Gear Heads
Part 3

by Larisa

Disclaimer is in part 1. And thanks to my Beta reader Deb for all her work and Lesia for letting me torture her with my stories.


        Mike woke up to the sound of pounding feet up the steps, curses carried on the still air. Getting up off the couch where she and Morigan had fallen asleep early this morning, it was then that she realized that she was alone. Taking the steps two at a time she was about to go upstairs when Morigan came busting through the kitchen door caring her Levi's and shirt.

        "What's the rush?" Mike asked as she wiped the sleep from her eyes.

        "I've got a class in twenty minutes, my cloths are damp, I'm unprepared, I need a ride and dry cloths!" All that was said without taking a breath Mike was truly amazed. Wrapping her arms around the little whirling blond tornado she kissed the top of her head.

        "Calm down, look in the dryer Stacey just washed cloths." Letting her go Mike grabbed her cookies and a carton of milk out of the fridge then headed out to get one of the vehicles. She no sooner made it to the corner of Stacey's shop when something collided with her back. Reaching around she grabbed Morigan around her waist to keep her from falling. Being held in place with a strong arm her feet kept moving, she looked like a cartoon.

        "Hold on there we'll make it to your class, I'm sure your professor won't even notice if your a couple minutes late."

        "Mike, I am the professor!"

        Mike's eyes went wide her eyebrows reached up into her hairline. "I thought you were a student! Anyway we'll take you car, but I'm driving, your to spazed out and I don't wanna visit any corn fields cuz I am not waking up the bitch to pull us out!"

        "Morigan gave her a fiery look. "I am not spazed out!"

        "Yes you are!"

        "We're running out of time weasel!"

        Giving up Morigan followed Mike then crawled into the passenger side just as Mike cranked it over, the engine rumbled low and throaty, Mike received a questioning look. "What's wrong with my car?"

        "Nothing, I kinda added some stuff to it."

        Once on the road the first straight away they came to Mike opened the car up. Morigan leaned over and gawked at the buried needle, the car was still picking up speed even if it was red lined. She fell into Mike's lap when they took a turn at 110mph. Mike groaned loudly when Morigan got back up by brushing her now screaming groin when she put her hand between her legs on the seat to right herself causing Mike to hit the pedal down further.

        "Your gonna kill us, slow down!"

        "Move your hand or you'll kill me!!!!"

        "What?" She looked down at her wrist which was up against Mike's throbbing
lips. "Oooohhh sorry." With a wicked grin she pulled her hand away slowly letting her fingers trail against the tight material.

        "Napewas`tewin!" (Sioux for good hands woman}.

        Morigan looked at her like she had just called her something vile. "What did you just call me Michael?"

        "I didn't call you anything, I said good hands woman!"

        "Oh ok." Grinning and thinking to herself " I bet I'm good at quite a few things!"

        They came to the stop sign and turned left, slowly creeping through the still quiet town.

        "It's the building on the left." Pulling up in front Mike saw a strange group of students headed their way. She guessed they were Goths from the black clothes and make- up they wore. Morigan was trying to put her shoes on and get out at the same time, looking a lot like one of the students with her tousled hair and over sized clothes. She ran around the front of the car only to be scooped up and brought up against a strong chest. Her lips where
captured in a punishing kiss, with out hesitation she opened her mouth accepting the warm tongue now dueling with hers. Her arms went around Mike's neck
tangling her fingers in black hair, she pulled her closer and deepened the kiss. Their breathing was ragged as they moved against each other. Morigan felt eyes on her back, breaking the kiss she looked to her right to see the Goths watching them. "Oh

shit we're busted!" She looked back at Mike to see dark blue eyes smiling back at her. "You look cute in my clothes, but you'd look better out of them!"

        "Maybe later, if your good that is!"

        Mike moaned deep in her chest. "What time is your class over?"

        "9:30, then my next one is at 11:00, why?"

        "I'll pick you up and we can get something to eat."

        Giving her one last kiss she got back in the car. Morigan watched as she pulled away, her body still burning below when she walked into her class of new students. Seeing the Goths sitting there a blush crept up her face. They almost fell out of the chairs when she stepped to the front of the class and introduced herself as their professor.

        Mike went into town to pickup some ordered parts that had come in as well as replacements for some of their on hand stock. As she came back out she almost dropped everything she had in her hands when she saw the hood of the firebird. An airbrushed painting graced the hood. She stared into her own crystal blue eyes. There she was in dark brown leather with a sword in her hand laying up against her right shoulder. She mumbled to herself " Damn Amazon, wait until I get ahold of her skinny little ass and her baby ducky! Gotta hide that damn camera before I end up bare ass naked over the fire place!"

        Morigan was sitting on the wall waiting for Mike to pick her up for lunch when the Goths walked by her and smiled. She almost fell off the wall into the grass when she saw that they all had fangs. The rumbling of her car caught her attention, but she couldn't see it. Then she saw Mike come from the opposite direction and pull up to the wall. Mike got out and walked up to her and stepped between her parted knees. She wrapped her arms loosely around a small tight waist and leaned so that their foreheads were together. Warm breath teased her lips and started a fire in Morigan's blood that burned it's way to flame between her legs. Pulling back a little she traced dark brows with her thumbs, pushing her fingers through dark hair to end up resting at the back of Mike's neck.

        "You sure aren't shy in public are ya Mikey?"

        "Nope!" Using the tip of her tongue she teased Morigan's lower lip. Feeling the lips parting she slowly slipped her tongue in and out until she was granted complete entrance. Her blood rushed to nether regions making her throb with wanting. She growled deep in her chest as she deepened the kiss. Morigan's breath caught in her chest at the passion her body was remembering. sliding her tongue against Mike's she felt her body ignite. Breaking the kiss she looked into aroused blue eyes.

        "If we don't stop I'm gonna take you right here and give the tourists a show."

        Blue eyes dared her. "Would that be bad?"

        "Uuhmm maybe not." Her warm wet tongue licked Mike's neck. "But I'm not too thrilled about the pictures their taking."

        "What!" Mike yelped. "Who?"

        Morigan nodded over Mike's shoulder. She turned to see a dweeb with black horned rim glasses and a pocket protector. Turning back to amused green eyes, she groaned and dropped her head in the crook between her neck and shoulder. Not passing up the chance Morigan licked the ear that was in front of her, feeling Mike's body stiffen against her she laughed. "Your gonna kill me if you keep that up princess!"

        "Your no fun, and here I thought I could get another degree, this one in the performing arts!"

        Pushing Mike back a little she slid down the front of a shaking body with her hands running it's length from shoulders down her back all the way to her thighs and back up to stop at her apex where she felt damp heat. Mike's legs just about buckled at the sensations those little hands were giving her. Groaning into Morigan's ear she said. "I'm gonna die right here!"

        "Well I'm gonna kill you anyway if you don't feed me!"

        They went across the street to have lunch, sitting at the back booth they sat across from each other just looking into each others eyes. Mike finally dropped her eyes and looked down at the scared table top, she traced the names carved in the wood with a callused finger tip. "I wonder if any of these people are still together?"

        "Let me have you pocket knife."

        "My pocket knife, how do you know I have one?"

        "Why wouldn't you, now give it up!"

        "Sorry I'm not that far into exhibitionism." Seeing the look on Morigan's face she grinned and slid her knife across the table.

        "I could see you lying on top of this table, but that can wait until after I eat!"

        Morigan opened the knife and started to carve on the table. She looked up when the waitress came over for their order, after giving their order she went back to what she was doing. She gave Mike's knife back and replied.

        "Now there are!"

        "Now there's what?" Mike asked. Morigan motioned her over to sit beside her. Hesitating she moved slowly over to sit close up against her. She looked down at the new initials.

        "Who's X&G and E&E......forever? Shocked blue eyes shot up to catch sea green smiling back at her. "Sweet Artemis!"

        Morigan brought Mike's hand up and placed a kiss on each of her knuckles. "Xena I have the gift of prophecy I can be very valuable to you! It's hard for me to call you and the amazons by different names when I know you by others from so long ago. And my whole life you have been with me in my dreams and by day I was alone. When I was little I used to sleep a lot just to be with you. My parents got worried and took me to all kinds of doctors, finally they took me to some reverend and he left screaming that I was possessed by demons."

        "What made him say that?"

        "Oh I told him if he didn't stop trying to drown me with the holy water I was going to ahhh...slice and dice him and feed him to Hade's dog Cerebus!"

        "You mean you didn't threaten him with a one way cruise with Charron?" Mike chucked at the picture in her head of Charron.

        "Nope, I used that one for my sister."

        Mike's eyes widened. "You have a sister?"

        "Yeah." With a serious look on her face she replied. "Her name's Rubber Weasel."

        Mike choked on her water. "Your not serious....are you?"

        "Gotcha! no she got lucky her name's Susan Marie Whimpull."

        "Thank the gods it's not you, I couldn't imagine you going around as weasel Whimpull!"

        "My nephew's name is Wyle E."

        "Your family needs help really bad!"

        "If I ever have kids I want to name them Ferret and Muskrat."

        A serious look came over Mike's face as she looked into Morigan's sea green eyes. "Do you want kids?"

        Morigan sat pensively for a few moments. "I've never really thought about it before, maybe."

        They ate their lunch and it was close to eleven when they walked across the street to Morigan's building. They stood outside her classroom door. Mike looked down the hallway before she kissed her.

        "Oh now you get shy after all we did outside today."

        "Nah, I was looking for an audience first."

        "You know I could always give a demonstration to the class on romance and it's effects on English literature!"

        Moving closer Mike pinned her up against the wall. "We have to practice first for many many hours!" licking her bottom lip. "For at least a couple years!" Morigan's breath was taken away by a very deep kiss. When they came apart she couldn't breath.

        "What time are you done today?" Mike asked her

        She held up 2 fingers which Mike took into her mouth, running her tongue between them as she pulled them from her mouth. Morigan's knees were shaking, she would have fallen if not for the wall behind her. Mike gave her one last kiss before she sprinted for the door. With a flushed face and rubbery knees she stumbled her way to her next class, her mind was not anywhere in the classroom for the rest of the day. At the end of the class she beat the students out the door. When Mike pulled up outside she was in the car before it stopped. Giving Mike directions to her apartment they headed over there. With Mike following her she opened the door without a key.

        "You don't lock it?"

        "Nope everytime they break in I have to put out money for a new door knob, I don't have anything to steal anyway." Grabbing Mikes hand she lead her to her bedroom where she pushed her down on the bed and crawled on top of her. Taking her lips in a punishing kiss she ground her hips against her, nipping her bottom lip with her teeth she worked her way down to Mikes neck biting the sensitive skin. She heard Mike gasp, pulling the skin into her mouth she sucked until she felt Mike's back arch off the bed. Releasing her neck she got up and went over to her dresser leaving a panting frustrated body laying there. Grabbing some clothes she put them in her gym bag. "Come on my warrior I have better things to do than watch you lay around all day!"

        "Where we going?"

        "There's this big tub calling my name, you wanna join me or stay in my shitty little apartment?"

        "Only if you help me up, I seem to have lost the use of my legs."

        She went over to the bed and pulled Mike up by one hand, Mikes free hand slid up between her legs caressing the warmth she felt there. "I have a better idea, but it'll have to wait until we get home."

        20 minutes later they pulled up in front of the garage. Mike got out and opened the door for Morigan, when she got out Mike threw her over her shoulder and strode to the kitchen door. She charged past a startled pair of amazons who started laughing at Morigan waving to them as they went out the other door towards the stairs.

        "It's about damn time she got some!"

        "Baby ducky it's about time I get some, whatcha say we go up stairs and get motivated like the old days?"

        Mike fell on her bed with Morigan on top off her, rolling them over she looked down into the eyes she had waited so longto see. "I want you so bad it's killing me!" She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "I've never done this before, I've..."

        "Mike what do you mean?"

        "With Kelly it was just sex, even though I thought she was the one, < . > I've ...never felt like the way I do with you except in my dreams, it's been seven years since I've touched anyone."

        Morigan was shocked and speechless, she would never have guessed that someone as beautiful as Mike would not have had partners since Kelly. Her heart warmed at the thought of being the one to arouse Mike to pick her to be her only lover in so long. She could feel the heat radiating from the body below her, the pounding of theirs hearts and strained breathing. In one quick movement she rolled them over looking in to blue eyes full of a combination of things she couldn't even begin to read. Leaning closer she kissed soft lips, Mike's body trembled against her, brushing her finger tips across her brow and temple in a calming motion. She whispered endearments into dark hair. She tried to find the words to reveal her inner emotions. There was only one way and that was to bite the bullet and tell her what was in her heart.

        "Mike, there's no easy way to say this." Terror shot through blue eyes causing them to deepen to almost a purple color, Morigan swore she felt her heart stop with her spoken words. "I've never been with anyone, I don't know if I can please you?" Relief washed across Mike's face, she was so afraid that Morigan was going to say she had changed her mind about being with her. "I love you Michael, and want more than anything to make love to you, but I don't know how."

        Tears came to Mike's eyes. "I love you too Weasel, I always have and always will forever."

        Pulling her down to meet her lips Mike kissed her gently ignoring the rush to relieve the burning in her body, her hands slowly moved under her shirt caressing silky warm skin with her work roughened hands, carefully she moved them in to a sitting position Morigan's legs straddling her thighs.

        "We'll go slow, and if you want me to stop you tell me. I won't force you to do anything you don't want to, ok?"

        The love she saw in those green eyes would have made her walk through tartarus a thousand times! Closing each eye with a kiss she trailed small kiss's all across Morigan's face until she came to slightly parted lips, teasing each lip with the tip of her tongue. Ignoring the moan and the searching lips she moved down to the hollow at the base of her throat, tracing its outline with her tongue. Raining kisses up her neck she felt the pulse point under her sensitive lips. Taking the soft skin between her teeth she flicked it with her tongue, she could feel the life force rushing past. Sucking hard she felt Morigan tilt her head offering more of herself. Moaning came from both of their throats at the feeling burning through their bodies. Morigan tangled her fingers in to dark tresses pulling the dark head closer to her, exploring with the other hand she brushed the outside of a firm breast bringing an exhale from Mike across her neck fanning the flames. Teasing the soft skin underneath her breast she moved her fingers to an already hard nipple, circling it with her finger. Mike released her neck to throw her head back and gasp at the torture. Her shirt was slowly raised to reveal heaving breasts. Holding her shirt up Morigan licked the outside of each breast, Mike tipped her hips up pressing her throbbing center against her soon to be lover. Before her shirt hit the floor Morigan had leaned back and lovingly traced the flushed skin with her fingertips. Mike's breath caught in her throat. "You are so beautiful Michaela!"

        Passion filled blue eyes held her in place.


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