woman walking down the ramp.

"Ah...thatís Chyna. The ninth wonder of the world." Corey repeated the announcers words, "and her opponent The Road Dog."

"She fights the guys?" Rachel asked surprised.

"Yeah, all the women are afraid of her and so are half the men." She laughed watching Chyna pick up The Road Dog and body slam him to the mat.

Rachel finally gave up trying to figure out if any of it was real or all staged. She decided it didnít really matter and accepted it for the entertainment value it was meant to be. And besides it made her laugh and made her companion playful.

When it was over Corey stood pulling her partner to her feet and lifting her out of the tub. She reached for the towel to dry off a very wet and delectable Rachel.

Rachel suddenly reached out grabbing the larger woman and letting the momentum carry them over as she landed on top of her companion thinking to herself, Ďthat would of hurt if we hadnít landed on the bed.í "Want to wrestle?" She teased. "Iíll layth the smackth down on you." She said as her whole world turned upside down.

Amused blue eyes met hers. "And what smacketh are you talking about there...humm?

"This one." She grabbed Coreyís upper arm and dug her feet into the mattress in an attempt to turn her lover over. She couldnít even budge her. Corey watched with amused eyes and a broad smile on her face. Finally the stronger woman let her take her over. A look of triumph on her face. "Got ya!"

" sure do." Corey said to her but thinking, Ďin more ways then oneí.

"Give up?" A determined voice asked.

Corey thought about that for an instant. A broad smile on her face and she tapped the mattress. "Yep you got this round. But I want a rematch." She watched Rachel raise her arms in victory and pretended she was bowing to a crowd. She started to move off the taller body when warm hands touched her sides and a low growl. "Please, donít move I like you there."

Rachel leaned over and kissed the waiting pair of lips in front of her. She stretched her body out on top of the warm soft skin beneath her. She felt Coreyís hands slide up between them cupping her breast and lightly squeezing. She raised herself up and balanced on her hands. Corey coaxed her up further and she felt a wet tongue on her aching nipple then it was sucked into a warm mouth. She watched as her lover sucked then moved over to give the other nipple the same attention. Corey growled "Come up here, I can already smell your arousal now let me taste it. Rachel moaned at the sound of her lover's voice and did what she asked. It didnít take long and Rachel was sailing over that wonderful edge. An edge she would jump over anytime with Corey as her guide. Collapsing and gasping for breath she felt herself being pulled down into a warm place. She was helpless to prevent it, not that she would. Soon she felt a hand rubbing her back and soft words bringing her back to reality. "I got you." The words repeated themselves. She finally raised up enough to kiss the woman holding her. It quickly turned into a long passionate kiss. Coreyís tongue worked its was inside her lover's mouth and they both moaned at the contact. Rachel was the first to pull back enough to whisper in her loverís ear. "Come over me love." She requested. Corey moved and knelt over her when she felt the inquisitive tongue on her hot swollen nerve Corey bent over returning the attention she was getting as legs spread to welcome her in.


A noise suddenly woke her. She turned to look at the small clock that ticked beside the bed. "2:00 am." She wiped the sleep out of her eyes. "Guess its time." She mumbled to the ceiling reaching for the light and turning it on. She jumped as small roaches scattered on the walls. She shuddered and checked her bed. "Well at least they're not sleeping with me." She reached down and picked up her black jeans and shook them out. Not so much to get the wrinkles out, that she didnít care about but to shake out any small bodies that may have hid in them. She hated it when one of the little creatures got into her clothes and would run across her skin. "Youíd think Iíd be use to them by now." She said shaking out her shirt as well.

Starting up the old Chevy she pulled out onto the street keeping a close eye out for cops. She thought she would head over to the east valley and find a nice quiet apartment complex to leave her old clunker in. She would find another car and exchange the license plates with yet another car. She knew most people didnít bother to look at there license plates so switching them would buy her plenty of time. Time she needed to get her Lacy back.

She found a small, dark colored car. Nothing showy, just one that looked like every other car on the street. To her surprise it was left open and easy enough to hot wire. A skill that had come in handy more times then she wanted to count.

Pulling out of the apartment complex and onto the street she headed towards Scottsdale to exchange the license plates.

"Okay, thatís all done. Guess Iíll go back home and wait until the property record division opens and get my information." She mused to herself. "That damn woman that answered the phone yesterday said I couldnít get the information on the phone. Something about looking things up. Donít know what she meant by that." An hour later she pulled back into the parking lot of the cheap motel she was staying at. Reaching into her pocket to check her funds, "Damn good thing mom had this rent money or Iíd be pretty broke by now." She continued her rambling, "Never did have a job that paid more then minimum wage. That was probably her fault too." She growled thinking about her mother.


Part 8

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